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i HlfecWd.
Tuesday alter second Monday In January,
April, July and October In each year.
County court.
Judgo Wm. I. Coons.
Oounty AttoWmy J. ii. Whltnkor.
Cleric-W. W. Hall.
Hocond .Monday o! cnoh mouth.
(tmirlcrty Court.
Tuesday inter scoouu Monday lit Mnreli,
June, Heptouiber aud Doocmbcrln each jut.
SfnglHtrntCH Court.
Jfo. 1. Wesley Vleroy anil J. h.
Grant, Urt ud third Tuesday In March,
Juuo.Beptoinbornnd December.
Miiysvllle, No. a. M. K. Marsh nnd James
Chamberlain first Saturday and fourth
same months.
Dover, Ho. a Juntos DnrnslMW and At V.
Dobynx, flint nud third Wednesday, same
Alluorvn, No. 10. N. Woaver nud J, M.
Byar llrt su third Tuesdays, wimo
M, Wondwird nud
Jits. Ill. Maniiun Ursl, and third Hattudayii,
xanie month. ' ' . .
Hardin, No. (I-J. M. llnll and J. II. Urlgsby
Hocuudund fou 1 tli Hnlurduys, months.
WiiVhllck, W.wiilliuiiiuiid it D.
Raymond, second and fourth Frldnys, name
IiewiKburg, No. 8-Jt M. Aloxnnder and
Isaac I Mollvaliid .second and fourth
samo moths. . .,.,,.
orangetntrit, No. 0 W.D. Coryell ond w.H
Furrow urst (Saturday nud lost Monday, same
Washlneton, No. Hunter and
Thomas Downing fourth 'Tutwluy mid third
Wednesday ,'Kftmo months'.
MurphyBVllle, Jellcrson and
Jolm.. Wells fourth .Monday and third
Thursday, samo months, ,
K!rn Luiir, Nil. nntl'J. H.
, .Burgess, sccOud.,and fourth, Hntunluyii, samt
' Constables.
MnysvlllOr No. 1 C.-L. Dawson.
Alaysvlllo, No. 3-W. L. Moron
Dover, No. 3-W. H. MoMlllftil.
Mlnorva.No. 4 Hlohurd Howard-
liermuntown, No. Woodward.
Hardlfl.No 6-Frank IJlahd.
' MayMiokf No. 7 Thomim Murphy.
Luwlsbuiu, No. 8 a. M. Btrode.
OraiiKoburg, No. 9-Thomas UIhc.
C. Hoggin.
-- Koclcfi
ConfldeiJcifjiodgoNo. C2, first Monday ol
mi each mouth. .
Con Tin Circuit Conrt.
Judge A.TC..C0I0.
Hliorlff Porry JotTerson.
( Dan Porrlnc.
Deputies: Clmn Joflocson
!Mftn IiO!nMio.Stt.thlrd Muuda of uacli
or moniu
MayRvlllQ, Chanter. No.B.sccond Monday ol
eVayft?ril6''c6nlmaudery, No. 10,1 fourth
Monday of each mouth.
riser Encampment, No. O.Recond and
.iOurtn .Mouduvs In each iuouUih at 7,0'clock.
" DoKnlb Lodgd.Np. 12, .TUeeuay nigiii.eacu
wcellrat 7 o'clock. '
HlngKOld, Ho. 27,;Ylncsday nleht, each
week, ut 7 o'clock.
ItuliihlM or Honor.
The first and third Tuesday of each month.
Lodge room on Button street. r
t Hi or r.
Limestone Lodgo, No. 38. Friday nliiht oi
each w6$k.
Wednesday night each week.atthotrhnllon
Second sWrttft. 4 .
,Molnllty ll.V.Bi.
Hocond Jud fourth HunWn In each mouth,
'attht'lr hall on Limestone street. i
First Sunday In each month, nl their hall on
LlniestouVSUect., " "
,' Ml.''atrlcU' llcnovolciit Norleiy.
Second Buntlny In each month, nl their Hall
on Limestone street.
ClKiir nitkcrn' Union,
First Tuesday night In each month.
j, o.g.t.
Monday night ol each week.
K. O. It. it., arrives id 9-.00 n. in. nud 8:15 p.
m. Departs at COO a. m. and 12 10 p. m.
Bonanza, down Monuay, Wednesday and
Fridays ut Op. in. Up Tuewluy, Thursday nud
Saturday at b p, m. ' J,
The Board or Council meet thu tlrsl Thursday
evening In each month.
Mayor lforuce Januury.
Kd. PenrCe. ,, ,
First Wurd Fred. Beudel, A. A. Wads-worth,
rtolwrt Frost.
Becoud W U. W. Murtln, 1 homas J
Ohenowoth, ltow Htoctou.
TMrd Ward-Matt. Pearce, E. W. FltBerald.
David Heohmger. ... ,
Fourth Waid-Dr. J. P.Phlstor.H. A.
W. ..
Fifth Wurd Wm.lt.Muthows, James Hall,
Kdward Myall.
Treasurer and Collector K. K. Pcareo.
Clerk Hairy Taylor.
Marshnl James JliOmond.
Wharfmastcr Hobert Klckllrr.
Wood and Coal Inspector Peter Parker.
City J. T. Strode.
Keeper of Alms House Mrs.H. Mills.
rpIMK TAltl.lC
Kentucky Central R. R.
Tlmo tablo lu effect Octobor, 14, 1883.
j 3 a 4
A.M. l. M AM 1. M
Lve.Mayivltlo. U W M 40 Lvo I)x'tnn 7 'Jti 'i Hi
Snm'ltt 0U I IS Lve Cov'ton 8 m ai
" Clurlc's.. VU I III Lve.l'ailH.... 8 15 305
' ii !l I !il " PJuVu
" Helena. (H1) I ai " MU'bV (1 40
" Jnhn'n. Wt t 42 " Carlisle 7UJ
Ella'lle 0 68 148 Meyers. 7 10 086
1 1 ,l 7 W 1 M " P.val'y 7 22 0 42
' Cnwnn.. 7 07 lfiH " Cownn. 7 Hi 0 62
" I'.Val'y. 7 IS 2 0(1 " Kwlng.. 7 37 068
' Meyers. 7 21 2 12 Kllz'Uo. 7 41 7 1)2
' Carlisle. 7 Ju !iOS " John'ii. 7 47 7 08
" - " Helena. 7 65 7 n
Mll'im'g 7 ' Mars'll. 8 0S 7 26
' PJn'c'n " Clark'H 8 10 7
Arr. Paris 8 IS 8 03 " Bum'ltt 8 17 7 80
Arr.Lex'ton 12 W 7 no Arr.Msjsville m 88u
Arr.Cov'tou 11 so 020 a.m. v.h
A.M. H. M
Connects at Lexington with the C. A O.K.
It. lor AhIiImiuI. Muullligtou nud nil polnu
lu IhelOiMt ami Southeast with tho C. N. O.
&.T.P. It. It., fnrciuittaiiogii and thoBonth,
with, the L. & N. It. H, lor Frankfort und
LouUvllle." WU.MADLKU, Agent.
o vtunvuivf jvji
0. L. UHOWN,
U. P. and T. A.
Covington, rionilugsuurg mid Found
1 ' fltti' ItnUroad.
Counectlnw with Trains on K. O. It. It.
1onveFi.KMiNaHiiuuafor Johnson Station:
6:45 a. m. Cincinnati Express.
0-13 u. iu. Maysvlllo Accommodation
8:25 p, m, Lexington.
7:02 p.m. Mnysvlllo Express.
1 the arrival of Trains on the K, C. It. It.:
u:2d a, m. ,w p. iu
9:48 a, ra. r:87 P. m.
3T. Mc A KTIIKT, Licensed Anctloneer
J . for Mason and ndjoluln counties. Or
ders left at the Huli.ktin offlco will rcoelve
prompt attention, P. U, address Ml. Carmep
t r
. 1
' '
Bfdte of SayUiR.
"Slopplg, Mid un experienced floor
walker, "is, to a ooAidderable oxtcnt, a habit,
and I know to&uy kutancw lu which It has
Crown Into a poatlon. The remark is often
rands that women como into tlioso largo general
ttorosiindoomptlouraalenwemeu to show
t Jioin Vbolo tttioti 61 tode ov at pure v,
I do not think that such is generally
tb cos. The purchasers oro solxcd with tb
buyias mania, that Is all, at, if tftcy happen
U be out of rctuiy money, ther fed obliged to
,mnW bellera buy, I know theeo .ckotoman
tbUrflbly well and lean pick UvemYlght out If
I can only get a sight of them in thodoortrny.
Thoy will abr sort of cast down, but
Wtjjhtcn right upas soon ds thoj gut their
07) on the goods. The sight sotms to act on
tfam somonhat as a cocktail oparntos on a
BitiniUJsarslarjniingstmiuka. TVomca
ha vent the head to stand against a genuine
mark down, and if they can't buy therajlvaa,
they are bound to sco other people buy.
"A man whose wife deals pretty largaly
bore told me last summer that sha1 bad bought
soverftaen dress patterns in two months, and
had only had three of them mado up. Hu
said ha bnblt ran m his wife's family. Hor
sister, it aocnu, had about two dozen pair of
now shoes of all kinds on hand lasf'tvnitcr,
tnd only stopped buying when her husband
told her a yarn about a woman, feeing ent to
fw doing Rch things. A
dorcn "pair ! not very strong, but two dozen
boats ern Hapoleoa llli, wbp bad only
rVcity pair ot boots wlioo bo was trui'pod at
, ''tun worrfcsaBl'among those who have
4o buyiDg iJanla well derreiopod ore the
specialist. , A woman used to come in boro
who Yvduldbujrstx doccn hondkerchicis at
onw, tho follow
Ing day. I understand that tho is an
lady, who is greatly beloved by ner
husband Ho onto sold twelve grot
of httudkerchiefs, purchased by her, at
auction, and bis wife did not uilss
thorn. It is lucky that ho is a very wealthy
man. As for the stocking rngo, they all have
it. Ulovos uxl to be tho great articles for a
ran, but stockings of all varietfoa are now tho
craze. This has boon the case for in long time,
but this year it Is stronger than over. I do
not think tfeo average woman is evor so
entirely happy- as whrn Bbo is buying those
articles. Tho trad runs in streaks oa
wMaarkwt down tlxxrlhde thread,
stockings from SO to 5 ccnUthls
house was stormed. Wo havo about 900 varieties
of thoso goodV wrytog oanta to
t&SO a Ther4asjadstfMM, but wo
sUl Hw at tb prtea. Ito aOaotion for
stockings Ls vesygoneral amoogwomen. Tho
rich buy throe or four dozen of a
varieties, but ( havo known plasty oi women
who wom KorAty able to buy atbm; at nil
to pay 75 cento or $1 forasinglopntr of stockings.
I would b willing to make, a uuall
lt that M a woaiaa telt ber bakuni call to
bhop, and had but a dollar, fcho would ))oss
that amount tat sfrlfe stoclchig oasmtnr.
Botaa UMm staaaglyto whito
goods aud keep aa immoderate quantity ou
hand, but It to do a veryKporive tnsto.
yboss, bowovea o tad oleosa a muHstudo
of hats, as sots of them do, bavo to ny
heavily for their faacies. Too woakl not
think a doeu&feate aaUeBiber or a lady
to buy in a single season. Well, 1 have
known wumen to purchase tlHity wltWn that
time. All wohq wb bsvo tbo buying
habit indulgo in some leading article. It is
only when thoy cannot afford that particular
thsag tfeattbey take- 4bohad ssd needle
"Wliich are tho most extravagant I Tho
kui buyers, by-all odds. If yo could contrive
to look over somo of tbo collections of
laces In private hands, you woukl be
There oro women in Now York who
have laces to a larger amount than tho
average dealer Is able to kcop iu stock. Fans
also are a rage. I know a lady who has
forty fans, but somehow sho doesn't manago
to kcop herself cool with them. ''
The RpeaUernlilp Content.
"Washington, D. 0., Ifav. 20. Tho contest
for ths Speakership moves along
quietly, and as yot has not become very
animated. Only two now arrivals nro announced,
making in ull forty Democratic
members here. Congressman Ermcntrout,
of Pennsylvania, was ono of tho two, and
opened up a Randall headquarters at tho
Ebbit ilouso. The friends of all tho candidates
remain confident of success.
All Interesting Law Halt.
Wahhisoton, D. C, Nov. 20 A contest
is now going on in tho courts hero between
tho vfito and tho othor heirs of, the lato
Governor Swann, of Maryland, about
division of property. Governor Swann
was for a long time separatod from his
wife, who'was Mrs.-Ex-Senator Thompson,
of New Jersey and a relation of the wifo
of tho Hon. B. J. Randall. Tho contest is
likely to bo bitter and prolonged, as tho
amount Involved i quite Jurgp. ,
After Lottery Acentn.
Cnioi.00, Nov. lottory cases
oro on trial before the U. B. District Couit,
ono of which is against Frank B. Moore,
tho Chicago agent of tho Louisiana State
Lottory. In view of tho recent action of
Postmaster General Greslmni in refusing to
allow tho mails to bo used for tho
of lottery tickets, etc., those cases
excito considerable interest.
Unhappy Ilussln.
St. Pktkusduko, Nov, 10. A spocial
munberof "Tho Will of tho Peoplo,tha
Nihilist paper, states thatngrarlun troubles
iu tho South of Russia uro increasing, owing
to tho deplorable stato of tho rural
populaco, and that conflicts between peasants
and landlords calling for military intervention
aro frequent.
Zoe 1V1I1 Get Well.
Baltimoue, Mn., Nov. 20, Mrs. Zoo
H"aywood,vwho attempted suicide hero by
shooting, Is In a fair way of recovery. Tho
dootors havo oxtracted tho bullet and say
thero is no danger of death. Tho aotor in
this city, whom sho claims to bo bur husband,
will havo nothing to do with her.
Bhowlllbo removod to tho City Hospital.
New York's Great Celebrntlon.
New York, Nor. 20. Upward of fifty
thousand persons in oivio and military organizations
are oxpectod to participate In
the street parade on Evacuation Day, Efforts
are being mado to have tho great naval
parade concluded before the commencement
of tho street procession, in order to
inablo spectators to Beo both.
i m ,M-MM 1
auFNGTRE L8,j,
Ttio Legal Grievance cli Mr.
, tin Tlilnk las.
CliliVtLAND, O.i NOV, Tho case of
Edward P. Martin, of Boston, against Efllo
A. Ober and othors is virtually against tho
Boston Ideal Opera Company. Martin, who
was. ihd Lusjnots, manager of tho concern,,
liad ' boon dlscliarged imd brought suiti
against tho C9nceru for breach 'of contract
and lalanco of salary. Judgo Ilale vas
ajiiwintwl reforoe, and tho casois nowbclng
(iqard before him. Martin claims that,
tho.tcnna of bis contract with Mis'
Obor, ho was to recelvo 20Q per week, bu
that tho lady sold her interest in tho ojxjrn,'
company to Mr yfougk, who, refused to
carry out Martin's contract and so discharged
him, but "was to call at tho ofllce
of the' theatre fcach week and rocelvo his
snlary. Ho received tho monoy regularly
for three weeks, whon paymonts ceasod, tho
agont of Miss Ober claiming that Martini f
had ombozaled tho funds of tho company.
Martin olaims that itho transror 6f Miss
Ohor's Interest was a fraudelent transaction,
and brings suit for salary from dato of his(
Arrested For Wlfa Murder.
sLocKrouT, Nkw YonK.Nov, 20th Patrick
Kane, and old and respected jcltlzon of Eus(t
iocKport, has been arrested ou suspicion 01
havliic murdorod his wlfo whilo drunk.
Mrs. Kane's body was found in tho morning
on tho floor .pf her sleeping room ahd her
clothes and the carjwt was covered with
blooiL Her lower lip ,was cut and thorc
were small contusions on her hoad and faCe.
Her husband gays he had. .been di Inking
whiskey the night before, and sho, having
dyspopsia badly, had vomited' blood. Ho
declares that$icro was no quarrel and that
no" blows wore struck and says that when
hd awokb this morning ho found h'er dead.
-Tho police found a sharp stono in tbo yard
with bloody marks on it, and Knno Was
placed in custody. . "
Arretted tor
LoCKronT, N.yNov. 20, Patrick Knno,
mi "old respectod citizen of East Lockport,
has been arrested on suspicion of having
murdered his wifo whilo drunk. Mrs. Kano's
body was found in tho morning on tho floor r
of her sleeping room, and lior clothes and
carpet wero covered with blood. Her lower
lip was cut and thero wero small contusions
on her head and face. Her husband sajs
that ho hod been drinking whiskey tbo night
before, and she, having dyspopsia badly,
had vomited blood. Ho declares that thoi 0
was no quarrel and that no blows wore
struck, and says thnt when ha awoko this
morning ho found her dead. The police
fohnd a sharp stone in theyard with bloody
marks on it, and Knno was placed in custody,
, Again In Trouble.
New York, Nov. 20. Some uneasiness is
felt hero among thoso vho havo relatives
on board tho Steamer Amerique, which
sailed from Havro two weeks ago yesterday
for this port, and has" not since been heard
from. Sho is now overdue ilvo days. At
tho office of the Company no alirm is felt,
as the agents say mio is a staunch vessel.
New YonK, Nov. 20. Tho Fronch Trans-Atlantic
steamship, Amerique, about whose
safety somo fears havo lately been expressed,
has arrived off Sandy Hook. Tho remains
of Irs. John Russell Young, wife
of tho American Minister to China, aro on
A New Cable to llrnzll.
New York, Nov, 20. Advices havo Just
been received here of tho granting of tho
oxcluslve privilege of laying cable between
tho United States and Brazil to Messrs.
Henry Cummins, George D. Roberts, and
Byron Somer, of New York. Tho government
grants to the concessionists tho exclusive
right of transmitting all messages
received at stations of tho telegraph lines
of tho stato for twenty years. This is tho
grant formerly held by Jay Goiild and
afterward turned over by him to John
Ponder. a
Fairfax, C. H., Va., Nov. 20. A horrible
accident occurred here on Saturday
ovenlnc. Tho boiler of tho mill of N. O.
Martin exploded, killing Job Anderson and
a son of Jerry Jackson, both colored hands,
and a whito man named Burnside, and
frightfully injuring S. B. Martin and David
Steele. Tho former's injuries, it is
will prove fntal. Loss of property
not estimated. Causo of explosion is not
Death of a Millionaire' Widow.
Dubuque, Iowa., Nov, Sol tfbe will of
Mrs. Helen M. Griffiths, who died last
week, has been made public. Sho was
worth in tho neighborhood of $3,000,000.
Sho leaves hor brother, S. H. Packard
$20,000; hornleco, Helen E. Grovorman, of
Baltimore, $15,000; St. John's Episcopal
Church and Homo of tho Friendless, both
of this cltv. $3,000. und several other
bequests. "
Voter Kuinll.on Horseback.
Belvidere, N. J. Nov. 20. But ono
slight trail has been found of Peter Smull,
the horse thief, who, with Henry Price, col.
ored, and S. Carllug, escaped from tho jail
in this placo.4 ' A man in Washington says
ho' saw Smull 'dash through tho town about
4 o'clock in tho morning on horseback. Ho
came from tho direction of Belvidere and
was going east as fast as tho anlninl would
carry hlra.
Horses Burned to Death.
Philadelphia, Nov. 20. Tho largo stables
on Washington avenuo, below Sovcnth,
have been" entirely dostroyod by fire.
Thoro were thirty.slx horses in tlio stable;
sovoii of them wore rescued and remainder
burned to death. Loss about $5,000.
JlooliUeenrr Abscond,
Syracuse, N. Y., Nov. 20. Frod North,
assistant liookkoepor for tho Oswego Falls
Mnnufactuiing Company, has nbscbndcd.
It is said that ho took $1M)0 of thu Company's
monoy, Hois an Englishman,
yenrs of ago, nud has, no doubt,
gono to England. Ho has a wlfo and ono
child. .
Flghtlne Texan Vencn t'nttor.
WlUTESionD, Tox., Nov. 20. A
flght took placo near horo, Sunday
night, betwoen fence-cutters and guaids.
Two of tho fonnor wore suiiously wounded
mid were diaggodawuy by thoir comrades.
Not HceUluff German Alliance.
Paris, Nov. 20, Tho Goulois Btntos that
King Alfonso has instructed Marshal Serrano,
tho Special Ambassador to Franco, to
inform Premier Forry that Spain is not
seeking an alliance with Germany.
Allihemmed in by ragiNq fires.
Tho Expedition to
Kxplore tha XlvergrlnUe
ed to beLost The Last Itv
'port Heard of Them.
Nev Orleans, Nov. 2a A dispatch
from Ft. Myers, Flo., indicates that tho
expedition through tho
everglados Is in great danger, if it has not
boon lonb. bocaunoof a great Are in tho saw
grass. Tho infdrtsatfea oomu from one of
tho gontlomon who accompanied tlio expedition
to the edge of the saw gross region
bordering the lakts, He says:
" On the aacond day after leaving the
party, and whilo sailing on Lak
I discqvorod thut tho "saw grass rrasrsh
had bon sot on flro, and tho country for
mllos is now a racing fire. If tho expedition
fired tho gross purposely before getting
in it, thoy acted wisely. If tt was done by
accident after entering, or if It was set on
flro tqr tho Indians, not ono of tho expedition
will live to tell tho tale. Tho Timos-Democrat
has telegraphed to the DIsston
ComnanV. now dredtritn: alonir the uppnr
Vbordorof Lako Okeechobee, to send a re
lief party in soarc,h ot tho expedition.
Tho last direct reiort from the expedition
was dated Nov. 12, and said that tho party
had reuchod Lake Okeechobee on Nov. 1.
Two severe galos wero encountered on tho
lnko, and two boats wore swamped, but nobody
was lost. The havo found eight
largo rivors running from the lako Bouth
into tho ovorglades", and havo partially explored
thorn. They have mndo six unsuccessful
attompts to cut through tho. swamp
bordoring tho everglades. On tho tnth of
Novomlier they wont up a river on tho extreme
southern shore of tho lako for a distance
of two mile, and named it tho
" Times-Democrat"
From tho bank of tho river they cut
through the surrounding marsh. Tho expedition
is now within a half mile of tho
groat haw grass, tho report concludes, and
is going at tho rato of a quarter bt a milo n
day. There Is neither water to float tho
canoes, nor land to btand on, nothing but
muu. v e aro going inrougn 11 it is 111 wie
power of mortal man. All welL
He Exprcssea Hla Opinion Abont the
Northern Pacific.
New York, Nov. CO. General Grant in
a conversation with a reporter baid, regnrd
lug his trip last week t " it had no significance
whatever. It was merely a trip for
recreation, and U any railroad war is in
contemplation neither myself nor any of tho
party was cognizant of it. Wo loft Now
Yoik to get away from anxiety of business
aud.to socuro a much-needed rest. Wo had
to dbtcrmlno upon somo route and the route
wo took offered as much attraction ns any
othor. so wo took it:" Referring to tho
published statement that ho had said that
tho Northern Pacific Railroad was extrav
agantly built and under bad management,
tho General deided over making such a
stateuiont, as he neither knew how it was
built or what its management was. What
ho did say was that it had a great future,
and ho was surprised at the rcsourcos of tho
country through which it passed aud tho
character of tho emigration settling along
its line, and ho addod that he did not
it would bo ablo to do all the business
It would recelvo within ilvo years.
A Colored Man In Chicago Floors Him
Chicago, Nor. 20. Somo amusoment
prevails among Cliicago sports at tlio
of Sullivan, tho champion. Ho was
standing at tho bar in tho Trcmont House,
and commenced being humorous over a
waltor; who had been staring at him
with a great deal of curiosity. In lifting
tho waiter up, tho latter resisted, and in
tho ensuing seufllo Sullivan fell and was
fairly floored, tho negro making his escnpo
after tlio feat, In great terror of tho pugilist's
von geance. Nothing but whisky was
punished, howover, and tho mortified champion,
after sulking awhile, feobly joinod in
the laugh.
Striking Cluar Box. Mnkent.
New York, Nov. 20. Tho mooting of
striking cigar boox makers was called to
order by Christian Most, President of tho
Cigar Box Maker's Union. Tho Chairman
of tho Executive Commlttoo, Slgfried
Fodder, made a spocch. Ho said that com
munlcations had been received from four
largo manufacturers stating that thoy were
Willing to oiion their shops Tuesday, nud ho
also said that tho above firms havo discharged
tho, green hands and scabs whom
thoy had taken to fill tho places of strikers.
Mr. Hollar, of the Procressivo Union, ad
dressed tho mettl ig. Ho remarked that
everything was working well. Offers of
assistance were received from the Glass-
blowers' Union of Brooklyn.
Yoangr Indian Mayers.
Allantown, Nor. 20. Two Eastonboys,
aged twelve and thlrteon years, whose
minds had been affected by reading flnshy
novels, In which Indian killing and sculp
taking formed the principal subjects, and
who left homo on Vfodnesdny to go West
and extormlnato tho aborigines, wore captured
In this city last evening and tnken
home. One of tho boys is a son of Daniel
B. Wood, editor of tho Easton Freo Press,
and the othor is a son of Charles Chidsoy.
Before leaving homo tho boys wiote a nolo
Informing thoir parents of their intention.
Yale College Finances.
New Haven. Conn., Nov, 20. Tho re
port of the Treasurer of Yale Collego has
boen submlttod, and shows tho aggregate
amount of Invested funds to be $l,l)3l,!J28,
an increase over the year of 1683 of $77,008.
Tho expenditures of tho year havo
boen $333,827. By rigid economy tho fund
is lucreaslnc and is divided as follows:
University, $1(H,S00 Academical, $W1,110;
Theological, fa.JO.'AW; Sheffield Sciontillo
$113,103; Modical School, $yO,DU5; Law
School, $11,000, aud Art School, $00,179.
Xow YorU'a Old-Time I'.lrctlon Frauds
New York, Nov, 20. Jacob
in applying to bo registered, presented
naturalization paponi which bore
dote of 1803. Tho clerk asked him whore ho
was born. "Iu Stanton Street, New York,"
was tho reply, Investigation proved that
Mr. Kammordlonor was really a nativo, and
had boon furnished with papers by tho enterprising
politicians in 18C8, whoso crooked
ways Mr, Greely called tho attention of Mr.
Tlldcn to In a famous letter.
llrnve Seamen Itownrded.
Grand Haven, Mich., Nov. 20. The
heroism of Dave and Sam Miller, captain
and mato of tho schooner Drlvor, who, at
tho peril of thoir lives, rescued the twulro
castaways from tho lost steamer Ackley
last Tuesday night, is to bo rewarded. Tho
citizens of Grand Haven held a mass-meeting
and showed their appreciation of tho
bravery and com ago of tho Miller
brothers and thoir crew by contributing a
substantial purso for their benefit. Two
hatches from tho Ackloy iiavo washed
nshoro hore, .
A neillamlto Law Hult.
Pittsburg, Pa., Nov. 20. A spocial
despatch from Erie, mentions n peculiar
enso tried in tho Criminal Court there.
Mrs. Moycrs, nn ancient doctmss, and
alleged to bo skilled Jit occult sciences and
good nt casting horoscopes, changed Mrs.
Kato Becker with an attempt to burn her
alive, for being a Vtitch. Sho claimed thnt
the defendant, considering hor charms,
nostrums and mysterious operations as conclusive
ovidenco of sorcory had condemned
her to the flames, nnd proceeded to cieinnto
hor. Mrs. Bocker was acquitted.
Fatal Mine Kanloaion.
STnEATon, III., Nov. 20. A terrible explosion
occurred Monday morning in tho
lower vein of tho mine owned by Coal Run
Conl Company. Tho shaft hadlieon closed,
jonflning tho flro damp below until in two
hours it burst forth with fntal results.
Thomas Jones was shockingly mangled and
killed instantly. He loavosawifu and four
children. David Jnmos, John Shanks,
John HUlIer nnd O. Tiffany wero painfully
burned nud their condition Is critical.
Everything is lcing dono to relieve tho
sufferers. .
I'olsoneil III Wlta and
Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 20. Dr, Albert
C. F. Gerson has bctn again put on
trial for causing lho death of his wife by
poisoning. This is his second trial, ho having
previously boon found guilty of murder
in the flrst degree, but a new trial had
been granted on tho plea thnt tho judgo
erred in his chnrgo to tho jury. Tho allegation
is that Dr. Gcrsou poisoned his
mother-in-law and his wifo In order to
their property. Ills mother-in-law
recovered, howover. Tho case is attracting
widespread attention.
nisclinrclni; Ilnscnlly Detectives.
PniLADHLrniA, Nov One member of
tlR dotccllvo forco ami w spocial officers
have been discharged by Mayor King on
conviction of tho chnrgo of receiving rewards
illegally for tho capture of thclven
and tho recovery of stolen property, nnd of
obtaining money from tho father of a man
arrested for on tho ground
thnt they v ould obtain n light sentence for
him if ho was convicted. Tlio discharged
detectivo was ono of tho most efficient men
on the forco.
Tronlilo Ainaiie Vlrelnln Nccrocs.
Charlottesville, Vn., Nov. 20. The
most Intense excitement prevails here over
tho warlike attitude of tho negroes. A
most desperato nnd murderoui affray took
placo on Saturday night betweon two
iu which one of them was literally
hacked to pieces. Tho murderer was arrested
and the colored population of the
town threatened nnd seemed determined to
lynch him. Ho was safely flaccd in jail,
howover, nnd Is closely guai.lod by a large
armed po&so.
Death of Addison Rice.
Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 20. Hon. Addison
G, Rice, woll known throughout tho State
ns a lawyer, for his efforts for tho Union
causo during tho rebellion, died hero this
The Club's Judiciary
Tho chairman of this committee favored an
appeal to tha next legislature to enact laws
as follows:
"To prohibit public weather predictions by
ot the country.
"To require a stato Hceuse of nt least $W
from all writers of poetiy published iu any
publication in the state.
"To compel tha ownor or owners of places
of public amusement to erect separate flro
escapee for colored people.
"To punish with deuth any white man who
offers a colored gentleman a sack of flour for
his vote."
Tho Rov. Penstock objected to tho report
being adopted or w ould ut least domand that
tho last iccommendatlon be striken out Ho
would not admit tliat any colored mail's vote
could bo purchased for a kack of flonr.
"Brudder Ponitook," replied tho preuiilent
"if do hull cull'd lace was built upon your
plan dar would be no nceJ of any laws what-ober,
onloss Jt was a lectio bit of law agin a
mau partin' his ha'r in do centra But as do
caso stands, much as I wish to defend do
honor of my own race, I cannot clozo my
eyes to do fact that do oner 01 a sacK 01 new
process flour about eleckshun timo ox cerclw
a pressure of 2,000 pounds to do squaiJ Inch.
Do strong kin stand it, but do weak nun' gib
way. Do recommendashun of de committee
am a good one, anVmub' stau'."
Tito Way It Happen.
American Architect,
Somo uninstmcted persou, nnviug beu engaged
in painting or polUhing woodwoik",
undertakes to save tbo cotton rog u hlch he
has Ixou usiug by washing out tho oil or
paint, but after ono or two Ulals, lluding
thlsn rather dlflloult operation, abandons
tho attempt, and tolls up tho rag in a I. not,
and throws it into somo corner, where tho oil
and water speedily tenet upon each othor to
set tho wbolo lu a blaze.
A Uamtlon lu Art.
American JowoKt.
Why should colossal statues of Minerva,
Hercules, or Cupid, receive more applause
than exquisite miniatures of tho same? If
the world jwurs out its wealth, and shouts its
loudet praises, to those who produce such
wot ks In tnarbio, unci wiui sucn gross tools as
rhlsol nnd mallet, why is ho not oqually or
more deserving uf famo, who docs tho same
thing upon amothybt, and wjthin tho space
of a lady's ring?
Thin Accounts Tor It.
Peck's Sun.
Last year ono Berlin house manufactured
300,000 accordeous, molodoons nnd hand-organs,
and managed to distribute 250,000 of
thsm among tho nations ot ttwoartli. This
ncoountsfor thouusettlod mid warlike disposition
of European nations. If there is
anj thing In the v. orld that will kick up a riot
or flght quicker than an aocordoon or hand
organ, It has been kept undor lock and
How tho Oil Exohango 'DttAo m
Imposed Upon,
Now York Times.
The members of tho oil ejeckange are
rr.thcrsuellsatof younc mm, but the lei
In the matter of clothes fotsfcM by tha.yout
Known as "ttio duds," whom BMHwiii
held for tho sako of hia relatives. Tills du
strolled into tho oxchanoo durimr tbo d
hour i esterday, and Soltmon in all bfe gloi
was never aiTaVod llkoono of hits, tfobi
gin near the bottom, his foot (the dude's, n
boiomon's) wore encased in the glossiest
patent leathers: his trousers fitted like
paint on a lamp post; his coat had noror
crease noru tall to ton: nis unon wi
starched uutll itshono, and his collar waspo
rcction lteclt and rabod uu ohla so that
could only gaze at tlio floor at the
of cutting his throat. But his tout cntembl
so to speak, was completed and sat off by tl
rtarliiigcst silk hat imaginable with t!
broadtst and most curlina oi WrfsM and
beautifully bulgout top. AKo0rMHr h wi
dozzlingly beatttft
Tho dude stopped near ttfa MKftTe of tl
floor, struck an attitude tau eAtrtcd
gnracn statuary, nuu gaud swwlr a:
pityingly upon h's commonplace fellow
uroKers. nut, Honor of horrors I A rw
man caino bohlnd him aud jerkwl the dlk
tile from his head, and tha naxt nipmsnt
vim thrown to tbo floor, had r9tirei
vicious kick, ami a dozen DVoKers w
running after it. They surrounded it, icufll
tor ii, away it sailed azain toward ceili
with the entire uieinborvhlp of tlio xchaugj
save ouiy tuu ornor, In wild pursuit Ro
aud rouud tho floor gamboled thd men
brokers with tbti hat kafore them Now
was suffering iu tllsir midst, fcbea H shot ori
1110 Hoor in desperate efforts to arcane.
to bo iigalu overtaken, trampled, fclekod, ai
uoaacn until u presented an appearasoa
it it uau uecn lam down on ly a cow
then spent a summer under a dust-heap,
tho gay brokers wars tired out aaAporspl
Tho dude during this terrible period
aghast, and, with horror depicted in we
leaturo, turned in frozn dospairas tha gai
dois 01 111s wickcl associates led them to 1 tli
four cardinal points of tho reoxnS coorpas!
uut w tion a grmmag messenger boy brougr,
him the battered corpse of his precioiH dice
he forced n smile which was only a dosolat
mockery of Impphifta and remarked:
"Aw dawn't caie anyway. It was an ol
Then tho rude man who had' tern the til
from the unhappy adolescent's head nt
preached and handed blin tha sllkeu hat un
injured, nud the dude learned that he hn
Ixx'utho victim of a wickod jctko, Auol
bat had bcru substituted on tbo floor, whil
the jokrr held the victim's 4ue feehlnd hi 1
back. And it cauw to paj that the oaiso 0
unholy laughter was socroat aatotoxtb
ticker lute tho nud tteHfftfte wil
wear a ucruy lint to-day and tore vet alte
whilo ou tho floor of the exchanga
Tlio Dho and AUuio of Blebe.
Henry Wurd Bcechort New Lcctwre.1 !l
The worst itso thut men can wealth I
Is to hoard it. Riches that aro slssffr laifil
rp, and tl.ataio novor used, arecquasdarcdll
Money Is Ilko powder no good till a goes eft
A. man v. ho iuu a largo amount of proprtj
ind docs not spend it, docs not enjoy it. H
Is nothing but 11 watchman of his own prop
erty. Now, 1 hold that a man doss not sponi
hb money selluhly who nukas tumaslf ait,
duji'ci 01 uuiiuiauon ana aaecnon m uii
corauumlty. 1 hold that a man has a right
to spend his money on his house. But where
a man has acquired a house bo ought to make
it and his grounds beauURU, Bo ought Ui
aiako his house boautlful wfth bootu and al.
the embcllislinionts cf Mi, He eaglit to maki
It tlio most beautiful rilftCo on earth to bin
na his wire nnd chlldisu. Tha rich men oil
a community should than see to it that thai
community fares well; that it has libraries
reading-rooms, with all the privileges 01
thado trtxs, parks, fountains these are thi
things that rich man should do.
It should bo tho business of every younpi
man to deny himself. is tbroyuj
road to Indulgence. No man will proepes
who is not willing to livo upon the lowest, si
that by and by he may livo upon the highest!
Folks think that a Yankee saves a great deal i
but a young Uorman mnttoned by tha lec I
tiuttr lived upon less than a Yankea would !
throw away. And, as for a Jw, ho live
upon wfiat a German would throw awayi
Auu a uoiuamau uvea upon waai a jew
would throw away. And HJs to what all
this futa luts boen about lately. K te
mau, wbsn ho cams over to tthts oountryJ
would havo chewed tobacco and drurdl
whisky and voted tho Democratic ticSrt, h
would hn.ro been all right. Atnairtha4
lived forty years and has not a cotfipetinicj
is noihlnz less than a criminal He tun
violated the fnndamontal laws of tTJOTalityU
What is it lawful and CBrtfctBntDywBUui I
do with his richest I adsroeat, tabrflr
place, liberty to use it hneaoa to tBako'Uii
soli happy.
lVUat Tulplt Fopularlty BKeftBB.
Pulpit popularity has eoinato fat
meaning. '1 ho popular praaahar bow (s no!
tho 0110 who stirs man's hearts, but the i
who draws money, Ho Is iudgod likoa:
Actor, by the receiuts at the U Urn
pews are taken at UiitU rrkes. ii the churclr!
can inaiutain itself In style and pay expeoies.n
the minister is a good card. Uo e command I
a liberal talaiy; perhaps ho oaa figure as nl
star, nnd make lucrative lecture engagements.
Whothtr or not bis congregation show any
advanccmunt in snlritnalltv under his ex.
hoiintlons, or his people leant to adorn their
daily lives with sinipriolty and e&moBtnoss
and ti uth, or tho poor and unhappy And (QO;
cot nnd comfort at his door, are questions
which treublo tho applauding MblioYOry
UtUo. --
Tlte Confederate Meal.
Chicago Herald.
The original seal of the Confederate states,
which Is ot tnosdve silver, is still in the bands
of un soldier, who treasures it
carefully. Itoonilstsofa daviee
lug an equustilau portrait of Washington
(after the statue wbicn swrnounts nit
ment (u tho Capitol noare, ft
inond), surrpundsd wltk a wreeitb
nosod of the principal agriealtural
flnrt. ft iin VvnAlitraAW rtffn,. IuAj,a IE I
sugar-cane, corn, wheat), and k&vfcw around J
It tho words, "Tlio (confederate States of
America, Twenty-second February, Eighteen
Hundred and Sixty-two," with tha following
motto: "Deo Vmdiee." Tho Confederate
monument at Magnolia oanetary to thoia
memory of tho dead who M to dif aasa ofv
Charleston bears on onaol its faces an en-
larged representation of tho great seal of tho ;
Confederate states.

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