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The Court of Appeals baa adjourned
until January 5th
- m y m i
Mr Cleveland will go to Washington
City after January 9th
Thk employes of the Gould system of
railroads six thousand miles iu length
have arranged to strike January 1st if
the proposed cut is enforced
A iiAitN containing 3000 pounds of to
bacco belonging to J B Thomas near
Flemingsburg burned to the ground a
few days ago There was no insurance
on the property
A despatch from Montreal staatesthat
previous to his death Dr Vonnor had
completed the manuscript of his almanac
for 1883 which has just been published
here A mild open unsettlod winter
with an unusually green Christinas and
genial new year are predicted It is also
asserted that we are in the midst of a
4 moist period which is to last two years
Farmers in many parts of Nebraska are
burning corn for fuel They have figured
the matter out to their own satisfaction
and are confident that it is cheaper to
burn corn than it is to sell it and buy
coal Soft coal is worth in that State
about 22 cents a bushel and corn does
not find a ready sale in the rural markets
for more than 12 cents Experiments
have shown that two bushelsjof corn will
produce more warmth than onebushel
of coal and farmers are thus burning the
former and saving themselves the trouble
of hauling it to market and drawing the
coal home again
Thk Now York World which evidently
speaks by authority says Gov Cleve
land will give the countryA strong dis
tinctive Democratic administration as a
vindication of Democratic principles and
in order to give the lie to the Republican
slander that tho Democracy has neither
honesty nor capacity to bring to tho
public service
A homogenous policy by filling with
capable honest and thorough Democrats
such offices as pertain to the diplomatic
service the finances the postal system
the administration of justice the collec
tion of revenue and other branches of
the Government in which entire and
sincere accord with tho Presidents views
and tho principles of Democracy is de
manded in tho public interest
A Lawyer notes the Law
From the Chicago Herald
A youmr lawyer and tho conductor of a
Chicago omnibus had a dispute about
change tho other day Tho 1 iwyer
claimed that he uavo the fare taker SI
and demanded 75 cents change The
conductor persisted in declaring that the
lawyer had handed him a half dollar
and therefore the 25 cents change which
ho had given him was The con
ductor won his joint and the lawyer got
no more change but ho hid his revenge
by crying out a warning to the other
passengers Beware ho exclaimed
loudly ho will cheat you out of your
eye teeth Hes a swindler he is and
will play you all false unless you watch
him As we lawvers say Fahus in uno
ftthm inomnihml The conductor gave
him the 7o cents
Editorial Labors in Arizona
New York Trlbuue
Two noble Indian braves of Arizona
named Gee Up Charley and Short Pants
made iccklcss by too much fire water at
tempted to clean out the ofilce of a
local paper The next week the edi
tor described tho result as follows At
first they hid tho advantage Short
Pants having hit us a terrible blow in
the stomach which temporarily knocked
the wind out of us But we soon rallied
and by pying two forms upon Geo Up
Charleys head eliminated him from the
battle Then by skillful maneuvering
we kept Short Pants from hitting us
again until wo got to tho door when we
called to Al Hlodget to help us which he
did The red devils are now in jail
where they will havo a chance to sober
up Oar loss was Si 75
Washington Notes
Washington KLv December 21 188i
What a load the Republican panyhad
to carry when they shouldered Mr Maine
with all hisHhort cominiiS Wasnt lie a
delightful article to work up into Presi
dent Ho got tho biggest vote though of
any man they could havo picked on as
he knew bettor than any one how to
work tho wires
Wo had a misgiving when it was an
nounced that General Grant hud declined
to ho the recipient of a pension that there
was something behind as ho hardly ever
refused anything It is explained now
that tiie retired list is what he is looking
after How wonderfully modest this
man has always been
It is too bad that Mr Maino should
have to Ioho that 50000 for which ho
brought suit against the Indianapolis
Sentinel Wo all know it is justly
duo him and ho should by all means
havo it Congress ought to pass some
law for his boneflt in the matter
It will bo a long tiino before our He
publican friends gatbor themselves sufii
ciently to bet as freely as they used to do
Mr Blaine has dono some good for his
party at any rate
New names and now faces will bo tho
order of tho day in Washington after
March 4th Tho Camerons llobort Lin
coln and so on will have to pack up and
leave It is to bo hoped that Mr Cleve
land will gather about him a far differ
ent set of men than such as have graced
the capitol for so many years X
MIQ pafTUrnij q aVCQ
TJUo Fatal KiidlnR ol a Clirlfmn
Drunk In Philadelphia
Philadelphia Pa Dec 7 Whilo Po
lice Gill jer Bornard Lyons of GlouccBtor
Ifoir Jurtfoy knelt in piuyor during tho cole
hration of Christmas services at tho Catholic
Church there Thursday his ten-year-old
nephew John a son of his brother Thomas
rushed in and asked him to come out Papa
has been hit in tho head sobbed the boy
and iu bleeding The policeman started on
n run for his brothers house No hes at
uncle Williams panted tho boy In a
few minutes they reached tho dwelling
of William Lyons tho youugeat of threo
brothers Tho policeman found his brother
Thomas lying with his head In a pool of blood
and ho was dead In tho kitchen William
Lyons whose hand struck tho fatal blow sat
in a stupor so drunk was he that he was
neither conscious of his crime nor of the cries
of his frantic wife who witnessed tho deed
When policeman Lyons bad raited tho dead
oody of his brothor Thomas from tho door
step in bis lino of duty he arrested his brother
vVilliam A Christmas spree wa tho cause
f tho fratricide William Lyons who
a a laborer betran to drink at tho
iteginning of tho week and each time
ho came home was more abusive
to bis wife and elder brother Thomas who
lived but jhroo doors away was called In
jwriodically to protect bit
Early yeterday morning William came
home and was surly with drink Ho began
to abuse his wlfo as soon as he saw her Call
In that d 1 Tom Lyons he said By
i youd hotter go there and stay Ill
turn you out Ho started to execute the
threat and tried to push his wife out of the
door Hue clung to tho door frame The
man became furious and beat her savagely
in tht faco Thomas Lyons heard the
screams mid rushed to his brothers houso
Ho pulled the husband away and began to
expostulated with him Ill havo no more
of your interference shouted William and
delivered a straight blow with hlj Hit which
struck Thomas In the neck The latter reeled
and foil striking his head pn tbe stone door
step and died there Tho slayer exhausted
sturnbhd back into tbe kitchen and fell Into
a chair Tho wlfo rushed scroamlug to tho
dead mans house where his sou John was
sent on the errand which brought Bernard
Lyotis to arrest his youngest brother for
murder Ills eldest brother Thomas Lyons
was forty five years old and leaves a wife
and four children William caiuo from Ire
laud throe years ago
Commonwealth Hotel Boston failed
Liabilities fJ3000
Half tho wheat in Kansas has bson winter-killed
and tho prospect of an ordinary
crop is poor
One thousand school teachers from Illinois
and Texas swept down on tho Worlds Expo
sition at New Orleans Chrlattua
John Goktz jr of Butler Pennsylvania
who was Injured by the explosion of natural
gas In the Uoetz mansion has dlod of his in
Tub Des Moines Northwestern Hallway
agent at Pnnoi Gunthrlo County Iowa was
assaulted and robbed of 3000 of the com
panys money
Tub wlfo of tho odltor of the New York
World gave away to poor children on Christ
man 1500 worth of overcoats shawls nud
tojs to boys aud girls
Jambs Fivneqan street car driver Indi
anapolis was shot und dangerously wounded
by Charles Haven who was assallod by him
for frying to rob the chango box
Rev A Cmkfoiid Wylie pastor of tho
Fint Reformed Presbyterian Church of
Cincinnati was found dead in his bed suj
poatd to have been from heart disease
TflK wife and son of Andrew Ditty at
Houston Texas were remonstrating with
him to keep him from getting on a drunk
In the altercation that followed tho sou shot
and killed tho father
Eliza Dexjeiiden of Waverly Now
York went to Now York City a year ago
with a young man Her rapid downward
career ended yesterday by jumping from a
ferry boat into East River
Wm Hooge son of ox Assembly man
Hogge of Vandeilu Illinois was shot and
killed at a dance by cowboy named Loguo in
a dispute about a girl Tho cowboy defied
any ono to follow him aud made his escape
Jamks IS uk a ased six years at Nanticoke
Ponsylvania died yesterday from tho eiTect
of punishment at school by his teacher Miss
Brader Tbe father it is said wiU not prose
cute as Miss Brader has always been a good
kind teacher
Hoodlums attacked a street car at It
oclock ut night on Cass avenue Bt Louis
and with revolver In hand procoedod to rob
ihtf pAswotigeiB In regular train robber stylo
Uuy got a gold watch and chain and some
niuuey and made their escape
A sleigh containing nine persons was struck
by u switch engine at tuo St Paul and Du
null Uuiiroud crossing near Bt Paul Ono
of tiiu young men was instantly killed the
otheis escaped with more or less serious Inju
A drunken visitor to Bunnells museum
New Haven Connecticut shouted llro und
caused a panic in the placo No one was se
riously hurt though many wore bruised and
had inuir clothing torn aud damaged in tho
rush that omuod before tho people could be
u tired that there was no Hro
Snow at Loudvlllo Colorado on a level Is
three feet deep aud the drifts In the streets
uro ten feet high AH railroads between
JAmvcr and Leudvlllo have been abandoned
sivo tho Denver mid Rio Grande aud It is re
quiring much effort aud expense to keep
H free of bokudes All the mountain
towns arosuireiing from tho heaviest bnow
over known iu many cases tho suow crush
ing the roofs of the houes iu
AT Tomiors France a bacholor named
Brisbard visited tho housa of ono Fraucoy
during his absence to pay his addresses to his
wife Ho was shovvu tho door and told if ho
reieuted his visit she would shoot him He
repeated yesterday and Airs Franuey kept
her word Brfbbnni rushed from thb house
blood streaming trom him piusued by the
woman aud fulling she put two more shots
in tho prostrate body All tho parties stund
high and tho atTuIr bus created ix sensation
IIIooU Poliuiilil
Brooklyn Doc -7 Dr G F Atkinson
u well known physician has been lyiugduug
crously ill ut his residonco for several days
Atkinson it upieurb wus recently jr tunn
ing a surgical oforation upon a man when his
knifo slipod aud cut his baud Tho poison
absorbed from tho knife caused tho arm aud
hand to swell tenu abnormal slza Ho ban
Icon unconscious during tho past twenty four
Mm nmllti and wlitt I lift Rev
31 r iictiiiiftry Hsh to rty about II
To the Iumio I have been a fenriul
suITere tor 11 Moon years most of the lime
with what has beeu culled ticzoma or Bull
Rheum Psoriasis und Lepra and the tike
aud have always been told that there was no
cure for me and havo been bo discouraged
that I had as soon die uh live 1 nave been so
badly n IU I c ted sometimes that th ro was not
the smallest spot from tho crown of my head
to the soles of my feet that was not diseased
und us red us criniHou It would commence
in small white spots wnlcii bad a silvery
appearance but were not deep but If I at
tempted to heal them or soon after their
tlrst appearance they would burn and run
together until there was a complete dry red
HCle which would become so tnftameu aft to
crack and look flory and angry and the
burning sensation would be almost intolera
1 waa at times so lame that I could scarcely
get about aud could not dress myself with
out aslstauce I havo tried many remedies
and have paid J 100 In a single Instance to a
physician but hnveever nbtatued ouly tern
relief Although helped for n time
Forary relapsed again to be hh badly troubled
as ever and du Ingthe winter of Inland 1882
I suffered so much hs to be entirely dlscouta
ged Last Jane however I was advised by
Elder and Mrs L O McKlnstry who are well
known in these regions to try your Cutlcura
Remedies ami I relt somehow a llttlo com age
from their favorable opinion of them In tr
their virtue About tho second week ol July
last I commenced talcing tho remedies und
within six weeks I beau to see u permanent
Improvement untl now Oct 11 am about
ns eood as new and my llesh Is as the flesh of
I ceitlfy that tho above statement of my
wlfo lscoirectaud I Join with her In express
ing my grutltudo for the gieut beuellt she has
received li MITH
1 certliy that theobovo statement Is correct
Mr Smith Is a prominent man In this com
munity where ho Jives He Is u well known
dealer in slock nnil his statement with that
or his wife Is fully entitled to dredft
Done ut Stunstead Province of Quebec this
twenty seventh day ol October 1nJ
Mlulhter of theOos ep
Latkk I havo seen Mrs Smith recently
and believe her to bo thoroughly and per
manently cured L O McKINSTRY
Kecy Advent thConf 1 Q No Vt nud No
N H Boston Sept 0 18vl
Cut cum Resolvent the new blood purifier
i nud Cuttcura and Cutleura Soap the rent
sum cures ana oeuutiiierH uro hoki every
where PrlceCuticuru50c Soap 25c Resol
vent 8100
lottcr Drntrnnil Chemical Co Iloslon
A Mothers love A Practical
Illustration or Its Power
A mothers love What a potent thing
it is 1 It wilt melt the heart of the most
hardened criminal when no other influ
ence would be effectual No one but a
mother knows its full meaning but every
one can appreciate it if they will It is
known though that it means sleepless
nights care inconvenience and if ne
cessary want hardship and death But
the subject has been too eloquently
treated by the sweetest poets and the
ablest writers to furnish an essay for
these columns Too many practical il
lustrations occur in every day life for it
to be dwelt upon so that it is unnecessary
to bpeuk of the subject further fn order
to make the reader understand the full
meaning of what is to follow
Mrs Henry Schualcn of Ashland
Kyj writes that her daughter has been
cured of deafness which resulted from
chronic catarrh She tells how she had
lost nil hope of her daughter her ideal
being cured and how overjoyed she is at
the result After trying many remedies
she sas Piuuxa bVought a cure and
that the daughters hearing is restored
She roicludesf by speaking in the most
flattering terms of PcnuNA and then de
scribes in the most lovely manner the
happiness it has brought her nnd reviews
the distress sie experienced while her
daughter wns ufllicted
Dr A K Ong Martins Ferry O
writes I havo a large trade on your
Ikkus Think it is a grand remedy
Mr Robert C Hannah Tolesborough
Lewi county Ky writes I write to in
form you of the great benefit I received
by the use of your medicines Peuuna
and Man a Mv I had been low spirited
and very sick for about six months with
a bad cough and my friends thought I
had consumption tried a number of
patent medicines and most of the doctors
in the vicinity and wc have some as
good as you can find in the country
but they did me no good whatever Our
merchant Mr Gillespie insisted upon
me trying vour remedies I did 60 but
must 6 ay 1 had little faith In them at
first before I had consumed my first
bottle I noticed a change for the
better and to day I am entirely well
and as sound a man as there is in the
vicinity I credit my cure to your valu
able remedies Pbruna and Manalin
and recommend them to all of my
Useful holiday Rifts nre tho best There
fore call and oxnmlne our full block ol
of nil kinds nt prices tho lowoMnml niuny
otliprnrttcles suitable for holduy ulftN
We hive now In stock the In re est nnd
chonprst htook of Miss s and Childrens
WltAFH ever brounht lo Mnysvllle Irom a
JEIIHKY nl91 to n vory fine Husslau UIUCTJ
LA It Newport or IJush JACKtiTat 850 Our
Mode Is CMinpleto In every department and
prices at their bottom
IOE CREAM n specialty FroHb bread
and cakoH Parties nud weddluga furnished
on Hhort notloo
85 Second St way3dly MAY8VILLE KY
PRIZE 975000 Tlckot
Only 1M bLmreto iu lrvorilou
We do hereby certify that we supcrvUe the
arrangement for alt the Monthly and ifemi
Annual Drawing of the Louisiana Mate Lot
tery Company and in person manage and con
trot the Drawings themselves and that the same
are conducted with honesty fairness and in
ood faith toward alt parties and we authority
he Company to use this certificate with fac sim
ties of our signatures attached in its advertise
Incorporated In 1868 lor tweutyflve years
by the Legislature for Educational and Char
liable purpofles with a capital of 31000000
to which a reserve fund ol over 55UO0n has
ilncebeen added
By an overwhelming popular vote Its ran
ehlse was made a part of the present Stale
Constitution adopted December 2rAO 1879
The only lottery ever voted on and endors
ed by tho people ot any Stale It never
scales or postpone
lis Ornnil Klngle Nnmbor Drnwlnss
take place monthly A spleudld opportun
Ity to win a fortune Kirst Grand Draw
ing Class A in the Academy of Music New
Orleans TOKMOAV Jim 13Ui 1885
176th Monthly Drawing
Capital Prize 75000
100000 tickets at 3500 each Fractious In
filths In proportion
1 do do 25000
1 do do 10000
2 PHIZES OF 80000 12000
6 do 20v0 10000
10 do 1000 I0t 00
20 do 60 10000
100 do 200 fl000
300 do 100 30000
500 do 50 2000
1000 do 25 25000
0 Approximation Prizes of 760
9 600
0 20
22 0
1007 Prizes amounting to 8205500
Application tor rates to clubs should bo
made only to the office of tho company in
New Orleans
For further Information write clearly giv
ing full address POSTAL NOTES Express
Money Orders or New York Exchange In or
dinary letter Currency by express all sums
of 85 aud upwards ut our expense addressed
New Orleans La
OffHeventh street Washington DO
Make P O Money Orders payable nud ad
dress Registered Letters to
New Orleans La
Ureech loidlng single and double muzzle
1 ond in g single and double SHOT GUNS und
IUKLK4 Having ma 10 arrangements with
the Colts Fire Anns Company lor the sale of
their breech loudlng Guns ten nud twelve
bores we uro enabled to oiler them al the
very lowest prices bold East oi West We
have In store it nlco stock of twelve bores
twist und laminated barpls Ten bore
Guns over 8W list aud twelve bore guns over
875 list will be lurnlshed to order on short no
tice also any tinUh desired We also han
dlo the celebrated PIPER PATENT GUNS
the DIANA and others A large slock of
these prominent makes ot breech loaders
Hportsmen will find here Hunting oals lints
implement Shells Belts Hags fcc AgeutH
lor Du Pouts celebrated
Eagle Duck Comet Bea Hhootlngand Rifle
Rubber Weather Strips Rubber Door Mats
Potato 81 leers a good Ihtng c
a specialty Wo have a vory large stock of
Hulldlng hardware Irom tho cheapest to the
finest IJronze Goods
5 7 and 0 Second St
Mayfcvllle Ky
lyfTAIil A ItlLKY
Dealers in
Buggies Phaetons
Our Undertaking Department will In fu
turo bo under the entire control nud man
a nemo nt of Mr John Pohtek who will at
tend In person all matters entrusted to his
o24dtJnnl 10 Sutton Street
And Examiner for 91 it sou Couuty
Promptattontlonfitven to collections Office
ou Court street Maysvllle Ky iny201yw
Office Second Street
Maysvllle My
iVo 21 Mmrket 8L nearly opp Central UoUX
Office Open at all Hours MA Y8 V1LLB Kl
Ml rntiaftvliln nr latitTliltirr era a
used for I he painless extraction of
teeth Offlce on Court Street aplOdly
Office Second Street next
door to Rank of Maysvllle
Represents the London and Liverpool and
Glabe German American of New York and
Phenlx of Brooklyn Also agent for Blue
Lick Water Offlce corner of Front and Sut
ton streets np17dly
Marble Granite and Freestono Yard
Monumental and Rulldlnc Workman Mon
uments Tablets and Tombstones Cemetery
Posts and Henrth Stones on hand No 0
west Second street Maysvllle IBapl ly
Headquarters for
Clocks Silver Goods Jewelry
The Boss Waltham Watch Store All work
SromptJy and satisfactorily done Second
treet east of M arket ap25dly
Dealers ln
Dry Goods and Notions
Ladles Misses and Childrens CLOAKS a
specialty No 32 Market street
Chicago Markets received every ten min
utes Orders taken for 1000 bushels and up
wards Offlce Coopers building Secoud tit
Sanitary Engineer Gas and Steara fltter
Dealer In plumbers goods Pumps Hose
Sewer Pipes Lead and Iron Piping Steam
and Water Gauges No 8 west Second street
opposite Golsels grocery
OFFICETIiird Street Rear Court House
Formerly occupied by Coons t Bailee
nov2 3m MAYKVIIiljK KY
Attorneys and Counselors at Law
Will practice In all courts In Mason nnd ad
joining counties nnd In the Huperlor Court
und Court of Appeals All collections given
prompt attention novHdw
T AW UAltl
J james ii sallee Notary Public
Insurance and Ileal Kstato Agents Mays
vllle Ky sadly
oaf all a iiusEr
Mens and boys Clolhlngrando to order In
the latest style at reasonable pi leas All kinds
ofClothlngcutand llttod Satisfaction guar
anteed Secoud slory of tbe ZecU building
Market street bSdly
Dealer In
I have always on hand a full supply of
School Boohs aud have ust received u largo
assortment ol new millinery goods
Livery and Sale Stable
A full Hue of all kinds of vehicles on hand
forsale hire or exchange Horses kept by
lay week or month Largest and best ap
pointed Livery Stable In the west Prlcos aa
low as any Uest attention to vehicles stored
Telephone connection No 40 and 42 west
Second St ap7dly MAYSVILLE KY
vtew fikk
Successors to Cooler Blsset
DonlttrN In NtovoN UniivcM Martlclmet
3Iaittaltfuul lnnnuInturcrH ofTln
Coppor nut Sheet Iron Ware
Special attention paid to tin rootling gutter
and spouting Practical plumbers gas and
team filters Wrought Iron and load pipes
o All work atteuded to promptly und
33 B Second st afldly MAYSVILLE KY
n Lows
Dealer In
Teas Queensware Glassware nnd Notions
Highest cash price paid for Country Produce
Corner of Fourth and Plum streets

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