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eosber McCarthy
Publishers and Proprietors
Tub sleighs upon the streets to day
Of every size ami kind
A certain sober truth recalls
Moat vividly to mind
While dash around In tip top style
Our fortune favored neighbors
Xho poor may dash around as well
Upon their feet bejabers
Tim rivor is still full of icu and is fall
ing at headwaters
Mm Walter Matthews of Maysvillo
a few days ago cut his foot severely with
a broad axe
Mr A B Greenwood has moved into
one of Mr Charles II Whites new
dwellings on Grant street
Major McDowell of Lozington has
bought a ono halt interest in the trotting
stallion Dictator for 12500
Mr W 0 Pemiam is moving into the
residence on 8econd street East May-
ville just completed by Messrs Collins
Rudy Co
Messrs Collins Rudv Co were un
fortunate enough yesterday to lose by
means of the ice in the river a flat boat
a number of logs and other property
The regular annual meeting of the
Mason County Building Association to
elect officers for the ensuing year will bo
held at the council chamber this even
ing at half past seven oclock
The Helping Hand Society will meet
at the Baptist church to morrow morn
ing at half past nine oclock on which
occasion mite boxes will be opened and
contributions received for tho Louisville
Baptist Orphans Homo
i m
The subscription books to tho fifth
scries of the building association stock
will bo closed on Saturday evening Jan
uary 3rd More than five hundred shares
have been taken up to this date If you
wish to secure stock you will have to do
it before next Saturday evening
The Felicity correspondent of tho Now
Richmond Ohio Independent says It
is rumored that J03I1 McGraw son of
Jack McGrnw of this place and who
was reported lost in the disaster of tho
steamer Magnolia has turned up in
Kansas City with a wife and two chil
dren Wife and two children No 1 still
reside in this place and have been mourn
ing him as dead all these years
There wero big doings at the Crawford
House Cincinnati on Christinas day if
wo may judge by an elegantly printed
bill of faro sent to the Bulletin Mine
host Vanden is an accomplished caterer
and knows the wants of a hungry man
as well as any landlord in America He
is always successful in his efforts in that
direction and on occasions like these is
a little better than usual if that is possi
ble When you go to Cincinnati dont
fail to call and see him
Judge W P Coons has been requested
by Prof W K Argo superintendent of
tho institution for deaf mutes at Danville
to furnish him tho names of any deaf
mutes not over twenty one years of age
whom ho may have met in the discharge
of his duties as a county officer in order
that steps may bo taken to give them tho
benefitof instruction at Danville Judge
Coons requests the friends of any of
the3e unfortunate people who wish to
sso them thus benefitted to turnish him
with their names to bo sent to Prof Argo
Mr L W Gamjuuth tho County
School Superintendent is not only an ex
perienced teacher but a highly cultivated
man who brings to tho ofllco ho now
holds a deep pergonal interest in tho
work and habits of untiring industry
which must result in a marked improve
ment in our public school system Tho
following notice of his labors taken from
tho Louisvillo Commercial shows how
his work is appreciated in other parts of
tho State While tho school law does
not require any report to tho public from
County Superintendents thoro is no
doubt that such reports as most of them
aro able to make published in tho local
papers would do much to stimulate in
terest in tho schools Several of these
officers havo been making creditable re
ports of this kind during tho present year
tho best wo havo seen being thoso by Mr
L W Galbrailhof Mason County State
Superintendent Pickett can not do hotter
than publish Mr Galbraiths reports in
full in his next report to tho Legislature
Jo servo as models to county school
officers throughout tho Stato Meanwhile
thor superintendents might do well to
address Mr Galbraith at Maysviile for
copies of newspapers containing tho re
sults of his work We do not wish to
disparage tho work of any other super
intendent for 6evoral are doing good
work but tho reports in tho Maysvillo
papers aro nearer what wo conceivo to
bo needed than any others wo havo seen
Aliah Black Shot And Instantly Killed
by Amos ItlggR Near Mt Gllead
On Christmas duy a party of young
men were hunting in the woods near Mt
Giled when a difficulty arose between
Ahab Black and Amos Iiiggs both of
whom wero very mnch under the influ
ence of liquor The quarrol ended by
Black being shot in tho head by Biggs
with a double barrrel shot gun and in
stantly killed He was promptly arrest
ed and was yesterday lodged in the jail
at this place It is alleged that when the
body of Black was found a pistol was
discovered clutched in one of his hands
Biggs will have his examining trial on
Services will bo held as usual
at St
Patricks Church to morrow
Rev R B Garrett will preach at tho
Baptist church to morrow morning and
evening at the usual hours
The usual services at the Southern
Methodist Church by tho Pastor at 11 a-
m and 7 p m All aro invited
The congregations of the M E Church
and the Presbyterian Church will unite
to morrow Rev G S Easton pastor of
the M E Church will preach at 11 am
in the Presbyterian Church and at 7 p
m in tho M E Church
Mrs J D Kehoe of Frankfort is vis
iting her friends in this city
Hon John G Carlisle and wife have
returned to Covington to spend the holi
Mr Elias R Hord of Fort Worth
Texas is visiting her daughter Mm
James II Rogors
Mrs Elizabeth Hord one of our oldest
and most respected citizens we re
gret to announce is seriously ill
Mr Howell Barkley who has been at
home during tho holidays will return to
Columbia College New York City next
Mr and Mrs LanghorneMTbb who
been living at St Louis for some time
past have returned to Maysvillo Their
old friends are glad to welcome them back
Miss Anna M Knox loft on Wednes
day last to attend the wedding of hor
sister Miss Susie Z Knox of Newport
Ky and to spend tho holidays with her
Census report 84 number on roll 40j
number found in attendance 30 This
house is located on the west banks of
Cabin Creek one mile from its mouth
Tho house is a log structure comfortable
and of good size hut not furnished prop
erly for school purposed Tho seats art
nearly all without desks John L Cruey
W H Outcn and Walter Jenkins are
tho trustees Mr Outcn and Mr Jenk
ins have visited the school several times
The tenth week of school Churles P
Vawters had missed no time V II
Perkins is teaching his first term here
He uses written methods in spelling the
little folks wore thus kept busy and in
terested and advanced with rapidity
Tho classes in reading and geography
showed good training and progress Mr
Perkins has made grammar a specialty
because it had been neglected in tho
school Ho uses tho written method in
parsing and does not confine himself to
the books for examples and illustrations
but in a plain practical wav presents
the subject not tho book Having pre
pared the way by teaching tho uso of
capitals punctuation and the structure
of sentences he is beginning a course in
letter and composition writing Tho dis
cipline and general tone of the school
and the proficiency and advancement of
the pupils aro all very complimentary to
Mr Perkins as an instructor
Census report 89 number on roll 15
number found in attendance 14 This
school Iioupo is located on the Maysvillo
and Minerva turnpike two and a half
miles from Minerva Tho houso is
small but large enough for the school
and very neat and pleasant in all its ap
pointments The desks wore arranged
with the backs toward tho teachers
stand This struck mo as a good notion
where order was not easily obtained as
tho pupils could not tell when tho teach
ers eye was on them and consequently
must bo orderly all tho time
PI r nlminriMi nfnnlf rl ctli rl Tf n TlAMV
van Maud McIIugh and Gill Smoot had
lost no time
Tho trustees Charles Smoot Garrett
Donovan and John Itoulden havo not
visited the school nor has any of tho pa
Misa Anna Bacon is teaching hor third
term hero Sho takes an educational
journal and uses written methods espe
cially with the little folks Sho made a
goon report of tho attendance and indus
try of her pupils This was confirmed
by tho recitations and general air of or
der and uoatness in tho school Miss
Dacon has a vory pleasant school and in
this sho owos much to tho pleasant
school room which tho trustees havo
furnished L W Galiiuaitii
Taking a Couple of Horns
Newman Independent
Smith purchased a muloy cow and
drove hor homo yesterday morning Tho
animal was a curiosity to his children
11 Oh what a tqw I exclaimed little
three-year-old it dot no horns
Papa has em said flvoyear old
Why dont o nnt em on o tow
I dont know I heard him say ho had
swallowed a couplo of horns aforo break
fast and I guess they aro insido of him
now Mamma told him he would swal
low tho tow aforo Bis weeks
Why JlncNoddlo Stnld From Chnrch
What can keep Mr MacNoddlo from
church asked a worthy parson of his
sexton I hope it is not Methodism
No said tho sexton its worse than
that What then Is it calvinlBtn
Worse than that your reverence
Surely its not atheism Truly
your reverence its even worse than
that Its rheumatism But people
who aro troubled with that unpleasant
Bitters Mr John Meyer of Fifth street
St Louis says Browns Iron Bitters
completely cured me of a three-year-old
Cases liter Circumstances
Prom tho Wall Street NewsJ
A report having been circulated that
coal oil had been discovered on a certain
farm in Maryland a resident of Balti
more who happened to be in tho vicinity
when he first heard of it proceeded to
the farm to find tho owner away and
nobody around buttho hired man
My man said the Baltimorean is
it true that oil has been found on this
14 Well theres oil on the pond back
Where does it seem to come from
Well that depends was the hesitat
ing answer My boss owes me 48 for
work If ho pays me to day as ho agreed
to the oil comes from under a clay bank
If ho puts mo oflf any longer it comes
from a barrel buried in tho mud Thatn
the way Im fixed strnnger and if youve
got speculation in your eve youd better
come around and bee me later
OXT CMT33 2Er3
Try Langdons City Butter Crackers
Price Hansons Christmas dippers he
fore you buy
A nico stock of Christmas books at
Harry Taylors dl0dl0t3
A good assortment of boxed papers at
Harry Taylors
Subscriptions received for any period
ical at Harry Taylors
Traxel 6 tho only
stick candy in the city
manufacturer of
Toys cheaper at F II Traxela
any other place in tho city
Fire works anil crackers cheap at
Traxels wholesale and romil
Hanging and stand lamps for Christ
mas presents at Mrs K Alhcrti
The Jumbo Klectric Lamp at reduced
prices at S Simons Market St 271wd
Diaries for 1883 blank books and mem
orandum books at G V Blattermans
Christmas cards every stylo and price
at G W Blattermans hook storo
Portrait Painting
Portraits in oil or crayon from life or
photographs at reasonable prices Call
and see specimens Room 17 11 ill House
CiiAiausSouLK Artist
The ingredients of Wills World Worm
Candy are drugs that any physician
would prescribe It is a safe and relia
ble remedy for worms and should be
used by all who require such a medicine
Ask your druggist for it
For sixty days we will oiler our entire
stock of boots and shoes at greatly re
duced prices Wo wish to reduco stock
and will make it to tho interest of those
needing footwear to look through
stock before purchasing
F B Ranbon
A card To all whoareBuflerinfT from
errors and indiscretions of youth ner
vous weakness early decay loss of man
hood c I will send a receipe that will
cure you freo of charge This great
remedy was discovered by a missionary
in South America Send self addressed
envelope to Rov Joseph T Inman
Station D New York ml5deodwly
December 25 at the resldenco of tho brides
on Central avenue Newport Ky
rofeHor WH OARNKTTof Wesley 1111 Col
lege Mlllersbnrg and MUs SUSIB K KNOX
Corrootod dally by R H Lovkl grocer and
produce dealer No 50 aud 62 Market streot
Maysvillo Ky
Coffee ft tt 912HW
MolasROHold crop Ibgal 5
Molasses fancy new V gal M t
tiorgum Fancy New 60
Hugur yellow m 07
Hugar extra C 1W6
Hugar A V - 7S6j6
j w o3
Hugar powdered per lb iu
Sugar New Orleans V tb 0ll7
Teas y tb m 40tfl Kj
Coal Oil head light W gal iO
Apples per pecic m
Ilt Tv Urinb Kial 1 lh 1911191
Hncon clear sides per tb pi
Uacon Hamsm I2j15
Uacon Hhoulders per Sb 8
llemis i gal
UutterVIbM 2iT2
Chloixens each 20ft80
Apples dried por D 6Ki37K
1eaohes dried per lb 10
fQgS jp iiOTiM MfM t J
Flour Limestone per barrel 6 W
Flour Old Gold per barrel 6 60
Flour Maysvillo Faucy per barrel 4 75
Flour Mason Comity per barrel 4 75
Flour Royal Patont per barrel- 9 00
Flour Graham per sack 40
Flour Maysviile Family per barrel 4 75
Jlouey per lb 153
Hominy gallon tt
Meal W peek 10
Iardtftt 10
Onions per peclc Vuhc
PotatowV pechr Si
Turkeys dressed per lb 1012
JnJrwhey772 7corn34311
pork 10 80 lard 055
February wheat 7i 73 TM pork 10 83
10 92 10 03 laU Wu 603 My corn 3
Chicago receipts bogs 2900 prospects
Car lots of wheat 305 corn 415
Free DJstrlbnton
What causes th groit rush at George T
Woods drug store Tho freo distribution of
Dr Bosancos Cough and Lung Syrup the
most popular remedy fr coughs cold con
HUinpiloti and Bronchitis uow on the mar
ket Regular size 50 cents and 91
u rotor Piles
Plies aro frequently preceded by a sense ol
weight In the back loins and lower part ol
the abdomen causing the patient to suppose
he has some a flee Hon of tho kldueys or neigh
boring organs At limns svinptons of Indi
gestion arj present as flatulency uneasiness
of the stomach etc A moisture like persnlr
atlou producing a very disagreeable Itching
alter getting warm Is a common attendant
Iillnd bleeding and Itching piles ylnld at once
to the application of Dr Bosancos PIlo Kenn
edy which acts directly upen tho pirtsndect
ed absorbing the tumors allaying the in
tenseitchlng and allectlug a permanent cure
Price 60 cents Address the lr Hosanco Med
IcInoCo PiquaO Hold bv Geo T Wood
Wuegrass route between Maysvillo and Chi
clnimtl Lexington Stanford and Livingston
huow caso
Lees AlaysvJlle
11 Ewlng
Arrive Paris
Leaves Paris
Anlvo Lexington
Leaves Pari T7TTT7
Arrive Winchester
11 Lancaster
Lfuvon Covin ton
Arrive Mnsvllle
LoavM loxliiKtm
Mlive Miyvlll
No 62
6 45 u m
e ilium
6 21 ft HI
6 no a m
H 41 am
7 21 u it
7 41am
8 luam
11 30 a m
8 20 a in
9 0 a m
1 fa a m
2 2 pm
1 11 pm
2 21 pm
Ko 31
7 2 a m
10 0 n m
Leaves Stanford
Jticlitnoml I fi Ola m
Winchester i 7 20 a m
MuyMVlIle Ill 10aiii
lor 250 Address
No 51
i 15 p m
1 18 p in
1 So p m
1 58 p in
2 m p tn
2 47 p in
3 00 p m
3 3 i p m
0 U5 p m
5 If p m
0 0U p til
ft 2o p in
0 00 p m
7 15 p m
1 12a m
2 20 a in
8 4 p HI
9 Ui t 111
No A3
2 00 p m
7 4i p m
i SO p 111
7 45 pm
11 65 a in
1 41 a m
S 00 p m
7 43 p m
Tralr 9 41 52 am I connect at Johnson with
trains of the C aud S E R R for Flemlngs
Two tralna to Cincinnati Convenient
hours quick time and low rates
The tmII rnuto to Cincinnati enales pasen
getstotakoau early dinner In MuysvHe and
tench Cincinnati be ore dark ulvttu time for
shoplur nd HlKhtPeeiutf befoie the hour tor
Veiling entor al Mueuls or leave Maysvlllc
it break ftiMt tuul rench rinrlnnatl oefore
neon Hates b g lower the rail rou N the
clnapest qulekest and bet aud should have
tho preference
W t SADLKR Ticket Aqent
MiiyMvilU Ky
tlTANTKD White woman to cook wash
j an Iron In a smalt family Apply 10
b i UANriUN J7Ulf
lir ANriCU A good roll white woman
I f to do eoouli ir waslilug and Ironing for
ti tarn ly ol live Cult at corner of Third and
WaUstinets lildo4Vw
NtJTlCh IVlMins wisidiiii to 11au ituiu
cliestra will find It to to their Interest to
call 011 or addrcp It K 81ilKhKY tirtli
Waid Maysviile Ky w o Is piefMivd to tur
nish music for tnN j irtle wed Mugs etc
OR ItKXI Two houses each coiitalnluu
II vh rooms aud kitciien Aiu ly 10 iKO
r wood diodtw
RKNT The saloons onMarkt t street
and the dwelling now occunbHl bv N
nlleiMefu aud Thos Juilfoyle
H WAijfj Court s icet
Apply to G
OR RKNT Two desirablo resldencfK on
reasonable terms Apply to A M J
17OR 8A 12 Puru llronze Turkeys for
breeding nil premium stock Call on or
address R K ADA IK Washington Ky
I j iORSAIjK Two O01 man silver show caos
X onefceven lott long price 8oneupiIght
HALK OR RKNT I will sell at a bar-
gain or rent the dwelling on Fourth
street next to tho residences of C F Petry
nnd T C Campbell Apply to GARR1CTT 8
WALL Court strict dlotitf
jORHALE A desirable residence on Hec
V oud street ietween Wall and Hhurt
streets Apply to Dr H K ADAM80N
0 acres of gooi laud located
nu Maysviile and Lexington pllte opo
site lato residence of Mat A M Peed Apply
toGARRWTra WALL Mayvllle Ky
IORSALK Farm ot sixty seven and one-
half acres four miles trom Maysviile on
the Hurtonsvllle and Jollahoro turnpike
It has on it n comfortable dwelling tenant
nouse and tobacco barn Good otchard aud
plenty of water Terms easy Apply to R
II CAHK or ALLEN COOPKlt ou premises
OR STOLEN Htween my otllco and
LOST Limestone brldgen plush UDggy robe
A llbeial reward to the fludur
OST Wednesday night between Clarks
I j groceiy and Ltmestoue lrldge a rlr of
steel irame spectacles It G VV TUDOH
the Rest Kerosene Light All met
al No chimney or globe No
smoke or odor Non explosive
Cleanly Hums open like gas
Adapted for all places
Superior for reading nnd sew
ing If not found at tho Ft ores
wo will sen ouedetiverHt Ireo lu
V S or S550 Manufactured by
Incornted 18731 Waturlown NY
Tv II II I lluai lntut
Wrk Remember this Is tho
Ibin uoiltlTt m4 rortt abor dliwt bjrliitu
thouBADdi of of tht wont kind nt of Iodc Ud11dc
bvt bcD cured Indwdiaitronx litnyftttb Id III ffirfr
lattl will aind TWO BOTTLKS FKKK lojctther with XU
UlULE TRKATISB oo UiU dlMto nioCfrr OImK
Vreii Dd f O ftddttfi UIU T 1 faLOCUU 111 Vw 6V NY
or Gentlemen to tako
WANTinLodles nnd easy employment
at their own homes w rk sent by mail dist
ance no objection 2 tn 55 can ba quietly
made no oanva slng Please addreb Globe
filTg Co llos on Mats box 5UU
Christmas comes but once a year
t com j It o ms iood cheer
Henry Orf
East Second Street
Toy IMlMtciulN
Toy DcftkH
Is this year Holiday Headquarters Larg
stock Low prices Here Is partial list of
goods suitable for the little lolks
lilIdrcuM Chairs it grout variety
Toy Ilurennn
Toy Cradle
Toy tfuftlislniida
Hobby Horse numernun styles and many
other article calculated to mike happy tho
little one at home Also a lull lino of
artistic Ilat Uncles Rattan Chair Platform
Rockers Patent Carpet Sweeper best in the
world and all kinds of Fancy i hairs Parlor
Bed room and Dining room Hetn at alL prices
Call and look at the stock botoro buying else
DE3C33asraay ort
OChriHlmatl merry Christmas 1
Is It really como aoln
Willi Us memories and Rreetlnixs
With it Joy and with its pain
Holiday Presents
Wo Invito the attention of all desiring to
purchase dewlrablo presents for tho holidays
to our lare and well selected stock of articles
suit itl to tho occasion
Christmas Cards
Scrap Books
Fine Fapotcries
Work Boses
Autograph Albums
Writing Desks
Toilot Sots
Golden Florals
Photograph Albums
elegant Gift Hooks in TreoCnlf Alligator and
Olive Wood bindings Hlbles Poems Ac A
large aud choice selection ol
Toy Bonks Ac Ac Hooks for young gcntle
nien aud ladles ad ipted to d liferent ages and
tastes A line assortment of Choice and Fash
ionable Stationery sulteI to every taste
compilslug many new styles and novelties
No 8 January Block
New New New
Sutton Street Mrs Roeudolls old stand
Cutting and Fitting both for gentlemen
and Indies dono lu the latest etyle Riding
Habits and
a specialty Cloaks CLculars and Dolmans
cut and made to outer All kinds of altera
tions made Charges iei43imblo and satisfac
tion guaranteed OlMIm
Near Depot Maysviile
Formerly Maysvillo City Mills
Old Gold Putout
Xfcoynl Intoiit
MnNon Oounty ITancy
Koiituclcy Fancy
O111 Clioico lOxtra
dedicated Weil Water
A Specific for VY8VEV8IA and
been used with most gratlfylcg ruo
HAS in many oltstlnate cases Prof F
W Clark professor of Chemistry at the uni
versity ol Cincinnati says this water belongs
to the same class with that of the Alleghany
Springs ot Virginia the medicinal virtue
m which are too well known to be stated here
Those who desire to try this famous water
ire referred to Captain C W Uoyd Levauua
Ohio Captain C M Holloway Clnchinnti
Ohio J J Rulpo Cincinnati Ohio For sale
n half barrels tml juks by
iUS hliiMONS Proprietor
m2AAwtf Aberdeen Ohio
iHstuarnov notick
The Urm of Greenwood A Browning has
been dissolved by mutual consent Tho bus
iness lu tho future will bo conducted by Al
bert Greenwood to whom address nil com
NNUAii AiKirrirvG
Tho regular annual meeting of tho Mason
County Rulldlug and Saving Association will
bo held at the council chamber tills Satur
day evening at 7110 oclock lor the purpose
of electing officers to servo tho ensuing yoar
A full attendance of tho momiers is request
ed M C RUSSKLL Secretary
The nrm of Hunt A Doyle U this day dis
solved by mutual consent All persous hav
ing accounts duo thosuld arm lire requested
to make payment to tholr uucqcssru 1 Hunt
A Hon
Maysvillo ICy December 13 1881

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