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Thk Minnesota delegates are favorable
to Tilden
Tub California and Nevada delegates
are solid for Blaine
Thk Democratic Stato Convention
meets at Columbus June 24th
Thk Republican National Convention
will assemble at Chicago to morrow
John Wolf eon of the Circuit Court
Clerk of Scott County has been sentenc
ed to five years in the penitentiary for
forgery on the Georgetown bank Fif
teen indictments for similar offenses are
pending against him
The New York Independent Republi
can delegation is in Chicago making war
on Arthur and Blaine They threaten
to bolt it either of these distinguished
gentlemen should be put in nomination
They arefor Senator Edmunds
Mb Charles M Steele the present
business manager of the Cincinnati Nows
Journal denies the report that it is his
intention to publish a two cent morning
daily The story was put into circulation
to affect the sale of the material and good
will of the News Journal
The Republican Convention at Chicago
to morrow will be composed of eight
hundred mid twenty delegates and four
hundred and eleven votes will bo required
to nominate There will be about sixteen
contests The entire Virginia delega
tion composed of twenty four votes will
be opposed The Republican delegation
is for Blaine and the Mahone delegation
for Arthur The fate of both candidates
is said to depend on the result of this
Ami Other Famous People of n LUtle
Kentucky Town
Louisville Times
A correspondent writing from the old
town of Washington in Mason County
says In view of the interesting cere
monies in Washington City in honor of
Chief Jubtico John Mnrsliall I thought
a letter from this place where so many
of his near relatives live and where his
mother and father lie buried might be
of some interest to your readers This
is the oldest settlement in Northeastern
Kentucky and at one time was the cen
ter of trade for a great extent of territory
Thomas Marshall a brother of Chief
Justice John Marshall came here from
Virginia in early life and raised a large
family and among them Col Charles A
Marshall now living neir here
Another brother of the Chief Justico
lived in Woodford County Dr Louis
Marshall Ho died a few years since
The writer well remembers seeing hipi
here manv time3 on a visit to his rela
times lie always carried a cane that
came wav above his head
I have heard it told of the old gentle
man who was a greit eater that while
t e would be asking a blessing standiim
at the foot of the table as was his cus
oin and if some favorite dish was
he would then and there proceed to
rate the Hervantb tor their lieuled
The old doctor was a great Presbyte
im and used to sit on the ro truin ili
redly un er the pulpit when he came to
imich whether to be seen or to hear
the better I never knew
This old gentleman as I have and
Jived in Woodford County and taught a
school at his place called Buckpm l
The celebrated orator Thomas F Mar
shall was his son It was to Buukpohd
that the parents of the Chief Justice
came when they left irginia tor Ken
tucky intending to make their future
home with their son Louis but they
did not remain theie long it seems but
soon came here to the home of their son
Thomas named for his father and his
favorite son Thov died here at a very
old atie and now lie buried in the Mar
shall family burial giound adjoining this
The mother of the celebrated duelist
Alex McClung was a sister of the Chiof
She had another son John A McClung
Mho was distinguished both at the bar
and pulpit for ho was a preacher and
lawyer at different times lie drowned
himself at Niagara Falls some years ago
His wile was a sisterof Alberts John
ston who commanded the Confederate
rirmy at Pittsburg Landing
Ofd Dr Johnston the father of Albert
Sidney come to this place from Connec
tcut iu carlv life
General Win Nelson who wns killed
by Jeff C Davie at the Gault House in
Louisville was a native of this place and
went into the navy from here
The fathnrof Nelson who was a physi
cian and old Dr Johnston lived in the
same house here at different times
It was something that did not ofton
occur during the war that the two Gen
erals who were the heroes of the oppos
ing armies should have been natives of
the same small town and well known to
each other
Such was tho caso at the bloody battle
of Shiloh Church or Pittsburg Landing
when Johnston commanded the Confed
erate foices and fell mortally wounded
ieading a chnrgo It is a matter of his
tory that Nelsons coining up nt tlo op
portune timoat tho head of Buells army
saved tho day and tho Federal army from
a great disaster
Thomas Marshall Koy who lived in
your city and was on McClellans staff
went from hero His father was clerk of
the court horo for many years John I
Key was an older brother of Thomas
Ho was on General Hallecka staffa while
hut wis dismissed from tho army by
President Lincoln on account of some in
discreet languago concerning tho freeing
of tho slaves Tho writer was shown a
short time since a copy of the ordor dis
missing him
ItytnE la State In Camp With flow
rs toretlng Mr Coffln Lid
New York Jun S On tha hill a quar
ter of a mils south of 1 Mora Station on
the Contral Railroad of New Jersey tbo
camp flrei of a g7Py band Mazad brightly
last evening Around on of the tires a
dozen swarthy men with red handkerchiefs
at their throats sai am talked horse talk
with Henry Keeaan who had driven his
nag up from Elisabeth under cover of
the darkness and was open for a trade
The brass buttons of officer Sloan glittered
by the Are light A pack of dogs under
each of the dozen or more wagons snarled
at strangers who came along
Inquiry being made for the chief gypsy
Uncle Walter Lovell a stalwart man six
feet in height broad shouldered and white
haired arose aad came forward Yes
he said in atiswer to a question it is true
that the queen of the band is dead She
died a little before 12 oclock yesterday
While he was speaking the old xpan led
the way to a low oral tent lighted with
candles There tbo old lady lies he
said pointing to a coffln in the teat The
coffin lid was almost covered with flowers
A score of women sat around on the
ground speaking to one another in whis
pers She was say wife the chief of the
band said She was born in a gypsy
camp at Norfolk England more than a
hundred yoars ago Her name was
Kosauna I dont know how old she was
but I am sure sho was over a hun
dred She was taken sick here in
camp bout a week ago and she
died in this tent It was nothing
but old age that ailed her We were mar
ried in England I dont know how many
yoars since and came to this country four
teen years ago We have camped in almost
every country of Europo and almost every
State of tho Union Last winter we were
in Virginia We have threo sons Two
are living a gypsy life in this country one
in our baud and one in another and a
third son has settled down in Wales Wo
shall bury tho old lady to morrow forenoon
at 11 in the Evergreen Cemetery
There are about forty gypsies in the
band Tlioy have six tents and a dozen
wagons Tho dead woman was treated
with tho consideration due a queen Sh
was regarded as an infallible fortune
toller and sho had accumulated a consider
able property When a gypsy dies the
horses owned by the dead person are killed
and tho wagon is burned otherwise bad
luck it is believed will follow tho band
Queen Rosunmi sold all tho property that
belonged to her shortly before her death
so that thero was no sacrifice of horses and
no pyra of wagons It is expected that
the iuneral will bo attended by many gyp
sies from bands encamped in other parts o
New Jersoy
Koorgo Oliver Couvlcted of ItlurdCf
In the First Decree Johnson son
Cincinnati O June 2 The jury in tho
George Olivor murder case returned a ver
dict of murder in the first degree yesterday
morning Tho jury retired at 1 p m Fri
day At an early hour yesterday morning
thoy announced that thay wished to report
When they iiad tiled into the jury box
Judgo Avery asked Gentlomen of tho
jury have you agreed upon a verdict
We Uave responded Isaac Aokley the
foreman Tako the Verdict said the
Judge to the clerk Tho clerk received the
verdict form tho foroman and read We
the jury in issue joined tind Goorge Oliver
guilty of murder in tho first degree in
charged in tho indictment
Upon Major Blackburns roquest the jury
was polled and oach juryman rising U his
placo in rosponse to tho question Do you
find Geo Oliver guilty of murder in tlia
first degree said I do
Juilga Avery thanked the jury for their
service and tiioy ware discharged
Oliver who lms been confident through
out tho trial that ho would roceivo a ver
dict of an iutorior degree of homicido oi
acquittal and lms fcorno himself with sang
froid looked frightened when the verdict
was announced His llttlo wife who sat
by his side during the entire trial when tils
full effect of the verdict dawned Upon her
mind gave way completely and her sup
pressed sobs sounded through the court
room as sho claspad hot husbands arm
Benjamin Johueu the surviving burkor
is sentenced to be hanged September 12
The Financial Outlook Pi oiiiIhIii
and the Uiiiikx In Good Condition
Washington Juno 2 The Comptroller
of tho Currency upon being asted to day
what he thought of thu present financial
situation said ho believed that it was im
proving The banks in New York and
other money cotm res had lost a large part
of their country deposits but lie thought
that as soon as confidence should be re
stored nionoy would How ngain into its
usual channels as it did after the panic of
Some of tho best and most conservative
peoplo iu New York he continued think
that great progress lSis been made and
that turough tho summer money will be
dull and rates low From all that can be
leai ned from tho bank examiners who are
watching the situation tho country banks
bcemod to bo in good condition
Lpon being asked what legislation if
any would probably restore coutldonce Mr
Cannon said I think the McPhersou bill
is the simplest and most available of the
measures that at o in condition for immedi
ate action If it should become a law it
would increase the circulation of the coun
try by mere than 350000000 and would
contribute greatly to the restoration of
confidence Unlesi the McPhorson bill or
some otlki measure giving relief to banks
is passed by Congem and the McFlivrson
bill sooms to be the only ono that is likely
to be reached there will bo a contraction
of the curronuy during the summer and
early fall and it is possible that more
financial trouble may occur whon it
becomes necessary to move thu crops
Noivm Powdkk Ore Juno 2 William
and James Caseboar brothers wero found
yesterday nndor soven feet of dirt in their
mining camp at Bulger rfat eight miles
from here They have been missing
for a weekor moro end It is suppo od thoy
wero burried while asleep during the storm
on May SO
Died From a Snake Hltc
Dallas Tex Juno v W Terry died
nlho miles north of this city yesterday
from the effects of a bitu iulllcted by u
copper head Bnako Tuesday last
Vandemhlt will sail for New York June
8th t
Harvey D Pakkkr proprietor of the
Parker House Boston Is dead
Sinok Informer Delaney gave evidence at
Sligo certain Fenians have left Dublin two
for Canada
MiDDLKTort Co bankers and brokers
of Washington D C have assigned for
the benefit of creditors
Lillian Russklls Bllleo Taylor Com
pany are bankrupt at Lausanno The hotel
keeper seized their luggage
Trie Gaulois declares tho French Cabinet
has decided to reject tbo proposals of Eng
land in rogard to Egyptian finances
Thk Paris News says a noisy faction in
the jury of the Salon hooted down and pre
vented every attempt of the judge to con
sider the merit of any Amorlcan picture
Pkrrin H Sumnkr New York broker
arrested on the charge of swindling Daniel
M Davidson lata of Western Virginia out
of 10000 haa been committed for exam
RoCHEFonT editor of LIntransigeant
continues his violent attacks upon General
Grant It is reported that his reason is
that Grant refused to seo him when in
Nobar Pasha Prima Minister is pre
paring a statement to the Powers showing
that Egypt it unable to support the present
rates of taxation The land tax is often
greater than the gross value of the crops
Jakes Fitzpatuiok and his wife of
Philadelphia quarreled in their bedroom
late last night whan their son Jamts
broke into tho room and struck his father
The latter beized a sword and killed his
At Converse Station Texa near San
Antonio throe llttlo sons of Edward Hair
ing four to nine years of ago went swim
ming and were drowned When the fathor
found them thoy wero locked in each
others arms
The fifth child of Mrs Scrifer the in
sane woman nt Albany N Y died yester
day from injuries rocieved while her
mnther held her on tho track till the cars
struck her Tho mother was killed at the
same time having previously cut the
throats of four children nearly severing the
heads from the bodies
The Surviving Brother of Anderson
Iackcy Found Murdered
Chillicotux June 2 Laban Stevens
tb3 last of the three murderers of Andor
bon Lackey was executed last Friday
Yesterday Gilbert Lackey a brother of tht
murdered man was found iu a pit of sand
His head was crushed in and there was
injuries to his chest and body which
plainly indicated that he had bein foully
alon icpeat this htory I have been u terri
bio Millet er for yea in with blood and skin
humor- have been obliged to shun public
places by icnsou oi my ult tlguilug humors
iiiiyh imu i lie Desi iMiyhiiimiN iuiyp njieiit
hundmls of dollars and got no real lellet
until I uvol tllO CDTIC17RA IU6ULVFNT the
new blood purifier Internally nndCUTicuiiA
and CimcuitA Soai the Gieal slcln cuies
imilMcln heuutitlers estemully which nave
fined me and let my skin and blood us pine
as u childs
a I1IOST ivitiiu itii
TaniCHE RIchnidMiii Custom House New
Oilenus on oath siy in 17U sciotnlous
nlcciH broke out on my body until 1 was a
mahsot corruption Evciytnlns known to
tio medical faculty was irled In vain 1 be
rnuieH mere wieck At times could not lilt
my hands to my bond could not tuin in bed
was in constant pain and In iked upon lite
ns u cur e o tellef or fine In ton years In
lhhii I beaid of the CtmciritA Kfmuue used
tliPin and was peifecllj cmed
Suoiu to beloio IT S Com J D Crawfoid
Will McDonald 2312 Deni born Street Chi
ciiko gratefully acknowledge n cuie of
ccaem or alt i1iim on lit nii neck lace
anus and legs for seventeen yeuis not ble
to move except on bands and knees for one
year not able to bolphlmselt for eight years
ill- d lumdipds of remedies iloetois pronoun
ced IiIhco hoiele pcimanently cuied by
the CuTJCiritA Remedies
ii oui MtMiitrui yix
II E Onrpeutflr Henderson N V cmed of
POilasls or lemnsy of twenty yearr stand
lllKi by CUTICUHY Kemkmkm The inot
wonderful emu on u coid A diistpauful of
scale- tell fiom him dally Physicians and
bis li lends thought he must die Cure sworn
to lieioio a Justice ol the peace iiLd lleudel
sons most piouiluent cltliuus
Write to us foi these testimonials In full or
wind dliect to the parties Al uio absolutely
ti no and given without our knowledge or so
licitation Dont wall Now is tho time to
cure every species ol Itching scaly pimply
sciofulous Inherited contagious and copper
coloied diseases of the blood skin and scalp
with loss of hair
Sold by nil druggists Price CrmcunA 50
cis RvsoLVKNT il Soap 25 cents Jottek
Dklo and CiiiMtcAL Co lloston Mass
151 A TTTV lor inugh chapped and
J J IZj t U J I oily skin blackheads nnd
slrln blemlsliiS use iuticoua Soai wsdw
Sealed Proposals will be recolvd until
Tuesday Juno 10 IbSI for the tuinlsblug ot
mntoilul and constructing according to the
plans nnd specifications the Presbyterian
Cliuich Mnysvllle Ky Plans and tipeciflcu
tlons leady lor Inspection at H L Mowells
store Proposals will bo leculvud for the en
tire woik exclusive of the excavation nud
building foundation excepting the finishing
of the main auditorium that to be mnde iu a
sopaiHto bid bidders to speedy the date they
obligate themselves lo complete contiact
Hid entliu work to bo doue on n cash basis
wo making payments us the work progresses
leservlug twenty per cent until completion
oi contract J JAMES WOOD
mJ3ew2w Secy Ilullding Committee
plain aeulod en vloprec DruggUM cui fllUC
If m jj nn lifinn JL on t ntUn Ma f
luurcil wn nnnw w wwt
Olllce Court Street
nplbdly Maysvllle Ky
Is now offering GKEAT BARGAINS in the following
lines of NEW GOODS which have Just been received
Parasols Fans Llnoti Do Daccas Plaid De Daccas
blo Linens Napkins Gros Grain Silks and a very great variety of other Seasonable Goods
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Have In Mock a full Hue of-
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Straw Goods li Sim Mra
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Brent assortment AIko the tlnest selection of Ciienp Papers evor shown by us ummr prl
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J T K AOKLEY Successor to M L

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