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Tiik explosion of a powder house at
Acton, Mass., killed two men.
Tiik Salvation Army is operating in
Louisville, Ky.
The Star Route trial, it is thought, will
bo concluded some time in June.
Iturus A. Wills, a prominent Boston
broker, suicided by shooting.
A HKVKRK snow storm Is pre'niling
throughout tlie Stuto of Minnesota.
Skvkn thousand dock laborers went on a
etriko at Marseilles, on the lUth inst.
Jamks S. Gold, at Washington, Ind., bus
been indicted for murder in thu first de
An unknown boy, aged thirteen years,
was killed by a height tiain at Bcieu,
Of twenty prisoners escaping from the
Tort Woith, Tex., jail, twenty wore-
SrciiimiiY Folcikr has oonoludod to defer
indefinitely his intende I trip to the
The death sentence of Mos,es,Qolonnn. at
Littlo Kock, has been respited for an indefinite
Postmaster Ghxkrat. Giilsiiam arrived
in Washington on the 10th inst., to report
for business.
Juixik William P. .lliwus, of IVoy
county, Iuil., is n candidate for the Distil' i
Judgeship, vice Greshum.
According to the report of Consul Allen,
Bermuda raises nothing to speak of but
onions and potatoes.
It is lepoited that Captain Hovvgutc, the
defaulting Signal Service officer, wu seen
this week in Washington.
II. W. Coliiurn and 1$. A. Ashley, light-house
keepers on the Pacific eimit, and
two visitors, weie di owned.
Hon. Max Buucii, the famous Get man
compocr, arrived at New York on the
steamer Gallia on the 10th inst.
"IlLLswonrii," tho old war horso
General Rtinyon, of New Jersey, died
yesteiday, aged twenty-seven jeurs.
F. M. Rtucnv, living at No. ill!! West
Forty-thud street, New Yoik, tatully shut
his wife, of whom he was jialous.
Jyjnnr. Lnu, a prominent lawyer of Ashtabula,
Ohio, suicided by the laudanum
route because- of financial troubles.
At Vicksburg George Smith shot and
killed a ncgio minister, and was himself
killed while tiyiug to effect his escape.
Tiik Lyman Cotton Mills, at North
It. I.. havo burned, Loss, $7f,000.
Fifty operative! arc thrown out of work.
A. C. Do.vnkllv, of Morrow.
Ohio, a well-known steaniboatniun, died
suddenly on the 10th inst. of apoplexy.
Tiik icport that a plot had been disco
veied in Washington to blow up the
British legation is denied by Minister
Tin: Aii'onia (Conn.) Hotel burned, entailing
a lo-,s of 12,000. Fifty guests in
the hostelry escaped, of whom but two wcie
Lyman Pot rat, rolling a wheelbarrow
from Now York to New OileliuS on n
wager, was killed by a train near Salisbury,
N. 0.
Tiik hearing of Dr. Mf shall, at Pittsburg,
charged with attempting to
mail Mary Anderson, has been postponed
until April 19.
j Tiik coal opcintivcs of tho Mussilluii (O.)
' district contemplate a geneial lockout.
This will throw between ."j.OOO uud O.OUO
miners out of work.
Sam Lkwis, colored, wits taken from jail
and lynched, at Atlanta, Ga., by a mob of
colored men, for the murder
of Dink Wecms, coloicd.
F. D. Buinum, a prominent jeweler of
Louisville, has rondo an assignment to
Captain Irwin Dugau. Liabilities between
515,000 aud $20,000.
John, Lena and Thomas Hiltr, tho children
of a farmer near Monticcllo, III., were
poisoned from eating wild parsnips, John
dying shortly after eating tho roots.
A tornado in Garland county, Arkansas,
devastated a German hottlornent nud killed
thrco persous. Two persons in Montgomery
county wore also killed, and much property
badly damaged.
Cincinnati cignnnakcrs are about to go
on a strike. They demand an increase of
1 on the thousand for making cigars, that
being but one-third of tho umount of the
tax reduction.
A falling wall at llochester, N. Y., entombed
seventeen workmen, ten of whom
havo been rescued, ono of them dead aud
two fatally injuied. It' is feared tho remaining
seven ail) killed.
s Henry Menify, tho solf confessed
1 dorcr of Lord Loitrlm, has been roleascd
i from custody at Pittsburg, having been
identified as a harmless crank living in
one of the outer wards of tho city.
On tho 11 th of May, nt Baton Rougo,
' La., Bazis Dugay will bo hanged for tho
1 rnurdor of George Luksloy. Samo day and
placo John Austin will dio from tho name
cause for tho murdor of Isano Brown.
Tho Alleged Incendiary of tho
Newhall House on Trial.
A fleiicrnl Outline of tho !'.v Ideiiec in i
be I'rndueed The '1 rial to lrobably I
be Concluded in a Wceh.
Milwaokek, Wis., April 11. Yesterday
two months ago tho Newhall Iloitso binned
to tho ground, ono liundre 1 people losing
their lives, and yesterday the trial of
George Schcller, charged with totting the
hotel on fire, began in the Municipal Court,
Judgo Mallory piesiding. Schcller, the
owner of tho hotel bar, and chief clerk of
the hotel for eight yenrs past, was arrested
a few days nfter tho tire on tho grave
charge for which he is held, and in the
courso of time was regularly indicted by
tho grand jury. The former high
standing of tho accused, who came to
tliis city a dozen years ago from
Detroit, where he is well conneced,
has mudo unusually the awful
crime laid at Solicitor's door, lie has considerable
property and a host of friends,
and will bo ably tl c feinted. The geneial
opinion is that he will not be found guilty.
Over one huudiod witnesses havo been
subpoenaed, and the trial will probably last
a week or longer. District ttornoy Clark
appeared tor the pioi cation, assisted by
P. J. Sonters, when the caso was called.
The defense is conducted by JelF C.
McICcnny and W. II. Kl.hitts. well-known
members of tho local bar. An iuinience
oiowd was present. Schcller, his wife,
and nttovic.s wcie in tho room
w lien tlio case was called. Solieller looks
iciuirkubly well, and his confinement has
blenched and fattened him ivonderfiillv.
At 11 o'clock Seliellcr. in charge of a Deputy
Sheriff, appeared in court, seeming
very cheerful, lie said that ho telt confident
of acquittal. When arraigned he
pleaded not guilty, and the cull of juiors
was con menced. A special enire was issued.
Tne outline of ihe prosecution is as
I'oIIoVh: To establish a motive for the
oritur, they will attempt to provo that
Seliellcr s business ntlaiis hud boo uuo s0
m tch involved and his finances m idled
so low an ebb. through a falling off of
ciitum ill thu sa'oou mid billiard room, as
''o b nig him tuce to with niin.
I'hcy will nl 40 try to show that
.is stock and hilliaid room lUtures
were itiMiied for much more than
th'ir actual value. Tims money getting
will be assigned us liie motive To fasten'
tlie guilt of too olmrg f arjon upon him
iicy expect luprivc cloail.v that, instead
if having clocl tho saloon at l- 10 on the
limiting ui' tho fit c, and gone home, as lie
laimel.be loitcied in the vb inity of the
lotol until o'-ill o'c'ock. when ho left a
nuplo of friends on Bi midway and stinted
ill' in tho direction nf tho hotel, which
.lushed into flames bull' an hour later.' An
etlort will bo madu to disprove the statement
that was in bed when the
'iro broke out, by testimony to the fact that
Irs. Solieller searched for her husband
luring the progicss of the conflagration,
and c (esscd fears for his Milety, saying
that lie had not been at homo at all during
the entiio night. It is hinted
that somo now and quite sensational
lostimoiiy will bo introduced by tho
testimony caculated to prove beyond
any question that Solieller was in the si-loon
only n very few minutes bofoie t lie
fire, or, rather, that some one wus in tho saloon
at tho timo indicated, and that -onto
one must have seen Schcller, as ho always
carried a koy that would unlock tho saloon
door. Tho attorneys for tho defense
scorned to have outlined no particular
com so to be pursued during the trial. They
liavB n. fow witnesses of their own. to bo
used mainly in rebuttal, but will rely upou
a failure or tuo prosecution to utrccuy connect
Scheller with tho incendiarism lor an
acquittal. They know as littlo about the
nature of tho testimony to bo introduced
as tho general publio, 'and are fully us
much at sea as tho rest of the community.
I)r. Mnrhnll'n Hearing; Postponed.
I Pitthmjuo, Pa., Apiil 11. Tho hearing
of Dr. Marshall, on a charge of attempt-!
ing to blackmail Mary Anderson, has been
' postponed until tho l'Jth inst. This was
1 dono in otdcr to havo Dr. Hamilton Gritlin
present with all the papers in the affair.
Tho United States officeis think they have
a very strong case.
lynchers HiintliiK' Him.
Lkvvenwortii, Kas., April 11. Two
I lynohlng parties havo been scouring tho
woods all night for an unknown mulatto
boy, aged about eighteen years, who at-
tomptod to outrage aarau rortor, agou nine,
yesterday afternoon.
Slaughtered AVI Hi a Itnzor.
Viokbuuuo, Miss., April 11. In Sharkoy
county to-day O. W. Thayer and Wloka
Shannon had a dispute. Shannon cut
Thayer's throat with a razor, killing him
Killed tlie Superintendent.
El Paso, Texas, April 11. Pedro Duran,
a Moxican army officer, yesterday shot and
killed tho superintendent of Got. Torrnzo's
ranohe, in Chihuahua. Duran is in prison.
vi mi riniiin
The Reason "Why the Explosive
Uili Was so Hastily Passed.
rnousIncsN In Canada -A (.rent Ntrlltc
of JocU Laborers at .Marseilles The
Xeiv I'eiunlo Agitator.
London, April 11. Tho Times to-day
ciys thero was a piactioal reason for the
haste in which tho bill in legard to the explosives
was p.issctl through Parliament
yesterday, and explains by stating that
somo members of the dynamite paitjfare
believed to be on sto'imcts now coming
from America. A royal inojs:igo giving assent
to tho bill was read in Puiltameut this
Dun lin, April 11. The police hive just
como into possession of information that
a man has arrived in Dublin who is supposed
to be an emissary of the dynamite
party, nnd whose mission is titc destruction
of property. All tho hotels are being
watched with tho lmpo of aira?ting him.
Thu Coldstream Guards have bien plated
in the building ad arent the Grcoiitroet
where the trials of the I'hcnix
Park assassins uio to take place.
Otiaw , Afril 10. Notwithstanding tlie
positive assitr uieoof Superintendent
of tne Dominion po ice. tint th
explosion in L'tsiern Block w w a
outlaid. Detective Ibtdius and Sour
po. iceman, who had been brought here
inspectel the underground p'tssiige
of th- l'arliameat btiildiugs.aud have beti
granted permits to enter not only that
building but Jlidc.iu Hall at nil hours, day
and night. Although the fact is not
generally known, eoushlerub'e uneasiness
is m inifestcd among the uicmbcis. The
night-watch furnished by the Dominion
police has been doubled, and every precaution
has been taken to pi event the possibility
of evil-disposed persons cicating
iniible. Detective Hotlgins had an
with Colonel DoWintou in reference
o some suspicious ciiciuistanccs which
took place at Itideau Hall lcceutly. It is
.iid the 10111' n ot Ptiucess Iuiise will be
lelayed on this account.
M Mtsisii.r.t, Aptil 11. Seven thounnd
lock laboiers struck work here jestoidity.
Up to '2 o'clock this af'ieriioou tlie itrikeis
had committed no unlawful acts. Tho
aiithoiitics have noveithelcss taken measures
for a prompt suppression of disoulers.
The stieots frequented by tlie men aro being
ittnilled by mounted geu d'arnies.
1'aiiis, April 11. Tho temporary conation
of jiolitieal excitement, while it Iris
(initially rcassiiicd tho bourgeon, does
not silence Mine. Paul Mincke, and does
not please M. lleuii Hochefort. Tho
is still printed at Marseilles, and.
although tlteio havo been no riots, she
blithely nnnounces that the social revolution
Is at baud. She accounts for tho going
by of tlie day set for tho last entente
without any disturbance by saying
that thero was no visible result to bo expected
from a lising nt that time, except a
massacre of Communists, her meaning being
evidently that the Revolutionists were
not quito ready to precipitate an outbreak.
M. Itochcfort, in the Intrausigcaut, boldly
compares M. Jules Ferry to M. Gambella,
and accuses him of (-coking to plot tor tho
Presidency of the Republic. Ho declares
that tho journey to Araclion was full of
meaning, nnd that M. Ferry is now feeling
tho pulso of tho piovinces. It is evident
theiefoic, that M.ltochefort will hunt down
tho new Cabinet with tho samo reckless
hatred which impelled him to stab each
member of tho Gambctta Ministry, and.
unfortunately for tho hopes of those who
seek to establish a stable government in
France, this propaganda succeeds. The
unscrupulous'writer may be descried nnd
discredited, but the circulation of his paper
is tremendous, especially among tho
working classes. Fivo other daily organs
preach extreme doctrines of collectivism
aud revolution.
IIoic That the Star Route Trial Will
End by June.
Washington, April 11. Tho defense will
probably get all their testimony in in tho
Star Route trial next week. A week or
two will then bo consumed by evidence in
rebuttal, so that tho arguments will be
it is now belioved, by May 1, nnd a
Ycrdict reached during tho latter part of
that month. Miner, who occupied the stand
to-day, kept up a vigoious argument with
Morriok, who cross-examined him, and denied,
at every posible opportunity, Rerdoll's
stories nnd the charges of, conspiracy or
Colonel Bliss, of Government counsel in
tho Star Route case, says the report is not
true that Merrick and Rordell will withdraw
from the present tiial beforo it id
Ter.'lfie l'lre.
W'KsTJiisarai, Mo., April 11. Tho most
disastrous lire over known hero occuirod
yesterday ntoining. Tho tlamc3 originated
in Jacob Thompson's livery stable, in which
Bob Thompson and Aaron Shaeffer,
wcro burned to death, and also
thirty houses. Tho Lutheran church and
sixtoen dwellings aud stores burned. Tho
tiro oleared away a vvliolo Bquaro, from
Bond to Carroll, on Main street, and up
Carroll. Loss, ?70,000.
Another Awful Chapter In
BoT(iN, April 11. Governor Butler was
pre?nt at the Tcwksbury Alms-house investigation
yesterday. Joseph A. Chase
testified that ho had worked for"
Miss Manning, nnd with her knowledge
hid taken bodies to the Harvard Medical
Sclu.ol by order of the Maishul.
The Governor then introduced the
by a Mr. S inborn, a minister of Lawrence,
in which it was stated that
was ono of tho Trustees of the Almshouse;
had boas cd that while no emolument
was attached to the Trusteeship, ho
could miiKo it pay. The Governor intimated
Unit this w.i.s done by tinning over
contractd to outside patties with whom
Spauldiiig divided tho piolits. Tho Governor
then otlore'l n printed testimonial to
tho chat actor ot Siinbo'rn, which iificrsonie
disctisbion, was admitted.
John II. Chase said that since his first
tcititnonj he had gone to Tewkesbury with
a detective nnd unenithed a coilin supposed
to contain the body of Joseph Clark.
Tito body had pioviously been sold, nnd
the coilin, which was empty, brought to
Boston. Thero were other coffins in tho
s.imo condition.
Two poor women had olTcicd money to
witness, to put up it, slab over their mother's
rr.ivc which he refused, but Marsh baid he
ought to havo taken it.
Tlie body was nUenwuds sent away. In
another case, a casket by somo
ladies to put a body into had hceii kept and
Mold by Marsh, a wooden cisc taking its
I lace.
Frank Baker, forincily in charge of tl e
building, said the beds wcie in a
itlthy condition in the male wards. He had
charge oftlto bathing of the male patient h
in a tank 10 by l't feet and 1 foo deep. As
m in v i.S bathed in the samo
water, which was rutcly ciiangcu The
ttiticnts would ottiect to eom' in, aud be
p in by force.
Toe Governor nttempted to have the testimony
of what nn insane female iumnto
had told willies', introduced, but, nftor u
huhu discussion, it wits hiipprcsscd.
Ma'-k Ileatlicote. n policeman who took n
fo. nulling to the .Jims-house, taw si nurse
filling rs mouth wih soap.
Di. Do-in, a gra luato ot Harvard Modi-oil
School, testified that when he win n
s' ident pei Imps titty bodies weic uaed during
the winter toiin.
t':t)t. Ilovvatc, Itic IcfnnHln MIkiiiiI
5!!lccr. Itiportcd to Have Appeared
hi Washington.
W.isin.vno.v, April 11. Tho Ciitic publishes
a sensational rumor relating to How-gate.
It has been impossible to procuro
anything further than tho ono story, and
its truth is doubted, but here it is:
"Captain llowgate, tho dofaulting signal
officer, is now in Washington. At 2 o'clock
this afternoon ho v;h sccn to alight
trom a coupo and hurriedly enter a residence
iu the uoi thu ostein portion
of tho city. Tho hack wus tho
of a priv.ito citizen, and one of
llowgnto's well-known fiiends. Hu remained
about t went y minutes, and win
then diivcu cast on P stieet. Ho wus seen
by a member of tho Signal Servico w ho
served under hint and who it- well acquainted
with him. Tho latter attempted to
spc.ik to Howgate, but was fiiistiatcd by
tho gentleman who accompanied him. Tne
vehicle was driven by an elderly
Irishman hi full livery. Tho party who
accompanied Howgato woro a tull
beard, n silk hat, and was beyond
tho moridinu of life iu ago
The paity who recognized Howgato did
bo from his peculiar features about the eve-and
mouth. Tho gentleman who recogiiiod
llowgate remarked to the Critic that the
fact that ho sprang quickly into tho coupe
when tho word " llowgate'' wus uttered is
prima facie ovidenco that his convictions of
true recognition were concet. The informant
also stated that ho felt positivo iu his
mind that ho knew the gentleman who accompanied
Howgato, but that ho is too
prominently known hero to be mimed unless
his eyesight was confirmod more fully ;
that ho was ono of tho defaulter's heaviest
Dynninite l'lcnd In Washington.
Washington, April 11. British Minister
Wost was to-day asked a9 to tho truth
of tho story which was in circulation,
that Zell Hoover, of this olty, had reportod
to him a plot to blow up tho legation with
dynamite, and that Hoover had been paid
$300. Mr. West stated that all tho truth
that thero was iu tho story was that Hoover
did call upon him and direct his attention
to a certain matter, but it was not a plot to
blow up the legation with dynamite, or anything
of tho kind, Ho investigated the
mattor nnd found it to bo fallacious. He
did not pay Hoover any money, but merely
heard what bo had to say, investigated it,
and found it to bo untruo.
Arrival of (Jrcsliuni,
WASiiiNoro.v, April 11. Postmnster General
Grcihara arrlvod last evoning, and
was'met at tho dopot by a number of prominent
gentlemen, among whom was a committee
from the Indiana Republican Club.
Ho was driven to tho resldenoo of tho lion.
John W. Foster, Minister to Spain, whore
ho will remain several days, and whore he
to-day rccolvcd a number of friends.
ii;,v;cial, proi,cm.
l'lie roitiidntioti linri Which
Itiiiihsi i;.xist to be Knocked
Out by tlie J:iid of .Vexl Year.
Wasiiixuton, April 11. A statement of
the United States bonds hold by tho Treasurer
to secure National Bonk circulation,
just published here, shows that ncnrly all
tho thiee per cents, recently issued aio
held by banks for that purpose, and that
of the 5357,000,000 of bonds held for this
purposo, about $200,0i)0,')00 are throo pir
cents. This is somewhat interesting in
itself, but becomes much moio so when it
is considered that thoso threo per cen'.
bonds ai.e tho next to be ledecmcd nftcr
tho picscut (oxtended
fhci and sixes) nic out of tho vvuy. Tlavc
three-and-a-half per cent, bonds will n t
last longer than about the end of tho present
fiscal year, and then comes tho attack
on the thicopcr cents.
At the late thu bonds have been called in
during Senator Folgor s lorm tbeso would
not last two yean, and by the end of 1881
one-half the National Banks would find
thoir jinaucial foundation gone. Thero will
bo nothing left with which they may continue
to furnish sccinity for their circulation
save the four and four-and-a-half per
'cent, bonds. When it is considered that
tlie former arc at a premium of 20 per cent,
aid the latter of 1 1 per cent., it will be seen
that there will bo great hts tnnoy on tho
part of many to invest iu tliem for
securities. How inpidly thco
remaining tlttce per cents, will bo paid oil,
since asi winter's redact hm in the revenue
can not of cjurso be told, but they must
soon begin to melt avvav. When they begin
to go tho four nnd four-and-a-half pir
cents will probably go higher, and when
your national banker finds that for every
$4 ho invests in bonds ho enn only issue
thiee in curieucy, and that lor every $-'
so invested ho will only get four back
w lieu the 1 uitds aro redeemed, there scents
grav doubt as to whether he will make
the investment And if he docs not, ami
his bink circulation is withdrawn, what is
to hcioino of the oil dilating medium oftlto
country I
Since Ihe Itodiiolloii of Tux on 'lj;ars
is g!l per 1,000, They Want the lien e-lit
ol One-Third the Induction.
CiNCtvvm, April 11. Cigarmakors'
Unions Xos. 4 and CO of this city aro holding
joint meetings daily, the object, being
to secure an advance on tho present
prices paid for making cigars.
Tho average wages now paid
is $U to $7 per 1,000 und workmen
ate enul.led to earn $8 to $12 per
weok. There ate about L',000 cigarninkois
in this city, 1,1500 of whom belong to either
ono or the other of tho above named
unions. Tho refusal of tho manufacturers
to giiuit the increase will tesult iu a strike,
an I ovet 1.0m I men aud women will bo out
of employment. A few dealers havo signed
tho cn'itriot, among whom was tho firm of
I'm I.cm.w ho ciipluy tony or fifty men.
Thcie a d tciniio uiou among tho
woikmcii to remain out until tho advance
iiskul tor is grained. It isrtpoitcd that a
largo number of the cigarmakers of this
city havo decided to leave for tho F.ast,
whole they sny prices arc higher than
here. Meetings will be held every diy
until the siiike is ovci. The employes of
tl e tiriic which have acted ! to tlie
will icttirii to v.otk at once.
Jeitloiisi 'uid t'rlmo.
Xi.w Yoiik, April 11. Mr.s. Rohecca
llrusy, aged was shot iu the
right breast by her huslituid about midnight
last night at their i evidence, No. !ll"
est street. The woman was
lumoved to tho hospital, wheiu it was
f.ounl that her injury was piobably fatal.
Her statement hits since boon
taken, and she is said to be dying. Franklin
Al. Biuzgy, her husband, wus ai rested.
Jealousy wits the cause.
An ArUniiMiH Tornado.
I.iiili: Rock, A inc., April 11. Later
of the recent tornado indicate gient
loss of life. Tho German settlement in
Garland county was devastated, nnd three
poisons killed. Montgomery county
severely, and two citiens lost their
lives, being crushed by falling timber.
The casualties will probably foot up ton
livos. and the loss of pioperty fifty thousand
Will Depart Thin l.ile In May.
Bton Rouuk, Li., April 11. Tho Governor
has ordered tho execution of Bnzis
Dugay fur tho murder of Geo. Luksloy,
sentenced to bo hanged on January 20,
188:1. Ho w ill bo oxocuted on tho 11th of
next Mny. Also John Austin, on tho samo
dato, for tho murder of Isaao Brown, who
was sentencod on tho UCth of January,
188.1. Thoy will bo hanged at Franklin.
Coal Milling Trouble.
Clkveland, 0., April 11. At a meeting
of tho coal operatives of tho Massillon
District, it was decided that a general
lockout now is unavoidable. This will
throw botwecn C,000 and 0,000 miners out.
Serious trouble is anticipated.
Jail Delivery.
Fort " Worth, April 11, Yesterday
prisoners escaped fiom jail.
All were recaptured excepting four.

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