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The above number represents the cl renin
tton each weelc nr tho Daily nnd Wbkklt
Bollbtiw Advertiser are Invited to call
nnd assure themselves ol the truth of tlio
ataternont and they are requested to bear In
mind that our raes for advertising are tbi
Tub Ohio Legislature meets to uy
L R 8tK38BK dealer in dry goouB at
Catlettsburtf has failed for 22000 Ho
made an assignment to Mr F A Good
paator of Owingsville
Govbrnou Knott haa appointed Col
Frank 8 Owens of this city an aid on
his staff Tho same honor wna conferred
upon him by Governor Blackburn
Tick estimated cost of sugar and syrup
eonaumed in tho United states during
the past year was 1000000000 three
fourths of which camo from abroad
i t
As exchange remarks A paper
works for its own town does something
ovory week to build it up advances the
interests of citizens draws trade puts
money into the pockets of the business
men and adds to the prosperity and woll
being of all Wide awake liberal minded
bosincsB men reciprocate these general
and special favors by a good patronage
Mb P T Baunum has pointed out to
men of means contompluting dying an
effectual way of preventing tho custom
ary posthumous quarrel over the dis
position of their property In the first
place he called a council of physicians to
testify to his mental competency Then
ho has taken further precaution to make
a will that is said to bo manifestly ration
al and many sided and entirely satisfac
tory to all theheirf beneficiaries and leg
atees The document distributes ten
million dollars among twenty seven di
rect heirs and a number of publicJand
private charities The Z characteristic
shrewdness of the testator is displayed
in his high estimate of the posthumous
value of his name in the show busi
ness Thin testator lias the advantage of
many in having enough to go round
Had this property been smaller or had
ho chosen to make a more eccentric dis
position of it then tho advantage of hav
ing an ante mortem inquiry as to his
sanity would have been tnorcjiipparenl
That devico is especially worthy the at
tention of persons desiring to make ex
traordinurv wills
There is a Jowish penman in Vienna
who wries four hundred Hebrew letter
on one grain of wheat In order to fun
tho Emperor with satisfactory evi
dence of his extraordinary skill ho has
written the Jewfah prayer for tint imper
ial family on the narrow e lye of an ordi
nary visiting card
Tho wife of the famous Hungarian
novelist Jokaitnor has just celebrated
the fiftieth anniversary of hei first ap
pearance on the stage at the National
Theatre at Uudn IVstli of which she
was for many years the leading star
The event wis made n national ulluir as
both her hushuu I and her own popular
ity is unbounded Tho Euineror sent
her through tho Hungarian Primo Min
ister the golden cross of merit with a
flattering letter
A Five Cent Trick
New Kork Trlbuno
At Kighth street and Broadway yester
day a reporter heard a gentleman telling
this storv Of all tho swindles I have
struck the highest five cent swindle in
existence Theres a fruit stand a few
blocks down where I stopped to buy a
nickles worth of tipples I handed the
man a quarter He put it in his till but
quickly drew cut his hand acting as if
he had obsttived aomethins wrong witli
the coii Passing a quarter back to mo
he paid Your quarter has a hole in it
Sure enough the coin he showed me had
a plugged hole I o ildnt sny anything
but let him take it tor twenty cents But
I went across tho street ami waited till a
niessengor boy came along I gave him a
marked quarter to go over and buy him
self a nickels worth of apples Tho fel
low fell in tho trap He tried Ins trick
on tho boy and I went over and wo
caught him riBlit at it
Personul and Political
Talinagos church has 909 members
or 414 more than BeechcrB
Paying dividends on watered stock is
now called El Mahdi because it is
false profit
Mrs Tennyson it is said writes and
signs tho poets letters By this little ar
rangement tho economical baron saves
tho salury of a Secretary
Senator Saulsbury of Delawaro is the
only member of tho Senate who has
never beon married Ho is called the
LonoStur of that body
llollowny tho millionaire pill man of
London who died recently guvo 300
000 to tho hospitals of London A man
who hud spent his life manufacturing
patent pills certainly owed it to the pub
lit to seo that the hospitals wero kept in
great shape
Oliver Dalrytnplo of tho famous Dal
rymplo wheat farm in Dakota is de
scribed as a typical Undo Sam in ap
pearance His face is peaked and his
hair long Ho wears a big white hut and
old fashioned farmers clothes
Win Hunter assistant Secretary of
Stato at Washington has been in tho
employ of tho Government for fifty
tiireo years Those who havo been waft
ing for his place Bay ho is likely to last
favor il years yet
LorroOH Jan C The Gladstone Got
er iment la at last cornered on tho Egyp
tion queation Tho realities -shirked to long
have to be faced The ministry has been
do thoroughly awakened to the emergency
of the hour thai tho members of the cabi
net wore summoned to London by telegraph
It is now clear that the Mahdi must be
fought and by English troop or Egypt
must be completely and immediately
evacuated The military situation k des
perate Khartoum closely menaced on
every side is thinly garrisoned and
hrieks for help wbilo in Huakim Baker
can notliokhis wretched soldiers into shape
Mis Egyptians and his English officers hare
cmm to fisti caffs and the Abyssinans
are threatening Tho project of
Trench intervention haa been the final
straw Radical papers shout aa loudly as
the Conservative oaas do for aa English
adraito against the Mahdi Everybody
haa bow concluded that the Gladstone
policy ef withdrawal la dead aad that the
rsisra way be issued at any hour for taking
over their rival administration and the
military affairs of Egypt lost to English
tbi ciAsa jurocaa
Br Pbtbrbburu Jan o The revival ef
Nihilist activity has bad a terrible effect
upon the Irish Government Private in
formation represent the Czar aa suffering
frem delirium and the sentries in and
about his palace have been trebled The
Hfe of his eldest son is now threatened
The report of the last -assassination is that
it was planned and carried out by a man
who was regarded as the most officious and
trustworthy agent of the police and the
boast of Nihilism that it is everywhere
certainly appears to be justified
orrrs oohditionb
London Jan 5 The Egyptian note
which has been received at the British
Foreign Office demands that England shall
give her find decision in regard to the
trouble in the Soudan and threatens that
if England Tefuses assistance necessary to
subdue the frcs of the Mahdi that the
Khedive win cede to Turkey all of Eastern
Soudan at the tamo time reducing the
national tribute proportionately and will
ceoeeutrat all the Egyptian troops in
Egypt proper
bom rxrmos oooo health
Nrw York Jan 5 An official dispatch
from Rio Jaerlro received by the Brazilian
Consul General in this city Senor De Mon
doca denies the published report that the
Emperor Dom Pedro has been ill and
states that he is in usual good health
St Pktbrsbdro Jan 6 The bodies of
Do Long and his companions of the Jean
nette have passed through Tomsk
Wreathes were laid down along the path of
tho procession through the city The funeral
cortege was met by a military band and
escorted through the streets A printed
account of the loss of the Joannette was
distributed among the public A violent
snow storm prevailed during the funeral
Paris Jan 5 Tho French Government
has sent an apologetic noto to Berlin ox
pressing regret at tho omission of tho
French iron clad to salute tho fleet of tho
Crown Prince Frederick William in tho
Gulf of Lyons while tho Irinco was en route
botween Italy and Spain The Govern
ment also states that the Captain of the
French war vessel lias been summarily dis
missed from his command This amende
honorable is understood to bo diroctly duo
to a demand mnde by Prince Bismarck on
behalf of the Berlin Government
Arrest of it Iiiprdo Who is a Itnd 3lnu
From Way Hack
Er Paso Tex Jan A Deputy Sheriff
from Blsbee Aii arrived hero Friday night
from Chihuahua AIoxlco with Boa Dowd
ono of the Bisboe ruidcrs in charge Ho is
one of tho gang who enteied tho town of
Bisboe Ari tho 10th of last March in
broad dnylight and robbed tho storo of Cas
tanada a merchant thero compelling hjm
at tho point of a six shooter to open his
safe and then shooting him down iu cold
Dowd was discovered to be working in a
mining camp about 150 miles west of tho
city of Chihuahua and during his absenco
from the camp tho Deputy Sheriff assisted
by some Mexican officers went in and
seized his gun and on his return surrounded
and called upon him to surrender Thib ho
did remarking that if he had his gun they
never would havo takon him alive
The Deputy Sheriff had no extra
dition papers with him but the
Mexican officers told Dowd that
they would hold him any way until
thay were procured Ho then exclaimed
WollboysI guess the game is up with me
and quietly submitted to return with tho
officers In addition to the killing of Cas
tanada tho gang shot down two othor men
and a woman who happoned to bo on tho
street whon tho raid was made Dowd
acknowledged having shot Castanuda and
admits that sho was a member of tho gang
that robbed tho Southern Paclflo train at
Gage but states ho was not present on that
occasion This makes three of tho Bisboe
raiders now in tho hands of the law
Tomiistone Ari Jan a Big Dan was
captured yesterday and Delaney killed
This complotos the five Bisbeo murdors
trusses of lire
Wilwaujcee Wis Jan 5 The lnrge
refrigerator building 130x50 feet on G O
Mansflolds dairy farm at Johnsons Creek
near Watertown has been destroyed by
flro The loss is very heavy and there is
no insurance
Titusville Pa Jan 6 A special re
ceived here Rtatcs that the planing and
grist mills of MorrlclL Griflln at Corry
Pa have bean completely destroyed by
firs along with sovoral outbuilding and
500 in cash Lass 13000 insurance
Titusville Pa Jan 5 Churchs flour
mills at Union City burned causing loss of
Not a Fifty Cont Actress
New Haven Conn Jan 0 Tho man
agement of the New Haven Opera Houeo
advertised the prico of admission at tho
matineo Saturday to the gallery at twenty
five cents When Jannuschok who is play
ing thero hoard this she absolutely refused
to appear unless tho prico was raised to
fifty conts Sho said anyono could see a
inusucm show for a quarter but should not
seo Janauschok at that prico and tho man
ager was compelled to ralso tho admission
An Affecting Court Scene
Huntington Ind Jan 6 In the Char
lotte Epps poisoning case the defendants
attorneys argued seventy reasons for a now
trial Whon Judge Taylor rendered his de
cision overruling the motion thero was an
affecting sceno in the court The prisoner
was inconsolable Her screams and lamen
tations could be heard for squares The
court was in tears Af tor sbe wm takon
to her cell a reporter visited her and she
spoke freely of her troubles Bhe wants to
die and see her dead children taking her
little daughter with her She did not once
mention the name of her murdered victim
John Epps Bhe will be taken at once to
the Reformatory at Indianapolis by Sheriff
Bowman An appeal to tho Supreme
Court has beon made by her attorneys
The verdict is generally satisfactory
Very Important
PmsBtTBO Pat Jan 6 Wash Moore ef
this city has just received a letter from
Den McAuluT of Louisville Ky the
owner of the famous dog Sport fort whom
be claims the championship accepting
Kirleys challenge to fight his dog Jack ef
Pittsburg now the winner of many hard
contested battles The challenge is for
1000 a side a fair scratch in turn fight he
agreeing to allow Kirley 50 expenses to
Louisville the fight to come off within
twenty five miles of that city in the near
future The Turf Exchange will be the
Mpre Facilities for Festivals
Cincinnati Jan 5 The contemplated
erection of a concert hall in tho vacant Jot
adjoining Musio Hall on the south ergaged
Mr It R Springers interest at once and
his generosity aa well He told the College
of Music folk to call on him for 10000
and has since increased the amount to 20
Serlou Collision en the Ohio End Missis
sippi Railway
Louisville Ky Jan 0 A Courier
Journals Charleston Ind special reports
an accident on the Ohio and Mississippi
Railroad A Cincinnati train ran into a
St Louis train just leavingrat 780 Satur
day evening and demolished the engine
and several cars Two members of the
Yale College Glee Club were injured Otis
Strong of Auburn N Y had a log crushes
and will probably die Wm Croaton ol
Cloreland O was badly injured
A little son of Harry Cooper of Main
and Franklin Cincinnati choked to death
on a marble
Two English captains have been arrested
in Ban Francisco for extensive smuggling
of brandy
Mrs Wm Hanna Akron O found her
babo dead at her side when she awoke Sat
urday morning It was probably smoth
Robert A Murray a broker at 31 Milk
street Boston has left the city after having
it is alleged secured 40000 on forged
Colonel JonN I Nevin senior partner of
the Pittsburg Leader Publishing Company
who has been suffering from Brights
disease for the past eloven weeks is dead
The jury in the caso of Cleon Koyes at
Lafayette Ind charged with being
l sory to the muruor or btcwarc in this
county last fall brought in a verdict after
being out all night of not guilty
I Conkad Kuntz of Cincinnati has boon
missing since December U He is thirty five
years of age flvo feet seven inches in
height sallow complexion dark mustacho
is a Gorman and a hatter by occupation
Dave Fisher of Hurdiii County is nom
inated for Chief Clerk in tho Ohio House
Charley Vallnndigliam of Dayton is nomi
nated for Chief Clerk of tho Senate Dan
1 F Taylor of Ashland is nominated for
Journal Clerk
I The now Park Theater building Clove-
land burned Saturday morning Gas es
caping in tho basem mt under tho stage ig
nited When tho janitor went to find the
leak at S M0 the flames spread rapidly and
tho theater vru8 completely gutted in two
General Thomas J Brady of Wash
ington D C brother of Captain E W
Brady has arrived in Muncie Ind com
ing in rcsponso to a telegram announcing
the serious illness of their fatlxw Judge
John Brady -lie of the earliest residents
and most rospttod citizens of tho place
Theres n buby In n basket
A hanging nt the door
And mniked upon Its petticoat
The tlBurcH81
If anybody wants to know
About Its pedigree
Juht tell em that Its out of Tlmo
And by Eternity
30000 FOR 82
f Hctfulnr Monthly Drawing- will
mTUtake place In the Miihonlc Hull Ma-
J sdnlnTemnlo Building Louisville Ky
THUJiSJDATJan 31 1884
ATnwful Lottery and Fair Drawing
chartered lv the Leclslaturo of Ky and twice
declared lenal by tho lilliest court In tho
State Hotul alven to Henry county In tho
numor8iuuuuuror me piorapipuytnemoran
prizes sold
A ItevolHllon la NlngloNambcr
WEvery ticket holder his own supervisor
can call out tho number on his ticket and see
tho corresponding number on the tag placed
In the wheel In his presence These drawings
will occur on tho last Thursday of every
month Head the magnificent
January Ncliemc
1 Prize 30000
1 Prize 10000
1 Pilzo 5000
2 Prizes 82500 each 5000
6 Prizes 100 each 6060
9 Prizes 3W each Approxn Prizes B700
0 Prizes 3J0 each 1800
9 Prizes KJO nach C00
2 Prized 500 oaah 10000
100 Prizes 100 cuch 10000
200 Prizes 50 each 10000
610 Prlzex JO each 1000
1000 Pllzos 10 each 10000
1857 Prizes 110 100
WlinlTl4lctH 82 MnirTioItiitN 1
U7 TJcltetN 50 f55 Ticket 8IOO
Item It money or bunk drntt In leltor or
send by express DONT 8KNH BY U1CGIH
until further irotlco Orders of 5 nnd upward
byoxprcss can bo feout at our own expense
Address all orders to J J DOUG h AH
sepi7dAwly Louisvillo Ky
Wo offer our stock of ladloV wraps eon
ulRtlne In plnln and fur Uned clrcnlnrs silk
plunU jacket dot ma us paletots New Mar
kelo at reduced pi Ice to clone all nud get
A v
Aaaww Ar
jVo 21 Mrk4t8tnarlyopp Central Hotel
Ojfioi Open at all Hour MA VS VJLLB K7
m tylSljNd
Will devote his whole time to the preserva
tion of the natural teeth Dr O VV Wardle
will take charge ol all the mechanical work
euoh as nold ailverconlinuousgum celluloid
and rubber plates mchSJldly
4 HirAivs
Castors Work Apeelatty Large stock All
kind at lowest prloes
No 47 Market stree two doors below DA
IllohnrdeoB A Uoa grocery
Keal Eatntoand Collecting Agency
Third street near Court house
mylOly HAYBVlLfcK KY
Real Entwie Hd Collection Aarency
Court St apl2dly MAY8VILLK KY
p AM If OK
Second street next dooi te Dr Martins
3Bstbllslxeci 18S5
So BW Reeend Nt Opp Opera II ease
Fruits and Vesetablesln season Your patron
ae respectfully sollrltwl IMdlr
For Dyspepsia Indigestion Depres
sion ol HuirftK and General Debility in their
various forms also ns a preventive ngalnxt
fever and Ague and other Intermittent Fe
ver the rerro phosphornted Elixir
of Cnllnaya made by Cuxwell Hazard it
Co New York and sold by all druggiHUi I
the best tonlo and for patients recovering
from Fever or other sickness It lia no equal
J BfeCARTIIEY Licensed auctioneer
J lor Mason and adjnlnlue countleH Or
ders left at the Bullktin office will receive
prompt attention P O address MU Carrael
37 Necoiul street MnjNVlllcIiy
Xj JET 3V3SJI250 33n j St
Stato Monroe Sts Chicago
Will ien1 prfjiM tonny vlJrwi heir
for lsW i00 titi H Lniertniirs
or iDttruuemi muu rp iuu
Staiilt Drum Mnior StlTu Adil
Hat ftimlrtf llin I Oill ta ItrfulHntf
BpilTIlSllllinfUiM mfirnrnon inn r i
r fcift IIA A B ftliirn ATrMI
Dealer in flrstclnss
Front rcet Mayaville
Tlio BIoHt 8nccefnl Rcuiedy ever dis
covered as It is certain in its offeuta and doeu
not blister Read proof below
Kendalls Spavin Cure
awri Tfnu A fnll frtiMiln TaK n 1QUO
B J Kkndai1 Si Co Uouu I leel It a
duty to others sullerlnt with the piles and
falllue of the rtctum to write to you 1 have
had the piles nud prolapmips of tho rectum
for flvo years for tho past tlnee years I have
suirered tho moot agonizing pain I tried
everything without relief but after ten days
useoi Keuuiuru spavin i ure i imvo noi seen
or heard of tlio piles since One who hns not
suffered as I luive cannot comprehend the
great Joy Unit I felt at being cured of u dli eaHo
almost worse than death 1 had a valnablo
younc horso that had a large bunch gather
on hs bicast bono 1 tried ull kinds of llnl
menta nnd bad It eut open without any bene
fit Haw your advertlnemont nnd bought a
bottlo of Kendalls Spavlu Cuioand oraered
my teamster to use ns directed Iu Iokh thau
ouo week the lump had disappeared Think
ing that a Uulmeut that would do what Ken
dalls Spavin Curo has done for my horso
might benoMt more I tried ltns u last resort
With gratitude and best wishes for your suc
cess 1 urn faithfully yours
J B Glenn
Vkvay Ind Aug 12th 1881
DiiB 7 Kendall Co Genu Baniplo
of circulars received to day Iloano seud me
bomo with my Imprint printed on on ono
side only Tho KendaHH Hpuvln Cuio is In
excellent demand with us and not only for
nnlmulH but for human aliments also Mr
Jos Norln ono of Ihu leading farmers In our
county sprained an nnlclu badly and know
ing tho vuluo of tho remedy for hornes tried
Hon himself nnd it did far hotter thun ho
hud expected Uurcxl tho sprnln In vory
shortorder Yours respectfully
Price 1 per bottlo or Obottlos for S5 All
tlriipglRts Imvo It or can gt It for you or It
will be sent to any aildrcHSbpu receipt f
prlto by tho proprietors Ja V J ICfnuall
Co Knosburgb Falls Vt for lllus
n dOLD 11Y ALL MtuaOIisTS Sa
A large proportion of the diseases which cause
human suffering result from derangement of the
stomach bowels and liver Ayerb CATHAnrie
Fills act directly upon these organs and are
eipeclally designed to cure the diseases caused
by their derangement Including Constipation
Indigestion Dyspepsia Headache Dysen
tery and a host of other ailments for all of
which they are a safe sure prompt and pleasant
remedy The extensive use of these Fills by
eminent physicians in regular practice snows
unmistakably the estimation In which they are
held by tte medical profession
These Fills are compounded of vegetable sub
stances only and are absolutely free from calomel
or any other Injurious Ingredient
A Sufferer from Headache writes
Atkbs Fills are Invaluable to me and ar
ray constant companion I have been a sever
sufferer from Headache and your Fills are th
only thlag I could look to for relief One doss
will quiekly move my bowels and free my bead
from pain They are the most effective and tho
easiest physle I have ever found It Is a pleasure
to me to speak In their praise and I always do s
when occasion offers
W L Paoh of W Tj Page Bro
Franklin SU IUehrnond Va June 3 1B8S
I have used Ansas Pills In numberless In
stances as recommended by you and have never
known them to fall to accomplish the desired re
sult We constantly keep them on hand at our
aome and prise them aa a pleasant safe aa
reliable family medlolue FOR DYSPEPSIA
they are Invaluable J T Hayes
Mexla Texas June 17 1682
The Rbv Fbamcis B HARLOwr writing frosa
Atlanta Ga says For some years past I hare
been subject to oonstlpatlon from which la
spite of the use of medicines of various kinds
I suffered Increasing lnconvanlenee until some
months ago I began taking Ayerb Pills Tbey
have entirely corrected tho costive habit and
nave vastly Improved my general health
Arms Catjiabtig Pills correct Irregulari
ties of the bowels stimulate the appetite and
digestion and by their prompt and thorough
action gtve tone and vigor to the whole physical
Dr J C Ayer Co Lowellr Mass
Sold by all Druggists
All experience the wonderful benefi
cial effects of
Ayers Sarsaparilla
Children with Sore Eyes Sore Ears
or any scrofulous or syphilitic taint
may be made healthy and strong by its use
Sold by all Druggists 91 six bottles for fS
Don Punish
Your GhildrenI
DutROto your dnipglst or merchant and get
abottleof Willm World Worm Candy
the moat efficient mid pulittublu worm uieUlclna
made It Is put up in delightfully flavored
sticks of candy timl t fie Utile ones lu e to take it
BrtujwmwwijrTrigrciiiMMi iiggwi iih
Electric Appliance are sent on 30 Days I rial
YYTTIO aro uirinpr from Nbhvoos Dkbiutt
VV Lost Vitality Lack or Nervk Fouce akd
Viqor Wastimo Weaknesses and all thews disease
of a Personal Natutu resulting from abuses and
Otuich Causm Bpoi dy and complete reato
ration of II ealtu looRand Manhood guaranteed
The grandest dlscorery of t li Nineteenth Cintnrj
tknj at onott for Illustrated lilnphlut free Address
LlMVm jB WmL V terffifffiuJ
jCl ff s
- 1K f
VTlioBe debility exhausted
pow r premature drciiy
and failure to porform lires
d title properly aro caused bj
excesses errors of youth etc
will tlntf a perfect and lasting
restoration to robust health
ana vieorun inunnoou in
ilther stomsch nor
Instruments This treatment of
JJcrvoua le blllty and
mMhi1 lianui liiuil An nwrfpfc diAirnoiiIa
new nnd direct methods and absolute thor
oiinluics Kull infnrrnatlon and Treatise free
Address Clonsultinit IhyslcUn of
OIMW SnuMrrUKNKI Kto Han 1ntftrwtlnir
inlvHrtiuwiuHiit tunyrun niniriiHKrin rilytoin
innriea we will Hay that thwra in no uviJbuob of Luin
bug Mwnt thin On t lie ontrary tliBanvtirtlHflrHarw
ViryIniilily itnorMd InTftrPwteit TMrnonH mayfft
ttnaleil circiirarM ifiTintfnli oiTtiiniUrw lv ftildrjlintf
CltlK Tf llUHlAJiK ItutlulQ N V iWrtfrrIIHf lirf
aTSecoml Htrrct Iityavlllo Hy

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