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Daily evening bulletin. [volume] (Maysville [Ky.]) 1883-1887, January 10, 1884, Image 1

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ManulactSiv and oxft
bra ted brand of
INSUfcAftcfc ACENir
Oldest VphdbVt
fall value
LOW rat
No dfcjeoUJits JKo delay a
rnWihtfmui TtiantaA fnf
attk LosHeyprotnptjybklcl
t fit nn edrnerThtrd
fvqd Market hGeefi apl6dly
- trfieeale and Retail
SHdMreMj nHly kAYSVltL KY
iciest stylos of Hatsf rJonnetacM and
Millinery if otfpns Pr jres lowi Second street
Mru floorge Burrows old atand apUGdly
Fall Hats 6ifllriery6bol2 Bonnets illb
bota Flowers and Millinery Goods gonernlly
Entire BattsfttetltmKUaranteed lb all cases
Second opposite Opera House may41y
mantels etc Bole agents tor the celebrated
Omaha aud Leader sutVerf Roofing aud eut
terlrle promptly andsatlsfnctorily done Cor
ner of Market and Third street A It
cooks old stand
Full Una of Burial liobes and nil article rej
qnireur Dy UlD uiiuoriaKjgKruaJjeni
promptly attended to day ornwht3Ic V
m30Jy JYp61 Offt Etcond Street
has been removed to the lower floor of the
Eagle building on Court street where howlll
intend to any business In Mie Circuit Courts
or Court of Appeals and Superior Courtwhlch
maybentrusted to him d28d8mo
Vehlcleaot all klndsgoodHtockandearetul
drlvare Horses keptbythediiyorwoefeon
reasonable terms Second St between Market
and lilmnetono
rii r KirF
Work promptly aud satisfactorily done
Tethw reasonable Front street between
Marketand Sutton apllOdly
Banltary Engineer Qas and Kteam Qlter
Dealer In plumbers goodn Pumps Hose
Bcwer Pipes Lend nnil Iron Pining Hteun
and Water Oauues No H west Second street
opposite Gelsels grocery
OHS T eixxiSG
V Dealers In
B6ots Slices Leather
Utjecona cor wuiion sireeir
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oxliglnatpr of 1 the cele
Bilver Dollar Wm Hunts Dark Horse Hap
py Bmqkc TbraeBefUtles Cpdveodrand
Gold HlUi trWeWia Street MayeyJUe y
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AClTN4ft Bt
Afaliiiueof allJclndiflf vehieles on band
forsaley hire 1 of exrtiaaKei Mprm Aeut py
Uayvfcete or month Xargest and best ap
polnWHvery Stable Iri the-west- erlcesaa
Tow aa anv Best attentlnn toviehMles stoied
iDepEHiO TJUlUiC9 BttUtt xu
Second St apl7dly MA
iecWoWtb Cooper Jlfsset
ejr fet Iran Ware
J I 1Jll i - J i r - -
lei aivenuon paiu w nit niuus kiiiwii
and spouting
fjurit a flltirH
Practical nlumbera uas aad
WrouKht Iron audlead pipe
Ac All work attended
33 E Beond t asdlr
10 prorapiiy anui
Tior i I lilLL
TT A8heen twed With most nuc
ri aAirlrriaanv obetinatb eases P rof F
W73HfcAPffBHOp w Chemistry at the pnl
verwbtdICanclHnatl aavi tbtawa ter hejoB
to the aaiae el ass with that pf tlte
Sprlaaa pi Virginia the meutetaal virtuer
of whlotaaratoowoii Known looostateuiii rc
Tboeewbo desjre to try ttjiv famous water
are referred to Captain CW Boyd LevHima
Ohio Captain O M Holloway Ctuclnuutl
Ohio J J tlalpe Cincinnati Ohio For sale
in half rrelsandrs
m23dwU AberdeeuOlilo
RieinkHflKCTAYiVTt nimis
2eiatd Rataarlcs KefRMliaK Xariieeata
tive Ducles AcityMoH I BebalT
k of the Tobacco Interests
Another Psloii Bill
Washinotow D C1 Jan 0 Represen
iative PolawL of Vermont introduced im
bill trunMnB pcnsioas to all soldiers t ke
lt war It provides that all who Mrved
6vr sixty days and lees than 6b9 viae stall
eosivo 500 por month orr ona ysar and
less tnaaiwo vsutw ovrvirwfaBaisasKsa
three years IjYSOf over thrse years 800
Thopcasion so granted to go totiepsa
sionr solely Nothing in this act Sa to h
construed as conflictisg with ska yreaant
invalid pension acts
The Houm Colnniitteo on Patents author
izes a favorable report to b made on Rep
resentative Tanoes bill whlrh provides
that No person shall b debaiTMl from ro
caivinx a patent for his invention or dis
covery nor shalL any patent hereafter
gran tod be declared invalid byTeasohof
its having been ilrst patented or oaused to
be patented in a foreign country ualess
the same has bcon introduced into public
use in the United States for morefihan two
years prior to th application
A favorable report was also authorized to
be made on Mr Vances bill to enable the
courts of the TTuitad States in the case of
the improer grant of lettors patent by
reason of fraud misrepresentation or tfar
qthor reasons to declare a patent void a
application of the Attorney GtmArai
The Senate in azsoutfve 8Bsipn coq
flrmed among others the following post
masters Harvey Park Henderson Ky
Lawson Reno Owensborougri Ky Sam
uel Galloway Tippecanoe City O Vrl
Greene Port Clinton O John Strong
Loudonville O Edwin King Madlsod O
It has been decided to receive the bodies
I of the Do Long party on their arrival in
New York with appropriate naval
monies Naval -officers of high rank those
1 who participated in the search for Da Long
and the pergonal friends of the doceased
will go to New York fcr that purpose
i i k i t
rasna jieu J wa in uongress in lpiia
bill was passed reitriiig our rtjpreiteiifa
tives to appear on alt occasions as Ameri
can citieus If our representatives are
making fools of themselves or aro violat
lating this law we want to know it
KxrNsr ov the star hoctk T1UAL8
In response to Senator Van WycUs reso
lution of Uecenibor IJth Secretary Folger
UMfit in tlm SAfintA n lim nniinrii
INSTTtRA ftTCE AGENCY panied by vouchers ami iteuii of ex
Represents the London and Liverpool and penes incurred by the Department of
CUobe German American ot New York and Justice since March 4lh 18SI Tha
ihn 0l BlJ2lynt Also nRent tor Blue ment shows tljat for piwecifting ilV Star
Lick -Water Otflce corner of Front and 8ul T wi i - k 1
loniireoW aplUdly Rout j ase the forsiM uomW received
r 1 i ntnimntinnnn im a m ii nan
5KX B II Brvw tor 43000 Allen
Pinkerton detective jiSTfl W W Ker
lalo77 II H Wells k SOTl George Bliss
VMS A Cook f ilWtf It T Jleirick
tlTMK total illOUi
fi iJcrgaUsrpi ti61ig thtr tobacco in
terosts of the country bad a confer
ence with Secretary Folger The
question was coucerulng the decision
of ta Treasdry Doimrtineiit that Sumatra
loaf tpbaxco jirtporM iuut pay a duty of
seventy five cents per pound on each pack
age of which W er cent was Ut foruse in
less of good leaf tobacco aud M per cent or
more of inferior tobacco for fillers ware Im
ported at thirty live cSsuWjer rbutid dtity
and thereby Urge amounts of stuiua to
baccof fit for wrappitif w imported at
lueratra urnwftCTuia i mtiiyt aomvo
1 rr r - i - 1 u -- tl
vt til lyf yiutffftr
t if
cnjrrwem Ytmvfp
Losnos Jan 9 Chinese Gordon in an
interview a Soutkamplon protected
agalnit tk abandonment Of Soudan es
pecially Kaetern Soudan and Khartoum
He stigestsSir Samuel Baker be appomted
SoTeraor of Sesilan and thai 7oster latt
Chisf Secretary of Ireland be mad Chief
Commissioner- of Egypt General Gordan
says in the everit of the appointment ef
Sir SaratM Baker to the jBoveraoTship of
Soudan Ms iaflHwce with the tribes there
wodld cause internal diaseiurioaa amonft
Mahdi forces which- would lsad to their
iispffsioB He adVisedia order to hasten
the brjakkg up of the rebellion 3000060
be given to Sir Samuel Baker for distribu
tion atoosg the dlBTereat chiefs uxder
Matidl Ho declares that the rebellion was
brought aboat by discontent at the re
ligious warfare whieh was being carried on
in thu Soudan and states that Afahdlis
merely a puppet in the hands of Zebrhrs
his father-in-law who is a large slave
CoNsrAJiTiNoyiB Jaa 9 It is stated
that the Porto haa bo jntantion of sending
an expedition to Soudan
Dublot Jan a The Homo Eulers have
commenced subscription toward a fund to
be given to Mrs James rOKelley wife of
the Home Ruler member of Parliament as
a testimonial appreciative of his services
in behalf of Ireland 3nr OKelley was
j several years ago one of theeditors of the i
Jioyr York Herald
- J
eAHKBiJoji 9En conversation vrithai
correspeBdent the Khedive expressed his
cordial concurronca in the abandonment of
the Soudan saying that if he should now
attempt to defend Khartoum and should
be defeated the responsibility for theasands
of lives would be upon him
BtinUp Jan 0 Dr Stoecker tha Conrt
Chaplain noted for his violent attacks uion
the rfews and Socialists publisher in the
lteichsbomjui article1 abtislVebf the laie
HerrLM I
LovndM Jan O The Daily Telegraph
says that the English Cabinet Hasbeen
Wha the bj6f yonr -Ration 1 HefMly ieu5flnrftl e acslrability of
calling- Uonthe reiary of Slate for J te iTfsEKyptforflVe years and nuutnW
representatives in foreign countries in-
quired a
United IrossVe porter of Con i
llObinson of New York It is
to ascertain if any of our representatives i
abroad are really I actinc like dudes be re-
virtual control during that period by ap
pointing iSiiglish UliUtr Secretaries for
euch of the Uoveniinentdeiwrttnonts
bf IKTKHHbURu Jnn 9f Count Tolston
plied Iain told in some countries our Miius or of the interior has caused liis
ministers and consuls dress like fopsf that I xuly guard to be lucreased to thirty nun
they dont fancy coots and big brass sabres in e ihe discovery in Lieutenant Colonel
and Jmaglno themselves kings and princes Suderldns rooms of nihili ts letters threut
Have yoiiiahy histancesf1 Sir 1 eiilug death to the Couht
amtoldhat ret entiy Our Minister Lowell
could not bo semi btvunv he wasdressing A GEORGIA CYCLONE
for a reception It is said that our repre I
sentative to Persia had to take off his boots Vr Trl L 1hi w Vnreohd and
not iontr since and aporoach the Pasha in enV
lla lmi fk Kml - It a Jail M iW3 IS lUSt re
neath the dignity of an American citizen
lie ouuiil io have applied his boot to the
celved of a cyclone wiiyh passed through
tha uppsrisirt pf CTfzfVtiAl5f winch
was mostterrifij ftVitSreAiJIt Tlie trees
wtsro pOed in iieaps aul houses unroofed
and blown away For a half mile wide al
most everything was torn up and de troyed
Kvery house on loin Smiths place was un
roofed but one In miiny places the fenc
ing is gone and the llelJfs almost covered
with logs In one instance two women Jiad
jut left their bed Vben iratnodiately
thu roof was taken olf two rafters penn
tiatintr the bud end ways which they had
just left
Severe Storm at Atlantic City
Atlantic City N J Jau Yester
day afternoon a heavy northeaster set iu
As darkness came on the wind shifted to
the east the gnle increa ed and it rained
torrents A worse night has not been
seen hiTB The tide was at au unusual
height j Aboutftw this morningfhework
of deVfruetlou began shops
aud shanties fell with a crash Only a f ow
piecesof the board walk escapod A large
tlnee inasted schooner bore closu to the
bath houses attliOifoot of Kentucky ave
utie The vessel proved to be to Robert
Aiorgan of New IlaVen Conn Captain
W y roHSwelLlthjacreWjOfeitfhyinen
The Vessel was built last November She
atVftr nf MJil f rifn tiirtfiil tt4 airttv ulf u
rappers Itws claimed that under thtt uk8 m picture high and dry on the beach
rufJiiH iaiiijrc m pvr c cui or
Arthur 011 Uli Dlffultr
New YbkK Jan tt It is stated upon
good authority tliat President Artthu will
not raise his Auger to wurVhis
tiou He has looked the situation over
very laionnij Bll whjle ho wouldbe 1 very
1 ho aiow miKiniici jMnuiuiitrrut i iuii u m 1 -
fiK 5 feink thiuks it would be very Inijwlltio and un
mPMPMm dlgiiltied ouhTfl part to make any great
v HS 1V1 i iWSTasUiW eirurt rUeposltliu he has decided to oc
imporCalibns f leaf iobjiccD jto Jbe estl
nated on JJo of superior to
bacco in au entire consignment hutead of
in siugie pnekes
tuk ohkkikt itKiiKr
The Greeley lWlief Board fnard
geetipnfpf Lieutenant Berryj of the Rod
grs expedition who outliuvd a plan for
a relief espeditioii tratLt0rtel iu two yes
selk Lfetenuuf DatiedhoWer of thea
nette expeditiun deald a pluu for the
transportation of the relief expedition in a
300 ton vessel ilmJlari to thoea engaged ia
the Mediteranean frult trade to be at
cupv is u vory dlgntlled one and Iu tlie
opinion of iedding politician it is the
Strongest he could have selected to occupy
If tfa in whiltj hei js occupying
ihls position It would redound miich more
to tils honor aud if not he can rotireatthe
end Vof his admiulstratio with a bttter
luareasa of Kallroad Stock
PHILAimrHlA Jau II Thai board ofdi
rector of the Lehigh Valley Railroad Com
pany have resolved 16 increase the capital
stock of tho company outstanding twenty
- pr cent K1T1UK
stockholders the privilege
of to the tat
tendedby a smaller snprjv etiij tHe WlAfcrlblnit new stpokat par
ditionto start aa early a possible aud to thapropbrtiori of one share Mr flve heldb
be prepared for laag jouriwy in boats
Chief Engineer MelTille alss of the Jean-
ntW read a carefully prepared plaH If pr
tbettbg out and conduct of relief jxt
pAdiyon H favored the traaspurtatioa of
thVrelief party in two veri leavie k
jUWted 8tatin0t later thiaX L
Chioaoo Jau iA brief distich from
Dallas Tex says a great fire Is ragngit
the town of Balrd JOQ mllise distant fo
communication except through railroad
A Sappy CaruMaatloa
tlia The increiaeof caitaJ will araednt
to eStWS
Auotbrr ifH Otove Match
Naw Yoax Jan 0 Billy Maddera has
made a match with Jem GoodVto flghTom
Sweeney of New Haven four rounds with
soff glove Marquis of QueensBtjry rules
iW a side The contest to take place at
Clarendon Hail this city January 38
The winner to take ob aud tha loser 40 per
cent of the entrance money aud receipts
Westons xLmoeranoe Talk
Jan 9 The Bporisman
Lofeffyn reports
wmplekT oaXquarter hH
PmeBCRO Pa Jau ft A fctt more
aa of
ibTy I TfytfWI VJ winter walk of 6000 mUes over the country
NWTork snv M wlRty it- f Aj m luUmt of u
L 1 r
u Vw
Jj it JJ Hi---1 11 f
w j -
ItidIetoa ward and flddes Aibobj
tha gecret Caaciu
aad ICejBorcrV incantiaeatiT
jioiuicea u I
Comtmbds O Jan 9 The Damocratilc
SoMtorkU iuctfsniit at 8 oclock with
SeMtor lThiSB insho chair and
Brwider as Secretary Seaator
Reed made amotion to allow tlwcorrespoh
dcns to occupy th south gaBery but ob
jection iwae made by Allea O Myers efi
the ferouail that the newspapers vfouWpk
tare the thing to their own imagination
JJto motion was lost and the pkcil
ptishors were bouheed by order of tito
bairman A committee of five wae
Appointed to examiHo all tiie rooaaa and
i 4Urters where a Boheadan might be hidden
The Committee that was app6iritel tonftw
pyrt ruls goyerning the caucus aaaie
a majority and minority report
The minority roport was rejected and the
report of the majority adopted After
ousidorabU discussion over mbior matters
the caucus by a vote of twiKnty oight to
fifty three decided to have a secret ballot
Messrs Addison Reed Cunningham John
son and Pjerco declared their intention of
wanting to vote openly but the caucus de
j cided otherwise The caucus then pro
ceeded to ballot for Senator which resulted
as follows Payne forty eight Ward
seventeen Pendleton fifteen George V7
Geddes one Henry J Gould one The
caucus after giving three cheiraiox Payne
VASUHrSTOK Jaa a The Chair- laid
before tho Senate a enmmrmtotion from
the Secretary of the Interior relatiiig to the
condition and neceasittee of tho Crow
Indians in Montana The Secretary ret
omrnends increased appropriation for these
Indians from It55o6ito 0000a
A communicatiaa was read from thes See
rvtory of the Interior transmitting the re
port of the Surveyor General of New
Mexico in relation to private claims
The Secretary of the Treasury in re
sponse to tho Senate resolution snb
l meut of the condition of the public debt
The Secretary of War ent a report on
the result of surveys coast marine
Mr Plumb presented a petition from X
001 er soldiers residing in Kansas praying
for the establishment of a t61dierV home in
that State
Mr Sawyer reported1 favorably 1 rom the
Committee on RaiU oads a biUfor tbe re
liof of the KaiiKas City Fort Scott and
Gulf Railroad
Among bills introduced were the fol
lowing To regulate placer claims in
mineral lauds To maintain and support
Marine Hospital This bill repeals the
-monthly tax of sailors t6 sujlport marine
hospitals aud makes provisions for their
maintenance by the Government without
lax Bills to amend the act concerning
tommene anc navigatibn tHe regulation
or steam vessols and tlie postal laWs
To further define the limits of the appellate
jurisdiction of the guprens Court of tile
United States To authri the con
strucipu of a bridge across the Missouri
River for the Rock lluiid lUUroad om
pany X resolution was ottered whjch
was agreed U instructing the Attorney
Gfiieral to transiui copies of the reports
maiieby tHe ftxamlner Uepartnierit of Jus
tice concerning tho bushier of the Courts
of Alabama Georgia Arkansas Texas re-
l ting to the- abuses of oticui s and Mar-
j Mialls iu suid Jouits Mr Anthony olfsivd
a resolution instructing the o jimitte on
Foreign Affairs tp inquire into the
ency Of ucb legislation as wiil enabjo the
Executive io protect our interests aguihst
1 Goyernrjients wlihjn have pi ohlbiteij m
restj auied the importation p American
jnenii I do nyt desiro said Jlr Van
Yy J to jbject to the piiiKsitiqn I
wutjt aji 1opuortuuity u add something
uiofeto the resolution I belfeva that the
UIIIICUI IS IMa me lofciiju iintjiua unj
iiriuK ai inu u uw
spirul of retaliation I desire that te
hiajfor go over so that I may offer au
Froul tlie same comnitoewajS reported
a bill to provide for mustering out and pay
ing certain officers anI meujn volunteer
si rvice which was placed in private cal
Slocum if t from Sef ct Committee
on Anericau Shipping reported a bill to
remove cerjtaiq Jjurlens on Aipsrjcan Mer
chant ifarinerandjtoenjjijrage the Amer
IcauJoreign carrying ifrade Referred to
committee of tie whpe
The Senate Ciuwiitte or Nayal Affairs
agreed to t4keuuder consideration Thurs
day Mr Halos bill pro vjipg for thej con
struction of hew steel cruisers aud Invited
Secretary Chandler to address the commit-
tee on the subject
Wasuinotqv Jan P In the Senate Mr
Cameron fWis ipraeuted a petition from
the Wiscpiudn Sato Historical 1 Society in
favor of the publication of the proposed
Centennial History ot the United States
Mr Halo offered a resolution which was
agrojed to directing the Secretary of the
Navy to inform tlie Senate what was the
original cost o all the vessels im naval
regWernd the total expease of repainr
opfthem since tUefr castrucUani
Mr Vag Vyck jntroduceA ar resolutlea
directing the Secretary of the InUrior to
tuspaud aetion Jn iuiag eertiaeate -or
IpajtveaUtqJand jprand to tht New- Or-
leifnecifaciflCvrtiafjroafl wempaay aaui
dnreas shall deterralae the question of
the 8flts
jAj the expiration of the meraiBg Jeur
Jhe wlderaticBor th wopedBw Rites
wasruHVvllfaquestiofjioa thei adoptiea
of rule 17 11181 to weadaMBiJ 0 ap
prppriatioa bls wWqh propeeM to
tend matters relating to the expen
ditures of tho District to the Com
mittee on the District of Colombia
Mr Reck repeated his objection that thhi
was the be ginning pf a raid on the Appro
priation Qoayaittee which would finally
end in the extermination ef the committee
In the course of his remarks Mr Beek
criticised the watem which prevails ia tha
Treaaui7 Deparritacdallows the Secre
tary to keep only oue set tt boolbj which
te can miES to Balance There is net Se
txclaimed M a debeat estaMiwhmont irithe
fcouritry that would carry on its business in
tho way the Treasury Department carrier
its bueiaees en with oA set of boote and
the Secretary with such a multijdfcity of
affaiie to attehd totha he bia hard
iimo to sign his name to fiapeie
placed before him by bis clerks
Mr Edmunds thought it would be rajust
bus to the public interest to ondapprr
priations to the various committees Such
apracfco would enormously increaso i
sum total of theannual aprorirfationk
Thedebate of 1tid
presentation of executive documente
Among those prsento4 vras tho report1 of
the Mississippi Rivcar Commission and tbe
President invited tho early attention est
Congress to tho construction of the work
recommeadedby tho ommiseion arid
ornrnended an immediate appropriation of
81000000 to push the work without delav
Mr TCasson Iowa fntroduced a resohi
tion directing the Committee on Foreign
Affairs to inquire into the facts as to the
exclusion of hbg proddcts from foreign
countries report by bill or otherwiso
Denster Wis offered t resolution direct
ing similar inquiry by tho Committee on
Commerce Referred
The regular order call committeeaWas
Reed Me from Coinmitte on Judi
ciary reported a bill fixing1 the time for
holding courts in the District of Maine
Placed on calendar
Itosocrans Cala frm t Military Com
mittee reported back a ntimbor of bills to
equalize bounties with tho recommenda
tion that they be referred to the Commit
tee on pensions bounty and back pay So
ordered Also bill forthe relief of Fitv
John Porter which was sent to the private
Steel Ind gave notice of a minority re
Mr Rosecrans also submitted a resolu
tion calling upon tho Secretary of War for
a detailed statement of courts martial
from 1UC7 to 1871 and from 1537 to 185L
Mr CoxfN Y introduced a resolution
calling upon the president for tho corre
spondence relating to the condition and
treatment in Russia of Hebrews and es
pecially Hebrew citiioas of the Unitod
Mr Young Ten a introduced a bill to
re establish the National Board of Health
Mr Douster Wis proposed an aniend
meat to tho Constitution prohibiting Con
gress or State Legislaturse from impotmt
any restrictions upon the manufacture at
any article cofriposod wholly or in part of
th product of soil
-Mr Sumner iVis ia jepnstitutional
aniendment enabling the President to reto
tjortioiifi of an appropriation hilL Ut gift
ihg Congies oower to e enact the clause
by a majority vote
Mr Brenls W Ter a bill for th
siduihteiuii of AVashington Territory as a
There were introluced
1h4 for the two days at
H74 bills making
and 3J07 for th
Fne Ciiltlnc Oiitfaeo
Austin Tex Jan 0 A special session
of Ihe Texas legislature is called to enact
iifeawes for tho suppression of the fence
cutting outrages aud qther species of cum
nluniiin that have of late caused such dis
astrous loss to property Governor Ire
lauds message was read aud loudly ap
plauded It urges making feme cutting a
felony aud Fays that all classes of indus
tries in Texas have so sullered at the hands
of lawless elements that if not immediately
suppietssed our constitution and laws must
Pviiih and socialism become universal
Kxclted SaiilnmTlun
Des Moinks Iowit Jan A writ of
replevin for the body of John Larrell the
pailper who was frozen to death at Taylor
Friday which had been turn6d over to a
Jijedical college Was procured yesterday
Ahd an officer broke in the door of he de
tecting room took possession of it and de
livered it Up to the Swedes who sued out
the writ and they buried it Three hun
dred Scandinavians quit work and threat
ened to take the body by forge if lawful
means failed They were greatly ex
The Sana Old Mnddla
STf LouiP Jan SI The Board of Tdlice
Commissioners has elected Major Laurence
Harrison Chief of Police John W Camp
bell the deposed chief was ordered - to
come before the board and show cause why
he had not obeyed orders and walked the
bint assigned him He refused to appear
but served notice to the board that he
would cotif rp vert the posJfJon held by them
in the courts He still retains his keys of
laclmons Anniversary In lliisinn
Boston Jan ft Over two hundred prom
inent Democrats were present at the Jack
son anniversary dinner of the Massachu
setts Democracy at the Porker House
Hon Charles I Woodbury presided Let
ters of regret weroreadfxomGeuWal Dur
bili Ward Senator Perfdletoh BpYaker Car
lisle Congressman Cor Governor Clove
lahd John Kelly General Hanobck and
mpLBy others
i 11 1
CVel by the SherlB
MADWO fi WtiJanLT vThe
fdodsiihobse tAecltycAriidiih by R
wswcle4 byheSlWriJf yes
tekayR IMKlHiea wre abcat WOO
TKvwiwJJj 5fW sA n iwaacarnetit
Mraamade after aUachmsht haM been
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