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ylSt h -i: i ' v'-i ?,' Jty ,pi"fi(f r-J33T?v!-S
Evening Bulletin.
On" Year S3 00 Throe Mouths 75
Six Months 1 50 Olio Mouth....i 25
Per Week Scouts
SATURDAY, MAY 12, 1894.
No)iiil)(ir Klvutlou, 18U4.
County JuJge.i
County Clerk,
County Attorney,
W. C. l'ELHAM.
Fair weather; warmer; south
It becomes more apparent every day
that Senator Hill's opposition to the
tariff bill is tho result of that dicker with
the Republicans to defeat Judge Mny
nard's confirmation for Associate Justice
of tho Supremo Court.
He of tho Bulletin is anxious for the
Ledger to read Senator Lindsay's speech
on the tariff. No, thank you ; we prefer
to read after some ono who knows what
ho is talking about. Mr. Lindsay's
knowledge of tho tariff is about as dense
as that of the editor of tho Bulletin.
Fublic Ledger.
Beg pardon. Wo forgot that it would
bo impossible for tho editor of tho Ledger
to learn anything from Senator Lindsay,
especially about tho tariff.
Well, what are we coming to ? Tho Bul
letin lias actually nerved itself up to the
point of saying that Congressman Payn
ter was slighted by tho recent conven
tion! Public Ledger.
It requires no nervo to do a simple act
of justice. Mr. Paynter redeemed this
district from tho Republicans and has
represented it three terms in Congress,
with credit to himselt and his party, and
richly deserved a " well-done.-thou-good-and-faithful-servant,"
from tho conven
tion this week.
Tin: business men of New York have
let Senator Hill know that ho does not
voice their sentiments in opposing the
Wilson bill. At a meeting a few days
ago, attended by thousands, the business
men adopted a resolution declaring that
"tho speedy passage of tho pending tariff
bill, with or without amendment, would
bring prosperity to our whole country,
would fill the hails of our commerce,
start every wheel of our manufactures
and give larger markots to our farmers ;
it would restore now life and courage to
the Democracy, and insuro to them many
years of future victory ; while tho defeat
of tho bill, by Democratic votes, would
be a disastor to the Nation and an act of
treason to the Democratic party."
Tin: Cincinnati Enquirer insisted the
morning after tho election that tho Dem
ocratic victory in the Third Ohio district
could not be construed into an indorse
ment of tho Wilson bill. The day follow
ing the Enquirer's observation, tho
Georgetown Nows-Democrat says the
Democratic hosts, of every part of the
district, met at tho successful candidate's
homo and amid cheers from 10,000 loyal
throats, adopted this resolution: "Wo
have won this glorious victory in spito of
great obstacles by standing upon the
principles of our party and indorsing the
Wilson bill. While wo acknowledge tho
right of the Senate to amend and its
ability to improvo it, wo earnestly hopo
that its main features will bo preserved."
Tho Domocrats of the district ought to
know n little more about their fight than
tho Enquirer.
" Hobo "
Baltimore Sun: "A fairly satisfactory
version of tho origin of tho word ' hobo,'
to much used in describing members of
tho industrial army says it is of Now
York origin and a corruption of Hobokon.
' Hobokon,' says this tramp philosopher,
1 used to bo an extremely tough locality,
and in some parts it is still very tough.
When a man in Now Y'ork wanted to ex
press an extremely uncomplimentary
opinion of a thing or placo ho would say
it was tough as Hobokon. If ho had
been out all night and felt vory shaky ho
would say that ho felt very Hobokon.
Tho term spread over Now Y'ork and
over tho country. Tho young ruffiians of
Iloboken camo to bo called hobos, which
does not require so much cflbrt as would
Hobokenites.' This is the origin of tho
term, and in tho sonso of tho word tho
men of the commonweal aro not 'hobos.' "
Gbo. W. Solskb, law, fire insurance.
Another Homo Saddened by the Loss
of a Loved One Hor Death
Last Night.
Miss Elizabeth Peed Wilson, daughter
of tho late Josinh Wilson, died last night
at 1) o'clock at tho family residence on
East Second street, of consumption.
A month or so ago deceased was com
pelled to give up her duties as teacher in
the city schools on account of failing
health. Hor many friends hoped that
witli rest nnd medical treatment she
would soon be restored, but instead of
this she continued to decline. Last
night, the summons came and sho peace
fully crossed over the dark river to join
the loved ones gone before.
Deceased was twenty-two years of ago,
and was universally loved and esteemed
among her lrionds and acquaintances. A
few years ago sho graduated from tho
Maysvillo High School and was ono of
tho brightest members of the class. Sho
had been a successful teacher since then,
until failing health compelled her to re
sign her chosen work.
The funeral will occur Monday at 10 a.
m. at tho First Presbyterian Church, ser
vices by Rpv. Dr. Hays. Interment in
the Maysvillo Cemetery.
Hon. Charles B. Poyntz has returned
from a trip South.
Rev. T. W. Watts and wife returned
last night from Winchester.
Miss Lottie Perrine is at home after a
visit of several days at Richmond and
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Blaiho and
daughter, of Cincinnati, aro visiting Mr.
and Mrs. W. R. Gill, of Washington.
Mr. C. O. Ainmon, of Pittsburg, arrived
last evening on the steamer Hudson, on
a visit to the family of Mr. Joseph Bren
ner. Misses Tillie and Mattio Davis aro at
homo after a visit of several days to their
their sister, Mrs. M. S. Diinmitt, of Cov
ington. Mrs. J. T. Harrahan, of Chicago, left for
her home this morning after a short visit
to her mother, Mrs. Kehoe, and her
I 9
See tho World's Fair For Fifteen Ots.
Upon receipt of your address and fif
teen cents in postage stamps, wo will
mail you prepaid our Souvenir Portfolio
of the World's Columbian Exposition. Tho
regular price is fifty cents, but as wo want
you to have one, wo make the price nom
inal. You will find it a work of art
and a thing to be prized. It contains full
page viows of the great buildings, with
descriptions of same, and is executed in
highest stylo of art. If not satisfied with
it, after you get it, we will refand the
stamps and let you keep the book. Ad
dress, II. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, 111.
The Modern Mother.
Has found that her little ones are im
proved more by the pleasant laxative,
Syrup of Figs, when in need of tho lax
ativo effect of a gentle remedy, than by
any other, and that it is more acceptable
to them. Children enjoy it and it benefits
them. Tho true remedy, Syrup of Figs,
is manufactured by the California Fig,
Syrup Co. only. r
Prof. Sam well's Trained Animals.
The ferryboat Laurdncowill sell round
trip tickets for 5 cents to all porsons who
wish to attend Prof. Samwell's Equine
Canine Paradox at Washington Opera
House, Maysville, to-day at 2 p. m.
Tickets aro now on sale at Fleming &
Boswell's dry goods store. Admission to
the matinee only 10 cents.
Russet and tan shoes at Pecor's.
Murdered His Cull Slate,
Chicaoo, May 12. James Maher, n
prisoner in tho Bridewell, was murdered
by his cell mute, Georgo Dunlap, who
became suddenly insane. Uahor's head
was beaten to a pulp on tho stone floor
before uiMstuiicu could reach him. A
terrific struggle took place botweeu the
guards and the madman before he was
overpowered .
Another Strlko Muy Ho Ordered.
Grand Forks, N. D Muy 13. Tho
American Railway union has recoived a
tolegrum telling them to hold themselves
in readiness as another strike may bo
ordered. The men aro indignant over
tho refusal of President Hill, as they
say, to stand by his contract. They ex
pect to bo called out inside of 24 hours
if at all.
Met a Horrible Dentil.
Harrodsuurq, Ky May 12. The 12-year-old
daughter of John Brand, living
in Washington county, mot a horrible
death yestorduy afternoon. Sho had
gone to Joel Chamlins, a neighbor's, on
an errand. As sho ontorcd tho gate tho
dog grabbed her by tho throat, toaring
it open and othorwiso lacerating her
body. Tho dog also killed a calf, tour
ing its throat open.
Junicioox advertising is not only tho best way
to mako customers, but It la tho cheapest as well.
The Oid Friend
And the best friend that never
fails you is Simmons Liver Regu
lator, (tho Red Z) that's what
you hear at the mention of this
excellent Liver medicine, and
people should not bo persuaded
that anything elso will do.
It is" tho Kin of Livery Medi
cines ; is better than pills, and
takes the placo of Quihino and
Calomel It acts directly on the
Liver, Kidney and Bowels and
gives new life to the wholo sys
tem. This is tho medicine ycu
want. Sold by nil Druggists in
Liquid, or in Powder to bo taken
dry or made into a tea.
Hnxtlio . stniiiplit rl wrapper
J.H.Zi:iMN & CO.. Philadelphia. Pa.
Rev. Wiiittv Waldrop, of Dover, has
leased Elliott Institute at Kirksville,
Madison County, for one year, beginning
next fall.
No preaching at the First Baptist
Church to-morrow, the pastor being
absent at Dallas, Texas. Sunday school
and Young Peoplo's Alliance at usual
Colonel R. Y. Hardin, tho well-known
turf writer, has left Lexington to attend
the big trotting circuit in tho East
and "North as special news correspondent
for several daily papers.
Charles H. Duty, late editor of the
Flemingsburg Gazette, is in anvery crit
ical condition at tho home of his brother-in-law,
James II. Wood, in Mt. Sterling,
of infiamation of tho bladder.
There will be no school Monday on
account of the funeral of Miss Elizabeth
Wilson. Tho teachers aro asked to meet
at the High School at 9 a. m. Monday.
J. II. Rowland.
The Portsmouth Blade has been inves
tigating the professional beggar, and con
cludes he is in his glory nowadays. A
reporter of tho Blade followed one up
and estimated that the fellow gathers in
$1 or $5 a day.
1 1 1
Whitsunday The services at the
Church of tho Nativity to-morrow will
bo: Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.; morning
prayer, sermon and holy communion at
10.30 ; evening prayer at 7:30. The offer
ing at tho morning service will bo ap
plied to the purchase of prayer books for
tho church.
i i
Notice is hereby given that tho Super
visor of Taxes for tho City of Maysville
will meet at tho Council Chamber on
Thursday, May 17, 1S94, for tho purpose
of examining and correcting the Assess
or's list for tho year 1894.
C. E. Brosee, City Clerk.
May 5, 1894.
i i
The books of tho State Treasurer have
been compared and tested nnd show a
deficit in tho general expenditure fund
of S3S8.792.81. Taking the sums into
consideration, credited to th'o sinking and
school funds, nnd which tho general ex
penditure fund has absorbed, nnd tho de
ficit in the aggregate funds is $100,945.02,
excluding the amount of outstanding
wan ants issued for April.
The Methodist Episcopal Church will
hold services to-morrow as follows: Sun
day school at 9:15 a. m. Preaching at
10:30 a. in.; topic, "The Christian's
Armour." General class at 2 p. m. Ep
worth League devotional service at 6:30
p. m.; topic, " Glory Belongs to God."
Preaching at 7:30 p. m.; topic, "Tho
Provisions For tho Unsaved." We ex
tend to you a welcome if you wish to
join with us in one or more of tho above
named services. All are invited to come
praying. D. P. Holt, Pastor.
PnonasoR James Poyntz Nelson came
out in the Lexington Press ono day this
week in a scathing review of tho action
of tho Lexington ministers in tho Breck
inridge case. It is mainly directed at
tho Episcopal minister, of which church
Mr. Nelson is a member. Ho takes the
ground that their action will only tend
to mako a more bitter feeling in tho com
munity, which is now almost at white
heat. Professor Nolson is well-known in
this county, having taught Bchool at
Washington a fow years since. Ho is a
highly cultured man and a Virginian by
birth. His father was a missionary to
China, and n very learned and accom
plished man. Tho family aro relatives of
tho Misses Lamb, of this city, whom
thoy used to visit when they lived in tho
nMAmAnnnnnnn ....
Are the attractive staples in which we now offer bargains. You
must have Handkerchiefs. They are civilization's necessity, and
pretty, dainty ones are a badge of womanly refinement.
Beautiful Linen Handkerchiefs, hand
somely Embroidered, with Scalloped or
Hemstitched edges, only 15 cents each.
These goods we have never sold under 25 cents. Unbelieving
Thomases, we solicit your inspection.
Our Laces would tempt the economy of a miser, and they
are just what the matrons, bachelor girls and buds must have
for summer conquests. Our stock embraces Point de Venice,
Burges, Point d'JEsprit, Bourdon, Valenciennes, Chantilly, Irish
Point, Spanish Guipure, in match Laces and Inser tings at a yard,
15c. up. This is a Lace season, and a larger selection than we
offer would be hard to find. Come early, before choice is taken.
A Chance For Western Homo Seekers.
Major J. T. Long Has a List of
Farms For Sale.
I will conduct a party to inspect land
in the counties of Miamia, Franklin, Linn
and Anderson in the State of Kansas'
leaving Maysville, Ky., on Monday, May
2Sth, at 0 a. m.
These counties lie in tho eastern part
of Kansas, and aro well settled, well
watered and wooded, and nro the garden
spot of tho world.
Improved farms in these counties are
tho best and safest investment you can
I have a large list of farms for sale on
easy terms within 100 miles of Kansas
Tho citizens of the above named coun
ties will extend you a hearty welcome
nnd "show you around" without charge.
Arrangements have been made for a
special through car, and stop over will
be allowed in Kansas at pleasure.
For terms and rates for the trip, and
prices of lands in different counties,
please address J. T. Long, Maysville, Ky.
The usual services at tho Church of
tho Disciples to-morrow at 10:45 a. m.
and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school 9:30 a. m.
Y. P. S. C. E. G:30 p. m. Morning theme,
"Tho Sick Man's View of Religion."
Night lecture, "Coxey's Commonwealers
a Symptom of Our Nation's Ailments."
Count Tolstoi, Russian Minister of the
Interior, proposes to put a stop to the
growth of Nihilism by putting an end to
the highereducation of the poorer classes.
In 18S7 he issued an order of which tho
following is an extract: "Tho gymnasia,
high schools and universities will hence
forth refuse to receive as pupils or stu
dents the children of domestic servants,
peasants, tradesmen, petty shop-keepers,
farmers and others of like conditions,
whoso progeny should not bo raised from
tho circlo to which thoy belong, and
thereby bo led, as all experience has
shown, to become discontented with their
lot, and irritated against tho inevitable
inequalities of the existing social posi
tions." Our position is and must be tho
reverse. Wo are bound to educate "our
masters," tho masses. "Popular power
makes popular intolligonco a necessity;
popularintelligenco makes the multipli
cation of popular wants inevitable, and
tho multiplication of popular wants, if
more rapid than tho improvement of
the popular condition, necessarily pro
duces popular discontent." Strong. Tho
multitude have already tasted of tho tree
of knowledge, and have become aware of
their nakedness. And a supply of bare
necessaries aro mere "fig-leaves." Labor
ing men, come and hear tho discussion.
E. B. Cake, Minister.
Tornado policies W. R. Warder, agt.
When Baby was 6lck, wo gavo her Costorla.
When eho was a Child, sho cried for Castorla.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castorla.
When eho had Children, she gavo them Castorla.
There Is strong competition uow In nil lines of
business, You need advertising togtvoyou your
share of tho trade. Try tho Bulletin.
SowllPJyou, that
'B1 Racimo" Cigars
Have no equal (or 5 ceuta. Ask your
dcalor lor them.
E. R. "WEBSTER & C0.,WholesfcTi.
Property For Sale.
I will sell privately tho homo place of
tho late John McCarthy, on tho south
side of the Gerniantown pike, just out
side the city limits. A good framo house
and never-failing spring on the place.
Tho lot fronts 100 feet and 8 inches, and
extends back the same width 103 feet.
Will be sold cheap. Apply to
M. J. McCarthy, this office.
Hft Rjfc No. 2 10:10 a. m.
Ilf (xlPJ nS' 18 4 V' m'
RnMTFS West"
KU u r fc. K0. i 6:12 tt m
Addtvxnty-tix minutes to S 'i . iv? a,m
&t city time. h0' " a. m.
Nos. 19 and 20 aro the Maysville accommoda
tion, and Nos. 17 and 18 tho Huntington accom,
modatlon. Nos. land 2 aro tho fast express and
Nos. 3 and 4 the F. F. V. No. 1 has through
sleeping car In which seats can be secured to St.
Louis by Big Four Route.
No. 4 (F. F. V.) Is a solid train with through
dining car and Pullman sleepers to Washington,
Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York. Through
Pullman sleeper to Richmond, Va and Old Point
Comfort. No. 2 Is a solid train with Pullman
Sleeper to Washington and Old Point Comfort,
making all eastern and south-eastern connec
tions. The accommodation trains aro daily except
Sunday; tho rest aro daily. ' v
Direct connection at Cincinnati for points West
and South.
Leaves Maysville at
5:42 a. m. for Paris, Lex
ington, Clncin'ti, Rich-
ston, -felllco, MIddlesborough, Cumberland Gap,
Frankfort, Louisville and poluts on N. N. and
M. V. Kastern Division.
Leave Maysville at 1:45 p. m. for Paris, ICIncin
nati, Lexington, Winchester, Richmond and
points on N. N. and M. V. Eastern Division.
Arrive at Maysvillo at 0.50 a. m. and 8:40 p. m.
All trains dolly except Sunday.
WE are authorized to nnnounco SAM J.
NOWER as a candidate for Constable In
Dover precinct at ihe November election, 1SJI.
subject to the will of the people.
SALESMEN wanted. Free prepaid outfit. One
of our agents has earned over S20.000 in live
yenrs. P. O. Box 1371. New York. 7d3t
WAN TED A good rellablo girl to do general
housewook. Call at 8,11 EastSecoud street,
Sixth ward. DR. S, I'ANOHUHN. 3d3t
ANTED Salesman : salary from start, per
manent place. BROWN BROS. CO.. Nure
crvinen. RooliPstPr.N. Y. m3dlm
AMEU Iweuty nice boarders., at Jitt Went
Vy Second street. First-class table and clean
beds. Popper's old stand, iicarly opposlto Daul-
tou's stable. A.N.SAPP.
FOR SALE Lot on Third street, known as tho
"Cooper Shop Lot;" S feet front by 165
feet. Terms to suit tho purchuser. For particu
lars call on Simon Nelson, or address SAMUEL
McDONALD.lOl West Fourth street, Cincinnati. O.
F?OR SALE Good range "Grand Active:" also
a squaro piano. Apply at this office.
IVOR SALE Wagons, drays, carts and sleds,
r cheap. DONOVAN & SHORT, corner Second
and Limestone. cU5-tf
OOR RENT A nicely furnished room, suitable
r for a couple of gentlemen. Apply at this
office. i2dtf
BjiOR RENT Store house and oillco on Sut
r ton street. Address D.W. JANUARY, Flern
lngshurg, Ky. dtf.
1710R RENT l'lio iioubu on suucu tusi corner
r Front and Market, formerly occupied by
Karr & Co. and N. Gollensteln. Apply to GAR
RETT S. WALL. J22dtf.
OSTTucsday evening, n cold brenstpin, with
I a rtAl l.imH lfln ..llt -!-.. ......... Ja. a.
this office.
ij vi Mm uui. i'tuuur win uiciisu return l
tils nttlAn .A A
LOST Sunday afternoon at tho postofllco, n
pocket-book containing a small amount of
money and Bomo papers. Finder will pleaso re
turn to this nfllco nnd receive- reward. ttdtf
LOST A red back, memorandum book with a
lot of laundry bills marked "M. and N.
Laundry." Leave at this otllco and mako a poor
boy happy. o-ot
durst & Mcmullen,
Graining, Glaring and Paper-Hanging
A specialty. All work guaranteed. Glvo us a
call. 8hop-107Suttonstreot,botweouFrontaud
., i

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