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Will the coming- man tmoke m Bel
tied by- Prof Flak In hln charming pam
phlet Uormie0vtrUitUioeiil
way to uto tobaeeoiU through tto pipe-
All rrea that only the belt tobacco nhotild
be vjkA Which la tuoJbeaiT JTba to
which Nature baa cofitrbute4 the meat ex
qulslto flavors BlackweUn Bull Durham
Smokinir Tobacco fills the bill completely
Nearly two thirds of all the tobacco grown
on the Golden Tobacco belt of North Caro
lina goes into the manufactory of Black
well at Durham They buy tho pick of
the entire section uence
BlackwclTe Bull Durham
Bmoklntf Tbbacco ia the
best of that tobacco Dont
bo deceived henTou buy
Tha Durham Bull trade
i Tcxrxvcw
mark la on
every genuine
Dlackvrella Genuine1 Bull Dnrham
ia me cnoicaoi nu jihku ui
SmokUitf Tobacco
flW iwnes ft
Iftfial ramgzmm 7jl
rpif OMAtt TAl K ON
iJeuler u
Spi iiitf Wagons mill IIiirucNN
Repnsltmy No 18 Sutton street Maysvllle
Kv llemlaumteisioi MlJAl KfcOVHtlme
tiled and lellnblu
Horse medicines
1R JACKSONS BLACK QIl cures mange
Clacked life waits prensj heel pricket fool
militer naiid riHckscortiMOtc Pi Ice rjUcpnts
MEN in an excellent lemedy for enlarge
nient spavin ring bone capped hock curl
itpltnt crump or stralu of tlie whirl bone
Price 50 cents
fever influmatiou oi Hie kidneys and rlieu
ma tlsm in man or hoise P Ice 50 cents
DRJA KSONS FOOT OIL Is an ettectlvi
remely lor chafes wires or qnarter ciack li
torses feel and mange anil llco In cattle boo
hordes Price 50 cents
8ent to any address on receipt oi prlei
rn J 4 uitiirv
Sanitary Plumber
Curleys new system of House Drainage and
Ventilation Bath rooms fitted up with Lot
and cold water a special 3 -Also large
supply of
Iron Lead and Stone Pipe
Globe Angle and Check Valves water and
fcteain Gauges Force and Lift Pumps Rub
ber Hose Climdelleis Brackets ui d Globes
Personal attention given to ail work and sat
isfaction guaranteed TJ CUR LEY
becond Rtreet above Market opposite Omar
Dodsons Wavsvllle Ky fl6dly
Medicated Well Water
A Siirrllc or hrSVElSCAnnd
been used with most graiitywg suc
cess In many obstinate cases Prof F
WClark professor of Cueml try at tho Uni
versity oi Cincinnati says this water belongs
to the same class Willi that of tho Allegliauy
Springs oi Virginia the medicinal virtues
of which are too well known to be stated here
Those who desire to try this famous water
are referred to Captain 0 W Bojd Levanna
Ohio Captain C M Holloway Cincinnati
Ohio J J Kaipe Cincinnati unio ror sine
In half barrelsaud jugs by
GUH SIMMONS Proprietor
mffldAwM NrlMn Ohio
Having had many years experience In every
branch of his business and having built some
of the bot buildings In Kentucky and Ten
nesseehoth pulillc and private announces to
the citizens ot Maysvllle and suiroundlng
country tlmt Is now permanently located In
Maysvllle and solicits the pationage of all de
siriug work done In tills line Stair building
of every chaucter a specialty ttatlstnctlon
guaranteed Ordeis by mail promptly attend
ed to City residence Ebeisoles point Fifth
Ward Muysville Ky ralGddmo
Livery and Sale Stable
A full line of all kinds of vehicles on hand
forsale lilro or exchauge Hoises kept by
day week or mouth Largest and best ap
pointed Ltvery Stable In tho west Prices as
low as any Uost attention to vehicles Rtoted
Telephone connection No 10 and 1 west
Second St aplTdly MAYSVILLE KY
Wo have lu stock full lines of
White Goods and Dress Goods
Hamburg Hosiery Gloves Jerseys and all
seasonable staple and fanoy Dry Goods at
bottom prices Bleach Brown and Tobacco
Cottons a specialty
Manufacturers of and Dealers In
Stoves Mantels Grates
Tinware Stoneware Woodenwaro c Tm
Rooting Guttcilug Spouting and Stove Re
pairs a specialty No 89 Market Street lit
dors old stuud Maj svllle Ky niyldly
rriloMAS incKNON
Dealer In
Third street east of Limestone Powells ojd
stand Maysvllle Highest market price
paid for nil kluds 01 Cottn try produce Best
of GiocerleRat bottom prices CH on Uu
cle Tom whether you want anything or
noL fcblddm
J McCAllTJIKY Licensed auctioneer
for Mason and adjolntug counties Or
ders left at the Boiiktin office will receive
prompt attention P O uddiesu Mt Caimel
ith tho Prospect of Spluttering
Over and Creating a Stampede
rhoH HardS FijfhtlBuQmeriny Down
i a
llitrrlaon Ao Withdraw Sherman
force llnppy Logans Follow
er Still
1 r I V I 4i r I v
liuuiU Complacent
ivi rrm M
Chicago Juno 3 The pollUcal cauldron
ybs seething withinift cotiplfi of hours after
duylight this morning Mauy of the dele
gates and workers wuro up all nighth seem
ing and plalttflng arlous coup do etats
which are promised for the uost twenty
fotir hours fTltoBlaitfoAttlnirfllife in
creases in bitterness every hour and a
deadlock in the cduyentldnnbwfieenis inev
itable The Blaino men hax e bocomo exas
pernldd at the nupationca tho lew York
bus ness men lay upon their backing and
luwe ariangod for i dilegation of ew
oik business moh to nirKe hero this
a tcrnbjii and tho light if possible will be
four years ago and uhIo tho Artliur men
do not claim any iwvv w clsmohs thoy de
clare thut th y am holding their own and
that own U saiicieut to iiniiM su ceis
The Logan men commenced this morn
ing tho d atrilmtion of tens of thousands o
copies 1 f tlie address of thi members of the
American Frte School Aso iation asking
the 1 011 ention to nominate J ogau on ac
count of his inoposition to gie tho Gov
ernment ai t schools and tor anous other
rensms Ihe adt r ss is largely signed by
the citizens of vanom bt tes
Hatrison decided la t night not to go In
to tho contention Jnhn H Roblkeu has
been t legia hd for to act as alternate for
Le indium delegation He will present
llai riaoiis name give him the solid sup
poi t oi Indmua ami claims twenty vot s
ftom New otk aud fennsylvauitu
At midnight the Blaine manager do ided
that Ju ge West the bl nil orator from
Ohio should nom uato Hliino
An address issued by tho Virginia
Stiaihtouts is being distributed wuole
Mahone is treating Deendorf Wickham
and colleagues with supreme contempt
the Kdmunds men are hard at work and
give an emphatic denial to the rumor that
hey will abandon Edmunds for Grosham
Hubbard of Connecticut issuos the fol
lowing card
Thostatemtnt that thoConnecticut del
egation is divided is untrue They are for
Haw ley anil have so voted unanimously
Mid will stick to it
A small breeze is reported from the
delegation in tho bape of a
boom rou oknekal shkumax
It is claimed that the Blaine men are at
the bottom to prevent threatened defec
All the State delegations were in session
this morning in respect to a call of the Na
tional Committee to elect vice presidents
secre ailes and other olllcers of the con
1 rains arriving in Chicago this morning
iveru heavily laden
The leadet are wording hard Tho Ar
thur managers admit t at the Blaine men
have secured impoi tuni accessions yester
day Thoy claim also that thoy too are
favored in that lespet Ihe Arthur men
claim General I ogaus strength comes ft 0111
Federal ollli oholders who are indebted to
him for their p a es and argue that when
tho break comes they will naturally oin
tlie Arthur men Logans fronds continue
to maintain that they control sufficient
strength to prevent a nomination
and wont consider the question of
Tnless the situation change materially
riiis being the case both sides uro claim
ing tlie Illinoisiani but appearances indl
cu to that the majoilty of Logans f 01 cos
will when tlie change becomes advisable
Thus far all is chaos no petmauelit com
binations have been made
The Sherman men are booming their
caudiiato to day with greater energy
than thoy have hitherto and claim every
hlug in tho eentof a bieak They say
ti i two leading candidates will kill each
Other members of tho Union League
Club just arrived are strongly in favor of
Blaines nomination and aie using all
thufr persuasive puwois in his behalf Tim
dm uids mon ure r ported as losing
giuuiid but will tut adiiiL it
Tho most prouiiiunt ligure in to days
arrivals was tho
Of Texas
Mullin from tho Second Missouri Dis
trict figures that Arthur has a plurality of
the Missouri delega ion Blaine comes
next In populatity Logan ha ing but few
A Blaine worker of Kentucky claims his
delegation stands- Arthur 15 Blulno 4
antl Atthur 5
Tho Arthur men say thoy will
For their candidate
Hon Jas Devuux delegate at largo
from Georgia says his Statu rcmuins solid
for Arthur and there is no defection iho
mine is true of the southern Arthur dele
VVil iam Walter Phelps of Now Jersey
arrived with the chad man of the Pennsyl
vania delegation The latter says that
Blulno will have nearly all the delegates of
Pennsyh aula
James Gary a from
Tennessee says Ills State prefers Arthur
first uud Shorman second
One of tho momuers of the iml ipendont
movement came in on the morning train
ritu George W Curtis Mr Bui low and
other loading spirits In tho movement He
net about at once to souud th J situati jIi
but declined to be interviewed ns lie had
nothing to say In the course of comersa
tion he admitted to be opposed strongly to
Arthur as well as to Ltlaino and to desire
tho nomination of Ldmunds but de
clined to talk ftlout th reasons for
his opposition and his preference He
professed to be very little posted about the
feelings of thoGuinuin element haying no
other sources of infounatloii than tho news
papers From some ijdi stions be uskodtli9
repot U r was led to believe that MrsSehurji
looks upon Robert i Lincoln as a strong
Presidential possibility
lie Chicago iinc s to day editorially
mnkes tlie following iuili rous observations 1
Lelegutes to tlatio nl conventions should
ho properly lirmil d before thoy leave
home or eUo put in charge of competent j
and duly accredit d ko ners There 1 I
grac aanger in allowing them to runi
around loose The country 1j a large mo I
and persohs coming to Chicago froir dis
tant States and Territories may find Jtdlf
tli nit to establish their fdentjty iinIostLJLl
am distinctly aod indellibiy nmrked VLV 1
pecially is this tho case with colored
delegates who possess lews individual 1
ity of features and less dlversiiled
similes of complexion than persons of 1
the whito race With a sudden change of
clima e and beverages many people may I
forget their right namos and atninpt to I
rass themselves oif for soino on else uch
u case has already occurred and there may
bo many before tho convention bpen Ihe
plan of publishing the likenesses of states
men has been tried by ono Chicago journal
but it does not work Tho pictuies bear so
strong a resemblance to those found in tho
rouos gallery and police registors tlmt
thoy aro regarded unreliable for tho
puiposo of identification The money
tuat has been squandered on one
bogus delcgato Is n dead
loss of several piivato campaign funds If
much is wasted in this manner thcio mtiy
not be onough to uso for logltimne pur
poses If there is not mflldent money tn
go around when it is needed others that
tho distinguished statesman from Tex
may ask What are we hero for
ItttfollMxjrjjr the leault of tho most
conservative tstinyitos to he obtained h
the iufoimal ballot is given It is cf
course at bpst no m re than a strong
gues t a the position of HJ per cent ot te
del gates has been asceitAinod only by
hearsay r
Aitliur 81 1 Blaino 277 Edmunds
Logan 70 Sherman 40 Grejharn SO
Hawloy li x
Washington Juno 3 In the Senate
nine Republican Senators were in thbir
seats this morning Edmunds Sherman
Logan Hawley and Allison of the number
Each of these Presidotitial aspirants hourly
received Chicago telegrams Logan lookea
heavy and glum Sheiman chatted pleas
antly with Allison and Morrill Edmunds
looked a trifle anxious Hawldy was cool
and complacent as usual
They Kxpected a Ltyely Dtnpute and
Were Dimtppolnlcd
St Paul Minn June A Yankton
Dakota special says Newton Edmunds P
C Suaunou aud James H Toiler members
of the Indian Uoinmissior have returned
from their otilcial tripot the Sisseton re er
ration whither they went to arrange with
the Sisseton Indians for the sale of a por
tion of their ian s The commission told
the Indians briely that they were instruct
ed to arrange a plan by which the Indians
should soil a part of too million acres owned
by thorn at not less than 05 per a re H
is estimated tout tho la ids woul I bri e a1
loiist t0j000D In answer the Indians said
they did not care to sell The Indians ex
pecte 1 a parley and weie sui prised when
tho commissioners lett with the renin 1 k
that when they gH ready to sell th y
would iulk wita thoiii the Indians will
probably communicate with the Commis
sioners before lung
Hypothecated Their Klfectn A ban
doned Their ChUdreu uud Abaquut
Wheklino W Va June a A dispatch
from Braudonvillo sttts tliut much excite
ment occurred there yesterday over th
discovery that John M ittlook a wealthy
oitizen had eloped witu Mrs Emily
Shaeller the wife cf a neighbor The inci
dent was not discovered until yesterday
Athou Shaeller who was absent returned
and diseoveied his wife had not only loft
hiiu the smull family 01 ton children ta
look after but hud hypothecated all the
lamily and household ejects taking the
proceeds Mattlock had acted simiiaily
aud leaves his wife aud two children
dostituto Both aro persons of middle
IIiih Ailced Inr a Hecclver
PlULvDELllilA Juno a The following
circular was issued this afternoon by Pres
ident Kim of thd Philadelphia cc Reading
Notice is hereby given that the coupons
and interest due Juno 1 upon the consoli
dated mortgage bonds of this company
will be purchased at par for cash by
Drexel Co upon the presentation aud
sunender of the coupons or tho ansign
iueut of registered interest at their house
The Board of Directors of the company
in bossiou this morning agrood to apply to
the United btates Circuit Court to place
the company in the hands of a receiver
PhiladeliHIA June i A formal ap
plication was made at noon to day to the
Unitad States Court for the appointment
of a reciever for1 the Reading
Death of JT II GlbMOit
Cincinnati June 3 John B Gibson
one of the proprietors of the Gibson House
died at his residence on Mount Auburn at
1110 oclock last evening He was suddeuly
attacked with paralysis about a moiitU
ago and has since been couflnod to Ills
Killed by Lightning
Milwaukee Juno 3 During tho thun
der storm of last night tho seven-year-old
boy of ex Policeman rank NIozerowskj
j was instantly killod by a stiokoof Bght
niutr 1
E 3 1884
H i
Defiantly Enjoying His Ill Gotten
Gains in Canada
lirenvjrHetalnera Deposited With th
Beat Lawyer In the Country
Who Travel by Special Train
at uoi lllddlns
Montreal June 3 The- authorities in
Quttbec have declined to surrender John C
Euo to Detective Kahoy oiu tho ground
that the charge preferred against Eno of
bringing stolon money into the province
must first be judicially passed upon Tho
detectivo arrivod in this city and after
remaining a short time returned to Quebec
Ho said to a correspondent that when he
took Eno into custody he wore a smiling
countenance and did not appear the least
durorjaywL f Speaking -pleasantly to his
captor he suld
Surely you aro not so foolish as to take
mo into custody I have been legally ad
vised that I cunnot bo oxtrnditod and have
committed no ollense under tho British
He was shown tho warrant nnd when he
read it he accompanied tho detective
1 ha in him about tho mistake ho was
making in placing him under atrost Up
oa arriving at the hotel Mr Eno sent for
Air Dunbar tho Government Crown Proe
cutor and handed him a retainer Mr
Dunbar proceeded to court and applied for
a w 1 it of habeas corpus for Euo s release
Tho w rit was issued aud mudo roturuable
011 Monday when the application for his
discharge will be argued bofoie Judge
Tessier Eno was seuvhed and only liit0
in British gold was touud He continued
to treat tho matter of his arrest With ut
most nonchalance
Tills morning three gentlemen a rived
from New York Une of them was recog
ni ed as u ow York lawyer named Ham
ilton another as Eno s brother and the
tlilid as Artemus II Holmes a load ng
New York attorney On entering the ho
tel they disi arched messages for two of the
ablest criminal lawyers Jin the Province
They were paid haniUomo r tamers and 111
half an hour tie whole party started fur
the old Capital in a spooial train whkh
they engaged at once
It appeal s that on his arrival on May
Si Eno registered at tho Windsor Hotel as
Joseph Bouton Scarborough N Y His
companion who woie a priests garb ar
rived on the J ith und registered as Thos
McCloskey of 1 roy N Y It w as how
ever hown subsequently that tlie priest
was Father Ducey of Now York At Que
bec Father Ducoy registered in the name ot
Priestman Iheie is evideuco that he
retut ned to New York as ho purchased a
ticket for tho return trip in JNew Quebec
During tho companionship of Eno aud
Fiuhor Ducoj thjy enjoyed life hero and lu
Quebec in a lively and 1 usurious manner
driving about behind stylish teams and
spending money freely wherever they so
An odd coincidence had its share in
btinging about the arrest of Eno He
chose as his alias to sail for Liverpool
under the name of O T Marshall Piuk
ertons man was looking for W A Hin k
ley the ruuaway paying toller of the West
Side Bank aud had a wairaut for him
which read Hinckley alias Marshall
and Eno was arrested as Hinckley He do
nied that be was Hinckley aud then it
cutne out thut ht was Eno
Disguising himself in a stewards uut
form the dete tivo rapped at the state
room door and was admittad by Euo
whom he at once recoguiod After tender
ing his services to tlie passenger ho lu
and telegraphed a description of the ui
pect to Pinkertons agency in New Yorx
An answer came saying it was Euo and to
iinest him Tho Vancouver had left in
the meantime and the detective followed
last night ami made cue arrest this 11101 11
Whilo exchanging money at Marler
bore an incident occurtod which betiaytd
tho anxiety of Eno Theie being fowi i
sovereigns in the till than required to com
plete the amount of exchange a clerk was
sont out to get the balance During the
lutters absence Eno be ame excited evi
dently thinking it was a ruse to send for an
officer Ho went out upon tho stieet look
ing anxiously up and down On seeing the
clerk returning alone his confident e re
turned and he came in for the money
At Mclyer Barclays Eno called fre
quently to obtain quotations of New
York stock Whilo thore he be
came intimate with the firm
and talked so intelligently of the market
quotations that it was evident that he vvas
au operator The lust tlmo he was in a
gontlemau from New York thought he
recognized him and remarKed Are you
President Enof The accused laughed aud
replied that he had been often taken for
tiiat gentleman
A clerical looking individual dressed in
the garb of a Catholic priest accompanied
Eno trom here and both enjoyed them
selves having pionty of money which
they spent freely Tho clerical gentleman
was not found when Eno was arrested
The Allan steamship a o sailing to day
was searched but Eno a companion was
not discovered
Evldeutly Plotting Political 71 urder
Hauiusuuho Pa June 3 Thd MS
Quay club of Philadelphia consisting ot
colored men arrived hero this afternoon
en route to Chicago Later on cumo a spe
cial train containing over a hundied Phil
adelphia Republicans including Congress
man Biughum and other politicians ben
ator Cameron vas among those at tho de
pot when the train arrived He was joined
by a mysterious person who came on tho
train aud accompanied him to his residonco
The general impression is that tho visitor
is an agent of John Shorman
Suicide of a Prominent Journalist
St Louis June 3 Ed Pagan born in
Canada aged forty on the editorial stal
of the Missouri Republican suicided thU
morning with Rough on llats He wai
a hearty drinker and had boen on a fort
night sproo His last words were I wish
to God 1 had kept straight Ho leayes a
mother a widow and two orphans
W ontvoTaN June 3 In the House un
der the call of States the following were
introduced and referred
By Mr Stockslager a resolution caliug
on the Secretary of the Interior for tho
names of all persons with whom contracts
have been made for futnishiug Indian sup
plies Also u resolution calling on the Sec
retary of War for similar information rel
ative to any supplios
By Mr Eldridge fixing the 23d of Jun
as tho date of final adjournment
By Mr Willis of Kentucky appropriat
ing 25000 to uld the Southern Exposition
at Louisville in 1831 and admitting free
of duty articles intended for exhibition
Tha House then took up the Legislative
appiopriation bill with the amendments
reported by tho committee of tho whole
Washington Juno 3 Mr Sherman pre
sented us a memorial a request from the
Board of Directors of tho Cincinnati In
dustrial Exposition for an appropriation of
t 5tKW to aid tho work of the Kxpositio u
Mr McMillan from the Committee on
Comuiurco reported favorablv and on
motion of Mr Cameron of Wisconsin the
Senate letd tho third time nud passed the
Uouso bill authorizing the construction of
bridges across tho Wisconsin Chippewa
and St Croix Rivers in tho Stato of Wis
Fatal Qjnurel Itetvtceu Neighbor
AuaufiA III Juno J Abiut 1100a yes
terday a German tenant farmer named
Otto Hope was killed and his lured nnui
was moi tally wounded in Sugar Grove
Township by 1 O Mutcher a neighbor
ing fanner Hope has been in the habit
of pasturing his cows 011 a piecu of road
thut runs along n strip of bind owned by
old man KJetciior who had lot bidden hiin
to let his cows ioid there Hope hud dis
rognidod Fletcher s oraer and josterday
while he and his hired mull wero watching
them O W fletcher M O FleUhor u
sou about thii teen years of ae mid a
younger son emtio out and renewed their
demand High would ensued aud finally
M O Fletcher drew a rovolver and mor
tally wounded tho hired man and killed
Hope instantly All ot the f letchers vvei e
iiumeillatuly nrrestod The feeling against
them in the neiguborhood is very bitter
A VIMt to Tlldeu
Washington June 3 Congres man
Brodheud and senator Wise have leturiied
from vew York wneie they culled on Mr
Tildon ut his couutry home 011 Saturday
They touud him in apuiently quite good
health He wetomoJ them warmly re
marking to Colonel Brodhead that he
Brodhead had grown s nuewhat hsavier
since he last met him six years ago
He showed them a out over his pla e
with a great deal ot evdent pleasure ap
pearing to be qnito vigoious except as to
voico which is quite weak Politual sub
jects were talked of n a gonoral way only
but while nothi g was said to indicate di
recly whether Illdeu would or would not
be a cauuidate tho visitors came away
with the 1 1 rm belief that he would accept if
tho nomination were tendered him
Klnlilu Part Drowned
New Okii as Juno 3 A distressing
accident occurred at noon vesterduy at the
mouth of the pus of Chef Meuteur iu
Lako Buigne by whi h tin ee young men
Willie Cook Eildio Loreu aud William
Debus were drowned The thrte men
with five otheis 11a 1 boen fishing aud in
returning they eiitouutenid a heavy sea
Ihe bout they were in supped seveial seas
and citpaUed Two of the paity were
suved bt A E Liioudas who chanced to
be near by with his hour Thii thiee young
men ho wore lost w ere well known in
business ciicies au I hignly eUeemetl Cook
once swam ashoie but seeing UetJus strug
gling in the watci a warn back to his res
cue and hey di owned each other The
bodies were not rocovere 1
Ominous 11 11 rm urn
WiNNiiEU Man Juno 3 ihu alleged
threat of Sir Joan lcion ild to lurco Man
itoba to accept the teims o lered by his
gooi nmont 111 scUloiiiont of her demands
hus caused a ilutier of excitement here
Its oiieec will bo t j spring Cie feelings of
hostil ty which iho peo le of this province
have tor some time tele toward the domin
ion ununous murmurs uro heard 011 all
sides and the general expression is of de
fiance dr Johns statement that Muuitoba
is powerless and must submit to the older
pro vim us is part cularly galling aud old
timers reiato the fact ti at iu lbT Manitoba
with a population of less than 1U0J0 dolled
the ai mod forces of Eastoru Canada and
forcod from it nil sLo wanted
They Were fJoin to Church
Paukeksiu11 W a June 3 A terri
bio scene was unacted m Webb County to
day between John ihouipson and Chas M
Boggs farmers in which the latter was
killed A feud has oxistod for years be
tween the two families over some land
Some doya ago unknown persons tore down
a Jot of the bongs fence The Thompsons
wiro bUniod Ti day while both men wen
on their way to church tho men met
almost in front of tie meeting house
Boggs chat god Thompson with destroying
the f onco This ld to a quarrel in whL h
Boggs made a point to draw his pistol
wheioupon Thompson follod him with hu
whip fracturing his skull Boggs died
thrco hours later and Thompson eecaned
An Kdltora Plato
Hastings Mich June 3 Orno Strong
of Nashville Mich editor of the Nashville
News yesterday afternoon shot and seri
ously injured Dr Footf a rosidont physi
cian the ball taking olloct in tho hip
Strong was immediately arrostod The
doctor was suspectod of taking advantage
Mrs Strong whilo acting in the capacity ol
family physician
Deck Ilund Shut Down
Hannibal Mo June 3 Tobe Thur
man a negro deck hand on tho sieinier
War Eagle was shot and killed on board
that boat this morning by- Daniol Johnson
captain of the watch who claims Tliurinan
was about to strike with a coal pick when
ho fired on Thurman Johnson has sur

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