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"WEDNESDAY EVE., NOV. 7, 1883.
bossee & McCarthy,
Publishers and Proprietors,
To WnoM Adduk&j all Communications
Kind Providence romovos the good,
Because too good to stay,
And loavoa with us the bud, becuuso,
Too bad to take away.
And that, my frlond'a tho reason why,
I very greatly fear,
On this bright November day
That you and 1 are horo.
Both Partios Claim Now York with
Chances in Favor of Democrats,
Butler Burled In 9fnnncliUNCttN by
10,000 Majority Million Slapped
lu the Face ,nt 1'uterHburg aud a
Itlot with Difficulty Prevented.
Special to Daily Bullstin.
Cikcinnati, Ohio, November 7. The
Democrats and Republicans both claim
New York with chances in favor of tho
Democrats by a small majority. Both
branches of tho Legislaturo are undoubtedly
Republican. Maynard, tho
head of tho Democratic Stato Hicket, ran
behind. Carr, Republican, is probably
elected. Tho chairman of tlib Republican
committee claims tho balance of tho Stato
ticket by from 5,000 to 8,000 majority, but
Democrats claim it by 20,000. Butler is
completely buried in Massachusetts, tho
Republican majority being not less than
15,000. Virginia is considered doubtful,
but is claimed by tho Democrats. Tho
vote in that State and in Massachusetts
is tho largest on record. Mahono was
assaulted and struck in tho faco at Petersburg,
and a riot was with difficulty, prevented.
Conflicting reports made it impossible
to gej at tho origin of tho
Cincinnati, O., 11:20 a. m. Nov. 7.
Maynard, Secretary of Stato, Is defeated
in Now York. Tho balance of tho Democratic
ticket is elected by 20,000. Tho
New York Times of this day says tho
defeat of tho Democratic party in the
Stato shows tho Independent Republicans
are regaining confidence in tho
Tho Tribune says Yesterday's work
makes Republican success possible in
(ho Presidential contest.
Tho Sun says tho Democratic Stato
ticket is elected by a good sized majority,
except Maynard, who is defeated.
Tho Star says Maynard's defeat is duo
to shameful mismanagement of the campaign.
Tho Herald says Kelly's treason to
Tammany Hall caused tho reduction of
tho Democratic majority and the Stato
now passes into tho. category of doubtful
ones. Tho World claims a decisive victory
in spite of foolish dissensions.
Good butter may now be had in Mays-
villo for 15 and 20 cents a pound,
. . ., m
Mas. Keiiob is making an addition to
her property on tho Lexington turnpike.
The first enow of tho season, according
to tho almanac, is duo on tho 29th of November.
Col. J. M. Stocktok, real estate agent,
this morning, sold Mr. W. H. Ryder's
houso and lot in Chester to Mrs. M. J.
Caldwell for $775 cash.
Rev. Haruy Henderson preached last
night to a largo audience nt tho Southern
Methodist Church. lie will preach
again to-night at 7 p. m. .
As a kicker tho untamed Texas mulo
, used by tho street car company nt Lexington
is said to have tho chances of success
largely in its favor.
The Lridgo over Lawrence Creek on
tho Blue Run turnpike hub been completed.
Tho work was dono by tho
Bower Bridge Company, of Moysville.
Messrs. W. W, Baldwin & Co., on
Tuesday, sold to Mr. John H. Hall a pair
of matched geldings for $700. Thoy nro
fine animals and tho prico paid is low.
' m -
A n.LL will bo given nt tho Rivorsido
Hotel this ovening by tho members of
Father Mathew Total Abstinenco Society.
It is to bo a private affair and only fho
members and a few of their lady friends
will be present.
The most successful men In life aro those
who udvertlso most ireoly, who aro bold aud
venturesome and let tho world know whoro
they are aud what they have for Hale. If you
do not advertise, do uot expect to see your
business grow, aud when you see others pass
you In tho race, do uot complaln.Kaulo.
Maysvillo has good newspapers that
nro widely circulated and read, and no
papers in tho Stato work harder or mmo
conscientiously in tho iuterest of advertisers
and tho general public than thoy
do. Thoy aro a credit to our livo and
growing city, and wo hope to sco them
airiiborally used by advertisers,
A MajHTlllo Uirl Abroad.
Philadelphia, Pa., Nov, 2, 1883.
Ed. Bulletin: I have undertaken once
more to writo another letter to your
paper, which for a penny paper
can not bo excelled in tho country.
Last Sunday wo boarded tho steamer
Wilmington for tho city of Wilmington,
and on our way wo passed League Inland
and Fort Mifllin. After a pleasant trip
of thirty miles down the Delaware, we
entored Christiana river and prooeeded up
this river for about fivo miles to tho city.
On landing wo proceeded up 4th street
to Kinir street, out King to 11th, to Mm
Riddle's, widow of tho deceased Senator
of Delaware. In tho afternoon wo took
a stroll out to seo the city. First wo viu
ited Grace Church, located at the corner
of 10th and West streets. This church
is built of green sand stone, and is considered
to.1Q tho finest Methodist Church
in the country. The singing was very I
ueauuiui, itio instruments consmteu oi
two cornets, a bass violin and an orpin.
Afterleaving hero wo strolled down West
street, and on our way wo passed many
lino residences. Tho next church we entered
was tho Unitarian Church, located
on West, between 7th and 8tli J stre ta I
This church is built in the old English
style. After leaving hero wo wont out
Delaware avenue us far as Pennsylvania
avgnue. At tho junctions of these avenues
is a vory handsomo monument. On
returning we passed tho Delaware cemetery.
In this cemetery wo noticed a very
largo monument erected over the grave
of Col. McCotnbs. It was hewn out in
tho shape of tho Egyptian Oheliak, and
its weight is over eighty tons and cost
$150,000. Then wo returned to our
friend's and remained there until Monday
morning. Then wo went to see the
iiranuywine river, out on occount oi the
inclemency of tho weather we did not get
to see as much as we expected. From
horo wo went to see the old
Swede church. This is a very old
structure erected in tho year 1G9S.
When it was built the women carried the
stones in their aprons to help build it.
Wilmington is a vorv beautiful city.
The streets are laid out regular and are
very wide. It has 50,01)0 inhabitants.
forty churches, twenty public schools, n
fine opera house, and tho city buildings
It has very largo ship-yards somo of
tho largest ocean steamers are built at
this pi a co. It also has largo car shops
whero some of tho finest passenger cars
nrb built. On tho Branuywine River,
just, below tho Market street bridge, is
an old-grist-mill that grouud wheat for
Washington's arnw when they were en
camped at Chad's Ford.
On Monday afternoon at ono p. m..
started for Philadelphia, and arrived
here at three p. m. But, Mr. Editor, I
could not give you a full description of
the place on account of tho bad weather,
but I intend to visit it again, and then I
will be able to give you a better description
of it.
On Tuesday wo went out Passyunk
Avonuo to Twenty-fourth street, and
called on Mr. Wagner, tho florist. Mr.
Wagner has about twelve acres in shrubbery
and flowers about three acres in
dahlias and two acres in pinks. Ho also
has very fine roses, and many huge
green houses.
On Wednesday afternoon we visited
Catndon, N. J. It is opposite Philadelphia,
and has about 100,000 inhabitants.
The houses aro built similar to those in
Philadelphia. Tho streets are wide and
regular, and as a whole, it is a pretty
place. It contains quite a number of
fouudrys and factories of various kinds.
Gloucester is about four miles south of
Camden on tho Delaware River, and has
a great many largo cottpn mills and iron
works, I will close this short letter,
promising to givo you a better ono soon.
S. G, D.
Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, of Newport, Ky.,
h tho guest of Mrs. Melissa Rosser.
Rev. H. A Hunter, D. D., died at Louisville
on Sunday, at tho ago of eighty-four
Mr. J. J. Malloy and sister, of German-town,
aro visiting the Louisville Exposition
this weok,
Mr. John Kearns, who has been visiting
friends at Mt. Sterling, returned
home Monday ovening.
Mr. Frank Haucko, who wont to Cincinnati
several weeks ago, to undergo a
surgical operation, has returned home,
much improved in health.
The following sales of land were lately
made in tho Minerva neighborhood :
James Stroud to James Asbury, 103 acres,
at S75 an aero; Dr. John A. Reed to
James Stroud, 113 acres, at $100 an acre.
Mesms. A. P. Gooding, J. M. Mitchell and
E.T, Keen, look lu the debate ou Krlday.
Mrs. Plnckurd, of Fern Leaf, and MUs
EIlzn Owomh, or uermnntown, wero guests of
Mrs. Sam Proctor Iat weolc.
Hov. K. S Poll It t hn two hnudied pages of
olixely written tnnmuciipt, not oi (lie
Ho writes curreutc caiiuno.
Miss AllH OhonKlor had two gueit, Mr.
Holtou and MIhs XMuckard, ot Ohio, wno got
lu ouHaturduy, too late for the debate.
David Dye had a pleasant party of diners
with him at his attractive home on Friday.
Among them hU cousin HI ram Dye and his
Mrs. Mary Dye.
Roboit Applegato entertained two or three
of theclorgy dutiugtho blgdaysoflasi week.
Tho Huoklor Houso was headquarters for
tho young bloods and tho sweet sixteen.
Mrs. U. Is very popular with tho young
folks '
Misses Molllo Piper, Annlo Clarke nud
ElUo Waddell dined with Mls.s Allle Chanslor
two days of tho debute. They were gallanted
hv Messrs. Charles Hopper, Eddie Pogue aud
Walker Formau.
14 As far as beauty goo,M said a distinguish
ed tourist, who had been protty well over Europe,
' wo possess the Unest race of nieu and
women In the United Htatos." This opinion
Would have been fully continued hud this
tourist beou nt Hard Is during the debate.
One festlvo youngster said ho always loved
to go to shows and circuses, but trio debate
got away with all such In tho way of fun,
Ho long ns we have In the christian profession
two faiths, two baptisms and two spirits.
wo will havoVrangllng and disputes. There-
ttniat ln a vAmiftlntlnii nf ttintn. nlflA nn
ment to regard them as matters ol opinion,
as matters of forbearance, and tuko no account
ot them. Oueof these- results Is osseu
tint to union, ...
" For forms of faith let zealous bigots light.
Ho can't bo wroug whose life is lu tho right,"
For tho Bulletin.
LOllA D00NE.
11Y QUIZ. '
Capitis mar Uh for brown eyes,
Lorn Duoi to may hint; of the gray ;
But 'tis only tho black eyes
That can drive nil darkness away.
They alooo can Illumine this life with glory,
Like unto tho vision or a fairy land dream;
And truer than words they speak u love story
More romnttc than the moonlight that
falls on the stream.
Black oyes nro truly the highest and fairest,
Tlmt ever looked Into the depths of mine
Tho language they spoke Is by far the dearest,
Beyond all the brown eyes, that earth has
ever known.
Oht Captu, you surely must have been
The dews, not ol heaven, but elsowhere distilled,
Or you would not suffer yourself ta be think-In
On tho vnporings, with which your veres
are tilled.
like not the weakness of brown eye,
I like not the tndhfeieuce ot gray :
But give me those soul melting black eyes
That Hush brighter than ut play.
Maysville, Nov.", I8S1.
Advertisement Inserted uuder this heading
10c pur Hue for each Insoitiou.
Try Lutigdui&Cftv flutter Crackers.
Children's cloaks aud cloaking nt
Hunt& Doyle's.
All wool red uiuletgnirts at $123 at
Xeshitt & Mt'Kreirs.
Russi'in circulars and dolmans cheap
tit Nesbitt & McKrelPs.
Good bed comtoiU iroin boo. to $2.25
nt Nesbitt and McKrril's.
Great bargains in Hue JBIankets at J.
V. Sparks & Bro.'s, 24. Market street. L
- m
Cloaking and Sacking Cloth cheap at
J. W. Sparks & Bro.V,24, Market street.
Ninety-right different styles of new
neckwear open at Hunt & DovIm's.
Buy your cloak from Hunt & Doyle,
thoy know how to fit you perfectly.
Fivo hundred dolnuns Jackets and
cloaks at Hunt & DovIhV
All wool red Undershirt at 7.V.. Sl.Ou
and S1.23 at J. W. Sparks & Lro.'d, 24
Market street.
Bring on the bihies. Pictures taken
instantaneously by Kackley ut M. & K.'s
book store. o20dtf
Cloaks, Jacket-, Dmiuuih and Circulars.
Cheapest at J. W, Sparks & Hro.V,
24, Market street.
Nesbitt & McKrell are making leaders
this season, of ladies' and Men's under-
wear, blankets, etc.
The largest lino and the lowest prices
in Maysville at Nesbitt & McICrell's.
Ten real squirrel fur-lined circulars,
$23, $30, $33, $37, SoO, icceived to-day at
Hunt & Dovlo's. nSld&wlw
Great bargains in Bed Comforts. "We
tnnko big reductions h the prices of all
our -Bed Comforts. J. "W. Sparks & Bro.
.Shawls I Shawls! Wo place on salo our
entire stock of Shawls at a big reduction
from former prices J. W. Sparks &
Bro., 24, Market street.
Carpets, Oil Cloths and Window
shades. Wo will ofler great bargains in
these goods for tho next twenty days.
J, Sparks & Bro.'s, Market street.
i i
Fivo hundred ladies' Merino Vests
cheap. Ono thousand men's Undershirts
at 20c, 25c, 30c, 35c, 40c, COc,
60c. and 75c, at J. V Sparks & Bros.
. Given Away.
For thirty days wo willivo with ovcry
purchase of $1, n beautiful and handsome
nldlw MomusoN & Kackley.
Great Bargains in black Cashmeres,
direct from tho importers all pure wool,
at 40c, 50c, GOc, 05c, 75c, 85c, 90c and
$1.00. Call and examino before you buy.
J. W. Sparks & Bro.
Old folks and nervous people should
go to Kackley's gallery for pictures by
tho lightning process. Don't wait for
sunshine, any kind of weathor will do.
Kackley's dry plates will do you up.
i p m in .i i
Trial proves that honesty is tho best
policy in me,dicino 'as well as in other
things. Ayer's sarsaparilla is a genuino
preparation, an unequalled blood purifier,
decidedly superior to nil others.
- m i.
Hundreds of. lottors from those using
Ayer's Hair Vfcor attest its value as a restorer
of gray hair to its natural color.
As a stimulant and tonic, preventing and
ofton curing baldness, and cleansing and
fcoothing tho scalp, its uso cannot bo too
strongly recommended.
Harper for Christmas.
Tho Christmas number of Harper's
Magazino will bo an unusually beautiful
number, and will surpass all provious
undertakings in magazino literature.
Leavo orders with Harry Taylor, No. 23,
Market street.
Fine Monuments
I have just received direct from tho
quarries in Vermont, a largo number of
handsomo monuments and headstones
of artistic design and fine finish, which I
offer for sale cheaper 4han they can bo
bought elsewhere. Call and see tho stock.
All work in my line promptly and satis
factoriiy done. S, J. Daughkuty,
Below will be found a list of our now
goods: Sage green window shades; fall
wallpaper; fancy lunch and work baskets;
a now and lato lino of reward
cards; a correct line of art studies; look
at our new albums, illustrated with
Shakespearean scenes in show widow ;
writing paper, Grecian and polka dot;
fancy and juvonile books, bound in cloth
and board, now ideals colored and plain.
Call and sco our goods.
MOKKISOX tfc Kackley.
nldlw No. 27, East Second street.
November 0, 1SW, at the residence of Mr.
Joslah WU'on, thl city, by Key. V. W.
Corrected dally by G. W. Gkiskl, grocer,
Second hlreet, Maynvllle, Ky.
Limestone $ 7 00
Muysvllle Family .... 6 25
Oiu Gold 7 oo
tlRxou County 6 25
Kentucky Mills fi oc
Magnolia, new 5 75
Butter.ytb. 15320
Lard.V? ifiU
Eggtf,$uoz. - 25
Meal$ peck 20
Chickens M 1525
Molasses fancy. Go
Coal Oil, V gal. 20
Hugar, granulated w m io
a.w m ; io
" yellow V & 869
Comb iio e 15
trained Honey 12K
Hums, smpir cured V ft-- 17
I) istnrt lit.. f f .i t A t (HIS
Homlny.V mullon 20
u?an3 ?i gaiion M w.
fotatotiv pock, new .. 15
Cotloe 153.0
Anthinelte at Etevitor, per ton HU5, delivered,
Yoimhlojheny nt Elevators, per bushel He.
deliver d !6e,
ICuuawIm ut Elevators, per bushel He. dell
vh I I'Jc.
L'otueiy at Elevators, per bushel 9c.
i hn.
For sherlir.
WVnre uuthnilziHl io um ounce thnt DAN
t'KU' INK Is u candidate for the otllce or
lu' itl of Mnsiiu county, ai the August election.
M, Nuuject to ttie action of the
party. i
For Mayor.
Woarenuthoilzed to announce that M. F.
MA 115 H Isu candidate tor th o:tlce of Mayor
t the c'ty of Muysvllle nt tho January ehe
tlou, jbl.
Weurenuthnilzed to announce that HOH-ACK
JANUAHY N a candidate for
iu layor of Maysvllte, at the euhUlug
Jumuuy election.
For C'liy Clerk.
We rp nuthorlzed to atmounce thnt
LANOHOBNK M. TIU Is a candldnlo for
tlifoilhvoi City Cleric at the
Ye nro nuthoIzed to nuintinro that
HARUY TAVLUI? ls.a candidate lor
tlou as City Cleric at the ensuing January
For Collector unci TroiiNiircr.
We are authorized to announce that K. E.
PKAHC!: Is a candidate for iepltcilou as
Collator and Treusuren of MayHvllIe at the
ensuing January election.
For Councilman.
We are authorized to announce that JOHN
W, AliKXANUEU Is u candidate for
(o the council Irom the Fourth Ward, at
the eutiututs January election.
For Wluirrmntcr
Wo ore authorized to nnnnunee that ROD
RUT KICICMN, JHf ls& candidate for re-election
us Wharfnmste at the next January
For 3Iiir.HlutI.
We nro authorized to announce Mr. W. W
WATICINS a.s a candidate for .Marshal at tho
ensuing January election, 1331.
We aro authorized to anuounce JAMES
H ASS ON, Hr., as a candidate for city marshal
at the January election. Not oue cent lor
electioneering purposes.
We are authorized to anuounce that W. B.
DAWyONlsacaudUlatofortlieomoe of City
Marshal, at the ensuing Jnuuary election.
He solicits tho auuport of his friend.
We aro authorized to announce that JAMES
REDMOND Is n candldute for selection ns
Marshal of Muysvllle at the eubutng January
election. Tho support of his friends Is solicited.
thnt he Is a o mdldate lor City Marshal nt the
on mint; Jauuaty election, on thetlit Monday
In January, 1831. Your support Is solicited.
thousand live turkeys
YY 4ind GC,(KX) dozen Irosh eggn. Highest
inoiketnrice nald. H. B. XORTUCOTT CO..
button stieet, .Muysvllle, Ky. uo5d&v
xjOTIOE I have received a full lino of mil
lN linerytfoods, consisting of tine lints, lib-bona,
velvets lentheis, birds, Jet ornameuts
and hair goods nil cheap for cash.
tiSdhv Front street, Aberdeen, O.
RANTED Two good plasteteis. Steady
WA RDL. HILL. noldlw
RENT Houso with three rooms and
IOR with cellar nud good cistern. Apply
to U, P. SHOJKLEY. 27lwd
good canvasser fur a fast-
willlng book. Good commissions. Ex
clusive territory. WM. OWENS,
oladU Bulletin olllce.
A new frame cottocra In First
j Ward. Very low. J. M, STOCKTON,
It Real EstutoAueut
1"OR RENT A desirable residence ol flvo
1 rooms and kitchen In East Maysvtlle.
Apply to W. O. SIlAUKLEFOlU).li7d2w
RENT Excellent fall
IOR : Cows, 82 ; horses and mules, 860.
Maysville. n7dlw
RENT FurulRhtnl front room for
tleinen lodgers. Inquire at this olllce,
irOR RENT My two-story brlclc
house, corner Short nnd Second streets.
Size of rooms thirty-two by one hundred feet.
Wolladupted for grain or tobacco, Apply at
ZWKIQ ART'S meat store. slid
l?OU SALE-A nice relIMre on Court
JP street. Apply to M. C. HUTCHING ju2
TheHplendid farm of Mm Ju
17ORHALK containing about tid ncrea.
In two miles of MayHVllIeon the Ohio river,
pike, and Huntlnuton'H railroad.
tinprovenieutn. Flue fruit treerf
aud market g(irden.
jiovldAwlm MayHvllIe, Ky.
F"OH"HALB rhe furms of Lewla Ilrooks
223aoiesuHrMliierva; H. M Marrthall.
180 acres neai ; H. So ward, 130
acres, near MnyHVlllo; hmo)t ATerhune, lt"6
acres, on Lawrence Orek; Mm. Me A tee, 80
near Aliiysvllle; 18 acre at Wolie'H
Mill, MlnetVA pike.
novldAwlm MayHvllIe, Ky.
WALK and' dwelP
FOR Part ot old Goddurd Ilniso, corner
or Market ami Front streets rental $700 per
year. Warehouse, corner Wall and Second
HlrnetK. Brick dwelling on Fourth Ntreet.
Double brick dwelling on Second, between
Market and Limestone.
novld&wlm MayHvllIe, Ky.
A black canhtneie shawl, at the Mill
rOST Church, on Thursday, November
1st. Please ret u in to my china Moro.
nov2di&w!w Maysvllle.
Don'i Punish
' JjF SSr yf.r'' vml
w SJJ ym " mf J
But co to vour dnurirtst or merchant and cet
a bottle of Wills' World Worm Cundy,
tho most efllclcnt and palatable worm medicine
made. It ta put up In delightfully flavored
sticks ot candy, and tho Uttlo ones love to take It.
n ui;i:ivincj DAILY
-the best brauds of-
which will be served In all styles. Formate
also by thecan, hall-can or In bulk at
ptlces T.J. NOLIN,
at Blerliy'H confectionery store. Second St.
Denier In
Spring: Wnons nutl Ilnrness,
Repository No. IS, Sutton street, Mnysvllle,
Ky. Meadmniners lor DR. JACKSON'S time-tried
and 1 el la bio
Horse Medicines.
DR. J ACK.SON'H RLACK OIL cures manse,
cracked heel, warin, measy heel, pricked toot,
nul'ter. m.huI crack, corns etc. Ih lee 60 cents.
is an excellent remedy lor enlargements,
spavin, rluK'bone, capied hock, cuib
splint cinmp or fttraln of the whirl bone.
I'jlce5il cents.
DR. JA KSON'8 WHITE OIL cures lung
fever, lntlamatlon o the kidneys and r helium
tlxm In man or horse. l' Ice 00 cents,
DR. J A KSON'rtFOOT OIL Is an eltectlve
remedy lor chafVs, sores or in
horses feet and maneuud llceiu cattle aud
hores. Price 60 ecu to.
itSTSent to any address on receipt ot price.
Jfo, 3, Secoinl Stioot,
will otter on nutl alter Thursday, October 11,
the following gieat bargains; Ono thousand
yards of heavy, fall standard
worth 50 cents per yard, for 23 cents, slightly
damaged by water. Oue thousand yards of
heavy nine ounce Jeans, guaranteed all pure
wool rlllt in; and made In Kentucky, worth M
cents per void, tor 35 cents. A full and complete
stock of
at bottom prices. Canton Flannels from fi
cents per yard to 2 cents. Ten thousand
yards of prints In good styles nnd last colors.
. cents per yard, Gent's heavy, all wool Red
Undershirts, worth 81. CO each rorSl.tn). A lull
Hue of new Towels, Table Linens, Napkins,
Jersey Gloves, Underweai, Red
Comforts and Blankets. Also a largo and
well'Fclected stock of Cloaks In all the new
styles Just received from ew iorlc. Fitly
pieces of Ulmchnm at 6 cents u ynul, olldlm
to iin wm:i;Li:u,
jDenler in:
Fruit, Fish, Ac, II. F. HEMINGWAY ACO.'S
Eaw Oysters,
H., quart Cans 2o
FAVORITE, quart cans S0o
ANCHOR, standard, quart cans .&a
N ELECT, quart cans 40c
N. Y. SADDLE ROCK, quart cans too
HULK, per quart &ta
FISH 5, 8 nud 10c
I p lv n.rs. I a
Number 43, Second street, three doors below
Market street, Maysville, Ky. apUOdly

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