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To Whom Aunnrew am. Communications
That ladles' clonks uro cheap tills week,
Is what wo Imvu to loll,
Ah you will find when yon linvogono
To Nesbltt A McKrell.
They got 'em up In "II the styles
Am nont as any Uihllo,
With nud .
On back and si io'iuul middle.
A OABUOur and hoatlng cotnpany Iiiih
been orgunizt'tl nt Portsmouth.
It is reported Unit the Rtiltn
nt Riploy luvo been compromised.
... . . .,
. Ovku oho hundred Keats' have been
sold for the MuAtiloy entertitinment tin's
A nonce iittncbud to a lrny r.m uway
on Second .Btrcet this inpning. p
dnmnt'o."' ' t f f
' ' "
Onk of the at Mr. llortnnnn
Liingu'a jewelry store marks tho correct
8 utiilnril time.
Mil. TitoiiAH Y. tNKtiiiiT, ol
is invited by JiiH frienuN to be u
cundidtite for Couneiltnun.
O'Dox.nkll, the nuiiderer of Carey,
tho informer, lint been found, suilly. and
will be banged at Newgate.
Mr- Jons T. Jiii'Fri'nqoSJ'vviHfoflerJnl
public, s.de at his place
Tuesday, December 11,'a.lot of liogsj
cattlo, sheep, horses, etc. The sale-is an
important one, and should be well at
Tim Fleetwood, on Friday, had the
largest trip down she has had since she
was built. . Her appearance was that of
a boat loaded .for" tho oiithflTs Itiwns
found necessary tdjmt light freiglit on
the roof. Over one hundred passengers
were registered.
A Mi.Vitucup rallied at the rooms of
the Sodality II, V. M., on Friday welling,
was won by Mr. John Ford. The
rafllo was for tho benefit of the Sisters
of tho Visitation, an I the names on the
list were obtained by little Misses Maggie
Green and Agnes O'Donnell.
Rev. J. T. IIkviikkick has accepted nn
invitation to t ke charge of the Southern
Presbyterian Church,' and Will in future
make MuyBvillo'lfls homo. Ilb'wsiH for
twenty years pastor of tho church at
Padncab rtnd orgnnized a luiye congregation
at that place. For tho present he
will preach at tho church on alternate
Sundays and conduct tho usual prayer
meeting on Wednesday evening.
at the hall will bo discontinued.
Tub Ripley Budget says : Mrs. B dander,
wife of L. A. Bolander, who lives at
Boudo's Ferry, this. countyt presented a
check purported to jitiyp been elpnpd by,
lier father-in-law for i?230 at tho Augusta,
Ky., banlc, which was cashed.. .Mrs.
Bolander then wrote a note to her husband
informing him of the above fact
and that the had taken their youngest
child and left and never wanted to see
faco ngatn, &c. Upon',hIs
Mr. Bolander saw at once that the
check wis a forgery. To avoid disgrace
he paid tho check. His wife and child
are supposed to have gone West. -
rvX vl..i, r fi A"
Mr. Barney McAuley, the'famohs com
edian, will appear at the Opera House
this evening as Gilderoy Punk, in " Tho
Jersoyman," a character in which bo is
especially good. Tho Lowell (Mass.)
.Courier Bays of tho play.:- :
Music Hull was well filled last evening to
witness Tlio Jersovninii," ns pluyed by H.
lUOAUiey. ino piay oy uu
lino, unci is one in wiumi a goon n cm oi uu
tlve wit and cliaiactoilstlcs
burnt lorlll nnd win applause fiom
the audience. A vouiur Kimllshman seeks tho
band of a mutdeu who has lulleu ier to a
largo fortunu and ncdks uid of Oildoroy N'O."
I'niilt (McAtiloy,) ii. bum jepiey r.mtier.uo
accomplish his
montof tils doMigns'al once arouses
uuaui nun leuus to an npnosuion
a Koo.l opportunity for Ibodlspluy of
Yaulcco Hluow(iai'.s. It Is In this situation
that Air. AiiiAuloy tixcels. Ills native simplicity
and liecilom li'iin theatilcal elli'ctH
inakt'Htbe play inoio loi.llstlo tliuti UuniiuI.
MoAillcy's Buppott was k'hxI, unil M ably n.
Blsled hfiu I IniL the pluy ttavu tiniiilitakablu
Reserved seats ennbp secured at
lora newB depot, J
Ai.Fitui). RoiiKitrs, a fanner, ngedjtlfly
one years, and father-in-law of John B,
Smart, tho prosecuting, witness in. tho
scandalcase at Flemliigsb'urgVcoinm'itted
sulcldo in his room tho
30th Olt. Tho following .particulars of
tho deed are given in a toJvgraiu!!fo tho
Courier-Journal :
lli Imil on Ilia stand as a witness for
the pioMMUilluu a day or twnicpt and on'
yuHtunlay Ibu ilttiuiiu ituiouucixi a liuniliur
of wltueHMMi to. Impeach -his eharanlsr for
Until. TiiNseuti)6d to pnty upon liH inlud,
undbuKpoke despoliUliiuly ol Hi"
weio Uikln, ycsloday uvwi li Or,
Martin, n co-dif mtaht m HobblilH; was dlN
cliHrninl noin the ludlctiuent, IhuJuduu holi
ln thai ihuio was not hiiillulunl testimony
ugalust il in to convict him ol coiispliaoy,
mid lie was aUo to by put oil tliu Kt)iud. ThU
Hueined to add to tho wi'lKllt'pf ilespbndency
nudulooiii over Ills nil ml, anil wiioirho and
II vo other retired to their loom nt
tho Holiday House Tliiiiwlny nlsht aliout it)
o'clock ltoiiurtH (IccIIikhI louo to lied, us tie
could uotHleep. Thd.Otlluls retired'. iiiir left
him HltiliiK uii. NothliiB lurlher .woslitaid
by thoHo In ihu room unlit about 1 o'clock,
when they were hUmled by tbe rlntftiiK
o( a pllol. All was duiknsi In tho
loom and iho occupants huslencd to Unlit
Ihu In up, but Just a they HiicceiVed a second
repoit rnWnut and AUred Hoberts tell from
liU chair to tho Uooi'siruiiuUuuliitbeuKonles
of douth, ArwiHianco was hastily suinmonoii,
but It was of no avail, as lu two iiiliiuies his
soul had winded Us way fiom eurth to meet
the realities of the unknown and appear In
that court whero the hearts of men aiurend
audtbelr woids uuheeded,
MajHvlllo and Mnson County Bible So-
' - clety:
Tho sixty-first nnruial meeting of tho
Maysyillo and Mason Comity Biblo Society
was called to order in tho First Presbyterian
Church by, James Barbour,
Prosidont. Tho Secretary being absent,
D.(R. Bullockwiw appointed Secretary
Rending' of tuo scriptures by
Rev. Mr. Alderson. Prayer by Rev. Dr.
Henderson, after which I. M.Lano, C. W.
Darnall and J. II. Rains wero nppointJd
a committee to nomlnato ofllcers of tho
Society for tho ensuing year.
Tho following turned persons weie
elected : r ,N
President James Rnrbourv1..
vice Pre-d lonl M. F. Adamsoii.
Treasurer Jnuies Hiultli,
0. Sadler.
f. Toll til). Ilrucr.
(A.T. Cox.
Kxreutlvo Committee fftft A'JJIft
' ritr.: uochran.
A condensedkroport of tho TronMirir
nnd Kxecutiyo Coh)inUtoo was read and
approved.' .' ' ' '
On motion of A. T. Cox, James Smith,
.who luis.becn tho Trensuier nnd
of this Society for nineteen years,
was niado a jf tho American
Biblo Society, by tho necessary appropriations.
i T .-.
'interesting addresses were made by
Rev. A. ErBoreing, Elder A'. N. Gilbert
and Rev. J. A. Caywood, the last named
being now engaged distributing bibles in
this county,
A very earnest appeal was made by
tho Pi esident for mono.v to make a gonoral
supply of bibles to this county.
Tho collection amounted 'to sixty-two
Tio.procuedins interspersed
with 'delightful songs, Jed by members of'
the various church choirs.
. rnii.
Mr. Thoi. Y. Xabht: It is the desiro of
your fi iends in the Fifth Ward that you
will consent to allow your name to be
used ns a candidate for councilman nt the
enduing ele ton. By no doittir you will
oblige your fiicndsand receive 'he hearty
support of , , .Many Vuii::s.
a; si:rKitEi)'uj:.iu winks.
The Cool Agi'ieiiieut of Two French
Doctors. .
Dr. do la Pom mentis, says the Paiis
Fluurci, was executed in June, 1804,; for a
niurdor of tho Palmer tvpo. On the
night beforo his expeution he was visitell
by Survcon Vnlpotu,' who, after a few
preliminary roinitrks, infoimed him that
lie came in the interest of science, and
that ho hoped for Dr. do la Poiuiuerais'
co-operation. " You know." ho said,
"that ono of the most inleiesting
of physiology is us to whether unv
ray of memory, reflection, or real
survives," in the brain of a mnn
tall of tho hciuj.P At this point the
condemned niahJooked somewhat startled,
but professional instincts at once resumed
their sway, and tho two physicians
calmly and arranued" the
details of uiv experiment for the next
morning. " When tho knife falls," said
Valpeau, " I shall bo fatanding at your
side, nuil your ht'iu'l will at mice pass
from the executioner's hnnds into mine.
I will then cry dibtiuctlv into
your ear: 'Count do lu
can you at this moment thrice
lower tho lid of your ritdit eye,, while tho
loft rotnains? nputrT " Tho next day
when tho great surgeon reaeh'edtho condemned
cellf ho found tho condpmed
man pntclicing'tlio sign screed upon. A
few minutes alter the guillotine had done'
ita, wbrk, tho bead was in Vulpcau's
hands and tho (Ui'htioii put. Familiar
as ho was with tho most shocking nnd
ghastly scenes, ho was almost frozen with
terror as honiw tha riylit lid fall, while
tlo other eye looked iixedly nt him.
" Again I" ho cried frantically. Tho litis
moved, but thoy did. not part; It was " all
"" iii-
. Saratoga trunks lu miniature
biio itiiroh. iiiijio lu DVUll vilii i;aiiijy
nti'l send to your intended. ' -Trio trnnka
are inndo of leather ami bnvo initials
and foreign hotel labels on the side.
AdvertUeraenbi liiMnud under Ihl.i heading
lOopor lino for onclrjnsortlon.
'" - '
-" - -"'
Try Liuigdon's City Butter Crackers.
Children's cloaks and cloakings at
Hunt & Doyle's,
lAll fcWOol.redjunder8hirts aU$l.25 at
Wesb SteMcKjeig. f J
Russian $:ir calura and' dobnnns'cbenii
at - L
Good bed comfoits from 85c to $2.25
at Nesbltt and McKroll's. . i
Great bargains in tlno Blankets nt J
,W Sparks it Bro.'s, 21, Market btroet.
' 7,"t -i '-..-' - flk I
Clonkini: and Sack nc Uloths'cheat) at
J. W.SjiarkSit Uro.'s, 24,'Markot street.
dillbront styles of now
neclyveaViOpcntOzRynt Hunt it Doylu's.
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iJ i i m -
Five hundred dolmans, jackets and
cloaks at Hunt it Do.vIo'b
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Bring on tho babies. lMctuies taken
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book"storo..J O o20dtf
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iff ,.'! , ;
Great bargains in Bod Comforts. "We
innko blfi reductions In tho prices of all
our Bed Pomforts, J. W. Spnrks it Bro,
Tho constant feeling of being " played
out " and " used up,' can readily be removed
by using Aycr's Sarsaparilla.
Nesbltt it McKroll aro making loaders
this Bcason, of ladies' and. Men's
blankets, etc. n3dtf5
Poeta from 75 cents to $5. Family bibles
now and cheap, at Morrison &
Clonks, Jackets, Dolmans and Circulars.
Cheapest at J. "W. Sparks & Bro.'s,
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Tho largest lino and tho lowest prices
In Maysvillo at Nesbltt & McKroll's.
Poo's Riven, illustraletl by Doro, $0,
list price $10. For salo by M. & K.
Bisqtio goods anil ideals, now for
Maysville, can bo seen in our show
it Knckloy's Book Store.
Shuwlsl Shawls I Wo place on salo our
entire stock of Sliawls at a big reduction
from formor prices. J. 'WJP. Sparks &
Bro., 24, Market Btrdet. -.,'
From this date Favorito oysters will
bo reduced to 2o conts a can.
lllOtf JoiIK WlIKKl.Kll.
A r.AitOK lot of nion's
shoes in Into styles, which I will offer for
tho next thirty days at bolow cost. Call
and sco them, d.ldlw. F. B. Ranso.v.
(liven Awny.
(itiart and half gallon buckets will be
given away with bulk oysters bought of
me, until further notice.
nlOdtf John Wiiei:i,kii.
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direct from the importers all pure wool,
at oOo., 00c Hoc, "oc, 85c, !)0c and
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J. W. Sparks & Bro.
Books lu Sets.
Bulwcr, Dickons, Geo Elliott,
Gibbons' Ronio, Chuinbers, Hans Anderson,
and numerous Juvebilcs in sets,
for salo by Morrison it Ivackley. 17Imd
Queen Titania's Fairy Tales, quarto,
handsome illumlnnted 'cover, :U4 pages,
100 illustratrations. Fairy tales of nil
aaes and Nations' Prico $1. Books for
children -in great variety from ono cent
up. I larry Taylor, No. 23, Mnrket street.
New Books.
Mark Twain's " Lifo on tho
"Tom Sawyer," 'Innocents Abroad,"
Will Carleton's " Farm Ballads," " Farm
Legends," ," Farm Festivals." For sale
by M. & It.. nl7dlm
'"Ayer's Iills are u.couvcnlent remedy
to havo always at hand. They aic Higar
coated, easy to take, effectivo to operate,
sure to bring relief and cure. Thoy are
effectual in a wide rango of diseases
which ariso from tlisorders of tho stomach
and digestive organs.
Ono of tho finest music boxes ever of-
fererin dho city at J. C. Pecor it Co.'s
drug and b,ook store. Tho stylo and finish
is lirstjclass.uiid tho instrument plays ten
popular airs. Go nnd sco it. ' It is to bo
disposed of at radio during the holidays.
Sntlsfactorv Evidence.
J. W. Graham, Wholesale Druggist, of
Austin, Tex., writes: I have been handling
Dr. Win. Hall's Balsam for the
Lungs for the past year, and havo found
it ono of tho ui'jst salable medicines I
havo over bad in my houso for Coughs,
Colds, and ovon Consumption, always
giving ontiro satisfaction. Pleaso send
mo another gross.
MAiiuii:i. ;
Dcrtmlwr I, l&sa, at tho County Clerk's of.
flce.byJtulKo W. P.Cooiw, Miss K. 11. MA It-TIN
to Mr.R.F. KLLINUTON, both of Nicholas
county, Ky. A
ItlVl'AII. KlItKlX
Corrected dally by R. II. Lovki., grocer and
produio do iter, No). Wand 6.', Market xttcot,
Maysville, Ky. ""
CnfleeVlf U'0
Molasses, old crop, t ual. mi
Mnlasso", fancy, new ) nul ,
Molasses, sorghum, fancy, Kl gal.
Suirur. yellowWIh . ? H
Suijar, extra C, ty Tt I)
Suuar A. 11 tt O'MlU
Huijur, granulated W h uiojio
Suuar, iiowdeied, peril)
Hiniar. Now Orleans, ib.M... 710
Tcasftl m .' Aaito
Coal OH, head Unlit 1)1 al
anu countuy rnonucK.
niMU. pui ieuu... ..,, ,,.m : in
bacon, brcaklaKl W rt.. ..,...,,
Uncoil, clear sides, per lb iu
Iticon, llaniHM tt.,..
ll.icon, Hhoulders, por It, H.tli
Heaus VI al.......
nuuor,WK -
Chickens, each .............. ... I3:w
Apples, dried, per iu.,.
i" eachea, drlwl, per lb.
K 'ttcs3 doc, , i. mm..... ' 'Jd
Flour, Limestone, por barrel. ! 7 mi
Kiour, uiu uoio, por narroi . 7 Oil
Flour, Alaysvlllb Fancy, pnr barrel. i
Flour, Mason County por barrel 'J5
Flonr, Kentucky Family, por barrel.. flCO
Flour, Magnolia Faintly, porbnrrol ,. 15 75
Houoy, per lb ,. ' 16(1 -M
uomiiiy, ft iuuon. ! vtf
, ,.
"iwii hi i'u.n 'M
KhouHlcis .. 010
La Ml, tin. law.
Onions, per pec 1c ,. ai&.'to
i otitoesM pock, is
Turkeys, drossoil, por lb f((itai
Autbraeltu at Kluvators, per ton $8.ir),
YouKhlouhoiiy at Klovators, per bushol Ho. r
delivered IRc.
, Kanawha nt Klovntow, por bushel lie. do-
ltVIl lifo, 4
Pomery nt Klovators, per bushel Bo.
?OH otto and a hair siory
V traiuodwollliig, corner ol Third aud Poplar
si i eels, In Fifth Want.
Vov Miorlir.
j 'Wenro nuthorlzod to aniiouuco that DAN
I'KUIUNK Is a candidate for the olllco ol
Hhorlltof Mason county, at the August election,
lS8l,sul)Jrct to tho action of the Democratic
I'nr Mayor.
We nre nutliorl?;cd to announco that M. F.
MAIlHHlsacaudldatelorlheotUcu of Mayor
ol tho city of Maysville at the January election,
Wo nro authorised to announce thnt HORACE
JANUARY Is a candldato for re-election
ns Mayor of Maysville, nt the ousuIiik
January election,
l'or City Clerk.
Wo nro authorized to announce Hint
IjANGHORNF. M. TAI1II Is cnndldato for
tho olllco of City Cleric at the ensuing January
We nro authorized to nnnoutico Hint
HARRY TAYLOR is a candidate for
as City Cleik nt the ensuing January
l'or City Assessor.
Wo are authorized to aniiouuco that Mr.
W. I). HIXHON Is a rniiillilnto for Clly Assessor
at tho ensulim January election.
We aro authorized to announce that Mr.
JOHN W. CARTMKI.Ii Is a candidate for
City Assessor, at the enstilnn .January election.
We aio authorized lo aniiouuco that Mr.
CHARLK8 II.WAI.. Is a catiilld.ite for City
Assessor, at the ensuing January election,
l'or Collector mill Treasurer.
Wo are authorised to announce that E. B.
I'KARCK Is a candidate for reelection as
Collector nnd Treasuier of Maysville at the
oiisiiIuk January election.
I'nr Councilman.
Wo nre authorized to aniiouuco Mr. J. M.
STOCKTON, ns a candidate, for lo election as
councilman fiom the Second Ward.
Wo aio authorized lo announco that W. A.
1. I.URTY Is a candidate for Councilman In
tho llrst ward at the next January election.
MR. ROHKRT FllOsr lakes this method of
announcing to the voters ol the Klist Ward
In Iho city of Maysville, that lie will boa
candidate for io election as Councilmau of
snlil Ward at tho elisuliii; Jaiiuaiy election.
At tho solicitation ol many fi lends 1 an.
noiince my.M'll as a candidate for
for Councilman, at the next eltcllon.
1). IlKClllNOKll.
We are aiithorizeil lo aniiouuco Unit Mr
ISAAC M. LANK Is a candidate for Councilman
In the Foui Hi Wind, at the next January
diet Ion.
Wo mo authorized to announce thai JOHN
W. AI.KXANDKR lsa candlduie for
Hon lo tho council ironi the Fouith Waul, nt
IhtteiiHiilug Januaiy election.
For Wlinrliniisler.
Wo nro milliurlzeil to auuouiiu that
KICKI.IN, Jit, Is a ciiiilldnlo lor le
election as A harfmaxtci, at the next January
l'or Wood mill Coal Inspector,
Wo iiroautboii.ed to announce Dial IMC
TKR 1. PAllKfc.lt Is a candldalu lor Woixl
and Coal Inspector, at the cumiIiik Jauuni,
For .lliirsluil.
We ate autliO'lziil to announce Mr. W. W
WATKINH as a caudl late f.r Maislial at the
eiisuiiiK Januaiy election, ISS.
Wo are authorized to announco JAM KM
HASSON,Hr., usautiiidldalalor city maislial
at tho Januaiy election. Not ono cent loi
clcctloucorliiK purpo'es.
Wearoniilhorlzed lo aniiouuco that W. II.
DAWSON Is a candidate for the olllco of City
Marshal, at tho ensulni: Januaiy election.
Hoboliclts IhoMiiipoilof his trlencN.
Wh ai o mil horized to announce that J A M KS
REDMOND Is a ca didalo for m oiecl Ion n
Maislial ol Jaiiuao
election. The support ol ills friends Is nolle
thnt'ho Isiiuiiidldato lor City Marxlial at the
ensulmz Januaiy election, on the Hut Monday
In January, 1KHI. Your suppoit Is solicited..
r thousand llHuikeys
and St'.OH) dozen liesh Hluhest
marketpi Ice paid. II. Il.NORTHlOTT A CO..
Sutton street, Mnyvhle, Ky. 110.VIAW
AirANTKI) Acaicful and tesnonslhlo
V t.v to rent lily leMdcncu on Iho Deml'in
pike either tho whole or a portion of the
hone. Small family prefcried. Apply to
Mrs. S. M. Ulliiioio, or to tlnrdon (lllmoro nt
the llateiuan Home, Fiont street. nltitf
lirANThD A uood canvasMor for a fast
V Kclllnc book. (Jood cominlsNlorls. l-;x
elusive tonftory. WM.OWKNS.
oiauu liullelln olllco.
1?OR HALE-Kour MashtaudH, onu
boiiul, two sofas, thriobureiuM, ono dozen
hair cloth uhalis, two coiiuko chulrs, one
locking chair, two waidioties, feather beds,
nnd nil articles used for house keepliiK. Ai-ply
at this olllco. dldlw
HALK llaso burntiiK stove, kooiI as
new. Will be sold ata batnaln. Apply
toT. J. CURLKY. n'Jldlw
excellent Iuiikii of
Poineioy coal at market price. Wo nave
also on hand Vouhlou'hcuy or Illacksiultli
nut coal at 10 cents pur bushel.
LOST White setter iIok with liver colored
snots. Had on two collars, one leather
and other Uornian Nil ver, Iho latter was Inscribed
T. L. Holtou. Howard paid if
to Daulton's stable.
u301wd T.L.HOLTON
A hymn book, nnyoun llndioK It
LOST bo rowardod by leaving It nt
Kold cameo ilnu, on Sunday,
F Apply at inisotuco. dint
lSTew Advertisements.
When I ftnyiurH i u n. meftn uiereiyln.iopiuuin iwr
r I him and until luuoilivm lotuiti (Ruin, I mi'un null,
mi cur.. 1 liv Wbrt. tha dlnuwA ol KITS, KI'ILKftiY
,nr'WI,MNOIJICK,0!iiltr8.1onsliidr. Iw.rrnntnir
tunaJr to (uro Iho wont caiei. Boctuso otbari li.
failed fi no ronnn fiir xio tww wlvlug n cure. Penil l
one riir a tnmilio una n rr liuttl. cf pj InfuUIM.
Olvu 'inrt anil l'uit Olllc. U cuitt Juu
niilhltieror'fttrlftj, nnd twill mra jini. ..
ilJrft lir. U. O. HOOT. Ill rrl St, Now York.
This season's now ile.scilptlvo Catalogue
' J'lhys,
J; Dramns,
X Farces,
UlllllO UOOKf,
e o Hcemiry (paper),
ICHiioplan Dramas,
Sid TUIUt'UUX'l.lglllK,
a Colored Flro, "J
a raulomliiie,
HuriitCork, OB
o wins, a"
Heard, Ac. Ao
In fnct.ovnrylhliiK for AmateurTlieatilcnls,
HAMUKL FRLNOH &S0N.3H, K lllliHtioot,
Now Yoi lc.
I liuivniiirltlvK rriuo.li fc Uis abuy dleao i liy Itl
n. lliuu.mj vrra.mi'r lhenrt kind and or 1m
(lauilliilili.tro lirou rnrl. IndMni, tirnng l injr man
III It.ollWf, llmt I will lfii.1 TWO IIOI'TI.K.i FIIKK,
LilmiIht Willi n V I.IU III.K1 IlKATISK on Hit. (Ilwuw.
lu any u!Tror. Uh . Kiprnt4 ma I. O addr.r..
UU. T. A. bl oi I'M. .11, I'.arl si , N.w Yorlc.
fcoud lor our" HoleotLtst
of Local NewspaiHim. Goo. P. Howell A
Co., 10, Hpruco street., N. Y.
!17, Nccoiul Hlrcct, .WHj'HVlllo.Ky.
Xj. JP.IVCC 331" 11.6; t.
:17, Second strccl, Jliiysvllle, Ky,
on Chicauo llonid and lu utockon N. Y. Hoard
Money paid in as soon as trndo Is closed. Do
not have to await remittance from Chicago
or New York. Cliiclniiall Urn. In mill
.Stock t:xclinni;ctU3,Vcst Fifth Hlrcct,
Opposite FoiiutAlii.Ciiiclniintl,
u.siim n. a. uiiiu.,;.TiiiiiBKcr,
inautcls, etc. Hole audits lor the celebrated
Omaha and Lead or stovos. RooUtiK and
promptly and satisfactorily done. Corner
ot Market and Third .streets, A. R. Glascock's
old stand. apUBdlw
RC. KIRK has opened a dally meat
kelon Market street, next door lo R. II.
Lovel's, and will kce,i nil kinds ot Iresh meat
at reaconnblo prices nnd will deliver it In any
parlol the city. Call and seo mo.
alldCm R. O. KIRK.
thk if,At!:Tutrr ciikai
GEORGE Oli'ltJr.'Ht
rnilB flrm of WIiIUmAc Ort, furnltuio dealers. I
J lias this day been dissolved by mutual i
consent. Charles H. White retiring. Tho business
will bo conducted at tho old stand b
Henry Ort. UII AH. 11. WHITK,
Maysville, Ky., Nov. 8, ISM.
All accounts duo and debts owed by tho old
linn, will be settled nt the olllce, either member
of sild flim being authorized to receipt
forsamo. WHITK A ORT.
life Assurance Society !
of the United Hlnles, Unties all
tonus of Policies. All pioflts It
policy holdeis oxcluslvel).
A ler tlio third year oidlnary and
HcuiUTonllue Policies nro
table. Afler the third year alt
policies nro Indisputable.
ROKA LYON, Managers,
Louisville, Ky.
JOS. F. imoiHtlCK, Agent.
dJdAir Maysville, Ky.
Monday, Dec. 3.
Tho favoilte couusllaii, Mr.
n his ecceiitrlclmpersnnatlou ofUILDKROY
I'UNIC, iu the new and entirely
ual Ameiicau comedy, entitled
A CharinliiR Story I Happily Conceived !
ilenutlfully Wriltou 1 Kxcclicntly Acted
ifirHcats on Halo at Harry Taylor's Nows
UOIlOt. H'iS
n''1"1' In.. ..
Dry Goods and Notions,
Furnishing floods, Hooks, Stationery nnd
Ueneral Merchandise.
for small children and grown persons a specialty.
A large slock of
Hand-Made Knit Goods
of nil kinds. Novelties of all k mis and PRICKS
VKRY LOW. My stock Is compleU) In
all Hues nud I guarantee satisfaction In all
cases. niTHIampIng done to order. Tho pub-Ho
patrouago Is solicited.
830,000 FOR 82.
llejriilnr Blonllily will
4 TUtako place In the Masonic Hall,
llulldliig, Louisville, Ky
THURSDAY, J)eo, 2t, 1S83,
A I.iiwl'ul Lottery iiikI Fair It raw loirs
chartered by tho Legislature of Ky. ami twice
declared legal by tho highest court In the
State. Howl given to Henry county lu the
sum of $100,000 for tlio piompt payment of all
prlr.es sold.
A ltevoliillou In NIiikIc Number
HiMtot hnlder his own nunervlsor.
can call out tho uuuibor on his tlckoi nud see
the coucspoiidlng number on tho tag placed
In tho wheel lu hla presence. These drawings
will occur on tho last Thursday of every
month. Read tlio magnificent
December Ncliemo.
1 Prl?!0......M ,000
1 Prize 10,0(0
1 Filzo O.00D
'1 Pi ices, S2.&00 each 5,000
6 Pilces, 1,11)0 each 5,tHX)
9 PrlKcs, Su()ech, Approx'n PiUes.... a,700
U Prizes aw each, " " 1.H00
9 Priues, 11X1 each, " " 000
31 Prlzeu, SOU each - 10,000
100 Prizes, 100 each 10,000
200 Prizes, 60 each 10,000
600 Prizes, 20 each 10,100
1000 Prizes, IU each 10,000
1,857 Prizes, $110,400
Whole Tickets, 8'4, Hnlf Tickets, 91.
U7 Tlclicts, 50. an Ticket 8100.
Remit money or bank draft In lottor, or
send by express. ,DONT HKND 11Y
until lurther uotlco. Orders of $6 and upward
by express, can bo soul al our own oxpeuso
Addiess all orders to J, J. DOUULAH,
sopHdAwly Louisville, Ky.
Oivr.itsnu: uoti'.l,
Miss KATE JAMES, Proprietor.
Hoary (I thud ly or week. Prlees reasonable.
Corner olHuttou nnd Front His. al l
Thirty Toiih Hwrt IJIover liny, J evenly
Tons Irlmo Tlmo
III liny.
For prices address F. M. CAlUt,
u!7 2tuwlwd Carr's, Lewis Couuly, K ,
tlio best brands of
which will lie served In alt styles. Forsnlc
also by tbecnu, hall-can or In hulk nt reasonable
prices. T. J. NOLIN,
at Hlerley's confectionery store, Second Ht,
P 11. TKAXKIi,
Ice cream parlors open for the sonson. Absolutely
pure candles. Fresh bread of nil
kinds. Furnishing weddings nud parties a
specialty. Prices low. mnyldly
announces to tho public that she has marked
her slock down to make room for
My stock consists of lllnls, Fenthois, lints,
Velvets, Ornaments and Notlunsot all kinds.
The ladies aro Invited to call amUeo pilces.
-Is ihojbest place (o net bargains In
jiou nam:.
For sale, privately, ono of the w. farms in
llotiibnn county, coulalnliiK two bundled
and II fly neics. It's Impiovemenls are second
none. Hut little ol It plowed or late
years. Ham room pnouiili for ten ncies il
lobneco; stone and post-rail Icnce: close to
first class colleges, churches, Ac. It Is one of
Is one ot the most desliablo homes in the
county. It must be seen to lie appreciated.
Come and mo It; I want lo sell; it Is in
of a mile of North Middle
town postortlee. Wtllo tor particulars
U8 4wdw R.W. OWKN.
KKAT Hi:ncrio.
Millinery Goods!
Wo havo mailcod our gooils down with a
vlw to innko room lor our Nkw Wintku
Htock, Our slock consists of Hlrds, Fealhers,
Ornainonts, laces, Hats, Zephyrs, Ac. W e
call especial attention toourclieapaiul hand-Mi
in it stock of CItKWKU
ttrt'FILLINO HI LIC at iVicouts per dozen.
rpilO,nAN JAt'KNOX,
Dealer lu
Sprlngr WuhtohsiuuI lliirnrsM.
Repository No. IS, Hutlon street, Maysvillo.
tried and lellablo
Horse Medicines.
DR. JACKSON'S ULACK OIL cures mango,
crackisl heel, warts, gieasy heel, pricked 1001,
inltter, sand cracks, corns etc. rlco 50 cents.
is an excellent remedy nr enlarge-
...n..... ........In vl ....l.l.u.1 l,..V nlllh
IllUIIin. nltV III, llll,'UUlirMiilini iK'ni v.."
Biillnt ciamp or strain of tho whirl lioiie.
PilcoSn centjt.
DR. JAt'KHON'S WHITK OIL cuies lung
fever, iulluinutlou ol tho kidneys nud
Usui lu man or hoisc. Pilco&U cents.
DII..1AI KHON'HFOOT OIL Isnn ellectlvo
remedy tor chafes, sores or iiuarter.crack lu
feet and mango aud lice lu cattlo and
horses. PrlcoWJ cents.
THent to any address on receipt oi price,
j3t LSS
The JIostNuccesslul Remedy over discovered
us It is certain In its otlocts and does
not bllstei. Read proof bolow.
Kendall's Spavin Cure.
Santa Rosa, California, Feb.0, 1S8.1.
H. J. Kknoam. A I teel It a
duty lo others suiiering Willi tho plies nud
lallinc of tho rectum to write to you. j mo
had the piles unit prolapsupsof thoiectum
for five years, tor tho past tluee years I huvo
sullerod the most agonizing pain. I trltd
everything without lellei, butnfter ten day's
use of Kendall's Hpavln I'uio, I huvo not seen
or beard ot tho piles since. Ono who has not
suffered as I havo cannot comprehend tho
great Joy that 1 li'll at being cured of a dUeaso
almost worse than death. I had a valuable
young Iioim) Hint had n large bunch gather
on Ins, In oast bono. I tried all kinds of liniments
and had It cut open without any
Saw your advertisement and bought a
bottle of Uindall's Spavin Curo aud owe red
my teamster to use as directed. In loss than
ono week the lump had dlscnnponrcd. Thinking
that a liniment that would do what Ken-dun's
Hpavln Curo lias done for my liorso
mlKht bonetlt more. I tried It as a last resort.
Willi gratitude and best wishes for your
1 am faithfully yours,
J. II. Oi.k.n.v.
On JIVMAX lit,!,.
Vkvay, Inp., Aug. !?in, lssi.
Dii. II. J. Kkniiai.i, A Co. Oentst Haiuplu
of circulars rocelved to-day. Please send mo
some with my Imprint, printed on on ono
side only. Tho Kendall's Spavin Curo Is In
excellent demand with us, nnd not only fur
animals, but for human allmonls also. Mr,
Jos. Norls, ono of tho lending farmers In our
county, sprained an auklo badly, and knowing
tlio vatuo of tho rotnedy for horses, tried
It on himself, and It did tar bettor than ho
bad expected. Cured tho sprain In very
short order. Yours respectfully,
O. O.TllIKllANI).
Price $1 por bottle, or 0 bottle lor to. All
druggists huvo It or can r t It for you, or It
will li sont to any feddresa on receipt of
price by tho proprietors, Dn. l, J, Kkniiai.i,
A Co., Knosburgli Falls, Vt. Bond

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