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Weather Conditions the Past Week
Unfavorable to Agricultural
Weekly Weather-Crop Bulletin.
' The weather conditions of the past
week have, upon the whole, been unfav
orable to agricultural interests. The in
tensity of the heat was almost without
precedent for this season of the year, the
average maximum of the State 'for the
week beinR abovo 00. The sky was
practically cloudless, no rain, except a
lew scattered showers, being reported.
These conditions have had the effect of
injuring the prospects for all crops which
are still unharvested. While the com
plaints of drouth are general in all sec
tions of the State, the greatest damage
annears to have occurred in the central
and eastern counties, where, in some lo
calities, verv serious injury has been
reported. I'lio western sections, espec
ially in the bottom lands, have suilered
only slightly, and the crops in that por
tion of the State will nearly fulfil earlier
anticipations, while in the eastern and
northern counties it is probable that they
will fall short of the! expectations of some
weeks ago.
The reports received this week regard
ing the effect of weather conditions upon
corn are somewhatconflic.ting. A major
ity of correspondents state that the late
crop is rapidly reaching matuiity and
that the outlook was never better, but
many, especially those in the central and
eastern districts, report serious injury
from drouth. The correspondent in Fay
ette county states that the early crop is
good, but that the drouth has nearly
ruined a larger portion of the later corn,
which he states is of poor quality, chaffy
and light. It is believed tliat this fairly
represents the condition of the crop in
Fayette and contiguous counties. Cut
ting is progressing rapidly in all sections
of the State.
Tobacco cutting is in full progress in
the western portion of the State, and is
about completed in other portions. The
crop Generally has not been seriously af
fected by the drouth, since the gre'ater
portion of it had reached an advanced
stage of growth before the need of rain
was begun to be felt. Reports regarding
the crop are generally favorable, and
much of it is already housed. Some
damaged is reported from chinch bugs in
Crittendon County.
Pastures and grasses of all kinds have
suffered severely from the drouth, and
those upon the uplands are practically
burnt up. The lowland pastures in the
western portions of the State are still in
fair condition, but in all other section?
they are very poor, and the condition of
stock is therefore low. Much complaint
of the scarcity of water for stock is made,
and many creeks and springs which have
furnished a plentiful supply for many
years are now nearly dry.
The drouth has caused a practical sus
pension of the work of plowing and
seeding, the soil being dry and dusty.
Irish potatoes have not suffered mate
rially in the greater portion of the State,
and "the late crop is generally reported to
be in good condition.
Late garden products are not, as a rule,
in the best condition, and crops are re
ported as being from poor to fair.
Cabbages are bursting and rotting,
from the combined effects of heat and
dry weather.
Good, soaking rains are badly needed
for all crops which are as yet unharvest
ed, and also to prepare the soil for fall
plowing and seeding.
When Baby was sick, wo gave her Castorla.
When she was a Child, she cried for Castorla,
When she became Miss, sho clung to Castorla.
When she had Children, sho gave them Castorla,
On the Cincinnati Division
0. and 0.
of the
President Ingalls said in his annual
report a year ago that it was proposed
for some time to come to put all the sur
plus earnings of the C. and 0. over fixed
charges into betterments, and that policy
has been vigorously carried out the past
Some remarkable work is being
done on the Cincinnati division getting
the road-bed into shape for the laying of
the new 100-pound rails. An instance
of this is to be seen near Augusta, where
the course of a creek has been changed
to prevent anv wash of the embankment,
and a magnificent arched culvert, sufli
cent to carry oft' the water at any stage
of flood, has been put in. Great stone,
tQns in weight, havo been used making
the structure as soMd as the hills.
Then at Maysville, from Market to
Wall streets, threo squares, a great re
taining wall of Stone City freestone is
being built in place of the old trestle
along the river front.
The 100-pound rail is being laid as fast
as possiblo and when that is dono the
Cincinnati division will not bo oxcolled
in the world and will bo equipped for the
faster schedules of tho already notably
fast and reliable C. and 0.
It May Do As Much For You.
Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving, 111., writes
that ho had n severe kidney trouble for
many years, witli sovero pains in his
bank and also that his bladder was af
fected. He tried many so called kidney
cures but without any good result.
About a year ago ho began use of Elec
tric Bitters and found relief at once.
Electric Bitters is especially adapted to
euro of all kidney and liver troubles and
often gives almost instant relief. One
trial will prove our statement. Price
only 50c. At J. James Wood'e drug store.
Good for
did you say?
Vcs, that describes how I feel.
I havo no energy left, nothing inter
ests me.
Aly strength has left me and I have
no inclination to work.
No one would take me for the same
person that I used to be.
I look and feci forlorn and miserable.
My spirits are low, I feel despondent
and I can't sleep at night.
I am constipated and my digestion
is out of order.
I feel almost hopeless, it seems to me
that I shall never be strong
Cheer up, your caso is far from
being hopeless. You are suffering
from general debility, your nerves
need toning up, you Jack vitality.
The euro lies in enriching and
purifying your blood and strength
ening the system. You should take
Brown's Iron Bitters, it
will restore you to robust, perfect
health. You will improve from the
first bottle: This remedy is pleasant
to take and Is a very powerful
strengthened It does not stain the
teeth. But get the genuine see the
crossed red lines on wrapper.
They Figure in a Tragedy at Berlin,
Bracken County.
Bracken County comes to the front
with another killing.
Iu a tltiht at Berlin Jasper Sharp shot
George McClanahan and his wife, badly
wounding the former and instantly kill
ing th latter.
The trouble grew out of an alleged in
timacy between Sharp and a daughter of
McClanahan and his wife were both
armed with knives and Sharp is danger
ously cut in seveial places.
Masonic Notice.
By order of General Committee, no
children under sixteen will be admitted
to tho reception on Thursday night.
This order will bo strictly enforced,
and parents will make a noto'of it.
Two thousand five hundred invitations
have been issued and if children were
admitted, the Masonic Temple would be
crowded to sullocation.
It was further ordered that the Sir
Knights must come in full Templar uni
form, consisting of coat, chapeau and
belt no swords.
The Kniuhts will comply with this
order out of respect to the Most Eminent
Grand Master, and tho visiting com'man
deries and other fraternities that will be
present. GawiettS. Wall,
Chairman Committee.
Notice to Members of tho First Bap
tist Church.
There will bo services at the First Bap
tist Church next Sunday at 10:G0 a. m.
The presence of every member of the
church is requested, as matters of great
importance will bo presented for their
consideration. Manifest your love for
tho church and the cause of Christ by
your presence at this meoling, next Sun
day morning.
A. 0. U. W.
All membei8 are requested to meet at
hall on Sutton street to-night at 7:30
sharp, to attend the reception at the Ma
sonic Temple.
R. II. Wallack, M. W.
Augustus Rkes was adjudged of un
sound mind yesterday and ordered sent
to tho asylum. His homo is near Morans
burg. Ho frightened several women in
thatneighborhood badly ycflterday morn-
Mr. R. B. Cord, of Wedonia, made an
assignment yesterday to Mr. 0. Flana
gan, for the benefit of his creditors.
Assets and liabilities not stated. The
assets consist principally of a stock of
goods at Wedonia.
Tun electric cars will run until 11
o'clock to-night to accommodate those
who attend tho reception at Masonic
Temple. After 9 o'clock cars will leave
tho postofllco corner every half hour for
each end of tho lino.
Mns. Mary Bkown was adjudged of
unsound mind yesterday and will bo sent
to tho asylum. Her caso is a sad one.
Sho is subject to epilepsy, and was ser
iously burned last spring by falling in
tho fire during an attack.
Lightning Hot Drops
What a Funny Name!
Very True, but It Kills All Pain.
Sold Everywhere, Every Day
Without Relief, There Is No Pavl
Wanted for a Job Dono at pover Last
Winter Had Forfeited His
. Bond.
Detectives Fitzgerald and Rothenhofler
of the C and 0. landed Fete Stevenson
in jail here last evening on a eerious
Last December Mr. W. A. P. Lurtoy's
store at Dover was entered one night by
thieves who carried away a lot of goods.
Stevenson was arrested a week or so
later by Detective Fitzgerald and Con
stable Dawson and some of the goods
were recovered. The accused was juiled
but succeeded finally in executing bond
for his appearance at the June term of
tho Circuit Court.
When his case was called he was not
on hand, and a bench warrant was issued
for him. It was sent to Sherifl O'Donnell
of Covington and ho turned it over to
Detectives Fitzgerald and Rothenhofler.
The Post says : " They have been un
tiring in theirEearch for Stevenson, and
were unable to locate him until Tuesday
evening when they got word that he
was in hiding in Jeff Murphy's place, on
Madison Avenue and Seventeenth street.
Tho two officers kept watch on the place
until daylight, when they made a search
of tho building. The search revealed
Stevenson hiding in the cellar. He had
a bottle of chloroform and a lighted can
dle. Tho officers, knowing his character,
took no chances with their prisoner, but
immediately covered him with their re
volvers. Ho made no effort to resist,
and he was taken to jail and locked up.
Stevenson, it is claimed, gave the C. and
0. officials no end of trouble. Much of
the recent breaking open of freight cars
and stealing of merchandise they at
tribute to his work. Ho also bears a bad
reputation among the Covington police."
That Parade.
Cincinnati is justly proud of her fire
department, easily tho best in America
and its police department which stands
first in all that appertains to efficiency.
The fire department is modernly equip
ped, and tho splendid army of horses
that draw the great machines and ladder
wagons and march in reserve is a sight
to be rarely witnessed. Animals chosen
only for their strength and intelligence.
They almost talk, theso Cincinnati fire
horses. The police force- marches like a
phalanx in blue down the street, six
footers nearly every one, clean looking,
well dressed, intelligent men, who sur
pass in drilling any similar force on
earth. Four Governors of four of the
best States in tho Union, Governors Mac
Corkle, of West Virginia, Brown, of
Kentucky, Matthews, of Indianna, and
McKinley, of Ohio, will be at the parade.
The city will be adorned profusely, and
the parade of half a hundred bands will
saturate the air with sweet sounds.
The C. and 0. is making a special study
of taking everybody along its line who
wants to go to Cincinnati October 3rd to
see this grand spectacle. Tho price de
cided upon is more than reasonable and
tho time given is ample. You can seo
tho parade, seo the town and ride homo
in a fine train. It will be better than
medicine and not half so costly. See
the 0. and 0. agent at your station
tuner details.
Fire Insurance. Duloy & Baldwin.
James Payne and Miss Mattio Hughes,
of Fleming County, were married this
morning at tho St. James Hotel by Judge
Easily, Quickly, Permanently Restored.
AVouUiiens, NcrvouHiieitu,
Debility, and all tho train
iOi evils irom eany errors or
r later exi-espcs, mo results oi
overwork, Klcknois. worry,
etc. mm Btrengtu, devel
opment anil tone (jlven to
)every organ ana portion
of I lie bod v. Simple, nat.
ural methods, fmnnxll.
ato Improvement seen.
Failure lmnnnMlile. li.000 references. Book.
explanation and proofs mailed (sealed) free.
Is good ndvicc hut hard to
follow. Buy your Grocer
ies of us is good advice and
easy to follow. Come and
see our elegant stock of
nico tilings to cat. Tho
People's Store,
Third and Limestone.
Granite, Marble and
All kinds ol Monumental work done In tho be J
manner. Second stroct, above opera honae,
for Infants
HIRTY yefir' oTiiervatlon
millions of penong, permit na to spook of It withont Knowing.
It la nnqneatlonably tho host remedy for Infants .and Children.
tho world has ever known. It Is harmless. Children llfco It. It
gives them hoalth. It will save their lives. In It Mothers havo
something which Is ohsolntely safo and praotloally perfeot as a
child's medicine.
Castorla destroys Worms.
Castorla allays Fovorlshncas.
Castorla provents vomiting Sonr Card.
Castorla curoa Diarrhoea and "Wind Collo.
Castorla roUovos Teething Tronhlos.
Castorla enros Constipation and Flatnlcnoy.
Castorla nontrallrcs tho offoots of carhonlo acid gas or polsonons air.
Castorla does not contain morphine, opium, or other narootio property.
Castorla assimilates tho food, regulates tho stomach and towels,
giving healthy and natnral Bleep.
Castorla Is pnt np in one-slzo bottles only. It Is not sold in bnlfc.
Don't allow any ono to sell yon anything olso on tho plea or promise
that It is "Jost as good" and "will answor ovary pnrpoBC."
Soo that yon get C-A-ST-Q"R-I-A.
Tho fao-slmilo
slgnatnro of
Children Cry for
Sterling Silver Buckles,
Clasps and Slides.
jw -jyivuMi'r. ir... i
in great variety of styles at very
low prices,
NOVELTIES in Celluloid,
Plush, Wood and Metal Gooda.
Hand6omen8sortmentof Stand
and Triplicate Mirrors.
On July 1, 1895,
Wo took from our books 6100 worth of ac
counts against Maysvlllo citizens and of
fered them for J5C, as wo need our capl
ital, but could not llnd a buyer. In faeo
of this wo havo decided to discontinue
the six months credit sales, and all sales
will bo duo when made. Cash sales and
small profits will bo our motto.
Booksellers and Wall l'aper
, Edwin Matthews,
Second and Market, over GeorgoT. Wood's, Mays
vlllo, Ky. Extraction under gas. Also Gold Cap
Crown and Bridge Work (insertion of artificial
teotu without plates.) Night calls answered.
The subscription -price of the Weekly
Bulletin ia only $1.50 a year.
Ffea iVM-SCtHj'X.y.tfa.g? iiiffifr
imimii Mmii"iiWV.VVyVVVVVVl'flM
and Children.
of Castorla with tho patronage of
is oa every
Pitcher's Castorla.
BREAD that is right? 2 ;;::::0 F::"
ROLLS that are light? p oniiDCCVOl l
CAKES out of sight? gOUUttStYUU
PIES just right? :::::: DO :":
Traxel Has Them!
On nccouutof tlie Ewlng Fnlr the i
solo of the following voidable prop- i
erty was postponed. It will now take i
place on the (Into below given. i
Dwelling House, Tobacco Prizing
Warehouse, Livery Stable and
Eighteen Acres of Good I,:iud.
I wish to sell my valuable property nt Ncpton,
Fleming County, Ky., on the line of the Mays
ville Division of tho L. nud Ji. Railroad, with
good church and school privileges, fine roller
mill and other advantageous surroundlucs. The
property consists of
1. DWELLING HOUSE of seven rooms, a good
Lot, Ice House, Cellar and good Outbuilding".
located on side-track.
3 Good LIVERY faTABLE ou turnpike. Will
hold two car-loads of stock.
J.-EIGHTEEN A RES LAND lying In tho West
ern edge of the villngo.
Ono BLACKSMITH SHOP on tho property with
in flftv yards of the depot, nud is a cood ttaud
can't bobcat.
All the nbovo property Is within corporato lim
its of town. My reason for selling this property
is tho fact that I desire to return to my old homo
In North Carolina In October. If not sold prl
vateb' before that time, It will be oflcrcd at pub
lic sale, on the premises, on
Saturday, Sept, 28, '95,
at 10 a. m., and It will bo sold either as a whole
or in lots to suit purchaser. Terms will be made
known on day of sale. For particulars address
me at Mt. Gllead, Ky., or 11 you desire to seo tho
property call on James O. Blair at Nepton, Ky.
JL. SAVAGE, Mt. Gllead, Ky.
Tho undersigned offers two Farms for sale, ono
containing 250 acres and tho other -10 acres. The
llrst tract is located on tho Stoney Hollow pike
and Is well Improved.
A Good Dwelling of Six Rooms,
Threo Bnrns, Ice
and other outbuildings, and it has on it a good
orchard. Tho smaller tract is a part of the old
Montjoy farm, and has on it a good dwelling of
four rooms and a good stable. For further par
ticulars address
Bernard, Mason Couuty ,Ky.
havo dissolved partnership. Thoso finding them
selves indebted to tho linn will pleaso call and
settle with W. S. Torallu. W. S. Tomlln will set
tle all debts oltho Ann. TOMLINBROS., .
tld Murphysvlllo, Ky.
Attorney at Law.
Office: Court street. east sldo.

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