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VOL 3 NO 181
Lve Mny8Ville
Ar Paris
Ar Lexington
Ar Winchester
Ar Richmond
Ar Covington
Lvc Covington
Lve Loxlngtn
Lve Paris -
Ar Mnysvllle
Express I nccotuiv
nxcnnt DXCPDt
Hunclny tiundayr
645 am 1203 pm
I0 am 2Mpm
010 am 100 p m
2 50 pni
410 pm
1130 am 035 pm
200 pm
i B0Oam
720 am
430 pm 725 am
515 pm i8IS am
745 p m 1k30 am
No 56
115 pm
s an pm
416 jptn
For rates or Information apply to S F B
Morse division passenger agent Covington
Ky or W J Saddler Hgent Maysvllle Ky
1000 am
Ko 4 to lit
Smokers of Bluclcw ells Genuluo
Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco will
rcccivo Premiums as follows ou
terms and conditions heroepecifled
2d S2C00
3d 1000
22 other Prcmlrims as hercehown
Tho 23 premiums will bo awarded
December 23 1881 1st Premium
fjoes to tho person from whom wo ro
eclvo tholarffcst numbcrof our empty
tobacco bacrs prior to Dee 15 2il will
bo driven for tho next largest number
nnd thus in tho order of the number
of empty biKS rocclved from each
to tho twentyfivo successful cou
testants Each ha must liear our
orisrinal Bull Durham label U S
Itovcnuo Btamp and Caution Notice
Biirs must be done up pecurely In a
package with namo and addrcs of
sender and number of contain
ed plainly marked on tho outride
and must be sentclnrin s prepaid to
IIInckvteM Durham Tnlinrco
Co DunnAM N 0 Every pcnulno
packaire h vs picturo of Bull
Soo our next announcement
New Advertisements
rnEvrri icy i idik
In successful use for
The best reined v for Coughs Colds Dyspep
sia and Rheumntlsm Insure Healthy Appe
tite Good DigeMiou Regularity ol the bownls
A pieclouHboon to Delicate females sooth
ing and bracing the nervous system and giv
ing vigor and health to every fibre of the
body Sold by druggists For pamphlets etc
address C E HULL CO 18 Cedar Street
New Jork City
BURNER No more tiouble to move wicks
Every family wants ft Fit any lamp Use
same globe Bells at sight Thiee burners for
81 to any address Roller Lamp Burner Co
73 Murray Street New Ycik
Designer and Importer ol
ITALIAN marble
Scotch ana American
Ofllcc JE Xill TTouso
Estimates given ou work and designs furn
ished or gotten up nee ot charge I have
employed Mr J A McCann who has had
long txperlenco In the Monumental Dubinins
a AlloMlKliiHl Work W HtKAIVTKI
Successors to Cooper A Blsset
Ienler in Stoves Itiuipcs SInrhletzct
Jinn tolHiiiHliiiniuiluufnrrrn ntTlu
iIer and Nheet Iron IVuro
Special attention paid to tin roofllng gnttei
and Hpontlug Piuctlcal plumbers gas unn
steam ntterh Wrought iron and lead pipes
Ac All work attended to promptly and
23 E Becind st aftUy MAY8VILLE KY
After 53 years practice I have found
a Positive and Permanent Cure for
this fearlul disease and all derange
moutxof the digestive organs Send
tor testimonials Half pi nt bottles SI
six tor 5 lIt V W OHt ttiMt
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Anakesis fS
krellef and Is an inulible
leuro for Piles Price 1
lat druggists or sent pro-
Address AAKtSIS Makerc box 2 116
New York
J AIcVAUTIIKY Licensed auutloneor
J for Mason nud adjolulug counties Or
ders left at the Builktjn otllco will receive
prompt attention V O addiess Mt Carmel
TheDemoorats HoldTwo Spiritedj
Expeditious Conventions r
Ohio Instructs for Tilden and Indiana
T U for KcDonald
lilo Nominate General Ward Ex
Senator Thnrman John It 2TIc
Iienn and Jacob Mueller of vClovc
land Delegate at Iiargo to Chicago
James W Newman for Seerctarj
of State Ex Governor Inaac P Gra
Nominated for Governor by tin
Indiana Democracy and General
Ulanaoii for Lieutenant Governor
Kest of tho Indiana State Ticket
AltOKOtliof It tvanta Ule Day for the
Columbus Juno 2C EfTort after effort
to come to an undon tanding with Liotiten
ant Governor Warwick without avail has
determined tho combination to take tho bit
in their teeth Lato yesterday afternoon a
closo canvass was mado of the peroonul
strength of each candidate for delegate at
largo with tho view of making a final
slate It resulted in a play on Converse
who hud his speech all ready to deliver
when elected Chairman Adjutant General
Finley who was chosen was thus removed
from tho Held as delegate at largo much
to his disgust but Hoadlys lriends had
dono it and ho swallowed gracetully Con
verse cussed as ho couldn t at that lato
hour ro enter tho Held fur at large delegate
Tho cunyasb of personal strength resulted
in the Big Four slate for delegates whicu
has not a grain of compromise in it John
R McLean Jeneial Morgan Colonel Ed
1owdl and Colonel Thompson of Cleve
land Secretary of tho Standard Oil Com
pany iho light is now on sure but tho
sores will all bo healed by selecting
souio of tho candidates as alter
nates The free traders aro wild over
the deposition of L A Russell of Clove
land from the Committee on Resolutions
uud tho substitution ot Mayor Farley Far
ley is a tre trader in theory but beliovoi
in protection in practice The free trader
will carry the war into tho Convention
and swear by Tarquin and all tho Gods no
gag rulo will be tolerated There Is a de
cided feeling growing stronger every hour
that it will bo suicidal for Houilly to push
his claims at Chicago
Farley LeFovre Converse Paige and
and others say if Ohio is made tho battle
giound by the nomination of an Ohioan
lor either place on tho national ticket the
Democrats are whipped hero in October and
through thut defeat in the Union in No
vember Hence while Hoadly will go to
Chicago with practically a solid delegation
its members will not b enthusiastically for
him but will seek tho first opportunity
after Clevelands nomination for first place
to vote for McDonald of Indiana lor
First District delegates last night chose
for delegates to Chicago Dan J Dalton
and Lowis G Rernard for alternates Fred
Herman and James Poland for Presiden
tial elector Mike Ryan for State Coutral
Cominittesman Jerry Mulroy Tho1 dele
gates were instructed to vote as a unit for
Johu R McLean as delegate at large to tho
Chicago Convention
Second District delegates selected for
dolegates to Chicago John J Brady and
John C Riley for alternates Sol P
Kinoon and Peter H Clark colored for
Presidential Elector Mayor Stephens for
State Contral Committeeman Thus Cogan
John R McLean was uuuuiiuousjy in
dored for delegato at large to the Chicago
Columwp Juno 201043 a M This is a
Bhirt bleovo Convention Tho groat Demo
cratic party is Doing stewed with the ther
mometer at 95 degrees in tho hall A thou
sand lans aro irritating tho air and as many
petty dilferencos are irritating alleged cere
Peter King Patrick Kelly alias Tulley
Peter Kano and Schallor dolegates and
contestants from Ward b Cincinnati got
into a fisticuff argument in front of tho
Neil Houso and all wero arrested Subse
quently they wore roleasod and now adorn
seats in tho Convention
Allen O Myers has just shown up on tho
stage with a line swoolen jaw tho otrects
of tho thump thut saloon keeper Charley
MuMillou gave him in the Thirteenth Dis
trict meeting
Again tho slato has been revamped
Jaou Mueller of Cleveland has tele
graphed that ho would not accept tho nom
ination of elector at lurge and Cuyauogaiis
have dropped Colonel Ihompson and
selected Mueller as delegate at large
Paige in calling tiio Convention to order
said it was too h t to make a speech
Speaker Marsh was invited to muko tho
Committee on Credentials report There
wero two reports and tho Committee on
Permanent Organ ation toported as ngrood
Allon O Myers as chairman of tho Com
mitteo on Permanent Organization re
ported thut for delegates at largo and al
ternates each delegate of this Convention
should voto for tour nominees on oach bal
lot This is to rush tho Isle Four slato
through on one ballot There were several
nods to this but it prevailed
Paige said in his speeih Have your
quarrels hero in this Convention and with
your differences bottled hero go forth to
the greatost campaign for tho past twonty
live years
Chairman Finleys spcoch stated that the
Ropublicans stated tho presidential olectiou
hinged on Ohios voice in October and if
that was true the Republican party would
go to the wall for Ohio would go Demo
cratic in October Ho compared tho party
to day which had 25 Democratic Governors
and one Houso of Congress against the
party in 1S70 when it elected Tildon Presi
dent having then only five Democratic
Governors out of 87 and neither Houso of
Congress Ho donounced tho great Tilden
Hayes fraud the sugo of Gramorcys naina
eliciting tremendous applause Hoadlys
r 7 71 T TN
J i 1J fl V
A T JLJlJL jl xi
name also secured applause but it wat
faint Finley rejoiced at the death of
most of tho Louisiana conspirators and ths
retirement into obscurity of the remainder
Democratic economy in Congress was com
Finley gave figures to show a reduction
of State taxation notwithstanding the ex
tra expenses of the IIooj and praised that
legislation which gavo better jury laws
abolished tho contract labor system and
generously sustained tho citizen soldiers
He denounced tho Republican tarilt as cov
ered all over with monopoly favoritism
and corruption Finley closed with a
peroration to turn the rascals out
Chairman Marsh on Credentials re
ported contests from Green and Fayette
Counties in the Eighth District seating
Kerrs delegates from Green County and
the County Central Committee appoint
ment from Fayette County Tho report
olicited cheers and hisses The minoritj
report recommended the opposite and the
previous question was moved but not sec
onded on tho minority report amid cries of
Gag law Tho contest hinges between
the Martin and anti Martin tactions as a
candidate for Supremo Judge the majority
report favoring the anti Martins
Convention In Detail
Coluwuus O Juno JO The Convention
wus called to order at 1031 a m by Chair
man David R Paige who introduced the
Permanent Chairman E B Finley who
was greeted with applause He charged
the RepuDlican party as one of corruption
who had conducted a long series of rob
beries and maintained itself in power by
corrupt uso ot patronage He predicted
tho success of the Democratic party in tho
State in October and the country In No
vember He dwelt long on tho fraud of
1877 and at the mention of the name of
Samuel J Tilden tho greatost enthusiasm
prevailed After a long eulogy of tho
virtues and claims of tho Democratic party
for tho sutfrages of tho people ho pro
ceeded to tho regular order of business
The Committee on Credentials presented
both a majority and minority report on
delegates trom Greene County Alter a
vigorous fight it was referred back to tho
Hon Elmer A White Chairman of tho
Committee oa Resolutions presented his
report which is substantially the samo as
that of no last convention
Mr Russell offered a substitute his free
trado resolution and tho proposition to
strike out sections referring to the tariff
in resolutions presented by the Committoo
on Resolutions Ho was hissed throughout
tho reading of his amendments and vigor
ously and ovorwhelmingly voted down
Hon George L Converse otlored a reso
lution that it is tho senso of this Conven
tion that Samuel J Tildan should receive
tho unanimous support of tho Ohio State
Convention at Chicago on account of the
great fraud of 1877
Adopted with immenio enthusiasm
A resolution was offered that tho Ohio
delegates-at-large and district delegates
should be instructed to cast tho voto of Ohio
at Chicago as a unit
This caused a vigorous kick from all quar
ters and finally resulted in a call of the roll
by counties on tho motion to lay on the
table which is now being done amid great
Vote resulted ayes 385 nays 255 Now
calling for members of the District Com
A motion to adjourn till 2 oclock was
voted down
Nominations for four delegates-at-large
was called for
Frank Douerty of Harden County nomi
nated John R McLean of Hamilton County
John G Warwick of Massillon was nomi
nated by Woods of Woostor
T G Powell of Delaware nominated by
Mamott of Delaware
Seward of Richland County moved tho
suspension of the rules and tho nomina
tion of General Durbin Ward by acclama
Call by counties called for and seconded
recoiving vigorous protests for and against
tho resolution tho Chairman pounding the
tablo trying to call the Convention to
order finally succeeded and tho call pro
ceeded Tho vote on Sewards motion re
sultedayes 484 nays General
Ward was declared elected by acclama
Allen of Licking moved a suHponsiou
of tho rules and tho nomination of John
R MoLoan by acclamation
Goneral Warnor moved as a substituto
to Allens motion tho suspension of the
rules and tho nomination of Allen G Thur
man by acclamation
Cogan of Hamilton County moved as a
substitute to Warners substituto that tho
namo of John R McLean be added to tho
namo of that of Thunnan Roll call or
dored Tho voto on motion and substitutes
resulted 509 ayes 200 nnys Voto on
tho previous question resdltod in tho nomi
nation of Allen G Thunnan and John R
McLean by acclamation
E C K Heisley of Cloveland nomi
nated Jacob Mueller of Cloveland Moved
the rules ho suspended and nominated by
acclamation Carrlod Jacob Mueller de
clared eloctod
Goneral A V Rico and General T E
Powell were nominated for doctors at
Tho rules wero suspended and they wore
nominated by acclamation
Goneral Powell was loudly called for and
appoarod on tho platform
Ho nominates James W Newman for
Secretary of State Ho predicts that Soo
rotary Newman cau carry the State by a
largo majority and predicts a Democratic
succession to tho latoDomocratio President
Samuel J Tildon Loud applauso He
characterizes his administration as ono of
great economy
Tho rules wero suspouded and ho is nom
inated by acclamation
Secrotary Nowman appoarod on the
platform and is now addressing tho Con
Johp Bonfor of Tuscarwas was nomi
nated for Board of Public Works and
Charles D Martin of Lancaster for Su
premo Judgo
The Indlunn Democrat
Indianapolis June 26 11 a Th
Stato Domocratlo Convention has just or
ganized at Englishs Opera Houso witt
Senator Voorhoes as Permunent Presidont
Senator Voorhoos was introduced by Mc
Donald Three cheers wero heartily givet
him as the next Vice Presidont of the United
States Both McDouatd and Voorhnei
spoke briefly prophesying a victory at th
polls A very large platform was reported
by English taking ground for tariff foi
revenue so arranged as to draw tho most
public revenuo from luxuries instead of n
cesslties It condemned the Republican
demand for a State Constitutional Conven
tion The platform also endorsed
Voorhees recommended a delegation
support to McDonald as a unit
for nomination for President Mo
Donalds name received great applause
When the call for nominations of a Gov
ernor was progressing an oirort was madt
to start a Voorhoes bo m for tho good of
the party but tho Senator emphatically
declined to allow his name used The can
didates wore Isaac P Gray of Randolph
David Turpie and M D Manson A choice
was reached the first ballot tho voto being
Gray ODD Manson 181 Turpie 223
Half a dozen candidates wero nomi
natcd for Lieutenant Governor buf
the friends of General Manson took
the bit in their teeth and compellec
their decliuatiou Manson was unanimously
nominated amid great enthusiasm Williau
K Myers present Secretary of State ant
other State officials were unanimously ro
W R Myers of Madison for Socrotarj
of Stato James H Rice of Floyd for
Auditor and John J Cooper of Marlon
for Trcasuror wero renominated by accla
For Reporter of tho Supreme Court Joht
W Korn of Howard was nominated foi
Judgo of tho Supromo Court Fifth Dis
trict J A S Mitcholl of Elkhart Super
inteudent of Public Instruction John W
Holcom of Marion Tho Conventson ud
iourred at 1 3Q
nnsc Rail
Louisville KyJuno 21
Louisville 2 0 0 0 10 3 0 00
Metropolitans 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
huso hits Louisville 10 Metropolitans
3 Etrors Louisville 2 Metropolitans 7
Pitchers Hecker and Keofe Umpire
Baltimore Md Juno 26
Baltimore Unions3 0 1 13 2 3 4 017
Chicago Unions 0 0140020 18
Dethok Mich Juno 2d
Providonce0 000000000000 11
Detroit 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Base hits Providence 11 Detroits 3
I Errors Providence 2 Detrolts 8 Pitch
1 ers Rad bourno and Shaw Umpire
Chicago Juno 26
Chicagos 0 6 10 3 0 3 0 13
Bostons 0 400000110
Base hits Chicagos 15 Bostons 8 Er
rors Chicagos l Bostons 4 Pitchers
Corcorau and Whitney Umpire McLean
Washington June 20
Nationols 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 01
Kansas City 1 0 0 0 0 10 0 2
Other games reported are Cincinnatis
12 Alleghenys 0 Minneapolis 13 St Paul
4 Logan 11 Hamilton 3 Marietta 28
Browns 0 Toledo 4 Baltimore 3 Colum
bus 8 Brooklyn 4 Cincinnati Unions 7
Boston Unions 6 Indianapolis I Athletio
5 Philadelphia 6 Cloveland 2 Lexington
4 Chicago Reserves 3 St Louis 0 Wash
ington 3 New York 10 Buffalo 5
Colonel Cook Stirring Up tho
mala with a Long Sharp Stick
I Washington Juno 26 Colonel Cook
ono of the original counsel in tho Star
Route case was boforo the Springer Com
i mittoo to day He denouucod tho state
1 nient made by Bliss rollecting upon him as
intentional falsehoods As soon as Gar
field died said Cook Bliss succeeded in
getting control of the prosecution and im
mediately exhibited a desiro to exclude
from the cuses those ho could not control
In conclusion tho witness delnrod
Bliss statements to bo studied
malignant inventions and
The witnoss then paid his
to Woodward Answering
tion ho said Woodward was tho
a ques
most iu
etlloiont and unfortunate man who could
have boon selected for the work upon which
ho was detailed Had Garlleld lived ho
thought thoro would havo been different
results in tho cusos He believed an in
dictment could havo boon found in tho
Saulsbury caso and doubted the ability of
tho counsel to properly prosecute tho cases
Ho believed thoro was a lack of methodical
and discriminate ability to present tho
cases to tho jury intelligibly
Shoemaker Strike ISudctl
Philadelahia Juno 20 Tho shoo man
ufacturers mado terms with tho striking
employes yostorday A Committoo from
tho Exocutivo Board of tho District Assem
bly conferred with tho Executive Commit
tee of tho Manufacturers Association at
Laird Schobor Mitch IPs factory Tho
Manufacturers Committee decided to sign
the revised schedule of wagos with some
modifications Tho Shoemakers Commit
tee then carrlod tho bill to all bnt four
manufacturers and obtained their signa
ture Tho remaining four signed this
morning and tho raon returned to work
Ullllloiin of Iokm
Taylor Falls Wis Juno 20 An en
ormous jam of iocs is now in tho Delias of
tho St Croix at this place There aro from
40000000 to 50000000 feot of logs jammed
iu every conceivable shapo forming a
novol sight Thousands of 1 gs are being
added daily from abovo Pooplo aro Hock
ing in from tho surrounding country to eo
tho unusual spectacle It is thought it will
tuko threo weeks to break it up
Cut Open With n Huzz Saw
PiTTbiiuno Pa Juno 20 A twelve-year-old
son of Andrew Taylor a Boavor avouuo
grocer hud his side cut open to day by a
buz saw in Millers barrel works He was
loaning ovor tho saw whon tho machinery
stai tod Ho cannot recover
Sharon Purchase
Washington Juue 20 Ex Senator
Sharon has made a big trado with John B
Alley by which ho has become ownor of
the property in Washington belonging to
tho California syndicate Mr Sharon will
place all this realty on the market at onco
Ed Stokes Project to Capture the
National Committee Foiled
Cwr Schurz Reticent on tho Politi
cal SltuatlonTho lUUsourl
fruuUtM or Kauiui
New Yodk June 26 Tho Worlds
Washington special says It is not general
ly understood that Ed Stokes went to Chi
cago for tho purpose of getting the Nation
al Republican Committee to use the Hoff
man House as its headquaitors Folger
who stops at this houso sent his Private
Secrotary Sporry to Chicago to help
Stokes But the Secretary of tho Commit
tee Colonel George W Hooker
of Vermont was a brother-in-law of the
late Jim Fiske When he heard that Sper
ry had socurod a promise from a majority
of the Committee to go to the Hoffman
House Colonel Hooker entered a protest
He said he would rosign from the
Committee boforo he would enter the
Hoffman House So the Hoffman
Houso was tempore rlly dropped the
general understand ng being now
that the comnlitteo will remain at tho Fifth
Avenue whore it has been for so many
years I understand however that Stokes
has not yet given up his point and when
the Committeo meets on the 26th will try
again to get thorn to go to tho Hoffman
It is hardly probable that ho can secure
what he wants in face of tho fact that tho
election of tho Hoffman would lead to Col
onel Hookers resignation Hooker is one
of the beso and most active politicians on
the Committee and has probably better re
lations with Now York business men than
any othor man on tho committee Ho can
probably raiso more money upon his indi
vidual efforts than auy member of tho
Committee unless Elklns bo excepted
Carl Schurz
New York June 20 Mr Carl Schurz
was seen last evening at tho residence of
Dr Jacoby No 110 West Thirty fourth
street and whon roquested to give his
views as to the political situation ho said
I would rather say nothing on that sub
ject at the present time I shall make
some speeches in the course of the cam
paign and then my views will be fully ex
pressed My opinion in rogard to the nom
ination of Mr Blaine is well known and I
am one of the Committee of the Independ
ents the general situation I dont care to
talk about
Who do you think is the strongest man
for the Democratic candidate Mr Schurzf
Woll as to that I have no opinion to ex
press but I think Cleveland would carry
this State
Will the Independents nominate a can
date of their ownf
No I think not but I am sure they
would support either Cloveland or Bayard
or he added reflectively any good man
that the Domocrats may nominate The
Democratic party has an opportunity this
time that they havo not had for many years
If they miss it this time then good by to
thorn But you must excuse mo I cannot
talk politics at present Come by and by
and bear me speak and youll hear just
what I think
The ITIUMottrl Convention
St Louis Juno 20 The State Demo
cratic Convention reassembled at 045 a m
Before it was called to order the arrival of
ex Governor Phelps who had been absent
trom tho State all winter and spring caused
a s eno Ho received an ovation and
iu a short spoech declining the
iKiinlnittion for delegate at largo It is un
lerstood however Phelps is a candidate
tor Governor
Woman Sullrajjo
TorntA Kas June 20 The woman suf
fragists met iu State Convention to day for
tho purpose of organizing this State in bo
halt ot a constitutional amendment enfran
chising vtomon This is tho first convent
tion of its kind over held in tho Stute
Will Go Unpledged
Little Rock Ark Juno 20 The Dem
ocratic Stato Convention convenes at noon
to day Speculation Is rlfo as to tho nomi
nee for Governor Tho threo candidates
John G Fletcher Gineral Simon P Hughes
and Jacob Fislich kave instructed delegutes
as follows Fletcher 92 Hughes 00 Fislich
1 Tho fight to securo enough of tho
thirty five uninstructod votos to mako tho
necessary 10S promises to bo interesting
Tho indications aro that tho dologatos to
Chieaeo will go unpledged und thut a
platform will be
The Naval Appiopriatiou Bill will go
over till tho next session of Congress as tho
Conference Committees of the two btanches
of Congress aro unable to agree on essential
points of tho nill
The foundry firm of H L Shepard
Co West Front street Cincinnati and
tho partners individually have assigned
fur tho benefit of individual und partner
ship creditors Assets ir000
Fifty thousand dollars with 3000 ac
cumulated interest a logacy of tho luto
Charles A Reed of Newton Mass to tho
United Statos townrd tho payment of tho
publio debt has just been paid into tlio
sub troasury
At tho Stato Convention of laboring
men at Columbus Ohio M D Connelly
of Cincinnati was elected Permanent Pres
ident W II Kelly of Columbus Vice
Prosidont W F Lewis of Shawueo Soo
retary and W It Kckloy of Duyton As
bistaut Secretary
Ex Govkrnor Hendricks Senator Voor
hoos Stato Senator Boll and Colonel
Charles Dunby havo boon selectod as del
egates at large from Indiana to the Demo
cratic Convention at Chicago and Hon
Bayless W Hannn and Dr W H Huntor
as electors at lurge
Ex GovKRNon CiiAMunLAiN of South
Carolina in his oration beforo the Phi
Beta Kappa Society of Vermont Univer
sity made a masterly roply to tho oration
of Charlos Francis Adams in which tho
latter hold that the study of the dead lan
guages was not nocossary to a thorough

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