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rosser McCarthy
Publishers and Proprietor
To Whom addukks All communications
Why dont tho wedding belUrlng out
As once they used to do
Weddings now are far between
Andvery very few
The boyH ought not eternally
In beautys smiles be basking
Hut straightway go and get a wife
Simply by the asking
Hkmp commands 0 at Lexington
Rbad the holiday atlvortisoraonts
Coal this week sella for twelve cents a
The steamer Katio Stock dale will pass
up Thursday tho Andes Friday and tho
Emma Graham Saturday
The steamer Andy Baum has taken tho
place o the St Lawrence in the Ports
mouth trado for tho present
Those who want to buy anything for
Christmas will find it very profitable to
look over tho advertising columns of tho
Tun river is still rising at nil points
above and tho coal fleet is now on its
way down The latest estimates place
tho run at fully 9000000 bushels with
more to follow
A hammeked brass tray tho work
of Dr Charles Wardle is on exhibition
in tho show window of Messrs J C Pe
cor Co It is one of the best pieces of
work of the kind we huvo ever seen
Gilbert Warner charged with taking
an overcoat belonging to a Mr Malloy
from Yancey Alexanders livery stablo
some days ago was arrested and lodged
in jail last night to await an examining
i -
The ladies will find at Messrs Owens
McllvaineyA Coa hardware store sets
of scissors in cases of the finest quality
and which will be found very sultablo
for holiday presents Go and look at
Rev Mr Youngs sermons at tho
Southern Methodist Church are drawing
good houses Three were added to tho
church last night by letter Mr Young
preaches this evening at seven oclock
Let everybody come
The Lewis Circuit Court is now in ses
sion Judgo Cole presiding There are
one nundred and twenty nine equity
thirty seven ordinary and thirty two
criminal caso3 on the docket The jail
cantains seven prisoners
Mr V T Browning whoso business
house nt Millersburg was burned recently
has made an engagement with Messrs
Allen Cumbers of this city and will
travel for them lie is a good business
man and entirely worthy of tho confi
dence of tho public
Mr Sam Masteihon has sent the fol
lowing communication to the Bulletin
with the hope that some of our readers
will be able to give him the information
Alout three weeks ago I drove my horse
to Maysvllle and on my return homo tho an
imal became still In her limbs began run
nine at the nose and In a few days died The
-strange part of the whole thing is that sev
eral dogs fed on tho carcass and wore affected
in the same way as the horse X would like
to know from Home horse doctor or of some
readers who are p6sted regarding
each matters what tho disease was
Decembers 1884 bam Masterson
Tin ladies of tha Southern Prcabyto
rian Church design giving two entertain
ments on tho nights of the 16th and 17th
of this month in tho building on Sutton
street lately occupied by Mr Thomas
Jackiwn On the 40th there will bo a
yperfoVnifanctt by ttfe Thespian club and
an byaWrauppcr and on tho 17th a
broom drill nnder the direction of
Captain Fitzgerald and an oyster supper
The price of admission to tho Thespian
cnt7ffiTnmentvilHt the firoora HrJllVill
be 25 nts eacharid to theoyster hoo
per 50 cents each night The patronage
of the public is earnestly solicited
The Baldwinsville Gazette says on tho
subject of preparing tobacco plant beds
To growers who havo never tried the ex
periment of preparing their plant beds
in the fall we would say givo it a fair
trial this fall if you can and seo if you
dont feol well paid for your trouble tho
coming spring Our plan is this viz
As soon as tho plants aro removed from
tho beds at setting time cultivate your
beds up loose and plant tosomo hoe crop
cultivate nt intervals through tho sum
mer enough to keep down all tho weeds
and then in tho fall put on your fertilizers
and plow thorn under and let lay until
spring You will find that bed mak
ing in spring will bo greatly facilitated
and your soil will bo in much bettor con
dition for tho young plants than tho old
way of drawing on manure in tho spring
and only plowing once Wo havo fol
lowed tho above modus operandi and
havo novor failed in hjiving plenty of
good early plants
Vftti HMfcTA ifc
il - - MM-
Judgo G S Wall is visiting friends at
Mr John Francis of Moadvillo Pa is
visiting his friends in this city
Mr A ShaefTer superintendent of the
water works is on tho sick list
Miss Lula McGranaghan of Peoria
111 is tho guest of Miss Bessie Green
Miss Minnio Vhnont of Millersburg
will visit Miss Sallio Darnall during tho
Tun steamer W P Thompson with
Buffalo Bills Wild West Combination on
boord collided with tho United States
mail steamer Miller two miles above
Rodney Mississippi at nine oclock on
Sunday night Tho Thompsons hull
was crushed and she became disabled
and sank on a sand bur The Miller was
struck on tho port sido amidships
the steam pipe being broken and con
siderable other damage being done
Tho Miller was damaged to the amount
of 10000 while the loss on the Thomp
son is estimated at 12000 No lives
were lost on either boat The Thomp
son was owned by Capt David Gibson
of Cincinnati and was insured for 8000
Facts Concerning the Far Trade
New York Sun
Beaver skins aro all the rage now
and the Hudson Bay company has got
rich on them said a fur collector
Beaver will be worn more than ever
this winter At the last London sale tho
price advanced 00 per cent a rise double
that of any other known The long run
on sealskin continues but it has not tho
popularity of the beaver
Is there no prospect of exterminating
seal asked tho reporter
Blessyouno Seals can never bo
exterminated as long as the arctic circle
exists and keeps crowding them down
from sources where man cant reach
Tho polar country breeds them in
swarms Let me give you the rule of
extermination with the increase of
population tho larger species of wild an
imals decrease because they must have
a larger territory to roam in but the
smaller kinds increase because they re
quire less space and receive more from
what they get on account of its cultiva
tion by man We get a hetter quantity
of small furs from the middle States than
tho aborigines did Wo pet a limited
numtyor of remarkable sized furs from
When do furs sell best
Furs are sold at all seasons of the
year Of course the great London 8 ilea
are in January March and Juno Furs
sold there are rarely caught except in
January and February but it takes tho
Hudson Bay company until the follow
ing December to get them to London
where Americans nave to purchase what
they want of their own furs Manufac
turers do most of their work in hot
weather which keeps up sales during
that period
A novel feature in tho trade was in
troduced this summer Up at Lako
Georgo ladies started tho fashion of
wearing tho trimming during the sum
mer Tho fashion spread rapidly to the
amazement ot tho dealeis This and
other causes led to an advance in all
Any further incidentsof interest
Yes tho fur trado is exterminating
tho bear tribe The most valuable fur
is the Shetland seal of the South seas
It is nearly exterminated The utmost
number of its skins taken in- a year is
two hundred It is the only fur of value
from tho South and a sacouo from it
costs from G00 to 1200 and jackets from
150 to 400 The foreign skins used in
tho United States are tho Russian sable
tiger leopard Siberian squirrel and er
The Alarm Clock
Cincinnati Times Star
Mr Morris Sacks was a lato caller
till lately He was one of those fastidi
ous young men who invariably forget
their watches and leave them at home
and who aro poor judges or guessers of
3 Onjhoshqlf in the corner of thepar
iorwas a solitary alarm clock which
some way or other always managed to
escape Morriss eyes
Marys father soon got tired of the late
caller and made up his mind to put a
stop to it So he fixed the clock to go off
at twelve Everything Vs ghiet and the
young man remaineu unqisiurueu at nis
jtir ones side tintil midnightUrrivod
when the old clock went off for all it was
worth The young man was daxed for a
moment and looked kind of funny Soon
the old gentleman came down with
YHhferHtirHednttbW Wd6pbnrog the
door he asked what that noise was
Oh nothing father said Mary
duly tho old clock wentfoff
Pshaw I thought it was the breakfast
The young man carried his watch in
the future
Clara Belle on Freckles
Cincinnati Enquirer
Do not distress yourself Laura B
Lemon juice vinegar buttermilk or any
approved freckle lotion may fail to re
move your freckles and they say that in
England freckles are so fashionable just
now as well as hero in Now York that
artificial means aro adopted for produc
ing thorn A freckle manufacturer has
invented a sort of sand that rubbed into
tho cheeks comes out in freckles They
saythat it is nice for beoplo to havo iron
hidden in their blood and visible on
their faces freckles being tho outward
sign of tho inward iron
Abolish the Tobacco Tax
Norrlstowu Herald
What is economy asks the Phila
delphia North American Well tell
you It is paying ten cents for a cigar
and compelling your wifoto turn her last
seasons dress to make it do another
winter Tho country is fairly bulging
with such economy
The Helplessness of LIUIcuoss
Pittsburg Chronicle
Sometimes as I gaze into the great star
lit girdle of earth and try to fathom tho
mystery of space I am lost in the utter
helplessness of my littleness remarked
Mr Jarphly How impossible it is for
tho human mind to comprehend any
thing without a beginning and an end
It is beyond its capabilities however cul
tured or brilliant that may bo For what
then aro our little petty ambitions
spites malices struggles and exertions
For what do wo exist For
Got that wood chopped yet Jere
miah called out Mrs Jarphly from the
Im a cbopping it replied her hus
Well youd better hurry I reckon if
you have to go without your supper
you wout bo wondering what you exist
Advice to an Angry Hnu
Burlington Hawkeye
When your temper becomes ungovern
able my son and you want to smash
things then is tho time to do something
A man get through a power of work when
he is real mad Only be careful what
you fly at I dont believe if were you
that I would count eggs or pck china
whilo the fit of anger was raging at 102
degrees in the shade Pick oakum
Thats a good safe business for an angry
man In a few hours I think you might
pick enough to last a small family all
Taking Lessons nt Home
Detroit Free Press
Dont you skato Mrs B
No Im only looking on
Never tried to skate Youll enjoy
it when you onco learn
Oh I take lessons at homo I roll
down the basement stairs every day
Great bargains in toys at Kackleys
Try Langdons City Butter Crackers
School books all kinds at G W Dlat
Christinas cards are now open at
Cloaks in endless variety and very
cheap at Paul Hoeflieh Urns
Mrs Holmes new book lor Christmas
at Kackleys dMlwiO
Russian circulars jus received at
Paul Iloellich Brori 2derl0l4t
Diaries for 18S3 suitable lor vest pocket
and other kinds at Kackleys
All the novelties in hoots and shoes at
prices to suit the times at Hanson V
International Sunday School Lemons
for 18S5 bound in cloth at Kackleys
Diaries for 1885 blank books and mem
orandum books at G V Blattermans
Cloaks Cloaks at tho lowest possible
prices to close out tho stock at Mrs A
J Williams Second street 91 w
Ten thousaud bolts of wall paper at 7
and 10 cents per bolt A rare chance for
bargains Call at the old stand
Kackleys No 27 Fast Second St
For the Holidays
C S Young A Co to day received the
handsomest line of neckwear ever
brought to tho city which they cordially
invite the public to inspect It
Portrait Pnliting
Portraits in oil or crayon from life or
photographs at reasonable prices Call
and see specimens Robm 17 Hill House
The ingredients of Wills World Worm
Candy are drugs that any physician
would prescribe It is a safe and relia
ble remedy for worms and should be
used by all who require such a medicine
Ask your druggist for it
A ball will be given at Keptuhe Hall
on the evening of December 22nd for
the benefit of the company Only twenty
tickets of admission will be sold outside
of the company decl0135c20
For sixty days we will offer our entiro
stock of boots and shoes at greatly re
duced prices We wish to reduce stock
and will make it to tho interest of those
needing footwear to look through our
stock before purchasing
F B Hanson
A card To all who aro suffering from
errors and indiscretions of youth ner
vous weakness early decay loss of man
hood fec I will send a receipo that will
cure you free of charge This great
remedy was discovered by a missionary
in South America Send self addressed
envelope to Rev Joseph T Inman
Station D New York inlfideodwly
Atnberdcen December Uv 18SI MM RACH
both of this ciiy
December 10 1881 nt the bride1 residence
TJJRNKH nil of Mason County
JiiHt an dood
Many unscrupulous dealers may tell you
they have remedies lor coughs and colds
equal In inorlt and every respect Just as good
us the old huh reliable Dr Rosnukoscouyh
anil Luug Syrup and unless you insist upon
this remedy and will take no other you are
liable to be greatly deceived PrlcouOcouU
aud 81 Sold by Ucorgo T Wood dtugglst
Cure for Files
Piles are frequently precluded by a sense of
weight In the OtCK loluh aim lower ptut oi
theubdomeneiusliig tho patient tonuppo e
ho has some affection ol the kidneys or neigh
boring organs At times HVtnplons of Indl
gestlon are present as flatulency uneasiness
of tho stomach etc A moisture like persnlr
ntlou producing a veiy disagreeable itching
alter gwtttnp warm Is a common attendant
llllnd bleeding and Itching piles yield at once
to tho application of Dr UosancoM Pile Rem
edy which acts directly upen the partsnflecl
ed absorbing the tumor allaying the In
tenseltchlug aud aflcctlng a permanent cure
Price 50 cent Address the Dr Itosanco Med
Iclno Co Plqua O Hold by Geo T Wood
Corrected dally by ft U Lovkl grocer and
produce dealer Nos50and 62 Market street
Maysvllle Ky
Coffee tttt I 1620
Molasses old crop ft gal 60
Molasses fancy new gal 70
iSorgutn Kaucy New 60
Hugar yellow tb 7k
Hugr extra C V B - WS
Sugar Atf Eb M 8
Sugar granulated V ft SK39
Sugar powdered per lb 10
Sugar New Orleans V tb 7Q7U
Teas V tt mm 401 00
Coal Oil head light V gal 20
provisions and country raoDUCK
Apples per peck - 2025
tlticon break font Tb M 12
Ha con clear sides per lb 12
Ha con Hums O- 16
Bacou Shoulders per lb 9
HeimR W gal 4
butler VI- m - 620
Chickens each 2om30
Apples dried per Tb 8k
Peaches dried per lb 10
KggN fy uokm - 25
Flour Limestone per barrel 5 50
Flour Old Gold per barrel 6 60
Flour Maysvllle Fancy per barrel A 75
Flour Mason Coauty per barrel 4 75
Flour Royal Patent per barrel 5 O
Flour Graham per Hack 40
Flour Maysvllle Family per barrel i 75
Honey per lb I520
Hominy V khIIou JO
Meal W peck w 25
Lardttm 12
Onions per peck M 263l
PatntAw rrk 20
For tiny or
Wo are authorized to anounce HORACE
JANUARY us u candidate for le electlon to
the office of Mayor of the city of Mayuvllle
at the J a unary election 1885
7b the Voter of Maysvillc At the earnest
so Icltailtius ot home ot my irleudn I have
coiioutled to offer myself us a candidate for
tbeoltlceof Mayor at the next city election
To Oioe of you 1th whom 1 am personally
acqunlnted 1 deem It unnecessary to Mpeak
ol my character and my qualifications for the
olllco X seek You are all well acquainted
with the duties and iepoii8lbtlttlPS connected
wlh theolllco of Mayor and In ollerlug my
seli an acuidl ate f this the highest muiilc
lpal lllce In your gilt I would say to ou
i Alio know me do not give me your
support in tills race If you do not hon
estly think that 1 can aud will If elected
dlHCluirgethe duties ol said odlee In such an
honest and falMitul manner a will relit ct
credit upoi all
To tlnneot ynu whom It has not been my
goo 1 fortune to meet all 1 have to hay Is lu
qiMeo my lei ow citizens who do know me
and do nut give m your al and support
unless you are sitistled upon such Inquhy
llid 1 would 1 elect stilve to make an
aide and efficient Mayor
Itonsld rlta high honor Indeed to be the
ehlef officer of yourclty 1 nave a fud reali
zation ot the duties and lespouslbllMes con
iifcttd therewith aud let me assure you that
the trust shall be faithfully executed It placed
In my handn Having uoeo Into this content
or the Mnyorallty I ask my friends lor their
hearty Mippo t Miy assistance rendeied me
will ho highly appreciated aud ever uratelully
remembered It snectlully
fc tkvAJt 4 iV Kl1 A jLm
December 8th INH
Ior otiiicIlmnii
W are authorized to announce that Cap
lain i M THOMPSON is a candi late fur
Councilman In the Second Ward at tho en
suing January election
At tho solicitation of mnnv voters of tho
h is co ii so ted to become a candidate for
eouuctmau at the enMilng Januaiy election
Wo aro authorized to announce Mr GKO
W RUDY as a u ml Ida to for Councilman in
the Fifth Ward at the ensuing January
Wo are authorized to announcn that Mr
ROHKRT F MKANS is a candidate for
Councilman In the Filth Ward at the ensu
ing January election
We are authorized to announce that Mr W
II YANCKY Is a cuulidato for councilman
In the Third Ward at tho ensuing January
Collector and Treasurer
We are authorized to announce Mr KD
PKARCti as a candidate for re election for
Collector and Treasurer ot tho city of Mays
vllle at the January election 1885
Oily Clerk
We are authorized to announce that HAR
RY TAYLOR is a candidate for City Clerk at
the ensuing January election
City Mnnbnl
We are authorized to announce that JAB
IlKFLIN is a candidate tor the office of City
Marshal at the election lu January 1885
We are authorized to announce JAMIU
REDMOND as a candidate for re electlou as
City Marshal at the ensuing January electloa
We are authorized to announce Mr
FRANK MBANS on a candidate for OUy
Marshal at tho ensuing January election
V sre authorised to annduncc W B
DAWSON as a candidate for the office f
Marshal of Maysvllle at the January elec
tion 1885
The undersigned respectfully announces
that he Is candidate or the office of Mar
shal of the city of Mayavllle He promises
If ele Ud to faithfully discharge the duties of
the place and respectfully aiks the support
of both his white and colored friends
City Aoeeeaer
We are authorized to announce Mr WILL
IAM F COOPER as a candidate for City As
sessor at the ensuing January election
We are authorized to announce that JOHN
W OARTM ELL is a candidate for re election
as AssesRor of the city of Maysvllle at the
January election The support of his friends
Is solicited
We aro authorized to announce that
JAMES KLLOYD Is a candidate for Asses
sor ot Maysyllle at the ensuing January
election Your support is solicited
Mr Lloyd has made one of tho
best assessors the city has ever had The
Hoard of Equalization after a thorough ex
amination ot his work paid htm In their re
no rt the following compliment Tho asses-
Kors work was well dour evincing ureal care
and interest in the tuorougu ami accurate ex
ecution of his duty I Extract fiom Mays
vllle Republican Junes lb 8
for tho work in c class Send 10
cents for pobtage and we will
mull you free a royal vaiuanle
box of sample- goods that will
nut vou in the way of making more money
In a few days than ynu ever thought posslblo
at any business Capital not required Wo
will start you You can work all the time or
In spare time only The work is universally
adapted to both sexes young and old You
cau easily earn from 50 cents to 5 every cven
ovcnlng That all who want woilc may test
tho business wo make this unparalleled oiler
to all who are not satisfied wo will smut 1 to
pay for tho trouble ot writing us Full par
tlcdlars directions etc sent tree Fortunes
will bo made by those who glvo their whole
time to the work Great success absolutely
Mire Dont delay Htart now Address
HT1NSON A CO Portland Maine
No publicity residents ot ituy
DlVORCES Non Hupport Advice
aud applications for stamp W 11 LEE
AttytaattRway N Y
II r ANTED A good cook washer and
W lroutr Apply to WILSON RICHESON
HOLIDAY NOTIOE Houlquarter for slllc
niulllets and slla handkerchiefs nt Mum
A J WILLIAMS Second Street d9dlw
RANTED A coloied man and wife to go
to the country Man must know the
eol horse dec8d3t C C O W EN8
11 ANTED A situation by a colored man
V and wife to go to the country both
good hands lo wot k Apply to this office
FOR RENT The saloons on Market street
and the dwelling now occupied by N
Mollensteln aud Thos Gullfoyle Apply toG
a WALL Court stieet nMlf
IpOR RENT Two desirable residences on
reasonable terms Apply to A M J
UHT RECEIVED -One Ilargo Superior
Pomeroy coal DOHSON A FRAZEE tf
XR HALE Filly coids of wood
Apply to
CHRISTMAS GIFTS Jewelry Jersey caps
J and a full line of articles suitable for
Christmas at Mita AJ WILLIAMS dOdlw
PJORSALE A deslrabln residence on Sec
ond street between Wall and Short
streets Apply to Da H K ADAMSON
LOR MALEA very desirable building lot
P In Woodvllle plat Address LOT Lock
Rox 19 My decldlw
FOR HALE Farm ot sixty seven and one
half acres four miles irom Maysvllle on
the Hurtonsville and Tnllosboro turnpike
It has on It a comfortable dwelling teunut
house and tobacco barn Good orchard and
plenty of water Terms easy Apply to R
U CASE or ALLEN COOPER on premises
dec3 w3mosAd I m
170R SALE j0 acres of good land located
7 on Maysvllle and Lexington pike oppo
site late residence of MuJ A M Peed Apply
to GARRETf H WALL Mayvllle Ky
RluegraRs route between Maysvllle and
cinnau uexmgiou manioru and Livingston
No 62 No 54
South Except Except
Sunday Sunday
Leaves Maysvllle 5 45utu I 15pm
Marshall CiOani 138pm
14 Helena 6 21 a i 1 60 p m
Johusotu C 30 am 1 6H p m
Ewing B 41 a id 2 09pm
Carlisle 7 21 a m 2 47 p m
Millersbutg 7 41am 3 09pm
Arrlvo Paris 8 10am 3pm
Covington M 11 30am 6 05 p m
Leaves Paris 8 20 am 6 15pm
Arrive Lexington 0 10am 0 00 p m
Leaves Paris D 60 am 6 25pm
Arrive Winchester i2 25pm 6 00pm
11 Richmond 143 urn 715pm
Reiea 2 21pm 112am
Livingston 3 30 p m 2 20 a m
Lancaster H 8 41pm
Stanford 9 0 5 p m
Fo51 No 63
Nonrn Except Except
Sunday Sunday
Leaves Covin ion j 2U0pin
Arrive Maysvllle 7 4pm
Leaves Lexlneton 7 25am 4 30pm
Arrlvo MnysvlllR 110 30 a m 7 45 p m
Leaves Stanford 11 30 am
Livingston 11 65am
Richmond- fl OOum 1 43am
Winchester 7 20am 3 00pm
Maysvllle 1 10 30 a m 7 45 p m
Tiatns 41 62 and M connect al Johnson with
train of tho C and S E R R for Flemings
burg cfci
Two trains to Cincinnati Convenient
hours quick tlmennd hw rates
The rail toute to UiicliinalleunMes passen
gers to takeau early dinner lu Mnysvillo and
reach Cincinnati beoredark ulvlms time lor
shopping and slghUeelng before the hour for
evening enleruinmeuts or leave Maysvllle
at breakfast aud reach Cincinnati before
noon Rates uhImk lower thorall route Is the
cheapest quickest and best and should havo
tho preference
W C SADLEH Ticket Agent
Maysvillo Ky
the Rest Kerosene Light All met
al No chimney or globe No
htnoke or odor Non explosive
Cleanly Hurna open like gas
Adapted for all places
Superior for reading and sew
ing If not found at the stores
we will sen I one delivered tree in
U H tor 8550 Manufactured by
Incorpted 1873 WatertowuNY
Hon R P Flower Prest
Remember this Is the
DBCltolxooolJL Xjaxxljp
IUti potlMV rmdy lor 1m bor Umm tj um
thttMDdi orcMi or ib wortt um or low sudiir
bf tn Xndtd ilroic it my ftth ta l if TBtj
lh I will md4 TWO BOTTLES SEC IKtMr wtU VAL
mi u r addrtJfc DBT A BLUCUM III tx 81 ITT
Ladles or Gentlemen to take
light pleasant and easy employment
at their own home w rk sent by mall dist
ance no objection 12 to 15 can be quietly
made no canvassing Please address Globe
Mfg Co Boefon Mass box -644
O Christ miw I merry Christmas I
Is it really come aifaln
With Its memories and greetings
Wlih Ub Joy and with Its pain
Holiday Presents
We Invite the attention of all desiring to
purchase defdrable presents for the holidays
to our larae and well selectod stock of articles
sulUd to tue occasion
Christmas Cards
Scrap Dooks
Fine Papeterles
Photograph Albums
Work Boxes
Writing Desks
J IiMttlltlltTVN
Autograph Albums
Toilet Bets
Golden Florals
elegant Gift Rooks in Tree Calf Alligator and
Ollvo Wood hludlim Bibles Poems o A
large and choice Holecilou ot
Toy Books Ac Ac Books for young gentle
men aud ladies adapted to dlilurout much and
tables A UiioahsortmentofCholconudFahh
loimhln Stationery suited to every iaste
comprising many now styles and novelties
wtf No 8 January Block
MarJilo Granite and Freestono Yard
Monumental and Building Workman Mon
umontH Tablets anil Tombstones Cemetery
Posts and Hearth Stones on hand No 0
woit Second street Maysvllle lOapl ly

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