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Portion of n Female Hotly Found In
tlio River Ncnr Itlaluir Hun, Intl.
Rising Sun, I.nd., May 80. Tkore is
much excitement over in Switzerland
county ovor a portion of a body caught
floating in the river Monday night that
seems to point to a murdor. Mondny afternoon,
while two hoys were fishing just
below the mouth of Grant's Creek, in
Switzerland County, about fivo miles from
this place, thoy saw a curious package
floating in the river. They towed it to tlio
shore and opened it, disclosing the head,
hands, feet, and legs of a human being.
The logs had been disjointed at tho hips
and knees, and one foot ut tho anklo, the
othor at the instep, and tho hands were
cut from the arms at tho wrist. Tho
different parts all ovidently bolonged
to tho samo body, and that
seemed to bo a pretty young
woman of about to thirty
years old, with black hair, braided in two
long braids. She had a full set of teeth,
except tho first double tooth of tlio left
side of tlio upper jaw, which had decayed
and had been plugged with gold. Her
cars had been pierced for rings. There
was no other marks by which she might
bo identified. Tho foet and legs wcro
wrapped in paper, and then in a small,
red-clouded oilcloth, and with tho hands
and head woro wrapped in nnothcr oilcloth
liko tho first, and tied with a strong
hemp cord.
Esquire James M. Long, of Davis' Corner,
held an inquest, after which tho parts
of tho body wcro inclosed in a box and
buried on tho river bank, 100 yards below
the residence of Lafayotte IIouzc, Ono peculiarity
was that the work of disseotion
sJt'med to havo been dono by a practiced
hand, as every cut was smooth, and
was without hacking or
An nnil "Wife Drowned.
Cincinnati, May 30. Yesterday Ex-Alderman
John Qolgor and his wife, living
in tho Fairmount suburb, wcro drowned in
Mill creek. Tho fact is only known by tho
discovery of the wheels of tho buggy.
Bodies not yot recovered.
Blnnnfuctnro the Ktecl Required fop
Our Cruiser.
Washington, May 30. In April tho
Naval Advisory Board prescribed tests to
be required for tho steel in the new
cruisers of war. Complaint is mado by
tho leading manufacturers of stool that
tho tests aro too severe, but no doubt
is felt at tho department that
steel of tho required strength and
elasticity can bo obtained. Thcro has
been somo doubt whether tho department
could obtain in this country steel guns of
tho required description to arm the new
cruisers, and tho Secretary has considered
whether it might not become necessary In
to purchaso guns abroad. American
manufacturers, however, claim to bo a'd
to supply all that aro needed.
Cincinnati, Miy 30. HJver 27 feet nnd fnllmit.
Pitts isuita, Va May 30. Uivor 8 feet 7 Inelioi
1.01'irvili.e, May 30. Illver 12 feet C indii
in eaiiulj U leeiG inches on tho fulls and lisnii.'
Stockn unci .Money.
New York, Miiy ."(J. belnu a legu
holiday thcro aro no markets or quotations.
Clilcngo, May :). Flour quiet ami un
changed, llcpulnr wheat imarttW nnd Icroci
SI 13 May, $1 13J4 June, SI 15Jf,igi 10 Mil
SI 171 beptemlRT, Si 18J ejetnber, SI 1
the year; No. 2 Chicago spring, 1 12l Liu
active nnd lower: cash; SV-'"1'?
.uiiy, onyz uiuii', u V tllliy, oou .lUKUBl. 7V
Sentetnber. OVao the venr. OutH onsier A.
oi.uli! IlSVn (tv XirTtM 'llyn .lllnrt Ul'n II.
August, iijJc September, 3tjo tho year. ' Uyi
firmer ut iil4U.Bl''hix.iLed bteudy.
CSenornl market,
Cincinnati, May 30. Apple scarce :
choice to fany St Otl 25 per hrl; fnir to
common nt SJ 50(33 60. Mean;': Marrows sell nt
82 25; common mixed at 82 40(33 00; good to
choice, medium, S3 25(33 76. Butter dull;
gradca quiet, creamery la quiet at 25jj2iic; fnir
to pood, 2ce; primo nnd choice dairy. 32c; choice
Northwestern, 35(ij:.Sc; choice Western Reserve,
2ti'2.Je; good to prune Central Ohio, 1618c; common
firm nt lli$12c. Cheese firm: vjtUo for
Northwestern: Vo for choice Ohio; Now Yoric,
15J4c Cotfeo dull: Interior, sje; common to
fancy, K)4'. Dried fruiu firm at 6K0o for
nppfen, n nnd pouches, now, 30ii. liny
unlet and receipt small; choice ho. 1 timothy,
812 OU&13 IK); No. 2 at $10 60(5)11 5u; pralne
ut 88 cjo (X); mixed, $7 00; straw at Stf ooa
tt 00 per ton. Kggs quiet at r8c. Onions aro dull
at 2 (X2 60 per hrl. Molasses firm;
common to fuir New Orleans, 3710c; good to
prime, 48062c; Sorghum, prims to choice,
z!iUMi per gallon. Potatoes active; early
rose at !H)o a bushel; nisetu, 95o a bushel;
snow. Make, 80c a bushel; sweet, 82 50Q3 00
pnr brl. Poultry quiet: chickens firm; voung,
S2 K)3 ft); old quiet nt S45; turkeys firm nt
lJrtilSe. (leese quiet at $4 005 00. Ducks dull
nt S3 60Q1 00. Sugar quiet: raw, 88c; cut-loaf,
vuereu, iiiic; A sugnrs.
yellow refined, 7
market nulet: bran.
SI3 00.. Oils firm: polrobtun, no deg. test, 8VJ
uc; iju ueg., ocjojc, anu iou uog. neauiigiu, ia(M
Uiyio. Seeds: clover, 1414o u pound for old;
now, 14l5c; timothy, tfl 7501 00.
Leaf Tolmcco.
Clnclnnntl, May 30. Thero was 720 hlida
offered to-day. Even with theso large offerings
the market remains firm and steady on all grades.
Common to good nnd fine leaf remained in nctlvo
request nt full quotations. Tho common nnd Inferior
classes showed about the same activity as
the better classes, selling at full outsido figures.
Tho good and fino gnules of old, of which but
few were oirered, were eagerly takon at lull quotations.
Tho common nnd inferior classes were
also in active request nnd sold at full quotations.
The following woro tho prices at tho first sale:
S10 75, 813 00, 818 00, S3 00, 316 00, 811 00, S17 75.
85 00, 815 25, 80 75, 80 30. 8 00, 813 00, 821 60
S10 60, 814 60, 817 7, 87 10, S10 60, 810 60, S1U 00.
81 1 80, S13 75, 810 125, 813 76. S5 40, 85 40, 87 00.
U 75, 88 10, 813 60, SI 00, 810 76, 816 25, 81 60.''
Iilvo Stock.
Chicago, May 30. estimated
receipts to-day wero 21,000 head, against 17,000
head, tho receipts of yesterday, with shipments
) eterday of 2,100 head, and the market openod
quiet and 610o lower, with fair to good light at
SO 767 20; mixed packing, 80 6537 10; choice
heavy, $7 10(?J7 40. Cattle The rocolpts to-day
wcru i,ou iiuuu. nyniiist o,ouu iichu, mo reoeipu
of yesterday, with shipments yesterday of 2.100
llL'ULl. 1.1L11 LLIO IllUlUCb utiaKt uiicucu tjirontr. duo
afterward became remt. and closed dull ami RiTi
lOo lower: choice .vdxports, 85 05o 10; good
to choice shipping, $5 C06 05; common to fair,
Botsa ov, oneep neceipis. i,uuu neau; snipmcius,
1,3000; markel fair, moderately actively and
steady; common to fair, 93 UQi 60: good, 85 60;
choice, 80 10.
EaH Liberty. Pb., May SO.-Cattle-Ke.
coipts 1,020 head; market dull at yesterday's
ptiue: Hogi Receipts, 1,810 hoad; market
alowj Philadolpblas. T 407 66; Yorkers, 87 16(3
7 88. 6,(jooi)9ad. Market active
nU $, ihade hlaliar thfta jrejicrday,
Manufacturers unci Deulera In
West Corn ev of Market and Third Streets, Maysville, Ky.
OMAHA, . nw Bird Cages,
LEADER jSsrHIP Brass Ksities
ot all Kinds.
n 22
B3TAI1 Goo1n and M'ork WAKIt A'TKI.
Nunibtr 43, Second Mi below
Market stieet, Mnynvllle, Ky. itiilWdly
Stato & Monroo Stc.Chlcaijo
Will (end r"I"l'l tomy nil.lrw. their 7 vaZr
for ls. UK) vlt. .10 KlirKTlnlt
of ImtruuKnli. Snlti, Iklu,
1'ompoDi, Enmlelt, Uim
Rt.mlt. Drum Mntnr'i Stf A.iil
Hull, Samlry Ktinl UHhU, litninnj
AMtrtiitsftl'olnfluHf. lnitrtctlon !!!
rr Atmliir ranui. kj iiiuoel.'
at Cbolc. llaad Muilc
ii i i
MOODY'S! jgasssssff
Boarding School SSjfst
SBAFIKG, and all tho FINISUING PA11T3 of
Position Guaranteed if Eeuired.
LADIES Address:
2). W. S400D7 & CO.
living out of the city
31 West Ninth EU
While learnlug. CINCINNATI. OHIO.
Savings Fund Plan
JFE Assurance $bciETYl
Instend of Investing In stocks, bonds or oth
er securities or depositing lu Savings Hanks,
of Insurance, wlilch not only yields n return
ns nn Investment, but given linmedliite
In cu&e ol deatb.
Assets .48,000,000.
SecondlHtreet, MAYSVILLE, KY.
mm piano.
For power .purity of tone.biilllnncy of touch
beauty of AiiIhIi nnd durability it lias no
equal.Tlie most eminent plauistH pronounce It
MANAGER, Branch office, Maysville, Kj
:Also, Tho Matchless:
A full supply ol
ou hand. Coi respondents promptly
Payments en&y.
A Specific for Dyspepsia and Diseases
of tlio Kidneys.
XT AS been used with most gratifying
cess In many obstlnnto cases. Prof, F.
W. Clark, professor of Chemistry nt tho university
of Cincinnati say s this water "belongs
to mo samo oiass wiui uiai oi mo .neg
Hnrlncs, ot Virginia," tho mcdlclnnl virtues
of which are too well known to bo stated here.
Those who desiro to try this famous water
ore referred to Captain 0. W. Boyd,"Lovanna
Ohio; Captain O. M. Hollowny, Cinciunntl,
Ohio; J. J. Ralpo, Cincinnati, Onto. For salo
In half barrels nnd jugs by
UUH. 81MMONB, Proprietor,
mHi(Xwtr Aberdeen, Ohio.
Wooden and
vwmo.; ware.
Or unite Iron
lire of till
of nil kind".
Application for Incorporation.
VJ OTICE Is hereby irlven thnl application
ll bus been intKle to tbe Miison 'Jounty
Court for tin lueni point Ion o! tlm Mnysville
Klceiric Llulit C'oinpiiny, in ptiisuiinet tit
chapter r(). ot the tieueial rttututes ol Kentucky
initiby Unit iinino to litivo p'rjjcinal
nntl power to suo unit bo sued, Ac.
The nmoniit of eupltnl mock to bo W.!,(H)o,eiicli
shine ol Wlilch Is to bi ot the value of sNJU.
The pilnclpiil place of business ot tho said
eorporatlou is- to be tho rlty ol Mnysville.
Tilt object ol the said Company W to mrnlsli
lUht, isoneruted by ejectilclty to Individual
andcoi'pnrntlonb within ihecityot .Maysville,
autl adjacent theieto. and to the said city lor
public purpoes bycoutract wllh the wiinc,
and No lor the purpose of supplying motive
power, cenernted by steam or electricity,
within tlio said territory. Tlio private
of the individual stoelcholders in the
said Company Is to be exempt, from all liability
lor the debts ol the said Company. The
business of said Company is to be managed
by a board of seven Ulreclois, to lie elected by
the stockholders nnnually, and. the
board of dliectors to be elected when the sum
oi not less ilian SlO.dtO shall bnve been
to the capltiil stock of said Company.
The boaul of dlieclors Horn their own number
shall elect n President, Vice President,
Beeielary and Treasuier, nnd may elect other
otliceis as may be necessary. The company
tuny Issue Its bonds lor nn amount not exceeding
the maximum Indebtedness which
shall be tlxed nt Sii.t'W. with Inteiest coupons
theieto ut inched b tiring Interest nt urate not
to exceed six per cent, per annum, which Interest
shall become due and payable
and to secure said bonds and interest
the compnny niny execute n moitgnge
upon lis propel ty of every kind. The said
corporation iiiy commence on tho 7th tiny
ot Mny, IR'1. unci continue perpetually. The
following mimed ptrsonsnro the
11. Vutlsuorlli, Cluis. H. P. nrre. W. II.
McGrnnnghiin.H.C. Hnrkley A. It. Glascock.
C. Sbuliz Lench, D. Heehlnger, G. W. Hulser.
Mnysville, Ky., .May 0, 18s3. mSd&wlm
t'ut i- of Kidneys, Liver and
udder, irl i;-bit di-pots, and Diabetes, s
tatitili. of the Unniirj Or- jft
: T.ir. il l.lvul III liirt'll0U. 11 V
ourtoianeh. at 'tupslcnl
uTections, Uys.;iepslu
36 Bosjo for v.urcsuuui.
LOO. IUicuruattsm ol
thn tuitilM. Vomit-
in-4. iiil,immntlan ol
?- ilieUre'hru. ASpecltlcloi
Ul Ptono In tlu Jilndder; Lucoc
rVi,..,. til .i.i'i if tlu Prnistntt
Gland, BriVht'3 01'iseof the Kidneys
J.T.LES, Clnolnnati, O.
Cherry Pectoral.
No othor complaints are so Insidious In their attack
as those nirectlng tlio throat and lungs : none
so trilled with by tho majority of sutTerers. Tho
ordinary cough or cold, resulting perhaps from a
trifling or unconscious exposure, Is often but tlio
beginning of n fatal sickness. Aveu's CiiEituv
Pkctoual hns well proven Its efilcacy In a forty
years' fight with throat and lung diseases, and
should bo taken In nil cases without delay.
A Terrlblo Cough Cured.
" In 1857 1 took a severe cold, which affected my
lungs. I had a terrible cough, and passed night
after night without sleep. Tlio doctors gavo mo
up. I tried Avku's Oiinunv Pectoual, which
relieved my lungs, Induced sleep, nnd afforded mo
tho rest necessary for the recovery of my strength.
By the continued uso of tho Pectoral a permanent
euro was oll'ected. I am now G-' years old,
halo and hearty, nnd am satisfied your Cheuuv
Pectokai. saved me. Horace FAiitiiitoxuKu."
ltocklnghain, Vt., July 15, 1882.
Croup. A Mother's Tribute.
"While In tho country last winter my llttlo
boy, throo years old, was taken 111 with croup; it
seemed as if he would dlo from strangulation.
One of the family suggested the uso of Ayer'S
CiiEUitr Pectoral, a bottle of which was always
kept In the house. This was tried In small
and frequent doses, mid to our delight In less than
half nu hour the llttlo patient was breathing easily.
Tho doctor said that the Cherry Pectoral
had saved my darling's life. Cau you wonder at
our gratitude? Sincerely yours,
Bins. Kjima Gedney."
15D West 128th St., Now York, May 10, 1882.
" I havo used Ayer's Cherry Pectoral In my
family for several years, and do not hesltato to
pronouueo it tho most elfectual remedy for coughs
nnd colds wo havo over tried. A. J. Crane."
Lako Crystal, Minn., March 13, 1882.
" I suffered for oight ydnrs from Bronchitis, nnd
after trying many remedies with no success, I wns
cured by the uso of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
.lOSEl'U Walden."
Byhalla, Miss., April 5, 1882.
"I cannot say enough In prnlso of Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral, believing ns I do thnt but
for Its uso I should long slnco have died from
lung troubles. K. Bkaodon."
Palestine, Texas, April 22, 1882.
No caso of nn affection of tho throat or lungs
oxlsts which cannot bo greatly rolloved by tho uso
of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, and It will always
cure when tho dlseaso Is not already boyond tho
control of medicine.
prepared dy
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by nil Druggists.
Desirable Real Estate
IF not cold before I will toll nt public auction
on Miliirtliiy, June u, 1S83. my
house nnd five lots, nil under fence, situated
in Clifton, nonr tho property of Mr. ('. B.
Poarco, Jr., nntl only three minutes walk to
tho proposed street railway. Tho house is
comparatively now, has thieo rooms, kitchen,
nail and porch below, and two rooms
above, a nlco cellar, cistern, a huge stable,
buggy houso unci nil necessary
fifteen to twenty fruit trees, grapes nnd othor
small fruits. For further particulars call and
seo mo at my ofllco opposite postofllco, or G,
S. Judd, Esq, Attorney nt Law, Court street,
between Second and Third streets.
n21dtd G. A, McORACKEN.
Does not claim to undersell every other merchant in the city,
but he does claim to give entire
To those who favor him with a call. Take his stock
Through and Through
And you can do as well as at -any other place. Notice these
prices and then call and
4 Ball Croquet, Set in
6 Ball Croquet, Set in
8 Ball Croquet, Set in
jAlZqtd e&tjch: finer.
Good Cotton 300 Pound Hammock - - $1 25
Good Cotton 500 Pound Hammock - - SI 50
Mexican Grass 1,000 lb. Hammock - - $2 50
And All
iMi.A.'srs'viijijiE, nzir.
mm mm mantfk thwahp fir
ij uuniLuj mmiiLLuj MiiiiniiLj
Latest and most lnipioved styles of Cciolslnp nnd Hentlnc Stoves, made nt 'Wheclliip, W
Vn,. ot hot blnst chnrconl iron, warranted not to huveu single onuceot scrnpin them. These
Moves of course, wear the longest.
MOUNK Fl'ltNlMIl IMi(K)l)S of nil hinds rml the Best quality.
JIOXI'IOK oil, omi'0 STOVES The only absolute' snio oil stove In the world.
I.ITTI.K JOHKIt VAN3!IG and Effective. Best made.
O.UEKN OF 'HIE T WATEIt mtA1Vl.lt, which saves hnlt of tho lubor of drawing
water liom n well or cistern.
KVItl.Y llKEAHl'AS'rroOKIKG STOVE, which is admitted by all who havo used It
to linve no superior. Unit anu see it. unu
Box $1 OO
Box $1 25
Box $1 50
L I Ul
& Power's.
nnu see us wneiner you wish to uuy or not.
Our Future Purpose!
Is to tender the farmer ndvnntnpes hereretofo imhenrd of In tlio business world by DISCONTINUING
attheloweit possible wholesule pi lets, as the following (schedule will fully Indicate.
BUGGIES: Largo invoices just received. Superior to any ever
brought to the city which we cast on tho market at 857.50 to 8136.
PAHM WAGONS from $57.50 to 885.00.
DOUBLE SHOVEL PLOWS, including extra tongues, $2.50 to $3.50.
COBN PLANTERS from 75 conts to $37.50.
TWO HORSE CULTIVATORS from $10.00 to $20.00.
CORN DRILLS, S14.00, heretofore $18.00.
Spring Tooth and Randall Harrows. Steel and Cast Plows. Sulky
and Revolving Hay Rakes. MoColm'a Soil Crusher. Springfield
Engines and Threshers. Driving Wagons. Village Phcetons
and Carriages all at correspondingly LOW PRICES.
All peisons nre invited to cull nnd tee us aiyiir stock is litrge and must be sold.
npisaiy jyp. 7 Sttffgnand 18 Second Streets,
(Successors to A.M. EGNEW & CO.,) G. W. Tudor's old stnnd, No.'SO Mnrltot street, Mnysville,
Kentucky, announce to tho public that having purchased tho Interest ot A. J. Egnew & Co.,
wllll conduct the Stavo nnd Tin business nt the oii stanr ol G. "W. Tudor on market street,
Maysville, Ky. The new Arm Is composed oflpructlcnl men of long experience and
workmen. Tho, best brands of
will bo constantly kept on band at tho LOWEST PRICES. Roofing nnd other like work
done in tho best manner and guaranteed to give satisfaction. Attentivo and polite salesmen
at our store will give closest attention to the wants of our customers.
debts owing by the late firm of A. J. Egnew & Co., will bo paid by us and all claims
duo said Arm are payable to us by the terms of tho purchase. Yours Respectfully,
TTfc TUC DI I Dl I I cordially recommend the above named firm, and
I J I Ea w U D tm I w would be pleased to have myxoid customers nnd
friends favor them with their patronage. Respectfully, (mcuSOd&wem) G.W. TUJJOK,

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