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'Twos worth a half a dollar clear,
And wasu pleasant slight,
To seo the- bcninliiK Salomon,
Anions his friends Inst night.
The Solomon you know about,
Named In tho bible story,
Could'nt hold a light to ours
In h!g electric glory.
Linen and Mohair ulsters, large lot,
also Jap parasols 15 cents each, at Hunt
& Doyle's.
At tho meeting of the ex-Confederates
on Friday evening, tho members of "Mr.
Marshall's Critter Companies" seemed
to predominate.
The material removed from the streets
to make tho railway bed should be put on
Second stroet extension, tint is if it is
not all used again.
Tin: storms of the present year will
serve as a landmark in history. They
have been the most violent and destructive
during the century.
Tun commissions of the magistrates
elected last August have been received
by county clerk W. W. Ball. The magistrates
can qualify at any time after the
first Monday in June.
Ciiam.ks Coons, colored, was tried, Friday,
beforo Judge Coons and a jury for
shooting at another with intent to kill,
without wounding. The jury found him
guilty and fixed his punishment at a fine
of ten dollars.
There never was an enterprise in
Maysville that has been pushed forward
with as much energy and dispatch
as the Street Railway. The manner in
which the work is being done has caused
much favorable comment.
The electric light exhibited at the
Knitting Works Friday evening, was a
perfect success. It had none of the objectionable
glare of the ordinary electric
light and was rather of the character of
a brilliant gas jet, but of greater
atmg power, It mav be seen again this
The funeial of Mr. Win. I. Wilson, who
died in this city yesterday, will tako
place to-morrow afternoon at two o'clock,
from the residencoof Mrs. Dimmitt,with
the honors of Masonry. Tho members
of the order are requested to meet at
their respective lodges this evening to
make arrangements to attend the funeral.
Tiik following is thecomtnittee selected
to tako charge of the ilor.il decorations
of the graves of the ex-Confederates in
in the Maysville Cemetery on Tuesday,
June 12th.
Mrs. Laura Dlmmltt.Ml.ss Annlo Atkinson,
Mrs. S. K. Hiooks. Mrs. A. J. Egnew, Mrs. A.
T.Cox, Mrs.T. J. Chenoweih. Miss Sallle K.
Hall, .Mrs. Smile Trow, Miss Nnucy Wilson
aud Mrs. G. W.Sulseiv
The committee is earnestly requested to
meet nt the residence of Mrs. Laura
Dimmitt, on the corner of Third ami
Limestone streets, on Tuesday the 29th
inst., nt 3 o'clock p. m., for the purpose
of organization.
The Churches.
Rev. A. N. Gilbert will preach at Lawrence
Creek Christian Church on Sunday
afternoon at four o'clock.
Rfa Jure WiTiiKUsroo.v will preach
nt the Third street Presbyterian church
on Sunday next, morning and evening.
Services will ho held ns usual at the
M. E. Church to-morrow morning nnd
evening. Morning text: Mntt. VII: 3.
There will bo preaching at the Presbyterian
Chapel to-morrow. Tho oveninc
service will be for the benefit of the
Rev. M. D. Reynolds, pastor of tho M.
E. Church, South, will preach to-morrow
morning on that diiHcult text : " Thou art
Peter and upon this rook I will build
my Church."
At St. Patrick's church to-morrow, at
the 7:30 a. m. muss, about eighty children
will partake of their first holy communion,
nnd a high mass, at 10.30 a. m.,
they will be confirmed by tho Right Rev.
Bishop A. M. Toebbe.
The protracted meeting at tho Mays-lick
Christian Church, under the preaching
ofRov. A. N. Gilbert, closed Thursday
night, with a largo audienco and an im
mersion. Fifteen were added to tho
church during tho meeting.
Tho congregation of tho Southern
Methodist Church will, by invitation,
join in tho worship at tho Presbyterian
Church to-morrow evening, when Rev.
Joro Withorspoon will deliver tho discourse.
Mr. Withorspoon was onco a popular
and much beloved pastor in our city.
Rev. A. N. Gilbert will occupy tho pulpit
of tho Christian Church to-morrow
morning nnd night. Sermon in tho morning
on "Tho ParaUd of tho Prodigal
Son." Tho lecture at night will bo on
' How tr bo Angry," foundod on Eph.
IV. 26.27. Anger will bo considered under
tho following aspects: PormlsslYoly,
imperatively, prohibitively and in its
Tho ex-Confederates again met at the
oifiee of Judge Wall, on Friday evening.
The committee on permanent organization
made a partial report, recommending
the 12th of June as Decoration Day, and
suggesting an order of exerciso for the
After a full discussion, the 12th of
June was selected as the day to decorate
the graves of tho Confederate dead.
Various committees were appointed,
and the meeting adjourned until S.itur
day, June 9th, when all the ex-Confederates
in Mason and adjoining counties are
invited to meet at the Court House in
Maysville, at 1 p. in., to efioct a permanent
organization of the association.
Accompanying the report of the committee
was thd following address to the
association, by AndrewT. Cox:
Fellow tomradei: The purposes for which
we are about to organize ourselves into u
Memorial Society, appeal to tlio nomost
of our in ui hood. The memory of tho
dead IsKouicthliiK from which tho living
to be divorced, and so much the moru
should we hold In grateful recollect 1 n the
memory of our illustrious dead comrades,
who baied their In eiiits with uitothe uirlous
stonnsof hattlu uml shared within the hours
ot w iikncss and woe In tho Kreat eonlllct
that Is none. To rrscun troin oblivion Uu
names of those deiil Confederate soldtcs
who sleep, perhnps, in unmarked urnves
beautliul green sod ol our cemetery,
and to petpetuato their memory to our posterity,
Is o ie ol thu.ptlme object hoi our Association.
At this dldancu Horn our ureal
civil war, no one will certainly he
to Impute to an
soldier any desire to keep allvo the bitter
civil Milfeoran Inclination to
do any act Incompatible with the honor and
glory of our common country. When our
(irent chieftain, Kobt. K. Lee, surrendered our
armies and extended the word of po.ice with
nis li'ni nana, ins neariauu unit ot mo giu.u
southern soldiery went with .t. and be It said
to our pralso we have ever since maintained
our plliihted honor. There are many noble
acts of chlvalious manhood upon tho historic
pages that relate the deeds of our llliwrl us
dead heroes. After tho great and signal battle
of Murlrecslioro, Tumi., where tiiiiny a
brave and gallant Kenturkliin letlecled a
halo of glory upon the armies ot our native
State, Oeu.lirngg piouounced an euconlum
upon tho prlvato soldiers of the Coulederuto
service, the Inspiration of which future generations
will grasp and be uiged to deeds ol
daring, when we, who are here to night, will
sleep In forgotten dust nod It will be a
to his 11:11110 that will never polish
fiom the lips of men. It was the tlrst pause
wo had lu our Confederate history to wreathe
u chaplot of glory to the memory of tho unknown
and unrecorded deau.
Hut, my comrades, the deeds of tliecommon
soldiery of tho Coulederate service .spedk for
themselves in n brighter lo fsilll u on the
ougo of immortal history. As long an manhood
chivalry and deeds of self sacrltlco are
honored among men the event will be
remembered in our history. In the great battle
of tho Wilderness, where the Contedorat
soldier vied with eacli other in the deeds of
noble daring, when Uen. Lee was lushlmi to
tho front leading the mighty cduinns Into
tho tierce charge of battle. . It Is related thru . I
:. if. i
was a paue aioug me lines wnen a suoui .
went iiji fiom the ranks of tho soldhuy.
" Gen. Lee to ihe rear, Gen. I.eo to the roar. '
lu the annals of what people upon the lace I
of the globe must wo seaich tor a nobler (
tlment of true manhood. It Is well then, my
friends, that we honor our dead soldiery who
have slept so long lu neglected graves among
us, and that we hand down to our children .
some record of their memory. Your commit
tee of ariHUuemetitM tlieretore congratulate
you and say Ood speed you lu the noble work
you have undei taken.
Meeting adjourned until June 1st, 1S83.
G. S. Wall, Secretary.
J. M. FiiAZKi:, .Chairman.
Mr. Geo. W. Stilser has gone to Arizona
to be absent about a month.
Mr. Howell Finch and family of Texap, 1
aregmstsof the Hon. E.G. Plaster.
Mr. Sam. McDonald, who is now with
Alms k Doepke, of Cincinnati, was in the
city Friday.
Roderick Porter, colored, alleged to be
one hundred and six years old, died
at Augusta, a few days ago.
Maysville District ('onference.
Thursday 24th opened out
bright, beautiful and from the immense
crowd in attendance upon tho Conference
and public worship at 11 a. m., the people
seemed in as glad a spirit a nntuio.
All were pervaded with a spint of rejoicing.
Certainly in the sprins the country is
ravishingly beautiful and to the eyea 6f a
man who has boon living in the midst of
a city is like healiinib.tlm. The vastaheet
of grass shows from its broad surface
light as soft and soothing to tho evo as
the balmy breeze is to the cheek. Your
correspondent ia fully abandoning himself
to tho inspiration of tho occnhion.
The businessof the day consisted mainly
of tho presentation of reports by the
various the
the same. Education, Missions, Sunday
Schools, all received duo and elaborutc
consideration. Methodist preachers, as
a rule, are good at extemporaneous speaking.
Their experience in the class-meeting
and in tho sphere of exhorters certainly
servos thoin well, on tho occasion
of their conference''. Subjects are ventilated
and sounded to the bottom. On
account of tho readiness of tho jne
to present all phases of thosuoject it
is seldom that an unwise measuto is
At 10 o'clock bv previous order of the
Conference the laymen proceeded to tho 1
election ot tho delegates to tlio annual
Conforanco which convenes at Cvnthiann,
Sept. 0th. Tho following are tho dele
gates : J. F. Kirk, of Ilobron ; J. N.
Boulden, of Millersbr.rg; J. M. Strother,
of Nepton; W. R. Browning, of Shannon.
Alternates: Charles N'ute and F. A.
By voto of the Conference, Mt. Carmel
was" fixed upon as tho placo for tho
next District Conference.
After n hearty voto of thanks for tho
hospitality of the community tho Conference
adj imed.
The Conference 1 otwithstanding tho
exceediilging gloomy weather has been
well attended i.nd 6n the whole seems
to have been a pleasant and profitablo
Roth people and preachers have
it to a great degroo. Tho preachers
has dono soma good preaching and talking
aiul t"o laymen have made a number
of .center sliots. Tho people of tho
neighborhood have contributed largely
to" tliia success lfor thuir ontprtainmont
has been of the highest order. Each
delegate thinku his homo tho best. The
kind pnop1o of Hebron will long by remembered
by the members ami visitor-of
the Conference. Rev. l' S. Pollitt a
promising young pre ichor was announced
to preach at 8 o'clock p. 111.
Your correspondent owes much for
the pleasure of his trip to th kindness
of Mr. Ed. Sallee, who has been evir
ready to piovide to the comfort of his
Several young men in attendance upon
the Conference, it is rumored, want to
spend a week in this neighborhood .oon.
A young man of the name of Kennedy
is wanted here.
Miss Emma Gogjin. of Wahin:toii,
was a visitor at the Conference
It is said that two pre 'cher ha been
very sick but no sign of it can be seen at
the t tble.
The chickens, its said, aie ivjnieina in
their youth, Pity. they i.re too young to
Accident Insurance.
Accidents will happen in all occupations
and situations. They will happen
whether you travel or not. They cost
money, valuable time and even life.
Accident Insurance cots but a small
premium. It guarantees $1,000 to 310,-000
in ease of accidental death, of u
weekly indemnity. SU.OOO tickets at 2o
cents a day 150 days for S4 ."0 Apply to
M F. M 1ts11, Agent,
Library liuilding. Sutton
Southern Milvnlrlo Jiri'lnry Men In.
lo route Their Warlike
Mkmi'Iiu, Tens,, May 21. General J. It
Chalmers of arrived in this
city Thursday morning and took rooms nt
Gaston's Hotel. He being well known here,
people g.ued upon him with anxious eyes
as passed on the street, trying to conjecture
what would bo the result of tho quarrel between
him and Galloway, of the Appeal,
lint ho walked quietly about with friends,
stopping hero andtner to speak wit'i those
whom he He passed Galloway
at the door of tho l'enl ody Hotel, hut said
not n word. Yeter lay, about o o'clock
tis he piihscd out of the hutel, Galloway was
standing in the dor, hut no war la pissed.
Ho went into n clothing store a low doors
below, and in the same buildins, when
Galloway ncl the store and wis arrested
by an ou cur who was watching
tho movements of both. The othcer
then went in and rrctd Chalmers
and took tliem t a Magistrate's o no,
('hlnf ,,--. -,... of Polieo .-- Smith, ... of ..is .. wn .. volU.on
and without tho suggestion ot the friends
of oithor party, luivi.it; .sworn out a
of arrost. They waived an examination,
and the Magistrate placd t'leni each
under $1,000 to keep the peace for twelve
month", 11. F. Looney Roing on the bond of
M. C. Ga'loway. and It. II. Vance and
Captain Stacker l.ce going on the bond of
General Chalmers Tlii.s law proceeding,
liowover, will not preient tho two from
going aerois the river into Arkansas to
settle their little mutter.
The Avalanche to-morrow will publish
a long letter tram General Chalmers, in
which ho says:
" My original eliarpc was that he had
his worn about a promise made in consideration
of old obligations to me. Ho
diil not deny this promise ind its consequent
falsification, but suid it was mean in
me to tell it, hccuu&o it was a private conversation."
He then proceeds to deny the
character of his obligation, and says it
was not for writing for liim, hut for speaking
for tho Democracy of Memphis. It
could make no ditrcrenco whether he felt
under obligations to me for spoaking or
writing, his promise should have been
equally sacred, and tho breaking of it was
equally false.
Slnil Ilobbed In Transit.
BETiioun, Ind.. May 25. At an early
hour yostorday morning tho United State
mail 'eaok that had been cut open and
rifled of its contents was found in a
stablo in this city. From tho fact that
tho sack was a through one, and uoh of
ita contonta as, remained were dated
at Cincinnati yesterday, it ia ovident that
the sack wai taken or thrown from the
0. & M. west express, duo horo a little
luiduight, and afterward robbed and
abandoned. The authorities at Cincinnati
were promptly notifiod, but nothing defiuito
has been learned as to tho perpetrators or
the value of tho mutter taken.
ciieriil t'roqk'H Operation.
Ciuiii'.viiiM, Mk.mco, May 2o. Uonera
Crook, with five hundred Mexican Iudi'ins
and United States trcops, left Povlspo,
Souoru, on tho tlth inst., via Gunchuia, foi
tho Sierra Madie, having also 111) pack
mules laden with pioviton. Ho is
making for thiB State, while tho Mexican
forces ayo coming toward him in three
divisions, leaving tho main body at Caas
Yrandas to loinforce when wanted.
Siuco tho above date ho has been
in a section difficult of access and sparsely
The Mexican military authorities
uro very reticent, most probably for a
Those hero are friendly to Ids presence
nnd wish a mtccei'sful issue of his
prearranged plans without any red-tape
toolishness. Ho undoubtedly conies within
tho treaty limits in that ho is pursuing
Indinns from the States. Tho friendly
attitude of the Federal forces of this State,
who are near and would know of and
notify tho public if any evil should befall
him, bliould allay all apprehension. A
woman nnd two horses have been captured
from Chato's band, tho Mct'oinas murderers.
Sho says this part of tho band
havo not had littlo Charlie, but another
division may have him. Great oxortions
will bo mado by tho Mexicans for his recovery.
Tho band have bieu chased to tho
Sierra Madra. The India are scattering.
None of tho nluety cam' or any point
withiu 150 miles of this . . aro threat
A Wisconsin jury hag . irdod Timothy
lewis $1,400 for servhna in eoouring a
wifo for Benjamin A. J ' 'ns, a woalthy
hut aged readout of 1 . osso, wbost
want of. Bucoess in aeokiay - ocond matrimonial
partner induood lw Migftgo an
agent to act for him.
Mr. I0I111 Caldwell has hud his house painted 1?
a lUht stone color. Tho change from a
soinb e brown male, s It appear as blight as a
new pin. James lleiidrlxson did tho work.
Mr. Hamilton Mitchell, of Itndnoy, Miss..
Is visiting Mi. Caldwell. I
Mis. Mary . I. Caldwell Was out. lat week
oveiloolting her Hue estate, now under the
cultuieand lease ol ir. Kilns Collins.
Mr. J D Dve, ot Hirdls, presented his
coi.sln, Hiram Dye, ot Forrest Home, with a
coop of Plymouth Koclc chickens. The hens
are good layers and Hie rooster Is a daisy ot a
Mr. John Caldwell hasa pair of match colts
that are hard to bent, ibelr pedlgiees may IS
behndof Mr Win. I Claik.
Uev. A. N. Gilbert's discussion of " tho new
birth "was tie Is a clear- headd
leasouei. V
Mis, Mattle Given sail accomplished young
lady from Mnynv lie Is teaching school at
Mt. Hope Academy on thoSaidls pike and
her pinions ore much pleased with her
Mr. A. .1. Style, Is building n veranda' In
fiont of his stole lesldence. This Is '.ho home
01 the pieaoliers on this circuit, and a most
delUhttnl visiting point tor tho numerous
11 lends of uncle Jack and his good lady.
M. Will I). Thiiekston hasjust completed a
well near his hnuie Ilellevuo collage, and
now bus It full of siond rain water. to
The Venerable Abel Hees Is out airaln alter
a palntul accl ie..t which held liltn prisoner I
foi some Week.
Mr. II. I). WntMtii Is making many changes (1
on bis new paicbase, the Ike plaeo
new tenee along t lie pike, the old bain torn (8
down and still other Inipioveinent.s contemplated.
Mrs. Win. ('hirltns iiiiinliiibr.fi n iii.te nri.nn
for;lls Kmiim. .Mrs. Spates Is instructing
tier 111 music.
Mr. J.T. Heee nukes his home In Clncln
Mtl. His lady coriespomleiits may address
1 un.C'Ueoi Globe Toh ice 1 Warehouse. All
commu Ic itlons coulldeiitlal.
News fiom Rouibon mivs, our old fellow Is
cttl.ei , Ike Chii' xlor N l.oilng with a big
auger lias elected a two thousand dollar
barn, for tobacco prizing Is miming 11 dairy, A
lias a meat shop, h'llt dn.u boarders nt his
Iwiuse, a governess for his child ion; nnd Is the
liveliest man In 01 near Mlllersbuig. You
bet !
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iu;iail uakki:t.
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the estate, j lopelJy verified
iiinytfd&wiin . U.S. J UDl), Assignee.
U, EL ISC C & CO '!
-Is the best place to get baigalns In
rmv goods,
Estct"blisli.ec3. 1BS5.
Vo. O.W. Hooiut Sl.,p.pcra House,
Frultsnnd Vegetablesiu season.
rcHiieetfully solJcltwI. IHdlv
Windhorst & Blum,
Havo Just received their Spring Htock of
Domestic Goods of the lateststylort.
prices re.isonnblo and work tho best,
A Spooiilii for all louo of tho
BLADDER. jj Okgans.
Plllo, 88 2oaos, 'Jl.OO
J. T. LEE, Lebanon I'lko. Cincinnati, O.
Sent by mall postpaid on receipt of jirhe.
J. C. Pecor & Co.
lIVr.S,011.S,VAKXI.NII.iiiul READY
.ttlXl'.D 1'AIN'CS,
t$tiilliiis: Paper,
Otii'pot Fnpor,
Has lust received Boo copies of
A Treatise on the Horse
PRICE 25c.
Tho best .work for tho mouoy published.
Address mall orders to
mytkl&wtf Maysvtllo, Ky.

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