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Politics ns n Business.
Young men who think of making politics
a business should stop find consider.
Tho path to political proferment is
seemingly broad and smooth, but when
onco ontorcd upon, it proves long and
tiring and is so full of obstacles, not
visiblo at tho outset, that only tho most
patient pcrsovernnco and au uncommon
ambition can successfully ovorcomo
them. It is easy enough to get a start
in tho political arona. Genial mannors
will soon win hosts of political friends
to tho youth who brings his unbounded
enthusiasm along, and an average
will, without much effort,
secure him quito a place in local politics.
But this will not bo stiiliclont tor a
proud mind, and yet but a very few
over got beyond. 'Very small is tho
number of those whoso sin crior intellect
raises them abovo their fellows,
smaller yot tho number of those who
find public recognition) rofitablo enough
to enrich them. Many a man who started
out with a hope ul heart and under
promising auspices has passed through
polities to poverty and obscurity. A
tew men got rich in public life, but thoy
are only u few. Tho prizes are as rare as
thoso in tho Havana lottery, and much
harder to keep after thoy are drawn.
In every town and community tliero nro
men eagerly contending w th
other for whatever of value thoro is to
1)0 gained in tho political field. Tho
young man disposed to work faithfully
and diligently will find tho strugglo
much less sovoro and houorablo btiecess
much moro corta'n in tho circlo of business.
And ho certainly will bo moro
independent. Ho does not need to bow
to Uioso who think themsolvos superior
to him, but aro not; ho has not to end ire
tho familiarity of every loafor, but can
choose his companions for their worth
and not because of their "rower" at any
primary. Ho can shut his door and retire
whon ho needs just. Whatever ho
earns is his own. The professional
beggars, who consider politicians to 1 e
their legitimate prey, havo no claim on
him. His peace of mind does not do-pond
ipon tho outcome of an election or
tho vote of a precinct, nor his prosperity
on tho good will of others.
Tho country is cursed with professional
politicians, nnd they injuio themselves
even moro than thov do tho public.
Every American citizen sliould bo somewhat
of n politician, but not try to
makoa living out of tho questionable
profession. Tho young man is wise
who docs not run after political honors,
but waits till thoy come to him. Burlington
Snndny Marriage Engagement Valid,.
An opinion was filed a fow days ago
in tho Supremo Court, in tho caso of
Charles Mnrklov, a bachelor of 58 years,
against whom Eliza Ko-wiring, a maiden
of fl8, obtained a verdict of $993.75,
in tho Lancaster County Court, for
breach of promise of marriage. The
parties in this lovo affair lived in May-town,
Lancaster County. An engagement
of m irri ige took place on Sunday,
tho lUth day of August, 1879. Ttio
courtship had been very short, and w is
minus the warmth of heart usually displayed
in such preliminaries. Indeed,
tho'ong igomunt w is spoken of as a ra st
oKtrao (Unary affair. Markloy purchased
his lady lovo a number of presents,
and fcoeminzly prepared for tho
wedding day. What lira was in his
heart, however, suddenly cooled, and
one evening ho told Miss Kosscring,
who was a seamstress, that ho was too
old and lama to get married. He gave
as a rotsou that his father was lying at
tho point of death, and it would not bo
proper to marry. under suoh circumstances.
His swoothoart never spoko to
. him again, but straightway instituted
proceedings to recover a bairn fqr thp
atlllction of her heart, Tho jury before
whom tho caso was tried was a
one, and, by thoir verdict, thoy calculated
to tho very cent tho injury Miss
Kessering had sustained, Markloy 's appeal
to tho Supreme Court was basod
upon several reasons, tho most important
of which was that tho alleged contract
of mirriagQ had takqn placo on
Sunday, and was, therefore, invalid, the
same as any other contract, businesslike
or social, made on that day. Tho
opinion of tho Supremo Court in sustaining
tho vordiot of tho jury says that
there was nothing In any of tho
of orror to warrant a reversal.
Tho caso was pronorly submtttod to tho
jury, and tho fact that the contract of
marriage was entered into on Sunda7
could nut avail, in view of tho ovidonco,
widen was overwhelming, to tho effect
that ihu ongagomonc had boon subsequently
ra !ugai.od by Markloy. Heading
(Pa. ) TimPt.
o Aonsenso Aoout Jler.
' I toll you what it is," said young
Spilkins, "that Podgors girl is just tho
right kind of a girl. There's no nonsense
about hor, you know, and siio's so
obsorviug, you know; seos everything
thoro is to bo seon, nnd sho's just as
economical and as sho can
bo. I took hor out to walk tho other
evening, and sho saw everything in tho
shop windows. More than a dozon
times sho said: 'Doesn't that candy look
nicoP" And two or throo times, as wo
wore going by an opon door, sho said:
How lovely that smolls! It smells
just liko ice-cream, doesn't it?' But,
la! notwithstanding sho would liko to
havo had somo, sho novor onco a?kod
mo to givo hor any. I toll you, boys,
you dori't often find a girl liko that, so
thoughtful and economical, you know."
Spilkins says if ho evor gots married,
Miss Podgors shall bo tho happy woman,
but Spilkins may bo mistaken. Miss
Podgors may havo a word to say. Detroit
Free Press.
Homo News by Wny of tho Isthmus.
El Canal, a paper
printed at Panama, tolls tho following
story, tho scono of which, it says, was in
Now York city :
" Sir, will you havo tho kindness to
road mo this paperP" said n man of
very good appoaranco to an ologantly
dressed gentleman.
"I will,' rospondod tho gentleman
addressed, and directed himself to a
street lamp near by, tho light of which
onablod him to read tho following:
"If you givo ono cry, if you pronounce
a singlo word, a dagger will
cleavo your heart. Givo mo instantly
your watch, chain and purso, and thon
pursue your way.'
" Tho gontloman, surprised and terrified,
delivered to tho unknown without
uttoring a word, tho things that wore
asked of him, and thon both persons
walked off in different directions. But
after going a fow stops tho gontloman
encountered a policeman, to whom ho
related what had transpired and seeing
still at a little distance tho unknown who
had despoiled him thoy approached
him, detained him, and carried him off
to prison.
" When tho day for his examination
in court arrived tho accused listened
tranquilly to tho chargo preferred
against him, playing meanwhile with
tho chain of tho stolon watch. When
tho accusation against him had boon
rnudo tho supposed, criminal aroso, and
u well cbo&en phrases informed tho
court nnd Ids auditors .that ho had tho
misfortune to lack oducation; that ho
knew not how to rend orwrito and that,
having found in tho street a paper that
perhaps might bo important, ho had 'requested
a gentleman who had passed to
read what thoro was upon it; that tho
gontloman approached a street lamp,
read the paper in a low volco, and without
.speaking a word, gavo to him his
watch, chain, and purso, immediately
thereafter hastening away without giving
him time to oxpress his surprise or
ask hirn what ho meant. AU this mado
him bolievo that that paper was valuable
nnd that tho chain, and purso had been
given him a3 a reward for his finding
"The court listened attentively to
these reasons, and tho accused was
Newspaper Work.
A few years ago tho newspnper profession
was looked down upon as nothing
but a Gehennch for tho wrecks and
cripples of other professions. A reporter
was tho very acmo of social degradation.
Now, however, it is ditlerent.
Every ono of tho young men who havo
just left some alma niaier believes that
he can write, and that ho has but to
oiler his services to bo installed in somo
responsible position. How many aro
disappointed tho walls of a newspaper
otlice could relato were thoy able to
speak. Newspaper work is not a matter
of writing, but of putting as many
facts, and as much of them as is possible,
in tho briefest possible space. It
takes a young man fresh from college a
long timo to find that out, and until that
knowledge is obtained thov havo to
sutler many a pang whilo seeing an editor's
bluo pencil making sad havoc with
thoir elegant periods, nice illustrations,
and worthy introductions. If a man has
not instinctively got an oyo for news
and tho faculty of getting it expeditiously
he may "polish tho sidewalks" for a
lifetimo nnd yot bo no nearer tho goal
ho started out to rench. The most remarkable
thing, however, is tho number
of women who crowd into tho profession
of journalism by sheor persistency.
Once a woman lays aside hor natural
resdrvo sho becomes moro pushing nnd
irrepressible than a drummer, and thus
many succeed in actually forcing themselves
into positions. As a rule, thoy
make good hi certain departments.
A few of thorn aro interviewers,
and as such thoy havo succeeded
better than most men. But
equally, as a rule, womon make bad
Thoy nro prolix, and tho
natural female inclination for postscripts
follows them throughout. Besides, thoy
aro generally awkward personages to
havo in an olllco. They aro apt to be
OMioting and constantly claim privileges
on tho strength of tho deference duo a
lady from a gontlemnn. City editors
often find them tho bano of their lives,
and to niaio reporters there are twenty
unpopular to one popular femalo scribo.
1'tic Hour.
Adulteration has becomo a science
Wo water our stock, and sand our sugar,
nnd diluto our prayers with many words,
nnd havo fallen so low that wo use glue
in our Ice cream. What an nppotiziiig
combination is gluo and cream. We
"don't know what tiio gluo is mado of,
and for that matter wo don't know what
the cream is made of, though wo havo a
strong feeling that any self-respecting
cow would ropudinto tho idea that she
had unything to do with its manufacture,
but whon tho gluo and tho cream
aro proporly compounded ono is able to
buy a heaping plato of tho refreshment
at tho old prlco, whilo tho profits of tho
saloon keeper nro indefinitely increased.
Tho beauty of tho gluo is that it makes
tho ico cream frothy, and doludes tho
unwary into tho belief that ho gots a
great deal moro than ho pays for. There
may, however, bo a moral sido to this
matter, and if gluo tnkon internally will
only mnko somo men stick to their
word, and mnko othors stick to thoir
business iustoiul of spending most of
their timo attending to other poople's,
it will cease to be an adulteration and
bcomo a boon. N. Y. Herald.
More Flesh Less Fat.
A man's appetite frequently has much
to do with his opinions. Forty years
ago, when labor was a pleasure, wo
cared not how much fht was mixed with
tho flesh of beef. Our digestive organs
wore equal to any demands upon tho
system Loss activity has wrought
sympathy for tho sedentary nnd tho dyspeptic.
The largest portion of tho beef
e.ttors cannot eat or digest tho lumps of
tallow on our fatted beeves. Nearly
half of tho weight is tallow, and is a total
waste. Hence there is a domand
for beef for city consumption in tho
United States and Europe with moro
flesh and less fat. And tho inquiry lias
become so earnest that breeders and
feeders are boginning to heed tho
Even our English customers
complain that American beef is mado
too much of corn and too littlo of grass.
Tho only way to obviato this complaint
is to raiso moro bluo grass and loss corn.
And tho pastures should bo so arranged
that growing steers can havo tho advantage
of it in winter as well as summer.
Corn is not to bo repudiated as
tho food or finish of cattle. Nor is it to
bo denied that it is a flesh as well as fat
producing article of diet. But cattlo
raised mainly on swcot, tender grass,
havo a greater proportion of flesh,
than when fed mainly on corn. Tlio
complaint cannot bo remedied altogether
by tho change of food. It must bo
largely aided by the breedor in selecting
stock inclined to n largo amount of
juicy flesh and less bono and fat. O ir
soil and water saturated with lime is
calculated to produco larger bones, so
breeders must judiciously solect small
boned and well fleshed animals. Wo
havo always contended that tho profession
of stock breeding meant something,
and if it is not employed to improve in
every way, tho business should bo abandoned,
and thoso men called thoroughbred
cattlo rnisors. This is a serious
question to consumers, and wo plead
for more tondri juicy flesh and smaller
piles of tallow with our beet-Beautify
Tho best test of tho worthiness of a
community is probably tho extent to
which it keeps tho Lord's day holy. All
good things go with Sabbath observance,
generally speaking, and all bad things
with Sabbath desecration. Another excellent
test is tho expenditure on education,
and another, missionary contributions.
As a test of intelligence and activity,
the consumption of paper por
head of tho community has been
and tho average consumption of
sugar is equally indicative of tho degree
of comfort in which tho people five.
But in all the tests of comfort nnd taste,
that which strikes a traveler through a
country most readily is tho appearance
of iho with thoir gar-dons,
lawns., fences and other surroundings.
Whether these dwellings bo
or viila man-,1 ms, it matters littlo;
it is tho evidence of attention
and good taste that impresses t'io iniud
It was onco said by an accurato observer
that tho finest object in his extensive
garden was grass that was always
beautiful, whilst ilowerajdo laud
became unsightly. Wo may add that
all good gard no'rs pay special attoution
to lawns.
However small tho front court or back
yard may be, there should bo in it a
well-kept lawn; and if tliero is room,
there should bo borders or circles or
crescents of flowers, giving a
e to thoso which grow low and continue
long in bloom.
A cott.igo with a nice lawn having a
fow lino .shrubs and a center oircle or
border of flowers is a beautiful eiirht,
espco.ally if it has ono or two trees
grow nir near, but not too near, tho
house. All beautiful lawns and flowers
sliould bo vMblo from the road that
evory passer-by may bo gratified.
A Magnificent Telescope for Russia.
Tho Russian Observatory atPoulkovo
will shortly bo in possossion of a
tolescopo. For a long timo tins observatory,
constructed in 1839 by order
of tho Czar Nicholas, possessed tho
most powerful instruments in tho world,
but ot lato years tho soiontifio progress
which has been mado in England,
Franco and tho United States has put
tho Poulkovo Observatory in tho shade
Tho Univorsity of Virginia, for instance,
has now tho enormous McCormick
the objective of which is 26 J-inches
in diameter and thirty-three
feet lon, whilo the NumiI Observatory
nt Washington has ono ofthosamo
Leek, a wealthy Californian,
is about to placo a still greater tolescopo
on Mount Hamilton, near St. Joso.
Four years ago tho Russian Government
accordingly determined to construct
a now instrument which both in
respect to its mechanism and optio
power would surpass any oxisting
Tho astronomer Otto bturvo
was commissioned to superintend tho
work, tho oxocution of which was
to Messrs. Alvin Clark & Co., of
Cambridge, Mass. Tho glasse.s.consistlng
of an amalgam of flint and crown glass,
havo boon in hand for nearly a year,
and by tho month of October 'thoy will
bo ready for uso. Tho total length of
tho Poulkovo tolescopo will bo forty-five
feet, and tho diameter of the glass thirty
inches, oxolusivo of tho mounting. Tho
telescope will bo placed in a meauow to
tho southwest of tho principal building
of tho Poulkovo Obsorvatory, and It will
stand upon a movablo iron turret whioh
wjll itsolf rest on rails. Tho tc'oscopo
will bo so powerful that tho moon will
bo brought to an apparent distance of
only a hundred miles from 'tho earth.
A Queer Story About Gnrlbnlill.
Tho writer of an editorial article pub
lished in a recent issue of an Italian
newspaper called tho Senlinelle du Midi,
assorts that Garibaldi was slain nt
and has, evor sinco that fatal
day, been impersonated by a Livornesc,
whoso resemblance to him was a matter
of public notoriety for some yenrs before
tho General's death. It is further
alleged that tho late King Victor Emanuel
must bo held responsible for the substitution
in question, an oxpedient of
his own suggestion for averting a downright
breach between tho Garibaldian
faction and tho dynasty. Soveral of tho
roal Garibaldi's fellow campaigners in
Uruguay have at different times testified
publicly to tho hoax thus practiced upon
tho Italian nation, but to no purpose
although thoir allegations havo been
uniformly supported by indisputable
physical ovidonco.
They point, for instance, to tho facts
that Garibaldi's hands and feet wero
small and finely formed, whilo thoso of
his impersonator wero largo and ill-shaped
that the former could scarcely
write his own name, whilo tho latter
was a skilled and fluent penman. This
imposture," observes tho writer, "no-counts
for tho unconcealed antipathy
entertained by Menotti nnd llicciotti
Garibaldi toward thoir dead father's impersonator,
whom Menotti could never
meet without breaking out into abusive
language, whilo llicciotti, although
upon tho island of Caprora, steadfastly
declined to cross the impostor's
threshold.' It is worthy of mention
that tho Fanfulla, an organ of tho Italian
Government, denounces tho above-mentioned
article in good round terms,
but, nevertheless, reproduces it in -its
entirety surrounded by a broad black
border. London Telegraph.
Americans as Frog Enters.
Tho people of New York aro great
frog caters. They consume moro of
them than do tho people of Paris. At
present tho regular supply is about 300
pounds per day. But frogs nro scarce
and xloar at the present. When thoy become
plenty thoro will boa demand of a
tonoffrogs'moat daily. Tho best articlo
comes from Canada in tho Ontario district.
Tho general method of catching
thorn is with hook and lino, using a bit
of red flannel to danglo before tho eyes
of the victim and attract his attention,
when tho hook is slipped under his chin
nnd ho is snatched up. After being
caught thoy are killed and skinned and
packed in tiibs.holding about fifty pounds
each. Ico is put around them. Nothing
but tho hind legs and a part of the sido
and back are sent to tho market Tho
foro quarters havo littlo or no moat upon
them. The h'nd toot are not cut oil.
At tliis season of tho year frogs retail at
sixty cents per pound. As the season
advances and frogs become moro plentiful
the price declines to thirty-five cents
a pound. This demand for frogs has
all been developed within ton or twelve
years. Artificial propagation in the
vicinity of New York has failed, it is
said, because of difficulty in getting sufficient
cheap food on which to food the
tadpoles and young frog-. Tho consumption
of frogs in Boston is also
greatly on the increase. Tho Now York
Truth learns that the largest dealer in
Boston sells about 150,000 frogs per
year at an aver'ago of sixty cents per
dozen. In tho busy seasonlio employs
twelve to fifteen men, who go through
Massachusetts and even into Maine and
New Hampshire, catching frogs, which
nro shipped alive in boxes prepared for
tho purpose. Prairie Furnicr.
Ai tenuis and Ills Jfabcs.
Artemus Ward started in California
with an announcement thatho would lecture
on 4,Tho Babes in tho Woods." Ho
said he preferred this title to that of
"My Seven Grandmothers." Nobody
knows why, for thoro was, of course, to
bo as littlo in the lecture about babes,
in or out of the wood, as about seven or
any at hor number of grandmothers.
"The Babes in tho Wood" was never
written down; a few sentences only
havo survived of a performance which
wns destined to revolutionize tho comio
lecturing of the ago. Tho "Babes"
seem only to hr.o been alluded to twico
that at the beginning, when tho lecturer
gravely announced "Tho Babes"
ns liis sub ect, and then, after a rambling
string of irrelevant witticisms,
which lasted from an hour to an hour and
nlmlf, ho concluded with: "1 now come
to my subject, "Tho Babes in tho
AN ood." Then, taking out his wntoh,
hjs countenance wouldsuddenly chango
surprisn followed by great porploxity.
At last, recovering Ids former composure,
and lacing tlio difficulty ns best lie
could, ho continued: "But I find lliavo
exceeded my timo, and will thoroforo
moroly remark that, so far as I know,
they wore very good babes; thoy wero
ns good as ordinary babes." Thon almost
breaking down, and much moro
nervously, "i really havo not timo to
go into their history; you will find it all
in tho story books. n Thou, gotting
quite dreamy, "Thoy died intho woods,
listening to tho wooilpookor tapping t;lio
hollow With somo suppressed
emotion: "It was n sad fato for
them, and I pity them; so do you.
Goodnight! Tlio success of this lecture
throughout California was instantaneous
nnd decisive. Tho roportors
claimed that thoy could not writo for
laughing, and split their pencils
in attempts to tako down tho
jokes. Srm Francisco Call.
- i ih m i i. "H
Nowtou Asbton( aged twenty-four,
committed suicido nt Martin's Forry,
W. Va., recently becauso Katie Powell
wanted to postpono thoir wedding.
To Can Corn: For evory eight
quarts of corn cut from tho cob, tako
ono ounce of tartario acid; cook together
and can. Last year wo put up
oans for family uso, and all kopt
well. Wo havo used this recipo for
years. N. Y. Tribune.
Good spico cako: Ono cup of sugar,
one-half cup of butter, yelks of four
eggs, one-half cup of molasses, one-half
cup of sour milk, two-and-a-half cups
of flour, ono tonspoonful of soda, and a
tenspoonful each of ground clover, cinnamon,
allspico and nutniog. The
Fish fritters: Removo the bones
and skin from any cold fish. Mako
very lino by pounding in a mortar, adding
equal proportions of bread crumbs
(not too dry) and hot mashed potatoes.
Stir in a half toaoupful of oraam, two
beaten oggs; season with cayenne popper
and salt; form into small cakes, and
fry in butter or lard.
According to tlio Gcrmantown Telegraph
a good remedy for ridding tho
bushc3 oi tho currant worm, and ono
that has been tested, is "to wot. tho
bushes with a watering-pot, and thon
dust them thoroughly witli sieved coal-ashes.
Repeat both ono or two consecutive
mornings sliould it bo doomed necessary."
It is a startling fnct, nnd ono worthy
of serious consideration, that tlio peoplo
of tho United States aro clearing off
thirty-live acres of limbor for overy aero
that i3 planted with forest trees. Wo
havo reached that point in denuding our
country of its forests where it becomes
tho duty of ovory land-owner to plant
trees. Chicago Journal.
Every cook knows how
it is to havo tho nutmeg or cinnamon
which is added to cream and
sugar for pudding sauco riso to tho top
of tho sauco, ami when it is served to
havo tho first spoonful taken out too
highly flavored and tho rest without
taste. To remedy this mix tho nutmeg
or cinnamon with sugar boforo pouring
on tho croam: it will then bo gradually
distributed through tho sauco. Pour
the croam on a littlo at a time, and tho
spico will tend to dissolve N. Y. Post.
Mr. Nelson Ritter, who has handled
many thousand dozen eggs in his timo,
tells the Bnral New 1 orkcr that tho
largest ho evor saw measured inches
around ono way, 7 tho other, and
weighed G ounces. Tho noxt was a
trill o smallor, weighing fivo ouncos.
Insido each of theso was an ordinary
sized egg, with shell hard and com-
Idote. Mr. James J. II. Gregory says
n tho sarao paper that the sugar
pumpkin is a trustworthy cropper,
nearly as as tho marrow
squash, and very sweet.
A West Point cadet who graduated
fivo or six years ago is now an inmate
of tho Maine Statu Prison. Some men
mako a qucor choice Detroit Free
"Why did not you send for mo
soonorP" asked a doctor of a patient.
"Well, you see, doctor, I couldn't
mnko up my mind to do anything desperate."
An oKchango says: "A man lives
in this vicinity who states that ho first
mot his wife in a storm, popped the
question in a storm, and has lived in a
btorm evor sinco."
What is tlio meaning of the word
tantalizing?' " asked a teacher.
"Please, marm." spoko up Johnny
Holcomb, "it means n circus procession
passing tho school house, and tho
scholars not allowed to look out."
Mater: "So you enjoyed your
wnlk, Kate. Did on go all that distance
alone?" Daughter: "Oh yes, m.iinuia,
quito alone." Beastly brother: "Then
how is it. Kit, you took an umbrella and
brought homo a walking-stick?"
Hot weather dovelops politeness
umong men. On tho shady sido of
Eighth streot tho other dav hundreds of
men took oti'tlioir lints when tho only
femalo in s'ght was a hoopskirt hanging
in front of a store door. Philadelphia
Tho weather bulletin says "tho
rivers will remain stationary."' 'I his is
truly ungrateful on tho part of tho
rivers. After tho liberal app opriations
tnat have boon on them, thoy
should each and all riso, if only to express
their thanks. Boston Tianscript.
Just down tho intervale, whore tho
brako ferns grow rank, sho placed hor
casol and sat by it sketching trom nature.
"Pleaso, ma'am. Is that mo
you'ro drawing milling that cow in tlio
picture?" "Why, yes, my little man;
but 1 didn't know you wero looking."
"Coz if it's mo," cont'nucd tho boy,
unmindful of tlio artist's confusion,
"you've put mo on the wrong sido of
the cow, and I'll got kicked way off tlio
lot." Even lady artists need a littlo
practical knowjedgo. New Haven Register.
A Mobllo paper has a correspondent
In Connecticut who, for over ton years,
has sent every two weeks a bulky letter,
with postago prepaid, somotimes two or
thrco stamps,. The letters are nover
Sriptcd and novor wil bo, boin
upon somo abstract point of international
law. Tho writer's name is
unknown, only initials being signed. Ho
was probably taught whon young that
"porsovoranco conquers all things," and
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