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VOL 3 NO 261
Rosser McCarthy
Publishers of the
k SS S i sviJ
each dny a record of tlie movements ot the
great political parties paying partlcnlar at
tention to political matters In the County and
Congressional District and In the NEWS
SUMMARY will strive to beep Its readers
posted on all matters of geueral Interest giv
ing the news In a condensed form but the
more Important matters will be treated at
length As a niediurri for LOCAL NEWS It
lrt unsurpassed having In this aud adjacent
counties a corps of active tind Intelligent
correspondents who promptly furnish an
accurate account of all s of lr tercst
In their respective localities The M ARRET
REPORTS which are furnished expressly for
the Bulletin will give the latest informa
tion that may be looked upon as reliable
Is a Home Journal for all and with a large
and firmly established circulation It offers
unsurpassed facilities to advertisers who de
sire to reach the home circle where custom
ers and patrons are gathered together in their
leisure and at a time when they are at ease
and most likely to read advertisements
Daily per year - 3 00
Weekly ner year 2 00
Is supplied with the most popular styles of
type cuts borders rules etc and the most
Improved machinery of all kinds which en
ables us to do PRINTING promptly and In a
style not excelled by any office in the West
The very best quality of stock at the lowest
possible mat gin
Wedding Stationery
of the latest style and In great variety All
orders by mall promptly attended to Esti
mates furnished and any desired information
lven Address
Second Slreot
Maytyille ICy
Desperate but Futile Attempts tc
Destroy Cleveland
Fire Sliiiiiltaiicoiinljr SprlngtiiE Vv
In DlilVrcit Ioritoim of the City
Inc ijdlnr lui nt St Paul
mid Wheeling
Cleveland 0 Sept 29 Several mon
attempt at arson eunie to light during Fri
day Win Dickson who runs theelevutoi
In the Blaokstono Block saw Annies in the
passageway between the Wilstilre Block and
the Power Building A large bag full of pa
pers hail been set on fire This passageway
is Burruun led on every side by closely built
high builuins
Watchman Lynch found the Wil9blre
Block on lira laH evening A bottle of ben
zljio had been poured put on a lot of rubbkb
and set on lire The fire was extinguished
with ditlioulty
A bluzo was discovered in the upjxjr story
of the Boekman Block on Superior street
The Bremen found a pile of rubbish burning
How tlie combustible caught is unknown
Friday night clouds of smoke wero seen
bursting troin the National Bank Building
corner of Superior and Water streets This
tire was in a lot of wa6to paper and its
prompt discovery was fortunate for the busi
ness houses on Water and Superior streets
The cause is unknown
An excited crowd of business mon stood in
front of the Wil6hire Building all the fore
noon dLcusdIng the attempt to destroy the
finest building in the city
At 11 j m Friday night while Superior
street was one dense mass of humanity in
consequence of the reception to Mr Blaine
another supposed Incendiary fire started in
the block oeuupied by Strauss Miller Orth
Firemen were compelled to drive through a
crowd of thousands of people The excite
ment was intense
Cleveland O Sept 27 What promises
to bo the greatest Are Cleveland has yet hail
is raging on the lumber Bats The immense
building yards of the Cleveland Saw Mill and
Lumber Company are ablaze and property
railroad and otherwise is igniting in every
direction The whole fire department Is pres
ent and frantic appeals for help is being sent
in all directions as usual The cause is un
known but incendiarism is suspected The
excitement is intense
Visitors to the Blaine meeting All every
available foot of space within a mile of the
scene Tae flro department is badly crippled
and hundreds of volunteers are engaged in
tearing down lumber piles and saving prop
St Paul Minn Sept 29 Kellogg
Johnsons boot and shoe factory corner of
Seventh and Von Minden streets took fire
early this morning and was totally destroyed
The building was three stories and basement
Loss 40000 on building 5000 on machinery
and 00000 on material and manufactured
goods Sixty men were employed The
night watchman says it was set on Bre
Wheeling W Va Sept 29 An incen
diary Are which occurred Thursday night has
developed a qunei story Win Chambers
owned the house and his wife held the
grounds His wife saw him take a small
chUd into the cellar She told the father of
the child who armed himself with a shot
gun but Chambers disappeared He had
turned to her father1 Chambers returned
at night nnd claimed a largo sum of money
gone to Ohio and his wife give him up and re
for the house It was refused aiid he left
swearing vengeance An hour afterward
the house was burned and Chambers again
disappeared The two families are highly re
spec table
Whether Sptrltuullstlc Lecturer
may Solemnize MarrlaucH
Boston Mass Sept 29 A local lawyer
counsel for the libellant before the Supreme
Court at Northampton in the case of Allen
against Allen for divorce testified to drunk
enness and adultery on the part of tho libelee
but couldnot provo tho marriage to the satis
faction of Judge Field so final
action was delayed A question which
has never been raised before and
which the Judge said might as
well bo settled now cornea up as tho result
of this application for divorce Henry B
Allen from whom his wife seeks divorce
is a spiritualist and medium who has
held seances at Amherst and at other
places in the section and was formerly t
frequenter of Lako Pleasant Mabel A Allen
the libellant claims to have been married to
him by one of tho spiritualistic lectures hav
ing uuthority to marry under tho laws of tho
State of Illinois which confers no authority
to solemnize marriages in this State our
laws grunting authority to marry only to
Justices of tho Peace and clergymen of re
ligious organizations The womau lecturer
who as this libelant claims performed the
marriage ceremony In Spring field was not a
Justice of tho Peace and whether sho was a
minister of u religious organization in being
a splrtualist lecturer is the question on which
hinges the legality of a great many so
called nmrriuges and which Judge Field very
properly thinks might as well bo settled now
Tho decision will be looked for with not a lit
tle interest by many who have been married
or who supposed they wero by spiritualists
A Busy but Abbreviated Scene In a
Newspaper Sanctum
Cincinnati Sept 29 Tho Times Star of
this city publishes the following a coun of
an attempt at cowhidingiu the editorial room
of tho Evening Post
You wont retract it then
I have nothiug to retract in tho artico
Take that thon
The ubovo dialogue took place in tho edi
torial oillce of the Evening Post about 10
oclock Saturday morning botweon Honry R
Von Martels and editor Ridenour and as tho i
last words wero uttered Von Martels struck
at the other with a dog lash tho tip striking t
him near tho risht eye Turning around Von
Martels ran down th stairs closely followed
by Mr Rldonour who stopped at the landing
M A McCroe tho business manager of
tho Post was in tho counting room beneath
and heanl the noise Running to tho door
he saw tho whipper emerge from the door
with n whip in ono hand and a revolver in
tho othr aud go down Elm street and disap
pear around the corner Following him and
calling to some citizens to arrest him ho pur
sued him to Ninth and Elm where Von Mar
tels wheeled and drew his revolver and
pointed It at tho crowd
A gentleman named E Reizelman of No
JS Fifteenth street ran up to his sido and
disarmed him and in company with McCrao
took him to Central Station where ho w a
locked up on the charge of mrryine concea ed
weapons and pointing firearms Mr Rid en
jur would not prefer any cbnrgo against him
The cau Hs of tho was an editorin1
which npjeared in tho Tuesday edition of tho
Post reflecting on the late deceased Judge A
R Von Martels The article was keenly felt
by tho family of tho Judge especially by
Mrs Von Martels who has nover recovered
from the shock of his death
Henry who Is a young man of twenty
jailed at the oillce and endeavored to havo
the article retracted if possible Previous to
tho striking ho had been in tho ofllco for over
half an hour and the matter was supposed
by Mr Rl lenour to havo been aniicably
arranged nnd shook hanJs with Von Mar
tels who titarted towards the door as If to
depart when he wheeled and made the as
sau t as above
Mr Von Martels was released wlhln
twenty minutes of tho occurrence on a bond
of 3i9 He is represented by Judge M F
A Youns Man Charged with Appro
priating Church Fundi
Boston Mass Sept SO The embezzle
ment of William A Spencer a prominent
member of the Free Baptist Church at th
comer of Rutland street and Shawmut av
enue aud who is now under arrest is plooei
by the trustees of the church at over 200 It
is stated by the church people that Spencer l
who had recently joined the church was em 1
ployed by Deacon T Potter to assist in the
salo of a book On Heaven which con
tained sermons by many of the leading cler
gymen of tho country and for tho
publication ol which Deacon Potter con
tributed 1000 Spencer was to receive 15
per week for his services and his duties were
to receive aud fill all orders which might come
in and to establish agencies and look after
them After awhile Deacon Potter becamo
suspicious that Spencer was not turning over
all tho money ho received and the deacon de
termined to look over the accounts Since the
alleged embezzlement has been brought to
light several rr embers of tho church say that
tuey frequently saw Spencer playing billiards
in South End saloons It is also said by peo
ple who know him that ho has kept company
with women of a questionable character
Spencer Is also charged with robbing the
pastor and the church of petty sums amount
ing to 50 25 and Other small sums
To the Extent of 15000000 to bo
Xssned by tho N IT Central
New York Sept 29 The Directors of
tho New York Central Railroad Company
Thursday authorized the tone of 815000000
debenture certificates to run twenty years
from September I holdera to receive interest
at 5 per cent It Is provided that if at any
timo the Company places an additional mort
gage upon its property tho debentures are to
be included in it and exchangeable for the
bonds secured by such mortgage This action
was not generally known In Wall street until
an hour before tho close of business It pro
voked free selling of Central stock and of tho
entire list There is reason to believe that
Mr VanJerbilt has agreed to take 500000
of tho certificates in payment of his claim
against tho Company for money lont it and
that the remaining 810000000 havo boon ne
gotiate 1 with J S Morgan Co of Lon
don The price at which the bonds have been
sold is variously estimated at from 05 and ac
crued interest to par
A Coachmau Who Got Away With
Two Girl a
Youngstown O 8ept 29 The Rev L
H Morris pastor of the Colored Methodist
Church at New Brighton was in the city last
night in search of James Bruce Jr Miss
Josephine Vinoy twenty years old and Miss
Lizzie Penn aged fifteen years Miss Vinoy
is the step daughter of Mr Morris aud ho
alleges that Bruce after stealing 625 eloped
with tho two girls Tho trio were seen just
before Morris arrived but havo not been
seen since Bruce was a coachman at New
Brighton and having read of the numerous
elopements in which coachmen figured con
cluded that he would discount theui by taking
two girls Bruce is very dark while tba
girls are nearly white
In Which Two of a Shorliltt Ionmo
Aro Killed
WEHTHhtFOiiDTexSopt29 Information
was received yesterday of another battle be
tween tlw Sherilf and posse of Palo Pinto
County and band of horse thieves which oc
curred fourteen miles from that place yester
day This time the horee thioves killed two
of tlrj Sheriffs posse and rnado their escape
Tho Sherilf with fresh reinforcements is fol
lowing tho thieves and wo aro expecting to
hoar at any timo of their capture and an
of her battle
A Supremo Court Judnon 1rodlca
Galesbuho 111 Sept 29 Ovor a year
ago Pleasants Henderson a wealthy farmer
living near hero began suit for divorce from
his wife The complaint alleged adultery
with Justice Craig of tho Supreme Court of
tho State The cuso did not conio to trial un
til a few mouths ago when tho complaint
was revised and a divorce was granted on
other grounds A sensation has been caused
by Henderson bringing an action against
Justice Craig for 15000 damages Tho papers
were filed yesterday
llnso Hall
Dotroit 0 Boston 5 Providenca 8 Chicago
3 New York 2 Buffalo 2 unflnlshod
Torturing a Family Until Ono of Ita
Members Dioa
A Younc Girl Outraged to Death by
Eight Men Friends of Her Par
cutn Jnntlco iTXado a Mock
cry In Arkansas
Evanstcvn Pa Sept 29 A branch of
tho celebrated band of Red Men that a fow
years ago terrorized portions of West Vir
ginia has beon making depredations in thit
community On Friday tho 18th inst about
midnight some fifty mounted taon disguised
and armed rode up to the rwSdeneoof Daniel
Barnard a farmer Tho family was bound
and the girls stripped of all clothing A
thick dres3 of tar and feathers was admin
istered to the women After finishing their
work the party served notice on the family
that they must leave the neighborhood in ten
days or faro worse
The cause was asserted to be that tho family
Is depraved and that the houso is used as a
resort for robbers The real cause is that the
Bnrnards assisted the officers in ferreting out
tho Red Men
Barnard refused to leave and on Wednes
day tho Red Men appeared again and bind
ing tho family took them outside They then
demolished the house and stablo and hum
strung two horses The members of the fam
ily were stripped tied to trees and roughly
gagged It vas not until noon the following
day that tho sufferers were discocered All
wero uninjured except Mrs Barnard who
being old and ill was so prostrated that sho
died that evening The community is greatly
aroused and a lynching will follow the dis
covery of the guilty parties
Ilniuun Fiends
OiiAriA Sept 29 Sunday afternoon
Nellio Quackenbosh a seventeen-year-old
girl living near Columbus wont to that town
in company with Frank Smith and Georgo
Matthews two young clerks who had been
visiting at her house Nellio had been want
ing to visit a married sister who lived in
Columbus aud her mother thought it was a
good opportunity for her to make the trip
with friends Nellie was a very handsome
girl but a little off mentally and when
tho paity reached town instead of
going to her sisters sho accompanied
Smith and Matthews to their rooms Tho
men dosed her with laudanum and
kept her shut up without food untU Tuesday
evening during which timo sho was repeat
edly outraged not only by Smith and
Matthews but by half a dozen of their
frienda About 10 oclock Tuesday night
Nellio became bo weak from the rough treat
ment she had received that Smith badlj
frightened took her to her sisters house
where she died within an hour A post mol
tern examination was held Thursday and the
tho testimony of the doctors before the Coro
ners jur showed that the poor girl had beeL
most terribly tortured by the fiends Thji
men are now under arrest and strongif
guarded to prevent lynching
A Premium on fflturder
Little Rock Ark Sept 29 Tho Jury in
the case of Fanny McDaniels charged with
murJering her husband which has been pn
trial in the Circuit Court the past two days
returned a verdict of guilty and fixed th
punishment at five years In tho State prison
It was Known that the woman poisoned ho
husband with arsenic One of the witnesses
a justice of tho peace testified that ho had
offered to acquit the accused at the prelim
inary examination on payment of money
Tho jury interrupted tho testimony and or
dered the Sheriff of the county where the
witness lives to see that he was taken into
custody aud indicted
Dr Salmon In Search of tho DIsobiM
In Ohio and Kentucky
Chicago 111 Sept 29 D E Sainton
Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry ar
rived yesterday from Ohio and Kentucky
where he has been tracing the origin of the
cases of pleuro pneumonla which have brok
out In Illinois Last evening at the Palmoi
he said that ho had located tho disease both
in Ohio and Kentucky It had originated in
the herd owned by Dye at Troy Ohio and
thence had spread into other States
Ho had seven infected cattle killed in the
Dye herd and the disease had been stamped
out In that locality They had also discov
ered it on Mitchells farm at Dayton but
they were unable to suppress it there be
cause they could not agree with Mitchell at
to the value of tho animals Ohio had no
cattle law and the owner can not bo made to
slaughter diseased cattle Mitchell wanted
him to pay tho full value of the cattle This
he could not do Tho money with which
owners aro indemnified is furnished by tht
States or Breeders Association Having no
funds on hand he could do nothing but he
had placed a strict quarantine on the cattlo
Tho disease in Mitchells hord came
from Dyes cattlo and it hod been
brought to Dye from Muryland He had also
found tho Infection at Cynthiana Kentucky
in a hord of 250 cattle owned by Frisby and
twelve cows wore suftering from tho dlsor
der Four had been killed and the rest wen
quarantined This infection had come from
tho farm of M B Clark at Geuova Illinois
Ho thought arrangements would bo made by
which tho entire herd it Cynthiana could be
killed and the diseaso damped out It ex
isted at no other locality In Kentucky Dr
Salmon will return at co to Wushlngtoa
Ho thinks tho diseaso is veil under control
Danshter of the Late Horaco Greeley
Uondlutr Ovor a Doad Child
New York Sept 29 Why Mist
Greeley what aro you dolug in this dirty
hole 6aid Coroner Hyatt yesterday morning
as ho entered tho low shanty of Daniel Lee
in the woods on the borders of the village of
Chappaqua Miss Gabrlolle Greeley the
only surviving daughter of tho late Horaco
Greeloy was bending over tho corpse of a
small boy whoso strango death tho Coroner
had como to inquire about
Do not tlJnk it strango that lam hero
said Miss Greeley with a sad srnllo as 6he
raised her head from tho body This little
boyjs my especial cbarco I am hU god
motner and his little sister Emma there you
see weeping Is a devout attendant at my
Sunday School in tho Episcopal Church
Thebody lay in a rudo pine box alout four
feet long and eighteen inches wide It was
the only casket that the shiftless parents
could procure The sunken eyes the bruised
aud diicolored forehead and tho look of
agony on tho face told a talo of squalor sel
dom if ever seon In a Christian community
The little body which claimed her attention
was that of Frederick Lee the four-year-old
son of David and Emily Leo who occupied
the shanty with their four children At tho
Coronerls inquest the father could not be
found but the mother who was just recover
ing from the effects of a protracted spreo
testified that she and her husband bought a
can of alcohol and had been drinking
heavily since Saturday A little ten-year-old
daughter then testified that her brother
Freddy hod found tho can containing alcohol
and drank a great deal of it
I saw him come down stairs said the lit
tle witness and ho was staggoriug as papa
iocs Then he fell into my lap and then I
knew ho had lieen drinking I sinelled his
breath and found out He could not speak
I pulled him on my lap and pretty soon ho
jot down and lay on tho floor and went to
ileep He never woko up uny more Mamma
nd I put him to bed after it got dark and he
llopt all day Monday and would not wake up
In the afternoon ho was crazy He butted
his head against the wall and had fits He
died this morning
Tho jury brought in a verdict of censure
against the parents Miss Greoley sent an
undertaker to remove the body of the deud
boy to tho old Greeley farm house where tho
late Horaco Greeley lived bo many years
Tho funeral took place from Miss Greeleys
Commodore Tlllibrown commandant nt tho
Navy Yard Brooklyn is dead
Miss Ada Oilman playing leading role in
A Mountain Pink at 125 a week has
brought suit in the Superior Court at Chicago
lo recover salary duo her
Dan Gardner of Cleveland the man who
On Tuesday last shot his wife and then turned
his revolver to his head and put a ball into
his brain has died Tho wife la in a fair way
to recover
A syndicate has been formed at Reading
Pennsylvania for experimenting In tho new
process of manufacturing steel to compete
with the Bessemer process The patentee is
James HenJerson of Bollefonto Pennsyl
vania The new product is open hearth steel
differing in this respect from Bessemer it
is also said to excel the latter in pliability
durability and toughness It is claimed it
will take the place of hammered and rolled
iron altogether
A Summary of tho Crop Outlook as
Seen from Marseilles
Washington D C Sept 29 Frank S
Mason United States Consul at Marseilles
has sent the Depart aient of State a transla
tion from tho Semaphore a newspaper of that
city relative to the European harvest this
year The Semaphore in summing up tho
situation says
The harvest has been plentiful not only
in America but in Europe The situation
is nearly tho same as in 82 with the differ
ence that there existed then no large availa
ble surplus from tho preceding crop a cir
cumstance which must now bo taken into
serious consideration We must besides
observe that even if the present crop is by
15 or 20 per cent inferior to that of 1882
Europe will stand in less need than last year
for foreign produce There is no probability
that tho prices of cereals will rise to tho rates
of two years ago
Killed by a Balloon
Cleveland Sept 29 A report reached
here that at a county fair at Erie Pennsyl
vania a grand stand ftH killing fifteen
or twenty persons The story was shortly
contradicted by a special dispatch from Erie
which said
A terrible accident occurred at tho fair
An leronaut was about to ascend in a balloon
when it shot up with a rush tearing from
the earth the wooden supports one of which
struck Samuel C Perrlu killing him instant
ly James Wads worth and W P Edwards
wero severely injured The grand stand
story is a hoax
A Strunger Suicide
Evansvillk Ind Sept 29 A stranger
about twenty five or thirty years old suicided
at the Evansville Terre Haute Depot hero
this morning Nothing about him indicated
his name or residence It is thought he
came from Louisville Ho is six feet high
light brown hair is blind in the left eye
The oyo is out He had a ring on his finger
with tho name Emma insido Ho had a
silver Elgin watch in lis jjockot dark pants
with a black coat uud vest The Coroner has
tho body
Chamber ot Uoputlc to be Convoked
Paris Sept 29 An Important Cublnet
meeting was hold to day It lasted over
three hours Tho situation of tho Chinese
difficulty was thoroughly discussed It wna
finally decided to convoke tho Chamber of
Deputies on October 14 to obtain the seuso o
that body In regard to what action the gov
ernment should take in tho promises and in
the meantime to confine the military opera
tions in China to tho holding of Keo Lung
A Trades Tribunal Wanted
Pittsduro Pa Sept 29 Application
will be made in tho courts next week for tho
appointment and license of a Trades Tribunal
to determine tho rate of mining in ruilroud
coal mines for tho winter months
Operators havo given notice that they can
not pay more than tho present rate which la
three cents per bushel but it is probable the
miners will ask an increao of half a cent per
Boston Wept 29 Patrolman Jeremiah
OBrien early Saturday morning Bhot and
killed Thomas Callahan ono of the party who
attempted to roscuo Cornelius Casey whom
an officer had in chargo for drunkenness
Sluuulnr Accident
Luxinoton I1L Sopt 29 As a special
passenger train was upproachlng this place
Friday the connecting rod of tho engina
broJte It was forced through tho cab and
faUlly injured Engineer Foley

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