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Jt Uiirlches llio mood. lavlRorntes .1110
Mystein, I tcMores Appetite, Aid Digestion
It does not blacken or injure the teeth, canse head
ache or prodnce constipation other trim mtiiuintt ta
Dn. Q. II. Bikklgt, a leading physician of Spring-
field, Ohio, aajs:
Brown' Iron Bitters Is a thcTonghlT good mod!
atn. I uno it In my practicA, and iind its action ex
cels all other f jrras of Iron. In neaknem, ora low con
dition of the system, Ilrown's Iron Bittern is usually
a poeitiTe necessity. It is all that is claimed (or it."
-'.Da W. N, AVathw. 1219 Thirty-second 8trvet,
Ctoorretoirn. D. 0.,aytj "Brown's Iron Bitters is
ttioTiinio of the ace. Nothing bettor, It creates
appstite, (ires ktrongth and imprOToa digestion." i
Ctonninsba slxne Trade Mark and crowed red lines
ou wrapper. Take no other. M&doonlyby ,
nn n. if. mmith,
Ifft.MMM-. nwrf.,.. .. InnnklM .....I
ess extraction ef
taetb. Offlo on Conrt turret. apiedly
Bf. niLLUMH,
mcic: Third street, west of Market, next
door to Dr. James Bbactcluford's.
,. Houbo, Sign and
Ornamental Painter-
Graining. Olaxlng and Paper-hanging. All '
Work neatly ai.d promptly executed. Office
andabop, north side ol Fourth bttwepn Mar- ,
ketand Limestone, streeta. aiedly
. 1 1
vni practice In tho courts of Masou and ad
Jolntne counties, I be Hnperlor Court and
Conrt of Appeals. Bpeclal attention nvn to
aUectlons and to Keal Estate. Court street,
SaysyUle, Ky.
No. 7 Market Street,
Call and examine ray samples of Foreign
audDoniesUo goods Irpm the largest whole
siali boasts of New York, Bnlts made to or
4tt on more reasonable terms tban any other
AOBse in tbe city, and flt guaranteed.
(Court Street, Maysvll Ky.)
Wlllpractlce In the'oourtsot Mason andad
leinlDB counties. Prompt htlentlon given to
adllecuonofclalmsandacoonnta. AluotoKlre
issurance, and the, boylnB, selling and rent
lag of nouses, lots and lands, and Tbe writing
ol deeds, mortgages, contracta, etc. n6dly
I naKsirr d. wui
Attorneys and Counselors at Law
Will practice In all courts In Masoa and ad
Joining counties and In tho Superior Uour
and Court of Appeals. AJ1 collections glvei
prompt attention. noyMdotir
saleesc sAllee3
Attorneys and Counselors at Law,
will attend to collections and a general law
JVaotlce in cMlcasesln.Maaon i aadJolnlng
sxmntlea; Flro Insurance and Real Estate
Ageuta. All letters answered promply. Of-
3; xto. liuonn bucvv, wihih
Designer and dealor In
t4estnaTTho.tefit:Kiatrial aadwork
eoSeraTlnthls section .of the ?tate,atro.
dnoed prices. Those wanting work In Gran
SSor fMarbid are Invited to oaU and see fo
tVw.lvfcfc).jrwnd "treat. Mavsvllla.
loo Oream and Boda Water a speelalty.
Fresh Bread and Cakes made dallyand de-
UiferSl.tony part of the city. PartiosRBd
weddings mrniiibed on short notice. No.
Second street.
Baa connection with the following places
JHnyavllle. Ho'an, " Hvet,
BlHyallU. KisrtllM.
Office In MnyHVll!o-W. W. Holton's Dry
Goods Hlore, No. 9 Ksl Becond street.
JOB PRINTING 01 every doHorlntion neatly
executed at tbe BULLETIN OFFICE.
v t Mils mmiuu t iii iif r oca Beds to wi mrt
frttrfto&le. IKON sntm into almost emy ftfas
out FTMonpiMn xor wose woo mm dbuohu m
For WcahncMt l.tiatlludr, I.ack .of
Knew, cic, It, HAS NO, KClV&V, wd is
the ouly Iron medicine that is not Injnridus.
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WA.1 XH'mts'rJ& Af,(M 'Siwa SbY IllKvv 53
They Krldentlr IUallae That Their Daya
Are Numbered TryiBfj Ordesltof Visit
ing Hour Ouq Stores Doing; no Im
mense UuslnesePetltlona Pnurlns; In.
Ckidlao, Nov. 5. Spies 'and' Fioldon'do
aoended together this morning from the
murderers' row of the county jail to the
Cage below1. The 'curly heaU of the one and
the long, shaggy, unkept locks of tho other
were bathed in the sunlight that streamed
in 'through tho window. ''Only a week,"
aid Spies meditatively to his companion
as thoy reached the cage; "only a week,"
echoed Fielden. Ho might have'sald more,
but at that moment hu was summoned by
Jailer Foltz, and conducted through num
berless gates to tho privatd btllca Ilsro
Warden McClaughry of the Joliot jKjnlten
tiary and a stono -contractor or th.it place,
named Elliott, were awaiting him.
Tho" conference which had referenno to
the movements on foot in favor of executive
clemency being extended to him lastedfully
an hour. When Fielden rotiirned to the
cage his face wore a thoughtful otprossiou,
and without any worda'to his companions in
confinement, be wont up the steps and shut
himself in his colL
Tbe Anarchists bad the usual quota of
visitors during tho visiting hour, but tbey
were unusually quiet and there was a total
absence of that forced hilarity both on the
part of Visitors and prisoners that was man
ifested asMftte as yesterday.
Mrs. Parsons,' who, for tbe first time in
many weeks left bet children at homo, db
voted her timo to an earnest whispered con
ference with her husband, after whi ch tho
hurried away down town.
tepies smiled a sickly smile when Nina Van
Zandt put in her appearanqa, but she did
not roturn it, and as she pressed the linger
which he pushed through the bars, tears
stood in her eyes. Even Lingg, who had
discarded his flaming rod necktie for a bow
of maroon, scorned to Iw laboring undjr a
depression of spirits and only replied in
monosyllables to the earnest pleadings of
bis sweetheart that he wo'uld join with
Spies and Fielden in a petition for muroy.
Pitcher was the hanpiest man of the
toven. His wis; who was kopt at homo by
Illness yesterday, was again able to come to
bim, and in response to her entreaties Jailer
Folts bo far relaxed his rule as to permit
their little girl to go into the cage and nestle
her head upon her father's sbonlder.
Engel was vlstod by his wife and one of
her neighbors. It was' noticeable that tha
prlsouers kept very muoh to their own kith
and kin instead of going the rounds as
usual Altogether it was a sombre visiting
hour, and even tha watchmen were glad
when it came to a close.
Gun 8tor Doing aa Immense Business.
CniOAOO, Nov. & Business at the differ
ent down town gun storoi has not t tllan off
any in the last few daya Proprietors and
clorks who were seen yesterday war very
reticent when questioned as to the sale of
firearms. A few consented to spoak on the
subject a little. "There has been no great
rush' for firearms," said one dealer, "and'yot
I must say our sales have been rather fre
quent. Revolvers have been sold to well-to-do
looking men, who have dropped in and
hurriedly bought what they wanted and
then walked out They were moitly buii
ness men and cautious people, who, feeling
that there might be troublo, have conuclded
to 'fix' themselves. I do not think any An
archists or dangerous characters havo pur
chased from us, or, for that matter, from
any of the big dealers. That class, would
probably buy tholr weapons at the pawn
shops or of tbe small dealers in remoter por
tions of the city. Anyway,,, thoso fellows
are' generally armed beforehand,' and we
are merely arming law-abiding citizens who
want' to be able to protect themselves in
case it becomes necessary to resist force
with force."
"It Was learned that several of tha big
dealers in firearms held a secret consulta
tion with Inspector Bon Held during the
altcrrioon, at which the toplo was the se
cretion of all weapons in case pf trouble.
August Spies, Samuel Fieldoa and Nicho
las SchwAb'iave algMed' petition W tile
governor to commute their- sentence. Engel,
Lingg and'FiBdheYure resolute,' and wU not
go back on the lottors demanding absolute
liberty: ; y-
Petitions are being circulated asking? a
Wttfrhu ifctlorfof tneWnteneVand'are'bbIri'ft
signed by many. Tho body of the petitions
says that while the-sfgners bold in abhor
rence tho doctrines and methods of An
archy, yet they belleve'justice and the' state
would be better served Were the sentence
commuted than were'the'doomed men hung.
The Man Who Throw the Iloinb,
Cmcvkland, O., Nov. 6. The Proas has
received a "spoclal from Pittsburg, 'which
asys; Tboma Owens, a carpi nter em
ployed at Homestead, who died a day 6r
two ago, confessed before death that he Was
a partner of Rudolph Schnaubelt. the man
who, it is alleged, threw the bomb at the
Haymarket massacre in Chicago, on May 4,
16867 and thut he, himself, was tho guilty
The facts did not come out until yester
day, when an inquest was bold ou tho re
mains of Owens, who died from theelfects
of ait accident at tbe steel works. It is
stated that ho uudor pledges ot'seoreoy, con
fessed to Mullet and I per. brother members
of the Carpenters' assocfatron, thut he was
an Anarchist and lntim ito friend of the
convicted uien. Ho knew Sotiiiaubalt's do-
la $ &K fa-y
' SSSiS& .T',b "" """ '"'"
Ha said alio that it wu not Bohnaubelt
but-n.raself who "threw the .bomb. Iu tjh'o
confusion uVgot to nls brother borne, 'aud
borrowed 137 and left for a country town.
Until sUxVeeks ago 'be, trathped On 'his
perioa mere latter from his fitter, advising
him to keep away from Soolalista, as tbey
hacLalready caused.hlmso much trouble. A
lower rruia u urubuur uauhiuuou titiu uuh
to write home, for fear his letters would bo-
tray him.
A Committer to lie Sont.
Nkw Yoiuc, Nov. 5. The committee of
the .Federation of; Trades having-in chargo
the appeal for clemency for the Chicago
Anaichlsts met last, night. It as resolved
to setid a corrimfttoo consisting of Rev.
Fnther Huntington. rbert O. Ingorsoll und
John Swlnton to Uovornor Oglosby to ask
for mercy for tho seven men.
Col Ingersolf,' however; said "yestordajr
thnt'he would not go to Illinois to speak for
tho cordemtiod men. ,
NnwspHpermun's Petition.
Boston, Nov. 5. A potition to Governor
Ogletby, of initio!, wai sent last night ask
ing foroxocutivt clomency in behalf of tho
condoinuod Anarchists. It bears lt3. signa
ture., all of them being names of men in the
employ of the Boston Globj, including tho
editors and.reportors.
A TxiuUvillo Sinn Alurdors His Wife and
Ilrothnr-ln-Lnw anil Than Suloldes,
toui9ViLLK, Ky., Nov. 5 Joseph
Brownfleld, agod thirty, a mechanic em
ployed in the liOulsvilU & Nashville car
hops, murdered hU wife, his ten-year-old
child, his brother-in-law, John Bellman,
then suf6ied some tin.e durlng'las't night.
The ghastly discovery was made' about 10
this morning by aomf of BrownfleM's rela
tives who called at the house, 1UJ3 West
Chestnut street,
Brownfleld was found suspended from the
transom of the inner door by a rope, and
was quite deniL Beyond bim in a neatly
furnished room of the little cottage home a
ghastlier sight than this greeted the eyes of
the discoverers. On the bod with their
throats cut from ear to ear, lay Brownfleld's
wife and little child, their nlht clothes
soaked in blood. In an adjoining room,
also' with his throat cut, lay tho body of
Bellman. The razor with which tho deed
was done, lay on tho floor under tho
i us ponded form of the murderer and sui
cide. The murdorer was the son of Esquire
.Brownfleld, and tho whole family wa emi
nently respectable. As yet there is no ex
planation of tho terrible deed.
Brownfleld left a lotter in which he stated
that he had ruined himself gambling and
had determined on suicide; that ho killed
his wife and child because he did not wish
to leave them with no one to look after
them, and that he killed Bruner "because
be was not flt to live."
Tbe letter was written in a bold hand and
, was datd at 6;30 this morning.
An examination of Brownfleld showed that
be had tried to cut his throat, and had also
eaten Rouh on Rats, some of it being
found on his lips. His victims bad all evi
dently been murdere-1 while a-tleep.
Two Children Thrown From a Third-Story
Window by Their Kxoited Mother.
Baltihoiie, Aid., Nov. 5. A coal oil
stove exploded yoterday in the residence
of Mrs. Barbara VogaL An alarm of flro
was sounded and a crbwd'collected in front
of tbe house. When the ongln'es arrived
Mrs. Vogel was in bed with her two chil
dren, aged two and four years, in the third
story. She became frantic with fright, and
rushing to the window threw up tho sash;
thbti, clamping her little ones In her arms
she ran to the window and kissed them pas
sionately, while the astonished crowd s$ood
below gazing at her wild actions. Finally,
with, a quick movement, 'she threw'them
one" after the othjr as 'far out from tho
building as' her strength would allow, and
they plunged headlong through the air a
distance of thirty-five feet.
The horror-strioken spectators shuddered,
but a couple of gentlemen rushed forward
and cau-cht tbe children oro they reached
tho pavement. The frantic mother then
climbed upon the sill, and was preparing to
precipitate herself from the window when
tho spectators shouted to her to desist.
These cries caused her to pauo for a mo
ment, and' those below took advantage of
tho opportuuiny to call to her that there
was no danger, as tiie Are was out She
finally seemed to colloct her senses and re
tired from the w'ndow. The children were
only slightly injured, but the gentleman
who caught the older child had one of his
wrists broken.
A New Telegraph DeaL
Nkw Yoiik, Nov. 5. Tho World'o Mon
treal dispatch says: A telograph deal
whioh, if carried out, will entlroly change
the face of affairs in that branch of busi
ness in Canada, Is understood to be under
way here and has caused considerable' stir
ink business and other broking circles!! ' J. G.
Moore, a prominent broker of New York,
rice president of the Western Union, and
president of the Mutual Union, has . boon
hero for several days past, and has spent
considerable tlina'in consultation with Sir
George Stephens, president, arid with
Charles B. Uostner, general manager of the
Canadian Pacllla Telegraph.
plugged and Oatrasjed.
Hartford, Conn., Nov. 5. The police
arf investigating ha affair whIch'the&Ums
terrible' Ye velatiob. Pretty " Clum ' Loiii e
Bnde, aged sixteen years, came u this city
from Windsor a week ago in search of em
ployment She made an engagement at an
employment oulce to go to Bristol, Conn.,
and while in hor new piace she was drugged
and outraged. She is now a raving maniac
in the alms house In this city. Sue was
found Sunday evening wanderiug ou the
street, dazed and bewildered. She grew
worse rapidly and was brought to Hartford
yesterday for safety.
The Mississippi Wattling Away Town.
PLAQUxuiks, La., Nov. 5. The caving In
of tbe banks on the nyor fnnt continued to
grow worse each hour. Proparty owners in
the vicinity are tearing down houses und
mbvliig tliem' to o"hor portions o! the town.
Quite a. largo jirti6n of eaVUi fell Into tho
rfver yesterday, and more is oxptcted to fol
low soon.
A Postal Clerk la Slumping; tha Faehaga,
Disarrange the Wires and Headers tbe
I ii.i " 1 ". ''' ' i
Contrlvanoo IIrmls Mr. Wnlte Be
lleres That It Was Only a Canard.
W"AsniiWif, " Nor. 8. Last evening
Chief Jujtioo Watte receivod a small box,
which upon oponing bo fpuud to closely re
semble an infernal machine. It containod a
bent glass tube tilled with some liquid, and
at one end Was a percuss. on cap. Then there
was a serial of wlrei and rubber bands run
ning in different directions, and appearing
as if an explosion was intended to have oc
curred When the iid was removal. In
staiupingtha box a mail clerk bad disar
ranged the wires, rendering it useless.
When it became generally known this
morning that Cuief Justice Wuito had last
night received through the mall a mysteri
ous box labelled "Important Papers," con
taining what, upon examination, was be
lieved to bo an infernal machine, thero was
naturally a good deal of excitement, espec
ially in newspaper aud official circle. The
box in which the supposed' dangerous con
trivance is onclosod is now at Polico head
quarters, and wuile it is a very curious
luokiug concern it does not appear to be ca
pable, under any circumstuitces, of doing
damage, although it does contain a small
quantity of 'course grain powder. The prin
cipal uigrediahts appear to be ink and mu
cilage. Tne.o are run into a long glass tube
and are divided from one anuiuer by per
cussion caps which tit the tube tightly.
Chief Juitfco Watte author zJi tin state
ment that in handling the box hedid'not
feel that bo was in any more danger than
bo would havo been in ban iling a uiltc hand
kerchief; that the cohstruatlou of the so
called infernal machine was so rough it was
evidently incapable of oxplosibn, evoi
should any of tbe ingredfeilti prove to be
explosives; the few grains of powder con
tained in tho tube cou.d certainly do 110
groat damage. Tne chief justice believes
the whole affair is a canard and tried his
best las: night to prevent any publication
respecting it. He said in tms connection:
"It it is published that suoh a box has been
sent to me it will naturally bj believed by
many persons and tend to prevent any
clemency whatsoever in tho Anarchist
cases. It certainly is a hoax."
At police neodquarterj this morning tho
ofllcers entertain tao smne opinion as the
chief justice, but under ths law tue box will
have to bo submitted to tne district chemist
for examination, and if it shall bo found to
contain gunpowder or any othor explosive,
no matter iu how small quantity, the seuder
of tho box has committed a stales prison of
fense. Tne story was brougnt to News
paper R-) w last night by a young man named
Sherburne 6. Hopkins, who has done some
newspaper wore in Washington, but whe
dues not seem to be credited to any regular
paper. At least his name does not appear
in tho oflicidl list of correspondents, and on
Newspaper Row there are various stories
as to what he rea ly doys represent. At all
events be brought tbe story to the Row and
told it to several reputable correspondents,
in one instance, writing out all the details
connected with the affair, saying that he
Was in the city poscolll je about 0 o'clock last
evening, and in reaching to get a pen with
which to address a letter ho noticed that a
man standing at the desk near the main en
trance, was addressing a pasteboard box tc
tho Hon. Chief Justice Wait.
This circumstance did not appear to bo of
a very suspicious charaoter, and he thought
nothing of it until af car he had loft the
building. Thon it suddenly occurred to him
that'the box might contain something dan
gerous. Ho immediately sent up to Justioo
Waite's houso to inquire if such a box bad
lien received, but at this time the box was
on its' Way, und tho judge know nothing of
it Returning to the postolfloe Hopkins
learned that the box had been mailed thars
smd'hod been sent up to Justice Waite's resi
dence by a Special messenger named W. J.
Hickey. A second inquiry at tbe justice's
residence showed that tne box bad been re
ceived in the .manner described. By this
tline tbe matter had begun to generate a
sensation among the newspaper olQoo, and
through them, Sergt Hoolenberger, at po
lice headquarters, was notlfldd. Tho sergeant
went at once to the justice's residence, and,
taking possesion of tha machine, carried it
off to headquarters for investigation.
This morning's Pout says: "Hopkins, who
oenii to bo the only person who had any
knowledge of this box previous toitu arrival
at Chief Justice Waite's residence, is some
what noted in newspaper circles for sensa
tional stories, and the fact that he went at
once to disjKwe of this story to two western
journals before even tho police had been in
fore of the dangerous character of the box,
was very enterprising, at least"
Latkiu Young- Hopkins was arrested
and tauen to police hoadquartora where he
confessed' having arranged the so-called in
fernal machine and sent it through tbe
malls to Cuief Justice Waite, for the sols
purpose of creating a sensation and being
in position to sell the news. His visits to
the chief justice's residenoe last night were
for the 1 urpose of being present if possible
when the package arrived in order to "see
the ' effect it had upon the chief justice,
which he lni ended to picture in his story' to
the newspapers. Hopkins will bo held by
the' authorities un il tha result of the chem
ist's 'examination of the contents of the glass
tube Is known, and if powder is found
therein' he will probably be' punished to tha
fuil extent of the law.
Hopkins in bis confession said that tho
glass tube contained French blacking, ink,
mucilage and giant powder; that he damp
ened the paw.ler so that it wouil bj impos
sible to explode it The caps he sa d were
tbe shells off of a large sized pistol cart
ridges they having been exploded before
he used them, Hopkins accuses one Arthur
B. Sferry who has had some connection
with the local pres as having assisted him
in the plot Hopk'in is held in 1,000 bad
on a chargo of conspiracy to defraud tho
country by furnishing the press with bogus
news for sjimilonal purposes. Sparry,
while not arresteJ, is. under poiiue survoill
lance. Aii'iitlibr byiiVinito Shell.
St. LoUiB, Nov. 5. The Post-lJlipatch
yesterday published a letter from a man
'who said that wlthW assfstaiits l piaoet.
tbe dynamite shell in Newman's house whiess
killed Newman ami his family and three
viuuib. 110 mu imiwi uih uo piqewf I ai
bomb which destroyed a house on Jefferson
ayenuo ast winter. Tbe comraunlcatiest
was unsigned, aud' it was thoUghtto"bsi.v
hoax, but last night the polico found, os
the scene of .tho explosion a discharged dy
namite bomb six inches in diameter, anal
capable of holding a dynamite.
They Hold lip 11 Train Securing Twenty
Throe lteglstered Letters. ; j.(
GUNNiHO.f, Col., Nov. 6. The east bound
tram from Silt Like on the Denver & Rio
Grande rod was hold up by four masked
robbers, about 4 o'clock yesterday morhlh'g,'
at a lonely spot about 11 vo miles east oC
Grand Junction. At theit point the road
runs close to tho Gunnison river, with a
steep bankt some '200 feet high, alongside oC'
it Tho engineer saw obstructions ahead,
and as be brought hta train under control
bo saw four men on the track. Tney called
to him, "Gat down out of thero," whlck
command thoy repeated to tho mall agoni
and express measongor. Two of tho robber
went through tho mall and expross can,
getting twety-throe registered lottera from
tho mail. Tna expresa oars carry looked
safes of which only certain agents on tha
road can open, and tho tneswngerd are la
ignoranco of tho combination.
As the safes are securely bolted to tho
cars tho robbers oould noithor open or r
move, hence they captured uo express
money. The conduotor of the train, wha
had considerable money on his person, hid
while the robbers held tho' train, after
quietly sending a braken.au back to Grand
Junction to giyo the alarm. From that
point Information was quickly sent botk
ways. The engluaor had somo 1319 w'(
him, which he threw among the coal in t4i
tender, and thus saved it The th loves held
tbe train fifty minutes and thon after re
moving tho obstructions permitted, it to
proceed. None of tho paiBeugers were dis
turbed. The authorities are aotlve and It Is
thought that tho parties will bo caught, as
the country affords liUle opportunity for
secrotliig themselves. This is the first 'at
tempt at train robbery on the Rio Grand
A Fool of Stool.
8r. Louih, Ma, Nov. l. The result of .tho
recent meeting of stool tool manufacturer
at Pittsburg was mode known here yoster
day. Eighteen manufacturers were repre
sented, and a trust was organized to 'be
called the Merchants' Steel Association of
the United States. Prices wore fixed, and
it was decide 1 that the members should de
posit with tho secretary from $500 to $1,000
as aguaranteo of fealty to tho trust Ait
affidavit is to bo made by each member
monthly that tho agreement has not beoa
violated, ntid every violation will be pun
ishable with a fine from $ 10 to $30 per toa
for tbe amount sold at forbidden rates.
Brown & Co., of Pittsburg, are to be per
mitted to sell at one-half cent a pound lea
than tho trust rates until their sales equal
last year's output This trust includes only
crucible and open hearth steel makers, but
a similar trust was organized at the same
time by tho Bessemer steel workers, whlci
is to co-operate with the first named trust,
each to sell at the other's rates.
Torpsnlo Hursts During an Experiment
Newpout, B, L, Nov. 5. A spar torpedo
burst yesterday afternoon while being run
out of a boat in the harbor during experi
ment, and the seven or eight oiHcers and
men in the boat had a narrow escape from
death.' Only two of them were, .injured.
They were gunners, and were stationed .
the bow of the boat Their sides' were
lacerated and riddled with pieces of the tor
pedo, and bus of them bad a rib broken,
Tbey are being cared for in the Newport
hospital The boat was so badly damaged
that the'oonupants nad difficulty in reaching
the wharf before she sank. The explos(pa
shook all the buildings along tbe harbor
front, and tbe shock was felt all over towu,
causing some alarm among the resident.
Tho explosion must' have boeu caused by the
electrlo current being1 appllod prematurely,'
but whether tho ofllcer in charge of tbe
ttery made a bluuder, or whether soma
defect existed In the apparatus, remains to.
be learned.
The Situation at Crow Agency.
Ciiow AoK.vor, Mont, Niy. 5. The slt'o
ation regains unchanged, except that the'
Indians continue to arrive at tho camp im
Urge numbers. Hwjrd Bearer is bringing all.
his inlluonce to bear to keep them from,
going' 'in but id not 'making much head way.
Ho came down into tho friendly camp yes?
ferday, but mads no demonstration toward
the soldiers. To-day tho soldiers whoarsr
constantly arriving' will number over six"
hundred men, mostly cavalry. Their camp
extends over am(le 'up'and down the Little
Horn. 'The older Indians are trying to get
the authorities to promise pardon to the
outlaws if they will give up, but this is post -lively
A Wild Girl, la Connoolionr. ' '
Nbw Havkk, Conn., Nov. 5. The peopi
of Brantford and Guilford have been greatly
startled lately by the appearance of a' wild
glrl'ln that vicinity. She, is not sixteen and
la clothed in rags, running about shoelesa,.
with her hair streaming down hor back.
All 'efforts to capture her havo proved
futile, as she is fleet as a deer. A party off
young men out huutlng ran across her an,d
tried to converse with her. "She talked and
laughed hysterically and incoherently, nut
when they approached! her she fled to a
swamp two milos distant
t Destitution In Newfoundland.
Halifax, N. 8,, Nov. 5. Roy. Dr. Haw?.
lay, vicar apostolio on the Fronoh shore of
Newfoundland, says thero U a1good deal of
truth in the reports of destitution in thejre
mo'te districts of Newfoundland. The peo
plo are not dying by hundreds, but thou
sands are barely existing, and the situation
will be worse as tha winter advances, for
tha flfhlng season was in many places a fail
ure, and thero is no supply of food nor
money to buy it
Carried Over a Dam.
ConoES, N. Y., Nov. 5. Thomas Akea
tnd Edward Daly, two young mob who had
been in attendance at a clain bake on Goat
Island, were returning in a row boat, about.
8 o'clock last evening, whon they drifted
into the current and over tho dam and wara.
drowned. v v

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