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"Thk Daily bdllktin wilt bo delivered to
any part of the city at e cento a week, or one
year for S3.
Tit DAtLT Bulletin to any postofflce In
lie United States, postage prepaid, at twenty
dire 'cent per month or three dollar per year.
1 1 i .1 n i
The Terrible Eosult of a Gasolino Ex
plosion, at St Louis.
.,' A special to the Evknino .Bumjctik
brings the intelligence of a terrible loss
of lifo at St. Louis yesterday.
A gasoline explosion occurred in a
grocery, wrecking the building, and caus
ing the dtath of twolvo persona. Far
mer particulars have not been learned.
I. 0. 0 P.
..-Regular meeting of Ringgold Lodge No.
27, to-night. Reports from tho -lelegatea
to the annual session of the State Grand
podge. Allmembers are asked to be pres
ent. Members of sister lodges invited.
W. T. Cole, merchant at this place, aged
flftv.feven, whs bnrlel .here Monday altera
very appropriate Juuoral service, conducted
by Dr.. Anderson. ,Mr.Colo'nBlxonn were t be
pall'bearerS. He Is the oldest Bon of Mi. John
Cole, "who Is now lu bin eighty fourth yosr,
and moy lriends will dropu tear to hi- mem
ory. Let upcast lli broad mantle of charily
3vw ha Imperfections, and pray that "after
llle'fl flllUl dream be aleeps well." Uod pity
as all.
..John Pumpelly, of Wichita, arrived Satur
day lam, to upend several days ut the old
'w Mlsa Lizzie 1'arapelly is vlslllng relatives at
Batavla, Ohio.
'''Mr. J. Htnbbleflel'', of Manchester, O.. and
Mlii Kate Rosa, Jif Mason t'oauty, are the
riuets.ts of Elder J. Bullock.
, Di. J. A, Heed and. wife, of Minerva, at
tended church here Sunday night.
The meeting at the ChrUtlun Chnroh will
rontlnuuover Wednesday night. Four addi
tion to Monday ulgbt.
Mr. John M. Walton and family, ot Ver
rallies, Ky aro the guests of Evnn Lloyd.
Several of our you"g people will attend a
party to be given by .Mrs. Dr. Bradtord at
Augula, In honor oi Mis Kwiny, of Coving
ton, who has been visiting lu the county for
some time.
Dr. Joe Browning and Dr. H. It. Savage par
formed nuellcate plastic operation on a blood
ied colt belonging to Hon. Joe Walton.
The "at home" recepl on given lo Mr. and
Mrs. Kenton ut " Tennessee," the hospitable
home of Mr and .Mia. I nuden U rover, on
Suuday last was much enloyed by Uioe wlio
weroao rorlunatoas to be tnere. The dinner
was Huperb In all lti appointment-. Miss
Febrile Urover, a lovely brunette of seven
teen kummers, assUled her mi In receiv
ing and entertalulug the following guests:
Air. aud Mrs. Kenton, Mls O lie Uaitiralth,
MIhm Lizzie Pay ton, Klzle Fay ton and wife,
Mrs. Mary Kenton, Wade Meadows,' Thomas
Urover and wife, George Grover and wltc,
Wj'llmn Forraau, Mac Calvert and Azro
a rover.
The Adamson-Walson woddlugat Jhe par
Bouage Thursday arternoou was a very peas
ant allalr. Dr. Anderson made an Imprexsl ve
oeietnony. The bride was loiklug he- sweet
est in golden brown cloth hut to match. Mrs.
LHlnts and Mrs. Uettis represented olivet at
the above nuptials.
Ovbr-Worked Women.
For " worn-out,!' " run-down," de
bilitated school teachers, milliners, seams
tresses, housekeepers, and over-worked
women generally, Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Perscription is the bent of all restorative
itoaics. It is not a " Cure-all," but ad
nrirably fulfills a singleness of purpose,
being a most potent Specific tor all those
Chronic Weaknesses and Diseases pecul
uar1 to women. It is powerful, general
as well as uterine, twic and nervine, and
imparls vigor and strength to the whole
jystem. It promptly cures weaknesses
of stomach, indigestion, bloating, weak
back, nervous prostration, debility and
aleeplesBness, in either sex. Favorite
(Prescription is sold by druggists under
our- positive guarantee. See wrapper
around bottle. Price $1 a bottle, or six
bottles for $5.
X'A' large treatise on Diseases of Women,
profusely 'illustrated with colored plates
arid numerous wood-cuts, sent for' ten
enta1n stamps.
'"Address, World's Dispensary Medical
.Association, 603 Main Street, Buffalo,
N. Y.
' City Items.
Try Langdorl'B City Butter .Crackers.,,
a School-books and school supplies apom
most favorable terms, at G. V. Ulatter
jBan'jfcCo's. '- I
'iftie latest 'atyle'a of wall paper anil ceil;
ing decorations, at J. 0. Pocor d( Cos
drpg and book store. ' k
This 'is tho time to have your 'photic
graphs taken. Just received,' new bnek-
jfroarids und accessories, gotten frta
the'4 late convention at Chicago, at
Kackley's gallery.
Bnackleford'a Pharmacy.
..Most attractive store in town in ,,Cox
Qalldipg." Finq old, wines and liquors
ibr medicai purposes. Pure druita
'Toilet articles in vrest vnerv
Don't Experiment.
. You cannot afford to wasto time in ex
perimenting when your lungs aro in
danger. Consumption always seems, at
first, only a cold. Do not permit any
dealor to impose upon you with some
chenp imitation of. Dr. King's New Dis
covery for consumption, coughs and
colds, but bo euro you get the gonuino.
Because he can make more profit he may
tell you ho has something just as gooil,
or just tho same. Don't he,deceived, hut
insist upon getting Dr. King's Now Dis
covery, which is guaranteed to give relief
in all throat, lung and chest affections.
Trial bottle freo nt tho drug stores of J. 0.
Pecor & Co., and S. P. Campbell & Co.,
of Aberdeen Ohio.
ir0H J
What aJolrHfi lha-oorpso mut lead
In tho crave so calm and cool,
Scorning tho trifles poor mortals need.
And pitying tho sagQond fool I
Lying at rest on earth'a fair breast
No battle ot llfo to win;
Fate's stern behest Is a merry Jest
Arid time only makes htm grin.
What Joy ho finds when tho rushing winds
Sing gleefullyo'or his head I
But tho damp,, cqld ralp hp never minds
' What a rftre life lead the dcadt
His wants, though simple, bo has at hand,
And all' on tho best of terms,
While tho finest faro nt bis command
- He ffrvys to.hla guest, the worms.
Cureless of heart, and fancy free,
rd give all I hare just a corpso to be.
.? . ?
Steamers from Rotterdam, Hamburg- And
IdTorpool Discharging Their Cargoe.
A Description of Their lteceptloiu
Characteristics of the New Arrivals.
Any ono who has not Been, it forms a very
Indefinite idea of Castlo Garden. This la the
way it looked to 'a man from the country:
It is not a garden at all, but a big round
bouso at tho front end of Manhattan island.
A group of lowly wooden buildings of. tho
color of a dirty linen duster at grouped
about tho round house. A few trees and
bushes struggle for existence around, tho
buildings. Tho walls of tho round house orb
thick- masses of masonry, crowned by a coni
cal wooden roof, through which tho light
enters and the odors of tho place emerge,
bocks extend along tho water front Of the
Garden. ,A placard tho othor day announced
that three steamers the Edam, from Rotter
dam the. Wyoming, from Liverpool, and the
Polnrio, fro;n Hamburg hail arrived with
an. aggregate of 1.2J0 immigrants. Tho
steamships were at their docks, and lighters
had gone up to bring tho immigrants to
Castlo Garden.
Sine o'clock in tho morning is tho hour at
ch tho great American republic throws
open its doors to receive its, immigrants. On
a busy day, when 3,000 arrivo, it takes till
into at night to dLsposo of them.
.Suddenly a gong up in the roof of tho
Garden clanged .three, times, aud tho chief of
the half, dozen clerks broke or ; of tho inelos
uro in the center of the. room, jpenod a series
of, gates,, and closed anothe. scries, just as
herdsmen do in preparing to pen a ilock of
sheep, and then called out to au employo on
tho docks: "Let them comet"
A lighter loaded with immigrants from tho
Polaria had reached tho dock. At tho signal
from tho chief clerk they camo filing into tho
round house, bringing with them somo of tho
queerest baggage and most potent tobacco
smoke that can Iks encountered. Ono woman
carried n whole tin shop In one hand and led
by tho other a solemn lookiug littlo boy who
woro basswood shoes that smoto tho floor with
a dull thud. Many of these immigrants were
from Holland. Ono quaint little Dutch girl
hugged a Hower pot containing a tulip which
drooiKHl its head as If beasick. A majority of
them carried their buggage in great ba(,s of
cofTeo sacking. Tho tourist who doesn't go in
for appearances will And nothing better for a
luggage repository. It can bo used for n pillow
at night and at tho end of tbo journey you
can innkp n pair of trousers of tho sauhul. In
fact, some of the men had spring trousers
made of the samo material as their hand bags.
When tho lighter load of 200 had been
driven Into tho inclosuro the gates wcro
closed. "Driven" is tho proper word, for long
experience In handling immigrants has taught
tho employes to spenk to them in curt, do
cided tones. Tho nverago immigrant is sus
picious of ovcryono on arriving hero, and
especially so of. tho man who speaks in a
gentle, Insinuating tono of voice. When a
person blurts out in tho stentorian tones of n
canal boat captain the immigrant understands
that ho is an official and obeys him.
From the inclosuro tho immigrants were
mado u file through a narrow railod passage
where they got hopelessly entangled with
their baggage, A clerk sat behind tho rail
ing and entered tho name, nativity and desti
nation of each person in a book. Tho ease
with which he understood and wroto down
tho tongue paralyzing names made the re
porter envy him.
When all had been registered and those who
were going immediately out of tbo city had
gone basic on tho docks to look after their
baggage and tako a lighter for ono of tho rail
way depots, those who wcro to remain a whiU
in .the city were left by themselves. Then an
official threwjpen a gat and twenty or moro
men with tickets stuck v their bats camo
running in. These wbto runners for tho im
migrant boarding bouses and the tickets in'
their faaU were tho business cards of thelr
respective hotels. 'Theiro was no struggle be-'
twren rival runners, out each ran uptotho
immigrant that ho' hod marked for his own,
seized. his duggage and was away with him in
1 jiffy. In twenty-four hours tho runner
must return to Castle Garden and make a re
port oS toihia guests, In, order that if they are'
wanted their whereabouts inay bo known.-
I ctfn all the' (excitement; '6'f tho place half a,
, doeen, men and ono wohuu. were moving calm
and collected. ' Tito' woro missionaries from
' various religious Societies, Tho woman bOrd
anWrnfalof tracts One priest bad a great
, gold anchor pinned to his lapeL A mission
ary from tbeDutch Reformed church' 'found
aoiwoman with a largo family of children
weeping bitterly. Tberowas somoHroubla
about her ticket, and she could not under
stand tho situation.-. The raitsionary ex
plained tho matter-to her, tho difficulty was
adjusted, and sho and her children ceased
r A lighter load of Immigrants from another
thlp'camo, and wcro hnrdod in ono of the four
Inclosurcs Into which tho garden is divided,
each ship's load being kept separate from tho
other.- Ono Dutchmau in this party carried
what looked like an infernal machine, lb
proved to lo a device for spinning flax. Some
or tho Holland women uau ocauuiui com
plexions, and ono girl hovered fondly about
her aged father and n .other, whllo a tall
young mun with a long, lean ingrain carpet
bag hovered fondly about her and mado love
to her. Thero wero somo quaintly costumed
Immigrants among tho Scandinavians. Ono
wholo family woro goatskin jackets with tho
fur insldn, and sovernl of tho young iw n of
tjio party had on short, black oilcloth j ck
eta. Somo young bloods woro whito jac' eta,
Bax trousers and top boots that gave tleia
the jaunty apiearanco of hussars.
I A placard over tho Lebensmlttel" fit tad
rives tho price list of all articles sold oro
from kau tabalc (ton cents) to schwartz I 'od
I (sixteen cent'i). Tho commonest article old
n l. m. .imul'li haftuunirina
Ifage. Tlio-aoTksJo-JEyr
fffnllr nil lrnnWlt laMtrUaKS.
tmmlm-nnbvKnusniro in German or Sanskrit.
Bo, too, tho staff of clerks in tho Borden
embrace oxpertsdn" all farfguages. Michael
Angolo talks Italian, and Mr. Jarorowcr, of
tho Hebrew association, welcomes tho Hebrews
In their own tongue,
.Opposite tho ticket cases in, tho, round house,
a man Hat in a wiro inclosuro and changed
money for tho immigrants. A prlca list.oa a
blackboard over hlstfesk gave tho, ruling quo-
tatlou in '(American money of all foreign,
A little dingy, barber shop near tho en-,
rranctfto the round house did a fair business,
although thq frugal Dutchman,, who at porno
pays tho traveling barter in.farm prodUJe for
Lis services, doesn't rca lily Spend tencedte on
a'suavo at Castlo Garden. '
At tho cast of tho l'ront entranco to tho
rouriil hOuso'U tho labor bureau. A score of
men wero sitting on.beuchcs like school boys
In tho labor room,, wearily waiting for some
thing to turn up., Jn ,a room apart from U
men were a number pf women waltitigfor,
positions and one or two for hnsbands. Two
matrous looked after their1 Interest, and
jealously guarded them from tho approach, of
tho sharpers. Tho women do not have to wait
lonu for positions if they aro willing to, go
Into service, for tho supply of servants nover
quids the demand. Now York Sua.
Patent X.tber Shoes.
"Can patent leather boots bo kept from
cracking) Humph, well, I should say they
can. Why notf And the fashionablo boot
maker whom an inquisitive reporter ap
proached on the subject shrugged his shoul
ders and smiled the smilo of one who knows
"But how can yon prevent this destruc
tion!" "Easiest thing in the world. Of course I
don't mean that this cheap trash which is cold
for patent leather can bo made to look well
after a couplo of days1 wear, but good stuff
may bo presorted until tho soles wear off
by the way, quite an unusutl thing nowa
days. First, a great difficulty is brought up
(n tho buying, flo flue shoe can bo found In,
the stores that wll) exactly At. Patent
leather, unlike , other foot covering, must bo
perfectly shaped to tho wearer's foot, other
wlso. creases w.Ul imtnedtoty form, which if,,
not attended to will make, great cracks. Now
a good shoe of this, kind should, witn proper
sare, last tho nverago man to seasons, and
will at the end of .this, time bo scrutched to
be sure, but opt cracked.. Every couple of
days a, bath of oil. should bo given the boots.,
Any oil will dp, butt?at's foot is preferable,,
ind once a week at least linseed oil should ,00
spplitjd. This, treatment will make, the,
leather soft and pliable. After each appli-.
cation the shoo should bo, wiped dry with a
rough woollen rag, and there you are, , Tho
tirade mado by some alleged medical experts
against patent, leather amounts to nothing,
for this material makes a comfortable, and,
healthy covering for tbo foot, and when
made properly admits all the air necessary to,
keep the s.dn and circulation in perfect
"I i it being worn as much as evert"
"Bless you, yes, and a hundred times moro.
mrselt Ikivo made as many shoes of this as
of any other leather this year, and, putting it
down in dollars and cents, patent leather
aves a (stent deal in 'shines1 to its wearers.
The bootblacks cry it down, but sensible
peoplu see its economy and clamor for it."
New York Mail aud Express.
Edncntlng the Chinese.
Tho Chinese government, under tho liberal
izing influence of the now regime of the
young- emperor, has adopted a curious and
significant solionie of getting at tho bottom
facts about civilization outside tho flowery
empire. A dozi'ii distinguished young scholars
will be selected from competitive examina
tion, in which tbo chief test will be ability to
describe and apprehend the meaning of novel
things, and they will bo sent abroad for two
years to study foreign countries. Each will
get a'saUiy of $2o0amontb aud $50 for an
interpreter, and all their traveling expenbes.
Each will follow a partiqulnr bent in work
ing up things bo knows the most about.
Monthly reports on topography, ethnology,
commerce, habits, morality, industries, arma
ments, political institutions, etc., will be tor
warded to Pekln. At the end of two years
the services of each will be 'utilized in tho
Chinese government In such departments as
ho studied to the most advantage, and those'
who have done best will get ennobled. Wliea
one considers somo of the raw, untutored and'
indifferent officials that America sends
abroad, there rises just a scintilla of doubt
whether the Occident really monopolizes 'all
tho civilization of the world. CUIctgo
I European Study of Food.
Very fowpeoplo on this side of the Atlan
tic have, any idea of' how mncp. is' being jlono
In Europe In tho study oftho food and nutrf
tloU,of man. initio laboratories of thgrsai
universities, especially 'in,Gcrmanyrxporf
raeutal'.researybes ,'are being cannon which
nrp, really ramarjicabla Somo of tho inost In
genious and costly 'apparatus, aud'thariort
painstaking investigation which, rnodsfni
c,ncot employs a 'devoted t4 flndlhjj. qiit'how
tho. body is, 5P.u)rfsh'xL, arid "ho Topi works.
Experiments Aroao.yUh'ahlmals oCmny
kinds', and wjtiLnttntan beings also. T'hoex
Verimtuter? put a.nian j'nslfjo the' rejrplratloi
apparatus ,ud weigh 'atid'taeksuro'anyl an
alyze not only tjrsQ&anaaAnlcbuVali'tM
products' given off froihhLj body, lncbjdimt
even the air ho breathes. Kansas' City
Times. . " ' ,
, A Remarkable Showing.
According to tbe'English surveyor general
of prisons, the number of criminals in Eng
land is only about one-fifth as largo as it was
fifty years ago. Hadt tho number kept paco
with the Increase Of population it would hava
been double. This la a remarkable showing.
Chicago Times.
A Jluch Moro Graceful Way,
To bpmbard a, stago favorite, with huge
bouquets, hurjed by the muscular arms of
gallante frqm tho galleries, as used, tq bo tho
fashion in bygqnq days, of to hido her behind
a pyramid pt baskets, pillows, harps stars
and otbur emblems suggestive ot a political
funeral, us is dpnp now, is aliko inartistio and
unseemly. How much moro graceful it
Would bo for members of t'io audience to toss
(rom their places enph a slugld rose, or spray
f. buds, which would carpet the stage and
tuako a bed of flowe s for tho actress to tread
I'pon, as blossoms are strewn in tbo path of a
jtrldo. Surely this custom would bo mors
Icautlful than that which is now iu vogue,
aud thore would bo a sentimental phaso to it
which Is lacking paw namely, tho fact that
tLo humblest as well as tho grandest admirer
could afford to taku part in tho demonstra
tion. Washtugtou Btar,
XfiAW!KVT-2,0uM live .aurJcfeys.. 11 1 ghost
VY market pi Ice paid.
ft uriHAAtiiia w,
TTrrANTKn-.Laxlle"lorour Fall andUhrbt
1 VY' mWtiade.lo'tnke light, ploasaut work
nt tholEOwn homes, tl to S3 per day can be
quietly made. Work sent by mall any dis
tance. Parti, ulars free. .No.canvasslnsri rAd
dressatouoe.UrtKajJBNT'Aiar CO., H Milk
street, Boston, Mass. Box' 6170.
dress.aEO. P. UUW1SI,L.& CO., 10 Bpmoe
street, tfew York City; for select UstofiVOO
newspHperx. Will ,be Kent iropnappilratlon.
T?OR RENT A seven pvtaye piano, In g
V ottler. Apply 'to ! BULLETIN OFPICJ
"r niat r
FOB itENT. My, residence, bit .Forest, ave
nne. Flveonms and kitchen, good cel
lar. Apply toBP.McCIiAAHArf.. niqiw
i ,i j , '.
FiOttBALE ImmeillBtely, a seven octavo
piano, The instrument can bo seen, at
A. IIPUCHa icnii'Dilvr, r libll -na.ui upv "
FKANK H A UCKK.BU Charles Horoi.-nMat
IfKAHK. HAULKK.Phtinarieii noiei.-nam.
IjttMAbK UoodbulldlugJottlu ttilvdty,
; atfrom S7. 0 o $8.5u per foot. 'Iltlo ner
ont iriiiiat .rrn. F. HIlODRItK.'
i,i " :-..- , ,
TnOB 8 bK PHI YATKb -7d or 100 ncra-t, to
JF suit purchaser. Ooid fmproveraerJt, and
lorl j -five lore of goOd, early-growing W-ueaX
on same. Ponswslijn given Immediately, GEO.
WOOD, near Wasbl''gUnt'Ky lmo day
rAOB BAIiE My resldouoe on West Second
JT Btreet. ' A. H. THOMPSON. '
FOB BAiiE OK BENT Tho desirable rest,
dehce now occupied ly Mr Bauvary On
tne south side or East Fourth street; on easy
terras ; possessloa given October 1st ,
TKKYED A very pale red ATdernoy cow,
solid color. Bmulleot cow In Maysville.
Liberal reward for return of samo to Robert
We are authorised to announce thai
W. 0. PELHAMIs a candidate for tho offlee
of Mayor at the January election, 18SU. "
'Weareauthdrltod to) andodnoo that E. &
PEARUK, JR..1 a candidate lor ro-eleotlon
to the offloe of Mayor at the January elec
tion. 18K8.
Weareuuthorlfsed to announce tht F. H.
TRAXEL Is. a candidate for Collector and
Treasurer at the city election to bo bold the
first Monday m January 1838.
We are authorised to announce that O. S.
LKACU Is a candidate-for re-election to tho
office of Collector and Treasurerjat the Jaun
ary election, 188.
S'e are authorised to announce AUSTIN
LMK- as a caudldate for Collector aud
Treasurer at tho January election, 1888. 1
We are authorised tb'announee that W. B.
DA WBON is candidate for Ibo offloe of City
MarshaU at the January election, ItltM.
Wear authorised to announce that JAMS')
HEFLIN Is a candidate for re-eleotlon to the
offlce of City Maximal at the January election,
1888. ,
roa wnAKrMASTEB,
Wo are aulhorlzed to announce 0. M. PHIS
TEBaao-iudldate for reelection lotheofflco
of Wbarltnasto' ut tile January election, IMS.
No. 24 Market street, put on
sale this day great bargains iii
Dress Goods, .Cloaks, Jackefs',
Underwear, fiosiery, Gloves
&C., &C.
Twenty-Are piocesDresaQoodrcdtsced
from 10 cents to 15 .cents per yard ;
Two hundred Ja,keU, with Hoods, it
n nside price ; , j
Ladies' fine Merino Yeats at;45 anaM
cents; .
Gentiemeol's Medicated Undeprear,
very fine, at $1; t j
One hand rod Bed Comforts at 75a, '.,
$1.00, $1.25 and $1.60 each ; '
Five thoaaaad .yards of Jeans to be
sold at wholesale prices; "(
4-4 Floor Oilcloths 26, 90 and 85 cents)
Latest styles "Dresa Trimmings cheap;
Big bargains in Flanqels, Blankets,
Ginghams, Prints and Mnsllna;
Fifty cents buyfl tho best white Shirt
in this city.
Our prices aro always the lowest!
j. i. mil k ii;
24 Market Street.
ADVERTISERS I send for our Beleot List
ol Local Newspapers. Goo. P, Rowoll
Co.. tn,apruttroet. N V
63 x y f
of, im, imHtiaqa maltiLoi
tmjpertoH mamaA.ttfioot
katudtuet.attd that tmriamM
oonAuotpd: umhJKoiM$tu, 7rimw, h in
Li We the umderiianed Bank and Banker 1
bay oK JPrut drawn in 'M Louitkma male-ZM
ytrieftehiah t fy he, prevented at out eovnUr.
lrX. rrNideat Ntate TtmVi Kh.
t.V I'res W. 4li KtlDB&lRb
AlBtt..KO t, -. PrM. I'Hlna SIt'l (tmolr.
"Haifa1 Mlir distributed i
e-inoorporntod lu 188 tor twenty-five ream
iry-iqoxiegisiaiure ror isaucauonai ana unar-
-KAhln nnmnwa'vlth n nanlfnl nrtlnmnnn
To whloh a reserve fund ot over $656,Oo6 baa
aneo Dean- aunoa.
Bran overwholmlne Donnlar vote its rra-
aviso was mado a part -of the present Btato
uonmuunuu.auopwxiueoemDor-i, A.U., IH7V.
r The Only Lotteru ever voted on and tndarted.
-ty ihepeople if, any Mate.
aar'lt never teule orpottponet.
Bi'iUHrauU Blnele Number Drawlnn Lakn
filacer monthly, a,utl the Bemt-Annual Draw
neseve'ry six mohtbs (June and December).
TA NpIeHilliI opinrtRBlty to win a
Fortaae. Illb Grand Drawing, olaea-Tii la
the Academy of Music, New Orleans, TUi
DAY, NOV. 8, 1887-210th Monthly Drawing.
Capital Prize, $150,000.
NOTICETickeU are 110 only ; Halves, K,
Fifths, taiTonthn, II.
l.lat er Prise.
1 OAPITAIi PRIZE Of.il50,000.J.tlBff
1 GRAND PRIZK of 60,000..:...
1 GRAND PRIZE of.. 20,0W).. aujOM
2 IiARGBJPRIZEB of...ir-MI00 . 30,066
30 prizes of........ ixx).M auXS
60 " ............. S00. 'J5Jm
ioo (" M.mm.MM..M... sou . sojob
600 " ,. , .100.,SWWS
ArpRoxiKATioir raiaxs. '" -
100 Approximate trices of f300M...MM.iacUWs
ioo aoo.MM. vofite
ioo M M loo.... nm
1.000 Terminal EC SOjON
3,179 Prises, amounting to....M.8635,000
Application tor rates to clubs should ba
made only to the office of tfc company la
New Orleans.
For further information write clearly, glv
ln fall address. POBTAb NOTES, Expnfc
Money Orders, or New York Exchange In or
dinary letter. Currency by express (at oar
expense) addressed
M. A. DAUPHIN, Now Orleans, Idu,
Or M.. A-DAUPHIN, Washington, D. O.
Address Registered Letters to
New Orleans, La.
DAiMamlal,,at tbo presence of
SVtJlHSCIfSeJCl GenoralBDeaureara
and Early, who urn In charge of the drawings,
Is a gnarantenof absolute falrnons anu Integ
rity, that the chances aro all equal, and, that
nooneenn posalblydlviuewbatnumbots will
draw a Prise.
KKSHfSHER that Four National Banks
guarantee the payment of Prlzrs, and that all
tickets bear the signature ol the Pi&ddent
of au Institution, whose Iranchlse Is recog
nized in thehigbeat Courts; tberelore, bowaro
ot any Imitation or anonymous schemes.
Opera House, To-night,
The Ladles' Favorite Stars,
and a company ot American Arttats. Chaat-
8 Ion Drill Band of American .Munlciana. A.
rand Orchestra of American Bhlrilsta. tra
der tho mauageuient.of J, M. GILBERT,.
TO-N1G UT the one-act Farce, ontltled
To r.oncludo with tho funniest .of alii Fas
cial Comedies, In three aot, entitled,
Change of programme eaoh night. Adasls
slon 15, and 35 oeute. Don't fall to see tko
Great Band Drill each day at 11 o'oloofc
srflrsBd MntlBoe batartlay,
Xj- ZE3EX-3Li3Zj
r " f t
1 pound new Leghorn ,tjltron-..;.t..'i
Jl pdnndeHtiieVCurrants- ...-..' ..Jn..
i u(au iara-x4CKie.ii....t.....M(.,...M..
O-bntttBstinlder-Hnnaa-naado OutauD.
3 pounds oholoe Mlnco,Meat,...-..,..r...... ,lfi
2 pounds best Jelly.r.i............:..L:....ji-. J
8 pounds be I Apple Butter... ,.............S
2 pounds beet preerve...;............ K
6 pounds new Huckwbeat Flour...... ... 25
1'pbuDd beatnw Taritisrt Pruae.....i.ttr..-i6
2 packages Arbuekles Coflee......."....:..":.V. '65
10 oars good Hoap..,i..u-.....,,rn..,.?. ,2i
Headquarters for Birds, Turkej s, Celery atUl
Oysters. ;.
N. B,-Ubolce large Pumpkins.
(Sardls, Kentucky,);
OIllcoHt orti more. ,
87 Second street, dealer in
School Supplies, eta. (Jail and examine my
now line o Fall and WJuter Goods,
Tho partnetrhlp heretofore existing bM wee
Drs. MoNntt A Phillip ban been dJolveL
jir. iddiui an ui iuiiiiu iioriauor,ni.ui -Hce,
oppoftllo tbo First Baptist Chnroh, oa
Market street. IM3t
wsjwutiwvsrji .mi.pcurnei, ana toe auwtortto
the Qunpany to me thU oerttfioatei UHh fai-fn-iUiM-Arifynature
altaeAed, tntWatrtit
- t pouqa pure rH0K'ivanay.;..,,..-.',ui
'I'poSrirtKOoa Baking Powder,. .Lvituv W
1'Iarge'MtVWuhtHrd barillBei.'.i.i..7;4.tu-. - IS
1 doin larBe''PJcicle;.i(...U.....-;.,.i.-.i..'

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