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ross e pr & McCarthy,
Tux Daily Bulletin villi bo delivered to
any part of tbe city at S cents a week, or one
jsear for 93.
Thk Daily Bulletin to any postoffice In
tM) United States, postage prepaid, at twenty
he cent per month or three dollort per year.
MONDAY EVEN'G, DEO., 5, 1837
The in embers of tbo Democratic Exec
vltve Committee for Mason County are
requested to meet at the law office of
lYiiitaker & Robertson in tho city of
Mayavillo on Monday, the 12th day of
December next. A full attendance is
requested, ns business of importance will
e4me befote it for action. Respectfully,
Embbt Whitakkb,
Ch'in'n Executive Committee Mason Co.
Tns Department of Kentucky, 6. A.
It., will meet in annual session is this
city some time noxt April. About two
hundred delegates are expected to be
present Joseph Heiser Post will make
preparations to entertain all.
Another candidate for member of the
City Council is added to the list to-dny.
Mr. W. H. Wadsworth, Jr., announces
himself from the First ward. He is one
f Mavsvillo's best citizens and is well
qualified to watch over the city's interests.
Josbpu Hiisbr PohT, G. A. R , elected
the following officers at the meeting Sat
arday night:
'Commander James Hlse.
Be'nlorVIce Commander John Helmer.
Junior Vice Commander Henry Dietrich.,
taartermasier ueorge n. urawiora.
'Clinplaln John Day.
Officer of Day James Heflln.
Officer of Guard Henry Walz.
Fbylclan-Dr. O. M. Williams.
Captain Hutchina declined to be a can
dldsttbYor re-election aB Commander.
Mrs. Bailie McDonald, after a visit of several
weeks to friends at Maysllck, ban returned
Mr. Bogus, of North Corlina, a prominent
frnlt grower, Is here for ii few d lys.
'8omo o'theptrly who wont to California
recently are not Very much pleased, which
floes to prove the old adue ilial "all Is not
Kpld thutgllttots."
'Robert Hunter has his new reMdenoe well
nndtr way. It wlil beu very nice structure.
"Frank Winn U stationed with his regiment
near Han Fr.nclco. wlieie he was seen by
Hal Wood a short llmo since
Hal Wood hits alsoseen three or fonryimng
men from layvl 1 -Jout there, undAgieat
many Irom other parts or Kentucky.
MMrsHallle MoD nnld reporl6lier brother-in-law,
Mr. James Mltjhell, as being somewhat
jmprovod, but, not yet out of danger.
Wo aro Rind to report that Mrs. Amanda
Ward livery much Inipiovod In health and
is uow able to vllt ner irleuds.
Elijah and the protlts has been tho especial
study or one of our Sunday school pupils for
ome time past,
'Miss Annie Osborne gave, a rew even
ings ugo, a Mnfiy pulling," which proved to
be quits an onjojaiule uUulr.
The outlook tor D comber Justifies us In the
prediction that thore will bo no more May
flowers ou Tuckuhoo lor u easou.
Miss Dollle Wood, of Maysvllle, and Miss
Mamie White and brolher. ol Orangeburg,
were visiting MlsiOertrudeOsborne recently.
HUes Anna, Fan leuud Kilo Holton. who
haw leo spending the summer In Mason
County, h ive returned with their father. J. A.
Holton, to their h ime In Hoopeston, 111.
Misses Mollle Bacon nr.d Katie Mitchell
have resuni'd tlielr posts at their respective
hchools, and their pupils have resumed their
rludles wl'h an ndditlnual reflection on the
wonders of ttastrouoiny.
SCard-t have been received on Tuckahoe an
nouncing the wedding ol Mrs. It. D. Caldwell
to Captain Joha'C. Ma1. December 1st. at tho
homo of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Long, Chestnut
jrove, Shelby County.
JClder Joseph C. Frank has been called to'
tbe pastorate of the Ueasley Creek Cliurch for
the coralug year He has accepted the call
a"nd will bectn with the new year, praacblng
ihetl rut Lord's day lu January.
Thanksglrlng services w re held at the
DeasleyCretlr Church. Elder J. A. Holton, of
Hoopeston, III., In a Wdll-tlined speech re
minded the people of their reasons for grati
tude. The Elder also preache a very accept
Able discourse to a-very attentive audience on
Hunday morning.
, Friendly relations between the United
Slates and turkey were suspended for a day,
hen the capacious estuaries of the for
mer were flbed ry nn unmerciful attaok on
the latter. The remHlnlnKeoblersareJubllant,
bowever, and from the consequent Indisposi
tion of tbe attacking party, have Just cause
for believing that th-lr martyred companions
were victorious even in death.
There came a Judge from Missouri
And held a court without ury ;
-Arresting a timid maiden
For belne with charms o'erloden,
Twas a very queer case, don't you see?
'For a writ ol "habea corpus,"
Was signed at was his first purpose,
And though no luw ould fine her
For pledglug hersolf to a miner,
He still holds lur In sweet custody,
A captain went forth to do battle
'QulnH tho fortress of Tuckahoe
With tho prostlge of horses and cattle
To carry It whether or no.
He thought by n desperate rally
The prize would be easily won,
And that lu a wrll-nrdeied sally
Ho ould capture at leas' a Hoi-ton.
Hut a warrli-r bold from Joplln
Besieged tho fortress, 'tis said,
And n Hol-'on came down "n topplln,"
'Neath the wonderful pressure or lead,
But, brave captain, do not remember
The fate of that unlucky day,
For tho widow' weeds in December
Will bloom with tho freshneKsof May.
i. X. Amdkk.
Life in the Paris Sewers,
is passible, for a short time to tho robust,
but the majority of refined persons would
prefor immediate death to existence In
their rooking atmosphere. How much
more revolting to bo in one's solf a living
sewer. But this Is actually the caso with
those in whom the inactivity of tbe liver
drives tho refuse matter of the body to
escape through tho lungs, breath, tho
pves, kidnoyd and bladder. It is aston
ishing that life remains in such a dwell
ing. Dr. Pierce's "Golden Medical Dis
covery" restores normal purity to tho
system and renews tho whole being.
Particulars of Some of tho Marriages
Solemnized During "tho Past
A very qulotand pre ty afternoon wedding
took place at the refldence of Mr. John Cole
lasiThuredayat3o'clock,ln the presence of a
few personal irleuds and relatives of tho con
tracting parties. Judge lames Kenton and
Mrs. Martha Ellin Morlord were united in
holyVedlock, Rev. Thorn s Hnnford Impro
vising a very appropriate ceremony lor the
occasion. Will T. Ketitou and' his lovely
bride-wife noted as altendauts doing the
office most grauefully.
A number of presents of a useful and orna
mental character wore laid upon the bride's
center (able by her lady aud gentlemen
Mr. and Mrs. He-iry.JeflerPon, Mlw Birau
Wilson, Mm William Woodwaid, Mra 'Leo.
Holton; Judge K. A.TWou.Mr. J. T. Newman,
and Ml-s Cora Mulllkln came over with
Judge Kenton from Mt- Olivet to witness his
second lauaoulng on the brod sen of matri
mony with ono ol our most amiable and
charming wldowi.
Miss Fannie McCarthy did the honors of
tho house, reoelvlng t he guests and presenting
Judge and.Mrt. Kenton to.thelr new friends.
Mils Effle Hanford was present with her
father from Maysvllle.
A wedding supper and reception was given
at tho Loul lana Hotel, Mt. Olivet, by Mr.
and Mrs. Bland in honor ol the bride, aud the
Vit. Olivet band played some of ttielr best
selections oro the party were bidden good
At 7 o'clock Wednesday evening, November
30th, Mr. Max Calvert and Miss LlEZlePayton
were married in tke Methodist Episcopal
Church at Sard Is. Every Inch or the seating
capacity of the building was utilised by tbe
Mlsci Rena Bratton and MattloTarlton
were tho bridesmaids. Miss Bratton's costume
was or garnet cloth, velvet trimming, batto
match ; natnral flowers. Miss Tartlon's oo
tumo was of btonse green cloth, velvet trim
ming, bat to match ; natural flowers.
Messrs. James T.Sult and Bherraau Tomlln
were the groomsmen.
The bride is a tall, deml-blondo of handsome
figure and winning manners. She wore a
cOhtumo of satin rhadlma, of a mahogany
tinge, cut-velvet trimming; bonnet of same;
boquet of rosebuis; diamond ornaments
She is possessed of many mental and social
gruces and numbers her friends by thoso who
know; hor. Rov.G. M, Clarke raed tho simple
but Impressive marriage service of tbeM. B
Church aud tho twain were made one.
Immediately after the ceremony thebrldo
aud groom with a lew lntlmuto friends and
relAMves were driven to " Paytoula "the
bride's reuldence-wheie a wedding supper
and reception were given by Mr. aud Mrs.
Elzte Pay ton lu honor of the couple.
WodJlng marches from Lohngrln were
played before and after the ceremony on the
organ by Mlts Carrie Dye.
Tho reception was a most enjoyablo affair.
The least spread consisted of rare dellcsles,
and tbe vocil and instrumental duets by tho
brldeand Miss Dye received much applause.
"God Be With You Till We Meot Again," was
rendored nn organ and piano, the entiro
company Joltilng In the chorus, and then
tho good-night, to the gentle folks were
spoken and the " banquet ball was dtsertod,"
same by thoso who nre hereafter o make It,
as we loudly hope, their " Home, Bw'eot
The Second Presby torlan Church of Augusta
was crowded with Invited guests last Thuri-
day to witness u brilliant society ovent the
Jackson-ReeHe nuptials. The writer was an
admiring spe tator, and a glanco at the audi
ence and snpurb decorations told that that
unpretentious llttleclty, nestled on the bauks
or the jbeautlful Ohio, was still in the front
ranks for the beaityof Its maidens and ex.
qulslte taste of Its people.
The bride, Miss Boramlo Reese, a lovely
brunelteand of abappy aud amiable dispo
sition, Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
Reese of that place, the father being a retired
merchant, Thegroom, who was so fortunate
as to carry nway the lovely prize, Is J. IV
Juckson, a native of Virginia, but now a
prosperous merchant of Augusta.
Promptly at 7:30 o'clook the doors were
thrown open, and to the low, awoet strains of
the wedding maron, the happy couple en
tered and moved slowly down tbo aisle, pre
ceded by two falry-llke, little girls, -who deftly
swung open tho Kates that led to the altar.
Rev. Mr. Blggers, pastor, offiolated In a beau-
tlful'and impressive ceremony.
The bride was handsomely attired In white
satin, with diamond ornaments, and ckrrled
a boquet of Maresobal Nlet "roses. The at-
tendats, Misses Betfle Haven and Jennie
MoKlbbon. Wore cream surah; and boquets,
of Maresobal Nlol 'roses and diamonds. Misses
Anna Knoedler and Loua Reese, sister Of the
bride, were dressed In pink surah ; pearls and
Ben Harbeson, N. D. Cushman, Robert
Hobdey, Joe Harris, Nla Talllaforo, Duncan
Smith wero ushers. All tbo gentlemen were
In evening dress.
Tbo wedded pair left for Louisville and
other points ontholr bridal tour.
Uufloo W lb...-
.1 203?&
Hoiasses, now crop, per gai ...
Horgura, Fancy Now.....-........
Bugar, yellow V ft......
Sugar, extra 0., ) ft .
uu(H7.V.l ID
Bugur, granulated W B .............
Busar. powdered, per lb
Hugar, New Orleans, lb 6W7
Coal Oil. bead light V gal....... IS
uaoon, breakfast w m 12) n
Bacon, clear sides, per H WmVi
Bacon, b'anUiVO) J2r 3
Bacon, Bhonlderst per B....... SiMlO
Beans tlgal ..-,. ,..... ., 3010
Bnttor.SStt- 1&aHi
Ohlckons, eacn....... 15ft25
Egs, VI dor. m 20(W25
Flonr, Limestone, per barrel b 60
Flour, Old Gold, per barrel 6 Co
Flour, Maysvllle Fancy, per barrel-., 4 76
Flour, Mason Oonnly per barrel......... 4 75
Flour, Royal Patent, per barrel ....... 4 03
Flour, Maysvllle Family, per barrel.- 6 (0
Flonr. Graham, ner sack.. .... 15fi3J
Honey, per lb .. 20
Homlnv. ) Ballon... .... 24
Maalfl p60.WI..-ttHltlHtlWHIHHI.Wt L2Q
Larti, vlfb ......... ......... ...... ...H.ttH.,...M.H..w v(jpiu
Onions, per peolc.... ,... .n hww 49
Potatoes nor neck ......-.... M
Apples, per peck. ,.,., iiQbi
"I'KltllKt. n W I
Ycslerday,l'lost g May wheat, l85; Mny
rm , V May oatM, 3 ,. Jai'imrv pork,
oHfay's Opo'lni Mny wliea', Wtt W,,
MM; inv corn;MHi3)i 63; January pork,
We nr" anthor sel In announre that
W, ('. PKLHAM Is antndldat" tor the office
or Mayoral the January election, 1888.
Wearoautlinrleal to announce that K. K.
PKAftCK, JR.. Is a can'Mdate lor re election
to the office of Mayor at the Jxnuar eluo
Wo are authorized to nannunce tint F. H.
TRAXESL Is a candidate for Collector and
Treasurer at the olty election to be held tbo
tli hi Monday In Jauuary, ItKS.
We are authorised to aunounco that O. B.
LKACH Is a candidate for re-eleetlon loth
office of Collector and Treasurer,'at the Janu
ary election, 8-8.
We are authorised to announce AUSTIN
HOLMhX as n candlda'e for Collector utid
Treasurer at th Janu ry election. 18H8
We are authorised to nnnounco Dint W. B.
DA WBON Is candidate lor tbe office of City
Marshal, nt tbnJaniiarv election. IWM.
Wear- authorized to announoo that J AM ECS
II EFL1N Is a crjdldale lor re-election to tho
office ofClty Marshal at the January eiecllan,
We are authorized to announce O. M. PHIS
TRRai a candidate forr-electlon to the office
of Wbarfraasterat the January eleotlon, 188.
We are authorized tt nnnonnce HARRY
TAYLORaaa cnndldatnfor re-election to the
office of City Clerk at the January eleotlon,
We are authorize 1 to announce O. T.
KNEERKA I asu candidate for Wood and
Coul Inspector at the Jauuary election, J883.
First TTard-
We are authorized to announce JOHN
MANAGaN as a candidate for Councilman
from the First ward at the January election,
We nre anthorlzed to announce W. H.
W ADBWORTH, JR., as a candi late forCoun
cllman 'rom tbe first ward at the January
eleillon. 1888.
tecwul Ward
"We n-'oauthorlzel to nnnonnce A. WORICK
as a candidate lor Councilman from the
Becoud ward nt the January election, I88S.
We are authorized to announce WILLIAM
C.BHACK.LBF iRDos a candidate for Coun
cilman from the Becond ward at tbe January
election, 18-8.
Third Ward-
We aie authorized to announce K. A.
ROBINBON as a candidate for Councilman
from the Third ward at the January election,
We are authorized to announce JOHN
HEISEK as a candidate for re-election as a
member of the City Council from the Third
ward at the Jauuary election, 1888.
Fourth ll'ard-
We aie authorized to announce ROBERT
FICKLIN as acandldnte for Councilman from
the Fourth ward at the Jauuary olectlou, 18s8.
Fifth Ward-
Wf are authorized to announce that JAMES
HKNDRIXBON Is a randldato for re-election
as a member of the City Council irom the
Fifth ward at the January election. 1884.
We are authorised to announce JOnN W.
ALBXA.NDh.lt n a candidate for Bheilff ut
the August election, 1888, subject to theaction
of the Democratic party.
WANTED By a sober and Industrious
man, a position on a farm. Has five
boys large enough to cultivate tobacco. Ad
diessor apply to this office.
WANTBD-2,00(J live turkeys. Highest
market piles paid,
d&wlmnl F. H. TRAXBL & CO.
1AOUND This morning on Hecond siivet, a
P larue door bev. Apply nt this office.
ljiuUNU-A sum of money. Apply to L.
Jf ROSER. d2d!2t
Notice Is hereby given that the Arm of
DODSON & KRAZBB. composed of Joseph H.
Dodson and David C.Frxzee, coal dealers, cor
ner Becond and Wall streets, Is this day dis
solved by mutual consent, David C. Frxaer re
tiring. Either of (he firm is authorized to
sign In liquidation. 'Persons indebted will
pieasecloso their accoouts, and if there be any
accounts outstanding against said firm will be
fin Id on pres ntotlon. as Its outstanding bus
ies must be Immediately wound up.
I have this date sold nut my interest in the
late firm of Dodson & Fracee to mv brother,
Joi.X.Frszce.who has been connected with us
tbe past four yt ari. The business will becon
duct?d as heretofore under same firm name
DOD80N &-FRAZEE, and I oheerfutly ex
nressmy gratltudo to tho-publlo for the very
liberal patronose and pleasant relations
which have been extended me, by our former
patrons, and oheerfullv recommend my suc
cessors for a continuation of same.
December 6, 1887. DAVID C. FRAZEE.
$6 a Day a Gold vine
for Agents. Grandest Money Making Busi
ness ever offered. A aoldon harvest ror the
next two months. 873 per mouth aud
f xpeasrn to active nen to sell our uoodu.
No capital required. No peddling. Mample
case of goods nnd" valuable information uud
full particulars FREE, No hturbug; we
mean Just what Wnxay. Address at onoe
J. Ballenger, the Jeweler,
Will, on January 31, 1888, present to some one of his customers a pair of Elegant Sol
itaire Diamond Eardrops worth
A numbered ticket entitling the
chased $1, ono ticket; $5, five tickets, &p. Should tho holder of the lucky ticket prefer to
have the Diamonds mounted in any other articles of Jewelry Lace Pin?, .Combination Kings,
Studs, Pins, Bracelets, &c, it will be done without charge.
'Holiday iSoods
HANDKERCHIEFS I hnvotho largest, cheapest and most complete
lino ol Children's, Ladies' and Gont'n Handkerchiefs ver offered for sale in otr
ci y Ponleri'd Handkerchiefs at 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ents. np to 50 centB. Anclegaa
line of Lidies' Handsomely Embroidered Handkerchief at very low prices.
DRESS GOODS Black andiColorcd dilkaat remarkably low prices; Al
Wool Henriutla tiothe, tServes, Tricots and various other fsoods, with tho newee
Trimminira to match, which I am offering at greatly reduced prices.
'HOSI E RY A full line of Ladles and Misses' Woolfcnd Cotton Hoso cheaper
than HHewltere. "
SILK UMBRELLAS The greatest barpnins in Silk Umbrollas, "Vritfc
Gold Ho ds, lor Ladies and Gents, nice for Christmas presents ; call and see them.
I have also a large and cheap stock of Underwear, Flannels, BlanketB and Mea'a
Gloves of every description, at the lowest price. A j "al assortment of Linen'Tojr
els, Table Linens and Napkins; Ginphains and Do e-tics at equally low prici,;
good, yard-wide Brown Cotton at 5 cents; good Calien at 4 cents; best Calicoes jit
6 cents.
In order to make my store attractive during the ! id tys, I have on exhibition
various fancy article, viz: Embroidered Lambrequin- Tidys, Fancy Tablo Scarfs
and Piano Covers.
CLOAKS I will offer at Cost my entire line of Cloaks, comprising Jacket
Short WrapB, Astrachan And Plush Dolmans, of the 1 ttest styles. I cordially invite
tho ladieB to call and examine my stock, and get the lull benefit of my holiday pri
ces. Don't miss tho bargains at
Christmas ! Christmas I
Money saved is money made! Lo'k what
you can nuy at l.. uill'B, corner xnira ana
Xiimcsioue Hireais:
8 pounds Standard Tomatoes
1 pound choice new fta'slns,
1 pound best Layer RalMnR... ...15
2 pounds best Heedless Raisins........... .25
3 pounds best new Currants,.,.....,......,.. ...15
1 pound new Leghorn Citron -IS
2 pounds new EnelUh AValnuls...... 35
2 pounds best Apple Butter...................
2 ponnds choice Mince Meat..... .......)15
1 pound Malaga Grapes.... ...... 15
1 dozen large, sweet Florida Oranges-... ,.8
1 callon pare, sweet, Crab Clder......t.........'.C0
1 can good, sweet Corn- ........ .....10
1 can eood Baaing Powder. .15
1 dozen large Ploslea t
1 gallon best rtaner Kraut ..............S
1 can .flue, treeh Oysters .........W
lu oars Boon csoap M - ,26
2 pounds uow, Mixed Nuts .2S
1 pound good Roasted Coffee. ..X5
4 pounds choice new Rloe ......,....,25
1 gallon best Coal OU ..M M ....10
1 pound be'tUtlcb: Candy 10
3 cans genuine Imported Peas.... 50
PrunesI Prunes I Prunes! New only & cto.
per pound. L. HILL,
Originator of Low Prices.
Be it ordained by the Board of Oouncilmen of
the City of UaysvilU, That an election be held
lu sain cliy ou Monday, the 2nd day of Jan
uary, is, lor tne election oi Mayor, nve
, CuUiicllmeu, one from each ward, Marshal,
Collector and Trasurer, Wood aud Coal ln
1 sppctnr, Cleric, Wharfraaster and Assessor for
sain cny.
Be it further ordained, That polls be opened
In said city tor said election at 8 o'clock a. in,
and close at 8 o'clock p.m., at the following
filacesonlhe said day, allowing the Inspeo-
v; . .. :.iV..7r.. ".", . :.Y i
pciauiin uio MJJUIUIUU lliorcutwia Ul sum OICU-
First ward Jacob Outeu's shop Inspec
tors: Byron Rudy, Joseph Lowry, John W.
Becoud Ward .las. Redmond's cigar store
Inspectors: A. Wortck.JobnT. Parser, Lewis
B. Stockton.
Third Ward 1 Altmeyer's shop luipec
tors: C. L HjI eo, Robert F. Metcullo, R. U.
Fonith Ward Win. Cooper's shop Inspec
tors: John Moore, H. XI Powell, Charles U.
Filth Ward-Collins & Rudy's ofllce-In.
spectors: W. H. Haney, W. H. Walliugford.
Charlos llobortH.
Bald nlllcers of election are directed to bold
said election lu their respective wards, and
mako return thereof according to law.
A copy, altaat :
Designer and dealer in
Ueadstenos, 4o. The largest stock of the
atest designs.. The best materlal.and work
ivor offered In this section of tbe state, at.rc
laeed'prloes. Those wanting 'work-in Klran
iteior Marblo are lnvlted.to.eall andsee;foi
bewuflivea. Second ntrpet, MavsyUln. ,
House, Blgn and
Ornamental Painter-
Graining, Glazing and Paper-hanging. All
work neatly aud promptly exoouted. Office
and shop, north side of Fourth between'Mar
ketand Llraostono, streets. alBdly
A f.IiAX . CJOI.E,
will practloe In the courts ot Mason and ad
lolning counties, the Huperlor Conrt and
Court of Appeals. Hpoclal attention given to
Collections and to Real Estate. Conrt street,
Maysvllle, Ky.
dress GEO. P. ROWELL & CO,, 10 Bpruce
stret, New York Olty, for select list of l,()00
newspnpors. Will bosent freeonappilcnllon.
holder to a chance given for every dollar's worth of goods pur-
. - " i-w
Life, Fire, Accident
Marino and Tornado,
The companies represented by the under
signed Insure at reasonable rate- all Insurable
troporty against losi or damage by Fire,
lghlning or Wind. Any amount of Insur
ance placed on desirable risk", in
WE8TXRN, of Toronto, Canada;
AaaicuiruitAL. of Watertowu, N. Y.;
Kknton, ol Covington, Ky.;
BOATKAIC'Si of Pltubu g, Pa ,
and the world renowned "Xiu.vet.ebs" Lite
and Accident, of Hartford, Conn. Tbeaa
companies have all compiled with tho Jaw,
and are authorized to do business in Ken
tucky, W. .R WARDER .Agent ,
d3d6m Court Httcet, .Maysvllle.
I have opened a Grocery on Becond street,
one door below tbe opera bouse, where I will
constantly keep a full line of Groceries of tho
very best quality, and sell them at the LOW
EST PRICES. Kvery thing
and full weights given in nil cases. I invite
Everybody to give men call aud save money.
ari will pay the highest market price lor
Butter. Ecus, Vegetables, Ac., either In easb
or trade. Don't fail to call.
Jel6-tim G. A. MCCARTHEY.
Office: Third street, west of Market, next,
door to Dr. James Hbuckleford's.
(Sardls, Kentucky,);
(.tUcxii drue- store.
Attorneys and Counselors at Law,
Will practice in all courts In Mason and ad
'olnlng counties and In tbe Superior Uoort
'ind Court of Appeals, All collections given
aroropt attention. novWd4rw
Has connection with the following, ptaiss
Maysvllle. He I en n, Mt. Olivet,'1
Mayailuk. Narslia.
Offloe in Moysvllle-Brownlng&Co.'a Dry
Goods Btore, No. 2 East Becoud street.
87 Second street, dealer in
School Supplies, etc Call and examine say
new line ol Fall aud Winter Goods. , ,,
and "WhMkMV KaA
1U cared at toasw mth
outpua. je
ticalus seat-J
$! I 3ne a month can be made work
Inn for us. Agents preferred who can furnish
their own hones and give their whole time to
the business. Spare moments may be profit
ably employed also. A. few vacancies la
towns and cities. B. F. JOHNSON fc CO.,
1009 Msln street. Richmond, Va.
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