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I I V m y mix un u BULLETIN
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I? Sf r W jr ?lr 'P
279) $ v && SYSLEsfe., WESDYjiOTOBER 17, 1883. PRICE ONE CENT.
Manufacturer and originator of the cele
Silver Dollar, "Wru. Hunt's Darlr.Ilorot Hap-
pyBmoRejTliree ueauties, o;orawpou riiu
Gold ftlufr&f HeCond'BtrmMaysjllle, Ky;
ar.KOUJcua, JL t
Boots'ShoDsWats and Caps.
41 E. Sec. M mciauly ItAYSVJLlKKY,
Ofllce and residence south-east coruor oj
Third aud Button streets. WiUaiveftpeciui
uttentlon to disuses peculiar to tonal"-
aplHdly MAlbVILLE
" DE A LEItS IN : (
Cbr. TMrtl end 5won titrectst
rachSOly' JMrgrJXLJE, AT
' i ii
8. Jtl)I),
Itenl EsluicniulC'olloclIntfAjxoncy.
Court Stf npl2dly) MAYBV1LI.B. KYt
Denier In Htnple and Fancy'
hns'RFMOVKD from his old stand to tub
building on Second stieet lately occupied by
ChiirlVH. Frank. "aplfldly A
T r. ItYAX.
Gold, Sllvornnit NicUel
aud Rubber done on short notice
at Maysvllle' Repairing Works.No. 8,
Kecoud street. aphly J.,ttVAw.
(Successors to Thomas Jackson,)
Livery, Sale and Feed Stables
Street Hack orders piomptly attended to at
all times. Finest anil latest stylo TurnoutN.
tvi :".'V:' .:.!, .i .m rn Pnmm ks mi. Mar-
ket St. four doois below Central Hotel. ulZJ
Xo. 24, MA 11KETS1 HEKT.
and Window Shades. Good Carpets at aw, , :,
40, -15, Bo, 00, 05, 7U, 75. and UU cts., il.00 im I .ai
per yard. mciMima
Oldest and best Companies. Insuies lor
fiiUvnluc. Low rates. promptly paid.
No dibcoumu No tielayi. Ofllco coi uer 1 hint
and Market street. RpJHdly
Hendauniters lor Clocks, Htlver Ur.odM,
etc. All work promptly and
done. Second tot,, b ast oi Market. api7
Ice cream fud so'la water. Fitsh btend
nud cakes. Pailles and weddings lurulhed
qu short notice, ,
.,u.,ft T,v
35 Second ht., maySdly MAYSVILLE.KY.
Contractors, Architects, Builders.
PJansandspeclflcationH fumUhed an reasonable
torm and oil work satisfactorily and
Pomptly done. Oltlceou Third utreet. between
Wall and Sutton. apllldly
YholeHalo and Retail
Second Street, (mhSSly) MAY8VJLLK, A'K
HatB, Caps, TrunkR and Vallbes. J'he latest
full stylesJuBt received.
Market St., aplCiUy MAYSVILLE, KY.
Tirits. ai, J. uonroiiD,
Third St., opposite Christian Church.
Millinery and Notions.
A NEW HTOCIC lust received and prices
VEHY LOW. Bonnuts and Hats made over
lu the latent styles. aaiu
Latest styles of Hats, Honuets, Laceannd
Millinery Notions. PrJceslow. Second ntrtot,
iu'd, ueorge nurrows' oiu aianu. npuuuiy
Second ttrect, January's Mock,
Millinery Goods, Hats, Laces,
Feathers, Trimmings etc, of tho latent styles.
Prices Low. inchSldly
Nos.57and 9 Second and 16 Button atreets,
have Just received u larie stock of Improved
the greatest labor-saving Implement over offered
to' farmers. The best tobacco hoes and
tobacco barn hardware of all kinds, apllti
s: N1HOX,
Dealer In -
I l M I IV f I" it I I 'C'W t i
Olass, Cutlery. Notions, etc. No, 45 Market
Etieet, East side, between Hecond and Third,
u21d0in MAYtiVILLE.KY.
Th Ada Afkinson Myatary Finally
W- Mut 4
XHlBsr Cho Farm IIin4. Makes a
JIo DM the Deed, but ABttlealair ?'
ptotlTOt It O no cf tho Met
Brutal XurdrN on Record
Oxroni), Tnd.. Oct. 10, Jocob Nclling.
in protionco of Coroner Ilitzie and Detec
tiue Harris, lias made afldvit to tfe fact
that Ijo was tho murderer of Ada
"I was engaged at work when the
feeling came over ma that I must kill her
Entered the house, ascended, tle sUii,
a d told her I was going to kill hor."
Ho aaid: "Bho did not want to die. I
caught ker by tho neck, cut her throat
first and afterward luado the other wound,
washed my hands in a basin at the pump
and returned to work. Had no ussisuinci
and no motive."
A mob h now gathering at Fowler an
will probably hangc hiro.
It will be remembered tliat on the morn
tag of September 24, Mr.1 Cephas Atkin.
on,a wealthy farmer of Benton county
and his wife left homo in the early, morn
bn& and drove to tho railway station
some miles distant "When they left, Mi
Lucy and Mh Ada were tho only occ
pants of the homestead, the latter bvtu
,tbo younger ' of the. two sUter.
dinner ,MLss Ijhct Atl:m.i
'conciaded to naako -a Wi?it to the
Oxford, a lovnnleB distant, .itm
left noMAster aloai" ,IbteoemTfejle th
lasttima fiie girl was aooncliTO aawti
hor mordrcr, AJbont ,an tho event n
Misa Atkixwon,l?Dtanrt4 frpm the town
md gobg tbrotigh tho tower part of the
house, was nnable to find hor slater Ad
fibonext went op totJaerrbedrooui, wlior.
Abo fooad ber pfatervkiog on the lioor
carored with blood. She grrvo an alan.i
wMch fPeBxanoa&l on old man who wn it
work near at hand, and to him fdiu rvJ t d
wbsi dio had seen, A passing ih i
borwa hailed and examination alto'l
the gir! to have been dead ouie tii. .
the am boiog rigid. Word was
to the fniher. ana ho came homo on hoi e
back frfim tho station, riding like md.
Fhysicl'im were nutnmoned, and jkssw of
men sent out in every direction in t c
hope tliat tho scoundrel or ecoundrcls
might be captured.
Dn. Connell and Wells made an
tho girl's person, tho supo3ithn
bein tljut tramp had outraged and then
murdered her. 'iliey found that hor per-eon
had not 1von violated, but the body
was literal y hucUcd to piocett, tlieir boiut;
bOp in to and distinct cutt.
The murderer had evidently firtit aeveivd
the jugular vein, and after that had gouo
to work to i see how much ho could mutil
ate the body. There were cuts on the
Iioad, face and neck, also on the buck,
loin and buttock; great gashe aero the
storuai:h exoed the intehtinei, while
everything near was bpattorod with blood.
A tramp named Potts was am ted for the
murder on hiwpieion, but the evidence
aainct him was light, aud he wuh
Wnlton TuIUn lltoitt lite Recent En-
Xew Youk, Oct. 10. The Herald has
tho following Jpeci.il cubic
Ionuon, Oct. 10.- Tliuuyh Don Juan's
victory in the Csarvwtch race may lt
and also tho diMihtrourf defeat of
tliu Americun mare, Giroflo, yet the quarrel
of Mr. Walton, owner of Oirolle. wi Ii
W'illUni Day and his non, trainew, Is fust
auiuhig the pioH)rlion of a turf bcutulul.
The English papers are indignant at tho
charge of poisoning brought by Mr,
Walton, and the referco calls him tho
"New Tork scavenger." Tho referee
Walton Jiua never eeaed
to express the opinion that t te
English turf ia utterly corrupt, und that
he docs best who pot&e&es the best
lower und wlto is free from undiio
scruples. It would bepcrliaiw well if hU
mind were dhmbued'of this idoa. Mr.
VvVhou tfaid to-day tluit seeing the suspicions
that had been nroused, tlie Veterinary
Burgeon had examined the mare and
found no elns ot foul play, "in fact,"
aid Mr. Walton, "tbq yata certifidato
chows tliat tho mare was over-trained.
So far as I am concerned, I am not entirely
satisfied, from the fact that they
have Ukeu the whole btud away from the
origiual quarters to Sherwood's, at lCproiu. '
k(Didyou not stand t win ahenvy Htiniou
the raco" ''Somethtji" like XSQfiQO."
ilad you a ipvci,.c reason lor
sunposiug tho maret ) have been got at?'
aeV' answered Mr, V aUwii, "her running
so badly and the aumant nunors
which I had heard ubui.t omtthiug wn.u
1 could hardly recognce :u own mure on
the morning of Che rar . U'heu aim h A
eotiie from being bail '!' ut tlie Uheh
ntableH,Hho wan all in a cold, black hwo.u.
1 should not havu buclmi her at 1,01)0 to
one after ihat." i1)t jou menu to let
(JuoHo run for tho Oanibrii'hire?" lf
tit and well, most cert alul. J hacked her
to win 100,000 on th (Vmbridge.shirc
before the Cuaro witch wan run, and I believe
she haa an excellont chance. Mr.
Pickwick will run too."
Uoiuc to Hoe the Fun.
IONPOX, Oct. 10. IVro Hvacintlie
last evening that it wae hi? intention
to return from America in, April noxi
in timo to witneis the internal convulsion
in Europe, which event ho feels asMred
will occur during tho early. moutba of
14 and will originato in France,
X)arluurItarftInrr. ?U
F J$mp$ Pali,1, Mlnri., , WSurg.
1.1 n cntoredttheiOlepping -room of Charles
lipc, station agent of Mm Manitoba IlaiU
road, covered himself and wife with
and robbed the room of $800 in
cadli and craped.
o'DoiairniiL's defense.
General Pry or ('out rHet a r 'ertatu
11 u en or.
New York, Oct, 10. Tho following
cable 'despatch wW received by the Irish
World from General Pryor, who Is now In
England'.BM one ot thevcounmsl forv the
ODoanell, the slayer of Carey,
t&ue iarforaacr i ' . i l
Losdok, OotTlB.
ttTbo .rumor that I have advised against
farther snbscription for1 O'Donnellii defense,
ja utterly untriie. The friends of
the prisoner must bo on their jjuard
against malicious reports. M6ney is
much needed to defray expenses of witnesses
from distant pointb and for otlier
outlay. We are iighttng to
trial till middle of November
44 IIookh A. Pnroxu"
It is evident from tho language of this
dispatch that General Pryor lias been misinformed
as to what had been cabled to
tliis country rcgatding his advice against
wibscriutions for the O'DonncJl fund.
Tho only icforinatlon on this subject published
in the country was in a London
dispatch received ami furnished to tho
press by tho Cable News Comnanr, which
stated that General Pryor advised against
the raising of eubscriptioDA forODonncll's
defense by the Irish Notional League aa
because, lie did not want
the impression to gain belief among the
Eoglfctfi public tliat the League had been,
or was, desiroub of being responsible for
0Donnell's defense. As far as subscriptions
from private individuals are concerned,
O'Donnell'u counsel are desirous
of feceiving all that may beolTered.
i i
Agoayting Ibe 3eentxe?t
Hun h llr:c
""iBoRroNMa Oct 10. Governor
has" written a letter accepting tho
Qrecnback nomination for Governor.
lie sayn tho party has won its fight upon
the greenback, inasmuch as the greenback
is now absolutely tho currency of tho
United States in the several forms in
which tho Government issues its money,
including Bilver and gold certificates and
postal notes. This, he says, is what ho
meant;a year ago when he wroto
of the convention that the party's
mission was ended. Bat the party still
lias a higher and nobleinnission in establishing
just and profitable relations between
labor and capital, and in protecting
labor and curbing capital.
"Any organization undor forms of
law, ( which givo to any men or ect of
men , undue advantages b? which tho rich
are made richer and tho poor poorer, are
destructive of free, equal and just Gov
ernment, and for the saiotv of both property
and labor ought to bo sternly dealt
with. A few years ago our currency anil
our public debt was such a
contrivance. With no very important
exceptions tliat contrivance
no longer gives an undue rate of interest
for tho use of money. Now let us go forward
and abolish and restrain, one by
one, all the other contrivance, such uh
watering stocky, bogtw mortgages on railroads,
and tlcticioUH valuation lor the
property of incorporated companion, by
which money, without proper and jtM
equivalent for it, is taken Irom one and
given to another."
Anil fbe Avrcnble I'ronrxwf oi'TUvIr
Hinsdai.k, X. Y.t OcL 16. Ail inqucut
was held over the bod of Charles Daulield,
the retired merchant, who, on Satuixlay,
was shot and killed by one "Wesley Beers,
a notorious ruilian. The testimony
showed that about 5 o'clock Saturday
evening, Ber und a colonnl man named
Bruce wero driving a)oti the highway,
near Hinndale, whnn Uwy met Burt
of Hinsdale, with a double learn and
loaded wa;ou. Words endued about Ue
pasaing of the buggy vxut the wagou, and
blows followed. A orowd of Jiiusale
people assembled .and .pMfat.d. the combatants
ik'ers aud Bruca.tiien jumped
into their buggy ami 'oeoed fire with revolvers
upon tne crowd,. Mr. Danfield,of
ITinsdaJe, ww shot thrpugh te chest, arid
died yesterday. Two other were shoCbut
not dangerously. Been and Bruce wero
captured about a mile from tho nccno of
tho tragedy, and rojes wew pjaced about
their necks preparatory to lynching them.
Cooler counsel prevailed, however, and
tlie men wore looked up at Olean The
Coroner's jury found that Beera fired the
fatal bhot, and that Bruce was accessory
to the act. An examination waH held before
a MagiHtrate and both men were committed
for trial.
Arreateil Tor Untiid Xnrciiy
CiUOAOo, Oct. 1th Joseph Doyle, a
youngnian of nineteen, was arrested by j
Detective Iiolloran ou a diHpatch from the i
Chief of Police of Philadelphia, charging !
Doyle with grand larceny, .Mr. Ilollorau ,
nas been look lug lor lJoyle lor several
days, aud ran on him last evening near
tho corner of Adams and Clark street.
Doyle is a good lookiug, well-dressed
young fellow of very gentlemanly address
and appearance, Of the amount of
his theft nothing is known by the officials
hero, but from the jK?rtinacity with which
tho Philadelphia authorities have been
after him it is thought his crime was of
more than ordinary magnitude. Ilo had
no wealth on his person when arrested,
and refused to talk about his crime.
An Knibnasy to Woxtiluirloii to Otw
tnln Juhllec
Ciucago, Oct. Id. Mayor Newelh
United Statce Affcnt ot Bojehud Asrener
Jefi tjiis morning for Washington witli a ,
parof Bliiux Jp.dlans, including Spotted
Tnllj. jr., jmd.'Staudiog Jk, tho
niou intuun, oratof hetr aim ,is to
effect u settlement of the Sioux reservation
troubles arid'OfTset tho efforts of th
Hyndicatoof English' capitalists to. obtain
control of, their reration. 6poUel
Tail will attempt to represent the tribe as
the successor of his father, but is annro
Iictve, .,' M rilure to obtain recognition.
j.!W.IHl .. i II
Tho Civil Rights Act Declared
A RetaarltaMe IecU!aa by tho fin.
pwnw Court of tli ItaUedt States
A droit KvBHatioa in ,WMrtlnir
ton JProm1ni Hen Vrvmemi to
Hear tlus Coujrl'a Kenderln
"Wasuiotok, D. Q, OcL 10. In the
Supreme Court, Juutico linidluy dolivereti
the decision in the case of the United
Btates vs. Batnoel D. Singleton. Involving
the constitutionality of tho Act oi Congress
of March 1, 1875, entitled rtAu Act
to protect all citizens In their civil and
legal righta" Ho decided that the first
and second ecctiorm of the Act ore
stitutionaL Justice Bradley took tho
ground that the tcope of tho Thirteenth
and Fourteenth Amendments did
not extend to tho social privileges
sought to bo guaranteed by the
Icgtfllntion in question- Tho court was
unanimous, with the exception of Justico
Horlanf who aaid tliat under ordinary circumstances
ho would bo slow to oppose
his individual judgment to his colleagues,
but tiiis dccLnkm defeated what the people '
intended to eeeuro and supposed that they '
had scenrod, and hence he must dissent '
from tho opiulon. Ho had not had
time to formulate his Tiewu, however, and j
would now therefor merely announce his
dLcnt. Quito & number oi prounnent
lawyers were within tho bar to listen to ,
eral and Senators Bayard and GterJand.
Tho decision will apply to the five civil
rights oaoca in that Court based on tho
first and occoml sections of the Ovil
Kights Act of March 1st, 1875.
They are, resjcctivelyf prosecations
under the Act for not admitting
curtain colored persona to equal
accommodations and privileges in kms or
hotels or railroad cars mid thcatersi The
Court hold aa stated, that Congress had
no constitutional authority to pass tho
Fectiourt in muxtion under cipher tho Thirteenth
or Fourteenth Amendment of the
(knistitution. The decision, however, is
hold to apply only to the validity of the
law iu the HtMes and not in the Territories
or District of Columbia where tne legislative
power of Congress is unlimited. The
decision is the nnbjcct of universal com
ment here and it is tafe to say
that no otlier decision of the courts huico
the famous Dred Scott decision by Chief
Justico Taney has created so much excitement
and ducu&sion
31 Initio Pnlmcr'rt IKunbAml 5CUcs n
ftaiiHfttloii In London.
l.iONiHxy Oct. 10. At the Grand Thea-ter
ou Saturday evening during the
of Miss Minnie Palmer, the
American actress, a large bouquet was
thrown to her fronf a private box, occupied
by three "dudes." As nhe picked it
Up a note dropped from it and fell fpm it
upou tho autge in full view of the audience.
The lady secured it, as she was
leaving the stage and turned it over to
.Mr. John 1L liogers, her huand and
manager. It proved to bo an invitatiou
to Miss Palmer, couched in uiiggesthv
language, to tuko supper with the
three at the German Embury.
After the performance, Mr. Itogers
immediately entered the box, seiei tlit
biggest of ttio trio, thraslied him souudl
and ejected him from the theater. The
crowd outddo took the fellow in ua"n
upou learning the nature of his ofTenso,
stripped him of his clothes and ydlcd
him with mud until he finally escape.
The other two feu ring Mr. ltogers' return
and tho indignation of the audience, in
continently bolted. Mr. ltogers called at
tho German Embawy to uscertaiu if the
writers of tho note to Miss Pawner were in
any maimer connected with the Legation
and was informed that the members of
t)io German Embassy wero gentlemen,
wliich fuc Mr, llogcr must see, rendered
further inquiry in that direction unnecessary.
. ..
...! .Mli ...1.
Uatreuclirf fttmiriu IIIh Ilonte nnJ
Jr0i Arrrnt.
HtciiMOKi), Vn.,( Oct. 10. At Madison
Court Hou6o this morning, JohildiU,
the proprietor of a hotel and saloon there,
hud adituculty with Philip' Page, colored,
and diove him out of the saloon, follow
intj With his pistol in his hand, ilul
pom ted the weapon at Page as they qn.ir
relied, threatening to shoot. Page cried
"shoot 1" and Hall tired, the ball trilciu
Page in tho neck, ranging upward;, to titt
bao of the brain. lie fell dead, neei
uttering a wdrd Hall then ran Into t!i
fiulo.on, loeked himself in and with two
pistols ut hand threatened to shool an.)
onp trying to arrest him. The law pthc rn
called togothor a poM'e, but tio miui kept
tliem at bay until the house was hiu round
ed, and, seeing no chance of caenptt, Hub
surrendered on condition that he tdiouhl
be protected from mob violence. He was
then taken to jail and locked up. Thr
row is said to be u political one, and fear
of lvnching is felt,
treneU Political it 11 ui or.
liEituN, Oct, 10. The belief is prevalent
in diplomatic circles tliat the Due
'Aumulo will succeed M. Grovy to the
Presidency of tho French Ivepublic, and
that the establishment of an Orleans dynasty
in France will speedily follow. On
the other hand, it is understood hero that
Princo Napoleon, "Plon, Plon," prophesies
a speedy and successful revolution
which will ond in placing him upou tho
throne of France. ,
Disastrous Fire.
Qiiicaoo, Oct JO. arly"this morning
Baldwin's "bakery, ' "Wagner 'grocei,
.Opera Vbusey Weston
establbdiment and several other stores
were destroyed by fire. Loss $50,000; in
uranco smalh
Yuo AUn Atkinson Cao Matched In
Likcolk, IlL,Octl6 Tnis community
was frtartled by the finding of the conso
of a young giri in tlie suburbs oi the city.
TLa throat waa cut from ear to car and
the face so badly mutilated that it was
not until this evening that the
remains were identified as those
of Zora Burns, who about four months
ago, had been a domestic in
the familv of a grain dealer named Carpenter,
whom tihe suddenly loft, going to
Vahdalia, but returning last Saturday
took a room at the Lincoln Ilouse, She
was last 6cen alive on Sunday evening,
and it was then pho hr murderer,
doubtless bv appointment, in, a lonely
lane. Tracks ot a single buggy are plainly
visible. A post mortem examination
yesterday afternoon revealed her delicate
condition at tho time of her death, & four
months' developed foetus being found. Jt
is believed that tho girl had been betrayed
by some ono hero while she was a
member of Carpenter's family, and when
she returned to Lincoln her seducer added
the crime of murder to his nbue of her,
aud took tho poor girl's life to silence the
diaclosurcd threatened. Detectives are
following every clue that may load Id tho
arrest of the culprit
i:tn!orito,Iropar(tloin for u Fine Old
Dublin, Oct 16V Intonoo excitement
has been caused by tho action of tho
Grand Lodge of tho County Fermcnngh
last Saturday evening. Tho Lodge adopted
a resolution that arrangements should
be made to convey on lu today, to tho
town of Rosslen free of cost, all Orangemen
from counties Fertncnagn,Mon&ghant
Thome and Cavan, in, order to break up
tho jtfational League mooting to be held
there to-day. Already thousands ot Land
Leaguors are on their way from all direction
to tho place of meeting, and yesterday
military aud police reinforcements to
the number of 1,000 were sent to Rosslea
to aid tho local constabulary in
ing order. Should the Orangemen carry
out tlieir programme it not bolieved tliat
even this large augmentation of the peace
preserving force will be enough to prevent
A CL03ifi anATEL
Jtnrroiv Sicnp Trom a Great Calamity
In Connecticut
Vatkiuujuy, Conn., Oct. 10. At 10.05
yesterday morning a fire occurred in th
Kim Street Public School at this plus'
which almost resulted hi a serious caU
trophe. The building, a three-story brick
structure, rapidly filled with smoke, causing
a panic among the children, who
rushed wildlt down stairs, shouting for
their hats, books, etc Between the first
and vecond floors, tho stairway not being
wide enough to accommodate the crowd,
there was a jam and several children were
badly crushed. Tho most serious injuries
were thiMs received by Ada Baldwin,
aged tcu, who was injured internally, and
Anna Moore, aged 11, who had her collar
bone broken and also received internal injuries.
The firo originated in tho coal
room, wheie also was stored a lot of waste
paper. It is thought to have been caused
by either some boy lightiug a cigarette or
by an incendiary.
A TUmrU in Trouble.
New York, Oct 1C Tho "Wizard" a
"msgiciari," "hero maker," physician,
Sebastian Virig, was arrested at midnight
charged with having caused tho death of
Clement HengsL tho man who died suddenly
on Saturday after having taken a
powder given hjm by tlie colored quack
at his resldeiice or hovel. The arrest wai
made by the Coroner, but the in an claims
to be entirely innocent. Relatives and
friends were determined to avoid an
autopsy, but it was madoapd the stomach
will be chemically analysed, as will be
tho remaining one of the two powders.
Death from the powder taken by 1 1 ought
resulted within two hours.
Nw, ?orU Mr j Gnotts Tru.
New York,, Oct 10. The for market
dry good- has 1 j own more, animation, than
during trie closing days of last week, but
tho volume of business was only moderate.
The package houses experienced a
fair reorder demand for fall and winter
goods, but transactions with buyers on the
spot were comparatively light, selections
having been almost wholly of a hand to
mouth kind. There is no material change
to report in the. condition of the jobbing
trade, business in this connection being
stills ItiggUh and irregularfbut a fair supplementary
demand is expected as soon as
retailers have reduced their stocks to the
replenish point
X'tftrltiff Ueltl for Trial.
Chicago, Oct 16. Frank L. lxrinc
charged, with fraudulent use of United
States mails in connection with the
swindling schemes of Flemming and Miller,
was held yesterday to tho United
States Grand Jury by Commissioner
iloyne in bonds of $,000, which1, was
furnished by "Wm. 11. Clapp. Turing
long escaped prosecution under the plea
that ho was an innocent employe of the
firm, but evidence has been since discovered
showing that ho wiw a principal
in tho scheme whereby so many granger
were defrauded.
ltnllroutt Conductor Itouheil.
Kansas City, Mo., Oct 10. At 11:30
last night Augustus Lavle, Tieasurer of
tho Onler of Jtailway (Conductors, and
Charles Schtenacht, a edijdtietor on tho
Mhsouri PaoUlo, were robbecl tt.tho
zies 01 cocKtHi reTOiverHoy: ior niguway
m ci 1,011 the Kansas bridge between Kansas
Citv. and IVviitidotto. Lawles 'was re
lieved of tv S200 watch! and ,570flof the
1 funds of '( tho. Order. Tho robbers, eacaticd.
TheM1moiey taken hat been Subscribed
toward the entertainment of the National
Convention of Railway Conductors which
opens here Wednesday next.
-- v

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