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VOL 3 NO 159
Analysis by Dr A Voolcker F It S Con
sulting chemist Royal Agricultural Society
England shows only a trace of nitrates in
blackwella Dull Durham Tobacco Tho Boll
of tho Golden Belt ol North Carolina In which
tula tobacco la crown dont supply nitrates to
tho leaf That Is tho secret of lta delicious
ttlldnes3 Nothing so pure and luxurious for
smoking Dont forget tho brand None gen
uine without tho trude inark of tho Dull All
dealers havo it
When feline concerts
ham Smoking i
ounuin ii Bd
fTl Tobacco H
KoVfl tHBm am
smkhmhmkm DURHAM wmmmm
ffZJP3iW wwss
xwa Hk wfrzutiTtmsKwmiimmrx
KRiq ififitfzfrjimiamrammm
Dealer 1m
KjtrJiiir Wnpoiis nnil IlarncsH
Repository No 1R Sutinn street MuysvllJe
Ry HeidfiUHrleis lor DKJACKSOVrt lime
tried and reliable
Horse Medi
DR JACKSONS Ht CIC OIL cures mango
cracked IipgI wans grr usy heel pricket toot
Quitter Piunl cracks corns etc Price 50 contH
MENT is nn excellent icmedy for enlarge
ment spavin ring bone cupped Dock curl
fpllnt ciamp or strain of tlio whirl bone
Price 50 cents
fever Itiunmition 01 the kidneys and then
ma tlhin In nnm or horse I Ice cunts
lemody tor clmfes horos or quarter crack lc
horses foet and mange aud lice In cattle ud
horses Price 50 cents
tfWHent to nny address oi receipt ol
rp J cVitlilY
Sanitary Plumber
Curleys new system of House Drainage and
Ventilation Buth rooms fitted tip with hot
and cold water a specialty Also a large
supply of
Iron Lead and Stone Pipe
Globe Anglo and Check Valves water and
Steam Gauges Force and Lift Pumps Rub
ber Hose OhmidelleiB Brackets and Globes
Bernoulli attention given to all work and sat
isfaction guaranteed T ICURLiSY
Second street above Market opposite Omar
Dodsous Maysvllle Ky flOdly
Medicated Well Water
A Speelflefor DYSVEVSIA and
Zt AH been used with most gratifying suc
rl cess lu many obstinate cases Prof F
WClark professor of Chemistry ut tho uni
versity ot Ciuclnunti says this water belongs
to the same class with that of the Alleghany
Springs ot Virginia the medicinal virtues
of which areloowell known to be stated hero
Those who deslio to try this famous water
are referred to Captain C W Boyd Levannn
Ohio Captain C M Holloway Cincinnati
Ohio 1 J Kalpe Cincinnati Ohio For sale
In half barrels and jugs by
GU3 HXMMONH Proprietor
m23dAwt lwrd nOhlo
Having bad many years experience in every
branch of his business and haviug built some
ot the best buildings In Kentucky and Ten
uesseoboth public und private nnnouuees to
the citizens ot Muysvillo nnd surrounding
couutry that Is now permanently located In
Maysvllle nnd solicits tho patronago orall do
hiring work dono in this line Stair building
of every character n specially Hatlslactlou
guaranteed Orders by mall promptly attend
ed to City residence EbersoleV point Fifth
Ward Maysvllle Ky mlUd3mo
Livery and Sale Stable
A full line of all kinds ot vehicles on baud
forsalo hire or exchange Horses kept by
day week or month Largest and best ap
pointed Livery Stnblo In the west Prices as
low us any Best attention to vehicles stored
Telephone connection No 10 and 4 west
SecoudBt opl7dly MAYSVILLE KY
cmUUii v jioixon
We have In slock full lines of
White Goods and Dress Goods
Hamburg Hosiery Gloves Jerseys anil all
easonnblu staple and fancy Dry Goods ut
bottom prices Bleach Blown and Tobacco
Manufacturers of und Dealers In
Stoves Mantels Grates
Tinware Stonewaie Woodenwaio Ac Tin
Rootlug Guttcrlug Spouting aud Htove Ke
pairs u speclulty No 3D Maiket Street Tu
dors ohlstand MaysvilleJiy niyldly
riiuoaiAN ulcusoar
Dealer In
Third street east of Llmnstoue FowoIIr old
stand Muysville Ky Hlghestniai not price
paid for all kinds ot Country product- Best
of Grocerlesat bottom prices Call on Un
do Tom whether you want nuyhlng or
not febldOm
J JI AKTJIiv Licensed auctioneer
J lor Mason and adjoining counties Or
ders left nt tho Bulletin oltlce will receive
prompt attention P O address M t Curmol
Various Candidates Tuning Their
Doleful Harps
Whoac IHournfiil IflualcAVIU Increnae
In Volume and Plaliitlveneaa
as lie Hour of Defeat
Drawn Near
CntCAOO May 31 Arthurs headquar
ters were opened this morning in the gen
tlemans parlor of the Grand Pacific with
Fostmabter Taft of Charleston S C in
Judgo Foraker heads tho advance guard
of Shermanites and is industriously giving
vent to the opinion that Blaino is materially
weakening in Ohio
Blaines headquarters at the Grand Pa
cific nro crowded
There was a lioavy list of arrivals at ths
leading hotels this morning including sev
eral South Carolina and Pennsylvania del
Chauncy T Filloy of St Louis com
menced immediately upon his arrivnl to
work up a Logan boom
Silas U Dutcher of Brooklyn is work
ing for Edmunds with Logan as second
Hon Galusha A Grow of Pennsylvania
is working hard for Blaino
It is said in woll iuformod circles that at
to morrows meeting of tho National Com
mittoo action will bo taken looking to
After each ballot Tho Southern delegates
have issued call for a caucus Monday for t Pf a1 cutter He wa
a8t evening when he
tho purpose of securing some recognition in
tho nomiuntou of tho convention ofllcerj
An effort will also be made to lay wires for
giving the South tho candidate for Vice
of Now York and a monibor of tho Xa
tional Republican Committee from New
Mexico is a largo mine owner of Santa Fe
tho business partner of James G Blaine in
many mining enterprises and the head und
manager of tho Blaine boom To a
reporter Mr Elkins said
We enter on tho campaign with moro
Than wo have bad a any convention yet
Wo claim from Mb to M votos for him on
the first ballot and think that figure nu
underestimate rathor than an exaggera
tion New York will give him twenty nine
votes suro on tho first ballot aud probably
some of the fourteen Edmunds votos that
Houevolt Curtis et al are talking so
much about at present We also expect to
get at least thirty six votes from Illinois
that are now put down to Logan and alto
gether I look for the nomination of Blaine
by the third ballot at least
But the New York Independents1
claim that they can throw all the Edmunds
votes for Grosham Hawley or some one
other than Blaine or Arthur
I know they say so but they cant do it
Edmunds is not seriously u candidato and
Blaine will got u large number of his votes
Blaines strength before the convention
consists in the fact that his supporters all
livo in tbt States that aro Republican
and whose votes will elect a Republican
Blaine will got twenty nino votes and they
come from the Republican part of the
Stute tho part tbut gives throe quartors of
tho Republican vote of the State Arthurs
supporters on the other hand livo in the
Democratic strongholds So throughout
the country tho certain Republican States
liko Iowa Kansas Nebraska Michigan
Wisconsin Illinois- Ohio and othor States
that must elect tho candidate aro all for
Blaine whilo Arthurs strength is entirely
in Democratic States titat will not give the
Republican nominee a single eloctorul vote
Toiefusoto nominate Blaine under such
circumstances would bo perilous to tho suc
cess of the party
But can Blaine carry Now York J
He can come nearer to it than Arthur
mid we thiuk him a much stronger candi
date in that State
Thofriends of President Arthur in this
city are on a still hunt and are covering
up thoir tracks even more carefully than
Logans munagors are doing They have
headquarter at the Palmer House Tho
talk of
Candidate was continued in local circles
especially with tho custom house und some
of the political wisoacres who are now con
rogating about the hotels claimed to know
or certain that a Gresham boom was in
course of incubation to bo sprung on the
convention tho moment that the impossi
bility of nominating Arthur was demon
titrated for tho purpose of defeating Blame
Logan and other candidates whom tho
present administration does not control
CuiCAfio May HI Mrs Bolva A Lock
wood the well known Washington lawyer
arrived last ovenim Her object in at
tending tho convention is to urge the inser
tion of a plank in tho platform favoring
arbitration Sho will go before the com
mittee appointed to draft the resolutions
and will make an appeal for the adoption
of one providing that the women or this
country aro citlznis producers and tax
payers and amuni bio to all of the laws of
tho lund civil aud criminal which thus
far they havo hud no part in making and
that they should be given the right to vote
on equal terms with mou To night sho
willlecturo on The Amorican Stutesmau
and his Shortcomings or
Mrs Lockwood said that in her lecturo hio
would delineate the ideal president picture
the shortcomings of the candidates now
prominently mentioned and expose the dif
ference in principles between the platforms
generally adopted by conventions nnd tho o
hold by the candidates Tilden and Blaine
as tlioy appear to hor to be tho most prom
inoiit candidates of the two parties will bo
criticized particularly The cypher dis
patches will be exposed and
Read for the edification of tho audience
Arthur Edmunds Logan Flower and Bay
ard will also be dealt with She was in
favor she said of Logans nomination
though she was not oppo od to Butler If
tho Democrats nominated Butler she firmly
belioved be would be elected It was a
good joke sho said on tho Democrats who
four years ago adopted a resolution com
mouding Tildcnswise judgment in retiring
from public life and who now propose to
nominate him
Speaking of the collapse of the firm of
Grant Ward she said it was
The four Grants who drow in tho aggre
gate 100000 a yenr from tho llrm now
placing tho blamo on young Wurd the
junior member of tho establishment If
the Grunts did not know the condition of
their firm tioy were culpubly negligent
and if they were aware of it then they
were criminally negligent
Alrrd of IjIIc
Cincinnati May 31 Georgo S Ilinck
ly of Dayton Ohio was found doad In
Spring Grovo Cemetery this morning by
Charle3 F Dodd and Mrs Mnddock who
were strolling about tho grounds He had
nvidoutly suicided by morphine Tho fol
lowing noto was found in his pockot
Whoever llnds this body will do the do
ceased a great favor by giving it to a medi
cal college or if too much decomposed by
burying it whero it lies for I have no
monoy nor friends Thoro is no uso of
spending monoy Lifo has been a failure
with me I would like to writo more but
my heart is too bad for utterance Pleaso
oblige me with this small favor
Hinckley worked for Vauausdall Gar
nion theroas a carpetcuttor A little more
than threo wooks ago ho came to Cincinnati
and obtained employment nt Alms
as there
leavo of absence to visit his homo iu Day
ton Ho was hut scon at his boarding
house 14 West Ninth street Monday
morning Ho had not tho apponrancu of a
drinking man yet somotimes went on a
upree His domestic relations o fur as
known- wore pleasant
Will ofCharlcH OConor
Nantucket Mass May 31 Charles
OConors will bequeaths to the Now York
Law Institute all bound volumes in his
library marked My Opinions and ull
thoio marked My Own Casos 20000 iu
money aud two silver testimonials To
Mrs Elizabeth IV Johnson Miss Folger
Rose Brayton and Miss Isabella Challlin
10000 each To tho lust named his houso
ami lot in Nantucket To Anna liois
000 After minor bequests he di
vides tho residuo of his estato two
thirds to his sister Eliza Mur
garet Sloaue tho remaining third to
Miss Julia Pardon Mullany Charles W
Sloane and Thomas OConor Sloaue aro ap
pointed executors Iu a codicil his
nephow Thomas Sloaue jr is boquoathed
all his historical political and roligious
works Millie R Lamberton is given all
law books in charge of Whitehead
Brooklyn N Y May 31 The oxtoi
sive sash aud blind factory of Richard
Whipple Nos 20 and 23 Berger street with
contents was ontirely dostroyed by fire
this morning Loss on building 8 00 J in
surod Loss on stock 25000 insured fot
Portland Oro May 31 Fire yester
day destroyed a number of woodon build
ings hero Over half a block was swept
away vory littlo being saved Tho loss
will exceed o0000 The insurance is about
half tho loss Tho fire is attributed to an
Chicago May 31 A telephone message
from the extreme western suburbs at noon
says tho shops of the Chicago North
western Railroad are on fire Extent of
coullagratiou not yet known
uwch Conn May 31 Tho Alion
sp mill burned this morning Loss
ouuj0 fully insured
Unused by the Wayside
Portland Oro May 31 The body of
an unknown mail was discovered yester
day near tho town of Pendleton hanging
by themeck A large placard attached tu
the body bore tho significant words Hores
a thief The victim was a total stranger
in that section There was every indica
tion that the murdered had been hanged by
vigilantes That portion of eastern Ore
gon has been infested lately by roving
bauds of cattle aud horse thieves Tho
citizens havo organized aud determined to
clear the country of roughs cut throats
and thieves The mun ovidently had boon
caught iu the uct of stealing nnd made a
summury example of The whole couutry
feigns ignorance of how the fellow came to
his death
Two Hanging
Little Rook May 31 Jim Tucker col
dred was hangotl at Paris Logan County
tor tho murder of u companion namotl
Aaron Baker December -7 16S3 He killel
his victim while ho wus asleep with a
double barreled shotgun ufter which ho
robbed him
Belleville 111 May 31 Henry Brown
colored was hanged here for tho murder
robbery and cromution of a peddler near
Cuhokia February JO Ho professed re
ligion ou the gallows
Brown met his fate with fortltudo Thero
were present only reporters from St Louis
the olllcials aud twelve citizons compris
ing the jury Brown spent tho whole of
yesterday with his wifo who is in jail for
complicity in his triuio
A Now monopoly
San Francisco May 31 Anothor mo
nopoly has sprung into oxisteucu through a
combination of powder mauufacturor3 and
acid works The combination consists of
the Glnnt tho California tho Sufety Nitro
the Vulcan aud tho Vlgorito Powder com
panies Six acid works have signed an
agreement for live years Tho purposo is
to advatico tho prices of powder from fifty
to seventy five per cent A now schodulo
goes into etlect Juno 1 Tho great danger
and excessive cost of transportation are
likely to leave tho now monopoly u clear
field evon at its now exorbitant schedule of
Tabor 3 of tho Greenback Labor Na
tional Convention Closed
Uutlcr of lUnmiachtiBott and Went
of ITIlnclaalppI tho Nominees
A Platform That Speak
for Itnelf
Indianapolis May 31 The Groonback
National Convention has wound up its
labors and dispersed Tho Committee on
Resolutions failed to agree George O
Jones of New York and Mr Blanchard of
Michigan each presenting resolutions of
their own The majority report of the
committee embodied the follo tring plat
form which was adopted
First That we hold tho lato docision of
the Supreme Court of the legal tender
question to bo a full vindication of the
theory which this party has ulways advo
cutod on the right and authority of Con
gress over tho issue of legal tender notes
Wo demand the substitution of green
backs for national bank note and tho
prompt payment of tho public debt wo
want the monoy which saved our country
in timo of war aud which has givon it
prosperity and happiness hi poace Wo
condemn tho retirement of fractional cur
rency and small denominatlont of green
Second Wo denounco as dangerous to
our republican institutions tlioso methods
aud politics of tho Democratic und Repub
lican parties which havo sanctioned or per
mitted tho establishment of lun railroad
mouey and other gigantic coi yorate mo
nopolies aud wo demand such overmuch
tnl action as may bo necessary to tako from
such monopolies the powor thay have so
corruptly and unjustly usurpod mid ro
storo thorn to tho people to whom they bo
Third Tho public lands being tho
inheritance of the pojple we denounce
tiut policy which has granted to corpora
tions vast tracts of lauds and wo demand
that immediate ami vigorous moasures be
tukou to reclaim from such corporations
f r tho peoples uso and benefit all such
bind grants as havo been forfeited by rca
son of non fulflllmout of contract or thai
may havo been wrongfully acquired by
corrupt legislation aud such railroad Ian Is
and other public domains bo hen eforth
held us a acrod trust to be granted only
to actual settlers hi limited quantities an 1
we demand that a lien ownorship of land
individual or corporate shall ba prohib
Fourth We demand Congressional reg
ulation of inter State commorco we de
nounce pooling stock watering and dis
crimination in rates and charges and that
Congress shall correct those abuses Even
if nocessary bv tho construction of national
railroads W e also demand tho establish
ment of a government postal telegraph sys
Fifth All private property all form
of money obligations to pay monoy should
bear their just proportion of public taxes
We demand a graduated income tax
sixth We demand an amelioration of
the condition of labor by enforcing sanitary
law in industrial establishments by the
abolition of the convict labor question by
the rigid inspection of mines and factories
by tlie reduction of tho hours of labor iu
industrial establishments by fostering Oi
educational institutions and by abolishing
child lubor
Seventh We condemn all importations
of contracted labor made with a view of
reducing to starvation wages the working
men of this country and wo demand luws
for its prevention
Eighth Wo insist upon a constitutional
amendment reducing tho terms of olllco of
United States Senators
Ninth Wo demand such rules for tho
government of Congress ns shall placo all
representatives of tho people upon an equal
footing and tuke away from committees a
veto power groator than that of Presi
Tenth Whilo wo favor a wise revision
cf the tariff laws with a view of raising
revenue from luxurlos rather than from
necessaries we insist that as an economic
question its importance is insignificant as
compared with the financial issues For
Whereas Wo havo eulfered our worst
panics undor low and also under high tarlll
we nave never sintered irom a panic or
seen our factories aud workshops closed
while tho volume of our monoy iu circula
tion was adequate to tho noeds of com
Elovonth tho purpose of testing
the sense of the people upon the subject
we are in favor of submitting to a voto of
tho people an ainondment to tho Constitu
tion in favor of suffrage regardloss of sex
and also ou tho subjoct of the liquor
Twelfth All disabled soldiers of the
lato war should bo equitably pousloued
and we denounce tho policy of keeping a
small army of oiliceholders whose only
business is to prevont on technical grounds
tloserving soldiors from obtaining justice
from tho Governmont thoy holpod to saye
Tho names of Benjamin F Butler of
Massachusetts Jesse Hurpor of Illinois
Thomas A Armstrong of Pennsylvania
and David Davis of Illinois were placed
in nomination Goorge O Jones objected
to Butler in an energetic speech charging
that in D0 Butler voted for Hayes u Re
publican and in 1SS0 ho both worked and
voted for Hancock a Democrat Now he
called himself a Greertbacker What ho
wanted was to nomiuato a man who is u
Groonbacker first last and all the time
Jones was loudly hissed Mr Armstrong
refused to allow his name to bo usod as a
A ballot was then taken which resulted
in the nomination of Butler who received
310 votos out of 420 Harper received 00
tho following States voting for him Ala
bama California and Floridu ouo each
Goorgia 4 Illinois 7 Indiana 4 Iowa 1
Kentucky 14 Maine 7 Maryland 2 Mis
souri 0 Nebraska 1 New Hampshire 1 New
York 2 North Carolina 1 Ohio 32 Penn
sylvania 8 Tonnossoo 1 Texas 2 Virginia
and tho District of Columbia 1
Tho rules woro then suspended and Gen
eral A M West of Mississippi was nom
inated Vico Prosldent by acclamation
Forty Nine Men Crushed to Death In
a Vnllliiu Hiilldlng
Baltimore May 3 The building at
37 South Gay stroot occupied by William
E Hooper Sons cotton merchants and
Lang Dugdale fertilizers was com
pletely domojlshcd by a boiler explosion
this afternoon Fifty employes wero in
t le building at the time and one man only
escaped who is now lodgod in a window
and tho flremon aro engaged in cutting him
The building is a comploto wreck and is
lllllod with arms heads and limbs of the
unfortunate victims Firemen are how
working removing the debris and bodies
Thero is great excitement about tho city
and tho scenes at the building nro heart
Iliilldlns Tli elr Onii Crematory
Lancaster Pa May 31 Tho Lancaster
Cromation Association now say their pro
ject for building a crematory is an assured
success Twenty two gentlemen have sub
scribed to tho stock and if the rest Is not
taken by Saturday tho present stockholders
will take the balance It is understood that
those subscribing to tho stock will givd
practical illustration of their boliof in
incineration by agreeing that their
bodies shall be burned AV I Ileusel
Chairman of tho Democratic State Com
mittee II Clay Brubaker ex District At
torny of Lancaster County C A Hoinitm
one of our oldest and best known druggists
Goygo IC lletd a wealthy banker J P
Mc Juskoy principal of tho Boys High
School of Lancaster J L Lyto business
manager of the Examiner and others
equally prominent nro taking an activo
part in the movoment
Another Jtebelllon Threatened
Washington May 31 Tho Commis
sioner of Internal Revenue has rocoivod a
lotter from Williamsville N V signed by
Martin Schneider saying
The farmers will give you another week
to decide whether you will permit ui to
distil in small quantities or not if not we
will distil you in spite of you and tho Gov
ernment We want you distinctly under
stand that wo will not submit to this ex-
tortiou which is a terrible outrage and
should Le resisted morally and physically
j The farmers aro excited and aro deter
mined to have their own way in this matter
Be wiso and answer at onco to avoid a ter
rible calamity
Coal mine Closed
SrEVEVsox Ala May 31 IT S Grant
jr aud the firm of Grant Ward are tut
chief stockholders of tho Belmont coal
mines which are situated in this Jackson
county The mines have continued iu full
operation since their failure until yeter
day when work was stopped and a notice
was posted that it had shut down on ac
count of the failure of Grant Ward
Several hundred hands aro thrown out of
employment The mines aro quite vtlu
ableand were pur based by the Grants from
Gen John B Gordon
Of No Mgnlllcaiice
New York May 31 United States Mar
shal Erhardt and four subordinates werd
notice1 iu tho Fifth Avenue Hotel shortly
after the Presidents arrival This gav
rise to u sensational rumor to tho ettect
that tliey had been ordurod thero on special
Juty for some mysterious purpose Mar
jhnl Erhardt said that the mou had not
been ordered to tho place and had probably
come as uny private citizen would to a
central point
A DlMastroun Wreck
Cleveland lean May 31 A vory
disastrous wreck occurrod on the E T
V G Railrjud near hero last nllit
The iiorth bouu 1 New York Express tiain
btruck a box cur which had boun blour
from a sido track to the main lino The
ongino aud mail car were demolished En
gineer Grant in attempting to jump was
caught between the engine and tender and
fatally crushed Fireman Clark was badlj
Illddle Illlud Pool
Pittsruro May 31 An intimato friend
of Georgo W Rowley individual liook
koeper of tho Penn Bank for htm made a
statement to day that the chocks of D
Wilson Co Hill Co nnd Watson
Co the mythical firms wero drawn and
signed by Prosldent Riddlo nnd that th
latter represented all these firms
A blind pool lost over 4000000 in oil
and tho overdrafts ou tho banlj aggregate
IMItecn Hundred Out
Pittsiiurg May 31 Oliver Brothers
Tenth street mill is indefinitely clos jd for
lack of orders About one thousand men
are thrown out of employment
Chess Cook Co havo closed tbe pud
dling department of their rolling roth for
lack of orders and flvo hundred men havo
boon discharged
Ulina JInzurd funeral
Cincinnati May 31 The remains oi
Miss Arubolla Hazard urrivod hero from
this morning iu
charge of her cousin J M Veazey and
will he interred to morrow afternoon at
2 oclock after tho funoral services at tho
residence of Col Mixer Rev Dr Ben
edict will otflciato
Ioftey to ho Tried Agulu
Birmingham Ala May 31 The Su
promo Court at Montgomery to day
jranted a now trial to Wesley Posey tho
nogro sentenced bore last December to be
langed This is tho case that caused tho
nasslug hero of tho Second Regiment of
State troop for tho suppression of a mob
f violence
Another Ilunlc Failure
IIaiiuony Pa May 31 The Harmony
Butler County Pennsylvania Savings
Dank closed its doors this morning tho ro
mlt of tho failuro of the Penn Bank at

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