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Sirmo Bull lias been converted to tlio
Catholio faith.
A slight shook of earthquake is reported
from Cairo. 111.
The striko of tlio Cincinnati
Twelve lirsMiitED cigars-makers in New
York City nre on a strike.
Philip Shout, of Armada, Mich., whs
horribly mangled by u buzz-saw.
It is stated tlint many arrests arc daily
made in Ireland thiougli personal malice.
J. II. Willing, a Louisville drtumner,
Buicided' 'at Lincoln, 111., by the morphine
Johnson Zeiter of Cloveland, Ohio,
blowed his head on" with a filly-five caliber
Great distress provails in the Highlands
of Scotland, the people-being on the verge
of starvation.
Tub St. Louis nominates
McDonald as a strong Democratic uuudidate
for tho Presidency.
An interesting decision ha been rendered
as to the owncrship'oftho dead by Judge
Knickerbocker, nt Chicago.
The thrco children of Daniel Pratt, colored,
in Dc Kulb county, Ark., wore consumed
in a burning building.
I.nvkstic tio.v of the alleged South Carolina
election frauds will be begun in the
United Status Court at Charleston next
Extraordinary precautions nru being
taken in Bussia to frustrate tho plans of
tho Nihilists at tho forthcoming coronation
of the Czar.
The trial of Joe Brady, charged with
murdering Loid EiedorioK Cmendish, is
progressing in Dublin, but theio have been
110 new developments.
A ruiE in Manduhiy, the capital of
destroyed ouu thousand buildings.
Several lives were lost. The city has a
population of 1U0.0U0.
A iioii.eu explosion in Hitohoock &
Biudley Binding Works, A.huibiilu, Ohio,
killed the night watchman and completely
wrecked the building.
1). A. Calhoun, for a long lime keeper of
tho bird house in the St. Louis Zoological
Garden, suicided, at Yankton, D. T.j by
utabbiug himsoir in tlio Uowols.' ' ' "
Petu Connhllv, a noted St. Louis desperado,
died yesterday in tho St. Louis
Hospital, from injuries received at tho
hands ot Callahan .McCarthy in the hitter's
saloon last .Monday night.
Sevi.x dollars was taken from
the safe of John a I'liicugo
forcing Mr. Morrison into
baukuiptey, but thuie is a M'rong suspicion
that Mr. Mormon got the iT.UUO.
Smallpox bus become epidemic nt
Tenn., bocauo two young men,
who had died of the disease woro supposed
to have died of measles, and over 200 persons
attended tho funeral.
Arthur Murray, editor, and A. D.
Wright, compositor, both of Pino Bin tf,
Ark., stood at arm's length in tho street
and fought a duel with pistols. Neither
one was wounded. They might havo done
bettor with popguns.
There aro GO.O.IO undipo"ed of cases in
tho Irish Courts under the Land Act, which,
according to tho progress of disposal,
will consume two and one-half years.
This means ruin to tiie tenant and consequent
disorder and crime.
A silver mino containing $25 to $35 of
silver per ton of oro, has been discovered
at tho head of Wolfe Creek, in Cooke
county, Tenn. Piof. W. 13. Colton, Slate
Geologist, has surveyed and with Mr. Com.
Whitthorko purchased the entire vein.
Charles Rhodes, aged eighteon years,
of Muucic, Intl., was blown to smithereens
by tho explosion of a box of hercules
cartridges, which ho was carrying under
his arm on his way to a tield to blow up a
stump. Portions of his clothing were
found in a tree seventy-five feet high.
The classification rules and regulations
of tho Southern Exposition at Louisville
have just been prepared. The classification
provides for five department, viz: 1.
Natural products ; . Machinery; 3. Manufactures;
4. Transportation; 6. Music,
literature and art. Theso departments aro
further divided into twenty-tire groups.
Galena, 111., is excited ovor the
of tho skolloton of a young lady
found about two feet from the surface
while jdigging up grouud for road purposes
remoto from any cemetery. Tlio
skull is broken in on tho right side near
tho baso. Solid gold ear-ring pondauts
wero found near the skull.
A terrific wind storm passed over Lorain
county, Ohio, Wodnesday(night. At Milan
tho storm did great damago to houses,
barns and crops. A farmer named Nicholas
Gira was putting a tin roof on a
building, when tho oyclono struck tho
roof, tearing otf tho tin and hurling Gira
to tho grouud, breaking his neck aud killing
him outright. John Johanes, another
farmer, was struck by a burn door,
having ono leg crushed aud another
broken. His lnjurlos aro serious. Two
other persons wero slightly injured. It
was ono of the worst storms whioh over
visited that section of the country.
Of tho Murder of Lord Frederick
Cavendish and Rurke,
Ami Sentenced to lie
as to lite Identity
ol ' .Number One.'- C'iiiiu i'rcarliiu
lor War.
London, April 13. The tctimony given
by James Cary, the informer, when under
tho assassination trial
yesterday, has mndo a decided impression
here and occasioned much unfavorable
comment. After admitting that ho had
been piomiscd a pardon beloie he consented
to give evidence against his fellow-conspirators,
Cary immediately aud positively
identified the photographs shown
him, and said to be poitraits of James
as those of "Number One," although
the photogiaphs in question bear little
to the description of the latter
recently published by the Paris Soleil in
its report of an interview with Tynnu.
The lattor is thereiu described as a
strongly-built tall man of ubout forty-live
years of age. His beard is long and blnoK,
and his jet black hair makes him look
younger than ho is. Tynnu is now in the
City of Mexico, where lie lias a biother
wlio is a priest.
Dinu.,, April 1m. The trial of Joe
Brady whs continued this morning. Tne
defense called a clerk named Kennedy,
who swuro that he spoke to Brady, who
was accompanied by a girl, on Dotninick
street, between 6 aud 7 o'clock on the
evening of May 0. He lecoguicd Annie
Meagher, who testified yesieiday that she
wa Willi Mrady that evening, as the girl.
uuciM said ho ui50 met Brudy on the
fo.iutvuig day. Tho outer declared that
the would rum tiie cause of Ireland,
I pm the conclusion of Kennedy's
me they
n .m id cull no otliur wiiuossos. Arguments
of tHHtiieul for tho dofuiiao uud prosecution
follow ul.
Tho Judge finished his charge at 18 minutes
atiur iii- .iiii'i'iKHiii. when tho jury
retired, 'lney wee .. sent but a short
time, and lemming to the court-room an-Hummed
thai lound Brady guilty ol
tui minder of bod Frederick t'awiiUihli
and Burke. Brady was immediately sentenced
to bo hung.
t'lilnn 1'repiirliij; Tor Win'.
Berlin, April 111. Tito largo orders recently
ghon by tho Chinese Govornment to
German manufacturers for anus, ammunitions
and vcscls of war, have ntiructed
general attention, uud other tacts which
have just coino to light show that China has
begun in earnest to prepare for war with
Japuti. t
To this is attributed tho result of the
Chincso Government to establish a permanent
naval station in tho Corea in older to
provent tho Japanese fiom settling on the
London, April 13. A telegram from
Hotig Kong, dated April 11, says: Tho
French Minister to China arranged tho
Tonquin affair satisfactorily in December,
but tho now French Ministry rejected the
arratigoment. The result will probably bo
a long and costly war for France.
China will use her best troops, which
will probably bo commanded by European
lenders, aud perhaps will bo assisted also
by a European ally.
rurtlier Testimony Itelntluc to ttie
Iiilitiinnnitlcs Practiced by the
Boston, April 13. In the Tewkesbury
Alms-house investigation yestorday, J. C.
Burt testified that ho had mndo tho lowest
bid to supply milk to the alms-house, but
others had secured tho contracts. Governor
Butler introduced the testimony of
former inmates, ono of whom, Jas. A. Goodwin,
corroborates the testimony R3 to the indiscriminate
bathing of healthy and deceased
patients in the samo water. Good
clothing, which he had taken to tho almshouse,
had been stolon from him. He had
complained to General Butler of tho bathing
abusos, and thoy stopped soon after.
Harriet A. Jackson said sho got very little
to cat at tho alms-house, and it was of
poor quality. Sho left in coiisequcnco.
Otto Holnden, a Gorman, testified that ho
was obliged to batho in water that had
boen used by men having sores, and was
compelled to work in tho bakery.
Charlo3 B. Marsh, clerk at Towkesbury,
and son of the Superintendent, was noxt
called. Ho kept the books. All tho books
havo been sent to tho State-house. No register
of burials of tho dead has been kept,
and thoro is no means of finding out what
lias become of inmates who have died. Tho
witness said :
" My books have no record of Iho clothing
which tho inmates brought to tho institution.
Monoy belonging to inmates 1b
givn to rnwli&Q they coino, and I give it
cb thorn when they go away, but t;ike no
receipt for it. I kept a record of bank
books belonging to inmates, gavo tho books
of dead inmates to Mr. Wrightinton, and
took recoipts for them. I knew from my
biother that there is n memorandum kept
of the bodies sent away."
It appearing that all the books had not
been produced. Governor Butler again demanded
that thoy be surrendered, so that
he could examine them. At this point the
heating was adjourned.
t'omlnp; to Torino.
Cincinnati, April 13. The differences
which have existed among the cigarmakers
of this city and their employers are nearly
adjusted. At u meeting of t lie bosses, held
this morning, the advance of one dollar per
thousand asked for -by the Union was
agreed to. Tlio only dillerences yet to be
' adjusted are the questions of furnishing
light null tho right of employes to visit the
ilitl'erent shops to a-certain whether th(
bosses live up to their agreements.
INcltollerN Trial.
Milwaukek, Wk, April 13. In tho
Fclieller trial this morning the prosecution
is submitting testimony showing that the I
bar and nearly all Hn fixtures, which
Schollor insured in hi" own name, were in j
reality the property of tho Nuwh.ill House j
I'ompauy. !
sjjt"t?jc; iivt.i. j
And .'to 'kln"; Is .'real
.fntviiu: Airoiiu il:' Ati;:o!s iti
Milw u;ki:k, pri! 1:1. -Pi-hop Many, ol '
Dakota, the leading Indian lniioiiAry i I
in the -it y. Up said that be had c mu'i'teil j
Sitting IS ill to the faith, and
the eve of receiving hni into the eliH.cli. ,
The uroioslin: event wi.l ! ike in
May. The eerenn.'iy of tin-event of open-
nig the dHirs o! the cliuii li to the not- ri' i-
savage chief w i'l be made iiirmsiinr and j
Tuere .tie now ,0!) I Indian: I
in Dakota to the Catholic uhiiivn. '
SoiUli 'iirolhio Kli'i'tlftii
Cui.ruuiA, S. ('.. April Hi. The Stale
DeinoHimtie ('oniin'.ltet' at their meeting lr
tins city ado; ted proiduii( io I
:i vlgn of tho Dem tortxH wh '
will be biought before the Uuiieil Stitl
i.'ourt nt next week. Ex-United I
Stutos .lii'lgo A. G. Miinradt aud ex-Ail n-
L K. .Vimunis have leen
citoicn as special couiidcI in the du;ene.
defendants have thus fir be 'ti
Iwund over, two fitiin Chostor, two fiom
Fairfield, and from .Marion
county alone. A dozen warrants wero issued
in Barnwell county yesterday. The
committeo to lay tho means and
talent of the Democratic party in tills State
under contributions to tho fullest extent
necessary for tho defense and protection of
the accused in these cases.
Itml Holler Kxploslou.
Ashtaiiuh, 0., April 13. Ono of the
boilers of the Hitchcock & Bradley Bending
Works exploded this morning almost
demolishing the extensive establishment, as
well ns tho adjoining buildiucr of the
McGuire Fifth Wheel Works. Tho large
thrco story brick building is very badly
wrecked. Tho dome of t he boiler, weighing
COO or 800 pounds, was blown over tho
building and 100 feet beyond, landing in
the yard of J. M. Hardy, but a few feet
from his door. Chariot Griibbins, the
night watchman, was found, badly mangled,
beneath the debris. Ho leaves a wife aud
six small children. The loss to the build
ing and stock will amount to $i'o,000 partially
m i
.llajor IMilppt Oil co More in Custody
Philadelphia, April 13. Mnjor Phipps,
tho absconding Philadelphia ollicial, will
arrivo here to-day from Hamilton, Out., in
charge of Capt. II. J. Lindar and Officer Bell,
of Pinkerton's agency. Speaking of his
rearrest, District Attorney Graham says:
" I will endeavor to have Major Phipps
committed without bail. It has been
shown that $13,000 bail was insufficient to
insure his presence,jand tho chances are
that $20,000 bonds would not be any moro
efficacious in holding him. It is a matter
entirely discretionary with tho court, but 1
believe tho measures should bo taken to retain
tho Major for trial this time."
Jlmlo n C'lcnti Job of It.
Cleveland, 0., April ULAt 6:30 o'clock
'this (morning Johnson Zeiter, n German, ot
No. 188 Wiley street, committed suicide by
shooting, death resulting instantly. He
used an old-fashioned single barreled
dragoon pistol of fifty-five caliber. His
wife bogged ot mm to give ner tno pistol,
but ho pushed her aside, threatening to
shoot hor if sho did not let him alone.
Pressing the muzzle against his teeth ho
pulled tho trigger, blowing tho wholo top
of his head off.
Tlio Horrible,
Armada, Mich., April 18. At Short's
sawmill Phillip Short, tho propriotor, while
oiling ft buzz-saw, was caught by tho
slcovo and drawn upon tho saw. He had
his right leg cut entirely off, and tho saw
ran tho entire length of the other leg, from
tho thigh to tho foot, and then threw him
six feet, striking his liend on a bolt, making
a fracture of tlio skull. He lived three
With Tatti, Hrucc, Holmes uud
Walsh in tho Hiujj.
Tfio Old Typo I'oiiiulcr n Victim or n
Woiiiuu'h Wiles Tho Xcmv Xlelile
Itiiincr to Ir. Holmes ArrHnl ol
13 IMitrltinn l.'umii Xon list,
Nr,w York, April 13. A new fivo cent
piece appearod on the street to-day. It is
identical with tho last issuo except tho
word "cents" is Mibstituted for ('E
Pluribun Unum." The motto now appears
in small letters abovo tho wreath. Tho
new coin has not been received in stock at
tho sub-Treasury as yet.
Carroll's Defalcation.
New York, April 111. Mayor Edson said
to-day that, so far as known atpreseut, tho
loss to tho city by Carroll's defalcation will
amount to $150,000. Tho commissioners of
nccounts have found out the names of persons
in whose favor tho money was drawn,
and it is expectod that they will bo asked
to cxplaiu in a day or two.
Arrival ol Joint IViiIsti.
New York, April 13. Mr. John Walsh,
whoso extradition tho British Government
recently attempted to obtain from the
French Government on information lodged
against him by tho informer Caroj', nrnvtd
hero yesterday. Ho is fifty years of ago,
has iron gray hair, Kandy'miistacho, an I a
ruddy complexion. He is 6feotll iuchcr in
height, broad shouldered and musculnr.
Ho has sufficient accent to betray his Irish
nativity. Ho has been engaged in all tho
Irish movements of lato years against tho
British Govornment.
Dinner to Oliwr Wendell Holmes.
New York, April 13. Nearly 300
sat down last evening in Delmonico's
at the din,. er to Oliver Wendoll Holmes.
The dinner was a perfect success. All the
prominent persons in the city were
Dr. Holmes looked remarkably well.
He carries his yours well. On rising to respond
to tlio toast of bis health, ho was
given a perfect ovation of applause, lasting
for several minutes. His speech, which
took tho form of a j oeut, was a pcrtVei
scintillation of eloquence and wit.bubUing
over with point and originality.
A Startling Verdict.
Ni:wYork, April 13. Ernestine Class,
a young lady with a rather fst rrputMuun,
brought suit against tho wll known type
founder, Bruce, of this city, fur $6Oi0U
breach of ) of marriage. She hud
stntod. as whs testified to in court ye ter-day,
that sho was playing hint for u
sucker. Ho is very obi aed
and what she wanted was his money
Strange t it may the jury have
brought in a verdict in ijivor of the plaintiff
for $3,71-, An allowance of it per
com. was grunted lo the p.iiiiilrr couiie',
and n motion for a now irinl was denied.
"for T'ii'!ili!K I'tttli IJou' to Slny.
New Vokk, April 13. The . .tse of Sophie
M. Mniuiicrlii iiniiliist Mine ln 1 1 1 to recover
S3.IHRI and interest tor singing lessons
given by Mariano Mnnzoechi, husba.jil
of the plaintiff, was brought to i
obse by a rert of tho refoiee, whioh
nuukiiiis the I'luintin". The claim i iliu.eil
Co I lie tallowing ground: t'i.t, the pin infill
hud no a Hull kiiowlcd.e thiU the 1
hud oor been ioii .Mine. I'atti.
bocMinl, tho plaiutitl named no specific
amount, but snid "to nearly Stt.l'Oii. '
Third, the defendant hud never ackuow
the claim.
1'riees I'ald lor Trollini; Stock ill
l.otiist illo
LonsviLLK, Kv., April 13. The great
sale of trotting stock by It. S. Veecli aud J.
C. Penan & Co., cotniueuced at tho fair
grounds yestordany. Tho weather was
all that could bo dosircd. Tiie attendance
was largo, many of the loading hort,cinon
of tho country being present in person or
represented. There wore fifty-seven horses
on tho list to ho sold, principally tho got of
Princeps, Auditor, Cuyler, and Pancoast.
Tho crowd was made up principally of
lvuyers, very few being present as moro
.spsctators, and tho bidding was lively.
Tho animals sold brought $(,-730,
or au average of !?4tJ!). There wero
soldj nineteen colts nnd fillies by Cuyler,
t an average of 5-3113; twenty by Princeps,
average of $514 ; seven by Auditor, aver
ngo $54 ; fivo by Pancoast, average $345.
Wilmington, a two year old colt by Georgo
Wilkes, dam Lady Pntclicu, was sold for
$4,010. This was a beautiful bay of- handsome
form, good movement and speedy.
Tho purchaser was Mike Bowermtin, of
Lexington, Ky. The stallion Auditor, who
has got a number of most oxcollcnt colts,
wus sold for $-100, which was considered
nly a moderato price.
Tlio Indiana Oratorical Contest.
Indianavolis, In n April 12. Ashor, of
the Stnto University, who was uccused of
plagiarism, was accorded first place in tho
oratorical contest, and Fisher, of Hanover,
second. Both are membors of tho Ligrua
Chi fraternity. Tho faculty of the Stnto
University have expelled Asher for violat
ing tho rules.
rritellier It Should be Expended for
I.oveor lor .Honey That's tlic ttie.
New York, April 13. There arn now
about 1,500 cigar-makers on a Mrike in
tills city, but many of tho manufacturers
havo aeeeled to tho demand of tho workmen,
and the latter nre confident that they
will be successful in nil the shops within n
Dediivm, Mass., April 13. The spinners
at tho Merchant's Woolen Mill struck this
morning), for an ndvanco for ten cents per
hundred reels. By their action they force!
tho weaves to quit work, and thcro aro between
300 or 400 men out. They nre now
making from 80 cents to $1.50 per day, and
they wanted to average $l.o per day.
Their employers threaten to rcduco tlio
wages ten per cent, unless all hands return
to work, as tho mill is losing money and is
only running to accommodate tho help."
Madison, Wis., April 13. Tho Governor
last evening received a dispatch from tlio
Sheriff at Superior, Douglas county, paying
that ho wns wholly unable, without
bloodshed, to hold the attached property in
tlio suit ngainst tho Pago !z Suxsmith
Lumber Company. The Sheriff added that
a hundred of the company
wero forcibly removing the property for
wages. Tho Governor telegraphed tho
Sheriff, to call on tho authorities of the
counties and all good citizens to maintain
i him in his duties.
Beadinu, Pa., Apiil 13. It was learned
nt the office of tho Beading Iron Works today
that Monday noxt the rolling and sheet
mills will be shut down indefinitely, on account
of tho dullness of trade. Between
four nnd five hundred hands will bo thrown
out of work. Tho company refused largo
orders recently at prices which would lose
them monoy. Their pipe mill is running
on half time. A committee of tho strikers
called at the office of tho Mellort foundry
this morning and agreed to compromise tho
difficulties between the proprietors aud
mon for fivo per cent, inorcaso of wages
Tho men originally wantod ten to fifteen
per cent, increase all around. All went to
work except three.
tkica'j'ijz. or-' i;at.
I Terrific us t;xploiun JMirinsa
l'ir nir:e , lit
Killed and lot) .ltorlally V.'oiiinleil.
Paris, April 13. A torribio explosion,
accompanied by heavy loss of life, occurred
at the -.heater in Bevel, a town of about
o,0J0 ijihab'tints, on the Biver Garonne. A
comedy was being performed by n Lyons
CompatiN, and about 9:30, while several
actors were on the stago, a tremendous
occurred, blowing otf the roof,
breaking nil the windows nnd partitions,
mid bulging out the walls
par.ially. lit an intant all was ditrk,
sftTei portion of the scenery, which hud
euugiii on fire, giving un indiuinot light to
the teinlilti jtuou. The luk'ks anil groans
.uid ci.es of pain made tho Miinll
ti perfeet pandemonium. Several
wee oiiiniiod to death, and umuy hud legs
and arm broken, and sintered fearful
during the terrible juio. It nppenrs
that the large meter w.is under the stago
in a corner, and that tho explosion was
probably by mie of tho titpos or
mini . linjrs lighting i mutch. The
phi e the mi'.tber of killed at twenty-one,
un I the nioftit'ly injured at about four
timus that number, ,
Win. 31. lUcs ,tf .lluli Vlo.
leiu'o. Contracted at nit Karly Hour
in lite
Lv.NTiuii n;, Va., April 18. Early thi
miming about one hundred disguised persons
attacked the jail nt Wytheville.
forced the Sheriff to suriender the keys,
took Win. M. fiockett from his cclL mid
hung him from a beam of a mill on tho
outskirts of town. Crockett wus awaiting
trial for the murder of Joseph II. t Hurst,
Wythe county. Tito murder was
aud Crockett would havo been
lynched at tlio time, had ho not escaped.
Ho was captured two months' ago, and
brought back for trial. After hanging him,
tho mob riddled his body with bullets to
'istire death. None of thfi lynchers wero
ccognized. Intense excitement prevails at
The Xeulntll House Incendiary. 7$
M.lwu'kek, April 13. Tlio trial of
Geoigo Scheller, tho incendiary,
tigaiti occupied tho attention of the
municipal court yestorday. Among tho
witnesses examined wero Win. I.enahan,
engineor of tho hotol j Thomas Delanoy,
night clerk j Mrs. Helen Nolinan, janitress;
August Watled, barkeeper for Schellor:
Wm. Hughes, porter. Nothing was elicited
bearing upon tho guilt of tho prisoner, and
tho opinion is rapidly gaining ground that
no caso can bo sustained against him.
A Steamer mid Nix I.Ives Lost.
Columbus, Ga April PJ. Tho steamer
Lylly, of tho Central Line of steamers, last
night struck a bridgo at Fort Gaines, carrying
away hor cabin, and striking a pier,
sunk immediately. Tho first and second
clerk, a negro child and three deck hands
aro missing. Sho had a miscellaneous
cargo. The boat and cargo arc a total loss.

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