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Publishers and Proprietors,
To Whom Addukss Au Communications.
A ykllow ticket for a Choster fare,
Costs Hvo cents to the passcnjalre,
Who takes his seat In a calre,
And, presto I chango 1 ho Is dumped out thore.
These lines nbout the passonlalre,
Who goes to Chester for n faro,
And bumps along In a care,
"We know, of course, are promatinre.
The smoko Btack nt tho ico factory has
been put up.
The street cars ought to be court mar-
tinled for being absent withfut leave.
The steamer .Handy is laid up nt
Portsmouth until a broken cylinder can
bo replaced.
Tun streets have been crowded all day
and there are nearly as many people in
town as there are hops.
Dn. J. . W. Dudley, of FlemingBburg,
this week lost two children by scarlet
fever, tho youngest a babe of nine months
andjthe other a little girl of four years.
The following is from the Covington
news of tho Enquirer :
Commodore Collin received a contract
to build a now steamboat for the .Mays-vine
and Vanceburg trade. It will bo a
packet, and will cost 810,000.
O '
David Stout and Lon. Swearongen,
two boat tonders nt Vanceburg, got into
a difficulty a few days ago, which result-
i ed in the latter'a being severely cut in
the nrm.
Mn. R. 0. Phatiier took tho
oath nnd wns sworn in as private night
watchman for Market street, from Front
to Fourth nnd between Sutton nnd Limestone
The Mnnchester Signal claims that n
local miller is manufacturing flour that
" makes as good bread as tho crack brand
- of Maysville flour makes." Ho is doing
well if ho does.
The Bower Bridge Company, of Maye-ville,
is building a bridge over Lawrence
creek on tho Blue run nnd and Dover
turnpike. Tho company has t also contracted
to build a bridge over Pummell
creek on tho Dexter and Catron Mills
The new steamboat building at Cincinnati
for tho Redden Brothers will be
one hundred and thirty feet long, twenty-four
feet wide, very handsome and
swift, and, wo have been informed will be
named in honor of tho prettiest girl in
Lewis and Mason counties.
We hear Mr. W. S. Frank suggested as
a candidate for Councilman in tho First
Ward. Mr. Frank has had considerable
experience in city affairs, and as ho is
already President of tho Bonrd of Education,
his election to tho Council will
bo a desirable addition to that body.
Mn. A. A. Wadswoktii met with a severe
accident yesterday evening, at the
first toll gate on the Germantown turnpike.
Ho was getting over tho little
fence that surrounds tho well, and his
f jot caught on tho top board, throwing
him forward on his elbow, fracturing it
about tho joint, but tho exact location
could not bo determined on account of
the swelling.
Mn. Salomon informs us that ho is every
day obtaining a few subscribers of
stock in tho Electric tight Company,
and that in tho course of a fow days
more h'o hopes to bo ablo, to announce'
the organization of tho company. Tho
mntter has gono too far to admit of failure,
nnd ho is nbsolutely certnin thnt the
city will bo lighted by electricity before
1 tho nutumn is upon us. Tho stock ho is
certain will prove n profitable investment.
o .
The Council should pay somo attention
to tho improvement of tho hog-wallows
nbout town. To bo perfectly
comfortable they should bo widoned and
. deepened, as tho hogs aro growing larger
and more numerous. A good wallow,
with all tho modern improvementsshou d
bo established on Court street in front
of the Council Chamber, as that is about
tho only thoroughfare in tho city that is
not blessed with ono of theso distinctively
Maysville institutions.
We wore about to suggest tho establishment
of a hog-wallow on Second
street, in East Maysville, opposito tho
of W. B. Mathews & Co., whon wo
happened to remember that there was ono
thero already. It escaped our memory,
for tho time, from tho fact that it has
been covered with a neat wooden platform
that persons may cross from tho
street to the pavement free from filth and
fleas. Mr. Mathews, who is a member
of tho board, would, however, havo explained
about tho matter whon tho attention
of tho council was called to the subject.
If thoro aro any other places in
town wherohog wallows aro needed tho
localities hnvo escaped our attention.
Hood Attendance, and Opening Service
by Rot. H. P. Walker Interesting
Discourses by Rots. J. Hand and W. D.
Spoclal corrospondenco of Hullrtin.
Park's Hill Camp Ground,
August 3, 1883.
Tho nlovonth annual meeting on theso
trroundrt commenced yestordav, Rov. Dr.
H. P. "Walker preaching the opening sermon,
Tho attendance is good for the present
stage of tho meeting. Tho weather is
also pleasant nnd favorable; and tho cottages
aro fust filling up. Notably among
thoso occupying cottages hero, wo notico
tho following from Maysville :
Cottage No. 118-A. R. Glascock ai d family"
nnd Mrs. V. M. Vandcn.of Cnvltmtnn.
Cottage No. 12l .Major Chenoweth and family.
Cottage No. .IS Mrs. .McDowell, .Misses Julia
Porter, .Mamie Porter, Lizzie David.
Collage N ..01-Mr-. UlohardSltlnner, .Misses
Nannie Hall, Mattle .Miller, of Covington,
Jonuta .Mci'ullouuh.
Cottage No. an Mrs. Dr. Moores. Misses
Moores, Marian Powers.
Cottage No. 01 Mis. VV. H. Yancov, Mimes
Carrie Newton, tiallle Wilson, llattlo Orldgo,
Cottage No. 37 Mrs. George Harrows nnd
Cottage No. 13 John M. Power and family.
Cottimo No. 1 2. -Mrs. Laura Diuunllt and
family, Mis. Htullo Trow, MlssSnlser
cottage rso. ;ij .Mrs. rsancy island and fain-
Cottnco No.87 Mrs. IIuuli Ulorbower
O Uara, John C.
Cottago No. T. Honl.
Cottage No. Charles liliinil and family,
Mrs. Jane Unit nnd Miss Puss Trigg, of Shannon.
CottagoNo. -13 Miss Nannie Hell, and Mrs.
Theodosla Hedrlck, of Fleming county.
Cottago No. 43 K. P. Hoberison nnd family,
of Tllton, Ky., and Mrs. It. J. K. Shields,
of Hillsborough, Ky.
Cottage No. 8-Mrs. Dan Harris nnd Mrs.
LouSousley,ol Tllton.
The order is good. The managers, Drs.
Walker, Evans and Poynter have all arrived.
Tho prenchingis practical and
pointed, and indications point to a profitable
meeting. To-day at 11 o'clock a.
m. Rev. J. Rand preached from Hebrews
xi., 5 ; subject "Faith, and tho Transla
tion of Enoch." Tho discourso was impressive
nnd well received. In the afternoon
Rev. W. D. Power preached a good
sermon from I. Timothy, ii., 8; subject
"Tho Necessity, Duty, and Eflicacy of
Tho services of the day aro: Morning,
prayers at 0:45 o'clock : devntionnl ser
vices at 8:15 o'clock, preaching at 11, and
also at 3 and 8 o'clock p. in.
About twenty new cottages have boon
erected this Bummer, so that they now
number about 123.
Not many preachers have yet arrived
but others aro expected. Dr. Tahniigo
will be hero on next Tuesday and
so tho committee say. Although
a good start is being made, and it is hoped
great good will result from tho
now being held. R.
Letter List.
List of letters remaining in tho
at Maysville, Mason county, Ky.,
for tho week ending Saturday, August
lios'ou, F. A
Mblouied, .Mary.
Brothers, Mrs. Tlios.
Hoggs, 1
Hanks, W 11.
Mrnttou, U. A. A Co.
Bonier, Hudlo
Hulger. J. .1.
U.tlieugcr, Clarence
Coleinnn, Mrs. Nolsou
Collins, 0. V.
Coburn, John A.
Clements, Amos
Cobb, Mrs. L. C.
Colley, T T. (2)
Curli, W, A.
Clarice, Bllioy
Craig, J. H.
Carroll, El leu
Dovor, James (2)
Downey, James
Drvden. MarvJane
Daudrldge, Mrs.Phebe
Downing, mis. A. is.
Day, Dr. V. L.
Kox, V.A.'(2)
Fulmer, Ilauuuh
aillord, H.
Graham, James
Gentry, Androw
Gallop, J. H. (2)
Green, Thomas M.
Guthrie. J. W.
Green, Fannie
Granger, Job
Higulns, Dnvld
Hlgglns, Win.
Howard, Andrew
Hughes, Carrio
HIlT, Mrs. Honey
Holmes, Miss L. P.
Hodge. Lctlioy
Hughes, H. D.
Hull, Thomas
Hlckorson, C. F.
Ingles, John J.
Johnson, T. B. A Bio.
Johnstone, Mrs. E. P.
Jackson, Clareneo
Johnson V. U.
Jobsl, Mrs. Hnnuah
Kinney, Mike
ICnnber, Jacob
Kirk, J. F.
Klllgoro, C. T.
KInard, C. O.
Kerr. Win,
Kendell, Jas. .
Lowory, W. II.
McDanlol, MRs Mary
Maiiiiulne. Miss Xollle
Mveidoy. L. D.
.Mistier, Henry
Miller. U. F.
Mm heit. Henry
McK.ee, Tlios. J.
MoAtee. Mrs. K.
Morris, .Miss Lucy
.Montgomery, A. G.
Miller, J. C.
Ore, Miss Hue
Owens, Oramlller C.
Payne, Mls Maria J.
Power. Chus.
Pugli, J. B.
Paul, Miss Madrid
Power, Ella (2)
Reynolds, G. W.
Reynolds. Mlrs S. C.
H ng, Anna B.
Hldgway, S. P.
Bowles, Mrs. Mary
Rousb, Jacob M.
Beeves, Miss Magglo
Beeves, II. C.
Roe, Ed.
Robinson, Frank R.
Spalding, A. G.
Smith, Mrs. L. E.
Soward, Reason
Smith, A. R. .
Stewart. Marv
Skin ueiV.Mlnton A Co.
Shepherd, Miss Sudlo
Turner, Rosan .
Tate, Granville
Thompson, J. II.
olio, F. M.
Talk, W. A.
Thornton, Mrs. C.
Taylor, Duke
roue, .Mui.
Wedding, Henry
Wilson, Miss Magglo
West, J. Irvin
Weaver, M rs. K.
Wilson, Henry
Walker, Gorman
Williamson, MlssK.
Walker, Airs. Georgo
Wlllett, Magglo
Whltnor, George K.
Williams, Mrs. S.
Warron, Alice
Persons calling for any of tho nbovo
letters will please say advertised.
M. O. IIutchins, P. M.
m -
Nathans & Co's. Consolidated Shows.
Nnthnns Consolidnted Shows come in
our midst boariug n reputation for honesty
nnd fair dealing, of which may
well feel proud. Their exhibition is said
to bo first-class in evory particular, and
tho most perfect ordor and decorum
characterizes evory department of their
vast establishment. A lack of spaco forbids
our enumerating tho many grand
and brilliant attractions of tho sovoral
departments of this great aggregation
and wo will thoroforo desist with tho advice
to our readers, not to miss tho opportunity
to witness a really good entertainment.
The curative power of Ayer's
is too well known to acquiro tho
specious aid of any exaggerated or fictitious
certificate. Witnesses of its
cures are living in every city
and hnmlot of tho lnnd. Write for names
if you want homo evidence.
The Churches.
Rov. A. N. Gilbert will preach in tho
Christian church at Washington to-morrow
afternoon at four o'clock.
In tho absonco of tho paBtor, Rov. M.
D. Roynolds, thero will bo no services at
tho M. E. Church, South, to-morrow.
Rov. O. B. Hudgins will proach at tho
Church of tho Nativity to-morrow morning
at 10:45 o'clock and in tho evening at
5:30 o'clock.
Rev. S. B. Alderson preaches at tho
chapel to-morrow. Morning subject:
"Paul tho Progressive Preacher and
Rev. S. II. Chester will preach at the
Presbyterian Church on Third street,
Sunday, at the usual hours. Subject for
morning: "The New Earth the Dwelling
Place of Righteousness."
There will bo preaching nt the Christian
Church by Rov. A. N. Gilbert tomorrow
morning and night. Subject in
tho morning: "The Physical Suffering
of Christ. At night he will discourse on
"The Three Tropical Chios." Mr. Gilbert
will be absent for two Sundays after
the next.
Mr. Bert Gibson, of Mt. Sterling, is in
tho city.
Misses Phenn IVlry nnd Sallie Roser
are visiting friends near Dover.
Rov. M. D. Reynolds and familyjleave
to-day for Deering Camp Meeting.
Miss Florence Frank is at home again,
after a pleasant visit al Millersburjr.
Mrs. Lottie Owens, of East Maysville,
is visiting friends in Fleming county.
Mis3 Lulio Gallagher, of Johnson Station,
is the guest of Miss Daisy Hubbim'.
Miss Hattie Jolly, of Ripley, is vNiting
the family of Mr. John Brusee, of this
Mr. J. F. Lemmon. who roprosonts thr
h so of BrinkerhoffiS: n , of New
York, is in the city to-day.
Judgo W. P. Coons nnd wife reached
homo on Friday evening from a vi.-it to
Falmouth. Miss Lnuimrn Roljhins returned
with them and is their gtii'st.
Mr. Phil Triplet!, is now employed in
the offico of tlm Liniestoni' Flour Mills.
Ho is industrious and oiifrgptic and will,
no doubt, giyo perfect satisfaction to hi-
Mr. Win. Hunt, of Nashville, Tenn.,
formerly of this city, accompanied by
his two daui'hters, Mi.se.s Mollio and
Minnie, will arrive next week on a visit
to Mr. S. It. Powell.
Mrs. Win. II. Smith nnd family, of
Urbana, Ills., accompanied by Mr. Edward
F. Ucrndon and his sister, Miss
Plioobe, were registered nt tho Arlington
Blue Lick Springs, on Monday last.
Mr. Thomas Perry and wife, Mr. Ben.
Longuecker ami wife, Micsei Lizzie Ri
ley, India Longuecker, Mrs. Win. For-man
and Elder Willie Hall were out
dining in Desha Valley Wednesday last.
This was a reunion of old friends and
relatives after many years of lights and
shadows. .Mrs. Smith and Miss Kate
Weaver, of Illinois, assisted the young
hostess in receiving and entertaining tho
guests. It was a real red-letter day.
Advertisements Inserted under this heading
10c per line for oach insertion.
Try Langdou's City Butter Crackers.
Mosquito bars ready-made and mado
to older at Hunt & Doylo's.
Daiik ground lawns, yard wide, worth
12Jc, per yard, for 5c, at Hunt & Doylo's.
Wnll Paper
Received at Morrison & Kackley's to-day.
A largo nnd nttractive lino for tho fall
trade at greatly reduced prices. Call
and seo thorn.
Men's nnd boys' canvns button nnd
front lnco shoes, cheap. Misses side lace,
75conts. Ladies opera slippers, SI. Men's
sowed calf bals and congress gaiters,
London too, SLGO, and n lnrgo stock of
boots nnd shoes nt prices to suit nny one.
Call nnd investigate at
O. S. Minei: & Bro's.
The most deadly foe to all malarial disease
is Ayer's Ague Curo, n combination
of vegetnblo ingredients only, of
which tho most vnluablo is used in no
other known preparation. This remedy
is an absoluto and certnin specific, nnd
succeeds when nil othor medicines fail.
Acurois warrantod.
Excursionists to camp meotings, expositions,
etc., should secure insuranco in
tho Travelers' Accident Insuranco Co.
boforo starting. A ticket insuring $3,000
in case of death from accident, and $15
weekly indemnity in case of disability
costs but 25 cents a day.
M. F. MAitsir, Agent,
Sutton street.
Cor. Sixth and Walnut Sts.
Lewis Vandkn, Proprietor.
This Speaks of the ONLY BIG SHOW
Coming to Maysville This Season.
Thursday, AUGUST 9,
Is the day fixed. No Sooner. No Later.
"tji.v .rr"
colossal consolidation of Ginnntic Railroad Shows, will positively exhibit at
The Largest Menairerio since Noah filled
divine command.
the ark bv
You will see the largest performing Elephant on earth, tho gigantic mastodon
"Empress,' twelve feet high and six tons weight, one hundred aud
thirty-one years old. You will see a mammoth
two toit nnnrocsRos.
' C ETr'SgU
You will see Baby Lions, Baby Jlyenas, Baby(
Camels; Baby Tigers and Baby Monkeys.
Tho Finest Street Parade ever in this city.
Two Monster Circuses, fivo Lady Equestriennes, twenty-seven Graceful Gymnasts,
six Hurricane Male Hitlers, fivo Grotesque Clowns, fifty World's Famous
Athletes, Russian Voltigours, Hindoo Snako Charmers, French
Acrobats, Comanche Indians, Zulus, Cafires and Arabs.
An existence visible, tangible and absolute.
Remember this Show Never Divides, Consolidates,
or Changes its Dates.
All railroads run cheap excursion rates. Mako this a grand gala holiday. Como
in town early, and don't fail to seo tho grand streot parade. Fivo Great Tableau
Cars, Gilded Dons, three Bands of Music, Jubileo Singers, Mardi Gras
Festivities, &c. Admission GO cents; Children 25 conts. Don't bo deceived. Tho
date is
Maysville, Thursday, August 9.
Carlisle, Wednesday, August 8.

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