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MONDAY EVE., JU,LY 23, 1883.
Publishers and Proprietors,
To whom Address nil Communications.
As t!io Autumn time approaches,
A friend the rumor broaches,
That n group of Herdl's coaches
Are to scoop the railway car.
. For the entire population,
After solemn cogitation,
Voto ng'lu the recreation
Of riding Shanks' mar1.
Col. T. Z. Morrow, tho Republican
candidate for Governor, spoke at the
Court Houso Inst Saturday niidit. His
speech was well received by those
Mrs. Maiiy E. Wallinoford, of the
Lewisburg neighborhood has sent to this
oflico two curiosities in the shape of eggp.
They aro of the ordinary size but very irregular
in shape.
The Emmet Itilles will spend the summer
season at the "Fitzgerald House,"
nt tho bend of Market street, this city.
They remain on duty, wo understand,
until September 4th, tho day fixed upon
for the execution of Bulger.
Mnssns. J. 0. Owens & Co., proprietors
of the Maysviile Coal Elevators,
have just received 100 tons of the celebrated
Old Leo anthracite coal for base
burning stoves, which they propose to
sell at $8.50 a ton, delivered.
Kate McAlistkb, was up before his
honor. Mayor January, last Saturday on
a charge of using obscene language on
tho streets. Tho warrant was sworn out
by Kate's sister. The court adjudged her
guilty and fined her So and costs.
We take pleasure in reprinting the following,
which appeared in the Frankfort
Yeoman :
The finest patont flour wo have used up to
this time was manufactured by Robinson A
Co., at Maysvillo. It Is branded "Old Gold,"
nnu Is the whitest, lightest and sweetest we
have ever tried. No such bread as It make-,
has ever been on our table.
The now society lately organized at
Camp Sam. Riloy is prospering. Several
new members have been initiated sjneo
our last notice. For the benefiftjOf those
who think of joining we will say tho initiation
ceremonies are very elevating.
Ve speak from experience.
Mr. W. V. Lynch has given us the
dimensions of a pair of shoes lately
made for Miss Fannie Wells, who resides
in Ohi6. They wpre 1S inches long,
7J inches wide, and have a heel 5 incli.es
square. The lady is 51 years old, five
feet high, and -weighs 109 pounds.
A lively competition is being carried
on at tho present time between the
steamer Ohio, of the White Collar Line,
and some of the regular Pittsburg boats.
Passengers were transported from Pittsburg
to Cincinnati last week for the
small sum of three dollars and fifty cents.
A boy asked a man, "Please, sir, what
is tho time?" He answered, "Tho
time to noon is just one-fourth of the
time since 5 o'clock j now, my little
man, if you will tell me tho correct
time I'll give you a silver dime." What
should his answer have been so as to
claim the dime?
Denth of Dr. Howard Farrow.
Dr. Howard Farrow, who was former'y
associated with Dr. James Shacklefcrd,
of this city, died Saturday morning last
nt his father's home, near Fa' row's
Mills. Ho was a young physician with
a promising future before him, and made
many friends while residing in this city,
who will bo grieved to hear of his death.
years ago, this month, tho
Cobb family wore murdered near this
city by Charles Collins, and on the 2Gth
day of September he was executed for
tho crime. Tho hanging took place on
the road leading from East Maysville to
tho Flemingsburg turnpike. Tho Mason
Rifles, under tho command of Captain
Charles G. Cady, were present and acted
as a guard to the prisoner.
A dray-driver on Saturday accidentally
spilled a barrol of slop on Soxnid
street and of courso tho city hogs had a
picnic. An old rooter who had been attending
to business in tho lower part of
town arrived too lato for tho feast and
expressed his disappointment in a most
becoming manner, and without tho
slightest regard for the feelings of a leading
councilman who happened to bo
near by nt tho timo.
The magnificent side-wheel steamer
Reuben R. Springer, arrived nt this
point Sunday nftornoon between three
and four o'clock, with a crowd of excursionists
from tho Queen City, numbering
about five or six hundred. Tho crowd
was orderly and well behaved while in
this city, no disturbanco of any kind occurring
that wo have heard of. After
remaining at our wharf about half an
hour, tho steamer started on hor roturn
Mr. Ed. Cook, of Cincinnati, spent Sunday
in this place.
Mr. John G. Brodt, of Hamilton, O.,
is visiting relatives this city.
Mr. Jeff. Henry visited his family in
tho " State of Lewis," Sunday.
Miss Dora Mockbee, of Riploy, is visiting
Miss Luella 0. Goldsborry.
Miss Louisa Cablish, of Nowport, Ky.,
was visiting relatives in Maysville, Sunday.
Dr. Hoal, accompanied by his wifo, is
visiting his son, Mr. John Hoal, of Vino
Miss Belle Moorehouse, of Cincinnati,
Ohio, is the guest of Miss Cone, of Grant
Miss Ida Bliss, of Cincinnati, and Mr.
and Mrs. Simon Nelson are stopping at
tho Hotel.
Mr. Ed. Glen, of Ironton, was called
to this city last Saturday by tho serious
illness his wife.
Mrs. Julia Harding, of Aberdeen, 0., is
visiting her daughter, Mrs.R. B.Stephens,
of East Maysville. ' (
Mrs. John Cablish, formerly of this
city, but now of Newport, Ky., is visiting
her relatives in this city.
Mr. J. P. Singleton, special agent of the
Union Insurance Company was in tho
city this morning on business.
Hon. W. Vaughn Prather was in
Maysville on Saturday and called to see
his old friends of the' Bulletin.
Mrs. Annie Elston, of Cincinnati, 0.,
accompanied by her son and daughter,
is visiting Mends in this city and vicinity.
Messrs. Adolph and Charles Schrieber,
who have been in this city for a few days
on business, mtnrned to their home at
Cincinnati to-day.
Mr. Rash, of Tollesboro, Ky., was
brought to this city this morning and
was sent to tho Lexington asylum in
charge of Dr. Robert Taylor.
Mr. N. B. Marsh, formerly of this city,
but now with C. R. Mabley & Co., the
Mammoth clothiers of Cincinnati, is in
"town on a week's vacation, visiting
friends and relations.
The following Maysvillians are enjoying
the cool mountain , breezes at
Sprincs, viz: Richard Dawson,
Messrs. John Zecli, S. B. Poyntz, John
Hunt, George Keith, Ollio Poyntz, John
Poyntz, Charleton Clift, Robert Owens,
Frank Wheatley, Howell Barkley, Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Blatterman, Mrs. John
Pearce and Misses Lizzie Moores and
Judith Keith.
Timberlajce, the Lexington rapist, was
tried, convicted and executed in about
two months and sixteen days from
the time he committed the brutal crime
for which he was puni&hed. Bulger, the
rape fiend now incarcerated in the county
jail, waiting tho execution of the death
sentence, was tried, convicted and sentenced
in less than one month from the
day on which he perpetrated his fiendish
ciime, and the time fixed upon for
his execution is just about two and a
half months from the day on which his
victim was so horribly outraged. This
promptness on the part of the officers of
t'io law in these two cases merits the
highest commendation from the press
and tho people. Were the same course
pursued against all violators of tho law,
criminals would be fewer in number,
crimes less frequent. The fate, which
Timberlake has met, and which awaits
Bulger, should servo as a warning to all
lustful brutes who may be lurking within
our borders.
Kentucky Fairs.
Fairs in this State, so far as hoard
from, will be held as follows:
Mt. Stetllng, July 31, three day-.
Harrodsburg, July 31, four days.
Danville, August 7, four days.
Shurpsbuig, August 7, four days.
Richmond, August 11, live days.
Shelby vllte, August 21, five days.
Cynthiana', August 21, tour days. .
Lnwroncebuig, August 21, four days.
Alexandria, August 2S, tlve days.
Lexington, August 23, rtve days.
Frunkltn, August SO, three days.
I'ails, September 1, tlve days.
Bardstown, September 4, four days.
Falmouth, September 11, four days.
Maysville, September 18, llvodays.
Louisville, OctnhorS, four days.
Gerniuutowu, October 10, flvo days.
Two of tho excursionists on tho R. R.
Springer, Sunday, wore drowned just
after tho steamer loft Now Richmond on
hor up trip. Wo wore unable to learn
the names of tho parties. They were
accidentally precipitated into tho water
from tho swinging stage plank and were
drowned before assistance could bo
dored. A third party who fell into tho
water at tho same timo was rescued.
Excursion Rates.
On July 23rd, 24th, 25th, 20th and 27th,
tho Kentucky Central Railroad will soil
round trip tickets to tho " Reunion of
tho Survivors of Gen. John Morgan's
Command," at Lexington, at excursion
rates. Tickets good returning on tho 28th.
Halls Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renew-or
never fails in restoring gray hair to its
color, lustre, and vitality. Dr. A,
A. Hayes, Stato Assayer, of Massachusetts,
endorses it, and all who give it a
fair , trial unite in grateful testimony to
its many virtues. , , .
51 rs
Of News Ticked up in By Places.
Cape May hotel proprietors offer very
low rates to popular military organizations,
and thus secure music, spectacle,
animation, nnd plenty of dancing partners
for their girls.
A man traveled hastily from San Francisco
to Omaha, on hearing that he had
been "remembered" in his father's
will, and tho report proved truo, but the
sum ot the bequest was one dollar.
Tho bill for workmen's
insurance against sickness renders
insurance obligatory of all manual laborers,
at a cost of li to 2 por cent, of
their wages. Employers also pay something.
Heath, Auditor of St. Louis, went to
prison for three years for stealing public
money. His wife obtained the divorce
to which tho law entitled her on account
of his felony; but when he was released
a few days ago, she married him.
Prof. Remsen, of the Johns Hopkins
Laboratory, deems the study of chemistry
as bracing for tho morals as for the
mind. " I believe," says lie " that frequent
practice in qualitative and quantitative
analysis lias a tern o icy to develop
Munk Murphy, a brakeman, with a
claim to eccentricity, has established it
by ridimr into Boston coiled up on the
truck under a car, to win n bet that lie
could not steal a passage. Lucking n Hag
to wave in token of victory, he took oil'
his shirt and Hung it to the breeze.
Atlantic City is described this season
as "just what it pretends to be no
gloss, no veneering,, no shams, its
not enamelled, a regular freckle-faced,
red-haired, hearty free-and-easy
Jersey favorite" but is 'lacking in the
fashionable style which characterizes
Long Branch and Newport.
Tho fund of SI 0.000 raised in Cincin
nati for a Garfield monument is awaiting
use lor mat purpose, anil drawing interest
meanwhile at four per cent. The
committee in charge will soon meet and
decide upon a location. Six nrtists have
been given until August 1st to prepaie
models, and shortly after that date one
will be selected, and the contract for it
mode by tho committee.
From tho South KentueUlan
In an editorial about concealed de d'y
weapons, the Frankfort Yeoman ha-this
to say :
" It lias sometimes occurred to in that
a better plan would be to itloi.sli all law
against currying concealed we on-, a- d
give more attention to the enforcement
of penalties for Uning them unlawful y.
If it was generally understood th tt every
man was armed and able to defend himself,
it might have the elfect to pur an
end to homicide, uud biiug us back to
decency ami order.''
It is rather a bold position to take, but
there is no que&tion that such a law
would bo to the interests of the better
class of citizens who do not like to violate
the law. The roughs are not deterred
or restrained by the law, and good
citizens frequently 'lose their lives
they iiiivo "no weapon of defense
When attacked bv assassins.
Advertisements Inserted under this heading
10c per line for each inscilinu.
Try Langdon's Citv Butter Crackers.
New stylo Stockinette Jerseys nt Hunt
& Doyle's. muriJldlv
Linen and Mohair ulsters, large lot,
also Jap parasols 15 cents each, at Hunt
& Doyle's.
New stylo laco curtain poles, red Scotch
shading, shade fixtures, &c, at
Hunt & Doyle's.
Ayer's Sarsapurilltt is the most effective
blood purifier ever devised. It is
recommended by tho best physicians.
Men's gauzo undershirts at 20, 25, 35,
40 and 50 cents each. Men's drawers at
25, 30, 40 and 50 cents, at J. W. Sparks &
Bro., 24 Market street.
m m
Slaughter pale of straw hats. Boys
hats at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25. Men's hats
at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25, at J. W. Sparks &
Bro., 24 Market street. jlOdlw
Maysville, Ky., July 15, 1SS3.
To all whom it may concern : Relatives
and friends of soldiers buried in the
cemetery will confer a favor by sending
tho undersigned committee their name,
regiment and company, as thoy wish to
procure headstones for their graves.
Geo. N. Crawford, ")
T." M. Luman, Com.
Geo. M. Clinoer. J
Corrected dally by O. V. Geisel, grocer,
Second street, .Maysville, Ky.
Limestone 3 7 CO
Maysville Family 6 23
Old Gold 7 Ou
Mason County , M 0 23
Kentucky Mills 6 0C
Butter, fei tt 15fi20
Lard, -We 1-Y
Eggs.tydoz : 12
Meal$ peck M
Chickens 15S2o
Molasses, fancy 70
Coal Oil, W gal 20
Sugar, granulated '& xa 10
" A.$tb 10
" yellows lb S&O
Comb Honey 15
Strained Honey 12K
Hams, sugar cured ty tt 15
Ilucon, breakfast 1 tt - 15
Hominy, ) gallon 15
Means ) gallon 40
Potatoes V pock, now .. 15
Oollee.. 12C15
KENT A small dwelling houso, by
jlSdlw Court Btroet.
L?OK of all size, and the
F latest patterns, lurnlshed At eastern rates.
Call on j. D. SADLER,
J3d2w K. C. It. H. Depot.
IjiOK oats and hay, lu Held or
tMlveied. App'v on farm near
TT'OU HAIiE A new barouche. Used six
JT weeks. .Made by Burrows & Atbertou.
Will be sold at a bai gain. Apply to
ITIOK bicycle, 30 Inch wheel,
; new. Vurtli 818. Call at
hnuio and lot on Third
street In Eist Maysville, lormerly occupied
by I,rael Stlckley. Apply to
170 u SAI.K Several young Jersey cows,
? well broke, perfect and in full How of
mlllc. JlOdlw C. 15. ANDERSON.
ITmil fresh Alderney cows.
? Apply to JlOdlw JAS. It. CALVERT.
"T?OK 010 nctes.of Lynn
l? county. Texas land, alo a section of
Floyd county, i'exas laud. Applv to
M.F. MAHSII, Sutton street.
FOIt SALE A spring w igon.good ns new.
Capacity about 2,00 pound. Also cow
and call, p.ut Ahlerney. Apply to
TAYLOR 11110-..
J13d2w Washington Ky
170i;xi Asiun ol money, on Sutton Hi ,
. this city. Owner can have same by calling
at thUolllccand proving propeitv.
of Hnmhnnr
mm ting. Apply nt Jl9t2 THIS OFFICE.
MaMnlcPln. Tho owner
r elm get It by calling at THIS OFFICE.
For Constable.
We uro nnthoi to announce thnt f'HAS.
L. DAWSON Is a candidate tor constable lu
Maysville pieclnct No. 1 nt the ensulna
t Election. He solicits the support of his
Mnysvllli mill .Mt. funnel.
DallY Hue Leives Mt. Cartnl at ft a. m
niilvoMit Mavsvllleat 0:i0a. m., and return"
i J::kJ p. 111. orders at V. A. 1
Sworn! St. J. J. McCA RTH E V.
.Maysville mid lliirtoiivillc.
Til-weekly line Tue,dnv, Thursday nnd
Nituidu . Leave iluiioi vllW 0 a. in.
leave Mavsvllle at 2:t" p. in. Ordeis
belelt at Yuncey & Aiexai dei' livery
stable; . K. Ii ILL11T.
.Mii.VMvllJe and Ml, Olivet.
Arilvesiit 10 n. in. Leaves a t
2p m l.e 1 ve outers nt Yn .e y .1 Mex
live y stable. K H. Pol. LI T. 1
'PHEIi lance ofourUick of CAMPCIIVIUS
1 will be sold at nctu il cost, lor cunp meet
Int.' purposes If application Is made Imme
diately. JJUlUt WHITE A-OUT
ALL peroiis Indebted to the inte firm of
Honan A cilft will pleae call at am law
otlieeon Cou it street and make prompt payment
or we will be compelled to proceed to
lolleeLsume by law. VLLEE,
JitMifcwliii Attorney.
. D. A.
XTOTICE Is hereby given that sealed pro-JJ
posals for tho construction of n new Catli
olio Church at Mayslick, will bo received un
til Saturday. July 28th. The building Is to be
forty feet wide and seventy feet loug and will
be a frame structure. The plans ami specifications
enn be seen by calling on John
Maysville, Ky. All bids should be addressed
to the undersigned,
JyOd&wlw Mayslick, Ky.
Piles! Piles!! Piles!!!
Old BROWN'S PILE CI RE wlllcutenuy
case of protiudlng or ulcerated bleeding Piles
by a fow'nppllcatlons. A tilal will convince
any ono wholssufteilng with this loathsome
dleaso that whnt we say is tiue. For sale by
Wholesale Diugglst,
Je30difcw!m MaysvllleKy.
iDenler In:
Teas, Queciiswnrc,
Cigars. Glassware,
Tobaccos. Motions.
Highest cash price paid for country pioduce.
Jyl3Jtt Comer Fourth nnd Plum slieets.
in vnnt of building lumber,
PERSONS or shlugles, will tlud It to the
to uddress us ut Vancebnrg. Ky,, orUI.
O. UailMey, Maysville, Ky. We have something
new lu
mndo from yellow poplar with' square butts,
equal to Michigan plno at much less price.
Hhlngleskopton hand and forsalo by Collins,
Hudy & Co., nnd H. C. Barkley, MayBVllle,
Ky., at mill prices.
Avtlcp of InoorpornMoii Adopted
hy I li MnyNVllle ojernice Company
or tin- C'llj of JlllJ MiIe, Mute
ol Kentucky.
1. Be It lAown that C. B. Duke, Thomas
Weils. Henry E. Pogue. W B. Mathews. C. II.
White, John r. Fleming. J.J. Wood, H. U.
Baikley, John N Thoma, T.C.Campbell, D.
Hechliiwer.M.C. Kussell Geo. T. Hunter. E.W.
Mitchell, r. B. Cllft and Oeo. W. Lloyd have,
by this Instiument, associated themselves1
together and become lucorpoiated under, and
In pursuance ot the pic visions of chapter 08 of
the General Statutes of Keutuoky, us the
Co )pjiage Company," and by
that name sha.l sue and be .sued, contract
and be kcontiacted with, and shall have perpetual
succession and a common seal with
power to alter same nt plensiire.
2. Tlie c pltal stock of said corporation
shall be divided Into shares ot one hundred
dollars (SID ) each, nnd the to
Mild capital stock shall be paid In as lollowi :
i'uenty live (2i) pel cent on the Nt day of
Aiuust, ls3, and the lemalnder in Mich Installments
mid at uch tunes nnd places as
the llnnrd of Ulivclots may deiuuate.
;1. The shares ot Mock shall be transferable
by wilt en assignment of the owner upon the
ceitltliMte lor .same shall be uriendeied to
the company and cancelled and a
Issued In lieu theieofto the persons holding
4. The corporation Is organized for the purpose
ot inunntactuilng bureN nnd barrel
stavesand lillotberiut eles madeout of wood
orol which wood Is the basl, and the business
of said ci'i'poiatlou sbull be the
bulug ami selling and dealing in
such article and lu the mateilals lui maklug
o. The said corporation shall have the power
to acq die bv piuchase, 01 otherwise and
to hold ieal and peisonal piopeity to such au
amount as may 00 necessity and convenient
for the proper prosecution of the business of
.said company, and sbnii have the same power
to dispose ot Jsald piopeity that private persons
now have under the laws ot Kentucky.
0. The pilvnte propeity of the stockholders
ot said company shall beforevoi exempt fiotu
any and all liability lor the debts uud liabilities
ot said company.
T. The principal place of business of said
enrpoiatiou shall be at Maysville, Ky.
is. The capital Mock of said company shall
be thitty thousand dollars (S.)o,000). The
of stock In said company shall be
signed by he President and Secretary and attested
by the seal of thecorpoiation.
9. 1 he said company shall have the right to
employ agents nnd seivants, to establish by
laws and make such rules mid leiiiilatlons us
may be necessary for the management of the
allalrsol the company, not Inconsistent with
the provisions 01 these urtleles of Incorporation
whh the laws ol this Stuto or of the
United States.
10. The business of said company shall be
mauaged by a board of seven dliectorsto be
dected by the stockholders when the sum of
eight thoiiMihd dolhus (SS.OW) Is subcrlbed to
the capital stock ot said company nnd thereafter
there shall be an annual election
first Monday lu July of each
year, said directors shall hold theltotllces until
their successors me elected and qualified.
Each boaid of directors elected la pursuance
of this provision shall e eel a pieslueu .
tteasurer, secitaiy ami superintendent, uuu
shall prescilbe and define the powers and duties
ot sUd otllceis, and from such as they
una pieseiliie tiiKeboud with security for the
fait lit ul discharge and pertormat ce of their
duties. No person shall be elected piestdeut
who is not a member ot the board ot director.
11. Stockholders shall be entitled to one
vote tor eacn nnd every shnre ot
stock held by them, in all elections nnd In
uli questions voted on In meetings of the
tocitholdcisnud may cast said vole oy written
12. The indebtedness of the company shnll
not exceed the sum ol teu thousand ib1u,01XJ)
dollaisat any oue time.
13. By consent of a maloilty of the stockholder
voting 111 a regular annual election
the piovlsl.ins of these uulcles of Incorporation
m y he ameiiikd 01 dimmed In the manner
nut 1101 IzkI by chapter 50 of the General
Sum es of Kentucky.
H. 'lhe proceedings ot stockholders' meet-lilt's
and the tnee'lim ot the boa id of
tois shall be regularly catered lu a book of
the company kept toi thnt purpose. All the
busl ess tr.ifsaetlons of the coinpauy shall
also be kept In a le.uilai ;t of bi oks.
13 Any member or this eorpointlou may
wlthdnw thereliom at auy time, by
his tock to the company.
of stock shun be assignable as above
piovlded, bat auy stockholder withdrawing
Iroin the corporation by surrendering his
stock, shall lecelve nothing from the company
on his wlthdiawal.
10. This corporatlo shall commence on the
with ol July, Ssl, and shall continue thereafter
lor the peilod of years, and
lonuer. If teiiewed as authorized by law.
In testimony wheteot, the sal 1 1
have hereunto subscribed their names
tliU nth day of Jul, Is-M:
t B. DUKE,
DON'T OKDEK IIANI or Orchestral In-,
siruments, or M u s l c a l
goous of nnv kind,
for net prices
' ill V . l "YU 47, Lnhuetto
place. New York. An
excellent B Flat Piston
Cnonet, 813.50; Best B
Flat Cornet, S3 J; Solo E
Flat Alto Trombone, 5J0
Sent C. o. D., with pi I v.
publicity: residents ot any
Slate. Deseitlon, Non-Support. Advlco
and applications for stamp. W. II. LEE,
Att'y, 23.U B'way, N. Y.
Iiiuipstioii Cure 1
has never tailed to relieve and CURE any
case of ludlgestlon or Dyspepsia. Try It. For
sale by GEORGE T. WOOD,
Wholesale Druggist,
JeMiKtwliu Mqysvlllo, Ky.
J, C. Pecor & Co,
auxi:i TAINTS,
Carpet Paper,
Cor. Sixth, and Walnut Sts.
Lewis Vanoen, Proprietor.

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