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Evening Bulletin.
Fair weather, except mow on
the lakes; colder) northwest
Ooramt'nts of the Pross.
Wushiufiton News: " McKinloy is still
pounding himself on tho brenat and say
ing, 'This is my vietoiy.'"
Philadelphia Inquirer: "Sonntor Sher
inuii will disou&s the bond question by-and-by,
but in the meantime ho scores a
bull's eye by saying that tho torrified
Democracy can always bo relied upon
to do exactly what it shouldn't.
"What's the matter with Hon. John Sher
mau and Hon. William Napoleon Mc
Kinloy.? The Ohio brethren dwell not
in ono unified unity when Mr. Sherman
hints that McKinley should not indulge
in tho red man's dance of joy."
Hamilton Democrat: "Senator Slier
man is running great danger of offering
mortal insult to Mr.' McKinley. Our
senior Senator gave an Eastern paper
his opinion of the recent election land
slide. A careful analysis of tho eamo
fails to find any reference to the death of
the Democratic party or tho vindication
of McKinleyism."
Demonstrated Their Hypocrisy.
Dover News : " Tho Democrats of
Mason County who went back on their
nominees and voted to turn the offices
over to the Republicans have nothing to
bo proud of, except tho fact that they
demonstrated their hypocrisy and ability
to violate their agreement to support
the candidates nominated at tho primary.
These Democratic chickens will surely
come home to roost."
Electric Bitters
This remedy is becoming so well known
and so popular as to need no special men
tion. All who have used Electric Bitters
sing the same song of praise n purer
medicine does not exist and it is guaran
teed to do all that is claimed. Electric
Bitters will cure all diseases of tho liver
and kidnoj-s, will remove pimples, boils,
salt rheum and other affections caused by
impuro blood. Will drive malaria from
the system and prevent as well as cure
all malarial fevers. For euro of head
ache, constipation and indigestion try
Electric Bitters. Entire satisfaction guar
anteed, or money remnueu. Jt'rice 50c.
and Si per bottle at J. J. Wood's drug
Prices in Free Trade Eegland.
Exchange: "At a recent sale in En
gland good driving horses sold briskly at
$050 each, good hunters and saddle
horses sold for 1,000 each, while fine,
well-matched carriage horses sold for
$1,000 to $1,500 a pair. England has
plenty of horses and uses electricity ; yet
there is a demand for good horses which
are bred fot special purposes."
To Subscribers.
Subscribers who fail to get their paper
promptly will confer a favor by sending
word to this office. There is a now car
rier on ono of tho routes, and ho may
overlook some ono until ho acquaints
himself with tho list.
Comments of County Superintendent
Blatterman on the Schools at
the Points Named.
The trustees of this district aro R. T. Watson,
Henry Tlmckston and John Colo. Teacher, E.
D. Shelton. Tho number or scholars In atten
dance twenty-five: ought to be more. Tho dis
cipline and government of the school aro good.
Jlr. Shelton Is teaching a second year and Is
much liked by tho patrons of the school and tho
scholars. Ills classes manifested very satisfactory
progress in arithmetic, Names' History of tho
United States, physiology Ac, Ac. Tho school
Is supplied with nice charts andotherapparntus.
Wultablo furniture Is needed and will bo sup
plied ery soon, as tho trustees take much
Interest In the school. Tho houso'ls la very
good condition. The teacher finds the charts
great assistants In Imparting Instruction.
To reach this school house is no easy matter,
because you must leave tho pike and travel two
miles of rough dirt road, and you must keep a
(sharp look out or jou will miss the school
houso. At the time of our visit thero v, as a com
plication and the owner of tho land had closed
tho lane leading to tho school so that entrance
was impossible. We had to lcavo horse and
buggy lu the road and tramp through a briery
old Held to reach the ancient edifice This is
known throughout theso regions as Tom Hill's
.school. Inquire along tho road how to And
Itlsing Sun und you aro answered by tho shako
of tho head but prosecuting your Inquires tho
answer comes, "Do you mean Torn Hill's school ?
Oh, that Is two miles distant by Tucll's land."
Mr. IIlll lis a very deserving man and teacher
and has given satisfaction for many years. Tho
houso has a woo-begone look,but;tho trustees will
coon correct this, as they concurred with tho
Superintendent in tho opinion that tho houso
ought to bo repaired and it will bo vory soon.
Wo wero most hospitably entertained by Mr.
Grant Hill and his estimable wifo, who inado us
fool at homo and gave us au excellent dinner.
Tho trustees nro Grant It. Hill, David Donovan
and J, M. Cracraf t.
New crop molasses 50 cents Calhoun's,
He Received 662 More Votes Than
Hon. R. K, Hart.
The Democratic Voto Largor Than It
Was Two Years Ago Hoavy
Republican Increase.
Secretary of Stato Headley has re
ceived complete official returns from all
tho counties in this tho Ninth Congres
sional district. Theso returns wore can
vassed, and Judge Pugh's plurality over
Hon. R. K. Hurt, tho Democratic nomi
nee, is C62.
John G. Blair, tho Populist candidate,
received 487 in tho district, and R. B.
O'Neal, Prohibitionist, received C2. Tho
vote in detail was as follows :
Counties. Ilnrt. Pugh. Blair.
Fleming 1,825 1.8G0 Gl
Mason 2,409 2,355 54
Rowan C2G C39 9
Carter 1,421 1,988 10
Greenup 1,322 1,457 0
Robertson 477 S14 21
Hath 1,410 1,439 20
Uoyd 1,480 1,836
Lewis 1,233 2,099 119
Harrison 1,819 1,277 11
ilracken 1,258 1.085 77
Nicholas 1,201 891 80
Lawrence 1,795 1,812 7
Totals 18,390
Pugh's plurality
T. H. Paynter re
J. P. McCartney,
In 1892 tho Hon.
coived 18,295 votes;
Republican, 15,339; R. H. Yantis, Pop
ulist, 713; Payntor's plurality, 2,950.
Theso figures show that this year tho
Democrats gained 101 votes and tho
Republicans 3,719, while the Populists
lost 220 votes.
ine election two years ago was a
Presidential election. Tho Republicans
made a warm fight in this district, and
it was thought they polled their full
vote. A study of tho figures shows that
tho Democrats not only held their own
this year but actuallv increased their
voto, yet it also shows that tho Republi
cans did still better, polling nearly 4,000
more votes than they did in 1892.
This is a remarkable increase in the
voto of the district, and tho question
arises, is it an honest increase? Part of
it may bo and unquestionably is, but
many peoplo will believe that there
must have been some crooked work and
that many illegal votes were cast. The
Bulletin understands that somo of
Mason County's officials have informa
tion that seven or eight colored men
voted in a certain precinct of this county
who also voted in Fleming County. This
information comes from n reliable source
and tho grand jury next week will prob
ably bo called upon to investigate the
matter. A few repeaters in each of the
counties of tho district could make a
vast difference in tho vole.
Tho Bulletin doesn't make tho charge
that there was crooked work done on
election day, but the remarkable in
crease in the Republican voto certainly
raises the question.
Judge Thomas, of Vancoburg, kindly
favors tho Bulletin with tho following
as the result in Lewis :
For Congrcss-Pugh, 2,090; Hart, 1,223 ; Blair,
110. Pugh's plurality, 87C.
For County Judge Samuel G. Hillls (It.) 355
For County Attorney W. C. Halbert (R ) 553
For County Clerk Thomas A. Mitchell (R.) 7GS
For SherliT-Ed. Wllllms (R.) 1,329 majority.
Fpr Jailer Georgo W. Dale (R.) C72 majority.
For Assessor W. H. namrlck (R.) 732 majority.
For Surveyor Alfred Harrison (R.) 701 major
ity. For Coroner Dr. W. T. Burdick (R.) C91 ma
jority. Four Justices and four Constables wero
elected all Republicans. Total vote in
county, 3,441.
All Free.
Those who have used Dr. King's Now
Discovery know its value, and those who
have not, have now tho opportunity to try
it free. Call on your druggist and ot a
trial bottle, freo. Send your name and
address to II. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago,
and got a sample box of Dr. King's Now
Life Pills, free, ns well as a copy of Guide
to Health and Household Instructor, freo.
All of which is guaranteed to do you good
and costs you nothing, at J. J. "Wood's
drug store.
Bucklon's Arnica Salve.
Tho best salvo in tho world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum , fever
Bores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For Bale at J. James Wood's.
We Don't Beliovo It.
Cincinnati Tribune: "A needle that
Mrs. Tabitha Whitman swallowed in 1830
came out at her elbow tho other day.
Mrs. Whitman, now 02 years old, acts as
housekeeper for her son-in-law, Dr. J. O.
Walton, ox-Pension Agont of Kentucky,
at Mumfordsvillo, Ky., and is as spry as
most women of 00 or 70."
Accident ins. tickets. W, R. Warder.
The Old Friend
And the best friend that never
fails you is Simmons Liver Regu
lator, (the Red Z) that's what
you hear at the mention of this
excellent Liver medicine, and
people should not be persuaded
that anything else will do.
It is tho King of Liver Medi
cines ; is better than pills, and
takes tho placo of Quinine and
Calomel It acta directly on the
Liver, Kidney and Bowels and
gives new life to tho whole sys
tem. This is tho medicine you
want. Gold by all Druggists in
Liquid, or in Powder to bo taken
dry or made into a tea.
Ilns tlio 7. Stinnpin reil on wrapper
J. It. 7.V11.W A CO.. Philadrluhla. Pa.
Next Sunday Set Apart by Episcopal
Bishop3 for the Discussion of
This Subject.
Tho following circular letter has ,been
issued by a largo number of tho Bishops
of the Episcopal Church, Bishop Dudley
among them. In accordanco therewith
the services at the Church of the Nativ
ity noxt Sunday will deal with tho sub
ject of Temperance:
Dear Brethren: Tho Church Temperance Society
asks for tho setting apart of Sunday, November
18th (being the 26th Sunday after Trinity), as tho
day when the great subject of temperance may
be presented to our people. It Is scarcely need
ful that we should urge tho necessity of
plainly dealing with so destructive an
evil as intemperance such a necessity; must
bo obvious to all christian men.
Wo therefore cordially second their desire,
affectionately requesting the clergy of lour
several dioceses and Jurisdictions to set forth In
sermons on tho day indicated tho duty of all
christian people in helping to restrain the mon
strous evil which is worklnglsucb harm to tho
bodies and souls of men. J( Williams,
Bishop of Connecticut and President of C. T. S.
Eivor News.
The Telegraph had a good stock trip
Tho local packets Wells and Wave in
and out on time.
Carrollton and Stanley up to-night,
and Congo down.
Falling here, with 0 5-10jfeet on tho
marks this morning.
Tho Keystone Stnto"which passed
down yesterday left Pittsburg with 700
tons of freight, and put off S00 tons en
route fifty tons at Portsmouth, Man
chester and Maysville. She passes up
to-day for Pittsburg.
Captain Plaster's ferryboat Lauranco
now sports a locomotive headlight, which
is used to light her patrons up and down
tho grade theso dark nights. Tho Cap
tain leaves nothing undone to add to tho
accommodations of his boat and comfort
of his patrons.
When Baby was sick, we gavo her Castoria.
When sho waa a Child, aho cried for Castoria.
When sho became Miss, sho clung to Castoria.
When sho had Children, sho gave them Castoria.
Thanksgiving Entertainment
Tho spectacular part of tho operetta of
" Cinderolla " which will bo given by tho
pupils of tho Cincinnati public schools
at Pike's Opera House during Thanks
giving week, promises to excel in beauty
and grandeur all former efforts. This
entertainment is under tho auspices of
the Cincinnati Board of Education and
tho proceeds from it aro to be used to
purchase clothing for poor children.
Tho cheap rato O. and O. excursion Wed
nesday, November 28th, will give you an
opportunity to witness the grand spec
tacular production.
A Good Deal of a Sinecure.
Thoro is ono ofilco in Miohigan which
is a good deal of a sinoouro. It is that
of tho probato judgo of Manitou county.
The presont judgo has held tho ofilco
for six years, and during oil that timo
had but one caso before him. As his
salnry is $200 a yoar, that ono caso has
paid him $1,200. Philadelphia Lodgor.
Judge Pugh's official maj'ority
Greonup is 135.
Somi-cannol, Peacock and Pomoroy
coal, just received by Wm. Davis.
GOLF CAPES, in all the new Scotch mixtures, Cheviots
and Tweeds, with or without Hoods, all sizes, . . .
$8, $10, $12 and $15
VELVET and PLUSH CLOAKS, single and double ef
fects, beautifully trimmed in Fur and Jet ; also plain
black Cloth Capes in Melton, suitable for mourning,
sizes 34 to 42 $7 60 to $20
PRINCE ALBERT COATS, Tailor-made, latest styles,
Double-breasted, tight-fitting, very full sleeves and wide
skirt, all colors and materials, sizes 32 to 42, $8 50 to $!25
Fur Cape Specialties :
SIBERIAN LYNX SWEEP CAPES, finest quality, 30
inches long, storm collar and Satin lined, . . . $10 to $40
fine quality, 30 inches long, handsome collar, heavy
Satin Lining, $12 50 to $25
or Canada Seal, plain or Alaska Sable Collar, extra
well made, with heavy Satin lining, 27 and 30 inches
long, all sizes, $15 to $35
181 VINE-'ST
Attacked by Catalepsy While Standing, He
Remained In That Attitude.
Ono of tho most remarkablo exhibi
tions of tho power and Influouco of cata
lepsy, a form of hystoria that contracts
tho muscles and divests tho subject of
tbe sensation of volition, occurred in
this city a few days since, in which
Thomas Purdy, a laborer, was tho sub
joct. In company with several other
workmen Purdy was ongaged in digging
a trenoh.
Ho was standing at tho top of tho
trench, with a long handled shovel, re
moving tho gravel which a workman
bolow throw to tho top, when with tho
suddonness of an eloctrio flash tho man
became transfixed in position, as im
movable as a picco of statuary. Ho was
in tho act of raising tho shovel when
attackod. His right hand tightly olutoh-
ed tho shovel handle near its end
and tho loft hand near tho middla
His loft leg was advancod and slightly
bent at tho knee, whilo tho blado of tho
shovel pointod at on inclination of abont
80 degrees. His eyes wero closed.
Every nmsolo of tho litho and com
pactly built workman was as taut and
rigid as though oonstrncted of iron.
One of tho workmen who obsorvod his
condition got out of tho trench and un
dertook to remove tho shovel held by
tho silent workman. Tho shovol, though,
was clutched with an iron grip, and al
though ho tuggod hard ho was unablo
to remove it from tho olutohos of tho
possessor. Tho man's foot wore firmly
planted on tho ground as though nailed,
and ho stood thero as rigid und motion
less us a pieco of statuary.
Physioians wore summoned to tho
scene, and tho marvelous sight was wit
nessed by hundroda of citizens. Sovoral
unsuccessful uttompts to romovo' tho
shovol from his hands wero made, whon
Polico Captain Alabaok, assisted by sov
oral officers, suoooeded in removing It
from his grasp, although it scorned that
thoy would surely brook off his fingers
in so doing. Tho man'B heart boat with
tho ordinary pulsations, and tho lungs
wore performing thoir vocation.
Aftor tho man had stood in this posi
tion for ovor two hours ho was pioked
up liko a pieco of marblo, placed in tho
patrol wagon and convoyed to a hospital.
Ho romained in substantially tho Bamo
ooudition for two wholo dayB, during
which timo his bodsido was almost
constantly surrounded by physicians,
who wero intensely interested in tho
caso. Thoro wero iudioations that tho
man was conscious of all his surround
ings. Although improved in condition,
ho has not yet been ablo to relato hia
experience. Dayton (O.) Dispatch.
Selling Ice Four Years Old.
It is stated by Portland ico doalers
that this has boon tho best year for busi
ness on tho Kenuobeo sinoo tho great
season of 1800. Ono man says that somo
ico 4 years old has been sold. This is
Yory unusual. Ico thnt is 4 yoars old
costs more to got out of tho houses than
it costs to out it in tho first placo, for it
is tho ico that is at tho bottom of the
houso and has been consolidated into a
solid mass by tho water flowing down
from tho molting cakes abovo and freez
ing theso underlying enkos togothor. To
run out n block from this is very diffi
cult, for it is liko quarrying stono from
tho solid lodge. It is a good thing that
it can bo sold if only for tho cost of
handling it, booauso it must bo got out
of tho building somehow. Gouorally
thoy boro holes in it with an auger, put
in a stiok of dynamito and blow tho ico
into fragments, which aro thou shovel
ed out Portland (Mo.) Press.
No. 1C. 10.10 a. m.
No. 2. i:03 p. m
No. Ibt 5:10 p.m.
No. 20. 8 00 p.m.
Wo .... R-M.tt
h'M a m
No. 19t..
No. 1,
NO. 17 g.Mn.m'
No. 8 4.02 p.m.
No. ist 5:10 p.m.
dlliillt. n.llv a.iuint Snml...
F. F. V. Limited No. 2 arrives at K'ashsngton nt
7-42 a. ra.; Baltimore, 8.50 a. m.; Philadelphia, 11
a. m.; New York, 1:40 p. m.
F. F. V. Limited No. 3 arrives at Cincinnati at
5.50 p. m.
Washington Express No. 4 arrives at Washing
ton at 2:45 p. m.; New York, 9.05 p. m.
Cincinnati Fast Line No. 1 arrives Cincinnati at
8.05 a. m.
uJllmnnsIccJ,Inf car scrvico to Richmond and
Old Point Comfort by trains 2 and 4.
Direct rnnnprtiou at Cincinnati for all point
W st and South.
No. 1, a, J and 4 do not stop between Maysville
and Newport. '
Leaves Maysvillo at
5:47 a. m. for Paris, Lex-
' lugion, wncin'ti, nich-
ston, Jelllco, Middlcsborough, Cumberland Gap,
Frankfort, Louisville and points ou N. N. and
M. V. Eastern Division
Leave Maysvillo at 1:50 p. m. for Paris, Cincln.
nati, Lexington, Winchester, Richmond and
points on N. N. and M. V. Eastern Division.
Arrive at Mtiysvilloat 9.50 a. m. and 7:50 p. m
All trains dally except Sunday.
4 Optician i
Louis Landman
Of Cincinnati, 0 utll beat S
5 the Central Uotd, UayiviUt, g
5 Ky., on MONDAY next, Xo- p
2 Do not fall to see him, as this win- S
5 tor is his last term at Medical College, p
C and he will not bo ablo to visit this 5
5 cltyasoftennsbeuscdtolastsummer. p
We can well bo proud of the low prices, for
careful, conscientious buylug, when tbe value of
spotash would bo appreciated and conceded too,
has enabled us to sccuro all our goods at prices
which wo believe no other firm in tho city can
1 pound new Almonds i5o
1 pound now Raisins 6o
1 pound new London Layer Raisins 10c
1 pound new Citron ..i5c
1 pound new largo Prunes.- lOc
1 pound new small Prunes 7o
1 pound now Evaporated Peaches lOo
1 pound now Evaporated Apricots 12o
Try ono pound of our Mocha Java Coffee and
you will ttso ho other. Headquarters for Game.
Ordors filled promptly for Dressed Poultry. It
will pay you to get our prices on Canned Goods.
Give us a call.
Successors to Hill & Co.
New Clothes made to order. A branch of
tho Globo Tailoring Company of Cincinnati has
been oponed on West Second street, next door to
Uaulton'a Livery Stable, whero thero will bo
found a complete lino of Woolens sultablo for
Gents' Suits and Overcoating. McCormick, tho
Tailor, will bo pleased to wait on you. Dyeing,
Cleaning, Scouring and Repairing a specialty.
Ladles, bring your old drosses, silk or wool, and
have them dyed. First-class work guaranteed.
mim mi mil
Atlanta. On. Oill(
and Op1 urn Habits
cured a' homo with
ontpatn Book of par
ticulars sent FKKE.
Atlanta. On. Otllco 104 Whitehall 6 L
. L.

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