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VOL 3 NO 105
Oldest and best Companies Insures for
full value Low rates Losses promptly paid
No discounts No delays Office corner Third
and arket streets apl6dly
Wholesale and He tall
Uroond Street mh28Iy MAYSVILLE Y
Latest styles of Hats Bonnet Laces and
Mllllneiy Notions Prices low Second street
Mrs Ueorge Bui rows old stand aplHidly
Fall Hats Mllllneiy Goods Bonnets Rib
bons Flowers and Millinery Goods generally
Entile satisfaction tsuuranteed In all cases
Second opposite Opera House mayfly
uiautels etc Sole agents tor the celebrated
Orrmhn and Leauer stoves Koottng and gut
terlug promptly nnd satisfactory done Cor
ner of Munkt and Third stieets A U Glas
cocks old stand apUtJdlw
Full lino of Burial Robes and all articles re
quired by tho undei taking trade Orders
piomptly attended to day or night
mSUly ai ICmt Secoml Street
jr matiikwh fc o
Manulacturersand Dealers In
Building and Dressed Lumber
Laths Shingles blinds Frames Doors Bash
Staves Fencing Tobacco Hogsheads o
Vehicles ol nil kinds good stock and careful
drivers Horses kept by the day or week on
ruisonabletrrms Second St between Market
and Limestone
rn fkut
Work promptly and satisfactorily done
Terms reasonable Front street between
Market and Suttofu apllOdly
Sanitary Engineer Gas and Steam ntter
Dealer in plumbers goods Pumps Hose
Sewer Pipes Lead and Iron Pining Steam
Hud Water Gauges No 8 west Second street
opposite Geisels grocery
TohiTt flemin
RepiesentH the Loudon and Lverpool and
Phcuix ol Brooklyn Also ageut tor Ulue
Lick water uinco corner 01 jvrom nun oiu
ton streets apllTdly
Manutacturer of
Prnnrietor nf the cnlebiuted brands Holil
the Fort Parlor Queen and Mother Hubbard
Beat cigars In the market Full variety ol
smoKers articles
Second street a41y MAYSVILLE KY
Dealers In
Boots Shoes Leather
No 1 Second cor Sutton streets
nieh31dly MAYSVILLE KY
Manufacturer and originator of the cele
brated brands ol
Silver Dollar Wm Hunts Dark Horse Hap
py Smoke Three Beauties Cordwood and
Gold Slugs Second Street Maysvllle Ky
Livery and Sale Stable
A full Hue of all kinds of vehicles on hand
forsale hire or exchange Hoises kept by
day week or mouth Largest and best ap
pointed Livery Stable In the west Prices as
low as any Best attention to vehicles stoied
Telephouu connection No 40 and 41 west
Second St ap7dly MAYSVILLE KY
8uecessois to Cooper A Bisect
DeutorM In Ntovos Kiiinjca Jfurblolxttu
Mantels und until iiliicturoiH olTJn
topiH r null Sheet Iron Ware
Special attention paid to tin rootling gutter
and spouting Practical plumbers gas and
steam titters Wiought Iron and lead pipes
Ac All work attended to promptly and
23 F Second m nSdly MAYSVILLE KY
Medicated WeiWater
A Sircltlcfor HYSJIUSIA mul
AS been ued with most gratlylng suc
cess In many ntntluate cases Prof F
wtiurKjnroiessororLiioinistryai mo uu
versllyotCiuciimritl says this water belong
to tho smo class with that of the Alleglmu
Springs ot Virginia tho medlcinul htues
ol which are too well known to bo stated here
Those who desire to try this famous water
are relerrod to Captain C W Boyd Levanna
Ohio Captain O M Holloway Cincinnati
Ohio 1 J Ralpe Cincinnati Ohio For Hale
In half barrels and nigs by
uua staiMONH proprietor
Aberdoon Ohio
What He Thinks on tho Tariff and
Other Matters
III Graphic Picture of tlio
able Condition of Cnbn mid of
tho Flourishing CondU
lion of the South
Nnvv York March 29 Mr Jny Gould
who with bis family has been for the pant
niuutli cruising in Soutliorn wateis in his
yacht Atalanta arrived here yesterday
He wns scan last evening nt Ids homo and
nid Matters in Cuba are simply deplor
able That country is taxed to the verge
of ruin Tho planters are all failing and
there is no confidence among the mercantile
classes Unless tho SpnnNh Government
does something for the relief of tho people
nbfoluJe ruin is impending There is quite
a large party there in luvor of annexation
to the United States
What do you think of tho condition of
tho Southern States
Tiny have vastly improved in all re
spects particularly tho State of Florida
Florida is tull of Northern men
and Northern capital and enterprise nio
working out astonishing results Why
when we were thero Kcrnundiim was so full
that you could not getovouu cot at tho
hotels und thorugh tho State there are
numbers of Northern men Tho orange
product of tho Stuto is assuming very largo
proportions und also tho timber product
Thero is very flno lumber in the State and
the extension of the railroad system en able
tho merchants to get to the seaports for
shipment to tho North
Is the railroad system to be rapidly ex
Very rapidly Mr Plant has a system
of roads tron Charleston South Carolina
to the pait of Florida and Col
onel Hedding bus a system of liues extend
ing to the West and connecting with the
Louisville and Nashville What is needed
I think all along the Southern coast
even as lar as Galve ton is Government
aid as far us it can bo oxtended to deepen
the harbois Their coinnierco is large
and increasing but tho harbois nre shallow
I think tlat the Unitod States Government
could wisely npmid some of its surplus in
this direction
How as to the niauufaetuiei throughout
the South
They nre increasing beyond all prece
dent Cotton manufactories are being es
tablished in all diioetions und in Florida
manufactories of furnituio i are numer
How as to the crops
So far us I could learn there will be an
increased acreage for ull descriptions of
product If Hie Hood have injured they
have also helped The overflow has irri
gated tho land on the bunks of tho rivers
and the results of the floods will bo I think
an increased crop rather thau a diminished
How did your yacht behave Mr Gould
jinco her alteration 1
She is much improved and I think us
near perfection as possible
Shalt you go abroad in her this sum
m rt
1 think so but have not quite made up
my mind
To what do you attribute the recent
a Id present depression
We 1 there are several causes that
n inht be alleged Excessive over trading
in the past and consequent reaction is one
uaiMi but in my opinion the main cause
is the agitation of the tariir question As
long as that is in progiess everything is i
uncertain aud mens minds are unsettled
What would be tho effect should the
freetraders secure the legislation they de- i
It would bo disastrous There would
iave to be nn entire reorganization of tho
iiibor pioblem The price of labor would
havo to come down to a level with that of
other countries Very many manufactur
ing establishments would be obliged to
su tpend only the strongest could survive
This would throw large immbors of labor
ing men out of employment who would be
obliged to seek employment in agriculture
and this would causa wuges in tho country
to come down Absolute freo trado of
course is an impossibility That is ad
mitted by all
The Blair Educational Bill came up as
unfinished business
Mr Hamilton spoko in favor of the bill
nnd at the same time expiessed regret to be
in opposition to his colleague Butler on a
measure which lie thought was of vital ion
sequence to the best interests of their com
moil country Mr 1ugli also supported
the bill in a prepared speech
Mr Vest commented at length on the
statistics which the Senator lioin New
Hampshire had cited in his argument fur
the passage of the bill St Iouis had been
ci edited by Mr Blair with u school popula
tion of llliiOJO Of this numbt r ViOOO were
enrolled 0000 is the avurug attendance
and iOOO wore growing up as howling
savages If exclaimed Mr V st that
showing is coi rod should bo put
up at St Louis warning tho stranger
against entering into tho city But tho
only illustration ot tho adage tmt misery
hr os coiupaiiy is found in the city ot Chi
ngo Laughter Tho principal city of
Illinois is given over to a condition worso
than that of any undent cities wiioro cor
ruption und vice ran extreme Ac
cording to tho ilgures of the Senator
frcpn Now Hampshire fifty seven per
out of tho childien of Chicago never at
tend school I can understand now the
remark of una of tho District Commissioner--
who came from that ilty that lio win
afraid to go to a depot after 9 oclock at
night without carrying a pistol Laugh
ter But when wo c onio to Cincinnati
then the appalling larkuoss which over
whelms St Louis and Chicago becomos in
comparison liko tho noonduy sun Tho
Senator declares that moro than 40000
children in Cincinnati are growing up in
ignorauco as dense as that in tho jungles of
Africa Mr Vest went on to show that
Mr Blair had made erroneous calculations
and had counted as children of the school
age infants muling and puking in tjielr
nurses anus If there was anythingof
which Missouri was justly proud it
was her common school system aud ho
uiidort6ok to bay that the common school
system of Boston which claimed to be the
center of literary culture and advanced
civilization was not superior or oven equal
to that of St Louis Mr Vest then ad
dressed hitnsjlf to the constitutional objec
tions to tho bill which bo continued were
in themselves strong enough to warrant
its rejoction by the Senate
Mr Blair in roply admitted that ho hnd
made miscalculations in tho heat of the de
bate but contended that the tiguies of tho
census bore him out substantially in his
line of argument
Mr Harrison submitted an amendment
limiting tho appropriation to 50000000 a
year for Ave years to bo used only in States
having an illiteracy of ten per cent and
Mr Blair Intimuted that the friends of the
measuro would try and press to a vote on
Monday at the lutest At 421 P M tho
Senate wont into executive session and soon
afterwards adjourned
After somo unimportant business the
House went into Committee of tho Whole on
tho Bonded Whisky Bill general debate
closing at 1 I5 by order of tho House
Mr Kaudall said this vuis a measure of
more importance than 1113 thing be I ore tho
piosont Cougiess Thoro were others watch
ing tho uction of tho House than tlioso di
rectly affected by its atiou The lourse
of legislation lias been crowded out Men
of small capital are opposed to the bill be
cause tho tendency was to perpetuate a
system of intoruul taxation which ho
ubhorred and with Thomas J elferaon le
gretted it had not been prohibited by tho
Blackburn took the lloor for the closing
hour and said tins was a business proposi
tion admitting neither sentiment nor sym
pathy As such it should bo so considered
by tho House Ho legrettecl that this idea
had not more fully provuiled dining the
discussion of the bill In reply to Dunns
1 emarks of tho day before that but three
members of tho Ways and Means Commit
tee favored the bill he said the Chairman
rcpoited by direction of the Committee
with thoslntcmuit that it us not a unani
mous report He insisted thut tho bill was
just and proper that it took no money
tirnn the Treasury and was approved by
the Secretury of the Tieasury and tho
Commissioner of Internal ltevenue He
saul it was not clear that the tax upon
production of whisky was constitutional
It was only upon tho assumption thut Cou
gi ess had the power to lovv a tax Muuu
tucturers of whisky could export and store
it ubroad for a charge varying but u trifle
tniiii the proposed four and a half per cent
for two years So it was merely a busi
ness question whether the money will gu
into the Treasury or into foreign ware
houses Dealers are backed by banking capi
tal and unlimited credit and could export and
store whisky while the poorer men will be
subjected to forced sales aud extdrtiouhte
taxation He was glad to find with u
seal eh warrant that there was one monopo
ly of which Mr Randall was not tho chain
pioii The explanation was probably thut
lie had not located his section ami that he
wanted a monopoly of monopoly In re
ply to argument that tho money to pay tho
tax to curry whisky was to bo hud from
banks he said no banker would bo such an
ass as to loan uionoy while there was a
standing threat to lepoul tho tux and take
away tho security Ho incidentally le
terred to tho fact that this was the anniver
sary of tho passago by the House of the
original extension resolution of bSb lie
would have it as originally passed without
limitation the tax only paid uncn with
drawn tor consumption He stated his
willingness to accept an amendment requir
ing interest four und one half per cent in
advance although he denounced the inter
nul revenue system
Brumm said thut if the profession that
whisky would be taken out in two years
wus sincere why not amend the bill so as
to requite one eighth to be taken out eueh
The bill wus then read for amendment
Mr Blount moved to strike out the enact
ing clause Motion agreed to In to M
Tho Committee then rose and reported its
uction to tho House
Politically the vote yas divided as fol
lows For tho bill D imocruts 71 Repub
licans 1- Against it t DouiOvTuts Ml Re
publicans Ml The veto by States for the
bill were Ohio 10 New York S Ken
j tuoky S Illinois 3 Indiana S California
5 Michigan 4 Missouri 4 Mississippi
Iouisiiua J Wisconsin South Cuiolniu
Iemislvaniu X Tennessee Missu
chits tis Toxhs Virginia Arkan
sas Alab una Iowa Florida Coune tie it
Col riiiln and Marylaud one each
Cincinnati Murch 20 While workmen
w ere engaged in tearing down a high brick
building 011 the corner of Central avenuo
mid Pearl streot it suddouly fell with a
terrible crash burying six men in the
ruins One man when tho dust cleared
away was discovered on the top of a sway
ing wall forty feet lroni the gtnuud llo
was taken down by a hook and ladder iom
pany completely unmanned by fright Six
men were buried in tho ruins all of whom
were either killed or seriously injured The
disaster wus caused by tho carelessness of
the contractor
A City
Boston Maich 21 The Mayor made a
transfer of police Captains nnd to night
all tho gambling houses closed Crime 111
1 Division Three is reported us too revolting
to print but the polli 0 say ilioir complaints
are pigeon holed in the upper courts The
Governor will bo asked to apply a lotnedy
Went ISiink On Ml Workman
IiioMHiN O March M Win B God
ling of l iiicinuuti and as Union muldcrs
term it a scab was an ested by Marshal
Munsliower nnd J A McDanlol for curry-
l ing concealed weapons Ho was triid bo
fo 0 tiie Mayor and bound over to tho Court
m defuult of 200 Witman of tho foundry
refusing to go on his bond Godling claims
lhat Witman furnished tho rovolvor for
Intense Excitement Prevailing In
An Indignation JUertlnjr to Conaldei
The Ilcrner Verdict und the
Prevalence or Crime Fear
or General Lynching
CiNriNVATi March 29 The intensity of
the excitement over the outiageous Berner
verdict nnd tho fact that tho feeling in
stead of cooling is increasing in bitterness
causes decided alarm It w as rumored on
the streets that tho jail officials had quietly
run Berner to Columbus but this pro
duced no particular effect as the indig
nation scorns not so mm h leveled at him
personally as at tho whole gang of murder
ers und at the jurors who leturued tho in
tuitions vordict
A mass meeting is called to bo held in
Music Hall and there are grave fears as to
tho result An immense throng is certain
to bo present and if inflammatory speeches
are made as most likely will bo tho case
there is no telling where tlte thing will
stop It is an uudoniablo fact that the
feeling in favor of mobbing tho jail and
hanging every mui dorer in it is shured by
a class of citizens ordinarily of the most
law abiding and peaceable character The
indignation among the Germans especially
is exceedingly intense Satirical cartoons
of the criminal lawyer tho jury and
Berner uie hawked about the streets and
in various parts of tho German quur
ter elllgles of the murderer havo been
hanged to tolograph poles The effect of
all this has been to raise the popular anger
to a pitch that is to tho last degree dan
gerous Should another murder occur in
the present state of public excitement there
is hardly any question that it would pre
cipitate one of tho most teirible lynching
riots on record
On Friday morning cabalistic figures
were found chalked on fences building
fronts and sidewalks in nearly all parts ol
tho city Those consisted of the figures
1 IS 7W However harmless the real
meaning of this may be so great is the
general uneasiness that many nlarming
interpretations ot it are urrent rumors 01
tiie street
Tho Berner jurors havo beou most bitter
ly persecuted All who were working lor
wages have lost their employment and ni c
boycotted at every other establishment 111
tho city Several havo narrowly escaped
being mobbed and none dare show them
selves where there is liability of recogiu
Lost lit n Snow Storm
SliVKii CitKLK Col March 20 A ter
liblo snow storm raged here all last night
and to day and there is no signs ot it
bieakmg Tho snow is two feet deop on
the level and tho roads are almost impas
sable 1 his is tho heaviest storm of the
winter in thi country Robert Cummiugs
u resident of Titusvillo a neighboring
town cumo into Silver Cioek yesterday
drew a small amount of money from the
bank and started to walk home through
tho storm There is every reason to believe
that he lost his way and was troeu to
death Having been exhausted in trying
to force his way through the storm he hiy
down to rest and never awoke The money
was found on his parson
Triilllui u Ilrcliiir
Caiho 111 Murch 20 Chief Meyers ol
this city tho lust several days has been in
hot pursuit of a man named WiNou u ho
with two others attempted the destruction
of Columbus Ky by fire Wilson was
admitted to bail aud jumped his bondsmen
1 mu hundred dollars reward was otfeied for
Ins capture and a shoit time ago Chief
Meyer got track of him visiting seveml
places just too late This morning he
caught the fugitive at Du Quyiu und itr
lived with him here this afternoon dcliv
eriug him up to the Sheriff from Colum
bus who was here in waiting Tho trail of
AVilson was woll covered since his mysteri
ous disuppeuruiieo and his capture is ie
gurded as a good piece of detective work
Meyers will leceivo the reward
T11 riling the Tables
Leadvime Col March 20 It has been
the custom of tho city authorities tor some
time to collect monthly tines of line of
from the prostitutes of tho city instead of
having them arrested anil brought before
the Police Court This afternoon about a
doon of thorn appeared before the Grand
Jury and entered complaints against the
City Council and City Colloctor for taking
illegal fines The Deputy Collector was ar
rested but tho eusos of the Aldermen have
not yet proceeded that far Tho woiicn
promise to niako it lively for the ity
A Train ItobberN lCscape
Caiuo 111 March 2J Among those who
escaped during tho City Jail delivery here
n iaw days ago wns one Ben Siniins who
was jugged for shooting into McNultys
show window last week He has since be
come known as a criminal ol some consid
erable magnitude He is known in Toxus
11s Slippery Siiiims und is 11 noted and
much wanted train robber who broke jail
at Jonesboro boiuo time ago where he was
held for train robbing A loward was
offered for him bnt it was not known at
tho time of his arrest
Illed In a Police Station
New Yohk Mnrci 20 George Hondrix
tho alleged destroy r of tho Audio uioiiu
mont in the spring if 182 was locked up
in a Brooklyn poll h station Monday 011 a
cliargeof iutoxiciiion Ho was uuerward
removed to the lospital and died to day
An autopsy sluwed that hU skull was
fiuetuud How the injury wus recoiled
is not known Hendrix was a inemler of
a society of Couinuuists
A Nice Voiiny Jlun
ClllCAClo March 2 Thomas Wilson
adopted son of the late Harry T Wilson of
Whoaton Ills was committed to Juil in
that city yesterday on a charge of Crimin
ally assaulting his foster mother who U
about si cty years old
YniiUcrK AeciiBcd of Stirring Ip
London March 29 The strike of the
Belgini glass workers contiuuos and aft r
paralyzing tho glass industry of Belgium
bids fair to extend all over Kurope The
strikers domand an alteration of the moth
ods of work aud n reduction of time with
out a reduction of wages Tho employe s
refuse both demands alleging that the re
vival of the glass making industry in the
United States and tho great prosperity and
competition of tho American trade make it
impossible to carry on the business in Bel
gium upon any other basis than that in
vogue befoi e the strike It is rumored that
Americrn capital is backing up tho strik
ers A congress of Belgian British
French nnd American glass workers has
beon called to meet in June at Charleroi
Belgium for tho purpose of fotniing uu
International Confederation for the regula
tion of tho prices of lnbor in the glass in
dustry Belgian manufacturers openly
assert a suspicion that this congress ha
been projected and is being worked bj
Yankees for tho purpose of delaying n
settlement of tho trouble now ruining thw
European glnss trade until the American
havo seemed a permanent control of tin
Why tho Actress Jiive lTj lie SEooiiia
In n Itrooklyu Hotel
New Yokk Murch 20 Hem y Irving
and Miss Terry uro playing in Brooklyn
this week Mr Irving und the rest of the
company except Mi s Terry engaged
rooms in this city but Miss lerry wishing
to be near the theater went to tho Pierre
pout House Brooklyn on Montague street
nn aristocratic quarter
On Monday night after the performance
sho went to tho hotel taking with her a pet
black and whito dog which has attended
her during her trip to this country Tho
hotel clerk informed hor that the dog would
be cared for by a porter but Miss Terry
insisted that sho would take it to her room
V telegram was sent to the hotel proprietor
then stopping at Fortress Monroe askiug
whether this exception to the rule should
bo made in her lavor and ho promptly re
sponded that the dog could not be allowed
up stair
Miss Teiry on Tuesday morning gnve up
tho three rooms which sho had eugagod for
a week nnd joined the rest of tho company
in the city vvhero her dog is allowed to be
lier room mate without question
tvat rlni oil Vice
Sax Antonio Tex March 29 J he
Grand Jury has temporarily adjoin nod
aud has created a sensation They have
returned over 20 indictments includm
the most prominent county and municipal
ollicors Sheriff McCall Recorder Calla-
ghan Attorney Newton Mayor Fiench
Cuustttblu Baden Mttishul Slmiduu and
Justice Adams aie among tho num
ber Two indictments are found
against Shardeu Tho animus is a
strong dtsiro to close the Vuudeville
Variety Theater whore Ben Thompson
mot his death and the officers it would up
peur are thus prodded for not closing up
the place It is also uu organized attack
on ull gamblers and houses ot ill fame and
there is a manifest intention to strictly en
lorce the Sunday law There is some ex
citement and a great deal of talk on the
The Nows Honopoly Scheme
Wamiimtion March 29 The Western
Union Associated Press Henry Watteison
scheme to create a monopoly of news is
not meeting with flattering success and tlin
prevailing opinion is tliit it will die pein e
rully in committee The Deliver Opinion
conducted by Mr Bothakcr forinetlN ot
the Deliver Tribune siys It might have
been a good idea for the Associated Iicss
to get some news before it begun to aunov
1 engross with a bill to copyright news
The Association is the poorest pretense in
th country Kvon the muils are aluiid nt
it This is but u tample ot the comments
that come lrom all parts of the country
on the absurd scheme
Five DajH lrom the City ol Mexico
OiilOAUO March 29 The til st through
pin ty from the City of Mexico over the re
cently completed Mexican Central Railway
arrived hpre from Kansas City this morn
ing In n special train over the Burlington
Road The putty Is made up jointly of
Americans who hud been visiting tho Mex
1 uu capital thirty students who left for
Notre Damo University in Indiana this
morning and a few Mevican merchants
The main body of travelers continued
their journey eastward by forenoon wains
aud the remainder nf the contingent will
stay for a time in this city The run from
tho City of Mexico wus niiulo in livo dais
lit Oil Well tl story
lmsMitu March 29 -There is consid
eiablo excitement in tho oil trade over 11
new well at Dubois Clearfield County
Tho derrick and appioiclies to the well are
tightly boarded up and none except tha
woikiueii in o allowed within the inclosuiv
while evon tho employes have been obliged
to take an oatli ot stciccy Seeral scouts
from the Bradford legion hnvu been in the
vicinity during the past few day but
when nn attempt was made to examine the
workings of tho alleged mystery they were
quietly yet firmly denied admission
Western Union Dclcntcd
SvitACUhK N Y March 29 Tim at
tempt of the Western Union to pi event
the Baltimore anl Ohio Telegraph Com
pany taking possesion of the lines re
cently purchased by tho latter from tho
National Telegrnjii Company failed Judge
Wallace render dd a decision in favor of
tho defendant Tho doclsiou enables the
Baltimore ami Ohio to secure through
communication to Chicago by the West
Shore and Nickel Plato routes
Drowned Herself
Fhvmkiiv Iud March 20 This morn
ing about eight oclock the body of Mrs
Ilallaid an old lady over seventy years of
age wus found in tho cistern Sho is the
of George Cutsinger ouo of
our County Commissioners living oust of
this place Being in feeble mind sho
jumpi d into tho cistern and was drowned

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