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Publishers and Proprietor
To Whom Addkkss Ali Communications
In any movement that you soe
AUcctlng public weal
Go to work and llko a man
Put yourshoulder to tho wheel
That In tho years that yet shall eome
It may be written down
Ho was a man of entorpriHO
And helped to build the town
The steamer W N Chancellor passed
up for Pittsburg this morning
The prospect of continuous wet weath
er ns we go to press is somewhat cheer
ing to our people as it may swell tho
river and remove tho danger of a coal
The fencing in tho rear of the Catholic
Church was discovered to bo on fire this
morning about three oclock Tho
neighbors extinguished the blaze beforo
the fire department was called
AVe ask attention to tho sale of the
house and lot in Chester advertised in
another part of our paper to be sold on
tho 22nd of November by Mrs Mary j
Lee at 2 oclock p in Tho place is de
sirable as a residence Fruit and kitchen
It is with sincere regret that wo an
nounce tho death in this city Sunday
morning last of Master Tommie Beasloy
son of Mr Georgo Beasloy He had
been sick for Borne time with diphtheria
Funeral will take place from the resi
dence this afternoon at half past two
The following is the return card tcr
hatim et liUratim printed on a letter re
ceived by a gentleman in this city re
cently Our readers can draw their own
Mount lior
No 3001 blacken
Co Ky
dr J W Jacob P M
praction of Med Ice n
frlnted atMthor Ky
f not cold for S days
The Cincinnati Enquirer says one of
the strange things in these strange times
is that tho sight of a good temperance
man like St John should throw tho Re
publican party into tho delireum tre
mens It is more likely that tho way
tho fair count for which tho Republican
party has been clamoring has turned
out had more to do with the fit which
came upon tho Republicans than tho
sight of St John The fair count caused
them to see moro snakes than any other
The James H Hall Flow Company
have prepared in exquisite style a regu
lar series of nil their excellent plows for
exhibition at tho Worlds Exposition at
New Orleans Tho plows are finished in
tho highest artistic style and no doubt
surpass anything of tho kind ever seen
before The Messrs Hall have gone to
great expense in the finishing of the
plows and they form a moat at
tractive sight which all of our cit
izens may witness to morrow and
tho next day as they will be upon ex
hibition to tho people of Maysvillo and
Mason County at their ware rooms in
East Maysvillo during these two days
No one should miss seeing tho elegant
work of our city manufacturers
Cinskells llnnd llook of Useful Infor
Wo have just received from the pub
lishers a book with the above named
title It contains statistical tables of
practical value for mechanics farmers
lumbermen bankers book keepers pol
iticians and all classes of workers in
overy deportment of human effort and
xi compilation of facts for ready reference
on various subjects
No moro valuable book has ever been
ottered as it contains bo much informa
tion of practical valuo in every day lifo
It is elegantly bound in Alligator Leath
eietto with gold stamp and will bo sent
to any address by mail post paid on re
ceipt of twonty fivo cents by Geo W
Oglive publisher 230 Lake street Chi
cago III
The entertainment given by Philip
Philips at tho M E Church last night
was largely attended by tho be3t citizens
of Maysvillo who wore abundantly ro
paid for their investment of time and
monoy Tho entertainment wasintensely
interesting from first to last as Mr
Philips took his audience from New
York City ncro3S tho continent out
through tho golden gate across tho Pa
cific ocean stopping at Sandwich Islands
then to Australia and India leaving
them at Bombay with tho promise if
tho people would come to night ho
would bring them homo Tho illumina
ted scones wcro remarkably fine while
somo of tho dissolving viows wcro simply
marvelous From tho expressions of
satisfaction wo heard last night wo would
not bo surprised if standing room will bo
at a premium to night
New Ynrtt Sends Greeting to tho Dem
ocrat le Party Dlniuo and Logan
Both Acknowledge Their Defeat
Tho following is the result of the count
of tho votes in Now York upon which
it was conceded on all hands the Presi
dential contest depended Tho comple
tion of tho city canvass shows the State
vote to bo as follows
Grover Cleveland 573103
Janes G Blaine 501908
St John 25227
BenJ Butler 10875
Mr Blaino is now said to give it up
and General Logan remarked to somo
friends who were expressing their ad
miration to him in Chicago at tho philo
shopical manner in which he had borno
tho ordeal of awaiting tho returns that
ho was more concerned about how he
wus going to spend tho next few years
than in entertaining any hope or pros
pect of tho Vice Presidency
The Kentucky Republican owned ed
ited and controlled by colored men takes
a very sensible view of tho election and
gives the colored people qpme good ad
vice It takes no stock in tho senseless
stuff in Hilled into the minds of that race
by white Republicans who have held all
tho offices and let the colored people do
all tho voting Tho crazy headed Re
publican journals that are edited and
controlled by white men would do well
imitate the Kentucky Republican and
quit making asses of themselves Lex
ington Transcript
Mr John Habson the son of James
Hasson who was employed hauling
dirt irom tho new opera house this
morning when attempting to avoid a
collision with a passing street railroad
car was thrown from his cart to tho
ground and tho cart and its load passed
over him the wheel passing over his
breast It was not known when our
paper wont to press what was tho extent
of his injury
Mr George Byrne formerly with Run-
yon Hooker has accepted a situation
as salesman with C B Clift Co He
will be pleased to have his friends call
on him in his now quarters
Hanged by a Single Hair
San Francisco Bulletin
An explanation of the hangiug of tho
murderer Waisielowsky at San Jose by
means of a single hair is as follows
The gallows trap on which the con
demned stood had double doors swing
ing from tho center to both sides These
doors constituting tho trap were held in
a position so as to form a part of the
gallows by a spring bolt Thin bolt was
sprunir thus opening the man weighted
trap by the falling of a fourteen pound
weight This weight was buspeiuled bv
a small cord which came up to the rail
on tho iraliows back of the condemned
The cord instead of being at once and
simply fastened was wound around a
14 barrel This barrel was lying in a
hoiizontnl position parallel with the rail
and held a few inches ahovo it by up
right Hippurtt at either end Tho
cord holding the w height was wound
around the barrel until the resist
ing power of the friction almost held
the weight This almost wib arrived
at by previous experiinontp until it
was reduced to such a fine point that the
additional strength of a single hair was
enough to suspend tho weight or more
properly prevent tho cord from slipping
One end of the hair was fastened to the
cord and the other end to a screw driven
in thobrarrei When tho hair was cut
tho cord slipped around tho barrel the
fourteen pound weight dropped ten feet
springing tho trap bolt and wasieiewsyk
shot through tho opening
It is said that Judge Belden who tried
Wasielewsky suggested this peculiar
schemo of retributive justice but tho de
tails were worked out by sheriff Bran
ham The hair which was used came
from a lock of the murdered womans
Collecting Money for the Church
New York Bun
The new minister was requested by
ono of the deacons to preach a sermon
explainining certain needs of the church
and to ask for generous contributions
Certainly ho said Will a week
from Sunday do
Yes said the deacon
Very well I will make an announce
ment to that effect at the close of tho
morning service noxt Sunday
Oh dont do that protested tho
Why not
Well you dont know this congrega
tion as well us I do and if you should
mako such an announcement Im afraid
there might not be much of a turnout
Well just spring it on them
A Peculiar Room
Texas Sittings
A Texas lady called at a drug store and
said I want a tooth brush u real nico
one I want it for a spare room
Thats the first time I overheard of a
spare room having teeth remarked tho
smart uleck of a dork If your spare
room is not bald headed wo can supply
it with somo good hair brushes and if ft
is bald headed wo can soil you some
hair restorer that will mako tho hair
sprout out liko spring bolts
There was no sale
Enriching the Language
LToronto Mall
Ono dire effect of tho Presidential cam
paign is that tho word mug wump
seems to have come to stay A tow
months ago it conveyed no meaning to
anyone Now it has a marked signifi
cance Even Mark Twain admits with
gleeful candor that ho is a mug wump
Dude Night Keys
New York Mall and Express
Wealth young men about town now
exhibit the latest nonsense solid silver
latch koys tied with a tiny bow of satin
The Successful Lawyer in Georgia
Cnrtcrsvllle Ua Free Press
Law books are now used in court
rooms simply as an ornament Tho suc
cessful lawyer abuses tho witness cries
before the jury and his case is won
Bennetts ijuiek Trip
American Queen
Mr James Gordon Bennett has just
done a thing which probably no man
ever did before Ho crossed the conti
nent by railroad from New York to San
Francisco and returned the entire jour
ney occupying only thirteen days He
went all the way in a special car with a
small party of friends his object being
to coimilt with J W Mackay
o m --
Kohcs and Feathers
Birds for hat trimmings have gilded
bejks and claws
Roses are worn on the side of the cor
sage rather than on the front and are
arranged high on tho shoulder
Gilded ozier baskets are used by brides
maids to carry their roses in they are
flat in shape like a shopping bag and
have tho two handles tied with broad
satin ribbon
Women and Drcs
The women of Turkey wear trousers
on ordinary occasions but when they at
tend balls they wear dresses fashioned in
the latest Parisian styles
A Chinaman has run away wtih a Chi
cago mans wife Thats tho degraded
meanness of a Chinaman observes Rob
ert J Burdetto he will steal anything
rather than walk up and ask for it
A thick and rebellions head of raven
black hair gives a brunette writes an
English authority in the day time a
bison look but in a ball room with a
flower stuck in it or some jewels it has
a pplendid effect
If sovereigns hardly ever love their
Queens or woman of princely rank
writes Labouchere a Kings daughter
who enjovs flirtation is sure to turn the
heads of nil her sires courtieis French
history provts this
Try Langdonfi Citv HmturOfMkert
Hemstich writimr paper at K ckleys
All tho novelties in ladies fiuo shoes at
Nesbitt McKreil are making cloaks
a specialty this season
Cloaks of every description are to be
found at Nesbitt fc MrKrellV
Ste our cloaks before puichasing
Paul Uokfuch Bno
Bargains in all kinds of underwear at
J W Sparks Bro 24 Market street
- I
Great bargains in flno blankets at J
W Sparks Bro 24 Market street
Call and see the Electric Jumbo Lain
the best in use T J CrniKY
Ladies Misses and childrens cloaks
cheap at Paul Hoeflieh Bro 2al7d2t
Mens and boys Iiiiih and caps selling
cheap at J W Sparks Bro 2 1 Market
Two hundrol and fifty hoyd caps at
23 cents at J W Sparks Bro 24 Mar
ket street
p --
At Hansons you can buy for 300 the
handsomest shoe for gentlemen in the
city in flno styles
Just received a fresh invoice of gentle
mens hand sewed shoes Call and see
them at Hansons
Lower Prices
I announce a reduction in the price of
can oysters Bulk oysters every day at
35 cents a quart Fresh fish received
dailv John Wheeler
J W Sparks Bro aro offering big
bargains in Russian circulars and new
markets Call and see them beforo you
buy n8d5
Ask your druggist for Wills World
Worm Candy if you need such a remedy
It is time tried and reliable It contains
no nausoating drugs and is a pleasant
medicine to take
Owing to tho general stagnation in bus
iness all over the land Nesbitt and Mc
Kreil have made up their minds to re
duce their stock of dry goods and from
this on rare bargains will bo found in
overy department 25dlm
II- ii
Mrs Rosendall will offer at her storo
room at auction on to morrow Wednes
day at 2 oclock all of her stock of mil
linery goods consisting of hats bonnets
ribbons laces show cases and millinery
goods of overy description Parlor stovo
and household and kitchen furniture
Sale to continue from day to day until
oycry thing is sold nlSriSt
Curo for IMIcs
Piles are frequently preceded by a roiiko of
weight lu the back loins and lower part of
the abdomen causing tho patient tosuppooJ
nu uas soma miecuou ui liiu hjujiuvh ui
borlpg organs At times Hvmptons of tndU
gestlon are present as flatulency uneasiness
ot tho stomach etc A moisture llko pcrsnlr
atlon producing u very dlsngreonblu llahlug
alter getttim warjn Is a common attendant
Rltnd bleeding aud itching plies yield at ouco
to tho nppllcalloa of Dr llosancos Pile Rem
tnyt which acts directly upon tho partsailect
ed ubfniblug tho tumors alluying tho In
tense Itching aud alloctlug n permanent cure
Price 60 cents Address the Dr Itoanco Med
Icluo Co Piuua O Bold by Geo T Wood
Corrected dally by R H Lovjcl rocer and
product deUdr Nos50and 62 Maiket street
MaysvlUe Ky
Coffee lim 15f20
Molassesold crop tbgul tiO
Mo lushes fuuey new gal 7o
Sorgum Fancy Now 60
Hugur yellow tt 7et7
Sugar extra C tb VAdxb
Sugar A W tt - 8
Sugar granulated Tft It tyl
Simar powdered per lb 10
Sugar New Orleuus V tt 77U
Teas IB to 40eH W
Coal Oil head light V gal W
rnovisioNs and oountky iroducc
Apples per peck tfi725
Uncou breukhiat m m I15
Bacou clear Hides per tt 1316
IJacou llaniHTH tt 1516
Uacoii Shoulders per tt lu
Beans V gal J
Buttcrm 20i5
Chickens each JjtW
Apples dried per R 8k
Xeaches dried per lb H
Egizs l doe 20
Flour Limestone per barrel
Flour Old Gold per barrel
Flour Maysvillc Fancy per barrel
Flour Mason Comity per barrel
Hour Royn Patent per barrel
riuur urn nam persacir
Flour MayHvUle Family nor barrel
6 60
5 60
4 75
4 75
Honey per lb I5a20
Hominy ift gallon 20
Meal VI peck 25
Umlvm 12k
Onions per peck M 26ft
Potatoes peck 20
Corrected by Owkns Pakkku A Co pro
prietor of the MaysvJtle Coal Elevators
Voughlogbony elevator lie delivered 12o
Kanawha seint cannel 10c delivered lie
Porneroy 9c delivered loc
Nut 7ct delivered 8c
Oeorgo T Wood tho Drucgisr who Is al
ways looking alter the Interest of customer
lias now secured the rale of Ir Bosankos
cough and lung syup a remedy that never
liUts to cure coughs colds pains In the chest
and all It ng attentions Price 60 cents and
8100 sample free
Tor Mayor
Wo are authorized to auounce HOHACE
JANUARY mm u candidate for le ulectlon to
tbooWcoof Mayor of the city ot Mnynvllle
at the January election 1
Collector and Treasurer
Wo aro authorize to announce Mr ED
PKaHCE as a candidate for le electton for
Collector and Treasurer ol the city of Maya
vllle at the January election 188j
lty Clerk
We nra authorized toanuouueo that HAK
KY TA YLOK N a candidate for City Clerk at
the eusulug January election
City Marshal
We are Mtth rtzed to announce HENRY
HASSON as a candidate for the olllceol City
Marshal at the January election bS
We arc authorized to announce that JA8
H FLIN K a candidate for the olllce of City
MarMial at the Meetlon lu January lsjio
We are authorized to unnauuee JAMES
KlOMONl as a candidal lor te electloti as
Citv Ma sh i at the enulnglanujry election
We are authorized to am ounce Mr
FRANK MhANH as a candidal for City
Marsha at the ensuing January election
Wo re authorized to announce W 11
DAWSON as a ea dldnte tor the olllce of
Marshal of Maysvllle at the January elec
io Ifc
Tho undesigned respectfu ly announces
that be Is a candidate or the olllce of Mai
shal of the city ot Maysville He promises
ll ele ted to faithfully dlschame lla duties ol
the place and lespectlully anlcs the support
of bo u his white and colored friends
4lty AwNesor
Wo are authorized to announce Mr WILL
IAM F COOPER M u candidal for City As
seor at tliu ensuing January election
We are authorized to announce that JOHN
W CARJmEIjL lsa candidate lor te election
as Assessor of the city of May vllle nt the
lanuai v election Uhe support ot his lriemis
Is solicited
We are authorized o announce that
JAM EH K LLOYu Is a candidate lr Asses
sor ot MMvsylUc at tho enuIoK January
election Yo r support In solicited
Mr Lloyd has made one of the
bott assessors the city has ever had Tho
Hoard of Emtallz Hon after a thorough
ainluidlou t his work paid him In their n
poit the followliiR compliment The usmh
Mirs work was well done evincing urent caio
and lnteiiHtiu the tborotmhand accurate ex
ecution of his duty I Exfract fioin Mays
villo Republican Juno 8 1b78
ANTED A nurse nirt Apply Iinmetlt
ately at W C KR HKSONri grocery
ANTED A wood cook washer and Iron
er lu a lamhy of two grown perons
Apply Immediately to this olllce
20000 live turkeys and 80000
WANTED at highest market prlc
o2ilmdAw Sutton street
OR RENT A two story stable In the rear
1 1 of Ruuyon Hookers dry goods store
Applv o Dr WH MOORErf n2dlw
RENT Two desirable residences on
1 reasonable terms Apply to A M J
RENTThe business house ou Sutton
street Burgess Rlock lately accuptcd by
Thomas Jackson It contains a goood eleva
tor and Is furnished with water and gas The
house is In the best repair Apply toJAMEti
11 H ALL In Administrator jy29dtf
On Saturday November 22nd
I7OR8ALK lot lu Chester com dining threo
rooms pantry porch aud good cistern
BALE Two small cottnees on West
FOR of Sutton street Apply to M F
MAIMK Button street n7diw
BALE An excellent building lot
fronting twenty to teet on West hide ot
Button street Apply to M F MARSH But-
ton street
A No 1 second hand barouche
I7ORSALE and in good older cheap at
MYALL A RILEYS carriage depository 10
Buttou stecet or will exchange for a gooj
hnrso nlldlw
BALE A two story brick residence
IVOR tho north side of Second street Filth
Ward It contains neven rooms two porches
and hallway Price 3251
M F MARSH Sutton street
FOR SAE Good building and curbing
rock at tho Morrison farm Apply at the
fcum ulltrJw
17ORSALE A line youngJorsy Hull Calf
A J C O H R Register slro Alexis
Dlinplonutoflvgnnda he out of Oi and Duke
Alexis dam Homin sire Old Period GSfl
dam Frollo SU For further jurtlcuhus call
on W II HOLMES Maysvihe Ky
IJiOR SALE SIX building lots at thejurr
I tlon of Fleming and Hill Citv turnpike
Four fronting flttyfeet on Fleming pllient
SllW each and two front I tin sixty five ntglM
each Will sell tho six for G0U Apply to M
1M ARBH Button siroet
IORSALEORRENT Thodeslrablocottnge
I1 lioue corner of Lexington and Second
btrcots Filth Ward containing lour rooms
and Kitchen Apply toHNNEWEIjL stltf
iw am imma
OST On Saturday a gold bracelet The
J j Under will bo rowarkd by leaving tt at
thisoince o20tf
Tone ToucliWorinaDsliip SDnrauility
Nob CW and 206 West nftltimore Street Baltimore
No 112 Fifth Avenue New York
40 Maiden Lnne New York
Importer Manufacturer Wholesale Pbaleu w
the Ilest Kerosene Llbt All met
al No chimney or globe No
amoite or oder Non explosive
Cleanly Hurnw open llko gas
Adapted for all placeM
Huperlor for reading and sew
ing If not found at tho stores
we will sen one delivered Iree lu
U H or oG0 Manufactured by
Incorpted 1873 WatertownNV
Him It I Klnwer PrpHt
vyyffi itcmember this Is the
X XtoXxoool3C XjtxxxxjoS
Near Depot Maysvllle
Formerly Maysvillo City Mills
Old Gold IPutcut
Royal Patent
IVIusoxi Oouxity JTimcy
IContuclcy Funoy
Our Olioico Extra
Is Wortli a Sliip HiOal of
This will certlty that two members of my
Immediate family after having suflered lor
mi ny years from menstrual irregularity
and having been treated without benefit by
various medical doctors were at length
completely cured by one bottle of Dr J Hrad
11 e 118 Femnlo Regulator Its eUect on such
cases Is wonderlut and well may the remoiy
bo called Womans Hcst Friend
Yours respectfully
Mu John C Whltner ot Atlanta well
and luvontble known all over the United
States as a General Insurance Agent says
14 1 used thW remedy beforo the war on a large
plantation in a great number ofcusen always
with ubsoluto hiiccc s
Dr J DaIs of MUltown Ala wiltos
flavoured UntdtleldsHcgulator extensively
In my piactlce with entire success If It Is
not a specific It Is In my opinion the best
known remedy lor tho diseases for which It
Is recommended
A lady of Donham Texas writes 4I have
been using your Female Regulator for several
weelEsand with great benetlt My case Is of
long standing and has battled many phyd
clans I have tiled every medicine I could
hear of but the Regulator Is the only one
that has tver relieved my distressing mw
Dr J Iirndlleld Female Regulator has
been thoroughly tested by mo In a great
variety of cases ami 1 am fully convinced
that It Is uulvalled for that class ot diseases
which it claims to cure J C Huss m d
Treatise ou the Health and II ppluess of
Woman mailed tree to apnllcants
Box JS Atlanta Ga
For sale by J James Wood
I oiler for sale privately my farm of
on the Mlllerbburg Indian Creek pike tour
miles from Millersburg and 7 miles liotu
Cynthlanaand lying ou the waters of Illnk
sion There are three goo t dwelling houses
on tho land one new tobacco birn 4HxM leet
stock barn 4Qx feet carriage house smoke
house and other necessary outbuildings
abundance of fruit plenty of never falling
water aud evorytblng necessary on a tlrst
class farm There are 200 acres In gras and
about 100 acres of as good tobicco laud as
there I In the county The farm can be eas
ily divided Into three farms should the nur
chaser desire to do so I am determined to
sell and any ono wanting such a place would
do well to call on me on the plac or addiess
me at Millersburg Bourbon county Ky
Deaters lu
Dry Goods and Notions
havo now In stock tho Lnrgest and Cheapest
stock of Ladles Mlsxes and Childrens
ever brought to this city from a Jersey at SI
to a very lino Russian CI cular Newport or
Ilush Jacket at SjO Our Mo 1 Is complete
In Mtry department aud tho prices aieat the
Dresses cut and mado In the latest styles at
reasonable pit cos Hecnud stive t next door
to Rink of Maysvllle nlMUui
r 1
Heooud street next doo to Dr Martins
nplbdly MAYUVILLliS KY

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