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Daily evening bulletin. (Maysville [Ky.]) 1883-1887, December 05, 1883, Image 3

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" Ppbllshergftha Proprietors j,
To Vuok a'ddrwh All COJOinNfoATiots,
When you go dcyivn on Button street
Ho certain us you mw
S'oask MeCarthey nil about
Illschluu and his gloss.
Thohandsnmo decorated sels
For ilj, n iiojj mill for tijiij
Ami orystnl glf&s oix. every lirftiUff J9
Tim street cars during the past tnoutli,
carried something over five hundred
or chjvi :.
passengers it dny.
Second street extension is now lighted
B hy two gas Inmost
Cawis are out announcing tlio wedding
of Miss Klcunor Hlmt,of
to Judge Willinti Liiulsuy.
STOUTitrcstles lmjjrp beuii JM. PUI iUW MA der MU
Limcstx5n6 brl luce, and it ii. HOW J).
ered perfectly b ifoJifTtJl ngjiucti Ki
Tiik corner stono of tlio new public
building fit Frankfort will be laid I)e-
15, witli appropriate ceremonies.
icenibur overcoats tit from $2 to $4Js
Messrs. Ilbcliinger Co.,'3, holiday
oirering to the people, and it is n very
' ' '
nccopUlblo ond. -
It is predicted &hnt mlldiTVQnther will
hirovnll until tlio niiiliila of Jahuarv.'but'
(riftor that. tlmb tbofe will bcolimvefier
1 until tho clobe pf FobScuriry.V I S 1 I
a : tjem
At Paris, on Monday, two hundred
cattle wero Bold at Bve cents.
Yearlings brought four and four and u.
...... . ......
VVIHU, ....I. .,.1 1 V. V.
The contest for the city offices Is be-
cinning to'wnrm ItipriTKb candidates
nro working uclivclyjndof coursoi nil
of thorn nfifconfldentof scoring suicess.
a m
MAY8VU.I.R, Kv., whiiik lo leurn
C'ludniiull l'Ot. ,
And nsslio docs everything she under
takes, thero is i u.yery fair; "prospect that
she will havo no troublo in doing tliU.
' ! ' I 77. 'i
Tun President's Message will bo found
in our telegraphic columns to-day. Our
readers will pleat-o to nolico that it is
published in advance of the Cincinnati
Messrs. J. 0. Puxm" $ Co., aro making
a grand Qxmbitioni ;of liojidn
L'lM.n . I.VJ rices are vurv flow, and UiOgStack
embraces luTocst hodkp, toys,
nro oflered (his season. You 'will do
jvell to go and look at tho articles they
lliavo for Bale. -i' . T(i , .
At Wyoming, D.tljcQutity, oihtho. 3d
Inst., Henry Teni plenum, a young man
about twenty years of age, committed
Buiclde by shooting himself in lllelicnrf
.with a riflo, llo was a student at North
Middleton Cpllego, and 'hadlcomo homp
to speinl TliankHiiiviiiL'. The causo of
Itho act wns'th&t Ifo
Knights or Pyllilas, Attention.
A full meeting is expected at tlio Cas-
tlo Hall on Friday night next, att seven
o'clock.? tA locturolwilUboj dolfvorGdJ iy
Sir Knight A. A. Wndsworfh. urother
KnighJsjQfyV.borde)p, will bo present. The
hmbiic, ladies and gontlemoiirJiro. corr
dually luvJLtwU There wi!le good sing-
N c A CI V"-M
V Vf !
A iiesi'ati'II from Itipleysays
incss men havo been complaining ''for n,
week past of counterfeit money being in
They havo thordr 'ring," ,
r.ii.t., ........, i... ,i. . ..i.
ruuiivi;! ill i iihiii inu ullllUlO,
nnd have an oily feeling. The anvJPOt
circulateil was not lnrtto, but cront
enough to put tho merchants on their
guard, loolcjoiu, forlliwo coins irijln'
lv 14Jil
. OwJNqfto 'tliq.SreSkin thjiips nw
Limestone creek, tho supply of wator in
tho resorvotr is exliausted and out citizens
aro amti com polled ta rely upon
thoir ciHterns. Mr. Shaefor, tho superintendent
of the works, has been work-
fiLmtfftiS&j&lflJi Ss ifjorfbtiC M tia s
yet lias not neon aulo to make ttio re-
! pairs necessary. It U a very dlillcult
pieco of work andono ,thut moat men
would regard as hopes
to flfileh it eitbor Irvflny or TiHiiofrovv. '
Judgo Stanton returned from Qhiulti
. nati on Tuesday ovunim;.
i) andMrj Jf FidJonllel inrojyisitirn
i UiplrJrolativefe Bt'OJriclntjati. I I 1
Mils tiiiMitf BrM, W'KistfiryBVllfo.M!
I viciting Mrs. Miller, at Covington.
Mr. Jacob Linn aniuwo araat Cin-
cinnntl b1nVcfeolidIoXtiQfIaM
Miss Maggiu Cotighlin and brolluu;,
havo just returned from ajiloasant YJsiU
to Pittsburg tuid.WJJrginiSAlOiH
Miss Delia L, Wood, fonuorly of litis
city, is now one of tllb factilty'df Min-den
(La,) Col I ego. in tho department of
KnKlishtUerinauaudl'hoiWrapliy. This V
col eco is onO of tho. first' educational
h Btitutlons of that Stafe. nnd has a largo
4 attoudaticu of pupil's, Wtisa Wood la roll
aanlci flu 11 itinufa tfafaUKM2S.WW ;
r SAnntB.
Mrs. Win. It. llrownlun has heou u n to
,Biieruurnevio Nfr. llr.
U.ill, Ih Just, now tho center of iiitinulloii. Hlio
lias fnu r li vJpg grandmothers,
Or. IlroWntifgvlo a'riii son, and MIkh Efllo
iwauiiHii ioor in iiouruoti tins wcuk. ins
tlaugblur. MtsiaEinma, ouiio over from
'Norlh.ilddWtotyn to meetUliom
Our Insqiilouii friend, J. 1). Dye, was out it
Mr. Win. Foimnu'H Inst week and pull;:. V.
tforndnn's business ofllceand tlio mansion
lionso lu tclepUonta couuoction.
Onoof tlio most touchliiK Incidents result
tnjt from tue recent tlobuto was, when a
loading baptist tliu lnysllclc eliuich,
tnlclim Itev. Hnurord by tho hand, wildt
"Farewell, brother ; IIioiikIi wudlll'er hero as
.UupllnUi uuil MetUodbil. I.hopu to bo with
'flnnl raoo,aiitl Join you on the
'liorrto Btretolfins we go-in tohoo ihu Manlcr,
whero there pre no iTlfferenceH mill no de
bnttiH." Hero ho presented tlio Methodist
brother with a valimblo coin, who, with a
volcu tieinuloiift with emotion, responded In
ltliu llborullly of twiitlineut.
j axiun waruo inoMwret nine unnRiiier
of IbCllicllilmtloii
ii uncle, Mr, ti. u. vyien. hiiu
went In company with Mis II. M. V.vIoh nud
ber stHiur, Ailu.Uultle 1'yhw, and Miss Olllo
niund. m ri S V 1 f k '
f Aniotta 5jie .vlsllorlho'tho Tlmnlcsalvlni!
nnnrtnerrtdff 'wo'tibdcrvril nur'yoiiiiK Irlends
Wllllo Ulbsoul H. l.e Fox, A(iilllu Myall,
IohIhui cbiry, Itlchiiul Hopper, lien Myall,
and lutt, thoimh not least, Hint dashing
Clondlim. ir "coihIiik ovoiiIh cast
their HhndowH belotc," Mo Mliall look lor
HicHQ knightly beaux buck uiilii.
Woro November never no gloomy
TliftnlcNRtvliitday, with Km bright
mid lb) lllu ol iiidliuil iluMdcH,'wauId
not It like a'Jowel one of tlio brighten! dujs
triAt"i;eratliaiveur. Ourjltul TliankSKlvliiu
dny wus'onouif Ibis kind. Tlio fnthniH of
NoWEnftlrtnd (Should have our" Brntltndu foi
tho Institution of this beaulllulc
Hiiuimlni; up lie j cur with a love least.
We .deeply tympiithlso with Mrs. Harvey
Hawkins In the loss slio hns Hiistained ofiiu
eye. It Ih Hitld lo bu ihiuIvns of the optlo
neive ocean isl In the nlnlit, ind she know
notlilDK'of l, I III she awoke next morning.
...Will D. Thuckstou ahil lady spoilt TbpnkH
rIvIiik day with the old folks at homo I'op.
bu; Plains.
A. O.'Wlilfo and fndy vlltel tho fomlllos of
of the Mikhik. Unit uuil rleiuhn; last weolc,
lu, the uelKliboiliooil of FieiulliKsburK mill
PoplarPlarnB. U T - F iT
?WiTv Suit and family, Louden Uroverand
twojlaughtei, mid "Airo Uraveriitid family,
dlnodJX'uvio.ilft" on Siindjy Irfst '
ATlargTotrnvd was pieseut nml niucii
at the'ningqueradQ party
on lust Thursday ulnbt. Your leporter was
present ul, thUureat cirnlval and siieh.a va
rltty hns never boon (teen xluoe. Attcibury
iletluod variety to menu dlllerencp, dissimilitude,
vartutlou. deviation, change oi a lornur
italew Ho' I felt , almost iih dlugnlar
the Cvouth mcupor, who w s
nenl by Ins comraios Into the city ol
Rome to purchase Ineiid aftru sleep ol tuo
ceutuiles. TucJaco of, ovaiytblnu wns
chnngftii; lie knew no one and no ono knew
(Kin. uu uu.tiiiiK uiiu niir'ii, cm
lluatd, arhazed, iislonNliOd. qonloundfd. The
'possesion or tne'ronm nrst ami
many weie the ' uioriy Andiows" anions
thorn Home mmt Iiik Incognitos wio 10
ealul. Joe Weaver personated "Uncle Ham,"
wlil( Abner.Aiiderfcon come lu us a girl
v1avfnwr, ll.'llouldeii perMiilalisl
as Dr. llnhncnt agent,. Inn.
Hultcaiuo i under n tobacco boushond made
of pnpeinnrt ceoted 'n 8tlr, Willie Gibson
personated tho beau of tho lust centuiy, and
UlUy.Uland as" Auut Tubllha, with cap and
oAno.'Was ve'ry'iiiniislne. C. CV Uide. Frank
Itbiud, Claude Clary, Col. Aitlmr Mini a score
of other boys pitied thuinples well. We did
not calch their name When Ihoilrls camo
In en mask we lull like wo bxd Inducted Into
alaliv (iiieeu'N i'atle. where everv falrv wim
"Violnrt'wifrryneli other us to who would bo
the most captivating. Mvn AmundaTilgi,
as nlKht; Mlsa .Maud Hiatal, us morning;
MltHeun (Iiaitou, as staillght; MKsSlrcIo
Uaalt, loituno teller; .IlssCairlu Dje, llowor
Klrt with to svlt; .Miss Atauglu
Burrows, an Ulpbdy; fortune, teller; MIhs
'ehOobo HerndOli.'ns peatrtlfll, the Nu.i ; Mlsa
Fonnle llurrott'H.'iis ijotber Hubbmtl; ll
Ollto'Illaud, asJnewpflper girl; Miss Annlo
Leach, mh i'ochahoutas, nud Miss Jennie
uin or,iM iiouto girl, aitiacted much alien
Hon mill mi omiiiilfldlv wero they illsiMiUm
i hat the most cut lous w ere puzzieu to Meutliy
tltoia, 'Ainitpgfthe spoctatontj jrp observed
some of tho most beautiful of our married
so lety belles. A filund neu'r mes.ild hesaw
,two.v,llw Hi. tho loom, nd, ho jitfavpor
sonnl mid lutellectunl beautv were concerned
bo did not believe noith Kentucky could
piiKluce their mi perlors A.ludy;rimikt)it to
niitlmt.Mliiu Weio her model bimitles
and she beeaino (iithuslastlo oi ough lode-clam
that If Iord llyioti bad hioii them lie
would havu 'dedicated u pixim to each ot
them,and forgotten IZnlclka 'auuT Huldes.
Such wiih atlnilratlorr of the Rtransjors
the niaHijueiado that overal ieiti hcaid
to ileclmo inulr dqtoruiluutlqirto return &
ttilslotiilltyjtubniitwlves, o; f
. I'lM i i . i..
AdvertiRomenw triierted .uhilo this 1
lug 10c per line for each Insertion.
jTty Langdon's City Butter Craukors.
Children's cloaks and cloakiugs at
Hunt AIjoyle'B. f c ,, A Ulrt
"-All-wool red- $1.25 at
at Nesbitt & Mclvrcll's.
' Good bed comforts from 85c. to $2.25
at Nesbitt and McKrell's.
liliuikeU nt J.
Market street.
i"-'"" - "i -i
Cloaking and Sacking Cloths cheap at
J. W. Sparks & Bro.'s, 21, Market streot.
jJiUWont new
at jfyintJfcDo; ylo's.
Buyduif cipakBIrorarnunt & goylo,
thoyknmv hoNr'toflt votr porfcctl jv"
Five hundred dnlinnns, jackets and
tloaka at Jliint & Boyla's to-day.
"Three-story " sliinulo bangs nnd sheet
muai Anna- Fraz.ir?H nqvolty
All wnol rS.t UndnrHlilrtnt. 7op.. Sinrf
and $1.25 at J. W. Sparks & Uro.'s, 24
iuarKet btjoot. t ,-
Brinor nn flin lialilca. l'lchiros t.iUon
bWaoT&. J4f Wf T o20dtf
Tho prices of flah have been reduced
to 5, 0 and 10 cents. Joit.v WitKr.i.wt.
-.- ' 1,1
X.i u 1 i. .Uii ! I I
liFivo Jlup (ireuuiadiesy Aiortno VeslH
wep.iyao itunJMnilutilen'a) Uiji
shirta at 20c, 25c, 30c, 35c, GOcJ,
COc and 75c, at J. W. Sparks & Bro.'a. J
fti. LOl1
DuitortH. AVu
tnako bl reiluctlons in tlio of nil
our Boil Comforts. J. V. Hparka A Hrp,
0 OS Ifwy - ' t
wnitF,A,Mcntroll aro making loadorff
this Btmson, o( Intlloa' und Mvn's
fit nii'ifiu'
TooW froftiT76 fonts to85. 1 Funiilv hi.
loy'eir (dM lu . t . it)7dlm
01ikff,Jifok6tB,'Kol'naii; find
Chdritifht at J. W. Spark & Uro.'a,
S4, Mnrkolatroet,
Tho largest lino and tho lowest prices
in Mnysvillo nt Nesbitt & IcKrell's.
Poo's Ravoii, illustrated by Doro, $0,
list price $10. For salo by M. & K.
Shaw Is 1 Shawls I Wo placo on salo our
entire stock of Shawls nt a big reduction
from formor jirices. J. W. Sparks &
Bro., 21, Market street.
Bisque goods and ideals, now for
Maysvillo, can bo seen in our show win-dons
Morrison & Knckloy's Book Store.
m m
' From this dato Fnvorito oysters will
bo reduced to 2,") cents n can.
nlOtf John Wiiuemsk.
A i.aiiok lot of men's tlno custom-made
slioes in lato styles, whlcluT will offer for
thu next thirty days nt below cost. , Call
and see them. dSdlvv. F. B. Ransos.
(liven Awar
Quart and half gallon buckets will be
given away with bulk oysters bought of
mo, until fuither notice.
nlflJtf Jorv? WncKi.F.R.
Great Bargains in black Cashmeres,
direct from tho importers all pure wool,
ut 4Qo., G0c.i 110c., C5c, 75c, 83c, 00c. nnd
$1.00. Call and oxamino hoforo you buy.
J. W. Sparks & Bro.
m i
Hooks In Sols.
Bulwor, Dickeng, Goo Elliott;
Gjbboris' Jlotne, Chambers, Hans Anderson,
anil numerous juveniles in sets,
for salo by Morrison & Kackley. 171md
Wills' World Worm Candy is tlio best
intlio world. It is to all appoaiances ordinary
candy and children takoit'readily.
Iticontains no injurious ingrcdionts and
physicians prcscrtbo it. For silo by all
druggists. dldlwltw
How often do wo hear of tho sudden
fatal termination of u cabo of croup, w hen
ayounglifo might havo been saved by
tho prompt uso of Ayor's Cherry Pectoral
1 Be wise in timo and keep a bottle
of it on hand, roidy for Instant us".
Queen Titania's Fairy Tales, nunrto,
hnndsoinu illuminated covor, !)14 pages,
JOO' illustratrations. Fairy tales of all
aires anil Nations, Trico SI. Books for
children in great varioty from ono cent
up. Hurry Taylor, No. 23, Market Btieet.
New Books.
MarkrTwain's " Life on tho Mississippi,"
"Tom Sawyer," "Innocents Abroad,"
Will Carloton'a " Fonft Ballads," " Farm
Legonda," " Farm Festivals." For sale
by M. & K. nl7dlm
! II
Purgo out tlio lurking distemp'cr that
undermines health, and tho constitu
tional vigor will return. Those who suf
fer from' an' onfeobled and disordpred
state of the system, should take Ayor's
SaMaparillii to cleanse tho blood and
S.illsrnrloft IMdeuce.
J. W. Graham, Wlioleside.l)rugj,'ist, of
AuttnTcK.f writes :--I havo been
!lfng'l)r. Win. IIii'll's Balsam for' tho
Tilings" for the past yeaf,''ahd havo found
it one of tho most .saliiblo medicines I
hayo ovor had in my liouso for Coughs?
Colds, and oven Consumption, always
giving entiro satisfaction. Plcaso send
mo another gross.
Near Mt. Olivet Church, Mason county, on
Wuuday, UJxtembor .2nd, lhHJ, of dlphtherln,
nged two years,
of Ueo. II, and, Aclisati li, Olelwou.
Corncled dally hy It. II, Lovei., grocer nnd
.produsodniler, Nos.&Jand S3, Market, stivet,
Moyallle, Icy,
OnObe VBi ., v $ IGjJ'l)
.MohiKses.old crop, lb gal fill
Molasses, faucy, new gul 75
Molasseu, sorguuni, fancy, B gal 60
Sugar, yellpw ?1 m k
Hugar, extra C, V lb. ..., 0
Bugar A. W lb... M...-.......M OrtilU
Hugar, BrannlatMVlt....:. - lUijllu
Htixilr, jioivdoied, per lb .-. II
fuirar. Now Orleans. l lb 7Vs:ilt)
'Ttas, ID ...u 40al 10
coai uu, noau light 11 gii , .... hi
Apbles, per peck.... Sjgiti
llacoit, breulUast Tfl lb viy.
liaron, clear fcldes, ner lb id
II icon, Hums,!) ib..M 10'
uicoii, Hiioniuers, nor m . 8fjU
bta lis igul t (VjM
llutlor.Vlb . 1M(!)2)
1 iuckhiii', eacu ij(n.HJ
ppitj", (iiieo. per iij ,
Fouobes, dilod, por Jb..... .................
Kggs, I) doz.
Flour, Limestone, per barrel
Flour, Old Uold, per barrel
Flour; Maysvillo Fancy, per barrol..
Flour, Mason County nor barrel
Klonr, Kentucky Family, por barrel..
Floor, Magnolia Family, por barrels.
Uouoy, por lb ...........
Hominy, V gullon - ,
Meall peck ,
UUIHUUUIQ .,........... .., UJ1U
Urd, !.... 12U
Onions, per peck ,. 'JOgsO
Potatoes V pock, M ... 1 15
Turkoys, drohsod, por lb 10312
Anthraclto at Klevators, por tou J8.J3,
88.60. r'
, Youghlogbeny at Elevators, por busbol 14c.
doltvored ibo.
.Kanawha at Elevators, por bushel He. do.
lived 12o.
Pomory at Elevators, por bushel Do.
llio. .
buy a small faun. Oood
land. Will trade ft good pieco of foal
estate lu Mnysvllllo as pari piiymout
uMiuvm a. w. iila'Itkuman, J.
T ANTKO S'wnuty thousand I live turkey
IT and 611,000 dozen flesh eirgs. llighost.
markotnrleo nuld. II. D. NOItTIICOTT A CO..
Hultou htioot, Maysvllle, Ky. uoSdAw
"1 JtrANTKO Acaieful and lesoonslhlo
ty to rent my lesldonno on tho Fleming
pllio blthor the whole or a portion of tlio
rtfittse. Hinall faiuJIy preferred. Apnly tt
Jlrs. H. M, Ollntoro, or to Uortlon Qllinoro at
tho Uatemuu liouso, Front street. nictf
1TANS'K1) A good cnnviiHsor for a fast
T T Million DOOK, Oood coiniiilsslniiH.
itluslve tot 1 1 lory
llulletln otlloo.
Tor Miorlir.
Wo aro authorized to annouueo Hint DAN
PKHUINK Is u candidate for the olllce of
Slierldof Mason county, at tlio August election.
1881, tmlijccl to tho action or tlio
I 'or .11a j or.
Wo aro authorized to announce. Hint M. F.
MAUHU Is a candidate lor theolllco of Mayor
ol the city of MayBvllloat tho Jauuaiy election,
Wo aro Rtillioilzed tnaunounco that
JANUAUY Is a candldule for
at Mayor of Maysvllle, at the ensuing
January election,
Tor OHjTciorlt.
Wo mo authorized to anuoutiro that
LANOHOUNK iX. TMI1I Is a cnndldato for
Hieofllcotif City Clork ut the ousulug .latin
ary election.
Wo nro authorised to minounco that
UAItllY TAYhOIt la u candidate for
as City Clerk at the ensuing January
l'or City Assessor.
Wo-' aro authorized to annouueo Hint Mn
W.D.IIIXSON is a candidate for ( lly As.
sessoriu thoeiiHtilng Janumy election.
Wo aro nutlinrired to minounco that Mr.
JOHN W. UAIVI'MHIiIj Is a randlduto for
City Assessor, at the ensuing January election.
Wo aro authorized to nunotiuce that Mr.
CHARLKH 11 WiU.Y. Is a candidate forClty
Assessor, at Ibu ensuing Ianuar election,
For Collector anil Trensiiror.
Wo aro authorized to auuounco that K. E.
I'KARUF, la a candidate for re-election as
Collector and Treastuer of Maysvillo at the
ensuing January olccilou.
For Councilman.
Wo aro authorized to annouueo Mr. J. M.
STOCKTON, as a candidate for re election as
councilman fioni tbeKicond Ward.
Wo me authorized to announce that V. A.
I. I.UItTY Is n candidate foi Councilman In
tho first wnrd at the next January elictlou,
MH. HOIlCllT FIlOSI takes this method of
announcing to the voters ol tho First Ward
In tho eiiy of Minsvtlle, that he will boa
candidate lor re election as Councilman of
said Ward ut thueusullig Juuiuuy tlcctton,
At the solicitation of many fi lends 1 announce
myselt as u candidale foi uvelcetlou
for Councilman, at the next election.
1), irVclllNOKii,
We are authorized to annouueo that Mr.
IHAA' M. hANKlHiicuudldute for Councilman
lu the Fourth Ward, at Hie next
Wo m o niilhoilzed to announce that JOHN
W. AI.KXANDKlt Isa candldule lor
Hon lo tho council Irnui tho Fouilli Ward, at
tlio ensuing Jnuuary election.
For lVIiurl'miiNlcr.
Woaroauthoilzed to miuouiiio that
FICKMN, lit, Isii.candldalo foi re
eleclioii as V harlmaslei, at Hie next January
For Wood mil! foul Inspector,
Wo nro author l.ed to announce that
1. i'AHIChlt Is a oiidltluiu lor Wood
and Coal Inscclor, ut the onsiiing Jauuaiy
For Marshal.
WoaroauHiiitI'd to announce Mr W. W
WA I KINrt as a candidate foi Maishul at the
ensuing January election, issi.
Wo urn authoiii'ed to auiioutice JaMKS
UAS.SON,Hi., asa o.uidldatelor city luatshiil
at tho Jnnuaiy election. Not one ceiK loi
electloiieorlug purpostis.
Woaro aitlhoilAHl to announce that W. It.
DAWSON Is a cnndldato tor the otllio of Clt
Marshal, at tho etisuuu January election.
Ho solicits tho support of his friends.
Womoaulhorled to auuounco tint JAM BN
11KDMON1) Is a ea .illd.ito for iih
.Marshal of Maysvillo at thooiistiliiK Januai
election. ThoKnp.pott ot hlslrlends Is solle
MR.lU)Ili:itT W llltOWMNO announces
that ho Is a e mdldato lor City Marshal at Hie
ensuluic Junuury election, on the Hist Monday
lu January, ISM. Your suppoit
Handsome itstiU lice In. Second
IOItUKNl Ilmidsoiiio iiiitugo with lare
Kunlen attached 1 i Fifth W .rd. Al-o, farms
foi rent. J. M.hiui kiu.,
It itial hslato Agent.
7011 HKNT Tho forinei:resldcnce of T. A.
1 j Uespes's. Gdt U. W. llliAlTKltM AN, J 11.
HKNT Two two.sloiy brick dwell-1
17OH on the corner ot Mmket nud Fourth
streets, Kaeh consisting of four rooms,
kitchen and two ball. Water supplied by
bydiunts. dldli" W. W. WKIDON.
1 tiniiiedwolllni:, corner ot Thud mid
streets, In Fifth Wind.
twdiw saluikahaMjUK. courtHt.
TJOlt HALE All kinds aud sizes of cottagos
C and residences in this city mid Chester, nt
from SOW) to SI0,0U0. J. M. H I'OOICTON.
it lteul F.statu Agent.
HAIJC Four wasbstands, one
17011 two sofas, three liureaus.'ono dozen
hair cloth olinlrs, two cottage chairs, one
rocking chair, two waidiobes, feather beds,
and all articles used for Apply
at this olllce. dldlw
BALE Caso burning stove, good as
; new. Will bo sold uta baignlu. Apply
toT.J.CURLKY. nSldlw
On Tuesday nfternoon, 011 Hecond
i street, between Mrs. Thomas' millinery
store and my business house, 011 Market
street, u Indies' nlckol watch and chatelaltio
chuln. Rewind paid If returned.
On Heron tl streot Kast Mnysvillo, between
LOSS Loxlngton and Commerco, a gold
cameo bioast plu, Iteward paid If returned
hymn book, anyone tlndlng It
LOSS'-A bo rewarded by leaving it nt
New Advertisements.
W hen I rhvliuu i uji,w. inpAnuioreiytOkiODliivni ir
rtlioa nail tfiealiKVO them rotura galn,I mean araJI
ul euro. I hT8 mads tho titienio of KITS. Kl'ILKl'SV
nr I'ALI.INOSICKNtsSftliro loDKttudy. I wrrnlmr
roinudy to cure tho wont caiut. i;cauis othen btvs
falUdhuarvsnon for nut now receiving nenra. Send at
pnea for a trollo and a Freo Doitla ot ray InfalUUe
remedy, aire Kipnut and l'oit Ottlca, It co.lt jou
aollilnir fur trial, and I wilt rura you.
' lddrou Pr, U. 0. JtOOT, Hi l'earl St., Xew York.
This kua.son's new dcscilptlve Catalogue
and l'rlco List of
ii 1,,,ft.y"' Dramas, ' S
H Furces,
BO noeuery ipaperj,
Kthioplan Dramas,
aO Tableaux Lights,
re -
a i oioreu r no,
3 I'automline,
a litirntCork, OS
3 wigs, 2."
a Heard, Ac. Ao p
In fnct.ovorythlng for Amateur Thoiitrlrnts.
PAMUHL FltbNOU & HON, !W, K. Ulli Street,
New York.
l Imve t in. dttv.i reinctly fortho ftbo.t. tllieiiej bjltt
nse tiimtifsinU ifci"fiof ihowornt kind and of ion if
ktmul nit tfii t ititu IniU'pH,n.iiitrim'r Umy fnlth
lultiOlll.K v, I t I v II i I TWO IKITTMM MUCK,
I t,'nthtTv. ut) H AM'AMI KlltFlHKontliU(JleKko,
lunuyauir r uiv r. in r n iihiwh t
a" bVKUTlsRtim KondTor our HeTeoTCisl
IX. of Local Newspapers, (loo, 1', llowoll &
Co., 10, Hprui.o sticot,,N. Y
37, Second Htreet. Miiysvllle, Hy.
Xs. jSm avc
37,Necoinl Nlreet, IHiiysvllle, Ky,
Tlio coloied neonle nf Mold's Hill, now
building who may neeil sisli, doors, fiaiues, 1
step", Ac., cm get them by ealllng oil the 1111-
derstgited, at their own pilce.
,. ,. . , . ,(,;,H: W,,1,I'f1:'1 I
tlmiat u old
at Hulser, l'etry A Co.'s stand.
acies of tobacco laud. Hood
brlrk bouse ot seven looms, now tobac
co hum, ond all other necessity out
Within four miles of Mnysvillo nn the
I,exlugton plKe. Foi hullier 1. articular call
ou or address H. F. KHISl'OK, Wasblimlon,
Mason county, Ky. sld.twlw
xi:rirrMtM hai.k.
I will sell at public auction on Vnnduy, the
10th day of llpeembor, IKSJ, ot a o'clock p. in ,
a lotot giound on the soul Invest con or ol
Uiiinl and Wood stieets in tlio city of
The lot fronts Slfeetoii rantstieet
nud tuns buck n depth of 148 feet to Fifth
stiecl. It has on it two frame dwelling
houses. Tlio sale will take place on Hie
premises, reo bills nnd attend sale for terms
nnd further particulars.
11KNHY HMini,
dldfit Fxeculorof Vlury Juno H.yden.
We do 1 lu
011 Chicago lioaid nnd In stock on N. Y. Hoard
Money paid In as soon as trade Is closed. Do
not have to await remittance from Chicago
or Now York, Clnrlntvitl (Iriilu nml
Mtock Kxclinii(o,(l3, Host Clllh Nlrerl,
IMiiiosllo l'oiiiitalu, 4'lnclnniitl,
ilkllni , A. NOItTO.V, Miiiuigor,
170NKW ai.m:n,
mantels, etc. Holo agents lor the celoliniled
Omaha nud Lou lor stoves. Hooting and guttering
promptly and satlsfnctoi lly done. Corner
ot Market nnd Third streets, A. It.
old stand. apllbdlw
RC. KlltIC has opiined a dally meat mar
keton Market street, next dooi to It. II
level's, and will koe,i nil kludsol lieshmeal
at reii'ounble prices and will deliver It In 1111
partol the city. Call and see inc.
aUddm H.C. K1KK.
Tin: rit'i:Tonin ciikai
i i.ssoi.wtio or r.vitr.VKitsiiif.
rpil i: firm of White A Oil, furnlluio dealers.
J has this day been dissolved by mutual
consent, Charles II, White retiring Tho bus.
In ess will be condiictod at the old stand h)
Henry Oil. CHAH II.WI1ITK,
I1KNUY our.
Maysvillo, Ky., Nov. 8, ISKI.
All nccountMiIuoand debts owed by the old
llrm, will hese'tledut tho olllce, either member
of suit Uiiu being luithotl.ed to
Tor same. WHIS'K OUT.
rpiIK i:lMTAItl.F.
life Assurance Society !
of tho United States, Issues nil
foi ins of Policies. All piollts
to policy holders exclusively.
Alter the third year ordinary ond
Policies are non-for-reliable.
After the third year all
policies tire Indisputable.
HOF.& LYON, ManugeiB,
Louisville, Ky.
JOH. F. IlltOimtCK, Agent,
dld&w Maysvllle, Ky.
losing our
I will sloso out my entiro stock of
to ono or nioro parties AT COST. All those
who want baignlns will cull early while the
stock Is large. Yours Respectfully.
dldltwl No. '.', Main stieel, lllpley.
hi:at iti:iucTioN
Millinery Goods!
Wo havo marked our goods down with a
vliw to mnke mom for our Nkw Wintkr
Stock. Our stock consists of lllrds, Feathers,
Ornaments, luces, Hats, Zephyrs, to. Wo
call espcclul attention toour cheapiind
stock of CRKWKU
ttJTFILLINU SILK at a5 cents per do.on.
Dost brands served In any style, DAY' OR
My establishment has lataly boon fitted up
In hiindsomo style, nnd supplied, wltu ever
convenience. Cooking unexcelled,
s36d3m No. 8. Market street,
CO no
cd 21S 50
E m
o CO
nr All Goods nml WerK WARRANTED.
,,,, ""ofulous .f,.,.. Sores, Krytlpelat,
Kczeinn, Itlotrhcs, Ringworm, Tumors, Cur-
Imncles, Rolls, unit Uruptlom of tho Skin,
M0 tlle dlrwt rosut of ftn )ml,uro mo o
To cure tlico diseases tho blood innst bo purl-
tied, and restored to a bealtby and natural
tlon. A) i:ii'tt SAiisArAltlLLA lias for over forty
yoars been recognized by eminent medical authorities
as tlio most powerful blood purifier hi
existence It fries the sjjteia Trom nil foul humors,
enriches and strongtlioiis tbo blooil, reiiiovcs
all trsi cs of mercurial treatment, and proves Itself
a complete master of nil scrofulous diseases.
A JEcirut Curij of Scrnfulous Sores.
".Some months ago I mas troubled with scrofulous
sores (ulcers) on my legs. Tho limbs wero
badly swollen and Inflamed, and the sores discharged
largo quantities of otl'enslvo matter.
Kvery remedy I tried failed, until I used AVElt'.s
HAiisAfAlitt.i.A, of which I tiai enowr taken tlireo
bottle, nltb tho result that tlio sores nro healed,
and my general health greatly Improved. 1 feel
very giatef nl for tho good ymu medicine has dona
inc. Yours respectfully, Mas. Ann O'lJniAN."
14 Salllian St., Now York, .lane i!4,16J.
f AH persons Interested aro Invited to
rail on Mrs. O'Jirlan; also upon tho Itev. Z.
I. Wilds of 7H Knst 0ith Stieet, Now York
City, who will tako pleasure In testifying to
tho wonderful cMlcuey of Ayer's
not only In thn tiro of this lady, but In
his own an nud many others within his
S bo w xrriter on the Itoitnn Ih raid, B.
W. Hall, of Hochetttr, iV"..,wrltes, Juno 7, 18S2
" Haying millered soveroty for somo years with
nczenin, and having failed to Had relief from other
remedies, I bao nmtlo uso, during tlio past tlireo
months, of AVEIt's SAltSAl'AlULLA, ftlilch litis
etloctcd n cowiff le rut e. I consider It a magnificent
remedy for all blood dle.iscs."
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
stimulates nnd regulates tlio action of the
and nsslmllatlio organs, renews and
strengthens tho vltnl forces, and speedily cures
Itheumatlsin, Neuralgia, Ithcumntlc Oout,
Catarrh, Ocncral Debility, and nil diseases
arising from nn Impoverished or corrupted condition
of tlio blood, nnd n weakened vitality.
It Is Incomparably tho cheapest blood medicine,
on account of Its concentrated strength, nnd great
Hiwor over disease
ritrPAitED nv
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Druggists; prlco f 1, six bottles for $5
Neroiil Street,
MnploniHl riiicy
A full lino or MIHIueiy, Dress Goods, Trim-minus,
vilvet. Cashmere, Luces,
villlngs,shnwls, ltlblioiis, iliindkeiehlels,
Hklils, Corsets, Neckwenr,
Undenvear, Grloves,
Hosiery. Combs, Perfumery, Htntlonen
Zephyr Wools, Yarns, Hair and Fancy Uoods.
liealer In
Spring Wagons nml Harness.
Repository No. 18, Button street, Maysvillo,
lly. Hiadipiartersloi DU.J.U ICSON'Stlme.
tried nud lellablo
Horse Medicines.
lilt. JACKSON'S HLAOK OIL cures mange,
cradled heel, warts, greasy heel, pricked foot,
nuHter, sand cracks, corns oto. rrlco.V) cents.
is an excellent remedy for
spavin, capped hock, ctith
splint ci ump or btralti of tho whirl bone.
DR. JACKHON'3 WHITE OIL cures lung
fever, Inllumitlou or tho kidneys aud
tlsm In man or horse. Pi loo 50 cents.
UR.JACKHON'HFOOr OIL Is an etlectlvo
remedy tor chafes, soron or quarter-crack in
horses1 foot and mango nnd lice In cattlo and
horses. I'rlcoCO cents.
ttJTSent to any address on receipt of price,
Tlio Most Nuccessriil llciurtly uvcr discovered
ns It Is certain lu Its etfects and does
not blister, Read proof bolow.
Kendall's Spavin Cure.
Santa Rosa, Cullfornln, Feb. 0, issi.
U. J. Kkndai.i, & Co., (louts : I feel Itn
duty to others sullerlng with the piles nnd
fulling of tho rectum to write to you, I hnvu
had the piles aud prolnpsups of tho rectum
for five y en nr, lor tho past tluee yenrs I luivo
suflered the most itKonltlng pain. I trkd
everything without relief, but after ten day's
uso of Kendall's Spavin Cure. I havo not Keen
or heard ol tho piles since, Ono who hns not
sulleied as I have cannot comninliHiui ii,
great Joy tliat I leltnt being cuied of udlsoaso
almost worse than death. I had a vuluahlo
young horso that had a large bunch gather
on his bioast bono. I tried all kind ut liniments
nml had It cut opeu without uny
Snw your ndvortlsouient nnd bought a
bottle of LeuduU'H Spavin Ciironutl orneied
my teamster to uso as directed. In le&s than
ono week tho lump hud dlssnppeured. Thinking
that a liniment that would do what
Spavin Cure has dona for my horso
intKht benefit more. I trlAd It as a Inst resort.
With gintltude nnd best wished for your sue-com,
I mn faithfully yours,
J. II. Qr.KNN.
On HUMAN Tltah,
, Vkvay A"' "Ih, 1881.
Dit. n. J. Kkniiali, m i Hamnlo
of circulars rocelyod to.dny, Floabo seud ino
somo with my Imprint, printed on on ono
sldooniy. The Kendall's Spavin Cure Is In
excellent demand with us, and not only for
animals, hut for huinnn nllmonU also. Mr,
Jos. Norls, one of the loading fanners In our
county, sprained nn ankle badly, nml knowing
thn value of tho remedy for homos, tried
Hon himself, nud It did tor hotter than ho
had expected. Cured tho spriilu In veil'
short milqr. Y'ours respectfully.
l'rlco $1 per bottle, or 8 hottlos for J5. AH
druKulsUi havo it or can It for you, or It
will be sont to nny address on reoolnt of
prlco by the proprietors, Db. B. J, Kenbali.
Co.. Knosburgh Falls, Vt. Bond
wirsOLl) 1IY ALL

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