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At Uri season newly erory ona seeds to
sjslsn's tresoriptlon ferttese who seed bafldtewafi
tec tenia. .IKON enters Into almost e
VilVjiUliMiiiB. 1 .nfaalf mln. T.nrlf
Ericnry.' etc., It II AM NO KQUAI,. and to
the only Iron medicine that is not injnrloim.
It Knrlcl:e tlio JJIooil. Invigorates tho
btMtm, Itegtoreii Appetite, A his Digestion
It does not blacken or injure the teeth, cause head
Che or produce umttlpatlon "(her Jronmttiieine4 do
Da; O, II. BrflKLxr, a loading physician ot Spring
field, Ohio, says! . , , ...
"Brown's Iron Bitten is a thorooirhly good medl
elne, ' I use it in ray practice, and And its action ex
cels aUotuei f.irmsof inin. Inwoaknfiw,oralowcon
Utlon of the system, Brown's Iron Bitters is usually
positive necessity. It is all that In claimed for it."
Da. W. N. Watxbs, 1219 Thirty-second Street,
Georgetown X). O., says: " Brown's Iron Bitters is
tooToiilo of the age. Nothing letter. It creates
appetite, give strength and improTes dloeeUon.'' i
fieoulno has abore Trade Mark and eroseed red lines
ou -wrapper. Take bo other. Hade only by j
V u. w. HMiTn,
Nltrous-xide. or laughing gas
eed for tho painless extraction of
teeth. OQJw on rourl Htrept,
Ottick: Third street, west of Market, next
dtfor to Dr. James Hbackleford's.
House, Sign and
Ornamental Painter.
Graining, Ulaxlnfc and Paper-hanging. AH
work neatly ai.d promptly executed. Office
and ebon, north,8lde oi Fourth betwepn Mar
ketand Limestone, atreeUj. alBdly
rill practice lu the courts of Mason and ad-
of Appeals. -Specim attention Hsven to
rtOl APPOB'B. opl' Biwuuuu w-" w
ecUona iud to Real .Estate, Court street,
vllle, KyV . ' .
! 'No. Market Street,
Call and examine my samples of Foreign
and Domestic goods from the Urgent whole
Ml boewi ol Sow York. Bulta made to or
JeVpu more rwsonaole terma than any other
:o la the cfiy, and fit guaranteed.
. (Court Btreet, MaysvtUe, Xy.)
Wl'lLpraoUoa in the court ol Mason and ad
JeiiUnK counties. Prompt attention given to
oSjecUon ot claims and aoeonnla, Aluo to Fire
3aranfie.and the buying, eemngaad rent
dttg efhouneslota and lauds, and the writtnR
Speeds, mortgagea, oontracta, etc nWly
Attorneys and Counselors at Law
Will nraotioe In all oourta In Maaom and ad
iolni foi ; oountloa and In the Superior Cow
J. H. Bali.be, Commonwoalth'a Att'y.
O. h. MAWtK, Nptary Public,
Attorneys and Counselors at Law,
wHirittendad oQllectloii8 wd"itpryu law
u ilelner and dealer In
,- ., rkn lareeat ttbekf 'Of' th
sTSeBJenlj, the beat material and work
"oSirtfi'ln this aeotlon'of toe state, jat-K).
' ri;rni,TTruXlnsiTtanrti fwnrt in' Gran
Svrt'Mnrhia are invited to eau ana eee toj
MDHiun. ahww - v " . -. r.rfi-.
w- - T- . . .. U...wl
asMTOK. neonnatrmi-"
Iob Cream and Boda Water a Bpoplalty.
SSah Bread and Cakes made daily and do
taamrAd to any part of the city. Parties and
Adding? furnfihed on-short notioe. No M
geeoad street.
Haa connection with the following plaoea
MnjBTillo. Hole bb, JW't. Olivet,
Office In Maysvllle-W, W. Holton's Dry
eooUs Btore, No. 0 Kant Second Htreet.
. III. ! -
JOB PIUNTINU ol every dwcrli'tlnn neatly
etRttheBUlSferiN OKFJOK.
; ,t;
. , r v , I , ,, I ,
':T0 S1'AI 'WE"
Some or tho rrlioner lie fuse to dig a
Petition to Governor Osleaby 'Asking
Kxeouttva Clomanoy In Their Own Be-
hir A "Mystarlooa" Visitor.
CniOAOO, Nor. 7. Tho offorU to imluoe
AnarohUti L nge and F.schor to sign a pe
tition to Oovernor OglaJby that hl consid
eration of their cases might b tinged with
mercy wore renewed during tho visiting
hour this mornlnr. Promptly at 10 o'clock
a tall individual with a German cast of
countenance and onvoloped iu a long ulnter,
prcaento 1 n special psnnlt to Otto F.0H2,
and was ad-uitted within the iron doors. It
was his socnn.ll visit to the jull. List night
he made his uppaaranco for tha first time iu
company wltu capb. Dlnok, but nsithar tho
"mystery," iw the rop rters have dubljod
him, or the counsel would say anything oou
cornin.' li h 1 to tuv. One story has it that
ho is an inlluentlnl Gorman edit ir from De
troit, and unothor that hi is tho ropresunta
tlvo of the New York Amucity coinmlttoe.
Whoover he may bo, turnover, h 8 creden
tials have evi loutly bueit weighed in the
balano and pro.iouuoed satinf aoso.-y by the
prisonors, for he was cordially greotod by
Spies and Paranni who wero tin only ones
in the capo. IV hen ho was admitted this
morning Llngg vaulted over the iron rail
lngs of the cjrri lor above and droppaJ to
the flor a fow minutoi later, anil then the
vis tor. who in the meantime ha 1 been roin
forced by Editor Beigmaun, of the Arbjiter
&iitung, claimed his acwmion. Tne cunfer
ence was cm iujtel in undortone, but it was
of a decidedly, vigorous, nature for more
than orice ha rapped hie Ue main and again
on tho iron ban while tho Anaroo.8! laughed
in bis face.
Lingo's sweatheart oamo in while the con
ference was in progress, but after the first
recognition she was compelled to qtand asido
and listen to what was being said, with an
noxious look uaon her faco. Finally tha
visitors apparently tiring of their efiforts
with Ling, wont over to Fischer, but he,
too, seemed proof against their appeals.
Next they tried to inluoo tipios vo mo his
influence with his fotlow-prisoners, but the
archoonspir.itor plainly said that he didn't
care to iutarffri. After loavin? tho Jill
they capture I Nina Van Zant and Bpios'
mother on the sidewalk an 1 urged them to
try and induco him to bring tho recalcit
rants into liu. They promised to do so.
Outs de of this ttnrj wti np stirnn; iacl
denU in tha jail this morning. Thi same
teutrios did duty on tha four sidai of tha
structure, as weil as on the interior, and no
body, not oven the judges of the courts,
were pwmiltel to mount tho steps to tho
third ft or whire th armod guard is b.iiug
hell in reserve in case of an emorgency.
Bjvid'S N tia, Bpita wis visited by his
mother and two sisters, the latter pretty
girls of eightoen and twenty. The younger
carried a pretty twolve-moithi-old baby
in her arms. Fursoui devoted all his time
to his wife, who cami-aloae. Fischer was
visited by his wife and hr sister, finale by
h's mother and two friends. Neither
Sohwah r Fielden had any visitors, and
after remainlur in' tho cage for a fow mo
ments returned to their cells. All were in
good spirits oxoept tho visitors to Eale,
who cried softly at intorvals.
A bulky package of m U matter came in
just before it was time for tho rcnn to go
upstairs and Spies, who vplunteerod to act
aa distributor, was busily engaged for sev
eral moments in sorting it out. All of tho
prisonors came in for a share. Jmt as Nina
was about to depart Spies called out to her
to wait for a moment and ran up to his cell.
He reappeared a moment later with a
market bosket tilled with letters and paraph
lots all stamped and addressad, and re
quested his proxr wife to sea that thoy wore
mailed without delay,
Copt. Black expects to go to Springfield
Monday with a petition to Oovernor
'Oglesby, signed bv every ouo of tin con
demned man, asking for clemency. The
petition wilt not bj on iu whlott the slgairs
renounce their prjtaolple, ask for meroy or
confess their guilt. As the captain says,
"It will be complying with tho law in the
matter, and cailln; on Governor Oglosbr to
perform a Judicial act.
Four of, th condemned men Engel,
Lingg, Fisher and Parsona lve not as yet
signed any petition asking for a commuta
tion of their sentence. The first three wrote
open letters to the governor and gave them
to tho -press, demanding their release. or
death. The orljiuals of these letters have
never reached .the governor and it is he
llo ved that, they have not and will not be
sent, and ,hat tho letters in print were gvfa
for an.offoofc. '
Tha Governor Will Not Interfere.
Loujbvillb, Kj., Nov. 7, Mrs. Emellne
Wilson, who lives at Floydsburg, a village
sear this city,, is a sister of Governor Ogles
by, of Illinois, and reached Louisville last
.night in comptny with. Mrs. V. P. Brandon,
of, Decatur, Ills., a niece of Governor Ogles
by, on her way home from a visit with her
brother. The United Pres learns from
talks with these two ladles that the family
and .relations of Governor Oglesby are
much concerned about the responsibility
put upon the executive in the present situa
tion of the Anarchists cases, and for that
matter the governor himself is reported by
jiheBa as being sorely worrie4 by the, great
aujaaber, of letters which, had flooded him
praying for, executive clemency, pr threat
ening him unless he grants pardons, as well
aa the delegations that are to call upon him
to intercede in behalf of the ooiidomned.
Mrs. WiB ;n U seventy years of ago, and
though her brain is strong and clear.' She
is feeble and unable to travel alone. It is
understood from her that Governor Oglesby
has fully resolved not to interfere with the
sentence of the courts, and that she made
an ineffectual effort to persuade, her brother
tocomo wl'h her to his old home In 'Ken
tucky nod stay uutll after the executlonjof
the Anarchists. Tttls tho goverpor,ref,uvl
to do, saying that he would stick it out
Kxamliilnir tho lteoords.
BrniNOFtEM), UL, Nov, 7, Governor
Oglesby is spending most "of his time exam
ining matters poif-UniiiT to the Anarchists'
cases, ,Tho flrt Mple,of the advance, sheets
of .the opinion of top stato supreme court Jn
the matter wore given li.lm,yq?clay, The
petitions have not beun to a. Pjuj though
'j:i.ajrts '
Another Man Who Thw the itomb. .
Nxw YoniC( Nov. 0. A story now, comes
from- Hlrig Sing, that one of the convicts
thore confcsoS that ho threw the bomb at
the Anarchist meeting in Chicago. ,
tTio Irttnt and Finest llnldlnc in raorla,
III., llurnad Other Fires.
PsontA, III., Nov. 7. Fire broke out at 0
o'clock this morning in the kitchen of the
National hotel, the largest and finest build
ing in the city. Before it could be con
trolled it reached tho elevator and passed
rapidly to tho fifth and top story of tho
building, whore it quickly spread through
out tho roar portion of tho building. Tho
flames bavo done little damage below the
upper story, though the roof in tho rear
half of the houne lms fallen in.
By 11 o'clock tho flremoii had gnlned com
plete control over the flames, putting a stop
to further damage. Tho total loss is esti
mated at SM.OOJ or $70,00). No loss of llfo
occurred. The National hotel was huilt by
a stock company in 182, at n cost of 175,
OaW, ami has 'fr some time been under tho
management of E. H. Mertaugh, wh Is also
proprietor of thi leading hotel of Blooming
ton. Cratker Factory Burned.
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 7. The most
disastrous fire that has occurred in this city
in several yeaM was that wblon totally de
stroyed tho HIggina cracker factory at St
Louis avenuo and Mulberry streot last
night. Tho first alarm was given at 11:30,
and shortly after midnight the interior of
the buildiug was a mass of ruin. The loss
is estimated at $45,0o0. The origin of tho
fire is supposed to have been the boat of tho
drying and baking ovens and tho furnaces
on the sji-ond floor. At I o'clock this morn
ing the whole building was in rutns, but
owing to the vigorous .exertions of tho fire
department no damage was done to adjoin
ing property, except a slight scorching.
Good Work Uy Firemen.
CATUETTSiiono, Ky., Nov. 7. The effl
olent work of our fire department saved a
couple of squares of our city from dest uc
tion at 2 o'clock this morning. At that hour
the stable of Frank Stafford was discovered
to be in flames. The building was soon con
sumed with contents. Tho stable of Joo
Nowman, Sr., next caught, and was des
troyed. Loss, 5J0; insuranco, $300. R. R.
Barton's etablo wan also destroyed; loss,
about $500. The residences of Mr. Stafford
and Mr. Newman were on Are several times
but by heroic efforts were saved. It took
hard work for hours to prevent a disastrous
conflagration. Supposed to bo tho work of
an inooudiary.
Twenty Five Tlorsos 'llurned to Death.
New Yoiik, Nov. 7. Twenty-flve horses
were burned to death in the basement of
Edward Itlley's two story brick livery sta
ble Nos. 814 and MO west Fortieth street,
about half past one this morning. Tho
cause of the fire is not known. It origin
ated in the basement and before it was dis
covered all means of giving assistance to
the horses were cut off and not one of them
escaped. Thirty-eight others on the floor
above wore all rescued. A number of val
uable private carriages, stored on the ground
and Bicorid floors wore also burned. The
total loss on carriages, horses and property
will aggregate VJ5,000; partially insured.
An Incendiary lllase.
Duduq.uk, Iowa, Nov. 7. Knapp,, Stout
& Ca's big single shod, filled with shingles,
and several adjoining lumber piles, were
consumed by fire last night; loss about $12,
000. Tha fire was incendiary and the man
who firpd tha shed was seen running away
by the watchman. This U the third .At
tempt to bet the several big lumber yards
hereon fire, the past week., There was no
wind or the entire lumber yard of Kuapp,
Btput & Co,, would, have bjon swept, in
volving a loss of hundreds of thousands of
A Town Destroyed.
EVAtfBVlLUS, Ind., Nov- 7. Ad vices from
Bhady Grove, Livingston county, Kj., re
port the total destruction of that town by
lira at an early hour yesterday. The full
extent of the losses cannot bo computed, but
will not, perhaps, fall short of ft J, 000. The
amount of insurance on real, estate is un
known, but that carried on stocks waa less
than $S,Q0U.
- Two Firemen Seriously Injured.
Insianatolis, Iud., Nov. 7. At mid
night Tucker & Dorsoy'a manufactory took
fire. The loss i $40,000; insurance, $&,00a
The firm maufacture patent money -drawers
and novelties. Two firemen wero seriously
A SOO.OO(i;Flre.
.St. Louis, Nov. 7. The mixing and en
gine room, also tha planing milt nd box
factory of the Mississippi Glass works, were
destroyed by Are last night. Loss, (00,000;
Another Indian War Paters Oat.
St. Louis, Nov. 7. The latest advices
from the Jridlan Territory are to the effect
that inoetTSf the reports which have recently
been sent from that oouutry respecting
politoal trouble and bloodshed at Tahlequah
on the assembling of the next Cherokee
ooouoil were grossly exaggerated and sensa
tional, It Is true that a few of the leader
of, both polltioiil factions have left Tahlo-
, quali, but they will return on Monday, and
it s said by those believed to bo best posted
regarding. the situation, that unless an undue
, amount of whisky is drank, there will be no
actual disturbance. Many of the Bunch
party mon. believe that Judge Maya was
fairly elected, and they think that ho ought
to be declared chief. The leasing of land to
cattlemen in tha Cherokee Strip is the. prin
cipal disturbing .question in view now. If
that can be amicably arranged there will be
no other trouble.
Gave the Advauoe Demanded.
Hazeuton, Pa., Nov. 7. The first break
In the strlko in this region was made yestor
daywhenW, T, Carter & Co. announced
their intention of giving thler striking
miners tho advance In wages demanded, and
resuming work. Noarly four hundred men I
'are employed by this-company. Other oper
ators in this roglou will bo forced to grant
tho increase and resume work by the notion
ot this firm. Tho mon at tho Go won & Der
r'nger collieries are to receive nn in'creaso (
this month.
the qAUgEQEJflg W
Axel Stono, the Sunlvor, Says that Cap'
tain Thorp was la Baastly State of
Intoxication at tha Time tha Tassel
Went Down Confirmed and Denied.
Chioaoo, Nov., 7. Elgar A. Halltlbrother
of tho second engineer of the Vernon, states
that the lost time his brother was in Chi
cago he told him that Capt. Thorp, master
of tho Vernon, hod an attack of the delirium
tremens while on top ot the pilot houso.
Mr. IXall wa formerly connected with the
Northern Michigan line, and was clerk of
the propeller Cnimplaln until a short time
before she burned, when he resigned to ao
t a position an bookkiopar with Han
chott Brothers, No. 20 Lasalle street. Ho
also said that it ought to have been well
known to the other otll -ors of tho lino that
Capt. Thorp was a bard drinker, and that
be had often left port while drunk, itr.
Hall gave the namo ot a prominent whole
sale merchant who recently m 1 Id a trip on
the Vernon, who had told him that Capt
Thorp was drunk during tho'entiro timu he
remained on tho boat
Tho brother of Mrs. M. E. Van Amburg
says that his sister arrived in Chicago on
the Vornon Soptomber. 3, accompanied by
Miss Addio Mickley, of Waterloo, N. Y.
Too stealner was throo dayi longer than
usual making the trip from Cheboygan, and
both ladies to. d him that the captain was
drunk all the timo.
Axel' Stone, the only survivor of iho
disaster, when askod it he ever saw Capt
Thorp drunk, replied: "The captain was
drunk most of the, tim and he was very
drunk when wo left Cheboygan last week.
While wo wero coming through the straits
the second mate said to hint: 'Sober up,
you drutken beast, and .take care ot this
boat and the psoplo.' The captain told him
to go to h L I wai in the cabin at the
time and heard every word that was. said.
Friday night, which was the night that the
steamer was lost, the captain was as drunk
as 1 ever saw him, and ho kopt taking a
drink every little while from a bottlo that
he carried in his coat pocket I guess that
was why tho first mate stayed on deck all
the time. He knew that tho captain was so
drnnk that ho didn't hardly know what
ho was about, and. was probably afraid the
captain would do something foolish. If the
captain bad been sober, I don't beliove the
vessel would have boon lost, for any sober
man would have turned back when ho saw
how badly she acted in the big sea."
Tho ordinary second mate ot a passenger
steamer would hardly dare to use such Ian
guago. to tho master as that Stone ascribes
to Capt Higgins but the latter was not an
ordinary second mate. Up to a short timo
ago he was in command of the steamer Lo
laud, and lost his position when the steamer
changed ownership. It is difficult to obtain
a command in tho middle ot the season, and
rather than remain idle he accepted the first
birth that was offered him. In every sense
be was a careful and skillful navigator, and
if ho had been in command of the Vernon
that fatal night she might now be afloat
The same can be said of Capt Sullivan,
the first mate, who had for many years
commanded some of the finest sailing ves
sels on tho lakes. The last time the Vernon
was in Chicago, Capt Sullivan, speaking
ot the seaworthiness of the steamer, re
marked that .she was all right' if properly
loaded, but added that she was being loaded
deeper than she ought to be.
Ona of the Owners Deny It.
Milwaukjuc. Wis., Nov. 7, D. J. Kline,
part owner of the North Michigan, Line,
when askod .concerning the reports that
Capt Tuorp was drunk on the nigat, of tno
accident, said: ''I knew Capt Tbu'rp, for
fifteen years and nover knew huh to be a
drinking man further than ' taxing a glass
of boor. My bookkeeper, Mr. Waruer, was
raised with him and ne says ho never saw
him drink. Mr. Burke, my partner, was
for three years engineer on the Lawrenoe
while Capt Tuorp was captau, and don't
you suppose he would have known it bad
Capt Thorp been a drinking mant Then,
top, Mr. Burke's son, an intelligent young
man, waaoltjrfc on tha Vernon under Capt,
Thorp. He would undoubtedly have men
tioned to his father or myself had .he seen
Capt Thorp drunk on tho boat Then Ihere
was Capt Bishop, wno sailed with him, and
John McCallroy who was engineer with
him, both of whom say that they never saw
him under the influence of, liquor. He had
been a great many years with f he line; first
as mate, with Capt Casey in the Champlain,
and for six years had been master of too
Lawrence. We took him out of the Law
rence aud put hun into the Vernon, because
we knew she wanted a careful master, and
we know he was first-class pilot Had be
been a drunkard wo would not have kept
him three minutes. But, poor follow, he U
gone now and cannot defend himself against
such slanders."
.Mr. Kline further said, referring to Bur
vivor titono's story t "As to the shutters to
the forward, gangways havlug been .left
open while the boat was crossing tha lake, I
don't belle vo It It may be that the shatters
were left open while the boat waa going
from Good Harbor to Glen Haven, where
thedfstanoa is ten miles. .This j I can ac
count, for from , the fact that, tho dock at
Glen Havon is quite high and the f reign t
taken there may have, been put through the
open shutters."
He Takes Advantage or a Political Meet
Inr to Make the Announcement.
Net? York, Nov! I. The United Labor
party hold the principal mass mooting of
tboir campaign last night at the Cooper
Union. There waa on immense audiaace,
comprising all ranks of sooUty. Ror. Dr.
Kramer presided and spoke. Henry George,
Rot. Dr. McGlynn, Louis. F. Post, candi
date for district attorney; Rev, .Tames Mo
Kittrick, Abner a Thomas and others also
spoke. George and McGlynn aroused great
enthusiasm by their speeches.
The latter causod a sensation by confirm
ing the rumors which have been circulated
for a few days past to the effect that ihe
church, was about to reconsider its notion
toward him. He said he felt that he had
been doing Christian ministration, ever
lince his, roirement from the pulpit and
that he was as much a priest as ever. Ik
was still his dosire to mlnistor at the holy
altars 'of religion, and ho would inake ns
secret of tho fact that stops word beiiig"
taken to repair the outrage thai had bee
committed against him. Ho predicted that
before loi'g certain oiHoials in this "city
would be oillMl'to account for tho blunders)
they bad made, and after this election there
would, be no moro circulars read frbh
church altirs aratnit tho United Labor
party. Tho oxoits nent during Dr. Mo
Giynu's speoch wns Intense. " (
Over Three Hundred Live Losf by the
rllnhlnt; of a Veet. ,.
San FitANcrsco, Nov. 7. Tho steamer
City of Kj York ha arrived from Hong
Kon'. She brings advices that a typhoon
ttrue'e tho island ot Hoi Llmr, which con
tains 3 ),0.)0 inhabitants, on Sptomtor 17.'
It is not known how many lives wero lost,
but it is the gener.tt opinion that some hun
dred or two hundred pjrsons were drowned.'
Tnirty-two lives were Inst, and throo passage
boats were u tk at Cnick Lung.
Detail that have como to hind by a China
steamer about tho loss of the Cninese trans
port, Way Lee, show that there were on
board the vessel about live hundred Chinese
soldiers and six Europeans, and that three
hundrel ChuiO'ie and all the Europeans, ex
cept the chief mate, were drowned. The
soldiers are said to have ltean ungovernable
after the ucci lent, and to have by their
conduct greatly contributed to the serious
loss of life. It is said further that if the
soldiers hud allowed tho boats to be lowered
very soul comd have been save L '"
rrlghtfut Dnuinstlo Tragedy Near Tulla
hmna, Tenhessoe.
CtlATTAitoooA, Teun., Nov. 7. News has
just reachoJ this city ot a horrible tragedy
which occurred at Grey's Cuapel, four'rhllee
from Tullahmni, Teun., last night To in
New.oin, a farmer, bitterly opposed the
marriue of his daughter to Isaao Arnold
lout May, List night No wsom wont to tho
depot to mode his wife, who was expect&i
home from Birmlnguatn.
She failed to arrive, and Newsom went to
Barney Patterson's distillery and drunk
s lino wb 8 coy. He then proceeded to Isaao
Arnold's uouse and began whipping
Arnold's wifd. Arnold proceaceJ, and New
som s arted for him with a pokor. He re
ceived one oioiv, bj; managed to reach the
woodpile. He seized au ax and dealt New
torn three b.ows in tho back, severing the
ipinal colu. nn. Death followed in a few
minutes. Arnold's wifo witnessed the whole
affair, and says her husband tic tod in self
defense. Ptihlio opinion is in his favor.
Another Uountv Suafc War.
Kansas Citt, Nov. T. Gray county,
Kansas, is wildly excite 1 over the result of
tho recent election for choice of county seat
between Ingalls and Cimarron. The latest
figures are: Ingalls, 70S; Cimarron, 50').
Charges of ballot box rtuillng are freely
made. The badot boxes have been removed
to the upper story of tho Cimarron bank,
and armed men are guarding them. The
building is barricaded with bales of hay;
and ladders havo been laid side by side on
the stairs to prevent access to the boxes. An
armed party of Ingalls sympathizer.vhas ar
rived at Cimarron, and serious trouble' is
Troops Cansnrea.
Cnow Aqk.nov, Mont, Nov. 7, Businoss
is suspended and the settlers continue in a
state of alarm) although there has boon ho
serious disturbance. Tno military authori
ties are roundly censured for not sending
the largo body of troops now hero against
the rocalchrant Indians and putting on end
to the suspense. Gen. Ruger has instructed
the authorities at Cheyenne agency to or
ganise a company of. ouo huudred' ,Chey
enuea, aud hold them in readiness to send
here to hunt the hostile Crown, if they take
to tha mountains. " f '
Duty on Wool Product,
Washington, Nov, 7. Secretory Fair
child bos informed the surveyor ot custom
at Cincinnati that noils made from class ,1
wool,. 00a ting oyer thirty cents pjr pound,
are dutiable at the rate of twenty cents per
pound; that noils made from mass 3 wool,
costing over twelve cents per pound, ore
dutiable at tho rate of flvo oeuts per pound,
and that waste, consisting of garneled.
watte made from class 3 wool, is also duti
able, at the rata of flvo cent per pound. '
The lionhayou Murder.
San Francisco, Nov, 7. The ooroner'a.
jury is still taking, evidence in the Benhayon
murder cr.se. Gunpel, the principal local
expert, at Iho inquest Thursday night, dem
onstrated that the so-called confession and
accompanying letter alleged to have boea
loft by Beuhayon were clever forgeries.
John Dimmig. suspooto i ot being one of the
men who murdered Benhayon, Is, in the
opinion of the public, guilty of the crime.
Convicted of Manslaughter.
SnzUJTViLUE, Dli., Nov. 7. Marion
Keller, accused of murder,, was convicted of
manslaughter Thursday night and hii pun
ishment fixed at twelve years In the peniten
tiary. A motion for a new trial, was over
ruled. The verdict gives general satisfac
tion. ';
Chief Justloe Taney's Statue.
Baltiuorb, Nov. 7, Secretary of the
Treasury, Fairchlld has instructed the Col
lector of customs at Baltimore to admit free'
of duty, the bronee statue of ihe late Chief
Justice Taney, ' which is presented' to the.
city by Mr. Wllljam B. Walters. '
tConvletod of Kiabraoery.
Saw Francisco, Nov. 7. Frank Northey
was convlowd of embraoery Friday night
It is now thought 'that he will give sufficient
evidence to conyict Morrow and McCordafc
their second' trial Nor thoy says his gang
did not stand by bird thoroughly.
i 1 1 1 i
ltoasted to Heath.
Brooklyn, N. Y Nov. 7. Mrs. Eva
Binder, a helpless old woman living with
her sitter at U5 Humboldt street, this city,
during tho absence of tho latter, fell upon
tha stove and was rons'od to death, -i -
A M'nrdeisr Arrested.
Port Huron, Mich., Nov. 7. Robert
Murray, charged with , murdering Joha
Young, last March, for whom a reward of
50o was offered was arrested yesterday by
Sheriff Beruats.

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