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VOL. VI NO. 136,
'-Mnwids Trok:
Tbo qatffUon ha tirobaMy ben uked
of Usoes, ''JLm cxn Brawn's Iron Bitten
toJaaf VWM1, It dnnn'i. liiutTt dbes oora
ben naked thousand
Ton Bitten eura overy-
ri' WMl. itdown'i. JUutit dbescnrasaydlMttM
wplofc topauiile pBjslclsn would preserib won
pBjslclsn would J
, boo, tha b
ArofMiiltmaSd' i
olkM irdooonltt, uoo.M ui imt, reomuTB
dto'tba iprofltm.rttrtr itittair bfanj
i uieaMrcioa
chn&rebubak IrorfW acknowlodirnd '? b tha most
Brporc&iitiaecormBuocdMmijBMiieii practice, km,-
r. strerhsrlcsble fct. that prior to tho'dtsoOT.
aotonr iron cotnDinauon naa eyer Deen louna.
beadaohel'ar proddeeooHrtliaiion rtl I btb er 1 ron
medicines do. mtOWraillONIUTTKItS
rurcIn(ltgcstlon,IIIlloiiNncsg, WcnUncNn,
Dyspepsia, Malaria, CIiIIIh and Fevers,
Tired IfccIlnff.OciicrnlDebllltjraiii In tha
for all these ailments Iron is proscribed daily.
ffinu.e.jJUkellptliofr t&oronen modicines. It acts
MqwlV. When token by mn the first symptom of
wnent Is renewed enerjrjr. The mnscles then become,
trrraer, tha diimstim lmprrTPs, the bowels are attire.'
In women tho e Hoc t Is usually moro rapid and marked.
The ejen begin at onoe to brighten; the skin clears
up j healthy color comos to the cheeks; nervousness
disappears; functional derangement become repi
jar. and if anurslng mother. 'abundant finrtenacce
"supplied for the child. Remember Brown's Iron
Bitten istho ONfV Iron modicine that is not in
jurious. I'hyticitint and Druijghtt recommend l.
Xn Ootralne has Trade Mark and crossed' red Unci
on.wrapper. TAKU NO OTIHUt.
m nr, k: smith,
used for the painless extraction of
teeth. Offloe on Court street
Nltrious-Oxlde Gas administered. Office
Corner Beoond and Button streets, Zwelgart's
Flans and specifications furnished pn reas
onable terms and all work satisfactorily and
promptly done. Offloe on Third street, be
tween Wall and Button.
,, , House, Sign and
Ornamental Painter.
Graining, Glazing nnd Paper-banging. All
work neatly and promptly executed. Office
and shop, south side of Third street, west of
ncwjRll. alfldly
(Court Street Old Postofflce.)
Cutting, Fitting, and Custom-Made Suits to
order. Satisfaction guaranteed. Prices low
No. 7 Market Btreet,
Call and examine ray samples of Foreign
and.Domeatlo Goods tronrthe largo wholesale
bouses of New Yorfc. Bulla made to order on
more reasonable, terms .t ban anyjother house
rn the olty, and fit guaranteed.
will practice in the courts of Mason and ad
Joining counties, the Superior Court and
Court of Appeals. Special attention given to
Collections nud to Real Estate. Court street,
Mayavllle, Ky.
(court utroet, waysviiie, Ky.)
Will practice in thecourtsof Mafon and ad
joining counties. Prompt attention given to
collection of claims and accounts. Also to Fire
Insurance, and the buying, selling and rent
tag of bouses, lots and lands, and the writing
ol deeds, mortgages, contracte, etc,, n6dly
Alili drive 4KtilUmiTOli,
f OAltnfcTr B. WiXL, '
I K. L. woirrniNQTOM
Attorneys and Counselors at Law,
Will practice in all courts In Mason and ad
JOinlut bouhtles and u the Hu parlor' Cour
and Court of Appeals. All collections give)
'prompt attention. , ' oovrtdA
.J. H. Sallbe. Commonwealth's Att'y.
C. Ii.UALi.ES, Notary Public,
Attorneys and Counxelors at Law,
wlirattend'tcrcolleotiohirnHd;ageneral law
practice In civil casea In Mason and adjoining
ouutie8.. Klre-Inauranoe; and RealvEatate
Agentfl. All letters answered promp ly. Of
fice: No. 12 Court street, Mayavlllo. Ky.
. ... .
Designer and dealer ln ,
Headstones, Ac. The largest mock of th
latest designs. The best material and work
ever oflered In this section of the state, at re
duced prices. Those wanting work In Gras
Ite or Marble are Invited to calrand see fr
thorn 1vmC Heoonrt utreet. MrvhvIHp
Ice Cream and Soda Water a specialty.
Fresh Bread and Cakes made dally and d
llvered to any part of the city. Parties and
weddings furnished on abort notice. No.
Second street
l n i i
'Further Partleulkr of, tha Blowing Dp of
the ltesorvolr at Pnuldlnff Troops
'Arrive nd iteadr to'Soripress'Andtltor'
Outbwitk Acbl'dehtally Shbtj ' ,f J
ToutbbI Ou, April 2fJ.--jtis5rice tho days
of the Cincinnati - riot has, tiioro been, so
much excltomonl in tills city, as upon, tho
receipt dt thtfnows o the orWing'oul'o'f tiro
m,ilitia by jQpvenor ppralcqr, ;causel Sy the
blowing up of tho Paulding rpsor, voir near
Antwerp,, thus destroying tho principal
f coder pf the Miami & Lake Erie canal,
whoso principal terminus is this city. Tho
blowing up of the re?e?voir was do'no by "a
gang of threo hundroU m'on who, after hav
ing behind arid secured' tho guards, used
dynamite in the carrying out of their pur
pose. ,
Tho tlmo selected was early yesterday but
nothing was learned of tho outraga until
after daylight yesterday. The men who
blow up tho reservoir or interested in. tho'
land which it covers, title to which they
havo tried in vain to obtain from tho legisla
ture. Several attempts havo been previously
mado to blow' up tho reservoir und great
-damage done. Adj. Gen. Axline arrived
hero yesterday afternoon and selected fifty
men in addition to a Gatling gun squad, and
proceeded nt once to Cecil, where he will
march across the country to Antwerp. Ono
company has preceded him and the Toledo
cadet and Fourth battery are held in readi
ness to lenvo in an hour's notice. Tho gov
ernor has ordered the reservoir to bo restored
at once. Frederick Reeves, of Company H,
whilo on guard last night was shot and in
stantly killed.
The lawless attempt to destroy the reser
voir is the result of discontent on tho part of
tho people at the maintenance of a practi
cally disused section of tho canal The Miami
& Erie canal runs from Toledo to Cincinnati.
At Junction, .Paulding county, tho Wa
bash & Erie canal joins it The latter orig
inally extended through Indiana but the
state long ago abandoued it and sinco then
the Ohio section from Junction to the, state
line, eighteen miles, has boon practically use
less, except for rafting timbers to Defiance.
Just east of Antwerp, Paulding county, is
the reservoir in dispute, covering '2, 000 acres
of ground. '
From one of tho guards nt tho reservoir
tho following particulars wore obtained. He
said thero wero four guards on the reservoir
bunk ever since tho agitation against the
maintenance of tho canal began. About 10
o'clock Monday night they wero surrounded
by a body of 400 men, taken captives and
disarmed. A tiorticm of the mob at onco
went to work with spades, putting the reser
voir banks, while the remainder of the crowd
started down toward tho locks. Arriving at
the' ono near tho bulk-head thoy saturated
the lock with coal oil and set it on fire. The
lock-keeper's house .was next fired. The-mob
then went down five miles further, and plac
ing a heavy charge of dynamite under the
gates, blew them out. The third lock, near
the junction of the Wabash and Erie.canais,
they blew out bodily. This completed tlm
wreck and they returned to the reservoir,
where they ail worked on tho banks until 5
Companies A, C and E, of the Sixteenth
regiment, arrived at Cecil at 8 o'clock Inst
night Soon after their arrival on,e of the
reservoir guards who had been detained by
tho mob, and had just come from the reser
voir, four miles distant, arid reported four
heavy explosions on .the lino of the reservoir
since nightfall. Gen. Axline, on receiving
this news, at onco began preparations for a
midi.ijlit raid on tho mob, and a' heavy ca
ture is expected. -
The remaining Toledo troops have just
been ordered to proceed at onco to Pauld
ing. .
From Cecil.
Cecil, O., April 28. Tho United Press
correspondent wont to Antwerp this morn
ing, where.he found the excitement at fever
heat, but everybody knows nothing and
f wants to know whore the militia is; what
they intend to do," It is claimed the mob
will make another attack on the reservoir.
Eight men Usgrtn work at sun-down last
light and exploded eight charges of dyna
mite in the reservoir, When new3 of the
militia's arrival reached them thoy retreated
at once. They are. determined to destroy
the reservoir if possible, but twill not fight
the militia , Thodamage to'the reservoir so
far is a very great gap in" tile embankment,
ten foot deep by thirty feet wido at the top.
The water is rising from tho reservoir at a
fearful rate. ' Tho east lock is practically n
otal.loss. Thoro is .a .small break ,hi the .
'east emba nkmeht which dynamiters propose
Vofking "on next lip troublo, basfoccurreil
since the troops arrived and it Is notUlkely.
tnattnero wui , do. aujl .yen. Axuue says
h'e has the iminos of seven or eisrht of- the
.'Jbadors whom he will have lirrested and pun-
uutxt uy jaw. .jaayor r.iectt, oi vuiwerp,
was seen and said his people would uoc" re
sist t.ho, troops, but) the people "areiotermined
to either havo the reservoir abandoued or
the canal improved for draining.
Governor Gordon III.
AuGUbTA. Go.. Anril "28. While Governor
Gordon was delivering tho nddress In Market
hall yesterday, he was seized with n violent
attack of intercostal neuralgia and was com
pelled to end his speech suddenly. He wus
removed to the residence of Col. C. A. I
Phinsey, whore medical attendance was pro
vided. It it said at the Phinsey residence
that the governor is resting quietly und no
danger is apprehended. There aro rumors
on tho street to the contrary, however, and
the belief prevails that ho is very low1. It is
known that he loft a sick bed in Atlanta to
come here against tho advice of his physi
cian . .
: ' - .Measles Kpldumlc.
Madison, Wis., April Si At least four
hundred children are said to bo down with
tho measles in this city. Many adults aro
afflicted. The public schools have beew
Vlnridn'H Deadlock.
Tallaiias.sk, Fla., &pril 28. In tho log
ialaturo tho v e for United States senator
.was: Blnx.ii ': Perrv 21; Pasco, 23
scattering, i; mi Iricli, Republican, 17.
H Explalnn Ills Fresent Situation and
tils Frospoets for tbo Future.
Nx-tv tfGiik. April te.
Dr. McGlVnh wm
callodupoil by a reporter yosterday evening
and asked what he had to ay' 'to 'the' cable
Jl..J.llli.l''HM t)MMi. '. iltjfc XtlC t.il 'C-
L dispatch' 'from Romk 'to the effect; that be
I'was to bbkuspendod fi
Irbmhfa'basttirAl fuhci
it '
tidns.1 "
' "That ii nonsonM," said Dr. MfcUlyntf, "I
am" already susperidod from thy "pastoral
functions. Archbishop Corrigan did that.
I am decapitated now. How can' thb pope
out my head off agalnf Thdtruth i my case
is not before the propaganda, nart tho Vati
can. Ihdvenot appealed 'front the' judg-
L' ment of t,ho archbishop.,"
"jjoyo intend ton ,
"I.donot" ' .
"Shall you go to Romer
"I have riot yet Baid that I will nover go to
Rome for tho simplo reason that if I was po
litely invited to go by tho proper persons I
ani riot', 'prepared $o say'" but "what I 'would,
bull Khali never goas a' criminal; us. im
ager Preston has characterized my condition.
It is a singular fact that I havo over sent
any' word to tho ecclesiastical authorities at
Rome. They havo sent messages to mo by a
third perron, a friend of mine in Home; and
I have given him my reply. Tluit is all the
communication thnt has taken plnco botween
ne and Home. I do nofcoxpect to go to
Romo for tho reason that,I havo nover ap
pealed from tho action of tho archbishop,
and I nover shall."
"How do you proposo to pass the remainder
of your life, doctor!"
"In preaching tho fatherhood of God and
tho brotherhood of man. I propose to preach
tho gospel of Christ 'without money an(l
without 'price.' I moan that literally. It
may bo thought by some thut I have ac
cepted remuneration for my speeches. I
havo not and will not I. have refused to ac
cept any personal remuneration whatever
for my services. All the receipts from my
lectures will bo devoted to tho cause of hu
manity, to tho uplifting of the poor and
needy. When , I went to Cincinnati, and
Indianapolis I paid my railroad fares tjhoro
and back and. hotel bills. Thanks to tho
kindness offrionds; I havo enough to live on
for a year or two. When that is spent I
shall work with my hands to earn the
necessaries of lifo, and when I have got
enough to live 'upon for awhllo, I shall re
mime my 'Crusade.' "
An Ohio Village Destroyed Hy Fire.
Toledo, O., April 2S. About 11 o'clock
last night a telegram was received in this
city from Sylvania, Lucas county, nine miles
from this city, asking for; aid,, as the village
was in flames. As soon as possible a steamer
was detailed to go to Sylvania by snecial
train. It arrived thero shortly after mid
night, too late, howover, to be of any assist
ance, as tho business portion of the town was
already consumed, nnd the fire was dying
out for want of material. Fifteen business
places were totally destroyed. The postofllcM
and postmaster's residence wore also entirely
destroyed. The fire originated in Hanks'
drug store, near the- center square, and
spread each way. Tho losses will probably
exceed 50,000, on which there is very little
Gonnrnl Grant's Birthday.
Pittsbuho, Pa., April 28. The banquet
given last night by tho Americus Republican
club at the Monongahela house in commem
oration of Gen. Grant's sixty-lifth birthday,
was ono of the grandest affairs of the kind
ever held in this section. Prominent Repub
lican leadors from all parte of tho country
were present and letters of regret received
from Hon. Roscoe Conkling, ex-Governor
Wise, of Virginia, and others, Among those
who took part in the banquet; were: Hon,
John C. New, Col. Fred. Grant, Hon. Simon
Cameron, Liouteilant Governor Davies,' oi
Pennsylvania, and J. P. Foster, president of
fthe New York Republican club.
Preparing to Solre American Vessels.
Halifax, N. S., April 28. Capt Scott,
admiral of the Canadian fishery protection
fleet, starts on his 'first cruise of the season
on tho steamer Acadia about May 10. The
Acadia is being refitted with new furnaces
nndjinaehlhory a a cost of nearly 830pou,
andihe improvements aro. expected to gle
her greater speed than before. An order has
been issuod from tho fishery department for
bidding officers of the fishery cruisofs to al
Iotj themselves to be Interviewed la the fu
ture, it being claimed that their utterances
have frequently; been exaggerated anil nlis
rerJresqirted in the past . "
Will Embarrass Others.
New York, ApVii 28. The failure of Jh-
cob F. Wyckoff' announced yesterday, will
very, probably lead to sonie embarrassment
among those for whom he indorsell. Tho
assignee said to-day that Wyckoff had use.l
SLlSto'iS TttV" i
Deshler and Tracy H.Harris, of which he
wasrjhooxooutor. The money was xpeddVl
in the 'building of flat houses inthts ci'tyr The
houses wore mortgaged at the time.1 Wycfctflr
transferred his interest in tho-buildings three
years ago. - ;
Jftfl Horrible Death.' -v? -
"Newark, 0., April 28t Ji terriblo acci
dent occurred near'Summit. Station on the
Baltimore & Ohio and Pan-Handle railroads
.jeterdayy whlohreaulted in tho instanfklll
'lngis(.galonatCodingl,is9y of Qvi'prge Ce
ding, aged about teightjreu years. fHe,at-
temntod to board a west. bound freight train
when he missed' his hod and fejl under We
wheels', a nulnber of cars oasainir
and griudjrijr him to ptQceo ' r'
i !.
, ' , ' r
Overcome I)y Gas.
Manoato, Minn., April 28. Yesterday
afternoon C. C McCurdy, superintendent of
the Mankato Gas, works, was .found doad in
the basement of the works. It" is supposed
thotfhe went below to look 'for a leak and
waaovorcome by the gas. McCurdy "as a
young maty formerly' a "resident of Von
Threatened War lletween Ited and Hluclf.
NiciioLAHViLLE, Kjr,, April 28. Talll e
Bo, 'an .Iudlan traveling with Dr. Walfband
tribey beat Up a negro hero yosterday after
noorr,. und ,was arrested, and hold over for
trial before- Recorder Hoover. It is feared
that a war botweeb, tho Indians and negroes
may take place, as .they aro wrathy.
Itluuit) Ku ltoute.
Rochester, N. Y,, April 28. James Q.
Dlaino passed through the city this morning.
Ho said that his health , was steadily w
proving. )
The Work That Will Bo Awaiting th
Commission on Their Return from Their
Southern TourArrival, of tho Oftrfleld
1 .... u
Statue Other Washington .News. ,
WksiiiNorow, April 28. Scores of com
munications havo been received at the head
quarters of tho interstate, commorco commis
'siqnsfnco tho commission started on their,
southern trip. Thoso communications em,
brace protests and .'complaints of all sorts
and from fvnrious parts of tho country. Soma
are papers from loading business men, com
mercial associations; and others, protesting
against tho suspension of the long and short
haul clnuso of tho law; some are petitions
urging tho suspension of that clause in par
ticular sections, and still others, nre comr
plaints from individuals about violations
latho part of tho railroad companfos, of Sec
tion 13, or the unjust discrimination clause
of tho law.
Charles Francis Adams, president of the
Union Pacific rood, telegraphs that tho
Union Pacific desires to bo exempted from
tho operations of the long and short haul
section. That company was not represented
in Washington, when tho commission heard
complaints from railroad companies horo,
but desires the same exemption, in respect to
the long and short haul clause, accorded tho
Central and Northern Pacific roads. Secre
tary Mosely, by instructions from tho com
mission, has informed President Adams that
the commission wilt hear tho Union Pacific's
complaint at Atlanta.
The Garfield Statue.
WAsnmoTON, April 28. Thobron7jstatuo
of Garfield has nrrivod, and has been placed
in position upon tho handsome granjta ped
estal, which has been'erocted for it in Mary
land avenuo. "Workmen are now busy upon
tho bronzo ornaments and tablets which will
adorn tho granite shaft, immediately alwvo
the three Hfo-stza' symbolical figures in
bronze, which rest ujon granite brackets
near the base of tho pedestal. These three
figures are in a sitting or recumbeut posture
nnd represent tho threo types of manhood de
pleted In Garfield's' career, viz.: the studont,
tne warrior, tho statesman. Tho statue Is
heroic in size, ten foot six inches in height,
nnd woiglis 5,000 pouuds, Tho pedestal is
about elgliteon feet fri height, glviu j tho
head of tho statue an elevation of nearly
thirty feet. It will be photographed, after
which it will remain veiled until tho yjth of
May, at which time it will be unveiled amid
Imposing ceremonies.
No Towels Made' in America.
WAsniNOTON, April 28. It is a curious
fact that no linen towels are made in this
country. Chief Clerk Youmans, in ordoring
a supply of towels for all tho public build
ings in the United States for the ensuing
year, found, much to his nnnoyanco, that ho
had to send to Great Britain for them. One
hundred dozen per year are used in tho
treasury department in this city alone. Of
course, bolng Intendod for the government,
they are admitted free of duty, and a towel
which costs at retail, say seventy-five cents,
costs tho government twenty -saven cents.
The towels for tho treasury department now
have tho monogram "U. S. T. D," woven in
the center of each, and the legond "United
States treasury" across each end.
Pre-Illstorio Imago.
Washington, April 28. The naVy de
partment has received from Paymaster
Thompson and Surgeon Cook, of the Yahtic,
a very interesting report of their explora
tions upon Easter Island, which is sonto
8,000 miles off the coast of ChllL Important
archeologlcal discoveries were made. One
of the discovered pre-historic images has
been selected for trjo Smitlttoulan institu
tion. Exhumed Statuary.
Wasiiinoto.v, April 28. The state depart
ment is informed that antique statuary,
tombs, and buildings havo been found forty
feet below the surface of tho ground under
the city of Salda, on the Mediterranean near
Beirut The objects are of great historic
ana artistic value and tno excavations art'
being rapidly continued under government
In the Engineer's Department.
Washington, April 28. Capt Thomas
Turtle, corps of engineers, has assumed the
duties in the office of chief of engineers, for
merly discharged by Maj. H. M. Adams,
who has been assigned to duty in the socre.
in connection with engineering
' A Temporary Assignment
Washington, April 24 By direction of
the president, ,Maj.4Gen. Fred. H. Terry, in
addition to his present duties, is" assigned to
the command of, Jha department of, the Mis
souri, "until a permanent icWmandor'inay be
assignod to the department.
v A Small IllaKe. '
Cincinnati, April 28. At 11;2.5 a. m. a
Are, supposed to have originated from an
overheated team pipe, was discovered in the
drying housp of the' Standard Wagon com
pany. ' tyiV structure is' a "largo jto-Btory
framo, fllied with lumber from which wagons
are made, and other inflammable material,
and tho fire spread rapidly. The building is
also between thewagonifactorles of- tho. com-,
panies. ' Two alarms.-wera soundotl frouiUox
5-f, and though' the flro spread quite rapidly
nnd a private hose of tho company proved
ineffective, thef regular department extdn
guiahed i with a loss' of but: $3,000, and that
principally by water, it was fully insured.'
Cleveland, p., April 28, An nwiensa
meeting of Irish-Americans and citizens gen
erally was hold nt Music Hall 'last night to
protest against the coercion bill now pondlrig
in (he British parliament Mayor Baboock
presided, and ministers of all denominations
made epocchos. ' ;
Off the Shore.
Mackinaw, Mich., April 2a The steam
barge Australasia which went ashore near
here yesterday, has booh taken of eafoly.
Sqowln Virginia.
LYNCiinunu, Va., April 28. The moun
tains Of this yicinity are covorod with snow
XJeutennnt Governor' aad Other Dlstlrv
gulshed Kansnnt Injured Store Or Lk. '
Topeka, Knn., April 28. A Bpoclal, train
arrived on tho Rock Island' at 8 p. ta ycetoT
day, "haVingf-on board atkrty 6'f InjUred'rBen'
.from HoTton. They consisted ef Lioutonartt
Governor Riddlb;'f3ocretaiy6f State Allia
and State Auditor McCarthy, of tho Kansas
board pf assessors, who have been, making a
tour 6f 'irispbetiort over" the Chicago,' Kansas1
& Nebraska road. They were accompanied,
by President Low and General Mauagor
Fischer, and. with the entire train crow wore
more, or loss bruised and injured.
Tho party 'lof t TJortdn in tlie morning to
go west oh tho 'Atchison branch of tho Rock
Island and ono mild west of that plnco the train
was hurled down an- embankment twonty
flve feet lllglw Mr. Allen was hurt tho most
seriously, but not dangerously so. Governor
Riddle was injured In tho left leg, and had
to bo carridd from tho' scene, ds' was alsd
Allen, but ho is all right McCarthy was
bruised badly about thohead. Judge Sevory,
of the Iowa supreme court, was very badly
hurt about, tho head. Nearly oyory ono on tho
special was more or loss injured. P resilient
Low and tho porter of the car atono escaping
unscratchod. Judge Severy was hont'to
Atchison, and tho others brought to Topeka.
Allen and Riddlo aro conflnod to thoi'r beds.
Tho onglno was backing up driving the
special car Columbia, when tho tender
jumped from tlio track nnd drew the locomo
tive after it. Tho coach followed. Tho en
gino turned bottom up on the side of tho hill,
and the engineers still hold on to tho lovor.
Ho was merely scratched.
Oue of the Tweed ltlngstars Escapes.
Bridgepoiit, Conn., April 28. Nathaniol
Sands, who lias been imprisoned horo for two
years for fraudulent concealment of prop
erty, wa3 released to-day on a decision of
tho superior court that the prisoner could
not bo hold because the New York court pf
appeals had reversed, the decision of the
lower court, and ordered a new trial ' A'
writ in a now snit1 was at; onco placea. in
Sheriff Schwartz' hands which ho refused
to servo until ho' was informed that ho
would personally bo held responsible if the
writ was not served. Sands in tho meantime
had started with a fast horso to gut out of
tho state, and could not be found. Deputy
sheriffs were dispatched after him, but up'tq
a late hour he hnd not boon captured. Saijds
was a member of tho famous Tweed ring in
New York city, und the suit upon which he
was imprisoned was brought by tho eityiOf
New York to recover money illegally - ob
tained. I Maggie McCarthy's l'uiiunil.
Cleveland, April 2S, Tho funeral of
murdered Maggie McCarthy took place yes
terday from her uncle's home on Oregon
street Hundreds were present. Tho re
mains were taken to St John's cathedral,
where Father Thorpe, tho leading Catholic
clergyman of tha city, officiated. Ho
preached nn eloquent sermon, closing with:
"She died for honor, she died for purity, sho
diod a martyr's death, and may God have
mercy on hor soul. Thatspiritthat.no base
hand can lay touch upon has gone to God,
and may God receive it" Interment took
place ut St John's cemetery. Detectives
McMillan and Granger have arrested on sus
picion a young Gorman baker, name un
known, who i3 employed within two blocks
of the see no of the murder. His face is
covered with scratches. Another young
German is under arrest at Toledo for the
tame crime.
Kansas City und Galveston United.
Galveston, Tex., April 28. Tho Gulf,
Colorado & Santa Fo railroad system united
Its track to-day with the Atchison, Topeka
& Santa Fe system, the last splko being
driven this afternoon at Purcoll, a small sta
tion m!.vay in the Indian territory, on tho
Canadian river. The last forty-two miles of
tho Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fo track was
laid in twonty-six days, which is the fustost
tract laying on record. Kansas City and
Galveston are now united by u direct, un
broken line of steel rails. Through trains
from Kansas City will begin running regu
larly about May 20.
Great Day nt Springfield.
Bpiungkield, O., April 28. This city is a,
perfect bower of beauty in the National
colors in honor of tho Twenty -first National
.encampmont of tho G. A; R. departme.it of
Ohio, which convened here at 10 o'clock.
Tho city is crowded with visitors and ovory
incoming train brings moro. Tha indications
are for tho most successful encampment ever
held by the department Five hundred dele
gates aro present, and this number will be
greatly increased.
, ,
After the Uald Knobburs.
Ozahk, Mo., April t28. At 2 o'clock yes
terday afternoon the grand jury returned,
eight bills, In which forty-four Kuobbera
wero charged with assaults and unlawful
meetings. Some of the parties are charged
with five different offenses, and tho total will,
reach At least eighty. Only threo of the par
ties' havo as yet beon arrested. Tho lawyers'
harvest will bo rich, but it will nearly bauk
riipt the community. The trials are set for
the fall term of court
doing to l'iltKUurg. ,
PiTTHBuno, April 28 .At on early hour
this morning Manager Phillips, of the Pitts
burg base ball club, received a message from
Pitcher McCorinick, in which he stated that
he is willing td come to Pittsburg and' also
his1 terms. .Manager1 Phillips said that the
deal was virtually closed, as if only required
Mr. Nimlck's consent to close the wh'dlo ' af
fair. It is most likely that he will : bo1 hero
Thursday morning; to take part in tho ' opeh'
ing exercises. It Is stated that McCormlck
warite $2,700, and that a compromise will!be
effected by hinl getting 82,600. mm,
NtlQiiul Convention, ,of Miners.
.Cincinnati, April 2& Tho second Na
tional convention of Miners and Mining:
LabororV Natioual District Assembly No.
135, to bo held in this city Juno 1, and 2, with,
headquarters at tho Dennlsou house, will be
attended by ono hundred delegates from 'all
tho mining states, Including Ohio, Indiana,
Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee,
Virginia, Alabama, California and Colorado.
William Bailoy. of Shawnee, O., will be
temporary president,, olid Louis James; of
Now Straitavllle, D., 'secretary.
i ' 1 1 ' '
Judge I'prryi or ltlcliiiioml, Dead.
Richmond, Incl, April 28. Judge James
Terry, a wealthy pioneer' resident of, Rich
mond, died lost night, ugod olghty-olght

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