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SIM XlAt Crowded Servant Molds, Shop
flirts, lteaa and Fa to 11 FortleEmp
fftng the Dinner Basket Tho Effect of
fee Merry-Oo-ltoumla.
One glaring, blazing day; ono that wilts
cellars and molts ruffles, that stows tbe color
ost of bat linings and reduces cofT to auilp;
one day that paints "with nature's own velou-
ttee" the faces of mankind a deep, rich terra j
cotta, and bakos tho thin coating of white
wash on fomluiiM checks into a stiff, crack
Bsg crust one auoh "roaster" has oomo at
feet and opened, with a burst, the Conor
bland season. The season proper, the merry
' season of dime museums and mechanical
sows, of beautiful Circassians and tho hairy
children of Homoo, is as yet in tbe ofllng. It
lakes Bovornl scorchers alwut July 1 to do
Tolop this plioso of a Now York summer, be
loved aliko by Jew and Qentilo. As soon as
it docs come, howoror, tboro will bo a S.Uur-'
4ay afternoon exodus to tho city by tho sea
which will leave Now York well nigh de
serted. Tho boats will bo jammed with men
and matrons, surrounded by tholr progeny;
servant maids ami shop girls, with thoir
"bcaus;" bud, little, marauding ladies with
their eyes painted, and beautiful young gen
Qomon with neatly mode creases in that
article of male attire known in Boston at
parnte." Then those poor wretches who go
p on tl housetop in tho evening, andtipond
jo night Bleeping on tho loads, will scrnpo to
pother all their spare ponulos and impair to
Coney Island to "cool off."
They take their ploosure laboriously. A
Jaunt to the seashore is to them a domestic
uprooting. Necessity compels them to bring
ttelr numerous offspring tho annual pro
ducts of thoir union, which range from tbe
go of 8 down to a babo in arms, who is at
steapoxof tho bottle stagoof happy child
kood. The mother carries this last uchievo
went, the father carries the last before that,
and both carry baskets. On the deck of the
Boat thoy tako up a large area, for each of
floe children must have a stool, and each of
tho baskets must have ahtool, and papa and
mamma must huvo a stool apiece to put their
feet on. Then they open tho baskets, and be
fore they havo reached the shoro they have
generally eaten all that was. in them, not to
mention richly huod candy, and imntomical
cartas of gingerbread bought from vendera
n tho wharf. Tho baby exhnutts its supply
f food in an incredibly short time, and
yearns loudly for more. Its mother sootbesf
it by setting it np and beating it on the back
with terrific force.
But it appears to bo an invertebrate child,
and falls into a sort of mespy heap, from
which its hands emerge, opening and shut
ting like pink sea anemones. The maternal
parent has a large repertoire of soothing posi
tions. 'With mlmirnblo presouce of mind, he
places it in the next most tranquillizing atti
sado sho knows. This consists of laying it
face downward on her lap, and jogging her
knees a proceeding which jerks little spas
modic cries from the sufferer, and causes 1U
bead to wag paUiodly. But custom cannot
state- the infinite variety of this woman's in
ventions for calming tho young. With a
sudden coup de main, she raises the child to
its feet, and for one intense and delirious In
stant it stands upright on her kneo, beating
excitedly on her forehead, and uttering cries
f triumph, tiho grasps it about its waist so
tightly that her fingers quite disappear.in its
spongy torso, and as it reaches up to clutch
tier bonnet, she absently tightens her grip,
till its eyes have an uncomfortably popping
appearance. Probably, finding this disagree
able, it begins1 to settle. Its wavering legs
eollapso slowly but surely; and, as it feels it
self sinking down into recumbent insipidity,
it clutches despairingly at the bosom of its
mother's gown, and tries to hcuvo itself up
Meanwhllo tbe mother sits in sweltering
discomfort, her old, battered hat pushed back
from her glowing red forehead, where flla
Stents of damp hair straggle, straight and
Imp, Her dress is open at the throat, and
innocent of collar or cuffs. With one of her
hands, bursting large and red, out of a black
idlk mitt, sho grips the baby, pale as a spirit
and Hocked with musquito bites, and with
the other wields a palm leaf fan. At Conoy
Island she will toil through her pleasure with
a fierce determination to enjoy herself. Sho
will be woiglted, go up the elephant, fight her
way into dimo museums, drink sky bluo milk !
at of the patent cow and five cent soda water
half an hour later. The children, who are
gorged and sticky before thoy leave the boat,
will be treated at every candy stall they pass.
When, toward nightfall, stuffed like Stras
bourg geese and dimly conscious that sour
milk and oranges are refractory elomeuts in
the human inside, they reach tho merry-go-rounds,-thoy
insist on a ride. Seven strong
taeyget into tbe mimio boat and gayly wbU
about for five or ten seraphic moments.
Nothing testifies more truly to tho invent
ive genius, of the great American people than
the extreme realism of these, merry-go-rounds.
Sot only do the ships rock with a perfectly
natural motion, but their ocoupauts invaria
bly suffer from the most acuto mal de mor.
Tbe sleepy cries of joy which buret from
thoso seven sticky little children soon change
to cries of woe, and signals of distress are
made to their friends on shore. The owner
slows up his ships, and, pleased by this Un
willing testimony to the perfection of their
mechanism, looks with.a triumphant oyo on
the seven victims of his aerial navigation, as
sbelr parents lead them away through a derl-1
sive crowd. After this comes the trip on the
boat and the ride up town on tho car. Buch
Is the way the poor of New York enjoy their
Saturday half holiday. New York Cor. Tho
Haw an American Jjvdy Kid Ileraelf t
of a Persecuting Pariilan's Attentions.
From Paris comes the story of a fair
American who succeeded' in ridding herself
of a potty persecutor. Sho is a daily attend
ant at ono of tho ateliers off tho grand boule
vards. Her lodgings are some distance up the
Champs Ulysecs; but being abundantly able
to protect herself, she 'calls upon no ono to es
cort ber to and from her work, and often pre
fers to do tho journey on foot rather than to
toko ono of tho omnibuses going in ber direc
tion. After a while, however, sho became
conscious that a certain young man, always
at tho same spot, overtook her and dogged her
footsteps until sho reached the door of her
apartinonte. Sho know enough of Purls cus
toms not to blamo tho young man individ
ually very much, as sho is awaro Hint some
bow the whole raco is imbued with the idea
that ono of its chief duties, as tho buperior
half of humanity, is to be polite and gallant
to every unprotected female; and oven hor
small experience has convinced her of Un
truly grand way in which every Frenchman
tries to do his duty. But in this particular
case she decided that the young man's good
intentions must be discouraged. Especiully
when after a few days of silent following he
attempted to address her, she mode up her
mind that stringent measures must be used.
Hor aunt, a big boned duenna of tbe strong
New England type, was informed of tho con
dition of affairs, and was mado acquainted
with ber niece's proposed tactics.
The day after their council of war the
young woman was overtaken as usual by her
admirer. Ho ngain whispered soft words in
ber car, and, as she seemed to smile somewhat
favorable on him, he kindly and hospitably
invited her to breakfast Bho expressed diffi
dence at accepting hospitality from an utter
stronger, and objected that breakfast was
awaiting her at her own apartment Sho,
however, pret.uined that enough would bo
served for two, and if monsieur would excuso
what defects there might be, sho would bo
very glad of his csmpnuy during her solitary
meal. Tho young man jumped with eager
ness nt her proposition, and walked gnyly by
her side. Whatever apprehension the young
girl may have had as to tho risk of failure
was not apparcht in her manner, and sho
succeeded in confining tho talk to pleasant
generalities until her apartment was reached.
There the young man received his first check
wliPii ilin ilnor was thrown onon and disclosed
tho sizable proportions of tho stern duenna.
He had, however, gono too far to turn buck,
nnd ho allowed himself to bo ushered inside,
and tho door to iw closed upon him.
Tho aunt and tho uieca wero too well
schooled in tho rules of politeness to rnrry on
their conversation before the Frenchman in
anything but French, so hewasnblo to un
derstand every word thoy said. "My aunt,"
expluined the young woman to her duenna,
"thi poor follow is hungry, and I told him
I thought ho could find him something to
wOh, certainly," answered tho kindbeartod
aunt, "I hopo we need nover refiibo tho de
mands of tho needy. Marie," she called out
to the trim maid, who immediately appeared,
"tako this man to tho kitchen and tell the
cook to givo him somo bread and meat"
Tho unhappy Frenchman, in spito of his
protests and expostulations, was shown
through tho door into tho kitchen, where ho
was able to escape by the servants' stairway.
Tho young American girl has biuco seen or
beard nothing from her harmless but annoy
ing persecutor. Now York Sun.
Siino Quner German Club.
Very curious aro some of tbeso clubs,
though nil breathe a spirit wo cannot but
commend and might bt pardoned for envy
ing. One very curious club is called "Tho
Humoristical Gninbrlnians," tho jolly dis
ciples of tho god of beer. It lirm ita own club
room with n grandly hospitable central table
around which tho members sit. Incused in
a glass box and hung upon tho wall l a Iiugo
silver tuiiknrd to bo filled by every member
caught talking politics or presented with a
girl baby by his wife. To bo tho father of a
boy costs a member tho price of a keg of
beer for tho club. The members are a mixed
company of capitalists and wage workers,
who moet onco a week and on all extraordi
nary occasions of their own dovising. They
tell stories, bring the women, and done, sing
and drink beer.
Another notohle east side organization is
tho Pfalzer Ilnrmonio club, formed of men
and women from tho Uhenish vineyard coun
try. It will bo "sausage time" in a few
weeks, and "sausage tlmo" is their timo for a
grand festival transplanted from tho old
country. Tho new pigs of the year are then
fit for translation into sausago meat, and, at
tho eamo.thno, tho grapes have a'.l been gath
ered for the wine presses-r-two important rea
sons for rejoicing, they think. A grand ball
is given. They come to it from far and near.
Some are retired men of wealth, some aro
mechanics, some aro laborers, somo are shop
keepers, some are great merchants, but they
are all equal on this 'festal night. While the
tiddlers are tuning up all repair to a shooting
gallery garlanded with paper roses, and
thoso women and those mon who desire to do
so shoot to see which shall be crowned, the
best markBWOiuan as queen and the best
marksman as king each to reign the ensu
ing twelve months. 1 have several times at
tended this affair, and have seen the lowliest
workman's wifo crowned queen aud deferred
to as a sovereign by women in diamouds and
silk,- Providence Journal.
A ltawedy for Diphtheria.
Very considerable interest has been excited
in foreign medical circles by M. Brondel's
successful treatment of diphtheria by tbe use
of benzoate of sodium. He asserts that of
200 consecutive cases he has not lost a single
one, and, though admitting tho possibility of
a mistaken diagnosis in some instances, yet,
even excluding 60 per cent on this account,
there remain 100 cases without a death. His
method is to have the pationt take, every
hour, a tablespoonf ul of a solution of beu
zoato of sodium, fl.teen grains to tho ounce,
and at the samo time one-sixth of a grain of
sulphide of calcium in syrup or granule; in
addition to this tho throat is thoroughly
sprayed evory half hour with the betizoato,
this being douo unfailingly at tho regular in
tervals, day and night, with no other local
treatment whatever. No attempt is.made to
dislodge the false, membrane. Tho nourish
ment consists of beet juice, tender meat, milk,
etc., but bread and. all other articles which
may cause irritation of the throat are forbid
den. Now York Tribune.
Furnishing 'Compressed Air. -
A company in Birmingham, England, are
completing a large central plant for furnish
ing compressed air through mains to tho
owners of small engines. Trials already-made
aro said to have shown that tho cost to con
struct will bo considerably less than tbe cost
of steam mode on tho premises. Besides doing
away with tho dirt and dust from the coal,
and tho saving of room, tlw use of compressed
air is said to furnish excellent means of ven
tilation. An excellent feature of the charter
of this company is a clause compelling them
to divido all profits over 10 per cent witu the
consumers. Public Opinion.
A Balgiun invontor bas doviscd n process
for tanning tcxtilo fabrics which renders
thorn waterproof and at' tho sumo tlmo, it is
said, proof against decay, while their supple
ness ti not diminished nnd their weight not
appreciably increased. Arguing from tba(
high stato of preservation in which tho
bands which surround tho heads of Egyptian
mummies aro found to this day, and which
are impregnated with a kind of resin, tho In
ventor bad r courso to tho. substances ex
tracted from birch bark, aim which ore now
used to porfumo Russia loathor, Chicago
lis superior excellence proven in millions
nt homo lor more than a quniter of a century.
It Is used by t'io United biaies Government.
Kndniseii bv ho heads of the grout Universi
ties n tlioNlroncHt, Purest nnd most Health
tub D", Pil'-e's tho only Baking Powder that
does nni contain Atnmomu, Lime or Alum.
Mold only In cans.
New York, Chlcugo, Bt. Louis.
Joyful tidings to tho thousands:
tho Mammoth Furniture Storo of
HENRY ORT offers a large stook of
Bran Dow Styles, at prices on
Latest Styles of Parlor Work, Fold
ing Bod Lounges and Bods, Side
boards, Bookcases, Wardrobes and
all other artiolos in tho lino of
that will make it interesting to buy
ers. Our trade ia increasing, and
to mako it boom, wo havo made pri
ces to suit the times. Wo carry a
largo stook, and aro the drivers of
low oash prices Come and see: we
will treat you right. Bomombor,
square dealing at
Window Glass, Faints, Oils, BrasheB,
Spong??, Boaps,( Combs, Per-
fumesToilet Articles,
My stock of Pure Drags and Chemicals Is
always complete. A)l at tlio lowest prices for
rellHbl" good.
sor-FreacrlpMoMa a specially nt sill
Repair Duns, Pistols, Loclo, Ac. Ppfclal at-
i...iin.. .. ,i m TAimirirw Pnwlnu Machines.
Office aud Hbnp on East Becni d hi reel.
CO, lliriprnce Ht New York, ran learn the
exact cost ol Hny proponed line ol Advertis
ing li American Newspapers. "lO.Iice
Pnniiltli. 1 WUlN ,
Jnst iW ef the HertM Bargains out f the
reaapletent stock f I)B QOODS ever howa Im Maya
Tllle: Velveteens, trood quality, at 28 cents a yard, folly worth 60 eenla;
All Silk Velveta, twenty-live different colors, Rt 80 cents a yard, never sold 'un
der $1.26;
All silk Plush $1 a yard, regular price $1 50;
Fifty pieces finest English Caabmore. tuirty-eleht inches wide, in nineteen dif
ferent colors, 23 rents, would be a bargain Bt 35 cents;
Another lot of LaPelle Kid Gloves, fiye buttons, embroidered backs, at 73 cent
a pait, lowcBt Cincinnati price is $1.10.
In Ladies', Uenls' and Uhiidren'a tcariet juodids wooi underwear wo nnvo
ust received the biggest values in fine poods ever offered We tnke especial pride
n these as we consider them the crcuteat bargains in our stock. They must beseea
to be appreciated
I We reserve tbo biggest Hem now for tho last, viz: NOVELTIES IN FINE
DRESS GOODS! Having pecurod from the EH8t, for lovers of stylish fabricp. tho
most exquisite Suitings in Pl-ide, Stripes. Checks and Combinations ever exhibited
here. These consist of entirelv new (-fleets in Surah Cloths, Merino Ciupures,
Camel's Hair, Broadcloths, Corduroys, eca, &c.
Hosenau Bros.,
Proprietors of the BEE HIVE, tho Chenpest Dry Goods House jii Kentucky, where
all goodp sold must give satisfaction or the money refunded.
ssa p W is tnll ol newly-bought goods, which I am oflerlng
lf W tH( s1 1 GSsSk very cheap 'o ct)Kh bilyer. I haves Hpleiidlustoctc
JUfmmr HwU Umw "' new Dress Ooo-Ib and Trimmings. fliHven'Ho an
w imraeiise stoefcol Jean. Flannels. BlanUew,"Bbirl-
Ing, CrasneH, Blench and Brown Muslin, Canton Flannels, Ticking, Towels Tutle Clnens,
Napkins, Undeiwoar. Dliicli and Colored Cashmere Shawls and the most complete stock qi
UoVsry lor Ladles, Misses, aud Children to be found In the city. I am d lenulned to have
a big trade this Fall, and have pnt such a email ma gin on the original cost of the KOOds Hint
1 am sure to attract yonr attention and secure yonr trade. I have added to my stock a new
line of Carpets, which I am selUng at a very close price.
Cloaks and Wraps.
Have Just opened no ry line of Ladles'. Misses' and Children's Cloaks. Short Wraps and
Jaokeis. .Don't buy until you bave examined my line ol these goods.
I A beaut If ol line of flue, PIohIi Garments.
I You are respectfully In vlied to visit my store and see the bargains I can offer yon. I shall
be pleanod to hve yon call, whether yon desire to purchase or not, as It Is a pleasure lor us
vo snow lue ueaaiimi gooas now in hock.
STOno door below the Postofflco.
j, mjgkEMEmmmmmm-
17 Aroado, Cincinnati, attends to all mail
orders promptly. Goods sent for selection to
responsible parties. Tine watones repaired.
Office Bntton Btroet, next
4oor to Postoffloe.'
Offlos Beeond Btreet, over RaB-MHH?
yon A Bocker's dry goods Btore.HAAAX-r
Kltroos-oxlde Gas administered In all caser.
Gas and. Steam Fitter.
B" Orders promptly attended to. No. 30
Bscond street. mar 10
t-o wo
No. M Market street, Maysvllle, Zy., for good
and oUeap
Groceries and Produce,
and everything usually kept In a flrst-ela&s
retail grocery. Cash or trade for produce.
WUonest weight and square dealing.
Sanitary Plumber,
Cwley's new system of House Drainage and
Ventilation. Bath rooms fitted np with bol
and cold water a specialty. Also a largs
supply of
ffOP LeOtl (Hid StO10 PiPB,
"' '
Globe, Angle and Check Valves water and
Bteam Gauges, Force and Lift Pumps, Kur
ber Uose Chandeliers, Brackets and Globes
Personal attention given to all work and sat
ls'acttoii gnsranteed. T.J.CDRLEY,
Beoond street, above Market, opposite Oma
ndfon , lkfV)))f,Hy. tlfidly
3V3C. 33. Mi?7yPT!,T'T'r
I have onened a Groserv on Beeond Bt
one door below the ouera bouse, where I wi
sonstnntly keep a rail line of Groceries of tfas
very beit quality, and sell them nt tbe LOW
EBTFRICEB. Everything
and full weights given In all esses. I Invite
Every body to give me a call and save money.
sri will pay tiie highest market price lor
Butter. EgK8, vegetables, Ac., either In cash
or trade. Don't fall to call.
JelO-tim G. A. MoCARTflET.
$3 SHOE.
The only. S3. SKAMIJES3
onoe in mo worm.
Finest Calf, perfect nt, sad
irvrmmea. yoDfrrew, uuivuu
una Ldoe, mi iiyjes ioc
tvllsh And dunhle a
tboe 'coating; $5 or t.
S3.BO HIIOE excel
S3 Bhoei adTOT-
usm dt outer
M MM tt M tkM.
Boys all wear tbe W. I DOOGIAB 3 bdok.
If rourdcsler docs nntlrren them, send yonr name oa
postal to W. IDODaLASTBrocktoB, Kstet.
for sale by A. M. HOGKR8.41 Beoond Utree
Remember that we ha ve prescript Ions writ
ten for your particular eau, by one ol tbe
most accomplished phy lelantf In this city.
Full particulars and smplnm blank sent to
any address on receipt ol i cents in tnmps.
(IssaoUtephens, Manager),
slwt 174 Race street, Cincinnati, a
Chicago Markets received every ten min
utes. Orders taken for 1,000 bushels and up-,
rds. Office t Cooper's building Second Bt,
$6 a Day a Gold Mine
for Agents. Grandest Money Making Busl
ness ever offered. A soldeu hnrvesl 'or the
next two months. 875 per month wad
xpenHa to ncilvo n en to fell our uods.
Ho csplial required. No peddling. Bamplo
rate ol goods and vslunble Inlormst ou and
full parllonlarn PflEB. No hnrobug; we
mean Just what we say. Addrestalonce
it ro &
A-.t-Tyj- BS"1
s rm
fc. . isr-
jr i T- Rov.sasssl
sir .ui i ooviJaifStoip

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