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published dally, and served free of poMnue nl
Orients per ; !l"i cents per niontli; 75 cento
,ier three nioutiis ; "fi.ouper six mourns, unu
I 3 per year, payable in advance.
OUR AGENTS. -The followlnc poisons
nre tlieiiuthoilznl nsionts for the Dah.V llui.
i.ktin nl the places tunned, Contracts fcir
subscription or advertising may be made
with them:
Shannon Win. Clary.
Mt. Olivkt Peter Myers.
.1. A Jackson.
Fkiin Lkaf Harry Ruruovne
Or.itMANToWN T J. Kiickley & Co.
Washington Mbs Antin Thomas.
IT ByiJW K Ml , m ' f i" fu jiB a
Tho above niiinber represents the circulation,
each week ol the. Daily mul Wkkki.y
Itui.i.KTiN. Advertisers aro Invited to call
and iismiio t! 1'iiwlves oi tho tiuth ol the
statement, and they ate rcquestid tolonrln
mind Mutt our ra es lor advertising aro Hit
Whisky Exportation.
Thu Louisville Post eays: The manufacture
of whisky is a leading American
industry. It is strictly legitimate. It is
in full recognition of the law. It is conducted
by law-abiding citizens. It gives
employment to tens of thousands of wage
laborers. It furnishes a largo market for
tho products of tho farmers, both grain
and live stock. It annually pays $05,000,-000
towards tho support of the Government
nearly 20 percent, of the total revenue.
It is a staple article in the markets
of the world. It is therefore an industry
that isontitlcdtothi' utmost consideration
of tho people anil tho unflinching just '
protection of the Government.
Like every other imluntry, it now hap- j
pens that it is undergoing a period of '
trying depression. It is jeopardized by
an excessive over-production.
has practically ceased. Millions of
gallons are stored away throughout the
country with little hope of a market for !
one, two, or three yeats to come, and
pei haps longer. Every gallon of it is in I
the possession of the Government, and
is held for the payment of a tax which
amounts to three times the cost of production.
The Government, the framers j
of law, the people, everybody realizes
that the payment of this tax is utterly j
impracticable until the goods urn sold for
consumptive purposes. This fact is recognized
by the law in a clause deferring
thu payment of the tax for three years,
or until the wlii.skv is taken out of bond ;
for sale. Within the coming year the
limitation upon the great bulk of this
over-production will expire, and the tax
hi'i'omes payable. It is therefore clearly
evident that the law, heietoforo ample in
its leniency, is entirely inadequate to the
emergencies of the present situation, and
that its literal enfoiuctuent means ruin or
disaster to an that is vital to
the country and invaluable to the Government
as a son i cc of revenue.
Thus imperiled, the holders turn to
Congress for relief. Fanatical, unreasoning
prejudice stands in the way and defeats
a measure that w.is eminently just,
and would have netted the Government
an actual income of $1,000,000 during the
noxt three years by way of interest upon
the deferred taxes. With norecogniiion
at homo, the interest is driven to seek
protection from foreigners. Exportation
becomes the dernier resort.
Indexible necessity demands that our
export laws must bo misapplied, heavy
expenditures and heavier losses must be
sustained by senseless shipments.bonded
wuroliMU?os, built for tho purposo of
storing whisky, must he vacated and the
owners deprived of their legitimate incomes;
foreign steamships, foreign storehouses
and foreign insurance companies
must be enriched in handling the goods
and financial afl.dis gem-rally must bo
disturbed by the removal of collateral
whoso proper place is at home. All these
losses and inconveniences are involved.
Hut tho case admits of no other alternative.
'I ho question then arises, which is
tho most available point? Bermuda best
suits tho East and Canada tho "West, but
a trifling provision of the' Canadian law
stands in tho way. Steps nre at once
taken to have this ban for removed. Our
national authorities appreciate the meiits
of tho cnfic, cheerfully volunteer their
recommendations and waive all Governmental
objection to a fltiflieicnt amendment
of the Canadian Government. Tho
point is almost gained, whenlolahuo
and cry of " ting" and " fraud" is raised
against tho whisky men nnd our National
authorities, and the Canadian Ministry,
appalled, hesitate and signify an unwillingness
to involve their Government in
the question.
Then what is to lie the result? Simply
that tho whisky interests of the West
will be forced to expend $: more per
barrel than those of the Hast in shipping
to Bermuda.
MT. OlI.KAl).
Mr. H. II. Kuriovv, expects to erect a hirye
Imrn for the purpose ol prizing tobacco In
Mils place Mils sprint,'.
Mr. Abner Horo recently purchased sixty
acres of lnnd. ly lntx adjacent to his farm, Irom
his brother Ellas Hold ol price paid
80(i per acre.
Wo notice that the Tern f.ea I correspondent
says that we were mistaken ius regard to
the reuulnr nieellng ib,v of tho Old sichool
Raptists at this place. Evidently somebody Is
mistaken. Mm question arises who Is supposed
to know most about the meeting? The
Fern Leaf, or tho Mt. (Jllead, correspondent
who resides here As there ale two sides to tho
church It Is a question or Mime dispute us to
who nre the "reuuhiis." From tho time that
the church was (list established which dates
back to a time when the incinoiy ot man
knowetn not, hut to the contrary, the regular
meeting days of I ho Old Baptists were the
llrst Saturday and Sunday In every month,
It continued so until the yenr 18:17. when tho
houo divided against it-oil, could no longer
stand, then theso so-called leguhirs, or the
branch ot the vine chose tho second Satunlay
as their meeting day avd still conllnuo to
meet on that day. The "oil shoots" agieeablo
to a long established custom continued to
hold their imetlngou the Hist Satutday and
Sunday until a yeur or so ago, when they
chanced tlulr day of meeting to the third
Sunday to suit their pastor. We see nothing
in the decision of thu "lilbuiiiil"as legards
tho "oil shoots." Uuess it was another returning
board Mint counted the prlmatlves
out. o trust! hut 1. E. M.vvlll take no exceptions
to what wo hnvo said, as wo would
rather n millstone were tied about our necks
Ac, than to oll'end the least ofouoof these.
Alex. I)lx void his tobacco to (J. W. Drake,
of liiuwn crunty. Ohio, for cents per
liuiiuu, uii mii '4 pieviousiy som ins irasu una
Our young meiebnnt .7. II.
Glascock Is vMUng n lends at Fountain
county, Indiana, this week, with the view of
moving tbeie In theinll.
Cadet W. L King, of the K. M. I., owing to
III health, Is at lioiue torn shoit lime on leave
ol nbsenco.
.1. K. Walllntrford, a hi talent of the Normal
Uulvoislty ol Lebanon, Ohio, was at home
oil bat in day and Sin. day last.
Mis. Ann Henry has gone to Wii.chcstMr to
cumin until utter llioteim or April couit,
Mr. Winn will leniain at "Silver Lake,"
dm hi;; the summer.
Mis. Mnry Ilonoeksof Muysvllle, paid Mr-.
Maliby n visit durum the past winter anil '
wilucturung'tln shortly.
Mr. ami Mrs W. Gill. Ml last Thursday for
Rev K.s. 1'olllM will fill his appointment
here the third in this uituilh,
ai.il eveiili g. Ho Is spending this week
with his ln( her. i
ltev. .1. W. I lleh will be heie next week to
spend some Mine with bis friends
by Ito, F. S. lVillltt.
Itev. Mr. Evans expects to hold a meeting
this month.
Mlvs S t.snn haiiiljei is Mi. Robert
Sprlnu has biouuhl out the unlpcrs ns we
notice, they aievei j busy going Horn house
to house. Tin.' dear good old maids of Washington
ill hi ar irom good uo'
slpeis, do stay ulinlu jour own homes ainl
keep an Hj'i'iive' yoiiiown ehlMieu. :u,d I he
old uiitliU will shield their eyes and guard
Mieli lieiots.
A Cl.OSK OilaKCV mi. '
AttiroiitlncU Murray Denies II.
New Yoiik, April 8. The Rev. W. H. II. '
Murray, of Adirondack fume, arrived in '
tho city to-day, and denies strcuuonsly that
lie left Texas to escape-paying $12,000 of
bis debts. When asked about the published
report ho said he does not owe $500,
and that ho has a business worth $20,000.
He also Huid that tho story that he loft tho
State with n luily companion is a lio from
top to bottom. The truth of his statements
huvo been confirmed from other sources.
Forty I'eople Killed by Dynamite.
Fi.oki:tk, April 8. A magazine of
dynnmite exploded at tho railway works
nour this oity yesterday. Forty persons
wo ro killed and ninny injured. It is
tho explosion was caused by accident.
Jtniiiored Dentil ofn ICIu. I
London, April 8. A dispatch from Suez
states Hint a report has been roceivod nt
Mnssernh to tlio ep'et that King John, of
Abyssinia, Is dead, la tho absence of all
details the report gains little credence.
A Convict I'ivIIh !elr to u I'urtiuic.
2JSai.t L.vkk, Utah, April 8. A uian
named lturks, in the Utah I'enitontlury,
has fallen Jieir to 10,000 by the death of
his futhor in England, Hiu wife ii her
trying to get u pardon for him.
Vol 'I'lint Comet, but Another.
Rosto.v, April 7. A cable message received
nt Harvard Collcgo Observatory,
from Dr. Krugor, announces that tlio object
discovered by Dr. Haitwig is not Durrost't
comot, ns jireviously nnnounccd, but u new
- 1 m 1
The (Jlddy Tltinjr.
I.VDiAN.vpotas, In p., April 7. Liherlj
Glenn, of Nortli Carolina, whoso wif'o, at'tei
slio hail liorno him seventeen children, rrn
away with one William Patterson, was in
the criminal court pressing an eiirlj
prosoculliKi of them
Recovery From a Broken Neck.
km, i
About five months ago tho dally presa
published a short item regarding a
teamster named John Collory, who attempted
to drive his team through a
barn door, and in doing so had his head
forced down upon his breast until his
neck was broken. Polieu Surgeon
Stambaugli made an examination ot tlio
injured man and found that thu seventh
cervical vertebra win fractured, ami
that tile spinal cord had been stretched
out nearly two inches. So serious was
the injury that the reporters, after
chronielimr the incident tinder the head
of fatal tieciilents, paid no further attention
to thoMnultor, ami failed to in ,uiro
alter Collcry's condition, conclud'ng
him dead and buried. A U'trnulctt'
reporter was exceedingly surprised
the other day to meet the supposed
corpse near tlio city prison, looking remarkably
well for a man with a broken
neck. In a conversation which ensued
Mr. C'ollery slate I that ho was almost as
well as he.ore the a eident, a slight stillness
in his right s de constituting his
entire "iiuhcdllhiiilnosd." A ter his removal
to 'tis home Collery states thai ho
was laid I tit on his buck w th :i mi ! ot
lence about hi. r.eck and head which
kept him immovable for over two
mouth-, l'olh the boJy of the vim bra
and the arehin lamina,1 woo
to be broken, and the operation
of joining them together without
pinching ihe spinal conl whore it
had between the ragged edyes as
described is ouu of the dillieiilt
over porioi Med. For a mouth tho patient
.ay on his hack, completely
in one half of his bu.ly, and with
feeing in the other. If ho
moved in the slightest degree during
the I M. lortnigiit he could plainly leel
tho iiirgod odge of the bonc grate together,
and for hours alter such an attempt,
he wau content to lio on his hard
bed without atfMiinllng to move a nuncio
for four that tho spinal cord should
be crushed and hi.i existence ended in a
twinkling. The alraightol position attainable
was required, anil to this end
Dr. Stambaugli was compelled to refttso
him a rnattio.s, forcing him to lie on a
wide plank. Collery saja thai bcl'oro
his eight weeks of cnlorccd quietness
was ended ho thought that board was
made of adamant. Tho most dangerous
time he experienced, lio says, was
one day when an attendant told him
that a" man whose neck could stand
breaking as his had was not born to bo
hange I. His desire to laugh was irresistible,
and tho shaking up his
gave him caused his fastenings to
buM, and the fracture came near being
ruptured During tho liist iivo
week no did not move over a foot from
his first posture. The paralysis has
now entirely disappeared, and
Dr. Staiubau;h yesterday promied him
that he would be able to go to work
within s' month. The average fatality
in caes of clearly-defined fracture
of tho .sp'mu is estimated at DUD in
1,000. tian Chronicle.
The Kthics of Smasliin!.
From the report of a recent interview
with a handler of personal baggage at
a nihvav stat'ou we learn that the "only
wondernil thing about damaged trunks
is that the number is not. greater. The
tendency of the travehng public to carry
large trunks which aro bought as
cheaplr as possible, is not viewed with
favor by the stout follows wiio are expected
to handle burgage. The rule
is fur a iugle man o handle a trunk,
no matter how largo the latter may
he: a. a natural consequence the great
boxes in which some people stow their
elieets are hard to lilt and nre dropped
with alacrity that is not in the least
modified by rega id for contents. There
two renied.es exclusive of
to the com anv which never
.iocs ;iny good; one is to distribute
we ghty articles more euro fully among
Ihe various p'cces of luggage, and tlio
other .s to use smaller 'runs.8. 'I here
is not tiio slightest possible e.xcuso for
making a trunk ot tt largo model of
Noah's ark, unless, indeed, the owner,
like Noah, proposes to transport live animals
and to smugglo them through as
personal baggage. N. Y. Jicrnld.
Hi- Tlio followlnc are nnionj; tho leadliiK
Hnslness Establishments of Mavsvllle. Cus.
lomurs win linn these Iiouoch lelhtijeand
coniiiiandliiB position In tholr
A." I'lN'OlI a-.,
Chr. Third and Sutton Strectx,
mcliSOly MAYSVlLl.i:, KY.
q a,'kanT
Full lino of Rutin! Robes and all nrtlrles
by tho undertaking trade. Oidurs
pioinptly attended to day or nlht.
ni'!01 y A'o. 01, Knxt Second St) eel.
o j.iAU4Jin:urY,"
'o. 0, West Second Street.
Monunionts, Tablets nnd Ilendstones
on hand. Orders by until will receive
the same prompt attention as If delivered in
person. npliidly
Second htroet, noxt door to T)r. Marlln's
insurance agent.
reet. near Court House. Ko,.
resell ia i.uuinviiiu uuuciniiicm .."." ':""
Murine company. Insures against llubtnlng
and wind. mchiaiy
-I S. JUII, .
Iletil KstiWenud OolIcclJiig'Affeiicy.
Court HI., (nplfhlly) MAYfiVILLE. K.
toiix it. I'ovxra.jji.,
Oldest nnd biM Companies. Insures for!
full viiluo. Low rates. Losses promptly paid. '
Xo illseoiints N'n dnlnvs. Olllce corner Tllllll
and Market istteets. aplOdly
jyr ', maksii.
JiiHllce of the Pence,
I Will itilvnrtlhnniiflMflU rent phIiiIp. NoolilirnOS
Whatever unless u f.alo Is consummated.
I Deeds, mot lt!ii(.'s Ac. wrlttcnnt rates its low as
anyone's. Olllce Ltbrary JJiilliUns, siiuon
I Sn I lee tfc Snlloc,
j Court Street, (seplCdly) MAYSVILLE, KY
; n.UHi J. AXltlUtNOX, ,fanmrKrK
Xo.2 Muriel St., nearly opp. Central Hotel,
.... ,
(Wee Open at all Havri. MASILLh, i-i
in iyi:Jly.il.
I(.T. XI. .. S.1IIT1I,
; Will devoto his whole time to the
tlou of tho natural teeth. Dr. U. v. Wnrdle
1 will take oIiiii'kooI all the mechanical work,
I mien as Koiu, su ver.eoiiiinuouaguni, ceuuioiu
anuruuuer piaies. mcu.iiuiy
. owi:.si a co.
! This space has been reserved for their ad
I veitiseiiieut.
i;A.M Jt. tMSISTKC:,
Mnnnf.ictuierof Picture Kraincs and dealer
In MiM.'cllaucoiir (loods.
niehHO y MAYriVILLK, KY.
Whole.salo and Ketall
XicontlStrrrt, (mhSSly) MAYSYU.LK, ICY.
rn,s. a. j. wii.ma.uk.
Kiino fill P!nfh gnrl rVJofinno '
Ull OlOtllS
hUQS, ailU lYiallliiyS .
Will be sold Oil KAP for the next Ihlrty days. !
Call and see them.
niehSdy Xo. W, Kurt Second Stmt.
-Every new shade In-
Crushed Strawberry, Klectrlc Blue, Egyptian
etc., and new Trimming to mutch.
Second St., inehSlly MAYSVILLE. KY.
I r.siAKiStV into.,
and Window .Similes. Oood Carpets at !M, T.
K, 1"), oO, (M, ii", 70, 75. and !)J cts., l.i0 nn I 51.23
po" yard. nichllldly
nriss MATTIK CVUlt,
Second street, January's Jllock,
Millinery Goods, Hats, Laces,
Feat heis.Trl minings etc., of tho latest stvles.
Pi lees Low. mcli.Tdly
Dealer in
Millinery and Notions,
Announces that sho has Just received hoi
!prln Htuclc, wlileh will bo loiind
active and that she hns also s cured the services
of an accomplished trimmer from Ulu-cumuli.
One pilce only.
1.1 K. Second si., ulUly MAYSVILLE, KY.
r i:.
Dealers In Staple and Eanoy
nichnily MAYSVILLE, KY.
vrrHouuiii: t imhio.v,
No. 0, Second Street.
received dully. All seasonable goods In slock.
Pi Ices as low as tho lowest. npliJdly
Dealers in Staple and Faucy
No. H. Enterprlto Rlock, Second Street,
aplddly A1AMSVILLE, ICY.
jJ ' UAV1N,
Hats. Caps, TrunlcH and Valises. Tlio latest
spring HtylesJUiitm. Ived.
Market St., nplCdiv MAYSVILLE, KY.
CllHl(1I11 wolk ,,t.clty. Large stock. All
tdiwls nt iiwe.st tirlccs.
No. 47, Market stne , two doors below D. A.
Hlcharilsoii & Co ' Biocery.
ald&wly MAYHVIIiIiE, RV.
r XV.
Manufacturer of and Dealer
i.nllps' nnd nhlldien'.s flllO. sllOOH (IK!
Custom work lnado to order. Ucpiilrlim neatly
and ptomptly donoat moueraiociuirKc.s.
N". 41 Maricelsteett, Kast Hide,
ally .MArtviiiii, ivx.
-Dealers In-
Boots, Shoes, Leather
No. 1, .Second, cor. Mutton streets,
,i,.Ji1i .. ma vsvir.r.n K
. - ' . - v...
A. M.no(Ji:n.s,
Boots, Shoos, Hats and Caps.
41 J-:. Sec. St. inchSOly MAYSV1I.UI1, KY,
' rj OI.T ItlClIKKOX,
i Dealer In .Staple and
(-4- . H, . ( ) ( 3 H K, .. H S.
.- -' - - -3
)lns HKMON'KD front his old stand to tho
liulldlng on Second snoot lately occupied by
uharle.s II. Krank. aplildly
AiriHTKtt: OUT.
We will not bo undersold by any houo In
lCentueky oral Clneliinatl, It we have hall a
inch"ld)y MAYSY1U.K, JCY,
i 711:0ms i: OUT, .IE!.,
Is receiving dally tho latest styles of
lied loom, parlor and dlnltn; room sets In
preat vailctj . Prices very low.
Sutton street, mildly HUIiUHSS IiLOCl'.
i,nn a..
Sanitary KuKlneer. Gas and
Dealer in pluinher'.s Koods, Pumps, Hose,
Kewer Pines. Lead and Iron Pinion. Hteiun
and Water (Inunes. No. s west Second street,
opposite Uelsol's gioiiery.
apouiy JiAY.sviiiLK, KY.
Mnnufnctttrer and dealer In hand, pocket
and pencil
Dittos Ae. (Juiis, Pistols, Trunks, Valises nnd
W1'.1" M"c,"n,0.,i,u,)"l,ei.1 'i'rumputsput up
bells liun, and keys made to order. .Slouoil
cuttlu;; a specialty.
Second Kt., aplTdly MAYSVILLK, KY.
'''' s
y 1
Munutautiirer and origtnator of the
br.u.ds of
illvor Dollar, Win. Hunt's Dark Horse, Hnp
y,Sm,'"i 'I'lnoj liun titles, Cordwood nn
lold Slugs. Second Street, Mayhvlllo, Ky.
Maiiufaetuicr of
Pronrir.lor of theeeleliriitfil linnwu, tim
the Kort. Parlor and Mother llubbird.
lleh el(,.irs in tho market, l-'till variety of
Second street, ally MAYSVILLE, KY.
r ss. wii.i.iA.us,
Contractor and Builder.
IMiuiR and Sppclflc.itlons furnlshod and
all woim juoiiiptly and satlsfaelotUy done.
Shoponsecona htreul, oppoito IUlMi school.
J."- soirsi.r.y.
! Aliitect and Builder.
Plans and Specifications furnished promptly
and 011 leasonalile teems. Olllce on Fotiith
street between .Market and Limestone.
aplildly MAYSVILLE, KY.
vy n.MATiiBn'SAct).,
- Mantifact urers and Dealors In
Building and Dressed Lumber,
Laths, Hhlnulos, blinds, Frames, Doors, Hash,
Staves, I'eucliu, Tobacco llossheuds, &a.
inoii30ly MA YSVILLK, KY.
atosi: iAinrx a- into,, .
Livery and Sale Stable.
A full lino of all kinds of vohloles on hand
forsiilo, biro or exchange. Horses kopt ly
day, week or month. Largest nnd best
Livery Stable la tho w.st. Prlcos as
low ns any. Rest attention to vehicles Hinted.
Telephone connection. No. I'l and 12 weHt
Second St., aplTdly MAYSVILLE, KY.
tji:w rm.ti,
(Successors to Coopor & Ulsset,
in Kloves, Itauxes, MurlilnlKeit
.flitiilol , null 11 ol'l'ln,
Copper tint'. Nlieot Iron Wnre.
Bpeclal attention paid to tin roollltiK, tjuttor
nnd upoutliiit. Practical plumbum, pis nnd
Hteant titters. Wrought Iron and lend pipes,
Ac. All work attended to promptly and
23 E. Second st nOJly MAYSVILLE, ICY.

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