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VOL 3 NO 157
AhalyBls by Dr A Voclckcr P It B Con
Baiting Chemist Royal Agricultural Society
England shows onlr a traco of nitrates in
mackwcll8 Bull Durham Tobacco The soil
ot tho Golden licit ot North Carolina tn which
this tobacco 13 grown dont supply nitrates to
tho leaf That la tho secret of its delicious
mildness Nothing so puro and luxurious for
smoking Dont forget tho brand None gen
ulno without tho tnulc inark ot the Hull All
dealers havo It
When feline concerto
flA boet solaoo U found In I 11
drlv onway Bltepyour
MacltwtUl Jiutl Dur
ham Snoklnj Tubateo
tJSlaeMvtirt B
jBfijjg blackwells Sfe
aunus bull SHE
SSHPES smoking XfimE
MMi iMcigfajfaiiniwiBWMis
-Dealer In
Spring VViioiih and IlnrmHS
Repository No IS Sutton street Maysvllle
Ky Headquarters lor Dll JACKSON ti lliuo
tried nnd reliable
crnclied heel wans gtcusy heel pileked toot
quitter Rand crncks corns etc PilcooOconts
WENT in an excellent lemedy for enlarge
ments spavin rlng bono cupped hook curl
splint cramp or strain of the whirl bone
Price 50 centx
fever inflamtlon ot the kidneys and rhen
ma tlsm In man or horse Pi Ice 50 cents
DRJAiKBONSKOOT OIL lnnn etloctlvt
remedy lor chnfes sores or quarter crack lc
horses feet and mango and lice In cattle and
horses Price 50 cents
tonny address on receipt oi price
Sanitary Plumber
Curley s now system of House Drainage and
Ventilation Bath rooms fitted up with hot
and cold water a specialty Also a large
supply of
Iron Lead and Stone Pipe
Globe Angle and Check Valves water and
Etearn Gauges Force and Lilt Pumps Rub
ber Hose JlmudelleiH Brackets and Globes
Personal attention given to nil work and sat
isfaction guaranteed TJ CURLEY
Second street abovo Market opposite Omar
Dodsons MaYsville Ky flOdly
Medicated Well Water
A Specific for DXSPEPSIA and
been used with most gratifying suc
cess In many obstinate cases Prof K
WClark professor of Chemistry at the Uni
versity of Cincinnati says this water belongs
to the same closs with that of tho Alleghany
Springs ol Virginia tho medicinal virtues
of which are too woll known to be stuted here
Those who desire to try this famous water
are referred to Captain 0 W Boyd Levanna
Ohio Captain O M Holloway Cincinnati
Ohio J JRalpe Clnclnuatl Ohio For sale
in half barrels and jugs by
UUS U1MA1UJNH Iropnotor
Aberdeen Ohio
Having had many years experience In every
branch or his business and having built some
of the best buildings In Kentucky and Ten
nesseebotli public and private announces to
the citizens oi Maysvllle and surrounding
country that Is now permanently located in
Maysvllle and solicits the patronage of all de
siring work done lu this Hue Stair building
of every character a specialty Satisfaction
guaranteed Orders by mall promptly attend
ed to City residence Ebersoles point Fifth
Word Maysvllle Ky mIOdSmo
Livery and Sale Stable
A full line of all kinds ot vehicles on hand
forsale hire or oxchnugo Horses kept by
day week or month Largest and best ap
pointed Livery Stable In tho west Prices as
low as any Best attention to vehicles stoml
Telephone connection No 40 Hud 4 west
Secoud St npHdly MAYSVILLE KY
Wo have In stock full lines of
White Goods and Dress Goods
Hamburg Hosiery Gloves Jerseys and all
seasonable staple und fancy Dry Goods ul
bottom prices Bleach Brown and Tobacco
Cottons a specialty
Manufacturers of and Denlors lu
Stoves Mantels Grates
Tinware Stonowaie Woodouwato Ao Tin
Rooting Guttering Spouting and Stove Re
pairs a specialty No 5t Mnilcet Street Tu
dors old stand Maysvllle Ky myldly
Dealer In
Third street east of Limestone Powolls old
stand Maysvllle Ky Hlghestmarttet price
paid for all kinds ot Country piodure Best
of Grocorlesat bottom prices Call on Un
cle Tom whether you want anything or
not febldtim
r J McUAKTlIKY Licensed auctioneer
V for Mason and adjoining counties Or
ders left at tho Bulletin office will receive
prompt attention P O address Mt Carmel
Grant Desired It TJndorstood Thai
Ho Know Nothing
Arthur Interest Young Grant
Philosophical Wife Other War-
raatH or Arrcit Waiting or
Wards Release Euo Safe
New Yontc May 29 James D Fish last
evening said I wish it understood that
I have always had tho greatest respect fot
Goneral Grunt I have no disposition to
injure himi
Did Gen Grant speak to you about
those Government contracts
No nnd I tell you why Ward said
that Grant was n possiblo candidato for tho
Presidency aud it would not do for him to
be mixed up in any business such as this
said he Ho dostres it understood that ho
knows nothing
Did Ward tell you that Arthur was in
Yes ho told mo that Arthur had ono
contra aud assiguod it to him Ho also
told mo that ono contract was from Shori
dan Ho said Shoridnn did not hav
money to carry it out mid he wanted Ward
to take it
What did Ward do with all this money V
I have reason to suppose that Warner
got a large part of it
Did your four partners got together
and discuss business matters
Never I have had communication
with General Grant about tho success uf
tho business and ho said it was a perfect
wonder how nitely they got on lie said
Ward was a man of wonderful capaUill
When did you first begin to suspoct
Never until It was too lato
How soou beforo tho collapei
Tho very day
You had erfect confidence befoie
a rmiLosonnc wife
Nkw Youk May JO A special from
Morristown N J says Col Fred Grant
sold his family toam carriages aud harness
a few days ago for 1200 and dismissed his
coacumau and all his liouso help Hi
wife when informed of the failure of hei
husband und tho necessity lor economy in
her domestic relations remarked
I have lived on army rations once an I
I can do it again
New Yohk May lit In speaking ot the
last warrant of arrest Issued for Ward
Marshal Curtis said it would be served upon
him tho moment he would be reloasod
either on bail or by habeas corpus and that
ho would then be held by the United State-
authorities but until liis release by the
sheriff they had no power to arrest him
any more than the sheriff would ha o
should ho bo in their custody
New Yohk May 29 Wards jailor took
him out to rido yesterday The fact was
kapt very secret though there is no reason
why tho sheriff should not take a rrisouei
wherever ho likes It is asserted that
Ward called at General Grants house an I
sent up his card but that the General did
nut beo him
New Yohk May 20 Tho Bank Super
intendent reports tho West Side Hank
solvent and it will resume business
New Youk May 20 Deputy Sherill
Blown has a warrant on a civil suit tor
Mr Eno His orders are not to break into
any house
Washington May 20 In the Hou I
a vote was taken on tho minority reso
lution declaring Mr McKinloy entitled ti
the seat and it was rejected yeas 103 nay
153 The Democrats voting in the atllirm
ativo were Messrs Blackburn Ky Dors
heiraor N Y Hurd Ohio Mills Tox
Potter N Y Robertson Ky and
Thompson Kyl 7
Mr Wallace was eseorto 1 by Mr Follot
Ohio aud Cobb Ind then i aiiid forward
and was sworn in
Mr Scalos iN C lroin the Comtnlttot
on Printing reported a resolution for print
ing 400000 copies of the agricultural report
of 1884 This is au increase of 10dl0 ovei
tho usual number Adopted
Mr Cobb Iud of tho Committed on
Public Lands reported a bill in lieu of sev
eral bills on tho subject to declure forfeited
the unearned lauds granted the Atlantic a
Paeillo Railroad to uid in the construction
of tho road connecting the State of Arkan
sas aud Missouri witli the Pacilio Cod it
Placed on the calendar
Mr Haudull in ived to dUueue with t lu
morning hour and taKe up the Legislative
Appropriation Bill
Mr Wills iKy urged that preerence be
given to tho River and Harbor Hill
Mr Randalls motion prevailed 00 t
B0 and the bill was taken up Mr Cox
N Y lu the Chair
Mr ilolmau Iud explaluod the provis
ions of tho lull which ho said made no
mateiiil change in the oxlstiug law
Mr Hoar roported favorably from the
Committee on Claims a bill to reinstate the
several States for interest paid on loans
also a bill paying J5000 cash to the State
of Georgia on account of expenditure
owing tho Revolutionary War
Mr Wilson otfered a resolution directing
tho Secretary of the Interior to furnish
coplei of the correspondence wtu the Su
perintendent of the Yellowstone Park
Tho Mexican Veteraui Pension Bill wn
takou up A discussion aroso on Logan
amendment winch allows pensions to will
ows of veterans who havo not remarried
but strikes out tho provisions insorted by
tho Senate Committoe that proof of neces
sitated circumstances must bo given beforo
advuutago can be takon of the measure
Mr Book called attention to the fact that
tho amendment would pouslou widows who
had marrlod votorons after tho war
I dont believe in that priuclDlo said
tho Ivbntucklan The older men get the
younger wives thoy want
Doos the Senator refer to Mexican vet
erans f asked Logan
I refer to tho general rule replied
Beck Old men seem to prefer young
women I am afraid thero are some Sena
tors here who would follow that rule
Youll Imvo to refer the problom to
soma older Senator than I laughingly
said Logan
Mr Beck said it was equivalent to giv
ing a bonus of ninety six dollars a year to
gtrl3 of sixteaa to marry veterans
Mr Vorheos suggested that the passage
of the bill as it camo from the House would
obviate the difllculty
Technically Spcalclnu lint In IMain
Lunguncc It lit Stealing
New Yonic May 29 A somewhat re
markable caso is In course of adjudication
boforo Justice Pratt in Brooklyn Tho suit
is that of Richard Marshall administrator
of Louisa Marshall against Chus 13 Bress
ler aud others Mr Bressler is a million
aire of Chicago and Now York Ho spends
much of his timo in Europo and the sum
mons awaited service for upwards of a
year on account of his absence and was
finally delivered to him a fow days ago as
ho was about sotting sail for Germany
Ho has not yet filed his answer but has
appeal ed by his attorney
It Is averred thut Amelia Schultz an
aged spinster died In March 1SJ0 at
Apolda Geimany possussed of much prop
erty and leaving as heirs Louisa Marshall
of Brooklyn and tho children of Wilhelmina
Hohnur a sister Tho defendant is charged
with having persuaded Louisa Marshall
his wifes mother to invest him by power
of attoi noy with tho authority necessary
to tho settlemont of tho estate It is al
legod ho sold the realty and received over
100000 notwithstanding which Brosjler
never paid anything to Mrs Marshall
Still tho Community Would Feel
Knlcr 11 lie Ylero In the ren
Columbia S C May 20 The Chester
field jury in the case of Sam Lee tho con
federate of Bogan Cash who wero locked
up all night failod to agreo and was dis
charged a miss trial being entered Tho
stood one for conviction and eleven for
acquittal Lee is under othor indictments
for aiding tho murder of Marshall Rich
ur Is and for resisting the posso that killed
t olonol E B Cnsh returned homo to day
lie is under bond for trial noxt torm
Many sympathize with hint Since Boguus
ueith the Colonel has been quiet und well
bi haved and seems dazed by grief Sonu
lour the old man is working to get the drop
on members of tho pose Tho community
would teel easier if he wero in he peniten
tiary Sheriff Spollord who was so drunk
that he could not arrest tho Cashs has re
irShcrcN Any Ilghtlng to be Dona
lor IIli Wile Hell 5o it Illmseli
Momli Ala May 20 Jefferson Da4i
writes to tho Registor in reference to a
statement that Mrs Davis ut the time of
his capture presented a bouquet to John
Spies a federal soldier Ho says
The story is a falsehood From none of
our captors wore such courtoous attentions
received as would havo induced my wife to
present him with a bouquet In recognition
nor had it been otherwise would the cir
cumstances havo enabled her to procure
ono She has nover required such dofeiue
as is suggested in the story but if she had
either in past or present sho would need to
call on no other person than her husband
to defeud her
Peun IIuiikM Altiilr
IJTrsHCKO May UK Last night ata late
tiour Laae Van orhees attorney for W
N iiddlo President of tho Penn Bank
appeared at the Prothouotarys olilco with
a judgment note or bond for 09730 con
fessed -May 2T 1VS1 by William N Riddle
in favor ofjtho Bank Directors The judg
ment was recorded and nn execution of
attachment was issiiod immediately and
put In tho Sheriffs hands with instructions
to levy on the persons corpoia
tlons and institutions with which
Riddle is conuecteJ as garnishees
Various rumors are clicuiuted respecting
heavy overdrafts llie most critical
places them at 1JOO00 Evory effort is
made to find out tie names of the members
of the fictitious firm of D Wilson Co
which shows overcheekiug to tho extent
if n quarter of u million dollars but so tar
the elort Is unsuccessful Warner Super
intendent of the County Workhouse is ap
pointed assignee
ITloiitiinu Mue Etohccii
Helkva Mon May hi Two maskol
mon mounted und unnod with Winchester
rities robbed the Benton coach yestei day
twenty llvo miles from Helena Th6y ruled
tho mall bags and robbed the passengers
Tho treasure box was also sacked but it
contained nothing of value The spot
where the robbery took place was In a can
yon at the Gate of tho Mountains The
robbers rode suddenly out of the timber at
the side of tho road and with leveled guns
compelled tho driver to stop The passeu
gers C W Cooper C E Dudioy and K
T Brudloy were ordered out of tho coael
and placed in u line Coopor lost ir and
a silver watch Dudioy U0 nnd Bradlay
a small amount of money and jewelry It
is not known what valuables were in the
An KiigllMh Heavy Hitter
NkwYouc May 20 Win England the
English pugilist who arrived hore Satur
day with the avowed object of Booking a
mutch with Sullivan visited vaiious sport
ing resorts yosterday Mr England is 5
feet lOjn feet tall aud weighs 200 pounds
Ho was formerly a stevedore and accus
tomod to carrying great wolght This has
strengthened his back and developed his
muscles He is very broad shouldored
While he probably lacks Mitchells scleuco
his friends claim that he is a very heavy
hitter and has more endurance than any
Kiau wno over came to America
A Ruined Home a Burstod Bank
and a Black Future
All for a Strange Woman U the
Story of President Ilrnon of tho
Suspended Hot Spring Na
tional Bank
Little Rock Ark May 2 In regard
to the Bank troubles at Hot Springs it
may be said that the gamblers against
whom tho citizens of the town havo recent
ly been waging a vigorous war made
heavy deposits in tho Hot Springs Bank
It was known that Andrew Bruon the
President frequently furnished the koopers
of tho leading gambling houses with
stakes when luck was against them
On last Friday Mr Bruon loft Hot
Springs with a woman known as Mrs
Stele They reached this city at 3 oclock
on Friday aftornoon and engaged rooms at
the Gleason Hotel On Saturday ovening
H 11 Rector vice prosident of tho bank
arrived and vlsitod Bruons rooms Tho
two held a long consultation Mr Rector
returned to Hot Springs the same night
On Monday a telegram was sent to
Bruon urging him to return homo for the
sako of his wife and children He answered
that ho would return as soon as he com
pleted certain negotiations
It was reported on Monday evening that
Bruon had absconded with tho woman he
took to Llttlo Hock and with all tho avail
able funds of tho bank Tuesday morning
depositors made a run on the bank which
soou exhausted its cash and compelled a
suspension The excitonient spread rapidly
and all tho visitors in tho city became
anxious Tho Arkansas National Bank
was crowded with men and women
who prosentod their checks and had
them cashed as rapidly as pos
siblo A number of merchants and
busines mon of tho city came to this banks
relief and deposited more money than was
The Merchants National Bank of this
city also offered to assist tho bank The
directors of the suspendod bank met and
examined the books of the concern They
soon discovered evidence upon which they
obtained a warrant for the arrest of
Andrew Bruon charging him with eiuboz
Tho woman who was with Bruon left for
St Louis carrying a large roll of bank
bills which sho carelessly exhibited Soon
afterwards Mr Bruon disappeared Ho
had boeu gone but a short time when a
Sheriff from Hot Springs arrived in pur
suit Search has failed to reveal his
whereabouts It is believed he has thrown
himself into tho Arkansas River The di
re c to re of the suspended bank anuounco
that the assets are sufficient to meet all de
mands of depositors
11HUOV and the woman captured
Chicago May 29 A special from St
Louis says thut Andrew Bruon president
of tho Hot Springs National Hunk which
closed Its doors yesterday was captured
by a detoctive this morning on the Iron
Mountain Road en route to this city in
company with Mrs Steele of Pooria 111
after bomg watched all night in the sleeper
Tho arrest was made on tho order of the
Chief of Detectives ut Hot Springs aud held
hero at Four Courts for orders from Hot
Springs They ure supposed to have con
siderable of the bank fuuds The woman
tried to throw away the sachel she had but
was prevented At one point on the road
in Arkansas a mob wanted to attack th
train and get Bruon but was prevented
Biuou says ho is willing to go back but tho
wouiati should not be required to
Seel There Are Two Ilolen One lor
Yon and One lor 31cf
Nkwauk N J May 21 Dont you
want to go to heaven 1 will sliootyou
and then shoot myself See There are
two holes in the ground one for you und
one for me
Amelia ncbriek and Emily Rudolph aged
fifteen and fourteen respectively weio In
Woodland Cemetery with Mrs Rudolph
Whllo the latter placed flowers on a grave
the girls strolled into the woods near tho
cometory Soon Mrs Rudolph heard a
shot aud saw the girls running back into
tho burying ground They were scream
ing and as soon as they could speak they
said a man had suddenly stopped before
them from a tree and addressed to thorn tho
strange words given above aud then tired
at them
A workman In tho cemetery dashed Into
the woods and captured a short stout man
with a pistol in his pocket Ho said he
was Andrew Brokofsky of New Yoi U and
was on a visit ut Newark
I didnt shoot nobody bo said in a
daed way I was filing for practice
Tho man was evidently insane aud he
was committed to jail
A Son ol PreNltlcnt Tyler limit Tem
porary Chairman
lNDiANAlOLts May 29 The delegates to
the Greenback National Convention camo
in yostorday an 1 last night lroin all parU
of tho country and when tho Convention
met this morning thero wero not less thai
610 delegates present Among tho promi
nent nieu who camo In durltig the day was
x Goveruor Sprague of Rhode Island
Geueial John lylor of Florida son of
President Tyler and a strong autl Butler
mau was selected as tho temporary chair
man of tho convention
One of the most important mutters bo
fore the convention today js tho settling
of the contested delegations from Maine
it Is said that if tho Butlor delegation is
defeated it will cost tho party 0000vos
in thut State aud it is probable that this
will havo considerable weight with the
convention Solon Chase hoads tho uuti
Butler faction
iNDiANAroLis May 20 Tho National
Grconback Labor Convention was called to
ordor at Englishs Theatre at 11 oclock
Jesso Harper Chairman of tho National
Committee In tho opening speech referred
to tho nomination of Peter Cooper eight
years ago In Indianapolis and prophostzed
that tho party would continue to grow un
til it achieved final success He Introduced
as umporary chairman Hon John Tyler
of Florida son of ex President Tyler
His choice by the commltteo is under
stood to bo tho only concession to bo made
to the Anti Butler wing of tho party Ha
said tho Nationals had coasod to be an in
fant They had reached sturdy manhood
nnd no longer need to soek alliances with
any other party It was the only political
party that stood with tho Supreme
Court of tho United States at its
back endorsing its loading principle
It was a concentration of wealth this con
vention was to fight and in that they were
espousing the cause of the people
Geo C Hackstoff of Missouri was
elected temporary becrotary Tho name of
Lee Craudall which was also proposed
was recoived with hiss cm and withdrawn
Lrandall is anti Butler
Indianapolis May 29 When George O
Jones of Now York attempted to intro
duce a resolution the Butler men shouted
him down rnislng a score of points of or
der Tho Credential Commltteo was ap
pointed and the Convention adjourned
Left to Starve In tho Street of IJon
Montreal Mny 20 Tho spectacle of
forty six wretched creatures starving iu
rags without friends money or work
grouped round the steps of tho City Hall
yesterday attracted no small amount of
attention Hundreds ci owded around thorn
and several gentlemen animadverted
strongly upon tho cruelty of sending those
paupeis out and then leaving them to their
fate From statements made by the im
migrants themselves it appears that they
came out five months ago Thoy paid- their
own passage and wero told they would get
immediate employment They havo since
wandered hero and thero getting an odd
days work then starving and sleeping out
for a week at once They have now beon
idle if or weeks Tho pollco at tho Central
Station have fod them duriug the last two
days but yesterday the chief refused to
givo them any more help
rnNliij IlnllroadM to It la me
New Youk May 20 Tho Directors of
the new reformed Trades and Travellers
Union met yesterday to udopt by laws
The general purpose is to promoto the in
terests of Now York merchants as to trans
portation The committee investigating
tho subject reported that certain linos of
goods manufactured In or near New York
cannot bo delivered to consumors west aud
south so cheaply as the sumo goods from
Now England and othor points further
from the consumer than Now York Is
This results they say from discrimination
by railroad people
All Quiet at Chicago
Chicago May 29 Thus far very fow
delegates to the Republican Convention
have arrived and the hotels are still free
from excitement To day quito a number
of delegates are expected to arrive al
though a great deal of uncertainty exists
as to the movements of the more promi
nent men From present appearances it
would seem as if no very considerable num
ber of delegates would arrive before Fri
day and that nothing to create any politi
cal excitement will happon before Satur
day when the National Commltteo is to
meet to sottle the preliminaries for the
Convention including the choice of tem
porary ollicers
X Postponed WetSdlnjr
Bloomingtov ill May 20 A brilliant
wedding was to havo taken place heie lal
evening but was indefinitely postponed on
account of the suddtm disappearance uf the
prospective groom John J Condon a
joung meivhant and MIjs Mollis Holer a
protty and worthy j oung lady were to
wed Five hundred invitations had been
Usued the groomsman and bridesmaid se
lected a public hall engaged nnd all ar
rangements made On Saturday Condon
doparted it is not known where but it is
said iie has gone to Toxas
Stock Iliittiiiitluz
New Yohk May 20 It was the expec
tations of many speculators at tho close
last night that tho boom in the stock
market inaugurated would continue to
day but it was brought to a suddeu ending
this morning The opening of the Ex
chango found a decided change of senti
ment and many who were active buyers
yesterday wero equally anxious to sell this
morning From tho opeuing large blocks
of stocks especially coal shares wero
thrown on the market despito efforts
The Worli of a Ilciid
Balioee Tenn Mny 20 A terrible col
lision occurred on tho Alabama Great
Southern Railroad hare last night A
freight train wns stau ling on a side track
and just befoio the passenger train cume
by soma miscreant broke the switch lock
and shifted tho switch The train dashed
into tho freight Uoth engines wore strip
pod nnd ruined und sevoral bo curs aud
coaches wero demolithed Au unknown
tramp who was on tho freight train
was killed and tho patimgor fireman
Washington May 20 Twenty thousand
circulars respecting the exhibition of edu
cational matters at tho Worlds Industrial
Cotton Exhibition at Now Orleans next
December huvo been sent out from the
Bureau of Education to prominent
cators of this and foreign countrios In
this circular Commissioner Eaton speaks
highly of tho Cotton Centennial offering
educators of all nationalities an opportu
nity to illustrate tho work douo by them
in tho improvement of educational con 11
tions and all other pursuits of civilize J life
A Strike Ilrowln r
PlTTBBurto May 20 On Monday last the
oporators of tho third pool notified tho min
ors that on Juno 1 a reduction of a quarter
of a cent in tho price of mining would bo
made A mass meeting of minors of tho
third pool was held yesterday at which it
was decided not to accept the roduction
Unless the district prico of thrco cents is
paid tl1 decided to striko

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