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Tobacco Improving and Reported to Co in
an Excellent State of Cultivation
Throughout the State.
General Review. Although there has
been but little rain and excessively high
temperature) the soil retained sufficient
moisture from the heavy rainB of the
preceeding week to maintain crops in a
healthy growing condition. Except on
bottom lands, where planting was greatly
delayed by the heavy spring rains, the
corn crop has received its last cultivation,
and is generally promising. This crop is
now entering the critical period and
much depends upon the character of the
weather during the ensuing thirty days.
Wheat threshing is general, and it is
turning out very well, though the yield
will not be quite as large as was antici
rated. Tobacco, especially tiie late
planted, has improved and is generally in
an excellent state of cultivation. Tobacco
worms are begining to be troublesome in
the central section.
Western Section. There is no com
plaint about the weather; on the con
trary, it has been favorable for the rapid
growth of all crops and for field work.
The good effects of the general rains of
June 26th and 27th are everywhere ap
parent. Early planted corn, which has
been laid by in good order, has grown
rapidly and looks clean, despite the fre
quent rains. The later planted is some
what irregular in growth, that in the
bottoms being backward. The general
crop prospect, however, is good. To
bacco shows marked advancement since
last report. In many localities it is al
most ready for topping, which will be
commenced next week. There is not
much complaint of cut worms, but chinch
bugs are doing some damage to corn and
wheat. The latter cereal is all harvested
and a large portton of the crop has been
threshed. In some localities the yield is
exceptionally large, notably in the coun
ties along the Cumberland and Tennessee
rivers, but, generally speaking, the wheat
crop is not turning out as well as was ex
pected. The head is light, though the
quality is satisfactory. Oats, meadows
and clover are being cut. Oats are only
fuir. Gardens are doing well. A large
crop of blackberries is reported.
Union Services.
The following evening services for the
summer were ordered by the Pastoi'j
Union for the churches willing to par
ticipate. Service beginning each even
ing at 7:30 :
First 1'resbyterian Church, Sunday, July 17th.
Christian Church, Sunday, July 21th.
M. E. Church, South, Sunday, July 31st.
Central Presbyterian Church, Sunday, August.
First Baptist Church, Sunday, August 14th.
Church of the Nativity, (Episcopal) Sunday,
August 21.
Mr. Stanley E. Lee, of Ironton, was
in town yesterday.
Mr. Walter Blatterman left Wednes
day for New York City.
Miss Stella Cord, of Ewing, is visit
ing Mrs. John Mathews.
Miss Lucy Newell, of Cincinnati, is
visiting relatives in the city and county.
Mies Harriet Johnson and Miss
Katherine Albert are at Charleston on a
visit. ,
Prof. Berry is attending the National
Teachers' Association meeting at Wash
ington. Mrs. Susan B. Killpatrick and son
left Wednesday to visit relatives in
Miss Jane Lee left Wedneeday even
ing to visit relatives at Baltimore and
Miss Mary Morris has returned to
her home at Covington, after a pleasant
visit to her couBin Mrs. Harry Richard
Bon. Miss Pluria Gill and Master William
Gill are visiting their aunt, Mrs. Duke
Watson. MaBter William will return
home to-day accompanied by Hickman
Try the "Senate" 5c. cigar. 210 Market
All the be6t grades coal to be bought
at Gable Bros. 'Phone 70.
Wheat sacks, wheat storage, wheat
insurance and market price paid for
wheat at the Old Gold Mills.
Largest stock of Kanawha and semi-
cannel coal. Lump for grates, nut for
stoves and ranges. 'Phone 70.
Gable Bros,
Discovered by a Woman.
Another great discovery has been
made, and that too, by a lady in this
country. "Disease fastened its clutches
upon her and for seven years she with
stood its severest tests, but her vital or
gans were undermined and death seemed
imminent. For three months she coughed
incessantly, and could not sleep. She
finally discovered a way to recovery, by
purchasing of us a bottle of Dr. King's,
New Discovery for consumption, and was,
so .much relieved on taking first dose,
that bug slept all night: and with two
bottles, has been absolutely cured. Jler
. name is Mrs Luther Lutz. Thus writes
W. O. Hamnick & Co., of Shelby, N. 0,
Trial bottles free at J. James Wood's
drug store. Regular size 50c. and $1,
Every bottle guaranteed.
Indiana Woman Is
ously Injured.
At the Time the Accident Occurred the
Woman Wan la Search of New
From Santiago Abont
Near Relative.
Lafayette, Ind., July 7. Guy Hol
croft, one of the men reported as killed
In the second day's battle before San
tiago, enlisted here a few weeks ago
while Lieutenant Will Lutz of this
city was recruiting for the regular
His mother, whose home is at Battle
Ground, received a telegram announc
ing the sad result, and came to, this
city in quMt of substantiation or de
nial,, and. herself ,met with serious ac
cident She was thrown to the pavement,
sustaining bad cuts on the back of her
head and on the forehead. She" had
got on a wrong car and stepped off
backward while the car was in motion.
A Notary I'ubllc'i Offense.
Marion, Ind., July 7. John 0. Aus
tin, a real estate dealer and a citizen of
Gas City, was arrested Wednesday
eyening on the charge of having por
formed a marriage ceremony without
warrant of law Austin's alleged of
fense was committed a year and a
half ago, when he married Minle Lewis
to Walter Alexander. The only au
thority that Austin could claim is the
fact that he 1b a notary public.
.Criifthetl by Falling: Banm.
Mctamora, Ind., July 7. Harry Mill
er, making his home with W. N. Gor
don of this place, and originally re
ceived from the house of refuge at
Cincinnati, while assisting in toarina
down an old stable, was crushed to
death by a beam, which struck his
Drowned ileraelf.
Jamestown, O., July 7. Miss Maria
Dodds, a maiden lady of this city, com
mitted suicide by drowning. She had
been sick for some time, but was ncrt
thought to be demented. She was
prominently connected in Dayton,
Xenla and Springfield.
Dlatllllnc Company Assigns.
Cynthiana, Ky., July 7. The T. J.
Megibbon company, distillers, by J. W.
Megibben, prsident, filed a deed of as
signment to Attorney J. I. Blanton.
The assets and liabilities are not yet
ascertained, but will involve many
thousands of dollars.
Fell on a Pitchfork.
Danville, Ind., July 7. Harry Mc
Pheeters, 19 years old, died Monday at
his home north of town. Two weeks
ago he fell from a haymow, alighting
on the handle of a pitchfork, which
punctured his groin four inches.
The Parti News Chaoses Hands.
Peru, Ind,, July 7. Th Sunday
Morning News of this city has changed
hands, the Presaler Printing company
having sold It to T. H; Harlow, re
cently of the Muncle NewB.
Foldlng-Ved Victim.
Nlcholasvlle, Ky., July 7. Mosee
Masters, a merchant here, had a fold
ing bed to close upon him, breaking
bis collar bono and otherwise injuring
Is Accomplished ao Par as Legislation
la Concerned.
Washington, July 7; Quito unex
pectedly the resolutions providing for
the annexation of the islands were
brought to a vote in the senate late
Wedenesday afternoon and they were
passed by the decisive vote of 42 to 31.
Yeas Allison, Baker, Burrows, Can
non, Carter, Clark, Cullom, Davis, De
boe, Elgins, Fairbanks, Foraker, Frye,
Gallinger, Gorman, Hals, Hanna, Hans
brough, Hawley, Hoar, Kyle, Lodge,
McBrldge, MoLaurJn, Money, Morgan,
Nelson, Penrose, Perkins, PettUB, Piatt
(Conn.), Pritchard, Proctor, Sawell,
Shoup, Sullivan, Teller, Warren, WeU
llngton, Wetmore, Wilson, Wolcott 42.
Nays Allen, Bacon, Bate, Caffery,
Chilton, Clay, Daniel, Faulkner, Jones
(Ark.), Lindsay, McEnory, Mallory,
Mitchell, Morrill, Pasco, Pettlgrew,
Roach, Turley, Turple,. White 21.
The resolution was originally Intro
duced In the house by Mr. Newlanda
of Nevada and passed that body June
15. Two days later it. was reported
favorably tp the senate.
Congress Iteariy to Adjourn.
Washington, July 7. It Is beJievd
that congreBB will aljourn Friday or
Saturday. The paseaga of the Haw
aiian resolution and the general de
ficiency bill leaves no .legislation of
general importance to be considered
of which there. Is hope of passage at
this cession. . .
Told to Leuva,
Suoz, July 7,-Tho Spanish fleet,
commanded by Admiral Camara, lias
arrived here and -has been notified by
the. officials of the, 'Ekyptlan. " govern
ment that it must leave .tWe port with
in ,24 hours. jTlae gpvernsmnt fcafl alio
notified, Admiral $mw 'tfcate ,11
not be allows t9coa,l fce; i
. " ! Y
The Royal it the highest trade baklag powder
kacrwiu Actaal testa wow it goea oae-
ttlrd farther tban ay otfcer brand.
Absolutely Pure
items Ticked Up by, the Bulletin's Corre
spondents in Mason and
Miss Jessie Killpatrick is the guest of Miss Jen
nie Grant.
Miss Emma Jones, of Vanccburg. returned
home Friday after spending a few days with the
Misses White.
Mr. J. W. Bramble's family, who have been
quite sick with mumps, have recovered.
Born, to the wife of Dr. J. T. Wells, of Bran
denburg, a son.
Dr. and Mrs. It. A. White are visiting at D. Sam
The many friends of John J. Tucker are glnd
to welcome he and his family back to their old
Miss Mayme White left Thursday for a visit to
friends at Muncle, Ind.
Miss Mary Vantersdell, ol Fleraingsburg, spent
last week with her grandmother, Mrs. Lash
brooks, and several of our young folks spent the
Fourth at Buggies.
Vomer Early left for Topeka, Kan., last week.
Miss Jessie Wells returned home Friday altera
pleasant visit at Lexington.
The thermometer registered 101 here Friday
afternoon at 1 o'clock.
Mrs. A. Finch returned home Thursday after
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Church, at Chicago.
Mr. Ben Warder, of Maysville, is visiting Mr. II.
M. Warder.
Mrs. Belle Wells is attending the Chautauqua
at Lexington this week.
Mas. N. E. Luttrell, of Middlesboro.ls spending
the summer with Mrs. Rosa Allen.
W. W. Robb and J. D. Allen attended the hop
at Blue Licks Friday evening.
i i
Attractive Women.
Why Is ono woman attractive and another not?
The most admirable and attractive thing about
an attractive woman Is her womanliness. Every'
body admires a womanly womsn. She must
have health, of course, because without It she
would lose the brightness of her eyes, the fulness
of her cheeks and her vivacity. Real health
must mean tbql a woman is really a woman.
Thatsho is strong and perfect in a Eexual way, as
well as in every other. That she Is capable of
performing perfectly the duties of maternity.
Some arc bom with what is called "constitu
tional weakness." Those who do not enjoy per
fect health, need only take the proper precau
tions and the proper remedy to become perfectly
well and strong. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion will cure any derangement of the distinctly
feminine organism.
Send 21 cents in one-cent stamps to World's
Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y.,
and rccelvo Dr. Pierce's 1008 page "Common
Sense Medical Adviser," illustrated.
Grain and Stock Quotations For July j.
New York,
Beef-Family, fll 00I2 00; extra mees,
?8 OO1Q8 75; packed. $0 OOftlO 50. Cut meats
-I'k-kled bellies, 6J6ffl74c: pickled shoul-
oers, -ic; picuiea name, 794128c. Lard
Western steam, JO 43. Pork-tOld mess
111 75Q12 23. '
Butter VTestem dairy, 14317c; cream
ery, H17?; do factory, llQlOc. Cheese
State, large, 8yyS894c; small, Otfc; part
skims, oHaec; full skims, 2&3c. Eggs
State and 1'ensylvanla, 110212c; western
fresh, He.
Wheat-OOc. Cora-37c. Oats-23Vc. Rye
-J7c. r J
Chi en go.
Cattle Beeves, ?3 03(&.5 40; cows und
heifers, 3 3p-l 70; Texas steers, $3 COS
4 75; western, $1 204 00; stockers and
feeders, ?3 80Q4 CO.
liogs-lorkers, $3 0O4 05; roughs, com
raon to good, 3 93(24 CO; mediums and
heavies, $4 30; pigs, $2 ,80fj3 75.
Sheep and Lambs Choice sheep,$4 252
0 45; fair,. $4 20&4 40; common, $3 25(it
4 10; exports, $3 00; cholep lambs, $4 50a
6 0().
Wheat 76r;ic Corn 32c. Onts-220c
nyc-44c. '
Cattle Choice, $5 10Q5 15; good, $5 O0S2
5 1Q; tidy butchers', $4 75(54 85; fair, J4 40
ia-t uo, t-uniuiuu, wit ao; uelfora, $3 50
Q4 40; bull, stags and cows, $2 50(34 30
fresh cows, J2O&50. '
Hogs-Yorkers, $4 334 40; mediums.
$4 45Q4 50; fair, U 00; grassers, J3 ioa
3 15; heavy 4 154 20; rougn, 2 50
Sheep-Ch ce, 4 054 10; good, $4 05ffl
4 10; fair, 3 854 00; common, $3 25a
3 BO; Jumbs, $4 05(55 00. f
Cattle-Butchers', $4 854 C5; sblpnlnr
$4 05(24 00; best steers, $5 00fi6 25; : good
cows and hoifers, J3 2534, 25; stockers and
feederB, $4 00(25 00. na
Hogs Yorkers, $4 30(4 36; roughs com
raon to good, 3 854 15; medium's and
heavies, 4 45; pigs, $4 004 10.
Sheep and Lambs-Sheep, extra, U 2V
4 30; good prime, 15.00.36 10; commoi
3 00S3 B0; choice lambs, 5 4025 B0?
nogs-Yorkera and light, ?4 20; medium,
and heavlea, ?4 20; stags and roughs, $26
Sleep and Lambs - Sheep, )3 90ffl4 50-
a .CatUe-8)c.tra, 8 8P4' T5; heifers! '8 S3
u ' v f ; f i 4
Has Fallen
And so have our prices. We must
vacate by July 24, and are closing out
our stock of
At prices that knock you out at the
first fire. It is impossible to enumer
ate the different varieties of these
goods hence we ask you to call and
see for yourself. Look at' our 5 and
10c counters. Price our better lines.
Don't forget our Havalands I
CD, Russell & Co.
China Palace
A shirt front that attracts attention by the ex
quisite perfection of its color and finish is the
ono that you wear from the laundry work that
is d( no here. Cuff, Collar. Shirt or Shirt Waist,
Linen riuit Is sent home looking as fresh and
perfect as the new article, and we are only too
pleased that we cau give gratification and hatls
faction to our patrons.
'Phone 1 63. POWER LAUNDRY.
Down town office : Lee & B.
Leonard & Lalley,
Successors to S. A. Sbauklln,
Dealers in
Grates, Mantels, Tinware. Blued. White and
Granite Ware, Galvanized Tubs, Buckets
and everything carried In a first
class Tin store.
Agents For Celebrated John Van Range
and Eclipse Stoves and Ranges. Personal atten
tlon given Tin Roofing, Guttering, Spouting and
general Job Work.
Tudor Building, Market St.
An elegant Life
Size Portrait free
with every sitting.
Cady's Art Studio
c have put guy rones and a heavy weight on
the price of every loaf of our Bread. The price is
prostrated, but tho Bread rises just the same,
fhe loaf is light, as good veast and flour will
maKCltSWect. Hchtnnrt wlinWnmo finnA n,n,i
cheap to the people Is our motio. Try it.
The F. H. Traxel Company.
EC and re,s'd"ice : No. 30 West Third street.
Office hours: 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. Telephono NoHl.
Electric Park
' .! i (I
h?J.0U? c" fare and gives you a ticket to the
ISSiV'! ook at the offerings: Wild and Adams,
sweet singers; The Howards, comedy sketch
tnd wjlkel 7 nWard UltIe Bas,U8' ek
Attorney at kaw,
"'J ' "Ml : m ' .ill',, .
215K Court etreet. Maysville, Ky. Collections
and (et.Ueme.nj of estates a specialty. wwcw)n8
So. 16 10:05 a. m.
No. 2.- i:&P-m'
So.M 5:26 p.m.
No. 4 10:46 p. m.
No.lM &S0 a.m.
No. 1 6:10 a.m.
No. 17 M8:60a.jn.
No. 8 3:35 nm
No.lSf 4:35 p. m,
Dally, tun" except buuaay
F. F. V. Limited No. 2 arrives at V ashington at
6:47a. m.; Baltimore, 8:00 a. m.: Philadelphia. 10:15
a. m.: New York, 12:43 p. m.
F. F. V. Limited No 3 arrives at Cincinnati at
'Washington Express No. 4 arrives at Washing
ton at 3:46 p. m,; New York, 9:05 p. m.
Cincinnati Fast Line No. 1 arrives Cincinnati at
'" Pullman sleeping car service td Richmond and
Old Point Comfort ly trains 2 and 4.
Direct connection at Cincinnati for all points
West and South.
No. 1, 2, 3 and 4 do not stop between MayHville
and Newport.
Trains 15, 16. 17. 18. 19 and 20 stop at the St.
Charles Hotel, Maysville, for passeogcrs.
For full information and rates to ail points East
and West, apply to
t. A. GARRIGAN, 8. E. P. A.,
Huntington, W. Va.
Leaves Maysville at
6:47 a.m. for Paris.Lex
lngton, Cincln'ti, Rich
mond. Stanford. Living.
ston, Jellico, Middlesborough, Cumberland Gap
Frankfort, Louisville and ponts on N. N. and
M. V. Eastern Division.
Leave Maysville at 1:25 p. m. for Paris, Cincin
nati, .Lexington, Winchester, Richmond and
points on N. N. and M. V. Eastern Division.
Arrive at Maysville at 9:45 a. m. and 8:30 p. m.
All trains dally except Sunday.
Camp Grounds,
MONDAY, JULY 4, at 10 a m.. tho following
privileges will be let to the best bidders : Hotel,
berSbon. Th
Dnfectionerr. Stables. Bnccau'c Room and Bar-
rho board reserves the right to reject
anv or all bids.
the meetings on these beautiful and much im
proved grounds will be held beginning July 2Sth
and closing August 18th, Eminent divines will
be present. Rev. W. B. Collins, D. 1)., of Louis
ville. Ky.; Bev.E. O.Buxton, D.D., of Avondale.
O.; Rev. C. W. Barnes. D. D., of Wyoming. O., and
tho ministers of the Covington and Ashland dis
tricts are expected to be present. Tho fringing
will be In charge of Prof. Crabbe, of Ashland, as
sisted by a splendid choir, which is an assurance
that the music will bo all that could be desired.
A splendid addition has been made to the hotel,
giving ample accommodation to all. The prom-
enaue grouuus nave Deen cxienaea, a. new stame
! Till lit anil miltltfittin. 4tmiv.t-.Yinn,C nnHn Tkn
grounds are beautiful, and, best of all, there is
an abundance of pure water two large cisterns,
three wells, one of which Is 150 feet deep, the
water of which we have bud aualjzed, and It
contains the following medicinal properties
Total solids, 3.6 to the liter: soluble salts. 3.10 to
the liter; consisting of chlorides and sulphates
of magnesium, sodium and potassium; insoluble
salts, 0.44 to tho liter; cousistipg of calcium car
bonates with traces of iron.
The meetings will be In chargo of Revs. G. R.
Frenger and J. G. Dover, Presiding Eiders of the
Covington and Ashland Districts.
Any one desiring cottages write
I. U. LANE, Maysville, Ky.
For Weak Kidneys!
Cures Weak Rack. Diabetes, Bright's Disease.
Gravel and all kidney and urinary discuses. War
ranted to benefit or money refunded.
DR. HU6GINS' Specific Bladder I Cure
cures burning, irritation, inflammation, painful
urination and all bladder affections. At drug
gists, 25c.
Dr. Huggins Oo.,
Attorney at Law
Court St., Maysville, Ky.
Pompt attention to Collections and legal matters.
Special attention given to Collection of Claims.
211 Court Btreet, Maysville, Ky.
C. F. Zweigart & Co.,
Attorney at Law.
,. r
opeet Court itreet.eut tide.

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