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rosser & McCarthy,
, Proprietors.
Indications: "Fair, warmer weather:"
i -California
peaches and rolled oats, at
CAitn Rickktts, a salesman of sevornl
years experience, has accepted a situation
with Allon, Hall & Co.
The Handy No. 2 passed up early
morning, after an nbsenco 0f about
two months from her old trade.
Wanted. 20,000 live turkeys. Will pay
the highest price.
F. H. Tra.tkl & Co.
Tns, store room formerly occupied by
F, B. Hanson has been rontod by a Covington
firm, who will open out a line of
drugs in a short time.
A Cyntuiana saloon-keeper was fined
fifty dollars and had his license taken
from him tho other day for selling
whisky to an inobrinte.
F. M. Norton, local engineer of an eight-mile
section of the Maysvillo and Big
Sandy Railroad at Greonup, has been
superseded by James Hodge.
CmnmxN will tako Balsam of Tolu and
Glycorole of Tar without objection
its taste is pleasant. No other medicine
is so sure remody for coughs.
Mr. W. E. Brumbaugh, of Richmond,
Ind., has rented tho room formerly occupied
by Cook Brothers, and will open out
a line of boots and shoes this week.
Louis Zech's Red Corner .Clothing
House enjoyed a regular boom last week.
The business for tho six days ending
Saturday Jwas the largest they have ever
dono for the same length of time.
Trial proves that honesty is tho best
policy in medicine as well as in other
things. Ayer's Sarsaparilla is a genuine
preparation, an unequalled blood purifier,
decidedly superior to all others.
Miss A. Harrison, one of tho teachers
at the High School, was called to New
Jersey this morning by tho death of her
mothor. Her position as teacher will be
temporarily filled by Miss Ella Metcalfe.
JPI J, Garland, ot JRuddell'B Mills,
Bourbon County, was found dead in bed
at'Oynthiana the other, mornlnc. He had
been on a spree.for soveral days, and his
excessive indulgence in liquor caused his
. J f
tfuoMAs A. Day, whojkilled his cousin,
John 0. Day, in Rowan County last sum;
mer, and afterwards escaped from jail at
Morehead, has surrendered and executed
bond for his appearance at tho next term
of couVt.
' i (
Mr. Georcie Bowman, recontly of the
Republican Enterprise office, and Misi
Kate Smith were married last evening.
Tho couple-will leave for Cincinnati in a
few days, whore they expect to mako tin ir
home in tho future.
Messrs.' Owens Jfc Barkley sold last
week 120,000 pounds of barbed wire to
the Kentucky Central Railroad Company
for fencing purposes. Their bid was a
lower and better one than that made by
dealers of Cincinnati and elsewhere.
m m
Mrs. Clauinda Graves died last week
at her home in Nowport at the age of
seventy-two years, 8ho waa a sister of
Captain Williara'p. Walker, formorly of
this city, and had friends hero to whom
this mention of her death will be sad
Hundreds of letters from thoae uBing
Ayer'a'Hair'Vigor attest its'valuo as a restorer
of gray hair to its natural color.
As a stimulant and tonic, preventing and
often curing baldness, and cleansing and
eootht'ng'the scalp, its use jcannbt bo too
strongly recommended.
Messjis. Oalvkiit&Brannon, of
bought at Flemingsburg tho other
day 31 fat cattle of A. P. Darnall, averaging
1,472 lbs., at $4 30; 18 do., of O. D.
Armstrong, averaging 1,489, at $4 20; 14
do., qf P. P. Sutton, averaging 1,400 at
$3.75. Tho lot will be shipped to tho
Eastern market.
The contractors engaged In preparing
tho foundation for tho eastern abutment
of tho railroad bridge at Limestone were
running the pile-driver yesterday. They
are anxious to complete the foundation
and advance tho work on the abutments
so that a rise in the river will not interfere
with the completion of tho bridge this
Every day brings fresh testimony of
tho superiority of Bullenijor'a Diamond
spectacles ovor any other". A lady who
had not been ablo, with an othors, to aee
the eye of a needle for years sees perfectly
with tho Diamond. Others, niter a
few weeks, are able to '.acontinue tho
use of spectacles entlroK'. For sale by
Riot at Chicago.
Thofollowing special was receivvd a
. . ," " , Vfj
snort tune beforeiwe wentKto ores, and
contains all the nows we were able to obtain
of tho disturbance
"Rlotat Chicago stockyard. Mlltilu culled
out. Great excitement.
Wk direct the attention of our readers
to the business card of Mr. G. V. Sulsor
in this issue. He has resumed tho practice
of law In this and adjoining counties,
and will give prompt attention to any
business entrusted to his care. In addition
to this, ho do votes part of his time to
insurance, real-estate and collections.
Professor Frost, with eight of his advanced
pupils, will givo a concert at the
court Iioubo November 15. Reserved
seats, 35 cts.; goneral admission, 25 cts.;
children, 15 cts.
The proceodsof thlsconcert will be given
to tho Baptist congregation for the purpose
of buying an organ for their now
church. We hope our citizons will givo
him and his pupils a good house on this
Lade Sharp, of Sharpsburg, Bath
County, met with a serious accident the
other day at Dallas, Texas. He is traveling
for the Arm and Hammer bjand soda
house, and was advertising his firm by
sending up a balloon. The gas exploded
and burned him so soverely that one
arm had to be amputated above the elbow.
His neck and face were also badly
scorched. Mr. Sharp has many acquaintances
in this city, who will regret to learn
of his misfortune.
The Buena Vista Freestone Works
near. Vanceburg wero totally destroyed
by fire last Wednesday. Tho Vanceburg
Courier sayBt "These workB wero the
most extensive of tho kind in the country?
and employed a very largo force of men
who, for tho present at least, are thrown
out of employment. It is understood
that tho company held an insurance
equal to more than half tho value of tho
works. Tho mill had just been placed
in thorough repair and several important
additions made."
Thk Cincinnati Anzieger, in speaking
of A. H. Knoll, one of America's greatest
cornetists, who is to assist the First Regiment
Band in a concert. on the 22nd of
this month, says? "The furor croated
hero was but n repetition of what bus
been done at all other engagements.
During his stay hero he was obliged to
respond to from three to nine encores
nightly. No other cornetist has ever
been favored in Cincinnati with nine encores
at one' performance."; . .
The following marriage licenses have
been Issued at Georgetown, Ohio, since
our last .report:
James 8. Wilson and Minnie J. Gilbert.
Joseph Reeve and Llllle Etta Robinson,
H.J. MuDurgU and Nellla Blngamau.
A. li.Cuhall nud Hester Carrlgiiu.
William L. Maduox and Sadie E'. Chambers.
W. A. Montgomery aud Flora Linn.
Thomas Buchanan, Jr., and Kate E. Bell.
George Jones and Bailie Cumberland.
Flernon Tracy and Hannah M. Webb.
J. P.Peiern uud Voroy Davis.
P. R. Davis uud Ella Marcum.
A. J. Thompson uud Dolla Ball.
Art Reception.
Mrs. Jennie Clarke's art studio, in one
of the roomsof the Christian Church, pre
sented an attractive scene last Saturday,
Ihe occasion of her first art reception. A
large number of our citizens tookadvant
ngeof the opportunity afforded them, and
were cordially welcomed by Mrs. Clarke.
They wero well repaid for their visit. The
work of her pupils, some fifteen or twenty
in number, for the past month or so had
boon tastefully arranged In tho front room
of the studio, The display of drawings
and of the paintings in oil and pastel,
tho work of herself and her pupils,
was a splendid one, and certainly
deserved tho flattering comments heard
on every hand from the visitors. The
progress of her pupils must be most gratifying
to Mrs. Clarke as well as to their
many friends. Mrs. Clarke displays most
praiseworthy zeal in her work, and sho is
meeting with well-merited success in her
ii O
k Novel Game" of Chess.
A rather novol gamo of ehesB took
place last woek between some of the
crack players of this city and Mayslick.
The game was played by tolephono, the
crowd at this end of the lino having their
headquarters at the public library. Each
move ontho board had to" bo telephoned
to tho players at Mayslick, who would in
turn telephone their move back to this
city. It was an exciting contest. Tho
gamo began at 10 o'clock Saturday morn
ing and closed about 10 o'clock that night.
It is hardly necessary to add that victory
perched upon tho banners of tho Mays
villo veten ns. It is a difficult matter
to down thorn when it comes to a game
of cheee. Those who participated In the
gamo are : Messrs. Andrew Fox, Jacob
Riley, Colonel May und Dr. Wheatly, of
Mayslick, and Messrs. E. L,
ton, J. F. Barbour, F. H. Biorbower, O.
J. Hall, Hiram Mondell, L. W.Galbraith
and II. E. Poguo, Jr., of this city.
Frosted Tobacco.
The Western Tobacco Journal, of Cin-
ctnaati,". Bays ;' " There has", bqon a good
dpaij(otfgfatultouB advice givenjplanters
I in tho lust few weeks about marketing
frosted tobacco. Wo will not add to tho
already heavy burdens of those atllicted
with this article, in the way of a long
winded article on the evils, exponses and
uselessness of preparing this article for
market. It would undoubtedjy bo for
tho good of the general interests if every
pound of tobacco damaged by frost was
put in one heap, set afiro and burned to
auhes, and we would adviso all who can
possibly afford to destroy' every pound
possessed by them, as tho stock of low
grade and damaged tobacco now in stock
in the United States and Europo is almost
amplo enough to meot any demands for
this class of tobacco tho coming year,
without drawing upon tho 1886 crop for
a pound. But there are somo planters who
can hardly afford to utterly destroy their
frosted tobacco, as it forms the greater
part, if not all, of their modest crops,
and Is their only dependence for ready
monoy, and it is but natural to oxpect
them to look to it for even a pittance of
what they expected, for some cash is absolutely
necessary for oven those in their
position. Hard times und low prices for
tho past two crops have put them in a
position not to bo envied, and whilo they
should have devoted at least part of their
land ' to 'some other money producing
crops, unfortunatoly they have not, and,
accordingly, they must look to it for their
very modest requirements of cash. But,
as we said before, all who can, oven by
Btraininga point or two, afford to destroy
,it, should not put a particlo of frosted
tobacco (unless very slightly touched) on
the market for sale.. If they do, they
will only add to tho load that tho low
grades have to hear even in maintaining
present low prices "
i .
A nth ruche Coal
William Wornndd has just received h
superior quality of Chestnut
coal, suitable for base-burner stoves. Orders
loft at ofiice, corner ill .md Third
streets, will receive prompt attention.
I. O.O. F. .Vol ice.
Members of DeKnlb Lodge No. 12,
O O. F., are invited to be
evening, November 8th, at 7 o'clock
Business of importance to all.
J. W. Thompson, Secretary.
. , . , n
No Entertainment
Tho literary and musical entertniument
previously announced to bo given in the
Christian Church to-night has been put
off until December 6, on account of tl e
death of a relative of somo of tho parties
who wero to participate in the exercises.
Tho programme as arranged for this
evening will bo given at the entertainment
next month.
Dcnth of Sirs, James (Jriiluuu.
Mrs. James Graham, of Toronto", Canada,
died yosterduy morning at tho home
of her mother, West Second streot, (his
city. Tho deceased was a daughter of
tho late S. S. Miner, and had boon a
suflerer for years from a complication of
diseases. She was brought to this city
some timo ago in hopes that the change
would prove beneficial to her failing
health, but tho disease had gained too
strong a hold. Her friends and acquaintances
will remember her as a woman of
a most gentlo and lovablo disposition,
and will regret to learn the sad news of
her death.
The funeral will take place to-morrow
afternoon at 2 o'clock from tho residonce
of her brother, Mr. Charles Miner, of
West Second street. Servicea by Rev.
E. L. Powell.
Rev. Father Kehoe, of Covington, was
here yesterday.
G. W. Adair went to Cincinnati Saturday
on legal business.
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Quincy, of Chicago,
arc here visiting friends.
Miss Tillie Clift.of Mayslick, Is visiting
Misses Mary and Martha Whentley.
Mrs. Madison Lyons, of 417 Snnfoul
street, is entertaining her mothor, Mrs.
George T. Wood, of Maysville. Covington
Philip Klipp ishere visiting his brother,
John Klipp. He was one of tho engineers
on tho steamer Buckeye State the
past season, but will go on the Louisville
and Cincinnati packet, City of Madison,
as soon as tho riyer rises.
i m
City Items.
Try Langdon'a City Butter Cracker.
Life-size photograph? 'or $10, at Kack-
ley's. Call aud see samples.
A full supply of school books always on
hand. Give us a call.
J O. Pkcor A Co.
Cloaks and wraps ver cheap. Short
wraps for $5, usual pra .50.
Paul H licii Sc Bro.
You will Qnd a complote assortment of
artist's materials justrecoivod direct from
eastern importers at G. W. Blatterman
& Co's.
We are offering great bargains in all
kinds of dry goods. See our brocado silk
velvets 75 cents per yurd, just half price.
Paul Hoefuch & Buo.
Tho Aral snow of thebeason tell last Saturday.
Mrs. JohuT. Wlso is vlsltlug in
and Cincinnati.
O. C. Collins, of Bourbon, carao down last
Tuesday to seo his wife who Is still at her
mother's, near ahe is botter.
Dr. James Shackleford, of Maysville, wasout
to fceo J . 0. Jeflorson one day lust week. The
ball has uot yt beou extracted.
It is with a deep fueling of recret we
tliedeathof Mies Liura J. Martin, who
has frequently visited our community, and
while here mado many wnrm friends. Hhe died
November 2nd. Funeral services November
5th. from her mother's resluenoe, 19M Madison
avouue, Coviugtou, Ky.
Lire Turkeys.
We will pay cash for 20,000 choice turkeys.
Mason Produce Co., Sutton, St.
Most Excellent.
J. J. Atkins, Chief of Police, Knoxville,
Tenn., writes: "My family and I are
beneficiaries of your most excellent
cine, Dr. King's New Discovery for con-.
sumption; having found it to be all that
you cluim for it, desire to testify to its
vittue. My frionda to whom I have recommended
it, praise it at every
Dr. King's Now Discovery for con-i
sumption is guaranteed to cure coughs. I
colds, bronchitis, Asthma, croup and
every affection of throat, chest and lungs. I
Trial bottles freo (Lai go size $1.00) at
the Drug Stores of J. O. Pecor & Co., and
S. P. Campbell & Co., of Aberdeen Ohio.
Citizens' Gas Light Company.
From November 1st, gas will be 75 cents
por 1,000 feet until further notice.
13dtf Citizens' Gas Light Co.
Bruce Up.
You are feeling depressed, your ap.
netito is poor, you are bothered with
headache, you ure fidgety, nervous and
generally out of sorts, and want to braco
up. iiruce up, but not witu stimulants,
spring medicines, or bitters, which have
for their haBis vory cheap, bad whisky,
and which stimulate you for an hour,
and then leave vou in worse condition
than before. VPhat you want is an
alterative that will purify your blood,
start healthy action of liver and kidneys,
restore your vitality, and givo renewed
health and strength. Such a medicine
vou will find in Electric Bitters, and only
ot) cmius u hottle at the drug stores of J.
O. IWA Co and 8. P. Campbell &
JJt Ui tiwi'l ill'UII VIIIW.
From and after the 1st of November
SS(i the price of gas will be 75 tents per
1 ,000 cubic feet. Rt. A. CoctuiA.s,
Pie.sident MuVHvilleUaH Co.
Saturday's I'loxlnu December wheat, i
corn,-!; pork. 0 i.
January whem,7i; cor", S7: pork, 10 l2U.
December wheul, iyv VA, TVA; curn,.su)i,
Julius wheat, 7Vi, 75.75'i; corn, 37,SGJ;
pork, It) 25, 10 20, 10 lu, 10 07.
Coffee y n 2alb
Molasses, new crop, per gal 30&5U
Molasses, old crop, 0 gul , $
Uoldon byrnp !K
Uorgum, Fancy New....... - 81
Sugar, yellow V n MC
Sugar, extra C, m. 7ft7)
Sugar A. D
dugar, granulated $ lb , y S
Sugar, powdeied, per lb II
Sugar, Now Orleans, W tb......... QXA'
Teas, $ tt , 40(91 0
Coal Oil, head light ty gal I1
Apples, per peck,.. I620
Bacon. breakfast V R it
Bacon, clear aides, per lb 8I0
Bacon, HamH.i m k l'A 8
Bacon, Shoulders, per tt x
Deans Wgal .
Hatter, W ID- 16( 'JO
Cblokens, each ..- 1525
Kggs.Vdoi. . 20
Flour, Limostone, per Darrol .... (5 5o
Flour, Old Gold, per barrel 6 50
Flour, Maysville Faucy, per barrel-.. 4 75
Floor, Masou County pcr.barrel 4 75
Flour, Royal Patent, per barrel ... 5 00
Flour, Maysville Family, per barrel. 6 00
Flour, Graham, per sack 40
Honey, per lb ... 6
Hominy, V gallon...-....... 15
MB&l W POCJL..M..M............M....M. ......MM. 0
wni yfi w... ......... . ....... ...................... ..... "8
Onions, per peck.. ....... M w
PotatoM V peok .......- 16
Keynote 'I e Health.
Health Is wealth. Wealth means independence.
The Keynote Is Dr. Bosanko's Cough
and Lung Syrup, the bent Cough Syrup In the
world. Cures Coughs, Colds, Pains in the I
Chest, Bronchitis and Primary Consumption,
One dose gives relief In every case. Take no
other. Price 60 cents and 11.00. Samples free
Bold by George T. Wood
jar Mnt .ealfwl f roo.KlllK MKU.UO.. LO.N.Y
W flROYAL PStWrl 1 m
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity,
strength and whol.somenetis. More economical
than the ordluary kinds, and cannot
bo sold in competition with the multitude or
low teat, short wolght alum or phosphatu
powders. Bold only In cans. ROYAL) BAKING
POWDER CO.. 106 Wnll Ht.. New Vortt.
kiuds of sewing machine
VT to repair. Orders left at Owens, Mltcbol
& Co , dealers In hardware and Iron, will receive
prompt attention.
ngdlm H. M. WILLIAMS
I 1ITANTED A live, euergutlo mau to
' i? seni us. t70 per mouui ana expense).
I Ooods staple; every one buys; outfits and
particulars free.
T ADIK8 wanted to get up Tea Clubs for our
J JU pure Teas and Coffees. A host of u&eful
I articles to select from as premiums. Bend for
illustrated price aud premium list. Special
offor: to every tenth person that answers this
advertisement, wo will send free one pound
ot choice tea. Address NAT'L TEA 4 COFFEE
CO., lloston, Mass. 27d&w3ni(22
theChlnese Laundry,
in rear Central Hotel. Collars, 'Jc;
Cutis, !( (JM-Im) HAMI.ER, Proprietor.
NOTICE Take yourtruiiUs and valises and
Ih ir coverings and repairs to
UKOItUKHUHRCEDKR, the saddler. 17dlf
- -
mes of tht)
.00 uer
uin , coil aim puunsii price tu.uu. simui
1,1 OR SALE-Moue aud lot, noTtY8ldeof
; Third stieet, Fifth ward. Three rooms,
kitchen and cellar. Flue repair. Price. ?900.
Apply at thli otllce. 2AUf
FJORSALE A Iranie cottage containing
four rooms, fronting on Third street, In
Mtlh ward; itood cellar, outbuildings, aud u
nneclsteru. Lotls!0bv lb5 feet In size. Pried
81. Il) Anplynt this nttlce.
two-story residence on For-
ewt avenue. Apply to JOHN H.HALL, tf
Ijb R RENT The rooms I now occupy as a
; denial ofllce, adjoining Bulletin.
given November 1, alter which date,
my otllce will bo in Zwelgart's Block, corner
Second aud Sutton stieets. DR. C. W W Alt-DLE.
RENT- t'he dwelling with bar attach-.
I70R In the old Goddard House, on Market
street, now occupied by N. Gollensteln, Esq.
Possession ulveti January lltli 1880. Apply
to N. GOLLENSl'EIN or O. H. WALL. Agent
Two ladles' handkerchief wltti own-,
IOST name on tiie corner. Finder will
please leu veal 1 tils otllce. bd3t
At GrrmHiitown Fair, Saturday, a
LO-T light cloth Jacket with largo buttons. Return
to D. W.HHEDD, Ripley, Ohio, and re.
celvo a liberal reward. o30
4 lbs. new Turkish Prunes ..............SO 25
2 lbs. new French Pruues - 25
6 lbs. new Buckwheat Flour 25
2 lbs. new Raisins (host) 25
3 lbs. new Dates - 25
1 lb. new Figs- 20
1 gal. new Hominy.. 15
1 gal. Navy Beans (new) 20
0 lbs. Head Rice 25
1 gal. beat Coal Oil - 10
1 doz. uew Pickles 5
1 package Macaroni 10
3 lbs. best Lard
Headquarters for
Oysters, Celery and Game.
Browning & Co.
In this department wo load tho trado. Our goods aro all mado
for ub. In Stylo and Pit thoy aro porfoot, and aro ofierod at
prioos that bring thom within roaoh of all. Our NEWMABKETS at
$5, $0, $7.50 and $10 aro equal in Fit and Finish to the finest mado.
SPECIAL: Iino of ologant Short Wraps in Astraohan and Freozo
Oloths at $7.60, $10, $12 and $15 ontiroly now and vory stylish.
Underwear, Gloves, Hosiery
Kid Gloves, Dark Shadoa and Black, 76o.; Full Bogula'r
Cotton Hose, 25o.; Cotton Hose, regular made, S5o.; Ladies'
and Gent's Undorwoar, olegant quality, only 6O0.
Cash Dry Goods House, Maysville, Ey.

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