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Publishers and Proprietors
To Whom addrkss all communications
t - -
Unto the people old and young
Wo send this notice greeting
To morrow dou your Sunday clothes
And take your place In meeting
And mind you uko the parsonn words
To heart and mako thorn Htlck
And thus you may release the ailp
Upon you by Old Nick
A large number of old papers are for
Bale at this office
Captain Linton and Mr Joseph Insko
are building nent residences at Aberdeen
Steel rails are being laid on the Ken
tuck Central between Helena and John
The Republican is bavins its little joko
Even a coffin bus a right to dance occas
ionally if it wants to
time is faBt approaching and
the school children aro happy in the an
ticipation of its pleasures
So far as we havo heard no damage was
done to any of tlio crops in this neigh
borhood bv the recent frost
The contract for furnishing the Music
at the Germantown fair has been award
ed to Haiickes band of this city
Match iiiine
The Dayton and Maysville base ball
clubs will play a match game at the
grounds Monday evening at half past
two oclock
The graves of the Confederate soldiers
at the cemetery were decorated with
lowers by a committee of ladies this
morning The annual meeting of the
Confederate Survivors Association for
the election of officers takes place this
On Friday about eleven oclock Mrs
JohnSteers of Lewisburg while attend
ing to her chickens received a blow upon
the head from a falling board which luid
her senseless She was carried into the
house and remained speechless until
about four or five oclock that evening
but since that time she has been ablo to
talk and is getting much better Dr Wen
V Dobyns the attending physician
thinks there was a slight concussion of the
The services of decoration day al
though formal ceremonies possess yet a
deep significance As the comrades in
arms call to mind tho scenes of the
camp tho bivouac and tho battle and
brighten with flowers tho graves of their
lost companions they remind us that the
fellowship of danger forms the strongest
and most enduring friendship Tho ac
quaintance met and loved perhaps at the
banquet the carouse or tho watering
place is soon forgotten while the asso
ciate in the desert tho encounter and
tho shipwreck lives in remembrance
Decoration day was appropriately ob
served yesterday by Joseph Ileiser Post
No It Grand Army of the Republic
There was a grand procession through
the streets with tnusiu and a number of
wagons containing young ladies who
formed a choir for tho occasion Mr
Thomas A Davis delivered tho address
at the cemetery to a large number of
hearers It was tin interesting one and
full of information interesting to his au
dience Tho address closed with the fol
lowing sentiment
If there was glory In tho Conrclorate
charges nt Malvern lulls Hint glory belongs
to the American soldier 1 If there wan horo
ism in the stemming and stopping tho Con
federate tide at Gotisburg that heroism ndila
Ins tor to the American name I And to day
in the very presence of tho noble dead ol
both armies with tho clouds of war rolled
away and thosunllglit of prosperity aud hap
piness In every home wu as Americans tho
Hoys m lliue and tho Hoys In Uniy
renew our fealty to the Old Flag and march
ing shoulder to shoulder oucomoro slug in
glad ncclalm
Fcirover lloat that standard sheet
Whero breathes the too outfalls before us
With freedoms soli hoiiuath our feet
Aud freedoms banner streaming oer us
Tho Churches
Services will bo held as usual at St
Patricks Church to morrow
Rev A Boreing will occupy tho pulpit
at tho M E Church to morrow morning
ind evening
Rev J A Henderson will preach at
tho M E Church South to morrow
morning and evening
Rev R B Garrett will preach at tho
Baptist Church to morrow morning and
evening at tho usual hours
Row W T Jolly will preach at tho
Mayslick Baptist Church to morrow at
cloven a m nnd at Washington nt IJ30
p m
Rev A N Gilbert will bo assisted in
tho services at tho Christian church to
morrow morning by Rev W J Petti
jrew formerly of Richmond Va moro
recently of California who will preach
both morning and night Mr Pettigrow
is recognized as ono of tho leading pul
pit orators of tho Christian church Tho
pjiblic is cordially invited
AW - i - Sf ilia i
What sly fellows these prospective can
didates for office nre anyhow flow
shrewdly do thoy iiioto How cautious
ly how closely do they observe things
political 1 Thoy never openly advocate a
real out and out candidates claim until
they have rounded to and taken a
closo observation to seo what fleet such
advocacy might havo on their own bear
ings in the sweet byo and bye when
they themselves shall haye blossomed
out as seekers after political favors I say
tiiey these prspectivo candidates these
fellows who may havo axes of their
own to grind some of theso days in the
future never let ones qualifications for
the oflico he seeks decide the question as
to whether that one ahall receive tlioir
support or not They never exauinu
into the fitnrsa for the position aspired
to and capability of discharging efficient
ly the duties of the office sought after
Oh no Not much Or if thoy do its
a secondary consideration with them in
stead of being the first ns well as the
last and only thing inquired into
To illustrate our point let us take the
present race for tho Appellate Judge
ship in this district Let ua suppose that
Riddells and Moores qualifications foi
the office were tho same Grant that
each is as well fitted for the position
sought as tho other that the one ii just
as able to discharge in an efficient und
satisfactory manner the duties of the
office as the other may be Moore hap
pens to bo in this Congressional district
itiddull hails from from a mountain
county that lies in another district Con
gressional Now during tho late can
vass in this county if these prospective
candidates for oflice these sly fellows
who are looking far ahead yonder into
the future and gaing with wistful and
longing eyes at the oflice now held by
W V Culbertson I say when thepe
fellows wero approached on the subject
prior to the late convention their reply
invariably was Were not for KiduVli
Moored our mnn Why 7 Oh
just because Moores in our Congression
al district thats nil Wo havent any
thing against Riddel only hes not in
this district Congressional and Moore
is Thats the talk these fellows who
may have axes of their owii to grind
some of theso days would give you The
question with them wasnt which of
these two Riddell or Moore has the
best qualifications On the contrary it
was which of them can do the inost for
mo when I want an oflice
To carry out my point suppose A and
B were tho candidates for the Appellate
Judgeship A from Riddells county and
B from Moores and suppose A to lie
preeminently qualified for tho office in
all respects and Bs abilities on the oilier
hand to be of tho most ordinary stand
ard The cry of theso prospective can
didates I hold would bo tho same in
this case Wure for B thoy would
say Hes in our congressional district
A cant help us out when wo want an of
fice at least ho cant do us as much good
as B if wo should ever want to run for
eonjiress Its never a question of fit
ness for the office ability to discharge
its duties or of quantitations with these
prospective oflice hunters I hud a lit
tle talk with ono these fellows the other
day We wero speaking of last Satur
days convention and he wound up by
explaining why Mason county ought to
support Moore Ho paid Suppose we
hadnt instructed for Moore last Saturday
had given Mason county to Riddell
dont you think Moores friends up in
Boyd county would have letneinbered
it Why of course they would and if
we had gone back on Moore last Satur
day hero in Mason those fellows up in
Boyd nover would havo helped us out
in a race for congress If wo hud chosen
Riddell delegates and then ono of us hud
seen fit to run for congress next fall and
and gone lo Boyd for help those fellows
up there would have said no wo cant do
you any good You wont back on our
man Moore when bo wanted to bo Ap
pellate Judge I understand that this
fellow is himself a candidate for roniic s
or if not ono now expects to bo some
time in -the future and that explains
why ho helped Mooro out in tho late
convention It is the interests of No
1 with such fellows every time against
tho good of the country and it is not
necessary to say which weighs the
heaviest But sich is life Ashley
Letter List
List of letters remaining in the post-
office at Maysville Mason county Ky
for tho week ending Saturday Mav
Anderson Mrs Eliza
Antes John
ISoono A Stanflold
liomley William F
Hovnnaii William
llyrne Frank
llutler It F
Collins Mrs Mattlo
Collin Miss Wlnule
Cummins George M
Cascbolt Thomas
Daniel W II
Daniel John
llobonty Miss B V
Dudley Elder J L
English Mrs Mnigt
Feuster John
Gorges it Strong
Gray O W
Gregg eohu 1
Gray Horace
Ilonuon Chas
Mines Salllo I
Hill Miss Emma
Hitiihough J F
Ifcudrlxson W D
Holloway Molllnu
Hull Miss Mary
Henderson H M
Howell Ilov
lTn1li Ln
j inning t 4liw
Irwlne James
Johnson Mrs Ilottle
loliiison Miss Kmma
Johnson Mis Molllo
King I und S M
Long Dick
Loughrtdge Mrs E
Laud rum W L
Moore J W
Moatc Henry J
Mler John
Nevorgold Mrs E
Nigh MN
Inttnu JohnS
Parker W H
Pearl Julia
Powell A
Klco Miss Anno
ltocher Ktiiuuuol
Itous can
Raymond J D
Bummers Mrs Jane
Simpler Mrs Sarah
Smith Miss Faunlo
Spencer Salllo
Slophensou II
Wol h H utile
Woiltnian F M 2
lYouug Amanda
Persons calling for any of tho above
letters will please say advertised
M 0 IIutchins P M
Dr Olefin Owens has gono to Louisville on
a business trip
Tho young folks had a delightful picnic In
tho heauttlul blue grass field of Mr Tom For
mans last Saturday
There will bo a moonlight feto nt the rest
dunco of Mis Ann Henry Wednesduv even
ing Juuo ltli for tho benefit of tho Presby
terian Church Ice cream strawberries and
other refreshments All aio Invited
Wash Fleming of FIoiuIuk County and
Mr JJayless of Bourbon Comity wero In
tovru yesterday buying horses Thoy bought
one from Dr Hunter iitSlU 3 ono from Koht
Wood utJ173 aud one from linker liurrott
at 8151
My Irlend look here
Hare you heard tho news
Of Miner A Brothers
Bargains In shoes
Theyve got It down flue
And ft dollar buys more
Over their counters
Thau two bought before
The manufacturers of barbed wiro havo
again advanced prices They have also
decided to closo their factories from July
1st to September 1st to prevent over
Try LangdonB City Butter Crackers
1000 sheets of music free at Phistera
Youths shoes from 50 cents to 125
C B Clift Co
II - -
Dont fail to seo our cheap counters
4mUdlw C B CmktCo
Genuine matt top kid foxed button
275 at Ransons
Misses pebblo button school shoes
125 at Ransons
Seo Ransons line of low shoes for gents
prices will suit you
Womens Newport button and ties 1
per pair at Ransons
Bird cages and tin water sets nt Mc
Carthoys china depot on Sutton street
Fine vase lamps at tho Sutton street
china depot G A McCarthey propri
m - - -
Just received tho latest styles in mens
hand sewed shoes nobby and cheap at
Ladies niis es and childrens slippers
and shoes at 25 50 75 and 1 00 per
pair at C B Clift A Co
McCarthey tho Sutton street queens
ware man is displaying the llnc t line of
library lamps ever Lmuglil to this city
Decline ok Mix Nervous weakness
dyspepsia impotent c sexual ilelilny
cured bv Wells Health It newer 1
Rough on Rats vIimis out rats
mice roaches flies ant- heiMm
skunks chipmunks gopher 15 ft- t
Catahrii ok the Biaddeu Singing
irritation inflaiiiatiou all kidney and
urinary complaint cured by Buchu
paiba 1
Best quality of yellow salmon reduced
fo 8 cents a pound and received fresh
every day at John Wheelers fish mid
gamo depot mlOtf
Nice bright clover and timothy hay
straw and oats
f23dtf II B Nokthcott Sutton street
Nothing equals Allens Bilious Physic
in quickly relieving Cohtivuiuss head
aches huutbiirn and all other bilious
troubles 25 Cents large bottle At drug
One dose of WihVWorld Worm Candy
will convince the most skeplicil of its
value as a medicinal agent It is put up
in the form of stick candy is pleasant to
tako and is prompt in its action Ak
vour druggist for it
We have never heard of such marvel
ous cure of coughs in childron and adults
as Popillion Cough Cure produces You
should have a bottle in your houso in
case ot need For salo in this city by J
Jas Wood and J C Pecor Co
iiiind Picnic
Tho German Relief Society will give a
picnic at Dietorichs garden on Monday
Juno 2nd for the benefit of tho society
Music by Haiickes Reed and Brass
Band and Orchestra There will bo dan
cing in the afternoon aid evening
Evcryono is cordially invited to attend
Bargains Bargains I
Wo have to day placed on our cheap
counters good desirablo Blioes and slip
pers for mou ladies misses and children
childrens shoes from 10 to 50 cents
per pair misses shoes from 75 cents to
125 ladies Bhoes from 100 to 150
mens shoes from 100 up
C B Cm ft Co
Prom tho Proud Standpoint
of superior style tho languid city
beauty survoys the imaginary physical
short comings of her rustic female cousin
Yet if tho hitler possesses n finer set of
teeth as sho probably does if she uses
sozodont nnd tho metropolitan belle
docs not that striking contrast so much
in her favor enables her to turn tho ta
bles with a vongenco Poarly tooth are
better than style
i m m
A Rcimirlcablfl Tribute
Sidney Ourchundro of Pittsburg Pa
writes I havo used Dr Win Halls Bal
sam for tho Lungs many years with tho
most gratifying results Tho relieving
influence of Halls Balsam is wonderful
Tho pain and rack of tho body incidental
to u tight cough soon disappear by tho
uso of a spoonful according to directions
My wifo frequently sends for Halls Bal
sam instead of a physician and health is
spoedily restored by its use
Nervousness nervous debility neural
gia nervous shock St Vitus Dance pros
tration and all diseases of nerve genera
tive organs aro all permanently and rad
ically cured by Allens Brain Food the
great botanical remedy 1 package six
for 5 At druggists or by mail from J
H Allen 315 First Avenue New Yory
City eodtfewO
Wo are exhibiting a large line of sea
sonable dry goods and notions which we
aro offering at very low prices You are
invited to call Paul IIoekmch lino
m27dlv No 32 Market Street
Corrected dally by K B Lovkl grocer and
produce dealer NosSU and 51 Market street
Maysville Ky
Coffee WH - I 15ftlfl
Molasses old crop lt gal oo
Molas set fancy new V gal 70
Sugar yellow W lb iii
Sugar extra C 11 lb 7raS
ougur a 81 tu
SUKKrgrnnuhited y lb SYA9
HiiEar powdered per lb lo
Sugar Now Ol leans ft UK
Teas lb jo 1 W
Coal Oil hend light tf gal U
Apples per peck Sntl0
Bacon breakfast V lb 2VMU
Uncou clear sides per lb 12iIJ
Bacon Hams m loft 10
Bacon Shoulders per lb lult
Beuns tf gal
Butterim JO
Chickens each S0ah
Applet dilrd per tr 8K
Ieachfcs dried per lb by
BgiiN doe Vl
Flour lanifstone per barrel 7 no
Flour Old Gold per barrel 7 00
Flour Maysville Fancy per barrel 6 ilj
Flour Iiimiii Comity peruartel 6 Vo
Flour H iyiil P ttent per barrol 6 VJ
Kluiii Uriliiiiii piTsacl oi
Floui Magnolia Family per bund 5 75
llniipy per lb 15620
Hominy in gallon SO
Meal lil pock nj
Lard DUB m
OiiIiihh per peek Jtllf
HotiitPfHlB n clt Is
HeiiiimntN IJeef Tonic
the only piepmalloi oi beef containing lis
entile nutritious propeitle It contains
hlood uiiiUing force geiieiatlng and lift mis
tdnliu mopeitlr s Invaluable lor indigestion
dyspepM1 nei vous piotrutlnu and nil oims
nfgu eral debllTy also In all enfeebled eon
dllinn whllii the result of exhaustion
nervous iiiiistriton overworn or acute dis
ease pattletiliirly If resulting liom pultnnn
ay complaint- Caswell Hnziircl fc Co pin
ptlelorM Nutv York Hold by diulsts
T ANTED You to re nemlier I lint the
M tlnihl Mock of witttlies Jewelty Mlver
vwue mid clocks l at
m d t 11 Kit M A XN I FS
I7OK KKNT A small store room on Cherry
alley loceutly occupied by lohn Wheeler
lor maiiulaclurlng Mla uito ul o suitable
lot a stable 30tllt S S MINKU
iult KlOvr A small dwelling In the lower
I pai t ol the clly near Hie gas works Ap
ply to II C MOU JAN uiWdlw
iOlt HA IK Itesltlenees cottages and lots
V In every ward in the elly ot all desciip
tloiisiuii prices JOHN M STOCKTON
Heal Kstate Agent
IOU AUC Mlx mme beuutlliil building
I lots In Mulllns addition Vix Jio Veiy
low monhly na incuts it tietieil
lldJt Ileal Klale Agent
IOK sAIH AH0 TiushcN oiTlmr anil ioijio
1 bushels of b own Mind also rln utps and
bull log stone Apply to LKvVIS N Hl
DAI ni tho postolllcu In Chester HSilAwhv
IjOU S LK Two counteis eiiHip Call al
V F HAUClvhShnliion WallMieet stilt
SVIK Two gonl building lots In
CllltoiiaIst a Miiull tract o eight or ten
acres ol laud near clly limits good home
lorn gardener Apply to M F MArtell Sut
ton Micet
lOU HA I K it pubite nueiloTiTJuuuIiut J
I p in it not sold sooner a itouse and lot
on east end ol Giant slieet ij feet lion I anil
emi moiv or less ilsei Aiily to AN W
NOON niJIdllt
17OK SAIK My lesldence and grounds
Just below tho oily 111 Maysville Loca
tion Isdellgntlul with picture Iitilt nnl gar
den ami every advantage of a lovely country
home or will tradulortjood cltv property
inTflliu A J McUOlGIK
10S1 About lour weeks ago 11 black cow
j cow with h whllo snipe tlown her back
ami a knot I think on I ho 1U side of the
neck Any infounatlo 1 teganlliig same will
bo thanklully received or return the row and
be rewarded mJJtlll M A THOMAS
ice orsidvivr
nuido from the best IngictllcnlK supplied to
wetltllngs patties etc on tho most leiisou
able tonus Fruli ot all uintls and 1ure
Ilome mado Caudles uesh evervtlny
Hecond street Mrs Tlioiiius old stand
CourtBlrcotovorMlss Lou Icuices millinery
store 1aterns cut to older mnylOd
mantels etc Holo agents for the celebrated
Omaha and Leader stoves Hooting anil gut
tering promptly and sutlsfuctoillydone Cor
ner of Manket and Third streots A It Glas
cocks old stand uplIUdlw
rycusox kiuiin a-
Uealcis lu
Dry Goods Groceries
Notions Hnrdwaro and Queensware
ISaptf Germantown Ky
y iuAiciioH4irGit
Ileodquattors for-
Clocks Silver Goods Jewelry
The Boss Waltham Watch Store All work
promptly and willsfaetoilly done Hecond
Street east of Market apiiVlly
Pll II II KiNK or tin IKQulnrey
any ona f au rurv hltnrir qulrlfy an4 atnlrilj Tor
11 11 lUaK XSl aU 100 1 ultim bl im lurk till
xTtl ffBMH
- i k A
85 S Clark St Opp Court House CHICAGO
Arnpilnrirrndtiate 5 TlioOlilot Ncclnll4
In tlio Uiiitid Statu wliuu itFi oiw irLitiEjici
perfect inotlioil And pure motllctne Inturs HHEDr
nnd rsnvANEKT OUIIKS of all 1riratn Chronle nd
prroui uimium AtlBCtloiijof tho Jllood Nkln
Klilncyn Kindlier riiitln ITIcera Old
Nir Ntvelllnir rtltoUluiitLSiru Mnnth
Ihrtmt Honu Iulni permanently cured and
oratlictud ftoiu tho bj stem for Ida
H CD Villi C J Impotenry Sfnhial
ilkllff UUO lMSseiHvxuttllHcaMvnUrt
and lhyatcal lteaJtticsH Jntiy Memory
Weak Eyrs Stuntrd Development Impedi
ments to Marriage cie from cjccrsies or ai
cause tpetdlly afely and jn tvattli Cured
irYonnir Mlddle Airrd and Old men find at
who i netl medical skill and experience conMilt
Dr IUto atonco Ilia opinloucotnnotlilisT and mar
tavo future mlftrry and ahame When inconvenient
to risit the city for treatment medicines can bo none
ererywhsro ly mall or eipross free from otiacr
vtitlon J H i oelf eidont that a iaician who
Bivea hta wholo attention to a c1ik ol dleeasea nt
ulna icreiit aklll and physicians throughout the
country knolnthl frequently recoinmenddlfllonlt
cases to the OItat HieclalUt by whom eTory
Uniiuu tol remedy la used Hale a
Abo and Kxpr rlenee main Ills opinion of an
prvnif ImiinrtHnre irThose who call see no
one bat tho Doctor Consult at innifree and sacredly
confidential Cases which havo failed In obtaining
rollef elsewhere eswclally soheited Femalo In
easos treated Call nr wrte Hours from l to 4
to tt PtindayK 1 to 115 UUUJB TO HtvLTU
arNT laEK Address as above
Oflice Second Street Mt5mrtfr
ainysvllle My
Otllce Second Street next
door to llauk of Maysville
opposite Uelfel8 grocery
aplTdly M
Hecond street next dooi to Dr Martins
Ottlce nnd lesldence south cast corner of
Third and Sutton stieets Will give special
attention to diseases ptcullar to females
iVo21 Mtrket fit nearly opp Central Hotel
OMce 0en at all Jlottri Ma y riLLK JCT
iyi luiwirr c vhaxiuis
Dentist IS
Oldest and best Companies Iiismas lor
till value Low rates Losses promptly paid
Vo dlhcoiints No delays Onlce corner Third
arkot street nplbtlly
vuis SMI rii j it
Paper Hiinuor ami Olazter Dfcoiatlons a
specialty Woik promptH and satisfactorily
done Headquarters at J C Pecor t Cos
drtiK stoie inchL7dtu
Successors to Thomas Jackson
Livery Sale and Feed Stablea
Street tlacl onlers promptly attended to at
all times Finest nnd latest htyle Turnouts
Iloihcshouuht and sold on Commission Mar
ket St lour doors below Central Hotel al3
iimsiii ioons unii
Hats t niw Tnitiks and Valises The latfvd
fall stylf gjutt rtcelvrd
Maiketsi aplMly MAYSVILIK IfY
it tr nnitrsi
Dealer In Staple and Fancy
litis HKMOV1SU Irom hU old stand to tlii
biilldltison second street lately occupied by
UhailesH Frank itjilWly
n iks toe nnvMvTj -
Fall Hnts Millinery Goods RonnetH Klb
Dous Flowers mill Millinery JoodsKenernlly
Knilre satisfaction uunrauieed In all cases
Second opposite Opera Itnuwi tuny41y
ElstaToltsliocS 1965
Sit ttW htcoml M OpjitOjMTa House
Fruits and Veptablcsin suasoi Your patron
rfe lespccttulli solicited IHdlr
Hnpiesents the London nnd Lverpool nnd
Glbe German American of New York and
Plieutx ot Brooklyn Also agent lor Iiluo
Idck Water Olllco corner of Fiont and Sut
ton streets apUTdly
Marble Granite and Freostono Yard
Monumontal ami IUilltllnu Workman Mon
uments I ablets anil Tombstones Cemeteiy
Posts and Heirth Stones ou hand No 0
west Second street Maysvlllo llliiil ly
o ii nimtAji
Sanitary Engineer Ous and Steom flttor
Dealer In plumbers goods Pumps Hose
Sower Pipes Lead anil Iron Piping Steam
and Water Gauges No 8 west Second stioet
Nos 67 aud 89 Second nnd ll Sutton streotB
havo Just received a largo stock of Impioved
tho greatest lubor suvliiR implement ovor at
fered to farmers Tho best tobacco hoes nnd
tobacco barn liurdwaro of nil kinds upllb
xvixijXjXTsriijt sr
I wish to aunounco to the latlles that I have
Just received a lingo and elegant assortment
oi now Mpiing ami summer Millinery uooiis
consisting of Hats ltontiets Ieitbers Flow
ers Laco goods otoi and would rospecllully If
ask them to call and examine
dtf East Miuket Street
- j

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