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Tence Onoo More Restored In Brooks
County, Georgia.
QViTMAN, Ga., Dec. 20. Tho trouble
in Brooka county is over. The Valdoatn
vide'ttos wero ordered hero Monday night
by tho governor. Captain Caffory.
Liontonant Staten and Liuutenant Pco
plos, Dr. Bass and Sheriff Thrasher at
onco visited tho sceno of tho trouble.
They found peace restored, and the cit
izens assured them that there would bo
no more trouble, and they oumo back to
Qnitman about 2 o'clock and the Vnl
dosta vidottcs left on the afternoon
train for Vuldosta.
The negroes wero killed because thoy
wore supposed to know the whereabouts
of Waverly Pike, whoso crime was tho
original iucoutivo to lawlessness. Good
citizens of tho county will do thoir ut
most to bring to justice tho moil who
are responsible for tho trouble.
Dc-nth of an Old Telegrapher.
St. Louis, Dec. 20. Colonel Sol Pal
mer, ouo of tho oldest telegraphers in
tho country, died hero last night. Col
onel Palmer, at tho time of his doath,
had been for about 20 years the super
intendent of tho Western Union Tclo
graph company. During tho civil war
he was a United States lineman, and
ever siuco that timo has been employed
by the Western Union company. His
ago was 74 yours, and ho was tho oldest
tolegrapher fcest of tho Allegheuoy.
mountains. Ho had been very feoblo
for the last two mouths, and died of old
Took IIli Prisoner Hack.
West Plains, Mo.," Doc. 20. A. J.
Testament has been arrested here by
onenn urr or ronton county, atk., on
the charge of killing a man last Feb
ruary. Testament was in the Benton
county jail fivo months, but was re
leased when the grand jury failed to
indict him. A short time ago new
evidence was socured and Testament's
indictment followed. Sheriff Orr had
supplied himself with requisition pa
pers in advance and had no trouble in
inducing his man to accompany him
back to Benton county.
Sawed to Pieces.
Russellville, Ky., Dec. 20. Charles
Reed, a workman at Harris1 sawmill,
in Robertson county, met with a fatal
accident Saturday evening. He was en
deavoring to adjust a belt when his foot
got caught at tho great too by tho saw,
and tho member was ripped open to tho
ankle bone. Ho then fell, and tho saw
teeth caught his arnis, severing them
both from his body, lacerating him ter
ribly. Tho man died a few hours later
after suffering untold agonios.
"Uonio Hun" Dufleo Deud.
Mobile, Dec. 20. Charlos Edward
Duffoo, aged 28, died yesterday of con
sumption. Ho was woll known as
"Home Run" Duffee, an ex-membor of
the St. Louis Browns of tho National
Baso Ball Leaguo and tho American
Association, and also of the Washing
ton club of tho National League in
1891. Owing to ill-health, but somewhat
recovering, he played with the Atlanta
team of the Southern League in 1892.
Duffee leaves a wifo.
ruMfcd tho 104-Mile I'ost.
Hartford. Conn., Dec. 20. Mrs.
Emily Robbins Talcott of West Hurt-
ford, tho oldest resident in this stato,
reached her 104th birthday yesterday.
Sho was 0 years old when President
Washington died. She was born at
Walcott Hill, in Wothorsfield, and was
married at 20 to Ausel Talcott, who dnd
hero a few years atro. She has four
children living and has grand and great
grand children.
liostun Merchants Will llunqiiet.
Boston, Dec. 20. Tho Boston Mer
chant's association will hold their an
nual banquet Jan. 3. Invitations have
beou extended to Hon. Benjamin Har
rison, Hon. E. C. Wolcott, souator from
Colorado; Hon. John G. Carlisle, Gen
eral Horace Portor and other prominent
men t6 speak on tho currency question.
Slurried uu Indian Girl.
Carlisle, Pa., Doc. 20. Donuison
Wheolock, Indian director of the Indian
school, and Louise La Chappelle, a
Chippowa girl, wore married at high
noon yesterday at Captain Pratt's resi
denco. Rev. Dr. NorcrosB of tho Pres
byterian church officiated. Whoelock
is a graduate of the school.
Peculiar Death.
Parkersburg, W. Va., Deo. 20.
Little Gladys, the 2-year-old daughtor
of A. J. Rutherford of Addison, met
death in a peculiar manner. She got
hold of a cockolburr in some way and
swallowed it. The burr lacerated her
throat so badly that death ensued in a
ahort timo.
Artist ou u Pilgrimage.
Cleveland, Dec 26. Tho Clevelaud
Art association have organized a pil
grimage to the art galleries of Washing
ton, Philadelphia and New York. The
travelers are to begin their journey
Wedao3day and are to return io Cleve
land Jan. 3.
No Law to Hold Illui.
Leadvillk, Colo., Dec. 20. Justice
P. M. Wall, in tho caso of tho peoplo
vs. Ryan lor arson, has rendered a de
cision dismissing Ryan and holding
that thoro is no law in Colorado pro
hibiting a man from burning his own
Heavy Snowfall In Nebraska.
Omaha, Deo. 20. Various points in
tho stato uldug tho uorthorn border re
port a heavy snowfall tonight. Tho
farmers are very much in need of moiS
ture. For tho Urst timo in years, plo -ing
is going on in Nebraska at Christ
mas. Took Carbolic Acid.
Alliance, O., Deo. 20. John C. Ol
noy, shoomakor, attempted suicido Mon
day afternoon by taking carbollo acid.
A stomach pump was applied-promptly
and his life may bo saved. 'Dissipation
caused him to take the deadly drug.
American Banker Dies lu Austria.
Milwaukee, Deo. 26, A private ca
blegram nniiounces.the death in Tyrol,
Autria, of Rudolph Nunuemaeher, a
Wail known bank? at this city.
$P9cimon Cases.
S. II. Clifford, Now Caseel, Wis., was
troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism,
his stomach was disordered, his liver was
affected to an alarming degree, appetite
foil away, and ho was terribly reduced in
flesh and strength. Threo bottles of
Electric Bitters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg, 111., had
a running soro on his leg of eight years'
standing. Used threo bottles of Electric
Bitters and seven boxes of Bucklen's
Arnica Salve, and his leg is sound and
well. John Speaker, Catawba, O., had
five fever sores on his leg, doctors said ho
was incurable. One bottle of Electric
Bitters and ono box Bucklen's Arnica
Salvo cured him entirely. Sold by J.
James Wood.
If So It lias Not Vet ISccn Reported to
Washington, Dec. 20. No informa
tion has yot reached the Japauoso le
gation hero of tho appointment of peace
commissioners to treat with tho two
Chiueso ambassadors recently appoint
ed. Tho suggestion is advanced that
tho Japanoso government is probablv
awaiting tho arrival of tho Chinese am
bassadors before making tho appoint
ments. The Japanese commissioners
need not, in fact, bo appointed until
soma formal proposition is made by
tho Chinese envoys.
Owing to tho facttbatcominnnication
from Pekin to a Chinese port is some
what delayed on account of tho frozon
rivers and canals, tho arrival of tho
Chiueso in Japan may bo delayed for
some time.
Nothing concerning tho report that
Shao, one of tho Chinese ambassadors,
will bo persona non grata to tho Japa
nese on account of his action as govern
or of Formosa, has been received at the
A cablegram received at tho legation
yesterday announces the couvoniug of
parliament Monday at Tokio.
Affairs in Corca.
Yokohama, Doc. 20. Although Japa
nese rnlo is accepted by the Coreans
generally, tho Tong-Haks are still
aotivo. Thoy have just captured Lai
Ju, capital of the province of Haido.
They expelled tho governor and in
stalled one of their number in his place.
Throe towns in southern Corea have
been burned by thom. Their uumbors
are increasing, they getting reinforce
ments from the tigor hunters.
Woman Killed by a Cow.
Newman's Grove, Neb., Dec. 20.
Mrs. Carrie Moon went out to milk a
fraotlous cow. As sho did not return
as soon as usuu.1, her children went out
and found her under the cow dead, tho
Cow having kicked and tramped her to
death. Doath was immediate, as tho
frontal bone was broken and crushed
into the brain. Sho was a widow, leav
ing live children, the eldest 10 years old.
iTrovo Into the Kivcr.
Boston, Doc. 20. A hordic, driven
by Edward T. Wilson, containing
Austin E. Snow and Miss Lillian A.
Nuto, both popular young people of
East Boston, who wore roturniug from
the theater, went iuto the river from
tho deck of the ferryboat Wiuthrop,
about 10:80 last night. Snow was
drowned and tho horso and herdio wero
both lost. Wilson and Mis Nuto were
IftcH Again In Utah.
Denver, Dec. 20. A telegram was
received at army headquarters from
Colonel Lawtou, inspector general of
the department of tho Colorado, stating
that Ignacio and his band of Utes are
again m Colprado. Tho Utes are di
vided into two parties for tho jouruey
from Utah. Colonel Lawton states
that he had been six days and three
nights in the saddle under trying con
ditions. Exrncss messengers are glnd Christmas Is over.
Louisville Tobacco JVInvlcet.
Furnished by Glover & Durrett, Louisville To
bacco Warehouse.
Sales on our market for the week just closed
amount to 6, 2f! hbds, with receipts for the
same period 0,177 hhds. Sales ou our market
since Jan'y 1st amount to IGl.GIO hhds. Sales of
the crop of 1893 on our market to this date
amount to 1 11.930 hhds. This has been the banner
week for the Louisville tobacco market, the re
ceipts and sales being tbo largest within the
history of the trade for this or any other market.
Receipts for the week G177. Sales for the week
C,2:n hhds. Notwithstanding tho immense
offering the prices have beon well maintained
and. except for low grades havo shown soruo
weakening during tho close of the week prices
have been stronger than at auy time since the
new crop commenced to move. An unusually
large number of hhds, of new hurley was sold
during tho week, between 812, $18, and $20, per
hundred was received for one hhds, of new crop
hurley, This being the highest price ol the
season. Old hurley has been somewhat stronger
throughout the week. ,
Tho following quotations fairly represent our
market for hurley tobacco, 1893 crop:
Trash (dark) or damaged tobacco $ 2 003 3 00
Common colory trash .1 O0 4 00
Medium to good colory trash I uo 0 00
Common lugs, not colory 3 C0 -1 SO
Common colory lugs 1 60 fi 00
Medium to good colory lugs G 00 7 00
Common to medium leaf 7 00 9 00
Medium to good leaf 9 0014 00
Good to lino leaf 14 ooffiis oo
Select wrapper' leaf 18 00(j25 00
in, iiysville ltetntl AInrket.
MOLASSESnow crop, $ gallon 60 &C0
Golden Syrup 85 fitiO
Sorghum, fancy new 40
8UUAK Yellow,
Kxtrac, ro.
A, Tfi tt
Granulated, f)D.
Powdered, ty tt..,
TEAS-W lb 601 00
COALOIL Headlight, gallon 10
BACON-Breakfast, $ to 12
Clearsides.'D to 11 12
Hams, f) to 12 1!J
Shoulders, Kl to 10. a
BEANS-IJl gallon 80 (840
BUTTER $ to li492a
CHICKENS Each 20 g25
KGGSIj! dozen (420
FLOUR-Limcstono, W barrel jFoo
Old Gold, W barrel 4 00
Maysvlllo Fancy, f) barrel 8 00
Mason County, & barrel 3 00
Morning Glory. V) barrel 8 00
Holler King, $ barrel 4 00
Magnolia, tyi barrel 4
Blue Grass, IB barrel 3 75
Graham, W socle IB 20
HONEY V itu 15 (S20
HOMINY-tygollon 20
MEAL B peck 20
LAUD ' pound M 010
ONIONS W Beck..."..... 80
POTATOES-"! pec, now... 25
APPLES W Pec.... ............ 040.
Items Picked Up by the Bulletin's Cor
respondents in Mason and
Miss llesslc Porter, of the city, was a guest of
Mrs. Eva Wise lost week.
We extend a happy Christmas greeting to tho
But.iJTi.v and Its many readers.
Several from this neighborhood are attending
tho protracted meeting at Stewart's Chapel. "
School closed Friday evening, altera generous
treat by the teacher, until after the holidays.
Arthur Tolle of Coftngevlllc, was the pleasant
guest of his cousins, the Williams' boys, the past
Mr. Thomas Williams anil family, of North
Fork, have been visiting relatives hero for
several days post.
While Mr. Ike Heesc and family, a resident on
the Wholey farm, were at church a few nights
ago, sonio one took advantage of their absence
and helped themselves to the contents of a
bnrrel of flour, some meat and several papers of
Mr. John Fishier had some sheep badly
mangled by dogs a few nights past. ft. C. Wil
liams iilso the sntn,o night about 1 o'clock was
awakened by the ringing of his sheep bells and
the vicious barking of a dog. He luckily saved
his sheep, but the dog escaped unhurt. In con
nection with the bold and fearless robbery com
mitted atSummltt Station at noon Tuesday, of
last week, the citizens of this neighborhood were
qulto startled to sec the youthful robber about
half pat one o'clock, lleelng at a pcdestrlanly
Nancy Hanks gait, and men armed with revol
vers and shot-guns in close pursuit. An event
of rare occurrence in our exceptionally quiet
Holly-Orowned December.
The maiden mouths are a stately train,
Veiled In tho spotless snow,
Or decked with bloom of paradi o
What time the roses blow,
Or wreathed with the vine and the yellow
When tho moons of harvest glow.
Hut oh 1 the joy of the rolling year,
The queen with peerless charms,
IsVhe who comes through the waning light
To keep the world from harms
December, fair and holly crowned,
With the Christ-child in her arras.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
to neuralgia, headache
and nervousness many
men suffer also Mrs. Villa
H. MAPP.White Plains.Ga.
was broken down in health
when she began taking
Iron Bitters
In a unsolicited letter
(Juno 29, 1891.) sho writes:
"About 0 or 10 years ago
I was broken down in health
and sufTcrcd from extreme
nervousness, and sevcro
neuralgic pains afllictcd dif
ferent parts of my body
sometimes the dreadful pain
would bo in my eyes and
head, sometimes in my hand
and often in ir.y shoulders
and neck. I took many
remedies, but found uono
like Brown's Iron Bitters. I
havo used a few bottles
every year since. I often
praise it toothers."
It's Brown's
Iron Bitters
you need I
Look for crossed
Red lines on wrapper.
W. L. Douglas
$3. shoe,
3.29 P0LICE.3 Soles.
2 A7 BoysSchoolShoes.
$& IJrre-rDONGOU
Yon can aave money by purcbailna W. JL.
DougliiB Shoes,
Decuuse. we are the largest manufacturer of
advertised shoes' in the world, and guarantee
the value by stamping the name and price on
the bottom, which protects you against high
prices and the middleman's profits. Our shoes
equal custom worlc in style, easy fitting and
wearing qualities. We have them sold every,
where at lower prices for the value given than
any other make. Take no substitute. If your
dealer cannot supply you, we can. Sold by
Dealer, whoso name will shortly appear hero
Agents wanted. Apply at once.
R. P. G. S
BOTEYES TESTED and Glasses accuratelyfltted.
Special attention to diseases of tho oyes. Office
and Besldcnco Ho. 7 West Third Street.
New Clothes made to order. A branch of
tho Globe Tailoring Cordpany of Cincinnati has
been opened on West-Second street, next door to
Daulton's Livery BtaWo, whero tncro will bo
found a complote line1 of Woolens sultablo for.
Gents' Suits and Overcoating. McCormick, tho
Tailor, will be pleased to wftlt on you. Dyeing,
Ladies, bring your, old, dresses, rtlkpr wool, and i
have them dyed. FlrstlclassworlcKuarantecdi ':
Brings comfort and improvement run'
tends to personal enjoyment wh u
rightly used. The many, who live lit-i-tcr
than others and enjoy life more, witl
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best products It
the needs of physical being, will nttct
the value to health of the pure !itinV
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of Fipu.
Its excellence is'due to its presenting
in the, form most acceptable and plem
ant to tho taste, tho refreshing and truly
beneficial properties of n perfect liix
ativo; effectually cleansing the system,
dispelling colds, headijches and fevers
ana permanently curing constipation,
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with tho approval of tho medial
profession, because it acts on the Kid
nevs, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
gists in 50c ahcVSl bottles, but it is man
ufactured by tho California Fig Syrup
Cii. only, whose name is printed on every
package, also the name, Syrup of Figs,
and being well informed, you will not
accept any substitute if offered.
We Are AflerThe Holiday Business
and wo intend to get it. If prices and quality
counts a special inducement to Holiday Shop
pers. Any article in our store is a bargain.
1 pound mixed Nuts .-. 10
1 pound Almonds 15
1 pound new Raisins 5
1 pound Layer Raisins 10
2 pounds fancy new Figs 'J5
4 pounu mixca sucKi;nnuy u
4 pounds mixed Candy 25
2 pounds fancy mixed Candy. 15
3 pounds new Dates 25
') pounds cleaned Currants 25
1 pound fancy Citron 15
1 pound fancy cleaned Seedless Kalslns..l5
5 packs Fire Crackers 10
1 pound Evaporated reaches 10
3 pounds Prunes 25
2 cans pealed reaches 25
Oranges 15, 20, 30, per dozen.
Hananas, Lemons, Malaga Grapes, Oranges, Cel
cry, Cranberlcs and Turkeys for everybody
Leave your orders with us for a nice Turkey fo:
Christmas. The people's cheap grocery,
Successors to Hill & Co.
For you to get value received for every cent of
your money. For CASH you can buy :
21 pounds Granulated Sugar $1 00
I pound best Evaporated reaches 10
1 pound best Evaporated Apples 10
I pounds best Mixed Candy 25
fl dozen large Pickles 25
2 packages Arbuekle's Coffee 45
1 packago best Pancake Flour 10
1 pound ltaklng Powder. 10
Homcmucr You Get
Sixteen Ounces to
the Pound Hero.
Candles, Nuts, ltnlslns, Figs, Dates and
kinds of Fruits cheapest in the
est in the city.
Poultry, Game and all kinds coun
kinds country Produce
always on hand. Try our new crop N. O. Molas
scs; It Is the best.
Mrs. A. O'Mara,
230 East Market Street.
LaGrippe Can Be Cured!
If you bavo La Grippe or "that tired feeling"
which attends It, get
Testimonial. I had tho Ln Grippe and was
given up to die. I took Dr. Berry's Cure and was
ou my feet In two weeks. I regard It as a specific.
Agent for John P. Morton & Co., Louisville, Ky.
This mcdiclno can bo had 'only at tho Drug
Storo of J. J. WOOD, Second and Market streets.
Maysvlllo, Ky.
Less Than Cost!
Beautiful Mica that sold for 20 cents, now 8lc.
for eight yards. Must bosold for cash, Wo have
mado new books with remnants and now prices.
Tho abovo are facts and not to deceive.
Wholcsalo Book and Stationery. Dealers, Toys,
Picture Frames and Notions.
Second Street, Near Limestone,
Repairing of all kinds done nromntivann no
reasonable terms,
A school ofexccllentadvantagesforatborough
education ip. every department. Modern Lan
guages and Freehand Drawing taught without
extra charge. Point-print method used In teach
ing those who are blind. Musical department
under tho able direction of a graduate of a noted
conservatory. Parents and guardians will bo
given full particulars as to terms and reference,
on applying to
Telephone Company.
Maysvllle, Mayslick, Helena, Helena Station and
Messages promptly delivered. Rates reasonable.
Maysvlllo offlco at tho office of Wells & Ander
son's livery stoblo, on Market street.
H. G. WELLS, General Manager.
Granite, Marble and
All kinds of Monumental work done ln the best
manner. Second street, aboveoporahouso.
Oornnr of Honnd and Hntton trei&,
No. 10. 10:00 a. m.
No. 2. J:83 p. m.
No.l8t 6;0.p.m.
No.20t 8:00 p.m.
Wo. 4 8:50 v.m.
No.lOK 5:30 a. m.
No. 1 6:07 a. m.
No. 17 8:59 a.m.
No. 8 a-JKln.iT
No. 15f 5:00 p.m.
Dally. JDally except Sunday.
F. F. V. Limited No. 2 arrives ot Washington at
C:50 a. in.; Baltimore 8:05 a. m.; Philadelphia, 10:25
a. m.; Now York, 12:63 p.m.
P. P. V. Limited No. a arrives at Clnclnnntl'nt
5:60 p. m.
Washington Express No. 4 arrives at Washing
ton at 2:45 p. m.; Now York, 9:05 p. m. b
Cincinnati Fast Lino No. 1 arrives Cincinnati at
8:05 a. m.
rt,HUilm,VV?lceJ,lncnr sorvlco to Richmond and
Old Point Comfort by trolns 2 and 4.
Wes'tVso nthtl0U at clnc,nnatl for nlHpotnta
No. 1, 2, 3 and4 do not stop between Maysvlllo
and Newport.
Leaves Maysville at
5:47 a. m. for Parls-Lex-
Ii lus wm. viuum- u, iucn
," "' mond.Stanford.Lirlnir.
stoni Jelllco, Mlddlesbotough, Cumberland; Gap.
M. V. Eastorn Division.
Leave Maysvlllo at.l:60 p. m. for Pari. Cincin
nati, Lexington, Winchester, Richmond and
points on N. K. and M, V. Eastern Division.
Arrive at MayavllleOiSP a. m. and 7;30 p. xa
All trains dally except Sunday,
V . B g CJ
ra t Hi
. ' n ft
ill . ' S
TH1 Hll-YatP'l lA 1ST
." i
Ufcft Xg'- arf.VIV-C.: 'r ..M J-

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