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Additional arrests are dully made of
6Uspoctod conspirators in London.
Mayor Huuuhon, of Chicago, has asked
tho honds of all liia departments to resign.
It seems Hint tho "renogades"
of the Mexican bolder arc not Indians, but
Tin: volume of friegbt from Chicago l!nt,
within the past two weeks has fallen oil' 60
per cent.
.Tajiks Atiiehton, county treasurer of
Obcoda county, Mich., is slioit in his accounts
Tin: rumored report tlmt Mr. Merrick
would retire from tho Star lloutc trials is
denied bythat gentleman.
Grown: ScnnLLF.n, charged with sotting
fire to the Newhall lloiibc, Milwaukee, will
have a preliminary hearing to-morrow.
The Chicngo painters will probably go
on a strike Wednesday of this week. Thoy
domand an advnneo of from $2.C0 to -)
per day.
Marten Man-hit, a tollgato keeper, on
"Wyoming pike, near Owniysville. Ky., and
three of his children, were drowned in a i
freshet in l'rickley Ash Creek.
Ijimmiiation to tho Northwest has set in
n month earlier than usual, and the
of jeoplo seeking homes in that cold
territory now will average ten thousand a
Tobias Xi:tiieri.xd was killed and Postmaster
Ranking severely shocked by a
Btrokc of lightning at Jasper, Tcnti., Sunday.
Two horses were also instantly
Ten thousand people yesterday witnessed
a game of base ball betweon the St. Louis
and Springfield clubs, of tho Northwestern
League. Tho St. Louis club won by a
icore of 4 to 0.
A wah is imminent between tho
and Creek nations. The Ctcoks have
made a law authorizing themselves to kill
all Chciokco cattle coming over tho line,
and its enfoiccmcnt is creating a
'W. A. Root), of Saratoga, aged fourteen
years, was showing a younger brother how
people wcro hanged, using himself as a subject,
and suio enough he did hang himself.
The youugcr brother understands how it is
It is shown that nearly all tho fino
wines, or imported wines, which Americans
consume under high sounding foreign
names, are tho worst kind imitations so
well adulterated that thoy can not bo distinguished
by tasto from the genuine.
News fiom Washington indicates n disposition
on tho part of Assistant Secretary
New to resign his position because the
President tailed to appoint him Postmaster
General. Mr. Now tools the slight keenly.
The fellow Prince, who, in St. Louis, impersonated
a United States dcteotivo and
arrested a man named McKinna. took him
to n hotel, and, under pretenso of examining
him, robbed him of 1 o0, and then lett
him, has been sentenced to ten years in
the penitentiary.
Gun. Siiuiima.v will stait upon his lost
inspection of tho army in June. He
will bo accompanied by Chief Justieo
Waitc, Justice Giny, Gen. Tidbnlls and
Col. Bnoon. They will go through tho
Northern Territories, including tlio outposts
of Alaska, and return by way of California
and tho Yellowstone Park.
A CAni.Efln.VM says that two large jars of
nitre-glycerine have reached Cork fiom
Glasgow, addressed to O Herlihy. Tho
have discovered a quantity of explosives
freshly buried in a field tit K.alnnp,
near Cork. Two carboys of nitre-glycerin,,
have been lying at the Clyde Shipping
Compuny's stores in Loudon since the -lib
inst. Tlioy uro consigned by a Glasgow-firm
to O'llcrlihy.
The Southern Indiana Teachers' Association
closed a successful annual session til
Washington Saturday, fully 1200 members
being present. Tho next meeting will bo
hold at Joti'ersonvillo, commencing April o,
1884. Tho oflieers for tho ensuing your
are: A. M. Sweeney, of Jasper, Piesidont ,
Miss Annie Sanford, of Washington, Secretary;
C. D. Bognrt, of North Vernon,
Treasurer; D. S. Kelly, of Jolferfonville,
Chairman of L'xccutivo Committee
Immigration to Mm Northwest,
Sr. Paul, Minn.. April 0. Tho tido of
immigration to tho Northwest has set in at
least a month earlier than in former years,
and thus far has surpassod anything ever
known. All roads to thd Northwest arc
taxed to their utmost capacity, and the
freight yards and sido tracks aro filled with
cars of immigrants and movablos on routo J
to Minnesota, Dakota and Manitoba. Ten i
thousand passengers aro received hero per
week and forwarded to Northwestern
Joints by way of the Northern Pucifio and
lanitoba lines. ,
A Prnctlcnl Demonstration.
Saiiatoqa, N. Y., April 0. William A.
Rood, agod fourteen, accidentally hung
hiinsolf at Greenflold Contor yesterday.
Tho Inquest to-day disolosed tho fact that
ho had been making a praotical demonstration
of tho manner in which exooutions are
conductod for tho Information of a younger
AWllKft 10' TROUBU s
Serious Threats Held Over Iho
J tend of Msiry Anderson.
Ton Thousand Dollars I)ciiiitmled iv
the I'rlce to 1'rcient a Picture o
Her Xude Ilelu: Sou u flroad
cast Over the Country.
PiTTsnuno, Pa., April 9. A deeply laid
plot to blackmail and injuro tho character
of Mary Anderson, tho grout actress, has
just been mndo public at police headquar
ters in this city, The particulars in brief
aro as follows: A few weeks ngo tho
Chief of Police of Pittsburg received it n
letter from Dr. Hamilton Grillin, stepfather
of Mary Anderson. It set forth that
Eomo timo previously, he had gotten a communication
through the mail from Dr.
Georgo If. Marshall, of Pittsburg, accompanied
by u pen printed letter. The letter
purported to be an advertisement for the
sale of a lot of pictuies of Miss Anderson's
nude torm. Dr. Mai shall, in Ins letter, explained
to Dr. Grifhn that he had come into
possession of the pen-printed letter and
had, by investigation, found that certain
parties had made a large number of
tho obscene photographs and proposed
to cast thorn to the public everywhere unless
.Mary Anderson and her fundi v gave
10,000. To Marshall's letter Dr. 'Gritlm
paid no attention, and in a. few weeks he
received a second nolo from him, again
warning of tho pchcnie, adding that he
only told him of it becauso of the cotntcsy
that should between physicians.
Upon the receipt of this leiter, Dr. Giitim
forwarded till tho correspondence to the
chief of police in Pittsburg, asking
him to investigate its truth. The chief
wiote back referring the doctor to Major
Moutooth, n piominent attorney here. A
hitch subsequently occurred between tho
doctor and lawyer about foes, and thti
duel's aid was again sought. Dr. Griflin,
wilting that he was not able to handle the
cisi because of a want of jurisdiction,
iiihtriieled that it should bo placed
in tho hands of the State or United States
Tho result was that to-day the
wuulo matter was placed in tho hands of
ine poMomoo detectives ur special agents
n. tins city for a thorough investigation.
Dr. Marshall has a bud rucurd bore. Ho
was (inly released from the penitentiary
six mouths ngo, wheie he served a term
for abortion.
(lose ol a Nueces,! til .Session of the
Southern Indiana Association.
WiMiiNisro.v, i.i., Apiil 0. The Southern
Iiidinmi Teachers' Association closed
its sixth aniuuil session in this city
Saturday. Tho session was attended
by over two hundred teachers, among
whom wcro sonio of tho leading
educators of tho Stato. Papers
w ero read by Professors D. S. Jordan, of
tho Stato University; James G.May, of
Salem, aged seventy-eight; D. S. Kelly,
of ho Jellorsonvillo schools;
Howard Sandison, of the Stato Normal;
John L. Campbell, of Wabash Colloge;
Miss lvato Huron, nf tho Danville Normal;
D. M. Geeting, County Superintendent of
iiuvloss coiinij, and Hamlet Allen, Principal
of tho Washington High School.
1'iofcjsor O. 1-2. McVay, of
gave experiments in natural philosophy,
and lion. H. li. White, ex-Superintendent
of Public Instruction of Ohio, later
1'iesidcntof Purdue University at
delivered a sterling address on "Lite."
This was tho most successful session the
association has over hold. The next meet
ing will bo held at Jehcrsonvule, commencing
April 6, 1881. The oflieers for
tho ensuing year aro A. M. Sweoney, of
Jasper, President; Miss Annio Sauford, of
Washington, Secretary ; C. D. Bogart, of
North Vernon, Treasurer; D. S. Kelly, of
Jeu'ersouville, Chairman of Hxcoutive Committee.
A Family Drowned Near OwliiKUvlIIc,
Owinqsville, Ky., April 0. Mnrtin
Manen, tollgate keeper on tho Wyoming
pike, near this place, and three of his children
were drowned last night. There was
a sudden freshet in l'rickley Ash creek
and ho had. no time to remove his family.
Tho dostruotion of property along Prlckley
Ash is Immense For tivo miles down tho
creek there aro not a dozen panels of fence
left standing on either side, and in many
places huge quantities of rook and gravel
are left on tho land.
Chicngo Paluterit I'lnuiiliiR' a Strike.
CniCAao, April 9. Two hundred journeymen
paintors met yostorday to disouss a
proposod atriko for an advnneo from $2,G0
to $3 per day. In order to perfect tho
organization of a Painters' Co-operative
Union, an adjournment was taken to
Wednesday, when no doubt tho Btriko will
be ordored. Great Indignation was expressed
by tho men at tho discovery that
the bosses wero issuing cards to mon upon
leaving a job, rrhloh bear cortaiu cabalistio
eigns understood by all tho bossos, and
whioh prevent the men from receiving tho
highest wagos.
With JSous Wine Tho Trench Cov-eminent'
Ilxposurc of It Dealers'
New Yontc, April 8. The Philadelphia
Press has drawn editorial attention to tho
recent expose made by tho Fronch Government
of tho tricks of tho French wino
trade, and a widespread sensation among
thoso who have been priding themselves
upon their exclusivo use of imported wines
is tho lesnlt. The Press says: Foreign
dealers have turned upon the I'icnch
Government for its recent exposure of tho
tricks of the wine trade. Careful scientific
analysis, recently ma lo throughout all
tho exporting entrepots of France, hnvo
shown that not a drop of pine wine of tho
Burgundy or Doideiiux market is now sent
out to American consumers. Supplementing
the government tests, wo have had
of tho most ehiiu')tivc description
from our own and consuls, corroborating
every of the French
uis. Hut as Burgundy and Bordeaux
retain precedence In the markets, the
gnat houses of Mncm, Uheiins and Bordeaux
have uiilie.itutiugly placed their
Mm upin nil 'oris of decoctions.
Our home dca'ers sonm became apprised of
the condition of and. cring a M-p
furl hM'. tiny biive home with
tho bi'bost Htanip of the and
vtiteviii.K an. I sell m Hi nt ol
iiruVi "devko. The
ha -e unite 1 to protest
the i,f the
'ubiicated wines, ami it is not unlikely
tint t..o sub will be siiiiiotl.id over by
usponsion "f the labors of tho committee.
Ameiicaiis, however, have had ample
wiirning. Most of the wine drunk in this
country is either the direct -product of our
home vineyard-, or it is u thinly disguised
mixtiue of tin- strong li iii Is of the South,
where such delicate flavor nnd bouquet
asaic marked essentials of the French
wines are unknown. The evteit to which
this shameless tiallic has oeen carrie 1
should have the effect of establishing
American wine upon every
table where wine is used. For whilo our
re-l nnd white wines lack the
boiquet ami fino finish of
the thoy are uncompiirnbly
superior to tho Spanish jiell. Tiie
tiuth is there is a good d"nl i.f sham
and Miobhcry in the biiiiue3 of wine drinking,
as in of other sort". Millions
of bottles of no with the labels of
fiHiinus cell.irs are -old and drunk in this
c untry, which possibly be the product
of the plains of Champagne. 1'vun
tne tine brands of cognac conceal a well
undorstoo I a lullcialion, which lemovcs the
best product of Franco from its ancient
superiority. American dealers loso in the
end by cuoouruaing this dishonest system,
because they virtually close the market to
the ninny excellent wines we arc now
in this country.
assistant si:eiii:TAxi' ;i:w
A Strong rrobnhlllty That lie Will
Itcsin Soon.
Wamiinoton, April 0. Assistant Secretary
New arrived here yesterday from Indianapolis,,
and hist night ho received several
callers at his rooms at the Williard.
The papers hero say ho intends
his position as Assistant Secretary,
and that he feels the cut given iiim by
Grosluinrs appointment very keenly. Said
ono of his most intimate ft Sends yosterduy :
" I have no doubt Mr. New will resign his
position in the Treasury. Ho is the
man to do it, and with duo rcsnect to his
dignity I shall adviso him to do it."
" How soon?" I asked.
"Not until this breeze quiets down. But
I would not be at all surpi ised if he should
resign to-morrow, although 1 do not anticipate
it under a mouth. Ho is the kind of
man to resent a cut of this kind, and he is
not afraid to speak of it cither; ho is 'out
and out' himself. I don't believe there's
a Kopublican of proraiuenco in the State,
not oven excepting Grcsham himsolf, but
that believes in his own mind that Mr.
Now has not been fairly treated by the
Administration. He was the first man of
ptominenco in Indiana to espouso the
Arthur causo, and he took the position he
now occupies with tho promise of getting a
Cabinet ollico. Nover mind, there will be
a day of reckoning."
A paper says it is rumored that Secretary
Folior intends going out of tho Cabinet in
a short time, nnd that ho engineered the
appointment of Qrosham as Postmaster General
in older to provent John C. New succeeding
as Secretary of the Treasury.
National I.nnil League Convention.
I'liiLAiiRU'iiiA, April 9. The Ceutral
Union, composed of dolcgatC3 from tho
various branches in Philadelphia of the
Land Leaguo, met yostcrday to arrango
for tho National Convention, which will bo
hold hero on tho '26th inst. The Executive
Committee was instructed to issuo a call
for a public meeting to arrungo for a banquet
to bo tonderod to Mr. Pnrnoll upon
his arrival hero to attend tho convention.
A dispatch was read from James Moonoy,
President of tho National Land League,
questioning the acouraoy of the cablegrams
whioh had doolared that Parnell would not
attend the convention. This was greeted
with applause Many tickets havo alroady
beon sold for tho reception to Mr. Parnell,
to be givon In tho Academy of Muslo on the
27th Inst, It was resolved to invito Governor
Pattlson to prcsido at this rccoption,
this oreKKrivri.i.T; iiosuioi.
Thirteen I.Ives Lost in the Hotel l'Jro
lit tJiocnville, Texas Xotes an. I Incidents.
Gam'i:ston, April 0. A dispatch fiom
Grcenvillo gives the following particulars
of the disaster on Friday night: When
the hotel fell tho and cries from
the inmates, who were crushed in tho
iiiins, wero appalling, but the fire, which
at once started in the ruins, spiead
ntpidly and mm all dies weie hushed, tho
names having done their deadly work.
Tho following were either killed outright
up limiicil In ilontli in tlip ruins Mrs.
Pruitt, proprieties of the hotel, Georgo
Pruitt, a crippled son of Mrs. Pruitt; Louis j
Albeit, binned alive; F. I). N. Heilley,
contractor, ciushed; Frank West, '
crushid; It, 11. Nenl, Miss Lou Davis, j
J. 1). Ford, Mr. Hill and four i
negro servants. Tho nbovo named weio I I
buried in the ruins, nnd itwns utterly impossible
to render assistance to those who
wero not killed instantly. A few lumps of j
charred iledi and bones, representing tho
( 1
remains of human beings havo been re- ,
covered. Tho following inmates of I
the hotel were injured: W. D.
Pruitt, badly mnngled; Dr. Turner,
probalily fitaliy crushed; M. G.
Mnrs, bruicd. The slightly injured D.
C. Bell, K. N. Denton, Tom Vietores, Louis
Morris, Charles Brownell, Percy Cox, W.
T. McClure, nnd Fred. Fnde, wife, two
daughters, and servant. Dr. Tinner lay
beneath the timbers until they burned in
twain nnd released him. Mr. Denton
escaped death by a second falling of walls,
which lolcascd him. Une man cut his
throat when ho found tho tlamcs burning
him. The cnuse of the calamity is uncertain.
It is thought that an explosion of
powder in Armstead's hardware store
blew out tho west wall, causing the ontiro
building to full. The adjoining buildings
were destroyed. Mr. D. Piuit l nved like a
maniac when ho knew of his mother's horrible
death, and it required several strong
men to save him from plunging headlong
into tho il.vnics. A telegintn was sent to
Sherman for a fire engine, which came at
the speed of a milo a minute, arriving at
daylight. For -six hours it poured ti stream
nf water into the ihime.s, but too late to
save any lives.
Mc'incier nml Viniiuv to Do n E.iltlo
Sr. Mo.. April 0. Just now excitement
is running high in tho sporting
woild; billiards is the thing. Mr. J. W.
McCullagh has completed all arrangements
for the match gnme of billiards between
Jacob Schaefer and Maurico
Vigniiux, which will take place in
Hall on Friday evening next. Tho
table will be placod in tlio center of tho
ball, and seats will bo built around it in
style, so that every spectator
will have a lull view of tho game.
stated this morning t lint it
will be no cubit ion affair, but an actual
match. Schaefer and Vignaux have expressly
stipulated that they would not play
unless it was settled that the winner got all
the gate money, less actual expenses. Mr.
McCullagh was further required to
that this sum would reach Vignaux
is anxious to get even with Soliaefer,
and as this will bo tho first meeting after
the tournament, each will pluy us hard as
he can. The game will bo 1,600 points,
straight bilbuds, French caroms. Schaol'er's
recent victory makes him the lavorito
among tho betting men, but where odds nre
given they are very small.
After playing hero ignaux will go to
Cincinnati, playing there tin ee days.
Nearly livery Ntato In the. Vnlou
Itciircscntoil Ity Deleffaten at
KinTLAND, O., April 9. The great
is being hold here. Nearly
evory State in the Union is represented by
delogatcs, nnd England, Scotland and
Wales by letter. William Smith, brother
of tho founder, ono of tho original twelve
apostles, and tho oldost Morman now living
is here.
The reports from tho dlfferont missionary
fields have been submitted.
They show that nearly four hundred
converts wero mado in the
United States and Canadas during tho past
year. Tho officials aro much pleasod.
They say that opposition and persecution
are things of tho past. Tho missionary
delegates will ask for help in tho shape of
men orduinod by the Church. Thoy olnim
that thore novor was a moro ausploious
timo in the history of Mormonism than tho
prosont, and that lack of ministers alone
prevents great accessions to the Churoh.
They assert that men nnd women aro becoming
intensely interested in tho subject.
Social ostrncism, which exists in some localities,
is fast wearing off.
Joseph Smith preached last Sunday and
hundreds came to hear him. A memorial
will bo prosonted to Congress, expressing
tho carnost dc3iro of tlieso Mormons that it
tiso evory possible moans to crush out
polygamy in Congress. It is understood
that ostensibly tho gnthoring is for tho interchange
and exposition of Mormon doctrine
and tho moro porfoot organization of
tho Church. The chief motive is tho establishment
of a Mormon college at Kirt-land.
County Treasurer Under Simpleton.
EA9T Baoinaw, Mich., April 9. On tho
nicht of March 10, James Athorton, Treas
urer of Oscodu county, arrived hero from
Detroit and claimed to havo lost his pocket
book containing $1,000. Ho offered a reward
of ?G00 for its recovory, and Bnid that
of the amount lost all but $300 was county
lunds. When ho reached homo suspicion
wns aroused at tho conflicting stories
ho had told, and tho mutter was
investigated. Ho claimed that tho money
lost was drawn from tho American National
Bank of Detroit, when in fact ho drew
no money there, but paid $17 to balance an
account which was overdrawn to that
amount. Tho Board of Supervisors rejected
his bond, declared tho ollico vacant,
and appointed a successor. Tho prosecuting
attorney says that Atherton is short to the
county Sl.'.Ui.Jl, nnd will be arrested on Monday
and bo charged with embezzlement.
G'tneral Sherman's Tour.
Washington, April 0. General Sherman
will sonio timo in Juno start upon his
last tour of inspection of tlio army
posts. Ho will not bo accompanied by
ladies on this trip, as ho hns hitherto
been, as it will bo too rough for ladies.
Sometimes tho party will travel on
I horses, sometimes on mules, nnd some-
times in lough wagon roads. Chief Justieo
Waitc, Justieo Gray, and General Tidball,
, and Colonel Bacon, of tho General's stall',
will bo of the party. They will go first to
Detroit, and theuco through tho northern
pot lions of nil the territories, including tho
outposts in Alaska. In returning, thoy
will viit California, and
Park. They will not start until after
General Sherman has attended tho graduating
excrcisos at West Point.
Coining Troublo In Indian Territory.
1 Yinita, Indian TcnniTOiir, April 9. it
is learned to-day that a war i3 imminent
between tlio Cherokee and Creek nations.
The Creek council has passed a law confiscating
all cattlo bolonging to Cherokee
citizens living on tlio lino between tho two
nations when theso cattlo stray over tho
I The Chcrokecs hnvo no such law, and its
enforcement is creating a great disturbance,
and will lead to open war. Chiefs
Chicote and Busyhead aro now engaged in
exchanging formal notes and proclamations,
and Spioche's followers and tho
would-be avenger of the death of Sleeping
Itabbit uro secretly arming.
Coltou Centennial Imposition.
VicKsiiuitc, Miss., April 9. The National
Cotton Planters' Association has advices
that the Legislature of Arknnsns has
mado mi appropriation of $-,000 for
tho pin pose of a Mate oxhibit at
at the World's Industrial nnd Cotton
Centennial Imposition, to bo held
the association in 1881. This
lurtiu of tho Arkansas Legislature was
till.-!! witnoiit any mlicitatiun trom the
and may bo considered a prelude
to w lint other States of the Union will
do when iijiuii. The next meeting of
i l.o evccitiive committee nf the Gotten
will bo held on tho
It li instant, when, it is thought, the nbovo
rxpoMtiou will be definitely fixed.
ol Indians, f til t Sitmlors.
1: MI.M.. N. M pil '.!.- The fact Iiim
been to t'.e of army
tlmt the snpp sed bund of Kencgaitu
.hut the Soiitluru I'uoitio
nick of (In (i- on Thursday
v.c.p, in leiilitv, (iiptnni
Thoiiipnn, of the Hi wim u
I ii I, cu upe I 'i i tli - tr nl if the il' oi'd
.edsivins, and thai the
land weio tin u old Mexico.
Smuggling U tiecly indulged in. nnd to
"iich mi cMtiit that it ha- found
in attach another ununited inspector
to the custom at Doming, therefoio
this explanation of the suspicious body of
men who made warlike demonstrations
toward a Southern Pacific track walker is
generally accepted as correct.
Ten Years lor Holiliery.
, Lini.E Hoik. April '.. On the 8th ol
January last a m mi by the name of Prince,
representing himself as a United States
detective, arrested a man by tho name
of MeKiuna in this city, and
took him to tho Grand Central
Hotel, nnd in a private room,
pretense of cxninining him,
robbed him of $1.10, looked him in tho
room, and started for tlio train. Tho police
weio on tho watch for tho conclusion
of his operation, and finding him through
nnd leaving, arrested him, when ho offered
them the money to release him, Thev
placod him in prison, and he was nrraignod
Saturday and pleaded guilty, throwing
himself on tho mercy of tho court. Ho received
ten years in the Penitentiary.
m i
Tho Murder ol'.Mrs. Carletou.
Boston, April 9. Tho suit of clothes
which Cunllff, suspeoted of tho murder ol
Mrs. Carloton, throw into tho Charles
lliver was recovered, and lias beon given
to a chemist for examination. It appears
now that Clark, tho informer, told
Bovernl persons besides tho police that
had confessed to him. To ono he t aid
that ho had tho piece of eonp with which
Cunllff washed tho blood stalus off Ids
hands, and that ho would not tako $50 for
it. Tho polloo point out a number of inconsistencies
in ills story, but it seoms
that ho should toll suoh a story i(
it were not partly truo.

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