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Manufacturer and originator of tho cele
brattd brands of
Silver Dollar, Wra. Hunt's Dark Horse, Hap-
yinoke, Three Beauties, Coidwood and
Jold Slugs. Second Street, Mnysvllle, Ky.
Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps.
41 J?. See. SU Jnch301y MA YSVJLLE, KY,
A. a. browning, m. .,
Ofllco and residence south-east .corner of
Third and Button streets. Will Blvo special
attention to diseases peculiar to females.
aplHdly ' MAYSVILLE.
rixcii A CO.,
Vor Third and Sutton Streets,
mchSOly' 2M YS V1LLE, K Y.
ri 8. JUiJ,
Ileal Y.Htnt o nnI ColN'Ctliifr Agency.
Court St., (nplSdly) MAYSVILLE, KY.
Dealer In Staple and Fancy
has REMOVED from his old stand to the
building on Second stieet lately occupied by
Charles II. Frank. apl'klly
Gold, Silver iinrt Nickel
and Rubber Stamp Work done on short notice
at Maysvlllo Repairing Woiks, No. 8,
Second street. apl7ly J. 1 . li AN.
(Successors to Thomas Jackson,)
Livery, Sale and Feed Stables
Street Hack orders promptly attended to at
all Union. Finest and latest stylo Turnout.
Horses bought and sold on Commission. Market
St. four doors below Central Hotel, alia
Ao. 2, MARKET 8T11EET.
and Window Shades. Good Carpets at 80, , SB,
40, 45, 50, 00, 05, 70, 75. and 00 cts., 81.00 and 81.26
pcryaid, mch31dly
Oldest and best Companies, Insures for
full value. Low rates. Losses promptly paid.
No discount No delays. Otllco coi nor Third
aud Market streets. apWdly
Headquarters for Clocks, Silver
etc All work promptly and
Second St., Last ol Market. apl7
Fresh Oysteis a bpeclalty. Fresh bread
and cakes. Faille aud weddings furnished
S5lBtiolnd1Bt.iCmny3(lly MAYSVILLE, KV.
Contractors, Architects, Builders.
Flans and specifications furnished on
nnnhlit InrmL mu! nil wnrk fcnllhfnr.tnrll V lllld
promptly done. Ofllco on Third street,
iwecn wnu anu tnmon. upiuuiy
A- UAtiaj;Y,
Wholesale and Retail
Second Street, (mh281y) MAYSVILLE, KY.
Hats, Caps, Trunks nnd Valises. Tho latest
fall styles Just lecelved.
Market St., ap!6dly MAYSVILLE, KY.
M its. m, J, sioitronn,
Third St., opposite Christian Church,
Millinery and Notions.
A NEW STOCK Just received and prices
VERY LOW. Ronnets and Hats made over
iu tho latest styles. a2.tfd
Latest styles of Hats, Ronnets, Laces and
Millinery Notions. Prices low. Becoud street,
Mrs. George Rurrows' old Ntand, apllCdly
Second street, January's Mock,
Millinery Goods, Hats, Laces,
Feathers, Trimmings etc., of tho, latest styles,
Prices Low, mchSldly
Nob. 67 and 59 Second aud 16 Sutton streets,
have Just received a large stock of Improved
the greatest labor-saving implement ever
to farmers. The host tobacco hoes and
tobacco barn hardwnro of all kinds. ap!16
-Dealer in-
Glass, Cutlery. Notions, etc. No, 45 Market
Bisect, East side, betweeiujlfcond nnd Third,
a21d0m mRbVILLK, KY.
Tho Annual Report of tho Land
Intcrcftflug Statistic About tlio
LniHla AbuMimc tlio
tlon niul Hoiueatend lrlvllirpN
Sales During tlio "Vcnr Itnt Vnnt
;. lecommndntlon and SuggONtloiiH
by tlic Commissioner.
Washington, Nov, 2. Tho Commissioner
of tho General Land Ofllco, Hon. N. C.
McFarlnnd, In hia annual report to the
Secretory of tho Interior states that the
disposals of public lands during tho year
embraced 19,030,709 acres, and of Indian
land 399,235 acres. This amount was an
Increase over 1883 of about flvo million
acres, and over 1881 of about
eight million acres. Tho receipts from all
sources in connection with tho disposal
of public lands wero $11,083,479, and from
sales of Indian lands 1025,401. Tho public
binds wero disposed of as follows: Public
sales, 2TO,0G0 acres; private entries, 2,917,95)
acres; preemption entries, 2,235,71 0 acres
mineral entries, 31,520; homestead entries.
8,171,914; timber culturo entries, :i,110,9:)
entries with military bounty land warrants,
45,414; entries with land claim scrips,
Tho total number of entries and filings
postal during tho year was 251,(.s",
aggregating 90,000,000 acres, Tho inercaso
in the number of claims recorded hi 1S.'J,
was 55,543 over tho year 1882, Tho Commissioner
states that be is satislled that
preemption filings are made, or procured to
bo made, to a groat extent for Bpoeulatlve
purposes, and renews tho recommendation
that tho preemption law be repealed.
Tho commutation fcaturo of
tho homestead law is open to tho
same abuses as tho preemption law. h
urges that tho homestead laws bo amende
fjo as to require proof of actual residence
and improvement for a period of not 1cm
than two years beforo a homestead entry
may bo commuted by cash payments. The
report furtlicr recommends a total repeal
of tho timber culture law on account of Itv
inherent defect. Tho construction ol
1,210 miles of hind grant railroad was reported
during tho year, making a total of
17,449 miles of road reported as construct! d
under all grants to June 80, 18815. Th"
question of declaring a forfeiture of these
grants to whero tho railroads have not been
constructed in tho prescribed time, is deem
ed an appropriate ono for legislation. An
incre&so in the salaries of tho Commissioner
and various Bureau officers is recommended.
lie also urges a largo increase in tho
clerical forco of the oillco. Two hundred
clerks of the higher grades ho says are
needed at once. As a reason for this large
iucreaso in tho forco, the Commissioner
notes an iucreaso of eighty-two per cent in
1683 in the amount of now business brought
into the ofllco over that of 1881, und of
thirty-nine per cent over tho preceding
year, while tho increase in clerical forco
allowed by the last annual appropriation
wus but ten per cent over the preceding
year. There are now pending beforo tho
ofllco 600,000 claims of record in some stage
of Inception or progress under general laws.
Fending agricultural claims nlono Involve
adjustment of title to 1R,(KX),000 acres, and,
if one-half of these claims should bo perfected
into title, It would tako tlio present
force employed upon this work three years
to complete tho adjustments, leaving the
whole volume of busbies that might come
up within that period unprovided for,
Wood ni Rulhllui; Horn
About Their Own Kr4
New oiuc, , , ,. The ono story
building situated in Thirty-ninth and First
avenue, which was in tho course of demolition,
suddenly collapsed and caused
tho death of two persons. Tho building
was recently put chased bo George Ehrot,
tho brewu, with tho intention of building
a largo cigar factory, Mr. Ehrct had sent
flvo carpouters to pull down the structure,
which they had scarcely begun to do when
they were surrounded by a largo number
of men, women, and children eager to collect
tho, debris for kindling. Tho carpenters
eudeuvored to drive away tho crowd
and ono of thu wood gatherers, a laborer
named John Laws, was soeu chopping at
ono of tlio joists which wero tho main support
of tho building, when suddenly there
was a crackling of timber followed by a
crash and the roof fell, burying threo of
tho unfortunate pilferers in tho ruins. Tho
flremeu wore speedily summoned and went
at once to work to clear tho place. Two
dead bodies wero taken out ami Identified.
Ono young nun was found pinned to tho
ground by heavy timbers, after botng extracted,
was found to bo seriously injured.
A cnrjwnterwho was eating his dinner near
the building was also seriously injured by
being struck on the head by falling timber.
Tho bodies wero removed to tho morgue
and Coroner Kennedy will Investigate tho
Tlio Virginia SynoU Now lit It In
Charlottesville, Va., Nov, 2. Tho
third days' session of tho Presbyterian
Synod of tho South, was orKjed yesterday
morning, Tho University tendered its
hospitalities to tlio Synod and tho invitation
was accepted, Itev. Dr, Hall read tlio
report of tho Committee on Work Anions
tlio Colored People, which opposed the
organization of that race into a
separate Synod, In order of tlio
day, thu resolution touching tlio election
of laymen moderators, was taken up and
dLscussotL A resolution sanctioning tho
erection of a now chapel for tho University
was unanimously adopted, Tho report
of tho Coxumityco on tho Union Theological
Seminary was adopted without dobato.
In tho evening the subject of domestic-missions
was discussed, Tho report showed
thoro wus on increase in tho number of
members and churches, but a falling off of
$10,201 in contributions, as compared with
1871 " -
Tlio Extraordinary Iiawmlt ttrowlns
Out of Liquor Kfllliitr.
Cleveland, O., Nov. 2, The trial of the.
suit of P. E. Bronson against Rev, James
Lrant for 130,000 damages has just been
commenced in the Court of Common Pleas.
Mr. Bronson, who was some time ago tho
proprietor of a drug store in tho village of
Oborlin, whero, on account of tho numerous
colleges located in the place, tho sale of
intoxicating liquors was strictly forbidden,
was Bovoral times accused of selling whisky
contrary to tho wishes of tho community,
thereby incurring their U will, which
finally culminated in tho firing aud
destruction of his storo, Tho present suit
grows out of a sermon preached by tho
Bovenmd defendant, Feb. 2-i, lbS2, which
was afterwards published in tho Oborlin
News, of which tho following is a brief extract:
"Ghastly deeds of tho post still
stretch out thoir skinny hands and hush
thee, good men shall breath freer at thy
death. tThy monument shall be a testimony
that a plague is stayed, aud, as thy
guilty spirit is homo on tho blast towards
tho gates of hell, tho hideous shrieks of
those whom thou hast ruined shall plcrco
thee." Bronson claims he only sold liquors
as medicine, and that on account of tho
sermon his character and business have
been irretrievably ruined. Therefore ho
prays for damages.
Rrutal Murtfor or u
lloy lu Clilctttfo.
Chicago, Nov. 2. Charles 'Schrader,
twelvo years old, was brutally murdered
yesterday morning in a vacant lot near
Thirty-sixth street. Henry Peterson, a
Swedish luborcrj was met whilo leaving tho
place by a number of peoplo attracted by
tho boys screams. Vhat is tlio matter,
Ponry I" .asked an acquaintance of tho latter.
"Oh, nothing, except that I have
killoa a boy," waa the reply. "Come and
see, said the murderer, conducting tho
horrified spectators to tho Bjot whero the
boy lay dead on tho ground with blood and
brains oozing from his head. Tho work
was dono with a club. "My heart Is light
now that Pvo killed him," added Peterson.
Tho latter took his departure, and, although
tho rhole force of police is scouring tho
southern section of tho city, ho has not yet
been arrested. The murderer is probably
insane as there existed no motive for the
riuo Display or Live Stock.
Baltdiore, Nov. 2. The display of live
stock at Pimlico, uuder tho auspices of tho
Maryland Agricultural and Mechanicul
Association, is attracting a great deal of
attention. Prominent among tho exhibits
is a heard of Dovons, thirty-five In number,
belonging to Mr, Frank Brown. They
havo a national reputation and aro known
as tho progeu of tho Patterson herd,
from the Eurl of Leicester In 1817.
Prince Leopold tho Second, bred by the
Queen of England and imported by Mr.
Brown, a few years ago, is now tho head of
tho herd. S. N. Shoemaker lias a magnificent
flock of thirty Jerbeys at tho head of
which is tho celebrated bull "Forget-Me-Not"
Mr. John IX. Garrett oxhibite u
line llock of Southdowns nnd forty
thorouhbred trotting horbc and colts.
u Cullrouil to the tttuouiU of IMUc'h
Denver, Cob, Nov, 2. Tho survey of
Pike's Peak, with a view of constructing
a nanow gauge railroad to its summit, has
been completed and a company has Iwcn
formed to construct tho road, which will
start at Mauitou, at tlio foot of tho mountain,
and, by divergencies and curves and
steep grades, ascend to the top. The
length of tho rood will be thirty inilus,vith
a maximum grade of ittX) teet to the mile.
The work will begin at once. Tho Iio i
Jas. II. Kerr, of Colorado Springs, Is the
President of tho company and W. F. Ellis,
jr., Chief Engineer.
lMuilsnliifff Two UiillroadM.
St. Louls, Nov. 2. A telegram from E.
F, Pierson, Assistant Passenger Commissioner
of the eastern ioocd roads, stated
that lie has requested the Baltimore & Ohio
and tho Pennsylvania rood to doclino tiie
tickets of the St Louis & Louisville Air
Line aud the Chesapoako & Ohio, and to
discontinue ,tho of tickets from
New York and other eastern points by that
route from and after tlio 5th inst This is
said to be in responso to the request made
by tlio ooled lines to punish the Air Lino
and Chesapeake & Ohio for cutting tho
rates last snuuner.
Libel Bultn Affnlimt Five Newspaper,
liTTSBuna, Pa. , Nov. 2. George A,
Jackson, through his counsel, Harvey
Thompson, brought suits for libel against
tho Dispatch, CommorcIabGazotto, Post,
and Times. The article upon which the
suits ure based appeared In tlio above papers
a few days ago in relation to tho suit
of tho Baltimore & Ohio Hallroad Company,
against Mr. Jackson, whom they
claimed had failed to turn over, or was responsible
for, certain moneys for which ho
was accustomed to account, Tho amount
of damages claimed has not yet been stated.
JtcporC of the Adjutant General
VA8iUNQTON, Nov, 2. Tho Secretary of
War has received tho report of Adjutant-General
Drumm. Ono of tho prjuclpal
features of the report is tho recommendation
that the term of servico of enlisted
men be reduced from flvo to throo years,
and re-enlistment remain as at jfrcsent, flvo
years. Tho number of desertions during
the year ending June SO, 18S3, was 3,578,
nearly two-thirds of which occurred within
the first eighteen months of enlistment
Tho Kl!boiirurTuompson Cse
"Wahiiinoton, Nov. ii Tho testimony in
the Httllet Kilboume caso related chiefly to
Mr. KUbourno's jail life, how ho fared
while incarcerated, and liow his business
suffered whilo in prison. Tho testimony on
tho part of tho plaintiff was closed and tho
defense opened with tho testimony of
John G. Thompson,
who testified to the arrest of Kilbourue by
order of the House of ItepresentatlveA.
Wo present abovo an excellent portrait
of tho unfortunato young girl whoso sad
fate and tho mystery surrounding it havo
within tho past throo weeks awakened so
an interest. Following, as it
did, closoly upon tho heels of the butcheries
of Roso Amblor, in Connecticut, and Ada
Atkinson, in Indiana, tho assassination of
Zora Burns, with its many points of similarity
to tho two proceeding tragedies, has
taken rank among tho most notod nnd
sensational crimes ever committed in tho
country. As will bo seen from tho dispatch
printed below, tho investigation of
the crimo and tho search for tho murderer
havo so far resulted in precisely nothing,
savo tho creation of suspicion against a
man who has hitherto enjoyed tho respect
of tho community, and who is associated in
tho crimo by only a slender thread of purely
circumstantial evidenca Ed.
Lincoln, HL, Nov. a Tho verdict of
tho Coroner's Jury lias caused much indignation
among those who heard tho evidence.
One citizen, well known and
wealthy, publicly denounced tho jury to a
crowd of sympaUiizers, and insisted that a
coat of tar and feathers should be given
tho jurors, after which Carpenter should
bo taken from tho jail and hanged, tho
decorated jurors to act as pall bearers.
Four of tho jury Iwliovo Carientcr had n
hand In the bloody affair. Tho preliminary
hearing will take plaoo Saturday. The
verdict of tlio jury was "killed by an unknown
Tho lleautiiul Town or WJUoucliby
In Flnmes
Chicago, Nov. 2. Special from Clove-land,
O., says: A destructive conflagration
if raging in WiUoughby, a small town
twenty miles east of this city. Tho Are
originated at two o'clock in an old barn and
quickly communicated to the business portion
of town- A storng wind wad blowing
at tho timo and tho flames spread rapidly.
The following buildings with Uiolr entire
contents aro already destroyed : Kennedy's
livery stables, Kennedy & Sous1 hard wore
storo, W, T. Clark's drug store, Barnes
Bros1 paper and paint house, Smith's
jewelry establishment, Bartholow's millinery
store, A, IL Gunn's residence, Itobt.
Kennedy's residence and barn. Other business
houses nro now burning and it is
feared the en tiro business pertion of the
town will be destroyed. There was no organized
Are department In town and everything
is at tlio mercy of tho flames.
Telegrams hnveboen sent to Palnesvillo and
this city for aid.
Clevkland, O., Nov. 2l Later. Tho
Aro at Willoughby is under control. Twenty
stores and houses wero burned. Half the
town Is In ashes. Tho losed aggregate
about $100,000, distributed among one
hundred people.
rho Terrific Gnlo at Cleveland.
Cleveland, O., Nov. 2. The gale continued
all day yesterday and last night.
Tho Schooner Sophia Minch stranded early
yesterday, going to pieces and will be a
total wreck. She was valued at 20,000
Within fifty feet of tho Soplila Minch, lies
the wreck of the Milwaukee Schooner John
B. Merrick with iron oro from Escawaba,
w hicli stranded last night. Captain Coleman,
wifo and eight Beam an were saved by
tlw Life Saving Crow, Tho storm was the
most protracted known on the lako for a
year. Itojorta from Sandusky and such
lake ports show great damage to small ship-plug
An Old Womnn Arntnoed to the Pen
Brooklyn, Nov. 2. Mrs. Cliarlotto B.
Furlong, indicted for causing tho death of
Charity Lewis by malpractice, and recently
oonviotod, has been seutenced to the
iwnltentlary for six years and six months.
The only thing that saved her from thu
full penalty of twenty years was her ad
vnuood ago, she being
Th J'nlrchllil Inception,
Pittsburg, Pa., Nov. 2. Quit a large
number of local society people attended a
reception tendered by Goo. W.
to ev Governor Falrchild and lady,
of Wisconsin, The best society was well
represented, togethor with a good number
of prominent people from other cities. The
aifair was in every way a success.
81,304) Worth of 1'atrlotNui ler An
n n in.
Posen, Nov. 2. Tho Ultramontane
party In tho region of Poland have ajn
polntod an eloquent orator to agitata the
question of national rights. His salary it
to be 300 per annum.
Tho Mlsnlng Cincinnati Reporter
New Yoiik, Nov, 2. Loon Waterman, a
German reporter, thirty-two years old, disappeared
from Cincinnati the 20th ult, nnd
tho Chief of Police of that city has sent
postal cards describing the man to tho New
York polioa.
- i in.
rat lure of a l'nper Company.
CmoAQO. Nov. 2. Tho Itock Itivor Paper
Company of Chicago and Beloit, Wis., have
just failed. Executions aro out for $50,000
against them.
Ho Pays 1IU YlevpectH to the President
t aud Tnk) Leave of tho Army.
j Washington, D. a, Oct 2. General
t Sherman relinquished command of tho
Army to Lieutenant General Sheridan, and
afterward, accompaidcd by his successor
and Secretary Lincoln, paid his respects to
tho President In his official order he
thanked tlio officers and men of tho Army
for fidelity to tho trust imiosed upon them
during his Incumbency, and insured them
ho would watch their future progress with
parental solicitude. In his annual report,
submitted to tho Secretary of War, General
Sherman states that ho regards the Indians
as substantially eliminated from the
problem of tho Army. Thero may be
gposniodic and temporary alarm, but such
Indian wars as havo hitherto disturlwd
public penco and tranquility are not probable.
He also renows his recommendation
of last year favoring tho abandonment of
I tho minor military posts, and that certain
strategic posts bo enlarged, with permanent
barracks to accommodate snitablo garrisons.
Hii ii
A InmntoAtteinptn
Suicide llecatifto of 111 Treatment.
Philadelphia, Nov. 2. Mary ICracgor,
agod fourteen, an inmate of St Joseph's
Orphan Ajrylumy attempted suicide by
jumping from a second story window of
that institution and sustained serious injuries.
She says that her life has of lata
become unbearable, and that she wants to
die. Tho olflcials of tho institution declaro
that sho was well treated and that there is
no other reason for her act than a disliko
for tho discipline. The story that sho tells
will bo ofllclally investigated.
. i .
Tficng Interviewed, Denies Terry's
London, Nov. 2.Tho corrctpondent of
tho Central Nows had an extended interview
with Marquis Tseng, the Chinese Ambassador.
Tho Marquis stated that tho
statements made by Premier Ferry beforo
tho Chamber of Deputies on tlie alleged
authority of Mr. Tricon wero mischievous
misstatements concocted in Paris for political
effect Tlio uso of tho name of LI
Hung Chang was unauthorized and Ill-advised,
inasmuch as Li Hung Chang, being
his personal friend and relative, would
novcr havo given utternnco to such expressions
as were credited to him. It was
moreover nn absurdity to suppose that tho
Chinese Government would give contradictory
instructions to Li Hung Chang nnd
to its representative at Paris.
Over Fifteen Hundred Pcraonv Left
IlomeIft nnd llclil.
Savaxxah, Go,, Nov. 2L Thousands of
people have visited tho scene of the great
fire. Tho burned district includes a territory
half a mile long, and one-eighth, to one
quarter of a mile wide. Nearly 1,500 peoplo
are homeless, and are being fed by charity.
All of them aro very poor and most of
them are iiegroeH. About 325 houses were'
burned, most of them being little wooden
tenements. Only ono large warehouse, one
foundry, and a few of the better class of
dwellings were destroyed. The lo&s is
probably a little more than $500,000. It is
reported, and is probably true, that the remains
of nine negroes have been found in
tho ruins.
Death of a JTyrtterloiiH Madman
Toiwnto, Can., Nov. 2. Pajwrs found in
tho pockets of theyoun ; man who died at
midnight raving mad at tho Itasiu House,
where ho had registered as J, M. Burns,
Baltimore, indicate that Ihj was Archie
Dixon, Paymaster of tho Allegheny Railroad
ofllco, Pittsburg. It is alleged ho has
been mixed up in a murder.
PiTTsnuno, Pa., Nov. 2, Archie Dickson,
Paymaster of tho Allegheny Valley Railroad,
died in Toronto. Ho was a victim of
alcohol, disappeared, and dining his spreo,
turned up in Toronto with delirium tremens.
He imagined lie was concerned in a
murder and took laudanum. Ho left his
accounts in ierfect order.
Ileautle of the lHvorco Lawn.
Chicago, Nov. 3, James B. MacDonald
was married in Newark, N, J,, alout threo
years ago. Harry Mulltn attended tho
wedding. Shortly after MacDonald found
Mullin In unlawful relations with his wifo.
Tho fnlso friend, leaving his own wifo in
Brooklyn, came to Cldcago with Mrs. MacDonald.
Last week tho wronged husband
heard of tho ialr, and yesterday morning
had them lefore Justice Kcrsteen. Tho
woman surprised nor husband by showing
him a decree of divorce issued in Bont
county, Colorado. He had nothing more
to say, and tho caso was forthwith dismissed.
Mullin aud tho woman hi the caso
have been playing at the National Theater,
ii ! 1 1 1 i ii
Only a IllurT.
PiTTSUuno, Nov. 2. Regarding the published
statements that railroad magnates
intend to build a new road from Erie, Pa.,
to Pittsburg, to give tho Baltimore & Ohio
and Heading Hallroad Companies a lake
outlet, tho following dispatch has been received
from Erie: "The new railroad, announced
In dispatches from horo, to be
built by tho Now York parties over tho bed
of tho old Erio aud Pittsburg Canal, is
believed by knowing ones to bo only a bluir
on the part of those in litigation with tho
Pennsylvania Hallroad over the old canal
property, and who wish either to forco a
bottlomont or sell out."
ftTochanlual EnKlueers,
Nkw Yoiiic, Nov, 2. Tho nnnual meet
Ingot the American Society of Mechanicul
Engineers continued its session. After tho
transaction of some routine business, tho
following oflleoro wore elected for the ensuing
year: President, E. D, Iovitt, of
Mass. ; Vice Presidents, A. B,
Couch, of Philadelphia, J. V, Merrick, of
Philadelphia, W, It Eckort, of San Francisco,
John Fritz, of Bethlehem, Pa., Win,
Mctcalf, of Pittsburg, I'a, and Henry Norton,
of Hobokon, N, J, Several very important
papers were read during the

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