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Crmt Unmnge Dona to Property nnil the
Shipping Interest Austria United
With the Other Power to the Merlin
Treaty Hiilgnrlft's Constitution,
London, Nor. 8 .The storm which broke
ovor the lake district iu England sproad
throughout Great Britain! and an immcpBe
amount of damage to property nud shipping
is roportod. The steamer Janet, from Dundee,
was wrecked at Eyemouth and thjee
per&ons drowned. A boat and wreckage has
been waslW ashore on the Cornwallcoast.
The boat had "Steamship Svyif tturex",mar)co'
upon it. The Newcastle steamer "Lord
is ovenlue and it is believed that she 1
, Austria's Poiltloji.
Bcda rKKTfi, Nov. 8. Tba emperor
Francis Joseph, in his address to tho delegations,
declared that Austria was united with
the other ' signatory power to tho treaty of
Berlin in an ellort to localize tte Bulgarian
disturbances; that the powers would find
n way to re-establish law and order in
Bulgaria, and that they hoped to restore the
legal constitution to the Bulgani soon, making
nil allowance for tho lawful aspiration of the
Uulgors consistent.
Koumellnn Towns Under ltiiMlnn Rules.
Buciiaiikkt, Nov. 8. Dispatches received
here from Russian sourcos allege that movements
similar to that by which the .town of
Bouxgas was handed over to the Russian
rule, have taken place in other towns throughout
Roumelia. '
A National Hunk Contributes Three Thousand
Chicago, Nov.. 8. Gcorgo T. Comstock,
Jr., the eighteen-year-old son of a wealthy
lumber dealer, at Barrington, 111., and R. D.
Thaxton, tin alleged crook, were arrested
here, charged of swindling. It appears that
Comstock and Thaxton has been knocking
about the city for a couple of weeks badly
stranded for want of money, and that the
lutter devolved on the younger man the
onus of replenishing their empty purses.
Comstock thereupon secured 4.700 worth of
cigars from Thorwald & Roehllng on a
forged order of a Barrington de.nler. Then
through his father's name, as alleged, he secured
a larger amount of goods from John
A. Tallmun, grocer
He next visited Marshall Field & Co.V
wholesale house and ordered 1100 worth of
rarpets, to be shipped to his father at Bar
ringtou, cash on delivery. On the strength
of this order the dry goods merchant indorsed
Lim for tbOO worth of clothes from Henry
"W. King & Co. His next exploit was to
raise 3,o00 from the Chicago National bank
on a forged draft. The goods shipped to Barrington
were refused by Comstock's father,
who requested the Chicago police to arrest
his son. Tho detectives very soon after arrested
both Comstock and Thaxton in a
mJoon where they made their hoadquarters.
Thaxton is known to the police as a sharper,
tuid he is now charged with being the cause
of young Comstock's downfall. The latter'
alleged peculations it U said will reach $0,000.
A Tax Suit Decision.
Cleveland, Nov. 8. In tho United States
court Judges Jackson and Walker decided a
writs of suits entered by thirteen national
lictnks of Cleveland, Youngstown aud lyria,
O., against the treasurers of Cuyahoga, Ma-boning
and Lorain counties to prevent the
collection of alleged excessive taxes. The
lutnks claim that the rate of taxation placed
upon their capital stock is much higher than
that, upon other investments. They also
utked that the Individual liabilities of stock-
holders may bo offset on the tax Jist against
the value of the bank stock as placed on the
tax duplicate. The court sustained both
claims made by the banks. The state and
counties will lose many thousands of dollars.
The treasurers will appeal to the United
(States supreme court.
Suspended for glect of Duty.
New Yokk, Nov. 8. W. A. A. -Carsey,
who was repeatedly accused by the Henry
George men during the late campaign of organizing
fraudulent trade union meetings
in favor of Mr. Hewitt, aud the United Democratic
ticket, has been suspended by Gun.
Newton, commissioner of public works, for
neglect of duty. Cornelius Donovan has
len appointed in his place. Carsey was
by Squire, and
held the position of inspector. October L'u
he was reported absent for week1 without
leave or excuse, and Uou. Newton prompth
Mispended him. He reported fpr duty Wednesday
morning, the day after election, but
was told that his place was tilled.
A Desperate Fight With Trainps,
Annkville, Ph., Nov. 8. A gang of ten
detperate tramps, full of liquor, entered tho
wiloou of IVter Bachman Thursday nlghC
uud made an assault ontlie proprietor and.o
few other men who were there. An alarm
summoned llfty determined citizens, who
fame armed and a desperate conflict ensued
Vive men were seriously cut and otherwise
'A'oundetl: Adam BUUop, a citizen, received
n tevereVlitKh with a razor across the cheek:
HenryHefV was stabbed 'In the hreasj!;
AdainfJohubpn and Thomas Hennings were
Hartung aud Seneft, were shot and
urtd. The balanco of the gang escaped.
Championship Poot Race.
.Wichita, Kan., Nov, 8. A foot race for
the1 champlnuship of America, between M.
K,,Kottlenmn, of Kansas, aud ,Qharlos
of California, was run on the fair
grounds. Tim htakos were 15,000, and oyer
if 100,0(0 was waged on tho result. The contestants
started aftor several unsuccessful at-,
tempts. Kottloinan sprung almost immediately
to tho front and kept the lead to the
end, coming qut four (cot. ahead of Gibson.
Over 5,000..perton8 jvitneed
werVjireentHiiporcuigiinehfrom St'
Louis, Chicugo and eastern cities. Tho distance
o lfOjurds; time fourteen aud one-quarter
C'urllile Accounts for Ills fern nil Majority.
New Youk, Nov. H, Tho Wqrld prints
the following dispatch from John G. Carlisle,
at Covington, Ky. i "Your telegram just
eived. The smalLum jority in thjs district is
duo entirely to tho fijt that itjvos not 'supposed
thore was Aity sofioua opposition to mo.
Tho vote against too last Tuesday was not
Loll as great as tho vw nuainst mo two
years ago, aud yet my Ui.i virlty then, was
nearly 0,000, It would haw leen
the same thU turn f u full vote hud
been polled, '
Topics of the Times Given In n Terse tMsd
Spicy Manner.
Martha 'Carr dropped dead at Columbus,
R. B. Hayes, Jr., will marry Miss Mary
Sherman, of Nor walk, O., next week.
Elmor Hollingsbee, arrested at Layfatte.
Ind., for robbing his employers of (2,000.
Democrats now say the next United States
senate will stand: Republicans, 39; Democrats,
S7. '
Nolle Campbell, the child accidentally shot
in the bowels at Crawfordsvillo, Ind., last
Tuesday, is dead.
Now Jersey and Indiana legislatures aro
Democratic Each eloet u United States
senator next year.
Annie Anderson, held at Urbana, O., for
grand larceny and forg6ry, made a ilfth attempt
to hang herself,
Russian troops have ma,doa sortie into
Eastern Rouniolia, seized several 'trfwn and
proclaimed Russian rule.
Mort Garner, of Happy Hollow, Ky., was
knocked from a trestle 185 feet high by a
train and instantly killed.
William feloukoskill, a deaf mute, went
into the Fan-Handle factory at Fiqua, O,,
and was badly
Henry Deaijjorn, while playing leap-frog,
at New Philadelphia, 0 fell upon a sharp
stick and was seriously Injured.
At Columbus, Ind., the grain thieves who
have beon operating the' grain bint at tho
above city have been captured.
The will of the late Miss Henrietta Lenox,
of New York, bequeathing over $10,000,000
will be contested by three heirs.
John Danauer was arrested at Fremont,
O., for robbing McCulloch & Son's drug
store of f'JOO. Money recovered.
Thomas McCormlck, a Zanesville, O.,
councilman, ruptured n blood vessel while
laughing and bled to death in Ave minutes.
Robert G. Iugorboll has consented to appear
before the Illinois stfpremo court in
behalf of the condemned Chicugo Anarchists.
Tho election in the Lawrenceburg, Ind.,
towmh p for or against an $11,000
for n new railroad takes place November
10. ,
The coroner of Morrow, O., finds that, in
his opinion, Timothy is guilty of the
murder of his wife. There are still theories
of suicide.
The telephone war still continues nt Lexington,
Ky. Half of the subscribers will
withdrn v if the cojnpauy persists In tho advanced
Harry I'nniroe, a Salvation Army captain
of .Stcubenville, O., has been found
guilty of bigamy, and will serve the state for
a number of yeans.
Father McGlynu, the priest co-helper of
Henry George iu his recent campaign, says
labor will establish a permanent political organization
throughout the country.
William Idle, aged was instantly
killed at Warsaw, Ind., while driving througli
the woods, his head striking a tree which
leaned over the road He leaves a family.
At New Harmony, Ind., a tall, well-dressed
stranger attempted two assaults Upon Mrs.
Fred Hickman at her home, and was shot
and killed by the constable of the village. No
clue to tho mail's name or relations, but he is
supposed to be deranged.
The Weather. '
Washington, Nov. 8. Indication For
the Ohio Valley: Local rain or snow, followed
by fair weather, stationary, temperature,
winds generally northerly.
Quotation of tile Money, Stock, Produce,
and Cattle Markets for Novatmber O.
Nfcw Yohs. Money 607 percent. Exchange
Bteivdc. Uoeruments flrtn.
Currency Uxe, lft) bid; four coupon. 128;
111H bid.
Tlie itocc nmrkrl openeJ nctnre aid stronff
and dur.ng the i rt twenty muiiti of badness
advi nc.it i t Ht Cent. Tee wok qui a
Meady bujlnc thro.U hout iheinoralur, a'.xh,
RjaditiR, O e ou Trinnaontl i nt., Oregon
.V.vlb'ut ou aoUjeriey Central erj
bo U iu of KtieiiKtli n u i ucilriiy. The
lu wer gene ally c re.it at noo i, tx
c)t urRcninond A. Wtit I'olut tet'uil a:, wdIcU
wu0 Irreu ar, anl told dovu lioin 46 at
the up til c o iiyi. In lae loan crowd the last
numeJ m.1c ai kcjucj and loa eJ at a per
cent, iHoiu fo ne. Since in dduy the market
im b Me.ikw and prlcos uio uoi' illglitly
lur.&Qulncy ...,H0 Mich. Ceuttal ... lW
Culiaulau i'ugific jVyi 3IUuuriracjnu..lir;u
Canadian Southern 65 N. Y. Cmtral .118
Central Paclilu .,,. ityi Northwestern ...Uii
O.. C. C. & I .73 No.tucrn Pacific :
Del. & Mudvon JOtJU uo preierred
Ve LacU. K W , 1412 Olilo&MNs 3"J
Deliver y Rio U . aa l'acnlu Mall , , . 05
Erie secJints Sti Kra4lnt: .. . "3
jiiluoU Central . 1M0 ltoo . Ulatnl ,. 1-1
CV'trul . B2)4 Si. . .. UI1
KaiiMtB i Texas !i do lSf
Lake Saoce V51 Union I'achiO ., BiVi
Louvivule iK Nash 57H Western Unlou . 87Ji
Vl.u)tf4.10 family, J3.253I
'WHEAT Ko. 3red. ViWiv; No. 2."7e.
IVKN Nu. 8 nilxeJ, MHc; No. S mixed, 3flo.
No. .a mixed, iitfHici No. a niixea,
WHWaiiSn; No. 8 wli ttt.'V.".! ilSiU. " -4
CIO.OOlO.lv'H; tegular, 9.S0
9.U.H. "
clear Mde. 7Jn(ff7ic
ClIEiWB 1'rime lu choice Olun, I nll)e; Nevr
POULTKi Spiingcliickeni(,1.00ffl.; prlino
to choice, coiiinioii to lair old, fi Q0u
y.ro perUucii; dUv'ky, x'.ooiuo; live turkey,
, tuedluin clothing, MCOtfoj
"fine merino, ISfJPWc; couimup, lWgilfco: kheeoer
wanlieJ nit'illum clothing; u'Uc; coiiiblug; 3o;)
,a.'c; fine Jt'ieriuo, .V and XX, ttaSOoJ burr aud
cou, tuo washed, '8l4!lUc; pulled,' -7(9
J timothy, 10.50fJll.OO: No. 2, 9,W
10.UI; nilxel,?8.50;i)ralile. jr.OO(fll7.50; wheat,
out nud rye Hi uw , .00(0 00.
CATTLE Uood to bolvd bntobf t. ViX&i.QQ;
fair, fi.ZMS l.oo; common, tl.'ilin'.OO;' giocWciij
aud ftuUu.H, 5.73C&a.W; yeniluk's uud oalve,
J1.75 aa.75.
biVjliew, 94.10 I.SS: fair to
good packing f3.00.tw.10; fair to giud light, $3.73
(ffX.lxi; common, 83.SiV3 70; culls. M.;&!03.l3.
SHEKP U) fair, '.'.Jttft Wrgood to
choice, H !(j84.00; couimnu to fair' lambs,' $3.'J
JIJ3.JI0; i,ood to choice, $4.Q'tfV5.
Kant Liberty.
.m lino!
inon, 43.00(d) i &o: btotiUurK, ?a.50 l.OJj feeders,
HOUSFtnu: receipts, 2,700 head: ahlpraenti,
i.SoOht'ud: I'lilladeiiihlan, HjtJ.35; Workers,
i: koi1 mixed, U.U(fl!1.5J; common uud
Hjtht, W.7.1(fPl.0i).
mo a lleqeipts, COO; slilpments, 600;
prime, .fi.ofttfl M; ulr to L'eod, i3.2J3.&0;
common, l.ijQtfflJ.SO; lambs, fl.ti0jB5.50.
New York.
f 1 rd state, Wo; Np. 2 red winter,
Noyeinlier, b31(ic;rDecemhiiv85(lo. ;
" COHN-'-Mixed 'Cat, 45Jio( JJecemher. 47a
OATS-No, I white state, 3So; No. 2, 3Uo.
UA'n'LK SO.s'itiM.ai per lb, live v, eUht,
nous i-i (ii w per iiw ins.
8IIE1.P aooii.vo per 100 live wuhiht.
COTTON dm. jiiuuuuu uiiiuuun. uinui do
Orleans. U & t November, B.Wo; Oaceiaber,
8.bOo! Jniiu.iry, U.'JS. : Kobnisry, 07 ;inrcb,
K.lVi Apri., b,.bu, juv, y.Mc, J me, U U
Place on sale, commencing this week, an immense
stock of Ladies' and Children's
Newmarkets, Jackets and Short Wraps. Our Newmarkets at
$3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 5.00 and 6.00 are decided bargains.
Twenty dozen Kid Gloves in Black and Colors,
extra good quality, at 69 cents per pair ; Ladies' Merino
Vests at 35, 45 and 48 cents : Fleeced Cotton Hose at 15, 20,
25 and 35 cents; 500 Unlaundried Shirts at 45 and 50 cents
each ; special bargains in Blankets and Comforti.
. VSS" We are ready to meet competition from any point,
as we are The Lowest-Priced
NoBbitt & MoKroll, having dotorminod to quit tho Dry Goods business,
will commonoc, on MONDAY, AUGUST 2. soiling thoir stook of
vory doairablo
at FIRST COST, FOR CASH. o moan what wo say I Domostics,
Parasols, Hosiery and a vory largo stook of fashionablo Dross Goods,
and everything olso, all go at first cost and Iobb. Como oarly if you
want tho ohoico of bargains.
JSTThoso indobtod to us will ploaso oall and sottlo.
Be Warned
hi time. Kidney diseases may be prevent ed
by purifying, renewing, and Invigorating
the blood with Ayer's Sarsaparllla. "When,
through debility, tho action of the kidneys
ii perverted, these organs rob the blood of
Its needed constituent, albumen, which Is
passed oft" In tho urine, while worn out
matter, which they should curry off from
the blood, is allowed to remain. By tho
use of Aycr'x Sunmparlllu, the kidneys
are restored to proper action, and
Bright' s Disease
Is prevented. Aycr'i Sarsaparllla nlso
prevents inflammation of tlio kldncyx, and
other disorders of thco organs 3Irs. Jas,
"V7. "Weld, Forest Hill St., Jamaica TJaln,
Mass., writes : " I have had a complication
of diseases, but my greatest (rouble
has been with my kidneys. Four bottles
of Aycr'i Sanaparllkl mado mo fed like
a new person; as well and strong as
ever." AV. 31. McDonald, 40 Summer St.,
Uostou, Mass., had been troubled for years
with Kidney Complaint. By tho liso of
Ayer's Sarsaparllla, ho not only
the disease from assuming n fatal form,
but was restored to perfect health. John
McLclIan, cor. Bridgo and Third sts.,
Lowell, Mass., writes: "For several years
I suffered from Dyspepsia aud Kidney
Complaint, tho latter being so sovcro nt
times that I could scarcely attend to my
work. My appctlto was poor, aud I was
much emaciated ; but by using
my appetite and digestion Improved, and
wy health has been perfectly restored."
Sold'by all Druggists.
Trlco $t ; Six bottles, $5.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell,
Mass., U. S. A.
Cnro for l'lles.
Piles are frequently preceded by h sense of
weight in the bade, loins and lower part ol
the abdomen, causing the putlo)t to suppose
ho has some affection of thetidnoysor
organs. At times, symptons of indigestion
aro present, as flatulency, uneasiness
of thostomnoh.etc. A moisture, llko perspiration,
produolnc a very dlsacrecablo itching,
after aettlim warm, Is a common attoudant.
Blind, bleed!: nu undltculnK piles yieai at once
to tho application of Pr. Dobudco'h Pllo Item
edy, whlcli uctfl directly upon the pi
ed, absorbing the tumors, allayii tho In
tense Itching, and ufleotlng a porrannont cure,
Price M cents. Address the Dr. Uosanco Med
icine Co.,Plqua, O. Bold by Uco. T. Wood.
House in Town!
pvB. W. H. HOOREa,
omoe Becond street, over Run-'
von A Iiocker'a dry cood store.
Om Bdrolnlaterek In all case
llt Vn nvliln am lnMVlHn avm b
ased for the palnleea extraptlou nt
wm, umcfl nn uonn mreeu Dlfldlv
I Fine work In all the departments of den-
1 Ustry. Nitrous Oxide Qas administered.
I Office and residence White Block, corner
i Third and Limestone streets.
Plans aud specifications furnished on
terms and nil work satlslactorlly and
promptly done. Office on Third street, between
wall and Button.
Established 1805 by
GK "W. aSIS3I.
Fruit and vegetables In season. Your pnU
I ronage Is respectlully solicited. Becond BL
noarly opposite opera house, Maysvllle, Ky
Plain and Ornamental
'Painter and Paper-Hanger.
Imitating the natural woods a specialty.
Orders left at Paint Btore will receive prompt
attention, u203m
House, Blgn and Ornamental
Wall Papering and Coiling Decorating a
specialty. Fourth street, between Limestone
and Market, opposite publlo school. ly
Gas and Steam Fitter.
Orders promptly attended to. No. 23
Bocondsttcct. mar6
Tickets okly$5 Hhaioalu proportion.
u,We do hereby certify that we tupervue the
arranaemcnti tar all the Alonthlu and
, terly Urawiugt of the Louisiana State Lot-
troJ the Draviingi theirwelves, and that tin tame
are conducted with honctly, fairncti, and tn
ooodjaith toward all parlies, and we authorize
ine uompany 10 twe inn ceniicaie, twin
tie of our rlgnaturci attached, in iU advertise-
We the undersigned Hunks and Hankers will
y au Jtiie arawn in t he Louisiana
t wnien may oepreteniea u our counters.
JjH. OG1.F.RBT, l'ren, a. Nntloaal Bk.
A. BALDWIN, VrcH. X. O. Nntlonal Ilk.
IncorporntoU In 1868 for yoara
by the Legislature for Educational and
purpOBOft with a capital of $1,000,000
to which a reserve fund ol ovor 650.000 bos
since been added.
By an overwhelming popular vole Its fran
chise was mndo a part of the present Btate
Constitution adopted December 2, A.D., 1878.
Tho only lottery over voted on and endorsed
by tho Deonle oi any Btate. It never
scales or postpones.
iu uraua HiBgie Anmoor irawinr
take place monthly, and tho
UrawliiB regularly every three
months Instead of Somi-Annually aa heretofore,
beginning March, 1886.
A splendid opportunity to win a fortune.
Eleventh Grand Drawing, Class L, In the
Academvof Music, Now OrlwuiBTEESnAY,
November O Monthly Srnwlne,
100,000 tickets at fS.OO each. Kractlona, In
filths, In proportion.
liht or PRIZES.
1 CAPITAL PIUZE. 175,00!)
1 do
1 dn
5 do
10 do
20 do
100 do,
800 do'
600 do
1,000 do
no ,uuu
do 10,000
OK W.000 12,000
2,0rt) 10,000
1,000 10,000
600 10,000
200 20,000
100 - 30,000
60 25,000
25 M 25,000
y Approximation 1'rlxeH of 8750. 6,750
9 " " 500 J,50rt
" " 25a 2,250
1,907 Prizes, amopntlng to. 8265,500
Application lor rates to clubs should be
mado only to the otllce of tho company In
New Orleans.
For further Information write clearly,
full address. POSTAL. NOTES. Express
Money Orders, or New York Exchange lu ordinary
letter. Currency by exprebs (at our
expense) addressed
M. A. DAUPHIN, New OrleanB, La.,
Or M. A. DAUPHIN, Washington, D. C.
Make P.0, Money Orders payable
and address Registered Letters to
New Orleaaa, Im.
Headquarters For ALL KINDS
, LI
id mr bJ
Wholesale and ltetall
Fine Concord Wine for medicinal purposes.
No. 19, Market Street.
Sanitary Plumber,
Cur ley 's new system of House Drainage and
Ventilation. Bath rooms fitted up with hot
and cold water a specialty. Also a larg
supply of
Iron, Lead and Stone P(pef
Ulobe, AnglO'and Check Valves, wtter and
Bteam Gauges, Force and Lift Pumps. Rubber
ilose, Chandeliers, Brackets and Globes,
Personal attention given to ull work and satisfaction
guaranteed. T. J.OURLEY,
Second struct, above Market, oppoelto Omar
Podson's, Mavsvllle, Ky. flMly
Mt. Sterling, Ky
Pupil of tho celebrated farmer Miles In castrating
rldgllUR horses, of whlcli he makes i
specialty. Write to him for circular on
Refers you to Abnerllord and Lewis
King, Mason County, and Marsh Fleming, qf
Fleming County. tnl
and Whlnlior
cured at homo
OPIUM puln. Hook of pur.
I leu lam unit KUISH.
.Allfilllu. till. fllll. ..
nu j nmiguuii aircei.

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