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Publishers and Proprietor,
To whom Address nil Communication.
The englo plucks tho rnveu, .
And tho raven plucks the Jay,
To whoso voracious craving
Tho cricket falls a prey.
The big flsh dine nt leisure,
Upon tho smaller fry,
And tho minnow eats with pleasure
Tho poor unconscious fly.
Tho miser skins his neighbor.
The neighbor skins the poor,
And tho poor man doomed to labor
Spurns tho boggar from his door.
And thus tho world Is preying,
Tho strong upon tho weak,
Desplto tho precious saying
"The earth Is for tho meek."
A great deal of sickness is reported nt
At all events we are not entertaining at
tho jail an angel unawares.
Frank It. Fiiistku will not sell his
bookstore, as advertised, but will continue
in the business.
Mit. Harry Wadsworth's little daughter,
Helen, aged sixteen months, died last
night after an illness of several weeks.
m .
Mr. Richard Durrutt has an unusually
lino crop of potatoes this season. Ho
planted tho Early King variety and realized
about 150 bushels to tho aero.
A well executed crayon portrait of
Mr. Ezekicl Forman, by tho Rev. A, N.
Gilbert, of this city, may bo seen in
Morrison & Kackley's show window.
Rev. S. H. Ciikster will preach at tho
Fresbyterian Church on Sunday. Subject,
morning and evening : " A Renewed
Earth, tho Final Home of the
Mr. D. A. French has. returned from
the veteran short horn breeder sale, of
Abe Renick, in Clark county, where he
purchased a young Rose of Sharon bu 1,
heavily Duko topped.
The Executive Committee of the Confederate
Soldiers' Afcsocintiion are requested
to meet at tho office of J. M.
Frazeo & Co., on Saturday afternoon, at
4 o'clock to consider important business.
There will bo proaching at the Chris
tian Church, in Washington, next Sunday
afternoon at four o'clock sharp, by
Rev. A. N. Gilbert. Subject : " What
is Christian Baptism ?" Everybody welcome.
Sheriff Daniel Peurine and Chan.
Jefferson left this morning for Lexington
to witness tho hanging of Timborlake,
tho negro, and tako a lesson in judicial
strangulation, preparatory to practicing
on Bulger.
-Basket Meeting.
There wi)l bo a basket meeting in the
woods of Mrs. Frank Pickerill, on Pea
Ridge, one and a half miles west of Minerva,
on next Sunday, tho 22ad inst.
Rev.'s J. N. Barbee and J. S. Felix will
conduct tho Bervice3.
Rev. M. D. Reynolds will preach at
tho M. E. Church, South, Sunday, on the
following themes : Morning : " A Christian,
thoWorkmanship of God." Tho sub
ject involves tho ideas of what is a Christian,
how he was made and what ho was
made for. Evening: " Two Dead Cities
as Witnesses""
Rev. A. N. vGiujert will occupy the
pulpit of tho Christian Church as usual
on next Sunday morning and night. In
the morning ho will preach on Christ's
reply to tho penitent thief: "This day
thou Bhalt bo with mo in Paradise."
The subject at night is : " The Prince of
Peace." Services ono hour.
The speech delivered at the Court
House, last nighi, by Mr. Chas. F.
colored, of Charleston, W. Va., is
spoken of very highly by many of thoso
who heard it. A large crowd was present.
Mr. Annistead spoko for nearly
two hours and held the attention of his
audience to tho close. His speech was
well received and shows him to bo a man
of intelligence.
The Yeoman says: Tho trial, confession,
conviction and sentenco of Samuel
Bulgor, tho negro who committed the
rapo at Maysville, should have a good
effect upon mob spirit throughout
the State. It is creditable to Alaysville
and Mason county that tho great impulse
of tho community has been restrained,
and that tho negro has been resorvod for
tho formal action of tho law. Tho moral
effect of inflicting punishment for this
horrible crime in a decent and ordprly
way will bo much better than if it had
been dono at tho hand3 of a .lawless
crowd. Lot it bo onco understood that
sure punishment will follow crime, and
there will bo less of it in Kentucky. Tho
jury in this case was nbsont seven minutes,
and brought in a verdict of death.
Tho testimony of tho father of tho girl
was that she was under twolvo years of
Continuation of His Criminal
History He Would Rather
Hang Than be Imprisoned
for Life.
This morning a reporter for the Bulletin,
at Bulger's request, visited his
cell at the jail, and lecejved from him
some additional facts in his criminal
history, of which he desired to unburden
himself. Ho is not at nil depressed in
spirits, but on tho coutrary, talks cheerfully,
seems to be resigned to his fate,
and is emphatic in his declaration that
ho would rather be hanged than imprisoned
for ljfo in the penitentiary. He is
mulatto, of regular features, is slightly
built, and notwithstanding his long career
in crime, is onlv a few months over
twenty-two years of age. The story told
is as follows :
I was in jail several times at New Orleans,
generally for iiithting and minor
offences. I never committed any serious
crimo there, nor at Cincinnati, "as I considered
thoso places tho points where I
wished to stay. I was at New Orleans
frequently, and often metMavsville people.
I waited on Mr. James il. Hall and
his sons a number of times while I was
at the Citv Hotel.
I was at St. Paul, Minnesota, once, and
saw a countryman sell two head of cattle
and receive tho money for them. I
followed him for some time, and then
went to him, pretending that I knew
him. I got him to go with mo to a saloon
where I spent about a dollar and a
half on him. When we wentout he was
pretty drunk, so I took- him up a dark
alley'and worked him for his roll. I got
something over a hundred dollars, I
don't remember the exact amount. I
have often gotten money in this way,
and one time took in S2S0. I usually
spent it for good clothes and sometimes
a watch, which I would pawn when I
needed money again.
I sometimes worked in barber shops,
and whilo there was often ahlo to
commit thefts which were not detected.
My plan was to take a man alter he had
gotten out of the chair, brush him off,
tap him under the chin, and while his
head was raised go for his pockets.
I was at ono time working with Pells'
Brothers circus and at Greenville, Ind..
had some some trouble when I wanted
to quit about getting my money. When
tho train that carried the circus was moving
out from the town at night for Fort
Wayne, I hid in a cut near the place, and
shot at Modoc, tho boss canvas man,
with whom I had the ditliculty. but
whether I hit him or not I don't know
as I did not stop to see.
I wanted to sav to the reporter yesterday
something about an adventure I had
on" the lower Mississippi, hut forgot it.
I wns cabin boy on the steamer Florence
Myers, commanded by Capt. Nickols,
which, when fourteen days out from Cincinnati,
sunk at Good Hope Landing,
Arkansas, and drowned seven persons.
We laid on the bank without food and
clothing all that day and until three
o'clock the next afternoon, when we received
relief from Nashville, Tenn., and
later went to Now Orleans by tho steamer
I was alwavs very quick tempered and
often in trouble on'tliut account. I was
seldom able to work anywhere more than
two or three weeks before I was discharged
on account of my sullen nature. I remember
once at the Metropolitan Hotel, Now
York, whero I was elevator boy I got into
n fight with one of tho gue?ts who was
going up on tho ehvitor, an l while vo
were fighting it went through tho roof oi
tho house.
I have traveled all over tho United
States, and almost invariably beat my
way wherever I wanted to go. That was
tho way I met Hiram Hendrickson at
Cincinnati. We were both trying to
beat our way to Maysville, and were in
each other's way. and therefore both had
to pay. When" I want to beat mv way
on a boat I go into tho hold, and only
come out during thohiight. Tho men
seldom inform on me, and if they attempt
to do it I bluff them with a pistol,
and if they do tell on mo they generally
turn up missing.
He was asked by tho reporter, " Have
you ever put anybody out ofthe way for
that reason?"
" Not on tho upper Ohio."
" Did you ever do sucha'thing on tho
Mississippi river?"
"I should not bo surprised if I did."
"Can you name any particular instance?""
"I cannot."
Ho tt.en icsumed his story, and said:
There aro tnanv other crimes I have
been guilty of during mv life, but lean-not
think of them all now. I want you
to warn all the young men of Maysvillo
not to read tho" Police Gazetto, Illustrated
Times, Police News, and dimo novels,
for they will certainly bring thorn to
a bad end." I havo been a cons'.ant reader
of them all, and my evil deeds havo
all been dono on account of what I saw
and read in thoso papers. This is all I
have to say to-day.
A Distinguished Arrival.
Tho roll of tho stirring drum and tho
ear-piercing shrieks of 'the flfo that broke
upon tho still ear of night Wednesday
evening, and alarmed many of our citizens,
heralded tho approach of a mob,
but not tho sort of a mob tho timid had
been expecting, a mob, not seeking to
inflict vengeance for tho outraged laws
of tho land, but n crowd of citizens
" striving to mako tho endeavor" to givo
a hearty welcome, and to extend tho
far-famed hospitalities of Kentucky to a
distinguished etrangor who comes to sojourn
for a short time in our midst Jt
was a welcome to Corporal Simonds.
George Simonds, of well known reputation,
for his human beauty and polite
exhibitationq, who camo Wednesday
evening from tho far distant Groon
Mountains of " Vairmont," to vipit for a
very short period tho broezy liills and
Bunny valloyswof old Kontuck. Tho
crowd waB worthy tho occasion, tho man
was worthy tho cowd, and the orator
was worthy tho circumstances, and fully
up to tho event. It was fitting that a
boy from tho mountains of Kentuck
(tho' not .green) should welcome a man
from tho mountains of "Vairmont"
(very green). This duty was nbly, honestly,
intelligently and grandiloquently
performed by Mr. Caleb Brooks, tho scintillations
of whoso wit, and the lambent
coruscations of whoso gonius are only
equalled by the lurid flashes of tho lambent
bolts of his own mountain storms,
and whoso breathing thoughts uttered
in burning words, accompanied with a
voice whoso musical tones are not exceeded
by any of tho genius cervus that
fly over the plains of the county of Bith,
oi by tho melifluous tones of the
aceous birds who spread their brilliant
plumage in tho barnvards of Montgomery.
Mr. Brooks, in iiis inimitable manner,
told Mr. Simonds that he was id. id
to see him so were the people. Glad
that he lived a long ways oil' so wen
.the people. Glad that lie came to stay
but a short time so were the people.
Hoped that the pleasure enioved bv him
during his sojourn in our midst would
only bo surpassed by tho brevity of his
htay among us and fo all the people
hoped ; and to this tho crowd shouted,
and all the people said amen.
Mr. Brooks here boirod, grew eloquent
and spoke ot Mr. Simonds as a rare bird
from an icy clime, who camo with froien
wings to sunnier lands, and who, therefore,
has never yet known how far in the
blue empyrean" his wings ouch thawed
out mav carry him. Ho hoped the gen
ial influences of Kentucky sunshino
would, with miraculous speed release
the fettered pinions of this bird from another
clime, and that when started once
in full vigor is like the eagle's flight,
would bo out of sight, and his adm
friends of Maysville would gladly
gaze upon his ascension at an time he
signified his willingness to make the trip,
and put his angel plumage on. Here
tho emotions of the orator overcame
him and audible to is were he rl from
tho crowd J Mr. .Simonds, who had long
been too tull for utterance, and whose
condition beg..n to exhibit Hgn.s of
repletion, bowed his graceful
thanks with the agility of a piact.ued
acrobat, to such a degree th it several admiring
friends in his iinuie Hate vidian
were severely wounded (in the neck)
and to all the ciowd was ireclv
Utered the wine of joy, if u. t th oil of
consolation. We were light ihoiv; ww
ami heard it all; nnil this is the way
looked to A Man up a I'i.ki:.
Miss Mary Gable, of this city, is visiting
relatives at Uipley. '-
Miss Lucy Clary, of Mayslick, is
Miss Ella and Mollio Evens, of Choctaw.
DrG. W. Martin and daughters have
returned from a visit to .relatives in
Mr. J. Zimmerman, special agent of the
Adams Express Company, of Cincinnati,
is in town to-day.
Miss Minnie Chunn, of Levanna, P.,
is visiting Iher uncleJMr. S. I'. Bridges.
of"East Maysville.)
Mrs. H. W. jltenshawjjof Covington,
is visiting the family of Mr.
of tho west end.
Mr. Henry Lewis, of East Maysville,
who has been very sick, wejaro pieased
to state, is much better.
Mrs. Collins andj daughter, Miss Ella,
of Cincinnati, O., who havo been visiting
friends in this city for several days past,
returned home Thursdav.
Capt. W. W. Bean and Dr. W. G.
Keith, of tho Newport and Dayton Street
Rauroad Company, were in Maysville
Thursday on legal business.
A fire occured on the docks at New
York among tho shipping ou Thursday,
which destroyed property valued at from
two to three million dollars. Twelve
persons were buried in tho ruins of one
of tho docks.
Mrs. George Shipley, who has been very
hick for a long time Is slowly convalescing.
Mrs. Polly Tolle, who Is upwnids of
yearn old, was out to meeting lust week.
A minister from Olilo who passed through
our neighborhood liiHt week was (hiving h
linrKH he has owned for live yeurN D.ist. and
hns driven him during that time upwards of
thousand nines, ir ueavon wns
medicated upon " works," that horse would
bo sin ool hU place.
Miss Addle Campbell, of Mnysvllle, wns
vbltlng tho Misses Key, Inst week.
Mr. George Calvert's horo ran away with
tho buggy, last week, smashing up gates and
dolng'homo damage to his buggy, luckily, not
hurting Ithell.
Mrs. Wm. A. Morrison is visiting hor mother,
Mrs. .MnlliuU Walllngford, near Mount
Mis. LaythamnndhorlntoreNtlugdnughter,
MUs Snllie, woio at church nt Mt. Glload, Saturday
Mr. II. Clay Stono and J. II. Wnlllngfoid
nttouded county court nt Mt. Sterling, last
Monday. They report but little stock on the
markot. Cattle dull, mountain sheep at fiom
$J to 83 per head.
Mr. Georgo Cnlvort and MIbs Lizzie Calvert
went to Aberdoon, O., and wore married last
Mrs. Mallnda Wnlllnglord.of Mt. Gllond, Is
visiting Mrs. J. II. Wulllugford this woek.
A Llttlo Short.
Boston Journal.
A street-car conductor carelessly carried
his bell-punch homo and allowed his
children to play with it. Tho next day
tho company informed him that ho was
9,000,099 fares short. He has offered to
leavo tho children in pawn until ho
makes up tho money.
Advertisements In sorted under this heading
10c per Hue for each Insertion.
Try Langdon's City Butter Crackers.
Ready made mosquito bars cheap at
J. W. Mparks & Bro., 24 Market street.
Linen and Mohair ulsters, largo lot,
also Jap parasols 15 cents each, at Hunt
& Doyle's. . i
New style lace curtain poles, red Scotch In
shading, shade fixtures, ccc, at
Hunt & Doyle's.
Men's gauzo undershirts at 20, 23, 35,
40 and 50 cents each. Men's drawers at
25, 30, 40 and 50 cents, at J. W. Sparks &
Bro., 24 Market street.
Slaughter sale of straw hats. Boys
hats nt 5, 10. 15, 20 and 25. Men's hats
nt 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25, at J. W. Sparks &
Bro., 24 Market street. jlGdlw
Maysville, Ky.', July 15, 18S3. or
To all whom it may concern : Relatives
and friends of soldiers buried in the
cemetery will confer a favor by sending
the undersigned committee their name, to
regiment and company, as they wish to
procure headstones for their graves.
Geo. N. Crawford, "1
T. M. Luman, Coin.
Geo. M. Clinoer. J
The young men of Lewisburg will givo
an entertainment on the grounds nearly
opposite the store of E. Berry & Son, on
Wednesday night, July 23th, which they
ntend nuking the crowning event of the
season. There will bo plenty of refreshments,
a string band, and two largo
waxed platforms for dancing. A cordial
invitation is extended to all.
to tho grounds, 10 cents.
committee of auiianoemknts.
Lewishurg Win. McAtee, James Owen",
'JliurlesT. Marshal.
Helena Win. Luttrell, Leo Thomas.
Kllzuvllle Umry Hell, Charles Berry.
Mayslick Charles Hopper. Dr. Davis.
Wnshl Mallby, Ed. Parker.
Orunueburg l). (hillock.
Ml. HI Ortd Lui'len Goodman.
Mnysville .lumes Thielklelil, Sam. Smith,
.ramus Kit,
Win. Dud'oy,
Corrected dully by G. V. Geiskl. grocer
sond street, Mnysvllle, Ky.
Limestone 3 7 0U
Maysville Family 0 S3
Old Gold 7 On
Mnsoii County 4 25
Kentucky Mills 6 00
Butter, $ Iti 1520
Laid, 'tig J2'4
Eggs, ft doz 12a
Meal peck 20
Chickens 13Q.25
Molasses fancy 70
CjiU 011,1 gal. 20
Sugar, granulated "$ tt 10
' A."H ft hi
" yellow to 8fi9
Comb Honey 13
Sir.ilucd Honey 12
Hums, sugar cured "el w la
Bacon, breuklnst It 13
Hominy, callou 13
Henna gallon
Potatoes peck, ueiv -.. 15
Uottee... 12f&16
For Constable.
Wo aro authorized tnnnnounce that CHAS.
L. DAWSON Is a candidate for constable In
May.svllle piecluct No. 1 tit the ensuing Au-KU
t Klectlon. Ho solicits the upport of his
I n ends,
F.ddle Miller, of East Mnysvllle.
NOTIC'K In tho habit ot miming nwuy to
the river without his parents consent, Is notified
thut the otllcers uio alter him, and will
put him lu the calaboose If ho does It ngnln.
J10d2t A Fill END.
KKN'T A small dwelling house, by
jlSdlw Court street.
NAl.B A new baionchc. Usod bI.x
IjMUl Made by Burrows & Athertou.
Will be sold at u uatgaiu. ai iy io
J20dlw AS I A nunc ess.
I.1WU S.llJIJ.l bicycle, 30 Inch wheel,
J1 new. Worth SIS. Call nt
N.1I.I'. The house and lot ouThlid
1OIt lu East Maysville, formerly occu
pied by Israel SUCKiey. Aupiy io
Tnoit N1 1. 1: Several young Jersey cows,
1; well broke, perfect and rn run now or
milk. jnidiw C. II. AN DEHSON.
nou eo liosh Aldorney cows.
E Apply to J IQdlW JAS. it. CALVEUT.
ai.i: Onosectlou.OIOacres.of Lynn
V county. Texas land, also a section of,
Floyd county, iexns land. Apply to
M. F. MABSH, Sntton strenl.
T7U SAI.K A spring wagon, good as new.
I1 . canacitv about . .'.auu pouiius, . lso cow
and - calf, pait Alderney. - nnly to
Ji:M2w Washington Ky
A ten dollar bill ou Second street.
LOST to this olllco nnd receive reward.
About 2J4 yards of Hamburg In-
betting. Apply at J10t2 THIS OFFICE.
A gold Mnsonlc Pin. Tho owner
ITIOUXD j it by calling at THIS OFFICE.
1 LL persons indebted to tho lato firm of
iiniiim & Ollft will nlonso call nt our law
olllco on Court streot and make prompt payment
or we will bo compelled to proceed to
collect samo by law. SALLEE & 8 A.LLEE,
J12diwlm Attprueys.
Articles of Incorporation Adopted
by tho .MiiyHVillp
of the City of Mil; ill, Mute
ol Kentucky.
1. Be It known that C. B. Duke, Thomas ,
Wells. Henry E. Pogue, W. B. Muthews. C. H.
White, John T. Fleming, J.J. Wood, H. C.
Barkley, John N Thomii, T. C. Campbell, U.
Heuhlimer, M.C. Kussell.Geo.T. Hunter, E.W.
Mitchell, C. H. Clirt and Geo. W. Lloyd Imve,
by Mils Instrument, nssoclnted themselves
together ntul become Incorporated under, and
pursuance or the pre vl&loiis of chapter 50 of
the General Stututes of Kentucky, as the
"Mnysvlll' Cooperage Company," nnd by
Hint name .shall sue nnd be sued, contract
nnd bu contracted with, nnd shall nave perpetual
succession and u common seal with
power to niter same at pleasure.
2. The cipltal stock of snld corporation
shall bo divided Into shares ot one hundred
dollars ($10 ) each, and the subscription to
said capital stock shall be paid in ns follows :
Twenty-live CJ5) per cent, on the 1st day of
Aiwust, ltSJ, and tho remainder lu such Installments
und at such times nnd places u.s
the Board of Dlrtcton may designate.
:t. The shines ot slock shall be transferable
by wiltleiinsslgiiinentof the owner upon the
eeitlllcate for Mime shall bo sunendeied to
the company and cancelled and n
Issued in lieu theieorto the poisons holding
I. The corporntlon Is organized for tho purpose
of muiiulactuilng barrels and bnriel
staves and a 11 ot her ai t'cles made out or w ood
of which wood Is the basis, nnd the business
of said coipointlon shall
buying and selling and dealing in
such in tides nnd lu the materials- loi making
5. The snld corporntlon shnll have the power
to aconite by puichase, or otherwise and
hold real and personal propel ty to such nn
amount im iimv he necessary and convenient
for the pioper prosecution or the business of
said company, and shall have t he same power
to dispose ot .said pioperty Hint private persons
now have under the laws ol Kentucky.
0. The private propel ty or the stockholders
ol said company shall be forever exempt fiom
any and nil llnblllty lor the debts and liabilities
of said oompnny.
7. Tho principal place of business of said
corpointlon shall be nt .Mnysvllle, Ky.
8. The capital stock of said company shall
be thlity thousand dollars (330,000). The certificates
ol stock In said company shnll be
Hlgned by tho l'resldentand Secretary aud attested
by the seal or the corporation.
0. 'lhe said company shall have the right to
employ agents and servants, to establish by
laws nnd make such rules nnd regulations as
niuy be necessary ror the mnnngetneut or tho
nilnlrsoi thecompnny.not inconsistent with
the provisions ol thee nitlclesof incorporation
with the laws ol this State or of the
United Stales.
10. Tho business of snld company shall be
managed by a board or seven directors to be
olected by the stockholders when the sum ot
eight thousand dollars (SS.000) Is subcrlbed to
the capital stock ot said company and thereafter
there shall beau annual election or directors
on the first Monday in July of each
year, said dlrectorsshnll hold theliolllces until
their successors aio elected nudqualltied.
Each boaid or directors elected In pursuance
of this ptovlslou shall eecl a pieslueur.
tiensurer, secietary and superintendent, mid
shall pi escribe and detlne the powersaud duties
of said olllcers. mid from such as they
mav pieserlbo luKebond with security for the
falthiul discharge nnd performance of their
duties. No pel son shall be elected piesldeut
who is not a member of theboaidof director.
11. Stockholders shall lie entitled to ono
vole for each and every shale ol
stock held by them, lu nil elections and lu
all questions voted on lu meetings or the
stoculioliieisuud may cast said vote uy written
12. The Indebtedness of the company shall
not exceed the sum ot ten thoiii.uid vSIO.000)
dollar1 at anyone time.
13. By consent of a mnlorlty of the stockholder
voting at a regular aunual election
the piovisions of these aitlcles ol Incorporation
may be amended or dimmed in the manner
nulnoilzed by chapter 50 of the General
Sta'u esof Kentucky.
1-1. The proceedings ot stockholders' meetings
and the meeilngs ot the boaid or directors
shall he regularly entered in a book or
the company kept ror that purpose. AH the
business transactions ol the company shall
nlo be kept in n lessularset or books.
13. Any member ol tills corporation may
withdraw thereliom at auy time, by surrendering
his stock to the company. Certificates
of stock shall bo assignable as above
provided, but nny stockholder withdrawing
from the corporation by surrendering his
stock, shall receive nothing Irom the company
on his withdrawal.
10. This corporntlon shall commence on the
18th ot July, .&'j, and shall continue thereafter
lor the period or twenty-five yeats,iind
longer, It renewed as authorized by law.
In testimony wheieot, the sail I
have hereunto subscribed their names
tills llth day or July, lh3:
L. W.MIi'UlEL.
C. B. CL1FT,
W. B. MATH E Wis,
lOXr oitDKll JIANO or Orchestral In-.
struments, or M u steal
goods of any ulnd, be-lore
sending for net prices
to ALLEN It.
V, Lafayette
place, New York. An
excellent B Flat Piston
Cionet, S13.50: Best B
Flat Comet, S3); Solo E
Flat Alto Trombone, 20
bentC. O. D., with pi
or trial.
publicity: residents ot any
J Stale. Desertion. Non-Support. an HU
and applications for stamp W. H. LEE,
Att'y, a:i H'way, N. Y.
A DVEHTISERI send for our Select List
J. of Local Newsunpors. Geo, P. Rowell &
Co., 10, Spruce slicet., N. Y.
ss JfSfcH
"vrOTIOC Is hereby given that sealed
posnls lor the construction of n iipw Catholic
Church at Mnysllek, will bo received until
Sat uiday. July 2Sth. The building Is to be
forty feet wide and seventy feet long nnd will
ben frnino structure. Tho plans nnd
bo seen by cnlllnu on John
Maysville, Ky. All bids should bo addressed
to the unduislgiicd,
JyOiLtwlw Mayslick, Ky.
Iiftestiou Gnre,
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