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Convention Week a Poor Ono
For Business.
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! '
Is Blcy clo Riding Injurious toWomen ?
Notes of Interest New Re
cruits, &c.
which is IT.
"Angc's nml ministers of grace defend us !
He thou a spirit of health or goblindnmnM,
Bring with thee airs from heaven or blasts from
Be thy Intents wicked or charitable
Tnou comet In Mich a questionable share,
That I will speak to thee."
These words were originally addressed
to the ghost in "Hamlet," but they are
here applied to the bicycle, the corning
of which has set the whole world to
speculating on its ultimate influence.
The ministers of the land receive mill
ions of dollars annually in return for the
services they render as censors of the
public morals. Being conscientious men
they feel it is their duty to keep a sharp
lookout for any foe that may in any form
seek to assail their flocks, as a matter of
course from their watch-towers over the
gates they espied the approach of the
bicycle, and much to their wonderment
and worry they saw a woman mounted
Here then was something that de
manded a theological diagnosis. The
moral or immoral effect of bicycle riding
for women must at once be determined,
and the degenerating influence of bloom
ers must be made known.
There were no well established pre
cedents by which these innovations
could be accurately measured, so it was
necessary to do a great deal of guessing.
And that is why some ministers have
guessed that every woman who dares to
ride a wheel with bloomers or with skirfs
is sure and certain to go to the everlast
ing bow-bow, and no mistake about it,
while other ministers say that the wheel
is a most wonderful contrivance, and its
influence for good is marvelous.
The whole theological world is now
divided by a new line of thought, and
one-half is arrayed against the other-half
with the innocent, inanimate bicycle be
tween them.
Just what relation exists between the
bicycle and the eternal salvation or de
struction of the soul is a question of im
portance and one which the specialists
along that line of thought may well pon
der over. So far as conditions in the
next world as they term it are concerned
no one will ever know in this world what
direct influence the "here" has on the
It is an awful thing to think that some
dear member of a family circle maybe
forever shut away irom the rest of the
folks because he or she rode a two
wheeled vehicle to church while the
other member of the family rode in a
four-wheeled vehicle or walked.
And there are the wise looking old
doctors. They are supposed to look after
the physical health of the body as the
ministers do of the soul. And do they
all agree as to what effect the riding of
the bicycle will leave on the health of
the men and women who mount the
steed of steel?
Well, hardly !
They "scatter" in their views regarding
the wheel's effects on the health of the
people almost as much as the ministers
do regarding its influence on the morals
of the public.
"Who shall decide when doctors disa
gree ?" In a recent issue of the Phila
delphia Press, appeared the following:
New York, May8. Dr. ForbesWinslow,
the famous London specialist who is
attending the sessions of the Medico
Legal Congress in this city, has expressed
himself as uncompromisingly opposed to
bicycling by women. Said ho: No woman
should ever be allowed to exercise in
that manner. It is dangerous to health
and it is injurious to morals.
"I am fearful for the next generation
if this bicycle craze keeps on, for it is
then and only then, that the full effects
of the evil will be absolutely demon
strated to the public. Abnormal condi
tions must bo expected to exist when the
causes for their development are so uni
versally used. The exercise is too vio
lent for the physical construction of
Dr. Winalow's remarks are anything
but soothing, and, if one were foolish
enough to take them without a grain of
salt, ho or she would conclude that the
wheel is a very bad thing.
But there are other doctors and one of
them in tBe same paper quoted from
above said some things about Dr. Wins-
low and his views that were not entirely
Dr. Champiouniere, a distinguished
French physician, does not agree with
the conclusion of Dr. Forbes Winslow as
to the unsuitability of the bicycle for
women. Dr. Champiouniere, after a four
years stud, has come to the conclusion
that the bicycle is of direct benefit to
women in increasing muscular strength,
lung capacity, healthy action of the heart
and that its effect on the mind is most
excellent. Woman riders are less ner
vous and more confident, walk with more
certain step and are altogether improved.
The French physician took up the ques
tion without prejudice, went into it sci
entifically and it may be said his views
are in harmony with the beat medical
science on this side of the water. Dr.
Window's attack suggests an animus
that comes not from a scientific study of
the bicycle, but from a conservatism as
to what is called women's real place.
This, he says sharply, is in the nursery;
but it looks as if the English women and
certainly not American, were not dit
posed favorably to this soothing syrup
view of life. Women who ride the bicy
cle are, other things being equal, far bet
ter fitted for the duties of the nursery
than those who have kept themselves
there to satisfy the contentions of the
men who believe a woman's sphere
should be as narrow as the man's sphere
is broad.
And there you are. The bicycle, so it
seems, is a musical instrument on which
you can play a melody of rest and health
and innocent beauty, or a direful discord
of distress and damnation. There are so
many things in the world that are just as
one looks at them. "Out of the fullness
of the heart the mouth speaketh."
And the eye seeth, etc., etc.
.Mrs. Dr. Gordon Smoot has decided to
ride a Patee bicycle.
Have you seen Stanley Watson on his
orange colored outing? He's all right.
Mr. Horace Outten from a mechanical
stand point has chosen a Crescent No. 1
for his 1S9G mount.
J.T. Kackley & Co. have bought Mr.
Ed. Geisel's stock of wheels. Now for
some good bargains.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Geisel will ride the
Cleveland bicycle. The wheel used by
the Four Hundred of New York.
Ex-Senator E. L. Worthington is
hourly looking for his new Cleveland
wheel on which he will tour the State.
Mr. Perine Jenkins, after many yeais
riding a Cleveland wheel, has given Ins
order for a new Cleveland to J. T. Kack
ley & Co., agents.
A. J. Balfour, M. P., has accepted
the presidency of the National Cyclists'
Mr. Balfour now has nn aluminium
bicyclo of American make weighing
only 18 pounds.
Dr. Joseph Parker of London de
scribes the bicyclo as "that shoulder
contracting, mischievous, horrible ma
chine that will tako tho manliness out
of any nation."
Tho little king of Spain, Princo
Charles and Princo Christian of Den
mark, tho king of Portugal and tho
Grand Dukes Sergius nud Paul of Rus
sia aro often seen riding bicycles.
Tho Czar Nicholas II, Emperor Wil
liam, Princo Henry of Prussia, Princo
Waldcmar of Denmark, tho Grand Duko
Michael Miolmolovitch and Prince Al
phonso of Bavaria are nil ardent cyclists.
Tho Princess Maud has lately aban
doned tho tricycle for tho bicycle. Tho
greater number of tho royal princesses
of England aro intrepid cycle women,
and it is tho same with tho princesses
of tho imperial family of Russia.
Tho Duo do Noailles, whoso appoint
ment to tho French embassy at Berlin is
much talked about, is, although 00 years
of age, au ardent cyclist and may bo seen
daily plying tho pedals in tho less
crowded quarters of tho Bois do Bou
logne. George Vanderbilt is in tho delightful
position where ho can scorch on his own
roads if it so pleases him. Mr. Vander
bilt is nn ardent wheelman, and in tho
05,000 acres which compriso his estate
in North Caroliua there aro 100 miles
of fine macadamized roads.
Bicyoliug cabinet ministers may have
to bo restrained. Mr. Ritchie, president
of the British board of trade, was lately
nuablo to attend an important debate 'in
tho commons concerning his depart
ment becauso ho was laid up from the
results of a faUfrpm, his frloycle.
The following bicycle party spent the
4th of July at Glen Springs returning
Monday morning; the run home of
twenty-four miles made in about three
hours: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Watson,
Mrs. Thomas M. Russell, Mr, and Mrs.
J. T. Kackley and Mr, Ed. Nesbitt.
During the first three months of 1800
America exported $428,035 worth of
bicycles and sundries to Great Britain.
Ono of tho new ideas is an asbestus
grip for tho handle bar. It is said that
tho asbestus will absorb tho perspiration
from tho hands. It is a little heavier
than tho cork grip.
Wheelmen who aro annoyed by dogs
will iiud that they can easily put a stop
to at least one nuisance by carrying a
small sack of torpedoes such as young
America uses on Independence day.
Riders who aro caught out after dark
without a lantern, or whoso lantern
gives out unexpectedly, can cover all
provisions of tho law by buying a cheap
paper lantern and starting on with it
A bicyclo staud and lock weighing
only six ounces has been invented. It
consists of two tubes, tho smaller being
steel tipped, so adjusted that it can be
strengthened to support a bicyclo at any
Tho city engineer of Minneapolis has
proposed a bicyclo path around that city
and advocates the uso of planking in
place of tho usual dirt path, claiming
that it will bo cheaper and will last
much longer.
Tho very latest thing in bicyclo sun
dries at this writing is a bicyclo brush,
which looks liko a very largo tooth
brush and is used for reaching points
in tho bicycle anatomy that are diflicult
to get at with a cloth.
A pedal which does away with too
clips and rubber bauds and weighs but
14 ounces to tho pair has been devised
by a Chicago firm. It is arranged with
side clamps, which catch tho side of tho
shoo like the clamp on a eknte, holding
tho foot firmly. It is said that the foot
can be easily disengaged.
A bicycle wedding is the latest fad
among thoso wiio have wheels.
The demand for ladies' bicycles is so
great that tho manufacturers cannot
keep pace with it
In Turkey tho women of tho harem
aro permitted to ride wheels in a garden
adjoining tho seraglio during certain
hours of tho day.
Bicycling has killed gardening's pop
ularity with women. Seedsmen say
their trado this summer is not one-half
as largo as it was last year.
It is gratifying to learn that women
will tako no part in races controlled by
tho Leaguo of American Wheelmen.
This organization has notified track
mauagers that they will bo blacklisted
if they permit wiieelwomen to race.
A Japanese lady on her bicyclo has
been described as follows: "All that
you seo when sho passes you is a pair of
round and pretty heels wabbling in an
uncertain maimer and a little body coil
ed up that makes you think of a gay
little monkey on tho top of a polo. "
Mrs. Julia Joerger has ordered a hand
some new Cleveland bicycle.
Warning Ladies keep in practice for
tho tour through the Blue Grass country
points of interest, Paris, Georgetown,
Lexington, Frankfort and Louisville and
Mamouth Cave about August 8th to at
tend tho National bicycle meet.
Vo have all heard of tho bicyclo face,
and now it is said there is a now ail
ment resulting from devotion to tho si
lent steed. This is known as tho bicyclo
eye, and tho oculists aro rubbing their
hands in glee at the prospect of a rich
harvest in fees. Tho "scorcher" who
humps himself, with spinal column ele
vated and nose down at tho handle bars,
naturally has to uso his eyes as well as
the rider who sits straight in his saddle.
In order to accomplish this feat a severe
strain is placed upon tho optic nerves,
and an unnatural condition of tho oyo
ensues. Experts claim that it takes
about two years to develop a caso of bi
cyclo eye, and tho disease is rapidly in
creasing. Philadelphia Record.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castorla,
When sho was a Child, sho cried for Castorla.
When she became Miss, sho clung to Castorla
When she had Children, sho gave them CostorU.
The Whole Market Advanced a Little,
While Other Speculative Markets Were
Stagnant or Slightly Declined, but Its
Small Advance Was Mainly Due to He
ports of Foreign Crop lleportfl.
New York, July 11. R. G. Dun &
Company's weekly review of trade says:
With a political convention in progress
it is natural that there has been uncer
tainty about tho future to intensify the
dullness expected at this season.
Tho whole market advanced a little,
while other speculative markets were
stagnant or slightly declined, but its
small advance was mainly duo to ro
ports of foreign crop reports and need.
There uro many who believe that tho
decrease in yield'tliis year has been un
derestimated, and part of tho dispatches
gathered by Dun's Review last week
tends to support that view, though prac
tically all tho returns from what are
now those chief wheat growing states
were cheering. Less favorable accounts
appear this week from Minnesota and
Dakota. It -Is wise on both sides to re
member that in spring wheat states,
which havo this year to make up for
some loss elsewhere, the crop win not
be out of danger for some weeks.
Actual movements continue to indicate
very large supplies in sight, western re
ceipts for tho week having been 2,923,
409 bushels, against 1,095,634 last year,
while tho foreign demand does not at
present causo very largo Atlantic ex
ports, which for the week. Hour includ
ed, were 1,299,730 bushels, against 1,
124,054 last year.
Corn and oats promise so well thus
far that prices do not advance, although
exceptionally low already, and some
meats havo made a new record for
Serious apprenension reguruuig in
jury by drouth to cotton in Texas
seemed justified by some dispatches
published last week, so that telegraphic
advice of 6omewhat general relation in
tho state is welcome. Whether it is in
season or sufficient known, nor tho ex
tent of injury said to have been done by
excessive rains in some Atianuc suites.
But with tho largo increase of acreage,
a yield of at least fair proportion seems
to bo probable and in view of heavy
stocks carried in mills and markets here
and abroad, and mills closiug quite ex
tensively to permit lightening of ac
cumulated stocks of goods, a large yield
could hardly prove most beneficial to
the producers.
Not much can be said of a market so
flat as that of iron and steel products,
but part of the inactivity is strictly
seasonable, part is due to still unsettled
questions about wages, and much more
to a general disposition to defer orders
until tho future is clearer. Whethei
prices for finished products are too high
or not. they average relatively at least
10 per cent higher than prices of pig
iron, which necessarily causes inaction
when pig is going lower. Besfeemer
fell this week to $12 at Pittsburg and
grey forge to 10, but some contracts of
importance have been placed, ono for
7,000 to 8,000 tons for a now building on
Park Row, and another for 13,000 tons
cast pipe for Fifth avenue is pending.
Quotations for finished products ore not
lower, but are somo times cut.
The total number of business failures
throughout tho United States is 219 this
week, a smaller number than in tho
corresponding period in each of three
preceding years. Total number of busi
ness failures reported from tho Domin
ion of Canada is 33 this week, against 25
last week, 30 in tho week one year ago
and 34 two years ago.
Now For Cheap Wheels.
J. T. Kackley & Co, have purchased
the bicycle livery of Ed. Geiee),
The Hrllllant Voting Statesman Succumb
to Ills Dread Malady.
Toledo, July 11. Hon. Frank Hurd
died a few minutes before 9 o'clock yes
terday at his room in tho Boody House.
There were present at the time Mr. and
Mrs. .Robert Clark and Henry Curtis of
Mount Vernon, O., and four physicians
of this city. Mrs. Clark is a sister of
Mr. Hurd. Tho only other surviving
relative is Mrs. John Delano, grand
daughter of Hon. Columbus Delano of
Mount Vernon.
Mr. Hurd was unconscious for sev
eral hours prior to his death.
There will be special services this
afternoon at St. Francis do Sales church
this city, after which a special train
will carry tho body to Mount Vernon,
where services will be held and where
tho remains will bo interred.
Coinage of Silver Dollars.
Washington, July 11. On July 1 tho
treasury held of the silver bullion pur
chased under the act of July 14, 1890,
131,841,424 ounces, costing $118,900,458.
Tho coining value of this bullion in sil
ver dollars is $170,441,402. Since Nov.
1, 1893, 11,457,491 standard silver dol
lars havo been coined, and it is said at
the treasury that it is probable that tho
coinage of silver dollars will bo increased
to 2.500,000 or 3,000,000 per month alter
Aug. 1, next.
Unique Litigation.
Ligoxier, Ind., July 11, An action
has been brought in the DeKalb circuit
court for $20, alleged to bo duo a choir
which sang nt tho funeral services of
the lato Abraham Corbin, The offi
ciating clergymau was given $5, but tho
choir was not paid. The defense is
that singing is not a necessary expense
at a funeral. This is tho first caso of
the kind brought in tho history of liti
gation in the Indiana courts, and it
promises to establish a unique prece
dent. From Another fcolnt of View,
"When I was a young unmarried
man," said a fond father, "I used to
wonder why there were so many makers
and repairers of shoes. Now that I have
a family of children I wonder that there
we not more "New Y?rk Sun.
Gladness Comes
With a better understanding of the
transient nature of the many phys
ical ills which vanish before proper ef
forts irentlo efforts pleasant efforts
rightly directed. There is comfort in
the Knowledge mat so many lorius ui
sickness arc not due to any actual dis
rtnen if. cittit1v in n. nnn;t.iTiri.tpfl enndi-
tion of the system, which tho pleasant
xainny iuauiivc, wjiuui a. a, jj....
ly removes. That is why it is the only
remedy with millions of families, and is
everywhere esteemed so highly by all
who value good health. Its beneficial
effects are due to the fact, that it is the
ono remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness, without debilitating the
organs on which it acts. It is therefore
all important, in order to get its bone
ficial effects, to note when you pur
chase, that you have the genuine nrticle,
which is manufactured by the California
Fig Syrup Co. only, and sold by all rep
utable druggists.
If in the enjoyment of good health,
and the system is regular, then laxa
tives or other remedies are not needed.
If afflicted with any octual disease, one
may be commended to tho most skillful
physicians, but if in need of a laxative,
then ono should have tho best, and with
the well-informed everywhere, Syrup of
Figs stands highest and is most largely
used and gives most general satisfaction.
Is a comparison. Your money
bade if goods arc not satisfac
STORE, cornerof Third and
Limestone. Yon will find us
handing out tho very host
quality of goods at prices that
no other concern in the city
can duplicate
We have made arrangements to
parties in Greenup County
who cultivate 50 acres, which
will enable us to furnish all
Maysville ami vicinity with tho
finest Berries that come to
this market, both at wholesale
and retail.
All Monumental work done In the best manner.
Second Strut, Aloxt Opera Iloxue
Attorney at Law.
Office: Court street, east side.
LH. Landman, H.D.,
Optician, 411 W. Ninth
street, Cincinnati, O., will
ho at the Central Hotel,
Mayhvnie,Ky.,on Thurs
lnyt JUNK 4, return
ing every first Thursday
ol each month.
BGlasses adjusted to all forms of defective
vision at popular prices.
o. 16 10.05 a.m.
No. 2 J:3fip.m.
5.00 p.m.
7:35 p.m.
No.lM 5:20 a.m.
No. 1 6:10 a.m.
No. 17 8:W) a. m.
No. 8 4.25 p.m.
No.l5f 5:15 p.m.
Daily. JDaily except Sunday.
F, F. v. Limited No. 2 arrives at Washington at
C:50 a. m.; Baltimore, 8.05 a. m.; Philadelphia, 10:25
a. m.: New York, 12:53 p. m.
F. F. V. Limited No. 3 arrives at Cincinnati at
5:50 p. m,
Washington Express No. 4 arrives at Washing
ton at 8:45 p. m.; New York, J;08 p. m.
Cincinnati Fast Line No, 1 arrives Cincinnati at
8.00 a.m.
Pullman sleeping car service to Richmond and
Old Point Comfort by trains 2 and 4.
Direct connection at Cincinnati for all points
West and South.
No. 1,2. 3 and 4 do not stop between Maysville
and Newport.
For full information and rates to all points East
and West, apply to
Huntington, W, Va.
Leaves Maysville at
5:52 a. m. for ParlB.Lex
iugton, Cincln'ti, Rich
,,fJJ1 , monu.&taniora.uvmg'
ston, Jelllco, Mlddlesborough, Cumberland Gap,
Frankfort, Louisville and points on N. N. and
M.V. Kastern Division.
Leave Maysville at 1:30 p. m. for Paris, Cincln
nati, Lexington, Winchester, Richmond and
points ou N. N. and M. V. Eastern Division.
Arrive at Maysville at 0:60 a. m. and 8:20 p.m
All trains daily except Sunday.
WE are authorized to announce W. LARUE
THOMAS, of Mason County, a candidate
te the action of the Democratic party.
...in. u ji rn i ii ttti 1 ir" i ' ' - - " -- . - - . . . .- .-
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