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A. 1
M0 Atluulu, V
And lines Not Comn tn UUrtis I'ublle
Questions Washington Soelety In l
Flutter Over the Coining -Sulii of l.oiri
Sai'kvlllr'M Goods Other Wnh1ii--tiii
News Notes.
Washington, . Nov. 14 Mr. Jo-eph
Chamberlain reached Washington nt 9
o'clock Monday night. He drove at on to
the Endicott home,, and remained there for
an hour. Mr. Chamberlain's valet took the
baggage to the Hotel Aruo, wheie Lady
Herbert, of England, is living. At midnight
Sir. Chamberlain said that as he had come
to this country on private business only, he
did not care to discus public questions. He
declined to say anything concerning the ap
proaching nuptials.
It is announced, however, from authorita
tive fcource-i that the marriage of the distin
guished foreigner and Mis? Mary Endicott
will occur on next Thursday.
This will bo the groom's tbird matrimonial
venture. His first wife was MUs Harriett
Keurlck, of Berrow Court, Edgbaston, En
gland, whom he married in lfcOl, efore ho
had distinguished himself either as a manu
facturer or as a statesman. She died in
1863, and five years later ho wedded Miss
Florence Hume, of Maple Bank, Edgbaston.
She died in lo7o and the brilliant member of
parliament from Birmingham was ugain a
-widower. During his recent official visit to
this country as a special messenger in refer
ence to the fisheries question Mr. Chamber
lain met Miss Eudicott.
It will be remembered that Mr. Chamber
lain has a passionate fondness for orchids,
and was jocularly dubbed "Orchid Joe"
while here. Mr. Chamberlain is a culti
vated gentleman, a scholar, and one of the
leading Conservative politicians of England,
besides being u millionaire several tunes told.
His annual income alone from his manufac
turing interests amounts to over $160,000.
He has several splendid homes both in the
country and city of London, and will in the
way of luxury furnish his third bride
with everything that le lined taste -can sug
gest, j
I.oul Sui-IcviHe'it Goods.
Washington, Nov. 14 .There is an in
ordinate curiosity raging among t-ociety
people here about tho Saekvillo sale, to be j
held at ihe Br tish legation on next Monday.
A fashionable auctioneer has been retained,
and the articles are being arranged for in
spe"tion in the ball room. A great deal of
the handsome crystal and glass were pur
chased in England last summer when the
minister and his daughter were abroad, and
is only now beinj; unpacked from crates and
boxes to be sold.
Tiaysof champagne glisses huve never
bAm out of paper wrappers, and there are
finger bowls, jelly crystals, ice tubs, tall
glasses for Appollinaris water, boutoniuere
stands, fruit, cike and ice cream dishes,
sandwiteh and biscuit dishes in quaint and
curious patterns. There is no end of China
tureens and all sorts of tableware, gold
banded, table silver and n full set of copper
cooking utensi's, the most complete in tnis
city. The bric-a-brac include baskots, pic
tures and frames, inkstands, vases, paper
weights, flowerstands, lampshades, etc.
And there ave pretty Spanish hangings,
music box, a black morocco traveling bag
with silver fittings, plants, embroideries,
draperies, table scraps, cushions of rare old
stuffs, fairy lamps, Jupauese screens and
faas, a pretty Marguerite table, and last,
and most important, are the wines, the
diplomat's peiquisite, selected abroud, and
famous in Washington for quality.
The ex-minister and family will leave this
country for France. They will stop a few
days in Paris and then go direct to London,
where they will bo tho guost of Lady Derby,
who is the aunt of the young ludies.
Political l'uluvnr.
Washing ton, Nov. 14. The Republican
majority in the next congress is flguied all
tho way from four to nine. There will be
four contests in Virginia, two in North
Carolina, two in Arkansas, one in Kentucky
and one in South Carolina. The Re
publicans confidently claim nine of these
Reed is talked of for speaker. If McKiif
ley decline Ban Butterworth will be put
The story now goes that Boutelle will be
given the naval portfolio to make room In
congress for Blaine, in which case t'o latter
will be formidable candidate for Speakership.
A. T. Britton, well known lawyer, has
been authorized by tho Republican National
committee to appoint all ofiicors and com
mittees, and tnako all arrangements for the
inauguration ceremonies. The ball will prob
ably be held in the great court of the pension
Growth ot Alitalia.
Washington, Nov. 14. Governor Swiue
ford, of Alaska, in his annual report says the,
white population has greatly increased dur
ing the past year, owing Jto the extension of
mining operations and the development of
the salmon canning industry. Ho says that
the number of the native population has
been greatly under-estimated, and estimates
that there are iJj.UOO natives. The total pop
ulation in 4!),N1.0, and of this number there
are fi,50i) white, 1,900 creolos, audlJ.GiO.
Aients. The governor says but littla has)
been accomplished in the way of agricultural
developments. . The only obstacle in tho way ,
of agriculture in the opinion of the gov
ernor, Is that tha lands are not avoidable
for settlement. He says that the climate is
favorable uud tho soil rich, ond he sees no
reason why Alaska may not ultimately rival
Montana and Wyoming as a cattle country,
change the course of the river, JL'ue i'exans
complain of wrong done at Paso del Norte
and the Mexicans of a water supply pipe at
El Paso; also of works at the El Paso Land
Improvement company.
Cannot Cliurce Double Fee.
Wakjuvoiov, Nov 14. The secretnrv of
the treasury has decided that a United
S'utes consul cannot legally charge double
fees for authenticating quadruplicate in
voices of merchandise shipped to the United
States for entry under the immediate trans
portation not.
Arilvnl ol the CliliifsD Minister.
Washington, Nov. 14. Chang Yen Hoon,
the Chinese minister, leached Washington
yesterday evening, after 1111 absence of sev
eral months. He was met at the depot hy
tho meniiieia ot the Chinese legation. Tin
minister was accompanied by Sin Liaii:
Linan, charge d'nffairs at Peru, who is on
his way to China on leave, and Ling Ting
Tsolng, consul general at Ban Francisco,
who has come east to see the minister on
! Ilollii I YVlint'M 1hU?
i Washington, Nov. 14. Justice Miller, of
the supieme court, has rendered 11 decision in
the suit of the United States against the
Bell Telephone company, brought here on
appeal fi 0111 the decision of tho circuit court
of Massachusetts, sustaining the demurrer
entered by the Bell company, to the govern
ineut's suit.
The President Knows Nothing of It.
Washington, Nov. 14. The piesident
knows nothing of any arrangement which
contemplates the opening by hitn of the in
ternational fair at San Antonio, Tex., as has
been announced.
The Death Sentence of Mr. Koblnsoti Com
muted tn Imprisonment for I.lfe.
Boston, Mass., Nov. 14. Mrs. Sarah
Jane Robinson, Massachusett1 notorious fe
male prisoner, will
not hang, but her
fate w ill be hardly
loss t e r rible, 1 1
took the governor
and bis council over
two hours to reach
a decision Monday
afternoon. The re
sult was a surprise
to everyone, for it
was quite gener
ally believed that
the death sentence
would be executed.
SSltb. ROBINSON. The commutation
provides for the woman's solitary imprison
ment for life in the state prison. Only one
other case of this extreme kind is recorded
iu the state's history that of Jesse Pomeroy.
No instance is cited iu our criminal annals
of an original sentence of this character ever
being pronounced. The terror of it is even
worse thau death, for it implies endless soli
tude and darkness. Already the murderess
has been removed to her living tomb, from
which her counsel, jubilant in their success
in saving her neck, confidently declare the!;
hope of securing in time her liberation. Pub
lic sentiment is of course divided as to the
justice of the sommutation. Never has the
exercise of meicy been so tardily indorsed as
in the case of this modern Lueretia Borgia,
only the doubt shadowing the evidence war
rants the ploa 'for clemency, and yet the
community is relieved and breaths easier
now that tho affair is ended.
w3f:s hi&m
ryZJ&i LzS&ggr
Ml 53 and "WMid-cy Wats
Mlts cured at norno wun
out pain. Book of par. 1
tteuiars ecnt I'uuii 1
'Stluattt. . Ofllco CWi wmtenau bu
The Itlo OruiMu's Courae.
Washington, Nov. 14. The government
is in correspondence with Mexico in regard .
to alleged breaches, by both Texas and Mox-1
ico, of tho treaty of 1B84 forbidding the con
struction on either bank of the Rio Grande'
of works that interfere with navigation or
Proceedings of the, Meotlnq; at Indiumi-m-lis
Harry Nut Itncogulze, .
Indianapolis, Nov. 14. Master Work
man Powderly an ived iu the morning, and
when ho came down into the hotel .ofllce the
sentiment iu his favor was apparent by the
way the delegates ci owded about him. He
called the Knights of Labor assembly to or
dor at 10:15 a. in., and the contestants and
all persons except delegates were excluded
from the hall. The committee on credentials
then made its report.
A member of the committee said that
Barry's case had not even been considered
by the committee, and that he would not be
admitted as a delegate. Barry is the dele
gate from, and master workman of, the Ax
makers' assembly. It is claimed that his ex
pulsion from the executive board makes him
ineligible. He is outspoken in his denuncia
of Powderly and the present regime.
. Barry produced p, letter sent through the
mails to him on November 5. On the en
velope, in large letters, wero written the
words, "Expelled by the G. E. A.," moaning
the "General Executive assembly."
Barry went to the hall, and1 is determined
to have a hearing of what he claims an un
necessary extravagance with the funds of
the order. He says ho can name a man who
spent a Ave months' honeymoon on Pow
deily's money.
Georgo Schilling, tho Chicago Anarchist,
is here. His credentials are being consid
ered. He said that he was confident of boing
The general expression seems to be that
while there will be opposition to Powderly
and tho present administration, it will be
overcome by a great majority ot delegutes
who are on Powderly's side in the contest. .
After the report on credentials, the ap
pointment of various committeees is in
order and the reports and recommeudntious
of these bodies will be tho principal work of
the assembly.
The opposition to delegates was uct in the
form of contests, but rather protests against
the legality of their election and credentials.
Tho opposition to Shilling, of Chicago,
failed to materialize to any extent, and he
was awarded his seat. I
AVhen those who wore not deleatej were '
requested to leave the hall, Burry, of the
Axmakers' assembly, who is leading the op
position to Powdorly, did not leave the hall,
and when the meeting was called to order
he got up and attempted to speak. Ho was
stopped by Mustor Workman Powdorly,
who told him he was tin expelled member,
und had no rights thero whatever, and
ordered him to stop speaking and leave the
hall. Barry insisted on having a bearing,
uud W113 called to order a number
of times, the chair telling him to
"go out," na he knew the law in the case,1
and that he had 110 rights there. 'Burry thou J
said: "If lean have no hearing here I will be
heard before the bar of public opinion,"
01' Sir Mim-Ips Wiirron ilieered
in tho House of Commons.
to PS
1JDV .
CtrJT. ,l.
The Finding of a Woman's lioriy in Ihe
Thames Adds to the Incitement itllp
Ke tires to IluMlan Poland Italian and
Gel man (ienerals to Consult Foreign
London, Nov. 14 In the house of com
mons Monday afternoon Mr. Matthews, the
home seci tjft ry announced the resignation of
Gen. Wan en as chief of tho metropolitan
police. The announcement was greeted ith
It transpires that Sir Charles Warren had
not intended to resign, despite the popular
clamor for his removal, until in the latter
part of last week he heard from what seemed
to him excellent authority, that the govern
ment had dtcided to make of him a. vicarious
sacrifice in the interest of one or two of his
superiors in official life.
Knowing thut the cabinet would hold a
council on Saturday, presumably with the
object of iniki 'g bis case the chief subject
of discussion, Gen. Warren wrote a letter to
Home Secretary Matthews on Friday even
ing, tendering his resignation, ostensibly
because the home secretary, a week previous.
bad mildly censured him for having written
a magazine article defending the adminis
tration at Scotland Yard, the writing of
which was a violation of the civil service
It is undeniably a fact that until the ro
ceipt of Gen. Warren's letter Mr. Matthews
was not aware that the former had written
the article mnntioned, but being fully aware
that he was the principal person for whose
shortcomings the chief commissioner of the
metropolitan police was to be made u scape
goat the home secretary mode haste to ac
cept the resignation and secure in its ac
ceptance the acquieseuce of his colleagues.
The police as well as tha general public ure
delighted at the retirement of Gen. Warren,
whose arbitrary administration has rendered
life miserable to them, but all fear that the
sudden change in the head of the police de
partment will involve temporary trouble
with the Socialists who are conspicuously
jubilant over Warren's departure from
Scotland Yard, and already discussing plans
for a demonstration in celebration of the
It is probable that either Assistant Com
missioner Monroe, Chief Constable Wood, of
Manchester, or Mr. C. E. Howard Vincent,
member of parliament for central Shefll 'Id,
will succeed Gen. Warren, though Home
Secretary Matthews favors Chief Consta le
Farndale, of Birmingham, for the position.
Chief Warren says that although every
suggested clew has been followed, all the
slaughter houses
placed under espion
age on the outlook
for the murderous
butcher, and the
mo-.t tellable people
of the Whitecliapel
, district placed upon
he watch, yet the
fesa (uluio will be satis-
ySud with nothing
y 'tit tne arrest 01 tne
lend, and the gov-
s-s mucin, ii-cii in 111
yZ jeopaidyoriachurpe
v" 7 01 eineiency. it is
BIK ciiarlew WAHHEN. dangerous for a
strain,tr to invade the district and run the
risk of arousing suspicion by oillclous 111
quiry and auy "Wandering behavior A man
of that stamp was yesterday handled, and no
doubt would have been killed had he not
been rescued by the police. He was landed
in the station house with a fractured arm
and sprained ankle.
At the inquest a witness, Mary Cox, de
scribed a man, the probable fiend, who en
tered Kelly's room with her, as a short, stout
man, shabbily dressed, with a red mustache
and blotchy fstco. The detectives have beou
let loose iu search of such a man, and many
who fill the description havo been arrested
on suspicion.
Popular excitement over the latest White
chapel murder rocelves an additional im
petus to day by the finding of a woman's
body floating iu the Thames. The body was
well dressed and the police aro uncertain
whether to account for the woman's death
by murder or filicide. There is' yet abso
lutely no clow. The wards adjacent to where
the body was taken from the river have been
searched by the polico and one rough look
ing fellow, carrying a largo bowie knife, has
been arrested. He will probably be dis
charged, however, as there is no proof
against him.
King Mllau'n Ilelgn Menaced.
London, Nov. 14. The retirement of
Queen Natalie of Servla to Russian Poland,
where she bos purchased a magnificent
estate, is understood to have received the
sanction of the czar, if, indeed, she does not
take up her residence in tho government of
Warsaw, by imperial invitation, and is
therefore regarded as seriously menacing the
much further continuance of King Milan's
reign. Servia has long been considered in
the light of a buffer between Austria and
Russia, and King Milan has made the most
of his fancied security in that capacity, be
lieving that neither power would allow the
other to remove or molest tho barrier.
, Francis Joseph has never Bwerved from
tho belief that nuy incursion that his north
ern neighbor might make into tho Balkan
regions would bo directed into Bulgaria,
affording hitn a pretext for seeking and pos
sessing his long coveted outlet to the iI2gean
sen, Snlonlca. Whoneyer the question of Rus
sia's southern march has been raised, and it
has of ten been i uised of lato, Bulgaria has
been named as tho objective point, but there
is now little doubt that the czar will at no
distant day direct his forces to Servla in
stead, assuming the question of divorco of
Milan from his Russian wifo to be sufllcient
provocation, slight as it Is.
Occupying Servia, the Russian armies
could command Bulgaria absolutely as
though they wero encamped on her soil,
V. 2"---
while they would, by recovering the barrier,
place themselves in a position rendering
Austria's success in pi eventing invasion of
her ten itory ovon with . he assistance of her
allies, Italy and Germany,, extremely prob
lematical These movement will not likely be begun
until spring, but there is no doubt that tho
Servian queen will hold court in her now
reulm, wnero 'plans whose fruition would
lead to the foregoing results will bo matured
during the winter mouths, secret communi
cation being maintained with the Russian
Italy and Gt many.
Behi.in, Nov. i4 A Prussian general has
gone to Rome to establish more intimate re
lations between the German and Italian gen
eral stairs, the object being to mnko possible
a harmonious niobolizntiou of tho forces of
the two countriei should necessity arise tor
joint action. There could bo no stronger
evidence of the expectation that the necessity
will arise. There has been the same inter
change of information between the German
and Austrian military authorities looking to
a combined defense against Rus-sia. Al
though there aie no events transpiring which
have a warlike spirit, yot the bellicose situa
tion remains unchanged, and preparation
for war goes steadily forward.
I'lsuHtrr nt Sea Confirmed.
London, Nov. 14 Considerable wreckagd
and a number of bodies have washed ashore
between Looe and Polperro, in Cornwall,
during the last day or two. One of tho
bodies has been identified as that of Capt.
Meyer, of the German ship Theodore Ruger,
from Hamburg for Sydney. Articles that
have come ashore have also been recognized
as belonging to both that vessel and to the
Cunard steamer Nantci, with which the
Theodore Ruger was In collision thirty-six
miles off the Lizard. There is now no doubt
of the total loss of both vessels with most ot
the crew of tho Nantes and a part of the
ship's crew. The survivor who landed at
Trouville include sixteen of the Theodore
Ruger's and two of the Nantes' crew. It i
believed that all tho others went down with
their vessels.
Ferdinand in Dimmer. t
Vienna, Nov. 14. It is reported here thai
an attempt has been made upon the life oi
Prince Ferdinand, of Bulgaria.
Foreign Note.
Jeanne d' Larme, tho famous actress, h
The recent heavy rains have flooded many
districts in England.
Judge Ernest Baggallay, magistrate oi
tho Westbam police court, Stratford, a dis
trict in the east end of London, is dead.
Duke Maximilliau, of Bavaria, hud a sec
ond stroke of apoplexy while at supper on
Saturday. He remains in on unconscioui
Distraint has been laid upon the goods ol
Mine. Bernhardt, who is giving u series oi
performances in Austria, to insure tho pay
ment of :J,(i00 florins income tax.
The Russian government, on the advice of
a commissioner sent to England to inquire
into the requirements of tho pork market,
proposes, tlH-nugh tho Imperial bank, tc
assist exporters of salt pork in order to en
courage trade.
ivluj. Syiebert urges that niauj of the
fortresses on tho French frontier bo de
stroyed, as they are merely obstructive. In
the event of war, he says, France would mas,
her troops, and the contest would bo decided ,
by pitched battles.
The Germans' squadron on the east Afri
can coast is to be increased by three vessels.
Possibly Prince Henry will command the
Meet. The blockade will extend from the ,
Cape of Gardafui, or Massowah to Madagas
car. The plantation company, it is said,
will enlist men in the Dutch East Indies, and
should the blockade prove insufficient, it is
believed that the government muy adopt
like measure
Lynched for Outraging n Child.
Bainbridgk, Ga., Nov. 14. Henry Cook
was lynched in Miller county Sunday night
by men who had run him down iu the
swamps. Cook went to tho home of a widow
named Jones, in Miller county, in an intoxi
cated condition und the family were forced
to hide from him. A little daughter, aged
twelve, shut herself in a room and barricaded
the door, but Cook broke in and outraged
her person in a most shocking manner.
All Kscitpctl From the Ulazing Train.
Chaiilottk, N. C, Nov. 14. Passenger
train No. 63, due at Charlotte ut twenty-five
minutes pust 5 o'clock Monday evening from
Atlantu, was thrown from .the track by a
broken wheel near Taccda, Ga. Every car
rolled down an embankme it and wai
burned, not so much as a plank of the whole
train being left. Several passengers, bag
gage and express men were badly hurt, but
none fatally.
An Awiul bequul.
Pittsuuhg, Kan., Nov. 14. Marie Ber
thune, the wifo of Louis Bertbuue, one of
the victims of the mino disaster, after takiiig
her five children Sunday evening to view tne
remains ot ber husband, put the little one
to bed with a good night kiss to each, cov
ered them and herself with coal oil and set
fire to the beds. After a severe struggle the
eldest child, a girl, managed ro escape, being
badly burned. The mother and four chil
dren were burned to ashes.
A Gas Tank" Explodes.
SlIAliON, Pa., Nov. 14. A large gas tank,
the property of tho Sharon Gas and Water
company, exploded Monday evening with
terrific force. The buildings and machinery
at tho works were destroyed. An employe
named Charles Smith was killed. The cause
of the explosion is not known. Tho damages
are large. Every houso in tho town was
shaken and some of them badly shattered.
Coveinor Guy Assassinated,
Fout Smith, Ark., Nov. 14. Deputy mar
shals from the Indian country who arrived
here say they have assuring reports that
Governor Guy, of the Chickasaw Nation, was
assassinated Saturday night. This was no
more than was expected, as a number of at
tempts have been made upon his life. United
States onleers leave hero tonight for the
l'jofossor Wiggins liiniilted.'
Ottawa, Out., Nov. 14. Professor Wig
gins has received a diploma and honorary
moinbeiNhip from tho Aniianias club of
Boston. The professor regards the matter
as an iiuult.

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