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I IwtH
Publishers and Proprietors
In the Engle this week
All they put In U
41 1 am sick as the devil
Bend lor McGlnnls
It sticks In my craw
That doggerel verse
And Republican doctors
Agree I am worse
Messrs Hechinger Co on Satur
day sold at retail something over 1600
worth of clothing
H6k W B Fleming spoke to a largo
audience at tho court house last night
Ho is a fine speaker and struck from tho
shoulder He was warmly applauded
i -The
doggerol verse sticks in the Eagles
craw That id where it i Intended to
stick and it was made indigestible pur
posely It is a Rough on Eagles med
Wa have reliable information from
Boyd County that Powers will have a
majority thoroCulbertson it is conceded
could have carrietl it by si hdndred
but Mr Wailsworlh cannot under any
circumstances control tho Republican
vote in the county
A nut for Mr Wadsworths friend fo
crack Jfl that he Y6tod against th war
protective tariff of 1801 which the Be
publican campaign orators are so fond
of declaring accomplished such grand
results Ho got as near as he could to
41 free trade in thoeo days
Fram Jokes a Qovemmcnt Snfyloyo
niicl U aisianti of Lot tif WHght of
bill famd his been ar
rested at Cincinnati for forgery ant steal
ing pistols He is on tho road to the
penitentiary where the whole corrupt
ldi wduldgoifthey recoivedjtbeirdoaerts
In the Circuit dourt Tuesday Robcrl
Garrison colored was convicted of car
rying concealed a deadly weapon and his
punishment fixed at a fine of 100 and
confinement in jail ten days If Garri
son fails fo pay his fine he is to be pit at
hard labor tor one hundredths Th6
case of tho Commonwealth against Mar
shall Boston charged with rape will
come up for trial today Boston was
convicted at the April term and his pun
ishment fixed at ten years confinement
in the penitentiary but the Court of Ap
peals reversed this decision
When This Fierce Election Fight is
When the Presidential contest now
waged so fiercely ends on November
4th tho public mind now excited will
take a rest content tiiat tho country is
saved no matter who shall win but
then will bo on opportunity to win a for
tune of 75000 by investing in tho 174th
grand monthly drawing of the Louisiana
Stato Lottery at Now Orleans on Tues
day November 11th Tho particulars
can bo had of M A Dauphin Now Or
leans La
Several weoks ago G W Sloan of
Montgomery County father of Kelley
Sloan now confined in tho jail here on
the charge of murder was arrested in
this city and delivered to officers from
Mt Sterling to answer the accusation of
selling two head of cattle that did not be
long to him and appropriating the money
to his own uso He was tried for the of
fense at Mt Sterling and held over to
tho Circuit Court On Monday about
daylight tho jailer hearing tho cries of
somo of tho prisoners hastened to the
jail door and learned that Sloan had
hanged himself in his cell by means of a
ropo made from a blankpt He was cut
down and life was restored aftor consid
erable difficulty
The following is from the Ashland Ex
press If tho Republican swell heads
of Mason County who slaughtered
Culbertsonand thrust Vadsworth up
44 on tho party could realize tho defec
41 Hon in their ranks they would con
41 elude that it was about time to with
44 draw tho Mason statesman TUo
44 theft of the nomination and attempt to
44 kill Culbortson has soured on tho
stomafchs ot hundreds of tho party
44 throughout tho district
The nomination appears to have soured
even on tho nien who fced It upon Hie
party They see that Mr Wadsworths
boasted magnotism and groat name are
far from sufficient to pull him through
aud if they spoko tho truth they would ac
knowledge tho mistako they have made
The triumphant march to victory prom
ised is not to bo fulfilled They eeo it
and feel that thero is nothing td be
dono except to chaao tho oflico down by
tho regular Republican methods and
everybody knows what they aro But
they will be mot everywhere and their
agents in each county will bo check
mated and discomfitted
A Picturesque and Striking Portrayal
of Frontier Lifts
Thero is a fascination about everything
Buffalo Bill Hon William F Cody
says or does owing party totho positive
sturdy character of tho man and partly to
the wild adventurous life ho has led as
hunter guide scout warrior and Gov
ernment officer Tho story of his life is
replete with romantic incident hair
breadth e3capo and chivalrous devotion
As an actor and deplctor of the wild
scones of border lifo ho ranks deservedly
high and everywhere he has performed
since he left his adventurous out door
lifo for the more peaceful lifo of the stage
ho has been met with a popular enthu
siasm accorded to none other and no
matter bow many times he appears in
the same place or in what rolo he solicits
patronage the largest halls are too small
to meet tho demand of his admirers
Possibly for this reason Buffalo Bill has
niado a new departiiro the flrbsdnt season
in tiio organization of hid l4 Wild ye8t
iomtiinatidn for but door Exhibitions
aud in doing so has tnado a most success
ful hit In styling jt 4 Americas Na
tional Entertainment tho managers
struck upon a most felicitous designation
It is says tho Bdston Herald thoroughly
American Evor fot performod repre
sents something distinctively character
istic of American life and is redolent of
the soil As a nleahs of affording a gen
uine entertainment the exhibition can
not bo questioned Tho picturesque ap
fearance of the hunters trapped and
cowboys the Indians in their vari colored
costumes and war pant the Jree power
ful and graceful movements of the horses
and tho striking picture made by tho
camp with Its rudJ tents and primitive
appliances were most pleasing to tho
eye while the wonderful feats of darjng
and skill performed called for eiknta
hedus expression of wonder and adtnlra
iioh It is difficult to disabuse tho pub
lie 61 ths idea that this entertainment is
a 4 show It is hardly possible to make
the puic which is so used to seping
ing actors represent all classes and condi
tions of men believe that the men who
appear in thdso exhibitions ropresorit
only thoraselres in their own proper
characters assuming nothing foreign to
tho ordinary lifo whon at home and ex
aerating riothing for tho sake of effect
If those who doubt tho reality of the
scenes presented by these men will pause
and consider for a moment they will find
themselves compelled to admit that Buf
falo Bill and his comrades are by no
means actors They simply appear just
as they are nothing more nothing less
It would be somethingirapoSsible to pro
duce this entertainment with principals
who were trained to play certain parts
The work dono hero is not the result of
rehearsal it is not acting it is nature
itself While there is nothing theatrical
about the exhibition it possesses in tho
highest degree the dramatic element
The attack upon the Deadwood coach for
i istance is u thrilling aud realistic sccno
which it would be simply impossible to
reproduce upon tho stnso of a treatre
The coach now old weather beaten and
battered by the rough treatment it had
when in actual service is driven by Mr
Fred Matthews who has held tho rib
bons on many a long and dangerous
journey and Mr John Nelson who sits
on tho roof with his hands upon his
11 shooting irons has many a timo risked
his life and made his foes run greater
risks while perched upon this same place
guarding tho lives and treasuro intrusted
td his care from the depredations of In
dians and lawless road agents Tho In
dians who rush out of ambush to attack
tho coach are not 4 supers painted
up but the unterriflod J article and
it may not bo doing somo of them
an injustice judging from their looks to
say this method of attnckingJthoir nat
ural enemies is not now to them The
attack and repulse lackj realityjonly in
thoabsehco of roal bullets in the revol
vers and and guns a little omission
whioh tho 44 tender feet willno doubt
gladly overlook Realismlcotild not bo
carried farther
A littlo son of Mr George Beasloy is
very ill
Mr James H Hall is so much improv
ed in health as to bo able tojleave his
Misses Annio and MjrrA Myrill of
Mayalck Lula Woolums of Lexing
ton and Carrie Buckler aro visiting Mr
Sam Riley
The gamo ot base ball at Washington
Tuesday afternoon between tho Bright
Lights of that placo aud tho Elites of
Shannon was called on account of dark
ness at tho end of tho fifth inning the
Elites being two anead Base hits were
tandd by Messrs Cole H St6verison
ParrV and tVtieAtty and hotndruns by
Messrs Gault Parry Tudor and G Ste
venson Mr Hal VYoodwas the umpire
- m m -
The Hope of tbd Nation Children
slow in development puny scrawny and
delicate use Wells Health Reuower
CrHWol Court t on of Hi Hurler Crop
tn Kentucky-
Washinutox Oct tJ Tho Department
of Agrlculturo has the following regarding
the tobacco crop of Kentucky and other sec
tions of the country Tho tobacco crop is in
a most critical condition and a largo part of
burley In liable to bo lost
No flro U used in curing this species of to
bacco It must have free ventilation during
tho curing procees for if too much Crowded
and tho weather is warm it Is liablo to rot
Farmers are in tho midst of tho cutting
hoosou Their tobacco houses aro over
crowd oo 1 and tho weather is extremely hot
and it is feared that a largo part of tho bur
Top will bo seriously injured if not entirely
i ulnod
In tho districts in which tho heavier grades
art raided thero is hot as much danger as
these classesTof tobacco aro dried and cured
by fire1 Aside from this reports are general
ly veryj favorable both as to yield and quali
ty Although a number of oountlessfTered
from fry w weather in Virginia and Maryland
tho drought is moro damaging and thero is
considerable complaint of its effects in a
number of counties in North Carolina In
tomocAifes promaturo drying of leaf caused
it to bo light Imtln general there is not much
complaint on tho quality- In portions of
Kentucky and Missouri some crops have suf
fered from excess of rain at tho time of cut
ting A considerable part of the crop how
over Is housed in all except tho utost North
ern States
The Campaign In Louisiana the
Wnrmsat Brer Knoitu
New Orleans Oct 2a The Jtomocratic
canvass in the Third Congressional District is
the most earnest ever seen in the titoto Th
district has been strongly Republican the
majority in 1883 being 905a Gay the Dem
ocratic candidate is a wealthy sugar planter
and formerly was classed as a Republican
He is running wholly on the protoctlou plat
form If elected bo will act with tho Demo
crats except when anti toriir legislation Is at
tempted when ho may bo expected to
holt In tho attempt to form a new pary
opposed to Republicans and free trade Demo
crattf the Republicans hare weakened their
cause by selecting as their candidate Kellogg
who is unpopular with a large olaa Tbfa
contest arouses great interest Gay held
three meetings in Thlbodoaux yesterday one
for Gay and Dialne were among the
largest ever seen uV Southwest Louisiana
ThJ old system of barbecues tuUUnm re
eetahulhcd tho uegroofl in tho district de
vouring the beef mutton and hogs by th
dozen TheGrtompnbTtJajr would undoubt
edly strengthen tint protectionists of Loulsi
A Pathsr wllh a Porlnste neturns
for Ills Family
WonTH Go Oct Thirty three yean
ngo when the California gold ferer was at
its height there lived in this county a young
man named Wilson who had a pretty young
wifo and child A quarrel between tho couple
caused the husband to go to California A
few years later it was announced that ho wo
dead Tho widow remarried and tho grave
In California was forgotten
Lost week thero arrived in this city a gen
tlemon about fifty nvft years of age evidently
a man of means who began inquiry about
the old famllioH It was tho long absent hus
band who was appointed Commissioner for
California at the New Orleans Exposition
and who was anxious to make- up with his
wife IIo found his fon who is married aud
the father of a family and has furnished
them means to join him in California where
it is said ho Li a millionaro Mr Wilson con
tiuued ou his way to New Orleans
Pour Arretted AVIillo ITIalcliifc tho
Spnrloii Coin
Tnor O Oct 12 For several months
past counterfeit silver coin has at occasional
intervals made its appearance in and about
hero and Piqua Miama County The inter
vals were of suindent recurrence to cause
suspicion that either tho counterfeiters or
tho circulators of the eoin belonged in the
neighborhood of one of the two places The
Government authorities put agents to work
to locate and detect the guilty parties This
ondod in the discovery aud arrest ot a gang
of counterfeiters Tho ofllcors caught them
in the act of making tho coin Tho arrest
was mado late Saturday night at a dwelling
houso two miles south of hero Four men
were arrested giving their namta as John
Hyre Jack Mack Uopo Key and George
Clark Two of thorn e at Tippecanoe
The ofllcors secured a shot bag full of counter
ult silver coin and some moulds patterns
and dies Tho mon were brought hero to
jail and will have a hearing before a United
States Commissioner
Aud Almost Submerges the Town of
Ans6nlat Connecticut
New Haven Conn Oct 83 Monday
night about twenty of tho inhabitants of thu
lower part of tho village of Ansonla were
placed in groa fright The dam supplying
tho Ansonhf Brass and Copper Company has
for the past ihreo weeks been undergoing re
pair To do this Jt was necessary to build a
cofferdam Suddenly and without warning
tho latter burst in tho center and about
twenty feet of i was washed away Tho
largo rosprvblr fntalrijn nearly two hun
dred acres of wAter gave way and rushed
with fearful hnpotmi down the channel Tho
alarm spread and thq families occupying the
tennenttf to the number of about 100 es
caped to higher ground leaving their dwell
ings to tho mercy of tho rushing torrent So
far as leaned no lives were lost but tho dam
age to tho buildings will proyo extensive as
score of them were submerged
Nashville Term Oct 22 Jjjdgo Stan
ley MattheVs opinion In tho coso of tin
Stato against the Pullman Palace Car Com
pany brought to coinjxjl thS Company tc
pay a privilege tax on the cars was an
nounced In tho Federal Court yesterday
Tho Court holds that such tax can bo col
lected only Oil cars run exclusively in tho
State and not thoo running through the
Two Dollars Raised to TwentyFlve
Ottawa Orit Oct 2 Lost night two
men named Leblauo and Bail were arrested
fdr passing a Dominion twenty five dollar
ndto which had Leon raised from a two dollar
bill by tho letter Jo having boon cut out ant
the word ave posted after tho figure 3
On the person of Leblanp several similar bilbj
were fpiincl as well as other blUs out ol
which pieces had been cut
II Boulden has returneJ
J nmes Arthur aud wlte and Jack Arthur
ntid wife of 11 urbon are visiting relatives
In Shannon
Miss Amanda Trig ha returned from n
delightful visit to her irleui Miss Luuia
Uoutd of Emit once
Mrs SnellliiKi ute Dulctnea Rlchnrdson
Richardson lms been visiting her Id trends
at Mnysllck but is n w ut tlvervlew the
home of Porter McllviUn
Mrs Elizabeth Fiimitin relict of Thomas
Formau was burled at Washington ou Suu
dny last She whs lit her neveuty fifth year
Funeral sermon by Rev Vardeman
Elder John H Sweeney will dedicate the
new Christian Church lu Olivet on theNecord
Sunday In November after wnMi ho will
commence a protruded meeting at this place
Our renders are reminded that the young
sinters oi the M K Church of this place u 111
have An oyster festival on Friday mid Satur
day nitehts next In Arcade Hall Good muftlo
and refreshments of every kind and a most
enjoyable time is In prospect Proceeds to
furnish parsonage
The largest funeral In the history or Shan
non took placo on Sunday the 12th Instant
when Sir Knight Howard wan so beautifully
Hepulcbered byhls comrades of the mystic
tie Tho music by Haukes bad was touch
ing and appropriate The rendition of that
lovely sonic Sweet Spirit Hear My Piayer
melted many hearts In sympathetic tears
The quarterly meetings of the two branches
nf the MethodUt Church at Shannon and
Surd Is conflicted on Sunday last and in con
sequence the audlriice at each placo were
Homewhat reduced Both pulpits wero ably
filled the former by Hev Dr Walker and the
latter by Key Howes We lost by not hearing
both on their grand Sunday discourses
Joseph Yancey Clary the youngest son of
W Ulam and Nany Clary died Sunday
morning after a brief Illness Thetenderest
sympathy of the community goes out In be
half of the bereaved parents After some ap
propriate gongs aud u brief discourse by H v
Spnus llttleJoslewaslald away In his lovely
white casket watered by the tears of rauuy
Not So Confident
WiPiiiNGTOK Ky Oct 21 1834
Editor Bulletin I dont think our Ropul
friends aro counting quite so much
ira they wero on Mr WadaVorths per
sonal popularity being nblo to make an
odious cause nppoar respectable N6 one
denies that Mr Wndsworth is an agree
able polinhed gentleman but dors any
Democrat suppose for n monlent that he
will in any way reflect tho sentiments of
the Democratic party should ho by any
possibility succeed in being elected to
Congress Mr Wadsworth is one of tho
most dangerous men we could possibly
have thero as by his very attainments
he is able to make a wrong measure ap
pear right Let Democrats ee that ho
does not get there by their votes X
Gratitude to the Monopolists
From the Uticn Observer
Corporations may have no soul but
they aro never ungrateful to their tools
When Blaine voted in the Senate against
Thurmans great anti monopoly measure
he won the lasting gratitude of everv
riilroad corporation in the country It
X now pretty well established that at
least a million dollars were contributed
bv tho railroad kings to the dehaucherv
of Ohio But Mr Blaine will find it a
ileeting reward
Try Langdons City Butter Crackers
All the novelties in ladies tine shoes at
Fish 0 8 and 10 cents per pound re
ceived dailv at J Wheelers
At Hansons you can buy for S3 00 the
handsomest shoe for gentlemen in the
city in fine styles
Just receUed a iresh invoice of gentle
mens hand sewed shoes Call and see
them at Hansons
Rough on Pain Plaster Porous
and strengthening improved the best
for backache pains in chest or side
rheumatism neuralgia 2oc Druggists
or mail
Ask your druggist for Wills World
Worm Candy if you need such a remedy
It is time tried and reliable It contains
no nauseating drugs and is a pleasant
medicine to take
Banner Butter
I am the agent in this city for tho cel
ebrated Bailie Banner Butter Crackers
the best in tho market Call and try it
John Wueelek
Lower Price
I announce n reduction in tho price of
oysters of five cents a half can I have
also every day a full supply of fresh
fish ol7tf John Wheeler
A card To all who are suffering from
errors and iudiscietions of youth ner
vous weakness early decay loss of man
hood c I will send a receipe that will
cure you freo of charge This great
remedy was discovered by a missionary
in South America Send self addressed
envelopo to Rev Joseph T Inmau
Station D New York m5deodwly
Iu this city October 10 1834 to tho wife of
Mr William Hull a fine daughter weight
nine pounds
Cure for flies
Piles are frequently preceded by a sense of
weight In the back loins aud lower part ol
theabdomeucriuslug the patient to suppose
he has sonie nUectlon or the kidneys or neigh
boring organs At times svmptons of indi
gestion are piesent as flatulency uneasiness
ofthestomnchetc A molstuie like persplr
ntlou producing a very disagreeable Item up
attor getting warm Is a common attendaut
Blind bleedius and Itching piles yield ntouce
to theappllcatiou of Dr Bosanccs Pile Kern
edy which acta directly upeu the parts ailect
ed absorbing tho tumors allaying the In
leuso itching aud aQectlng a permanent cure
Price 60 cents Address the Dr Ilosauco Med
icine Co Piqnn O apld by Geo T Wood
George T Wood the Druggist who Is al
ways looking niter the interest of customers
has now secured tho tale of Dr Uosaukos
cough aud lung syup a remedy that never
falls to cure coughs colds nalus In the chest
andalllnng ailectious Price GO cents aud
10 Samples free
lOtAJI TlAllliKT
Correcied dnily by II B Lovkl grocer and
pnnluce dealer NosoOand 52 Market street
Muysvllle Ky
m 5 IStfiao
MOlasseold ClOp tt gal H
Mnlne fancv new gal 7J
Sorgum fancy New 50
MUiiu yellow i r
HugRr9 extra C V tt 7Kfc8
bugur A 1ft It 8
sugar granulated V It 8K9
Sugar powdmed per lb 10
Htigar New Orleans tb 3I
Teas Ib 403 1 IM
Coal OU head light Y gal 20
Apples per peck 15320
tiucoubteakiasl V Tt 13 15
Bucou clear sides per B 1315
Bacon Htms1rt R 1516
Bucou Shoulders per lb 10
Butterifli w 3
Uilcxens each 15330
Apples dried per lb 8K
Peaches dried per lb 8s
Flour Limestone per barrel 5 5u
Flour Old Gold per barrel 5 50
Flour Maysvllle Fancy per barrel- 4 IS
Flour Mason County per barrel 4 75
Flour Royal Patent per barrel 5 00
Kiour Graham per suck 40
Flour MaysvJlle Family per barrel 4 73
Honey per lb 15330
Hominy V gallon M 20
MealV peck 25
UrdtV m 13
Onions per peck 2630
Potatoes peck M 20
Corrected by OWXN0 Pakkkr A Co pro
prietors of the Maysvllle Coal Elevators
Youghlogheny elevator lie delivered 12c
Kauawha semi caunel 10c delivered Ho
Pomeroy 9c delivered loo
Nut 7c delivered So
I10H UENT A good brick stable ou Fourth
X1 street Apply to Mrs JAMES A JOHN-
Bpy osodtr
BENT A tenement house for small
family Apply to JOSEPH U DOD30N
fjOU KENT Two desirable residences ou
JC reasonable terms Apply to A M J
OR KENT A two story brick house on
Second Htreetr below Short Also a three-
story brlcff house on Front street near cor
ner or Mnriceu uan nausea as a notei Ap
ply toJKlDHQHATMANN o20d5t
TOH ItENT The business house on Sutton
JL MtreetilqrgeM Block laly accupled by
Thomas Jackson It contains a goood eleva
tor and 1 furnished with water and gas The
house In In the bent repair Apply to JAM EH
H HALL JK Admlutatratort Jy29dtf
SALi A farm of sixty acres of No 1
land with residence barn and other
building two miles from the city on Flem
in turnpike at 50 an acre
ALE One of the a net t lots in Ches
FOR routing one hundred feet on North
side of street railway M fr MARSH
Sutton a trees
T7ARM FOR HALE A small farm of thlrty
V four acres of good land three miles from
Mnrsvllle Good log house and out bulldlmzs
A bargain Address or call on J B FKIS
TOE MavHvllle Ky olOltdAwl
HALE Thermal estate of the late W
W Weedon John H Wilson adminis
trator situated on Second street East of
Limestone Fourth street West of Market
and In Chester Terms reasonable
oUdlm OSJUDD Attorney
KENT ThedebirabTe cottage
n houe comer ot Lexington and hecoud
stteets Filth Ward containing tour rooms
aud kitchen Apply to SN NEW ELL 6tf
tjiHTRAYED On Hatuiday night a brown
i mare Any one tlndlng her wjll leave
her nt YANCtV A ALEXANDERS livery
stable o20d3t
On Saturday a gold bracletfThe
IOiT will oe rewarded by leaving It ut
tills olUce o20tf
on sautday night at RarnumN cir
cus n 103 s diuk pi Ud overcoat Return
to this otrlce aud be io warded oJOdJt
For Jliiyor
We are nuthoiUel to nuounco HORACE
JANUARY us a candidate for le electlon to
thentKceot Mayoi of the city ol Mayvllle
at the Jauuuiy election 1885
Collector urn Trennnrer
We nie nuthorlzed to nuuounce Mr ED
PEARCE ns a candidate for re election for
Collector and Tieapurer ot the city of 3iaya
vlile at the Junuaiy election 1885
CUy Clerk
We are authorized to anuouuee thnt HAR
RY TAYLOR Is a candidate for City Clerk at
the eiifculug January election
City Murslial
We are authorized to announce thnt JAS
HFLIN is a candidate lor the olllce of City
Marshal at the election In January IbSo
We are authorized to anuouuee Mr
FRANK MEANS as a candidate for City
Marshal at the emuiug January election
We are authorized to annouhre HENRY
HASSON as a candidate for the olllce of City
Marshal ut the January election IbS
We are nuthorlzed to anuouuee JAMES
REDMOND as ti candidate for re electlou as
City Maibhal at the ensuing January election
We are nuthorlzed to announce W B
DAWSON as a candidate lor the office of
Marshal of Mnyhvlhe at tho January elec
tion 885
Lve Maysvllle
Ar Paris
Ar Lexington
Ar Winchester
Ar Richmond
Ar Covington
Lve Covington
Lve Richmond
Lve WlncheVr
Lve Loxlugtu
Lve Paris
Ai Maya vl lie
e x c e pt
615 am 110 pm
810 am 210 pm
010 am ti00pm
250 pm
410 pm
1130 am 005 pm
200 pm
6C0 am
720 am
430 pm 725 am
515 pm 815 am
715 p m 1 3J am
No 66
115 pm
33 1 pm
415 pm
605 pm
715 am
10iO am
For rates or Information apply to 8 F B
Morse division passenger agent Covlugtou
Kyor WO Saldler ngent Maysvllle Ky
New Advertisements
By addressing GEO P ROWELL A CO 10
Spruce St New York can learn the exact
cost of any proposed lino of ADVERTISING
In American Newspapers odt 100 page para
plot 10c
Mrs Lucy Graham having retired from the
grocery business on the corner ot Second and
wall streets nil persous Indebted to her will
pleaso call and settle their accounts with her
attorney Mr US Jndd
September 25 ll s20dlm

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