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frans of both Federal anil
Confederate armies will rejoice at
the rewption given the old Confed?
erates in Springfield, Massachusetts,
on the 4th of July. This m th.- first
ot?casion wo recall when representa-,
tives of a Conf.-derato camp in the
Stiuth have Uvn entertained in such
hospitable manner by Ne? Eogland
and it will do much to bring that
section and the South in oser touch ;
than has Been the cas?- since the civil
war. The I Ytersburg veterans went
to Springfield, an original aMition
ist town, at the s>>eoial invitation of
itsCi. A K. post and from all ac?
counts the Southerners who fought
with LM am! Jackson received the
warmest kind of a welcome, n??t only
from the men wh?> followed (?rant
and McClellan, but from the entire
population of the city. Neither was
the welcome lacking in tact, for we
are told that the old soldiers march?
ed, not only to the strains of nation?
al airs, but t<> tin- tune ?>f their l?c
lov??d Ditie as well. |
Such meetings M these have often
Uvn held in Fredericksburg and Pe?
tersburg and Richmond, hut they
have Kvn too few in the North.
They have accomplished wonders
down here in obliterating ?Id feel?
ings of bitterness ai.d they will do
the same in Springfield or Boatoa or
any oiher New Ehgbad toWfl.
England and the South Died to be
mighty clos?.1 together and there is
no reasons why the old conditions
shouldn't obtain once more.
Senator Lodge is to have opposition
in Massachusetts. IVrhaps this te
ctiunts f??r bit desire to Ik? close to
C-olonel U????sevolt. The latter's in-'
fluence would be a tremendous help
to Henry Cabot.
Another reform party is about to be
launched in Pennsylvania. That State
can never ge; too many lucb parties; :
and, even though they never reform '
her, yet it isonc??uraging to see them j
Marye. Va.. July ".. I9M.
There was a large crowd at Parti?*
Saturday P. M. to witness the ?
game of ball between Thinistmrg ami
Partlow. the teore .<r?"i<l largely in
favor of Parti..?. Tin- W. M. Society.
of Waller's, sold out all their ice cream
and cake, a quantity <>f lern
clearing about $?>?.
The aforementi.jne.t teams will croas
bats again on next Saturday P. M ,
July 9,at Thornsbarg, wh?n the W. M.
8., of Bethany church, will mM re?
Rev. J. S. Rylar.d UM his regular
appointment at Waller's on Sunday to
a large and attentive audience, deliver?
ing an impressive discourse.
Mr. and Mrs. N. L Mill? took a trip
to Richmond this we?'k in their auto.
Miss Robert? Waller, of GoodloM,
spent the week-end with Miss Annie
(hewning, of Partlow.
Mrs. A. W. Davis, with her daugh?
ter, Mrs. J. W. Smith, and two chil?
dren, of Partlow?, ?tjient sevrai days
of this week with Rev. C. C. Davis, of
Little Miss Inez ('hewning and Mas?
ter Carroll Wills Chewning. of Orange.
wHI visit thefr uncle. Mr. W. < ?.
Chewning, this month, arriving Wed?
Mrs. Alice Smith, of near here, nar?
rowly escaped a serious accident on
Saturday while driving to Partlow.
Her horse swerved from the road up
an embankment, striking a fence ami
upsetting the buggy. Mr?. Smith was
thrown on her face, which was consid?
erably bruised. She was unconscious
for a short while, but i? all right now.
The horse being freed from vehicle by
the upset dashed off up the road, but
wts caught by a neighbor and taken
home with bupgy and occupants.
Gor. Mann and Others Make Addr?esscs
at Saluda.
Gov. Mann spent July It!, in Saluda,
Middlesex county, where he was the
orator of the day at the laying of the
cornerstone of a monument to the
memory of soldiers entering the Con
federate army from Middlesex county.
Col. Robert E. Lee, of Fairfax county,
was among the speakers. Former
Governor A. J. Montague was also
among the speakers. Gov. Mann left
Norfolk for Irvington on the steamer
Gommodore Maury Sunday afternoon
with members of his staff and sixty
members of the Norfolk Coast Artil?
lery. Sunday night was spent at Ir
Vington, the party proceeding to Ur
banna and Saluda Monday morning in
charge of Hon. W. McD. Lee.
During the Fourth of July celebra
tion at Harrisonburg, James Lee, a
liveryman, was shot and killed. By?
standers caught Pink Barbour, an
Augusta county negro, who, they testi?
fied^ did the ?hooting. A mob gather?
ed, but the authorities landed the pris?
oner in jail. Judge Haas and Mayor
Roller addressed the crowd, promising
a speedy trial and imploring that the
law be allowed to take its course.
Lee was 60 years old. He leaves his
wife, two daughters and a son. He
caught the negro stealing whips, and
ordered him away. The man walked
out, turned and shot Lee down.
At the second day of the Culpeper
Horse Show Tuesday about 4,000 peo?
ple were present.
Miss Martha Hazard, of Washington,
a 15-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
C. B. Hazard, formerly of this city,
was one of the ride? in the ring.
Mammy Moo fell at the mile hurdle
and died in a few seconds. Her colored
rider was knocked insensible
First race?Open to all; purse $900;
5 furlongs. LucileR., Alex. McDaniel,
Richmond, won.
Hurdle; free for all; 11-2 miles.
Lady Melba. L. G. Everhart, Areola,
Free for all; purse, $100; 1 mile.
Bethlehem, W. at. Parrish, Jr., Rich?
mond, won.
Steeplechase; purse, $150; 21-2 miles.
Young Blitzen, W. M. Parrish, Jr.,
Richmond, won.
Rev. A. T. Lynn will preach at Mon
cure Memorial on next Sunday, July 10,
at 11 a. m., Stafford county, and at P.
O. S. of A. ?Camp, No. 53, in the hall
near Crest, in afternoon at 3:80 p. m.
AU are cordially invited.
^o?j De
HW? by Negro.
Colored Champion Hammered
White Man at Will.
Heno. N?-v . July 5. -Jack Johnson,
the Mgn h? aw ?light cliamplon, has
turtle?! OVel 111?' tpOrtaaag WOlld. He
knockst out Janus J. Jeffries lu the
fifteenth round
It was sudden, this dt^featlng of a
hitherto unbeaten man. It came very
swiftly. UK?- the dropping of M?I ??-'it
that wretks a 10.000 horse power dy?
llardlx ha.l the I? II sounded for the
tlit.-iiitli roun.l when the lightning
nioveni? nt .?!' the negro's right arm In
an upper? tit ?-mied in a thud The tre
niemlotis head of the white fighting
man swung back as the glove lauded
ou his jaw just to the right of mid
His torso relaxed, his knees trem?
bled, then ?rooked. LK?wn he went
I thousand pcopl.- l?-ape?l to
th?ill topi aud th.- great dish of the
arena was so still that those sitting
next to the ring ?oiiid h?*ar th- ?lick
of the black champion's teeth as he
snapped his jaw shut and stool wait?
ing over th. fallen tight, r
The timekeeper had <ouni?d nine;
Jeffries, his head swinging Iroin side
to side on his thick lui k. Straggled to
nis knee.-, to his feet. Hardly had ho
stralghten?il ojpern iw?. tcrrltc Iriowi
shot over his fa I?lv rWa| guard. A
right and !?-it upper, tit to th?- chin fol?
lowed Dowa th?- white man tumbled.
This time his body wa. outside the
?opes an?! his l.-gs were ? rook. I OTR
the white Itraadl H?- sa- I.aun. lud in
this squat, ?\<s . I..-, ?i. kaada ?hoop?
ing ov? r knees
The spell was broken. The arena
Referee Was Rattled.
Riekard. the nttrOO, was taU'.??l Il?i
st.Hnl by the si?!?- of the beat. :i pu
gllist (?uniting in a dated sort of way.
Nobodj wat? lied him. Kv. ? > I? ??'.y bad
kll ?>?-s oil .leffi i.-s.
In the uproar Tlmekeep r llarting
count??! .1? ffries out Nobody hi ard
him. Abe -\tt.ll ran over from Jet
?ri.-s' ? ?un? r ami lifted B|
while th. tighter ?lamber? I bliti.lly
Tie- mail stoo.l. half c: mulling.
I mithin. Then came the Mai k
man. not knowing that his BBtagoalat
was ?our.t? ?| out
He ? an, ? lightly, stepping
like a eat stalking. Ha jump?-,) tip to
the Side of t: ?? blooilie I. halt ? OBBCioQa
man. an?! With his arms J.-tK1 nk la. I;
and forth with the thrust ..f an ?n
gine's pis'on he ponadad anil pounded
the ?droopiag bead of the former cham?
Cppcrcu's each i ti?- ?>f them l-'irst
with the right, tien with the 1? ft.
Johnson swung back the lolling load.
Again th?- tremeadoui bulk of the
whit.- man t ti
Pam Berger, Jeffries' Baaaager? now
jump'-'! lato Um liai ami m
Jtatrlm' Ide. Hkkard aaderatood and
he waved the ilgeriah jokasoa back
At the sum? time he
held ill? his ham! and ~.<>t>on?-d toward
th?? black retreating That ?
?nd. The fli-ht was .on. A man un?
beaten and thought to be unbeatable
ha?l lion pounded Into defeat The
championship remains with the negro
and 170.100, M per ? ? nt <? the purse,
of $101.000, had b? ? ii won.
Was a Clean Knock Out.
It wa.i -.?hat tin- follow? is of pugil?
ism tall :? ? I? an knock-out. The blow
that the 1 la? K man s.-ur Dp Irom his
waist to the point of J? ffries' chin In
that quart? ? nlaate <?i the finish round
wa Bthe Mow that lalahed the battle
Jeffries whs outclassed, outpoint'?!
He didn't loa? becaaae of a lucky
blow. He lost be? ause h?- was an older
man than when he last fought. becaaM
he had not "rOBse hack" from his years
O? physical ami nervous lluhbin?-ss.
A surpris?? th.-y call this soit of
thing in the sporting world, a surprise
because the results were not for.-'ast
ed by the weightiest opinion of ex?
perts. Here Is what one who was not
an expert in pugilism might have s.-.-n
in the ring: A whit?- man whose ? \? iy
nerve was tensed to fiddle string taut
ness, who kept his power of co-ordina?
tion between mind and muscle at such
a working pit? ii that mental fatigue
threatened each instant. Opposed to
hlin was a negro who was not afraid,
who was vain In his skill o? self-pro?
tection, but not to the point of rrx k
lessness. who approached the task of
stunning an antagonist with an ?asy
and baffling confidence.
No auch spectacle as the one Inside
the graded tiers of humanity has ev?-r
been seen. Probably In this country no
auch spectacle will be seen again. It
was the fight of the century. It was the
surprise of the century abo.
Baltimore Will Prohibit Exhibition of
Baltimore, July 6.?The police com?
missioners have asked the mayor to
prohibit the exhibition of moving pic?
tures of the J?-ffrles-Johnson fight. Po?
lice Marshal Karnan is outspoken In
his opposition. Said he: "We have a
large colored population here, and the
exhibition of the pictures might cause
racial troubles.''
Bare Up at Atlanta.
Atlanta, Ga., July 6?There will be
no revenue for the promoter? of the
Jeffries-Johnson fight films in Atlanta.
This mu?h will be definitely settled
when city council meets to pass on
an dadopt a resolution prohibiting
them from the city.
Washington May Bar Fight Pictures.
Washington. July 6. ? Moving pic?
tures of the Jeffries Johnson fight may
be barrel from the District of Colum
bls. Police Chief Sylvester has an?
nounced that ho. will do his utmtwt to
nrevent the films from being shown.
W. T. Marsh, of Lancaster county,
I died last week, aged 65.
The remains of W. Emmett Faul
coner, who died at Haw River, N. C,
Sunday night, were taken to Gordons
ville and interred in Maplewood Ceme?
tery. Besides his widow he is survived
by four children.
In suma of $300 and upwards, real
??state aecurity. Apply to Cbiehester A
Chichester, attorneys. la t?
In sums to suit on good security. Ap?
ply to Lee J. Gravea, attorney Itf
Lenwood T. McCord and Mis? Vivian
V. Burch, both of Orange county, were
married in Washington Monday.
IILeandcr Branham, of Orange, and
Mi?? Mat tie Cox, of Albemarle, MM
married Tuesday at Charlottesviile by i
Rev. Dr. Forman
At St. Paul'eM. K. Chun h.iMath.ws
county, Thursday, (?rover I,. Arnnstead
und Mi?s G?orgie Miles were united in
marriage by Kev. J, Arthur YS'inn.
The maid of honor was Miss PlorOUtM
Mile?; Willie Miles best man.
Mi?? Sue Dan I'etersnii, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. QaoffM P. Peterson, of
Baltimore, was married to Mr. Thomas
CroatOO War?-, son of Judge K. M.
War.', of Tappafcannock, i few days
ago at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal
( imrih. Hal'imorc. Rev. !.. .1. Botin
ran, assJstod i>y Ret RoasUly H. Hum
phlMt, "Ificiatiiii'
The engagt'tiieiit of M?M Mary Har
liour Rixey, daughter of Uto late Hon.
John F. RSxay, who wpwaonted the
Eighth District in Congress, t?i l?r.
Reb?ti F. Comptes, is innouncad Tito
wedding will be ealtbrated at the boato
of the btiilt's m?>ther near Charlotte?
ville. Dr Cnnpton it i Btonjoerofttto
medical faculty of the liiiviTMly of
In the i le.tiic .?tonn Sunday tato
colored church at JtffmoBtM waa
?truck by lightning and destroy??I T.
. Harris loaf live cows, which w? re
,!. the ?ici I.
.. ill n?it consider the ap
pointro? ut of :i U, S. enator t<? ?uc
.??. ,? Senatoi Daniel f?'r several w?Mka,
It is generally understood thai e> Gov.
Rev. II. J, Got twin, pastor of Har?
mon) Grove Baptist church In Middle?
sex cou - ini'd to accept :i
call to ti. Baptist ? horch t\ l.uray.
? ? ike < tft'i-t Aiienst
15th, 1910.
Crooki iptisl cborch, ttoai
dedicated Sunday,
;':. Rev. l>r. II. W. Battit, "f
Charlottes? ille Ihe dedica
um sermon. 11 is church was destroy
???I by (ire last January, but the brick
?.vails were saved and thej wait
Mr t has \V. Baer, brother of the
late Mrs Virginia Hough, <>f this city. '
?ml uncle of Misse? Jessie Hough atid I
Mr?. .1 1 ?. 11 Brown, of this cit>, aid
Dr, The? lore li ugh, of the Univer
s||\ it \ I a' I is home in '?
Roland l*ark, Maryland, Wednesday!
at an advanced age He it survived bj
his Wife, dren. The funeral
will tnk?- place Friday.
Hough left Wednesday
o?! Mi ' Brown will lea.e
fbursday to attend the funeral, which
* ill taki ire Friday I
p. in.
lie Bot .?i of Su| en isors t?f Caroline j
ti ?? county levy for
the same ;.s : :ep( in Fort
Royal District, which is K cents,
nting a !
comi'.iu? k.' "f K I!. Coghill, i
W. K. Em ? and T. B. Gill t.? bava i
concrete floor laid in the court house.
M rs will make an expert- ;
? traction eng i
substitute for mules in tato Working of
the roads.
The regular matting of the i
Missionary Society of the Baptist ,
church, which wns to have be? n bald
Monday, was [.r?-vei.t?-d by a storm an?l
will be held next Monday, July 11th,
at I o'clock, at the church.
Postoffice Inspector W. K. Martin, <?f!
Charleston, W. Va., has been trans?
ferred to Frederick.sl.urv; to
Inspector W. A. Barber, who has been ?
transferred to Wheeling, W. Va. Mr.
Barber is a most courteous gentleman
and his mtiny friends here regret to
hear that ba has baton transferre?! t?i
another point. i
Melville W. Fuller, chief justice of
the U. S. Supreme Court,died suddenly
Monday at his summer home in Maine, '
aged 77 years.
Deaths Drop Prom 44 to 28 and In?
jured From 2361 to 1785.
Chicago. Jar] I The value or ?
sensible and restrained observaaca of
the Fourth of July has aj-ain been
dem?nstrate! by th- ca aalt] liai of
this year'e celebration In almost
every (it? nn?l town where tl
an?l i'xiiIo: loa of fir? works ware pff>
e i tricted there hat bora a
decided lal :ig oft in tito Bosabar of
dead of s ? , oaaparad with pre?
vious y-riiH.
Thm yaara list of dead throughout
the country, so far reported, totals 1!8.
Last year the HUM total was 44 The
whoae numbei o? lajured lasl year wa3
HC1. This vi-ar then Were only 1711.
Th?.' figure? show enormou? cofasef
vation o! bumaa Ufa
Head. 28 By fireworks ami r? suit?
ing fire?. 7; by fir? arms. 11; by gun
powder. 1; bj tOJ pistola, 6.
Injure i:-:. B) fireworks, 882; by
cannon, igt; by gunpowder, 230; by
torpedoes, ;t: by toy pistols, 136; by
hombcaaet, ji; bj maawaya, 28.
Does it not seem strange that so
many peeple suffer year in and year
out with eczema?
A 26-cent ?bottle of a ?impie wash
stops the itch and will surely convince
any patiint.
This wash is composed of mild ami
soothing oil of wintergreen mixed with
thymol and glycerine, etc, and known
as D. I). 1>. Prescription. We do not
know how lung the I). I). 1). Labora
tones will ronttniM theSBe offer, as the
reiiie.ly is regularly sol?! only in $1.00
bottles and has ?u-vcr before been put
on ih<- market ?m any special offen.
It you want relief tonight try a l?ot
tle at kvt op vor p?-rsotial reeommenda
linn ?Qoolrick'l Modern Pharmacy.
Froderlckeburg, Va.
Wo have buyers for real estate on
Potomac niiil Rappahannick Rivera.
List y?hi property with us at once.
I'l.-iln.ont Heal Kstatc Agency,
tf Kredericksburg, Va
IN the t'l.rk's office of the dr. nil
court if the county ??? Statloi I M
the ri? day of July. l'.U'i l he
Trailt-Miin n Trust Company, a eotpotl
lion, plaintiff, against II. !.. Hrown,
of RivcrC.n, State of NVw Jersey, and
C M. Moody, of I'hiluih-lpliia. State of
Pennsylvania, .1? fendants.
In Chancery Bad I'pon Attachment.
The object of this suit is to recover
?d the d?tendants, 11. !.. Iln.w u anil C.
M. Moody, the suft. ??f seven thousand
five hiiiiilre.l dollars, with interest
tbt reon, nl the rate of six |?-r?-eiitiiin
pee amura frosn the 29th day of May,
l'.His, until paid, and to attach and sub
ject to the piiyn ?nt ? I' the ?ame the
?state or debts -wing t?? the said de?
fendants, II. I.. Brown and C M.
Moody, within the county of Stafford,
State of Virginia, and itarticularly all
the right, title and interest and rotate
of tin- s.oii defendants in and t.? the
tonal property, to a it : ah
that steal., i ?T vessel called the "Fot
tuna," bet-rogna?-, boilers, machinery,
boato, tackle, apparel, furniture and
appurtenai?.????, now lying and being in
the ?BU : ui A.i .i.i Creek, in the
county oi Stafford, State of Virginia.
And an ; todot it ha\ ing been made and
ti.eil that th.- defendant, C. M. Moody,
is not r?snl?-ni of tin State of Virginia,
it is ??nier?.I that be >!<> Hp|K-ar lu-re
within fifteen days after doe publica?
tion here?.I. an I ?I?? what may la- nt-c?
sary to protect bis interest in this suit.
And it is farther or.letvd that a rop]
hereof Im? publiaed unce a week for four
iroeki in lii?- Free Lan.-?-, a newepaper
published in Fri-?lcricksburg. Va., and
that ? copy be |s?st?il at the front door
of the courthouse of tins curt or? or
?before the nexl mcceeding rule day of
the court.
i copj i ?te:
C A. Unan. Clerk.
J. R. Caton, Jr , p o,
VIRGINIA In ti.?- I ? of the
1'irruit ' i' ' arolme county. T.?
Mary K Sutton, John C. ?>i?k,
rabitha i: Dick, C ft Dick, Mamie
mac . Pitcbegru Dick, Il m.
Archie Dick, .Jame- K. hick an?l
Nannie F. Shepherd.
You an hereby not lied that a tract
of land containing 65 a rea, -landing in
the nai: ' \ I?,, k ' . heirs, the
local deacrii ti m ??f which is R. K.
Smith, lying in Malison lhstrict. t'aro
Virgmia. was sol?! on the
14th d?> of January. 1880, for ?lulin
qttent Uuwa, lories, interest an
to the ( omnwnwealth of Virginia, and
applieatioa for the purchase thereof
has been Bled In this office, and it ap?
pearing from th.- records that you are
interested In s*ul land, you are further
notified t.? appear in four months from
Of this notice, and do what
to protect your
int. rent?.
Given und? r m\ hand this 5th day of
July, 1910
1. C Cghill,
tbc i 'in-Hit cnurt of Caroline
county, Virginia.
spy Teste:
j7lw4w K. R. Coghill, ( b-rk.
BlacKsbur?, Va.
Degree courses in Agriculture, Horti?
culture, Applied Chemistry, Applied
Geology, Civil, Mining, Mechanical and
Electrical Engineering. Metallurgy and
Metallography, and Preparatory veter?
inary Medicine. Sixty-four Instructors,
Thoroughly Equipped simp-. Labora?
tories and Rams. Steam heating and
electric lights in dormitories. Library
12,000 volumes. Farm of 1,100 acres.
School Of Agricultural Apprentices.
(One Year Course f.ir Young Farmers.?
Total cost of session of nine months,
including tuition and other fees, board,
washing, uniforms, medical attendance,
etc., $2K4.t?i. Cost to Virginia students,
The next session opens WBOMBBOAT,
SKITKMBKR '?1ST, 1910.
JTJta President.
Nymat S. Sacrey
Undertaker and Embalmer
No. 719 II?. in Bt. Kreder
iekt-bur'i, Va Thorn? ?)N.
Aci'OHB front I'xchan^e Hotel
and next i.? i Wetftsrn Union
oftiw. Trifgrsph tiiul tele
pboue Oftfom p'ccivt' prompt
HT.fc?f'ti>?fi. Oppti Hhv tv?
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a m?>rsl tOM as exalted as any coHtfJS with which I am acquainted. The Hoai
Of Piofsaoon ar?' well equipptd for th?'ir work, being good, capable men at
?Aomin. Hubert H. Barber,
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King Ceorge. Va., .June 14th, 1910.
Mr. S. W. S<.nii'rvill?'.
I)?ar Sir: I think that a student at l-Ysdsricktburg College prolits more f?
the smoiinl expanded than any school that 1 have boOO able to find; because i
this, and the important fact that it is under religious influence and is morally
clean school, I wish my son to remain until he graduate?.
? rely your*. Byr<! T. Turner,
Rector of St. I'aul's Episcopal Church, King Gsorfi
?r? derieksburg, Va., June 10th. 1910.
1 have l?-ng been familiar with the management of this College, have hi
sons partially ?-ducat^ there, and have found that the boya and girls therei
trained have reflected great credit upon it. For good scholarship, lor Christia
and moral up-lnjilding it hau few superiors. Anyone having the welfare of chi
dren or wards at heart can do no better than to patronize this school. Its cu
riculum is up to the liest standards.
John T. Coolrick,
Judge of Corporation Cour
There is no institution of learning to whose guardianship parents can cot?
mit their boys or girls with fuller confidence and satisfaction as to their mon
and spiritual interests Signe?!, J. H. Henderlite.
I'astor Presbyterian Churcl
Fredericks!.urg, Va.. June 14, 1910.
Mr. S. W. Somerville, Fredericksburg, Va.
Dear Sir: Having hail two daughters taking the regular collegiate course
and one of them music in addition, for the past three years, I ?m in a positio
to appr?ci?t?- the high character of instruction given in both departments.
Very truly yours,
Ralph Izard, Farmer.
F'rof. S. W. Somerville, Fredericksburg College, Fredericksburg, Va.
My Dear Sir: I went direct from Fredericksburg College to the Law De
partment of the !'diversity of Virginia, and found the training I'd receive,
amply sutlirient to enable me to get my H. L degree within the two years pre
scribed at that time by the University.
Yours very truly,
Wm. W. Butzner, Commonwealth's Attorney.
Fredericksburg, Va., June 9, 1910.
As a patron of Fredericksburg College it gives me pleasure to recommeni
it. Its physical, mental and moral trainings are most excellent, and I regard i
as one of the liest schools in Virginia.
J. E. Mason, Judge 15th Circuit.
Especially would 1 e.immend the College for its moral influence, and when
formation of character along right lines is of supreme importance to any paren
this institution deserves consideration. If education is more than mental cul
ture, then this institution m?rita patronage for its training of the scholar men|
tally, morally, spiritually.
R. J. McBryde, Rector St George's Church.
Prof. F. A. Franklin, Director Musical Department Fredericksburg College.
Dear Sir: The College is fortunate in having your services, and the largt
number of enthusiastic patrons is the best evidence of the esteem in which the
department is held. Very truly yours,
J. W. Adams, Merchant.
Fredericksburg, Va., June 15th, 1910.
There is a home life about the College and a courtesy and consideration
among the students and IwtWOW the students and the Faculty that is especially
attractive and desirable.
I do not know of any school where parents can with greater safety trust
their children for the prosecution of their studies and for a careful, painstaking,
moral training.
A. P. Rowe, E?litor and Tax Collector.
Fredericksburg, Va., June 16, 1910.
My little daughter, Frances, has been a pupil in the Primary Department
of Fredericksburg College for the past two years and I am very much pleased
with her progress.
H. M. Eckenrode, D. D. S.
Hazel Hill, Fredericksburg, Va., June 16th, 1910.
This is to certify that I believe the Musical Department of Fredericksburg
College is conducted in an efficient and painstaking manner.
Henry Warden, Farmer.
Fredericksburg, Va., June 14th. 1910.
It gives me great pleasure to testify of my appreciation of Fredericksburg
College. I have had two boys there for several years, and the marked improve?
ment in studies and general deportment of each I attribute largely to the Col?
lege and its association. Next session I hope to send three children.
Yours truly, J. P. Rowe.
Fredericksburg, Va., June 9th, 1910.
The College is a decided factor in the moral uplift of our city, and her stu?
dents have always made a fine impression upon our people. I know many of
them personally and am always ready to serve them in any way possible.
Faithfully yours, " R. Aubrey Williams.
Pastor Baptist ?Church.
For Catalogue, Address Pr?esident.
W. W. Rankin, Jr., Field Agent.
Having qualified as adminstrator of
the late Allen Bloxton, I notify all hav?
ing claims against the estate kindly
present same properly verified, and
those owing the estate please settle
with the undersigned at once.
Wm. W. Butzner,
j23w4w Adrnr. Allen Bloxton, dee'd.
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