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Ooraert nesu-ly thirty e-ountle? In the Fini. Third.
?Tenth and Kighth Congrranional Dntrleta. and
r?oaa to aubecrlber. St nearly 600 tMatoenVva.
for any eise ad., 1 Insertion, MV. per Inch.
Heading notice.. 10c. per nonpareil lin?, first In?
sertion, te. Dar line for each subeequrnt one.
Ubltuarie? or religiou? notice? of ent.-rtaln
aaenta, etc., charte?! for at one-half ratea.
La?ttears recommending ear advertising candidate.
tar otSce muat be oai.1 fur.
All communication? of erery character should
Sa aaJdreawid to Tu? KaKB Lanck. KredrrteVa
%ejrjt. Vs._
8ab?>cription $1.60 Per Year, in Advance
Entered at the postoflW?- at Frclericki-l.urjr. Va .
aa aecood-chua mail matter.
i ?- ? . ?~~
It is a sail spectacle tei member? of
the Democratic party to have to
be forced observers of a campaign
such as the present senatorial on?? in
this Stale, which is happily drawing
to ?? close. Sincv the inauguration
of th?? primary s/stem of nomina?
tions MM exceedingly bitter cum
paignsliave taken place in Virginia,
but nein?? eif those which have (me
before have ever approached the
present one in that respect. Charges
of every character, vituiierntion.
abuse anel every thing which gu?s to
disrupt a political party has found
place in the present light and the
campaign material furnisbeel tin
Virginia Republicans by Democratic
speakers and writers will, if com?
piled, which it n?) d?eubt will lu-, lili
? ur.liime almost as large r\s the
hand-books issued in national cam?
paigns by the party managers. Of
course all of this is disceiuraging to
the party at large and it sows elis
sensions in the ranks whi??1, time
alone can heal anda l?>ng t.tie- ?,t
that. In pleasing contrat-1 to oui
Virginia campaign step ?ote
border line into Marylantl ?u.d re
view the Democratic guU?rn;.torial
campaign in that State, which ended
? few days ago with the ?.le.fi-at ?>1 !
Blair Lee by Arthur P. Gorman, tlu? j
margin being one delegate in the
latter's fav??r. Despite the eloec
fight between this*? ?two Maryland
ers the campaign was cinducte?l ?>n
the part of both without any e>f tlu
personal bitterness which has Uvn
so marked in Virginia this summer.
[Senators Gorman anel Lw discuss?, ?1
each other's records, but the dafKUaV
sion on the part of both ?lid nut ge>
beyond parliamentary bounds. Fur?
thermore ami better -still theae gen?
tlemen, especially Senator Lee, dis?
cussed public questions, giving his
position thereon and in this respect
the campaign there differed from the
one here. We very much hope that j
the lesson taught by the pie-sent
campaign will i stop Virginia Demo
crats from ever again invoking the
deplorable methods used this sum?
Lawyers and laymen all over the
country continue to urge the import
anee, aye th/? necessity, of uniform
divorce laws ami yet State legisla?
tures come and go, but the laws re?
lating to divorce remain in the same
eld haphazard shape ami legal se,?
aiations betwt?en husltand and wif?
continue to multiply to the shame
of this country and every State in it,
except South Carolina where no di?
vorces are possible. The Astor-Forcej
engagement has br?>ught prominent?
ly before the public the agitation in
favor of uniformity in divorce- laws
and in this respect has served I gooi
purpose, though it is hard to under
staod why th??ae two people should
be singled out at this time as awful
examples of depravity, when as a
matter of fact rich men anel poor
men all ?ever the country are mar?
ried year by year under exactly sim?
ilar circumstances. Presumably Col.
Astor's immense wealth has focused
publie attention on the coming nup?
tials between himself and Miss
Force and the fact of his previous
divorce, under somewhat suspicious
circumstances, has made the? forth?
coming marriage disagreeably no?
torious for him and his fiancee, but, j
as stated, his case is no different,
neither better nor worse, than thous?
ands of others and the? fault lies in
the shameful laxity of our divorce
laws. It is a disagreeable thing to
admit, but it is nevertheless true.
that it is almost as easy to secure a
divorce in Virginia as it is in a num?
ber of the Western States, where
this traffic has become an n?iteirie-us.
Desertion f??r three years, two or
three witnesses that the parties have
not lived together for that length of
time, evidence that reconciliation
seems impossible and then a d?-c?ee
which breaks the sacred tie which
united the parties as man and wife.
Shortly afterwards in many cases
the plaintiff in the action, who is or
should be without fault, marries
again and what is worse the defend?
ant, whose act of desertion brings
about the divorce, is also able to
marry under the laws of som?? other
State and once married outside of
Virginia brings his or her spouse
back to Virginia without danger or
fear of any consequences. Such
things are disgraceful and should no
longer be tolerated. W? have uni?
formity of legislation on billsand ne?
gotiable notes. Is this more import?
ant than the matter of divorce?
Senator LaFollette modestly con?
fesses that he would like to In? presi?
dent. Wm. Jennings Bryan on?? or
twice ?admitted the same thing and
LaFollette might profit by his ex?
Champ Clark's criticism of Mr.
Taft's speech at Representative
Gardner's home wasenough to make
the president sit up and take notice.
The fifth inter-national tax con?
ference began in Richmond Tuesday
In the auditorium of the Jefferson
Hotel, when Gov. John A. Dix, of
New York, sporn on "State Comity
ia Taxation."
It Is anticipated that 300 dele?
gate? will attend this convention,
Including governors and other rep
rsaeatattves of Statt?, tosid?*
prominent tax experts. Mayor 1). C.
Richardson welcomed the delegates
oa behalf of Richmond, and Gover?
nor Mana on behalf of the State.
Jones and Class Speaks at Two Meet?
ings in Richmond.
Under the auspices of I ho Vir?
ginia iH-inotr.it ie- iisagas two meet?
ings wer?? he-lei Monday algal In
Klchinond. one at the Jetti-rsoii llev
toi auditoriuin. and tin? other at
Liberty Hall, the voters at each
being aiblressA'd alt?rnate)] nj Con?
gressman .lime s, opposing Senator
Martin in the- senatoria] nomination
fight, ami tiy ?onfiossnisii Qlass,]
fepposlaafl Senator Bwaaaoa. The? at?
tendance at each place was good,
and considerable Interest was mani?
The spe?eihes of both tcmgleSSIIISII
WWa along the lines -is others el<
Hvereil. Mr. Jones conte'litle i] that
Seiiatoi- Martin acted ;is agent of
tho railroads in distributing 11 "yel
low elui;" fuiiel at B MSSloa of the
legislature, and declared thai the
ires made in tin? Glasgow
Thompson letters ought to be siif
tlcieni to turn Voters from his op?
ponent, whom he charged With be?
ing the Isadsr ?>f tin? ring, which
are wrecking the D?mocratie party
in Virginia.
New material was ilitfoilui-od by
Mr. Jones in the form of another
letter from Senator Martin to Mr.
Richmond, Va., Oct. if, iv.'.v
William a. Qlsagow, Jr., Esq., Roa
uoke, V.i :
Dont Qlaagow Your letter of the
25th Instant Just n> hatnl 1 ap?
preciated all the tiiiu- our position
and knew the ?nteres! you take
What 1 wrote yem was not Intend?
ed for jronreelf, but l thought it
might pussibl, Ik- helpful for >oi'.
to have what I Wrote to show to
others you were In communication
Hal will Ik? reasonably provided
for, and I think he? will pull through
I have been able to do nothing
for Brew, I will have to send him
a personal contribution. If yon
can help him it is ?>r more im pur
tance than Flood district.
Your friend,
(Signed Thomas S. Martin.
Mr class' address dealt print I
pally with the word of S?-iiateir
Swanson while governor of tIn?
state", asse-rtiim that the cost of
Stale government practically doub?
led while Bwaanson was governor,
i Bwanson's effori i.? pul
Mm in an atlttutlo ho-.tile to the
laboring men of Virginia was also
tinged with mendacity, because be
uses the letter of the- truth to fal?
sify the spirit or the? truth. Mr
Class saiel he voted against tIn
first employer's liability bill be?
cause li was a snare? and a farce,
it being the- Identical bill thai the
governor of New York had s fe-w
weeks before vetoed.
At a Jones and ? Hy In
Charlotteeville Monday aft
?ddresees were delivered by I:
Liadeay Gordon, of Louisa, and T.
J. Downing, of Lancaster.
Mr Corelon, discussing the- Bar
bow Thompson and Glasgow tet?
ters, declared thai Senator Martin
was not only a railroad lobbylst.bul
the leader of the lobby.
The sneaker discussed ring rub-,
claiming that out e>f he? forty-odd
Judges in the State of Virginia,
ouly two, certainly not more than
three, would vote for Joto
even the judiciary wer?? line-el up be?
himl Martin; that nil other class?
es of citizens were divided; thai
there was a remarkable ananlmlt)
among the offlceholeb-rs of the
State; that the rum rub- was ?vil
in two respects?first, that II
expensive, having practically doub?
led the cost of tie- sat,- gorern
ment in ten years, and second, be?
cause it 8el??ctd only inert who were
willing to obey a bailer; that holi?
est. Independent men, who would
obey only tho dictates of their
consciences, were excluded from
place and power, and that only the]
servile were acceptable to the
Mr Downing argued along the
same lines of thought, giving in?
dividual Installe'? s ief the re?sult of
ring rule. His tribute to Congress?
man Jones, bis neighbor anel friend,
with a recital of his Democratic r- <?
ord, brought forth much applause
Mr.Dewnlng appealed te> his auditors
to riel the State of ring rule, and,1
put the leadership in the hands of
a represi'iitative? Virginia Democrat,
who could not get appropriations i>e
eause lie could not cultivate the
friendship of Cannon and Aldrlch.
Following nonpolitical aeldresses
delivered at the Labor Hay ce-l?
bration at Buckroe Beech Monday
Senators Swanson ami Mat tin Mon?
day night addressed s fair siz-ei
i-rowd in Newport News and were
e-onliai welcome,
Se-nator Martin spoke first, ami
In an address lasting more than
an hour repeat?! much of t he
speech he has been eb-iivering since
taking the stump li?- made no ele
fenso or explanation of the Glaagow
letters, and his only referenes to
the charges on this sent?? made bj
Congressmann Jont-s was that he
had not ouly racetved tin? MOd,
but hail raised thousands of dollars
for the r?demption of the State
from negro rule. If there was sin h
a thing as a "yellow dog fund," be
saiel, Mr. Jones got his elivvy. His
address was taken up chiefly in <le- !
fens? of his vote on tariff moasures
and he declared that !n every in?
stance in which ho is hargeel with
voting v ith Senator Ablrie h, Se-na?
tor Daniel did likewise. He rielieu
lesd the record of his opponent, Con?
gressman Jones, who, he mid, had
accomplished nothing hi the House
during the twer.'y years he has
been in office.
Senator Swanson confined himself
chiefly to a refutation of tho charg?
es made by Congressman Class and
ja revle? of his record and echleve
iiicnts while governor, congressman
anel sent tor. Both speakers dented
and ridiculed tho Idea of a political
ring ruled over by Senator Martin.
Senator Swanson invaded Tuesday
night the? home town ?if his opponent,
having an audience estimated at 1, loo.
The meeting was cn'husiastic.
He said he invaded the home town eif
his competitor because he hail gone to
his borne?, anil he wanted to answer
"tb?- slander-ius and vituperative
speech" maile from the same platform
by (.lass. Referring to negotiations
for a joint debate, he said his opponent
hail been ungentlemanly in not ?ending
him a written challange.
He rejieated his charge that Glass
was against the employers' liability
bill in the State Senate in 1908, and
only supported it at the next session
because it was in the party platform.
Senator Swanson characterize Mr.
Class as a "ferret" and "saint from
Lynchburg. "
B. H. IaorgandMrs. F. M. Southard,
both of Madison county, were married
Aug. 30th.
Cards are out announcing the mi r
riage of Carter Kdmond Graves, of
Madison county, and Miss Myrtle Wil
hoite, of Charlottesville, on Sept. 6th.
V. B. May ami Miss S. M. Gaar,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Q. Gaar,
both of Madison county, were married
at the home of the bride's parents,
Aug. 30th, by Rev. Mr. DeShazo.
One large square mahogany piano,
decorated with hand carving. Terms
reasonable. Miss S. L. Tapstott, 1023
Main St. Fredericksburg, Vs.
?412t s2slt
The Ute Arthur C. Chinault Other
Items From Sparta.
Sparta. Va., S.-pt. ,Mh, 11*11.
The burial of Mr. Arthur (Vlcnian
Cliinaiilt at 1rs late bome, near Smoots, ?
Caroline county, ?>n Sept 1st, If 11,1
called together a large concourse oil
relative's and friemls. The- funeral
?ervicci were' conducted by Rev, R B,
Velline? ?ml Rev. Andrew Rroaddns
Mr. Clilnaull was the Oldest e>f a large
f;> nl\ i f children, being the MM ol
John and Louisa Chinault and having I
been born in Caroline county lixtV-flve
years ago. When a youth he Joined
the- Ceit-fed? rate army and remained in
the? service until the close of the war,
, having been slightly wounded during
Ithe conflict While? still a young man
he marrieel Miss Sarah A. Spiltnan, of
king George county, and resided there
for a fe-w years, lb? then retnrneil to
'Caroline where he? remained until the
lend of his life. He was tin? father of
a large and happy family of children
, and felt great pride in them. Almut
ten years ago he? lost by de'nth hit
daughter, Rnsslr. an unusually sttrac
tive- young woman, iinil se-ve-ti yi-nrs
ago his uire died. Since tl.cn In- has
, teemed to lise bit liolel "ti life anil has
?lowly given swsy ander the pressure
of an obstinate stomach trouble from
I which he suffered intensely at Untes.
I Mr. Chinault was a' one time a mem?
ber of a Methodist church, but In later ;
life j'.tui! Upper Ziotl Baptist church,:
li wife und children were mem
bet*. In the face of death be was no)
triumphant, but he was calm and hope
ful and satisfied, and his pawing sway
was q ta t and peaceful. He- leaves the
folkiwing children to mourn theit
. Win. K , C. C . Arthur I.e.-,
Jet ?. I rVebbl hinault, and
tin Blanch Spilmsn and Mr-. K?-i?
i an.
liroaddus, of St. Luke'i
is st borne
On a > ;..
Mrs. Joel Kidel ami daughter, Ina. of
Richmond, ami Mrs ioe Ruinant! Mrs.
Irvine broaddus, i t Gether, were ? si
tors at me inline m iv<>. .,.
- this week.
Mis- Hat tie Ivulph, after a visit of
sete ?.ii mot ths to friet di in New York,
has r. iuri.nl to her h ?me at th-s place.
Mr. and Mr- Joe Baken are- spend
?? days this w lex, at
? ?-. meeting at Uppei
Rev. W. ?). Beesley, of Wayne-, Pa.,
an.I i i-. ?I Beasiey, of Hernilon, Vs.,
ti i\.- n. ? ?:. on a short vlail to tiu-ir par
"r. ami Mrs. \\m. F, Beasiey.
While her?? Mr. Beasiey preached a
most ? ? .1 sermon at S.dem, his
old ' hurch.
- Snd daugh
ter, Misa : two days at the
(rosnen Ass elation ,-it County Line snd
.Hi" gUi ? tl .11 'i.'1
of Rt-v. .1. s Ryland.
Mi-- Mal- i ( 1.1 lei :? : .
\ ill-, who borne
.il '.ir. V.... ? in- Carte r, has r. tut
her burnt. Miss Crittei
th.- sebo l at
fill \ : "it lO 'l
While 1
' . - tl: .
.vers for Dillon, S. C, where s?.?
ly last
' teach
agai.-. this ?ession.
M -s Viols Som-ll i- visiting I..
? ;. of I'h ladt
Jjn? .Makes further Cbargii v
Alleged Party I!
V Ne l Not?
? ! r ti.i re t.' .e :l.r. e
Three ktu r? we re- intn eluc?u
:!.irt i prove the ex>n tent ion of
..: tin- ".
of He.
i -i their
? ttveir jo licial
dur- i,
1 : itive to tnc control <?!' the
? eCiiine, Mr. i - a, pat t:
"V\, bin i he part few days abundant
? i..- i. M produced 11 prove
ll i- political machine.? in
. -i to select our judges,
bul that i- i, ,s had the brssen audacity
eve;, to undertake to control their ac
tioti in the discharge of their judicial
? ?, A flagrant and must glar
>t this ha?, been brought
^ tentkm ol ti,.- ? nblie. A fete
??1 Mis. 1. 1. Williams de
ticy tee
: ..i tei the establishment an-:
endos-ment of Sweelbner College, In
?. I i.e-re' vas a contest
bei will, end ou* of the suteurdinate
counsel employ??! by the executor was
Ex-Judge C. -1. Campbell, of Ani.ii
heir bis ' . ce s in
eonnectioti with this Wiiiiams legacy,
Ex-Judge Campbell pre.set.teel U? the1
r a bill for a lee of $!*.(KK).
,.-:i was referred to a ??
rioner of the court, who nal directed
tj n \>ni upon the same. In support
of li.s claim, Ex-Judge Campbell pre
the three certificates which I
now read: lb-tin:. r?-?.ii three- letters
were signiil
by liai Fiiicil, ( laude Swanson and
lin mas Martin.
"jo the credit of the commissioner
whei reported u[>on t'as fee, I take
pie;,-un- m saying that be trimmed
down this charge from |9,(W0to|l,000.''I
Sesnator .Martin Tuesday night at,
Staun ton spoke nesriy two hours, uiai
sympathetic aiielience eif MO pt
who liberally applauded the points be
made- again.-t Mr. .lone-s. He said that]
Jone-s wa- tie- ranking l)enioeratic
membiT of the House, but that he had
never ae-complislied anything in the
more than twenty years of his service.
When tnc- House was reorganized at
the extra session, the only honor con?
ferred em JoneN was that he was al?
lowed, on account of his seniority, to
i-tioi:-?? his syat without drawing for it,
and he was made chairman of the un?
important Committee of Insular Affairs.
He analyzed some of his votes with
Aldrich that Jones attacked, and he
claimed they were right. He charged
Jones with Mppreuii g tin? facts that
these votes were all on amendments,
and that on the ftnsl vote em the bill as
a whole, he voted against it.
He has vieieel against ever, protective
tariff bill since he has been in Congress.
The Thompeon letters he dlsrusssd
He said he had, time and again, gone
to New York to appeal to railroad
presidents for money and to carry the
election (or the Democrats to main?
tain white supremacy, and he charged
that Jones was using all he could get in
the same way. I'h?? money alluded to
in the? Thompson letters, he said,was to
! repay advances mide in the previous
Senator Martin claimed be woulel be
nominated in the primary by 15,000
Last Year's Crops Were Sold For ?>!,
New Orleaus, La., Sept. 6. ? "No
American cotton crop ever has sold
for as much as the one Just market?"!,
the total value, Including the seed,
having bees |1^M,000,0S4),M according
to the report of Colonel Henry C, Hi?
te.-, secretary of the New Orleans
Cotton Exchange.
With l,7<ii?,oon hales less than con?
tained In the bumper crop of ISOf-OS,
the crop Just marketed netted the
south l-'?t.noo.OOO more.
The 13,r.l 1,000 bale crop of I
brought $222,000 less than the season
which ended Sept. 1, lilt
Toadstools at Party; Four Dead.
New York, Sept. C?Vincent Ueueet
died, the fourth victim of poisonous
toadstools eaten in mistake for mush
rooms at a birthday party on Sundnv
Sight. The death of a fifth memteor of
the party of twenty-four Is expected
and three others are In a critical con
For pp-to date, nest stationary tend
your orders to The Free Lance.
Look for the
Hetl Bill
on tha box
?.'? i ?T?xrk on
a :.??.. >ur !/???"
?iff 0 of t ; ?:, Com
#or# ?ad fOiifl IVoar
Wherever you find a man who wears The Craddock
Shoe you will find an enthusiast.
Ask him about the lit. Ask him about the < omfort. Ask
him about the wear. I le will tell you thai The ( ?raiidock
Shoe is the must you can buy for your money.
No Inore No Lesa
U Lil ^j*4*
- -,- ?
s n sin?-? that the h ;t r i in choose for ?style and
. : hoe that tli? It ither expert
will wear i >r qu.-i?t of material, It is a shot- the particu?
lar man v. i i wear for comfort and tit. It is a'shoe the
economical man will choofc t<>r long, ? ; ictory wear.
Bi ? ind shoe trouhli ? to us and
let us show vein how they can l>e laid to rest,
Item w f l.-.'e.-e From Ware's Whsrf
Ware's Wh
?vers have
us, (nit fe-iv drop
Rev I'l.i:
sister. M
Laurie Oil lard
?i portlot
Lavlnis "Waring
Surprise pan lei ?cen? lo ?
alar with the young folks Klve
bave been Riven during
Mr snd Mrs Justin Waiit
l.akeland. Kla . are
of his brother, Mr -i B "
It'e his Ural visit
for sixteen j
Mr. i mlth, of 6
came ov?Br In hli love!) launch Buo
tlav enronte to Dnnnavllle on
Mr? Hunter and thr.
of Norfok, are- guests i.t Mrs Dan?
Mr Beiden Warner returned home
from New York Saturday, It
been taking ? ipeclal com
i Unlversltj this sut
Bxall tins been
Mr- c c vVan
Marguerite Palm? r. ol
hula, is i.n sn extended \
Miss l.avinia Waring.
rfanntleroy return?
ed Tuesday from ? trip t?> relative?
and frie-nels in Newport New?,
Mrs Lynch, of Norfolk, is a
t the- home e>f itiv .1. T. T.
Miss Irene stiff, <>f Richmond, is
?pending some time with Miss La
tane Ware
i Janet atnl Ann Bagbjr, ?>f
Baltimore, art Mary
Mr George I) Rowe, <>{ Preder
lcksburi-, spe-nt last week with Mrs
R. W, Kuli.ink. tl
Tlv? first campaign publicity state?
ments, thos" eif Senators Martin
and Bwanson, ? i f Virginia, file-el In
accordance with the campaign pub
Udty law passed al the reo
sioii of ?Congress have- been made
Both candidates showed thai em
the da* their reports were tiled,
which was exactly ten days before
vhe holding <?r the- D?mocratie sen
atonal primary election in Virginia,
they were? far below the- 110,000,
which is the? limit placed by tin
law as the amount which a sena?
torial candidate may spend to se?
care his election. Back or them
had spent up to that time about
|S,e00. Of this amount |S,000 was
required of each candidate to help
defray the expenses of the election,
"and this amount," says Sniatot
Martin in his report, "can hardly
Iks said to have- been paid to pro-;
cure the nomination."
No reports have- been n
from either Representative class
or Representative Jones, contestant?
against the two senators 6<?eklng re-1
Senator Martin's report declarea
that ho hail spent $.'.48 for spate
in and subscriptions to various
newspapers while Senator Swanson:
for a like purpose had spent fill.
la addition, each R?iiel he?
ed to incur a further expense of
several hundred dollars for space
in papers. They declare that other:
small amounts doubtless Will be
spent by friends for publicity In
other newspapers, and that, they
will iueet any reasonable a
of this sort. "I do not know the
facts nor (he amounts in such
cases," said Senator Martin. The
only other ?tern of imp?rtanos Un?.
mention Is for headtjuartres at a
Richmond hotel. Sonator Martin
says his expenses on thin score will
be small, while Senator Swanson
reports he has engaged rooms thero
at $55 a week
Of excepted expenses upon which
no report is re?iulr?-ii by the law,
such as traveling, stationery, tel-;
??graph and telephone srevlce, S. n
ator Martin reports that he has
spent considerable, although he
glv?3s no figures approximate
Hon. John S. Hsrwood, of Richmond,
will be the orator at the Confederate
Reunion at Montroa?, Sept. 28th.
John J. Brown, of Oak Pars, Madi
ion county, died a few days ago. He
was a Confederate Veteran, sged 75. |
In sums to suit on <?ood security
ply to Lee J. Grsvos. attorney
I.ittcr 1 turn Hicks' Store.
Mr and Mn .1 I. Cartel
Wednesda? mai
rowle'i mill, returning home
Mm? dsy, accompanied !
i?r. M.
i'aniline- . c.??
Miss N'.iti!. ? Wash
lier, Mr II A Can
near Posl ?>ak Mr. Can-mack, ?in
? my Improve
I nu Ing a . ? rere i !
lay afternoon I
an old d man. had
a fine steer and ? I bj
many farmers had a lat
of lila.:. , illid, which was
caught in tin- rain ami rendered
Mr. W. Banford Wlllian
Richmond, will visit bis p
at (lakh ) , t he- hospitable lint
bisen spending tin>
rammer al Oakley, win re-tm:
him to Richmond
Mr. I). B. Williamson has bet D
k'-pt in the house- for several dan
With boils We are glad 10 i
is better.
Mr. R, V Huris spent Sutnlay
at aOkley, the hospitable hone (if
his friends, Mr and Mrs :? s Wil?
Mrs. J. A. Harris, e.f the C H.,
spe-ut Krielay with Mr. U V. llar
ompanled by her slater, Miss
Florence Potter.
The primary will so'on be
uni be a thing eif t lj?? past, as will
?ni ko bo?
ron it We Will I?- glad and he?|ie?
thai peace and harmony win reign
again among those- who seem to be
throwing mud al their fello
The? Richmond Tlmee-Dlspatch
which re-ieiitiy came oui In an ed
Itorlal endorsement of Benati i
Mrtaiii for renomlnatlon for Halted
states Senator to succeed himself,
In its Issue of ?Sept. 6th withdraws
Its support
v Simon Ifiroh & Urn.)
Wheat. : corn, 70? to 72< ,
fn ?sl.$1.40to $1.60 per IOO-oats,46 to 48;
del h? na, live, 11 to 12; dressed. 12 te la.
arintereniekens, 15 to20, lb.;creased lv
to20; spring chickens, 12 to 19 cts lb;
19; lard, ?2 to 13; ducks,
I reeied 15 to Hi; but ter, la
to 20; country hams,12 to 15;becoosides,
12 to 16;Irisn pototoM,|ltof1.2S; lambs,
12.611 to ?1 ; hides, gre?en, 7; dry1
?alte I, iota If: thy hides, lu to 15; calf
?kins No. 1, $1.?hi to $1.26; baled hay,
$20 to ?2:i per ton; live bogs, 8 to 6 I 2;
b<-ef, Ihre weight, 4 to 6? pork, 7 to 8;
wool,18 to 20 pe-r IbrvesJ, 8 to 7;swe?e?t
pota toes,$l.fKl to $L26;tarkeyi live. 12 to
1">; i-eed Irish Potatoes, $1 to $1.2S; ship
stuff $21. to K8j bran, $26 te?
t?n; black rn-as, $2.H~>; black-?". <
COMMONWEALTH of Virginia. In
the Clerk's office <.f the Circuit
ecortofths eoontyof ('aniline on !
the 6th day of September. 1911. Vic?
toria Dickson, who Wal VketOtio Jack- j
son, complainant, (in ehai I e-ry ), against j
John W. Jackson, Julia Jackson, bis i
wife, Annie Johnson anil Coran Jack- I
?em, Infant 12 yar.? old, and C. D. I
Poster gnaidis and T. R.Giil. ,
sheriff, aelministrator with will annexed
of JaOMS Jackson, deceased, defend-j
ants. The object of this suit is to obtain
partition of 52 acres of land more or ]
less lying and being situated in Caroline '
county, Va., near Gocdloes, Vs., and
which was conveyed to J. W. Jackson!
and James Jackson by John Battaile
and als, and by William Seaman and
wife by deeds duly recorded in the
Clerk's office of the Circuit court of
Caroline county, Va., and to sell that
part of said land that shall te alloted
under the will of James Jackson!
deceased, and to invest the proceeds.
A?ilan affidavit having been made
and lileil that the? defendant, Annie '
Johnson, is not resident of the State of
Virginia, it is ordered that she do ap- >
pear here within fifteen days after due
publication hereof, and do what, may be ,
necessary to protect her interest in this
suit. And it is further ordered that a
copy hereof be published once a week
tat four successive weeks in the Free
Lance, a newspaper published in The
city of FredericksDurg, Va., anil that a
copy be posted at the front door of the
(x-urt House of this county on or be?
fore- ||m next succeeding rule day from
the date hereof.
E. R. Coghill, Clerk.
By T. C. Vulentine, Deputy Clerk.
A copy?Teste:
T. C. Valentine, Deputy Clerk.
Frederick W. Coleman, Sol. Compl't
SOc Summ- r Silks. UJl?
50c, :t:,- and 25c Colored Unen LLZ
i? Silks. fcUC
26c White Figured Madras IUC
20c White Figured Madras. IZ.C
121-2 White I oC
l?c and 12 1-.V Coli.r-.l Ml drs? I UC
Im' r,inghamie ...
ami fl.oei White Skirt
Flouncing in Baby In
S ?is?, ?,?._' cut in prl ?
Par ! all Summer
Hoods are- iiii'liiiliil in 11
ne? o4!?wi?4 -?OB ?o? mmm+rWmmomtmMoxam** o ?*
Last and Final Call on Summer Goods !
To make.? room for oar Mammoth Pall and Winter Goods
now arriving, we have not considere-1 cost.
$3.00 ami $3.50 Dresa i?, now$1.45. $5.00 ami $5.50 Dresses,now
$8.00 am: $1(1 "'i l.ine-n Suits (e.nly 5), now $3.?*!>. $9.00 Mohaii
(onlv 1), now $4.95. $14.00 Silk Pongee Coat (only 1). now
0 Silk PongeeSuil (only I), r,e>w $14.95. $20.00 Striped Mohair
Suit (only I), now $13.45, $1.25 and $1.60 House Prease 95c. $1.25
White? Wash Skirt
$3.00 C-B A La Spirite Corsets $2.48 ?2.50 C-B A LaSpiritcC
$1.98. s'J.'hi C-i: A La Spirit? 1.88.
- i
$1.25 Umbrellas, 98c. $1.39 ?Counterpanes, 98c. 18c Flaxona 12 l-2c. I
| 12 1-2 and 15c Lawns 7 l-2c. I
OAII -i.l?. All$1.25Garments 98c. A. .1.00 Gar- ?
menta 85c. All ?S9c Gannents 78c. All 75c Garments 59c. Alloue m
(?arments38c- |
White Felt Hats for early fall wean. New Veils, near Plaid Ging? 1
hams. Remember tin- last warning at j
Headquarters For
Building Materials.
I keep all kinds of Neirth Carolins
anil Virginia Lumber, draseed ami un?
dressed, Shingles, Laths, Bash, Doors,
and Blinds, I.inn-, t7stncnt. Caldne
Plaster, Plastering Hair, Building ami
Paving Brick, lin ami Iron Roofing,
Cut and Win Nails, all Kindt? Ready
Mixed PaintS and Dry Paint, Linseed
Oil, Turpentine. I ry?.-r Varnish and
i.l'aini liriixhea of
all kinds. Wineleiw (ilass and Putty,
Builders Hardware? of all kinds, Tar
Roofing, Sheathing Paper and Fin
large? ?t'irk eif S'?wer Pipo and
Fi.-o (lay Pipe. K. I). Cole.
Agent for sale of bricks of Fre?d
-rieurturg Briek Company.
In tho clerk's office of the cir?
cuit Court of the county of King
G?3orgo on the ist day of Septem?
ber. 1911. OeOTgS \V. Rohinsoii,
plaintiff, against Pearline Robinson,
The object of this suit Is
tain for the plaintiff against the
eli-fe tulant S divorce S vinculo mat
And an affidavti having been
made and filed that the- <lc
tsndant, Pearline Robinson, is not
a resident of the State of Virginia,
It is ordered that she do apear hero
within fifteen days after due pub
lie at i,m hereof and elo what may
be necessary to protect her Inter?
est In this suit. And It is further
ordered that a copy hereof be pub?
lished once a week for four sue
ceeeivo weeks In The Freo Lance, a
newspaper published in the city
of Fre?dericksburg, Va, and that
a copy bo post?! at tho front door
of the courthouse of this county
on or before the next sucreoel
Ing rulo day from the dato hereof.
P. C. S. Hunter, Clerk.
W, A. Rose, p. q.
A Copy?Teste:
F. C. 8. Hunter, Clerk.
On city snd country real estate.
Grsnville R. Swift,
Atty. at Law.
Richmond, Fi ??rj??ricksburg &
1 o?omac R. R.
t.KAVK nucoaaici
t;: 11* a.m. local.
*7 .-06 a. m. express.
*7:i;t a.m.express.
a.m. express.
'10*29 a.m. local.
*i ?28 p.m. esp?en.
p.m. local.
? T :* 11 p.m.express.
10*09 p.m.express.
?5:46 a. tti.i-.xpress.
lti:ll a.m. local.
",i:21 a.m.
112:46 p.n h
*1:17 p.m.express.
'7:0?! p.m. local.
? press.
*'.):'.'2 p.m.expreM.
"11:11 p.m.e
Accommodation trains irrive: From
Washington '12:46p.m.; from Milford
12*26 p.m.; from Richmond : !:0ei p.m.
?Daily. ?Weekdays. JThli tram
does not go south of Milford.
Arrivals and departan s iie-t i.iiaran
Livery and Feed Stables
Blacksmith and Wheel
wright Shop
Messrs. W. A. Jones and Geo. Arm?
strong have opened a Livery Stahle an?!
Blacksmith antl Wheelwright Shop at
the stand formerly occunieel by Mr. S,
L. Powell on Charlotte St.
Prompt Service and Good
Wagon Yard Free
Jones & Armstrong.
Phone 61. Powell's Old Stand
We are now prepared to furnish hook
anel line fishermen with minnows snd
boats at the south end of Aquia Creek
bridge. Will meet all local trains from
Saturday,the 9th. A. Segar and W. T.
Wirt Is7-3t
8th St. i Pa Av??.,
Boy Your Lace Curtains and Rugs
for Fall Ref?tt?ngs Now
The Saving in Purchasing Early is an Important
,.\ irreal purchase and sale of lace curtains, now going ?in, per?
mits us i.i offer aUmost unheard of bararains. All are Nottingham
m- American made curtains, which for ireneral u--agc,are consieW
e-e| tin- moal popular curtai i ; n?:i. 1.-.?-hi,-ilv liecauat' the-y are? troven
all in one piece, am] cf-nsequently laursler moal nusfaetorlaly.
-s are re-inforcml, anil finished withoverlock stich, Riv
hem ilmilili- strength.
Nottingham Curtains, $1.25 to $1.75
Values, Price ....
Both Msdra i w< (rular weave curtains are? include-el
in this special sale lot. rhc Madias weaves .??.n-ist of novelty
patterns such i neat, narrow bordered de
signs. These are 2 1-2 .. litable f?.r sill length curtains.
Tin y are regular Sl.WI and $1.75 cut tain .
The regular wea ; 2 yards Ion?:, Include copies of
Irish point, H if ne-at. straight bordered
pattern.;. One advantage of I dde no inch?curtains in?
cluded among the reguln thai only ein* curtain is need
cd at a window, i tl/i-0 vtuues, and in the- lui
you will find about ?10 different |>atl leel from.
Nottingham Curtains, Real $3.00
Values, Price ....
Yeiu will find at this pnce the pick of the? Im-.-i designs fron
the most famous mills of the country, ami among the patterns
shown are many filet effects, Colonial patterns, copies e:f Irish
Point and Brussels lace, also many other novelty patterns two
tune's, such as combinations of white and Arabian, and solid colon
of white, biege and Arabian. Lengths 3 to 31-2 yards, and full
regulation width. Never before have we- (iir?-r??il such variety,and
such qualities at this price. They are all strung, firmly woven,
two thread curtains.
Sale of Sanford, Smith, and Sloan Axminster, Heavy
Brussels and Velvet Rugs.
9x12 feet, $22.50 and $25.00
Values for . .
"Plums" from the foremost nig manufacturers of the country,
ecu red when we placed unusually large orders. Designs are
handsome oriental patterns.almosl entirely in m<?dallion and small?
er all over effect?. Kvery rug ?s*m? feet,and the patterns authen?
tic for fall. Think of soft, deep surface Axminster ruga; extra
thick Beamless Brussels.and - ?amless Wilton velvets sellingal such
We? are cleaning the? shelves for our
fall tock, and all summer goods must
vu. Here arc some pitees that will
inte'l'e'Sl VeiU.
$4.00 Men's Oxfords, A!l Leathers $3.48
$4.50 Wen's P?t. Colt,2 Eyelet Pump $3.48
$2.00 Women's Tan Pump, Strap $1.50
$2.50 Women's Pat.Colt Pump, Strap $1.75
$3.00 Women's Brockport Pumps $2.50
$1.25 Misses' White Canvas Blucher 75
$2.25 Men's Straw Hats $1.50
J. E. TimberlaRe, 5
Summer Bargain Sale!
Our Reduction Sale will continue until
September 1st. Prices on all
Spring arid Summer Dry Goods and
Ready-to-Wear Garments
Cut down to the LOWEST.
It is not necessary for you to hunt bargains in our large
stuck, you have lint to see? our ROOdl and ask our prices. We
have a house filled with bargains.
Phone 80. 926 Main Street.
FredericKsburg, Va.
o? ic?ic* ??*???* ?o**?? toi1
School Opens in September
Yen will want Shoes for the littl?? folks now don't forget that wc
have? the? l'est line in the? city to tvlect from. S?>li?l throughout ami
made to tit the feet I>e>n't buy until you see th?2se. Her?? arc some
prices that will interest you.
Boys' (?un Meta! Shoes, made?
on the? new hito last, CO f\f\
lace and button.????..UU
Roys' Heavy Box t'a'f,
all solid and full vamp
Kxtra Quality
Satin Calf, all solid
Little Cents
?r!r:s 1.25 to 2.00
Misses' Heavy Chrome Calf,
one of our best 1 CO
wearers. I. OU
Misses' Extra Heavy Kid Shews
reinforced throughout, nuth
ing like them in the 11 Cfl
city, laoe & buttern *??*'*'
Misses (?i-exl Quality 1 0*1 0
ki<l Sh.WS, all Solid.. *' M
I Bengal Calf, soft and I
pliable.spler.did value?, 1 OK J
all se liel. ?'?*'*' Q
Children's Shoes in Chrom.? X
Calf. I.e-ngal Calf and kiei. I
lac. and IQOtOl.50
buttein ... ****** **** ******
You no doubt know we are h??aeIt)uarfeis for good solid Shews
We want to see you. Com?? to the place where the prie?? is right and
the goods arc better.
W.H. Brolle & Co.!
The Progressive Shoe and Hat Honst, ?
921 Hito Strot, Frtatoteishiti;, VlrjtoU. A

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