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Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
rovi mama rowen
items Picked Up by the Bulletin's Corre
' spondents in Mason and
Miss Mary E. Thompson, a beautiful and lorcly
brunette, of Sharpsburg, and bcr brother are
guests of Miss Oracle Pepper.
Rev. Wm, C. Dlmmltt, a native Of this place,
but for many years a citizen of Texas, pnld a fly
ing visit to friends hero during the week. Ho
was attending tho Cincinnati jubilee.
A party of young people, mostly maidens and
bachelors getting along at that time of life when
"most auy dude will do" aro tenting on the North
Fork, near Linvllle's Mill, having a dellghtfuj
time. Hon. J. R. Humlong Is In charge
There died at Dayton, 0., on Sunday, Oct. 15tb,
James Savage Frlzzell. He was a nephew of the
Bev. James Savage, formerly of this place
thereby a cousin of the writer. He was born in
Lewis County, but early in life found a homo
with his unclo, whero he grew to young man
hood. Starting in life with nothing but an in
domitable energy and perseverance, guided by a
sound business sense and shrewdness, through
various vicissitudes of fortune the late civil war
found him located in the drug business at Cyn
thlana, Ky. When that place was attacked by
John Morgan his bouse was burned. He then
moved to Dayton, O., where for tblrty-flvo years
he was an honored and highly esteemed citizen
for many years the head of a wholesale drug
, house. He died in the seventy-eighth year of
his age, leaving his wife, two married daughters
and a son, a prominent lawyer of Dayton, and a
sister, Mrs. Thompson, of Cyathlaua, to mourn
his decease.
In the death of J. T. Frazee, wo of this com
munity think it our privilege to mingle our tears
of sympathy and sorrow with those of his im
mediate friends and neighbors. It was here
that he was born and grew to manhood and
spent the greater portion of his life. Having
known him from childhood "we can cheerfully
add our trlbuto of praise to bis many noble and
endeating qualities. As a school-boy, as a young
man, as a companion and friend he ever mani
fested tbe same uniformly pleasaut, social dis
position and sterling traits of character that
rendered him in after years the valued citizen
and neighbor, the truo and faithful Christian
gentleman. For many years he was a substan
tial member of tho Christian Church at this
place and Superintendent of its Sunday school,
was loved and revered by the young and old,
who deeply regretted the departure of himself
and lovely family from among us. After he was
stricken with tbe terrible disease that .blighted
his health and wrecked his manly form he oc
casionally visited our town, and though frail
and tottering ho always seemed delighted to
mlnglo with tho people of his native place.
To the family and friends wo can safely say
that they have the deepest sympathy of our
people in this sad bereavement. Personally wo
can truly say that we havo lost a friend to whom
we were closely attached. The pleasant inter
course that wo have enjoyed with him In social
life and the hours spent at his ouce happy home
will ever bo a bright place In our memory1. How
appropriate that as tho ripened fruit Is being
gathered and the sear and yellow leaf is falling
ono by one, that this man of God should be
gathered to his reward.
"A Wise Woman" Coming to Maysvilio.
The apparent interest with which tho
engagement of Marie Lamour and com
pany in Wilfred Clarke's great comedy
success, "A Wise Woman," at the Wash
ington Opera House Saturday, matinee
and night, is not to be wondered at. "A
Wise Woman" proved itself one of the
most remarkable comedy succeesea ever
produced at the Strand Theatre, London,
and the tour of the play in this country
has so far sustained tbe splendid reputa
tion that proceded it. Miss Lamour,
who is being featured in the title role, is
a graduate, from Augustine Daly's com
pany in New York, in which organiza
tion she has been Been in many impor
tant roles. The supporting company in
cludes Frederick Murphy, last season
leading man for Julia Marlow, and an
actor of rare capabilities.
IteBerved Beats now on sale at Nelson's
Strictly pure spice at Ohenowetb's.
co., hew york.
Spain's Greatest Need.
Mr. R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona, Spain,
spends his winters at Aiken, 8. 0. Weak
norvea had caused severe pains in the
back of his head. On using Electric Bit
ters, America's greatest blood and nerve
remedy, all pain soon left him. He eays
this grand medicine is what his country
needs. All America knows that it cures
liver and kidney trouble, purifies the
blood, tones up the Btomach, strength
ens the nerves, puts vim, vigor and new
lifo into every muscle, nerve and organ
of the body. If weak, tired or ailing you
need it. Every bottle guaranteed; only
50 cents. Sold by J. J. Wood & Son,
Contradicted Df the Action Taken Under
His Own Orders.
"The "United StateB pays no gold for
peace. We never gave a bribe for peace
in history and never will!" President
McKinley, Speech No. 37 (Fargo, N. Dak.
"Since returning to the United States
I have noticed some criticism of the fact
that slavery is permitted (by the treaty)
to continue in the Sulu group. Slavery
is a recognized institution among the
Sulue. If we were to take it away there's
no telling what would happen. Certainly
it would be to our disadvantage. So long
as peace is maintained wo will do well to
let well enough alone." President Schur
man's account of the treaty with the Sul
tan which he and Brigadier General
Bates negotiated under McKinley's or
ders. Under the terms of the treaty Blavery
and polygamy are permitted, the Sultan
gets a subsidy of $250 a month and nine
of his chiefs divide $510 a month among
Foreign-Born Citizens Insulted.
Steubenvllle (Ohio) Gazette
What Dr. Clarke, who spoke for the
Administration in reply to Bishop Pot
ter in the Episcopal convention, eaid
was, although the Filipinos are eavages,
they can be aeeimilated as the Germans
and Irish were assimilated in America.
Is it any wonder the descendants of foreign-born
citizens as well as foreign-born
citizens are indignant and will resent at
the polls the declaration that they and
their fathers were no bettor than eavages
and had to be civilized after coming to
That Joyfnl Feeling
With the exhilarating sense of renewed
health and strength and internal cleanli
ness, which follows the use of Syrup of
Figs, is unknown to the few who have not
progressed beyond the old-time medicines
and the cheap substitutes sometimes
offered but never accepted by the well-informed.
Buy the genuine. Manfactured
by the California Fig Syrup Co.
Mr. and Mrs. M. 0. Russell aro visit
ing at Findlay, 0.
Mies Maggie Cluney has returned
from a visit at Louisville.
Mr. Jamps McGratb, of St. Louis, is
heBO visiting Mrs. Dan Daly.
Miss Sophia Williams, of Lexington,
is visiting hor sister, Mrs. J. D. Muse.
Mr. John Osborne, of the county, is
visiting friends and relatives in Bourbon,
Mrs. John H. Hatcheson, of Mem
phis, Neb., and Mrs. S. B. Cbunn left this
morning to visit their brother, Mr. Eph.
Outten, of Princeton.
of the
Some Reasons Why it'Shoahl be Supported.
Dy A. E. Fox, General Secretary.)
.; i. ii is aoiug mo wont oi ine uini,
2. it is working in tne interest oi every cvau
gellcal denomination in tho State.
3 It commands tho services of about fifteen
hundred of tho leading Sunday school workers
of tho State.
4. Thcso fifteen hundred workers by district
and county conventions, by gathering statistics,
by visiting schools, by tho use of the county pa
pers and by personal Interviews, are organizing
Sunday schools (or rather Inducing and helping
others to do it); aro turning summer schools iuto
evergreen schools; are showing' schools the ne
cessity of increasing their enrollment and a
tendance, and showing them how it may bo
done; are inducing them to uso better methods,
to train teachers to grade their schools, to organ
ize home departments, to prosecute house-to-house
visitation, and not only to save tho schol
ars, but to train them up into consistent, well
rounded Christian characters and Intelligent,
zealous Christian workers for tho school and tho
5. It is doing all this at an expense of less than ;
half what it takes to maintain one strong city I
church. I
6. With double the contributions it is now n
ceivlng it can do about seven times tho field
work it is now doing; for, whereas, it now has
only one field-worker, who gives about half his
time to office work, it could then place three ad
ditional men in tho field who could give all their
time to field-work. With this additional force
the fifteen hundred volunteers could bo trained,
instructed and encouraged in their work, tho
number in the counties already organized could
be increased, the forty unorganized counties
could be organized, and in this way we should
soon have a working force of from three to five
thousand, all under competent leadership.
What a mighty arm working for God and
strengthening all branches of his church on
earth I
7. It makes possible the uniform international
lessons, tho tie that binds all hearts In Christian
8. Its tendency is to bring about the Christian
union of heart and purpose for which our Lord
so ferventfy prayed.
9. Its purpose is to extend the scope and influ
ence of the Sunday school.
10. If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound
of cure, then saving the child Is sixteen to ono
better than rescuing tbe adult. This is a stand
ard around which all Christians of every denom
ination may rally.
A childless home Is a cheerless home. Tho
maternal instinct exists in every woman, and
when It is ungratified she is deprived of much of
tho happiness of life. It often happens that child
lessness Is duo to some cause which can bo re
moved, and often is removed by tbe use of Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription. The vigor and
vitality which this remedy imparts to the deli
cate womanly organs, puts them in a couditlou
of normal health, tho lack of which Is often tho
sole obstruction to maternity. Every woman
should read Dr.Picrce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, a book containing 1003 pages and 700 il
lustrations. It is sent entirely free on receipt of
stamps to pay expense of mailing only. Send 21
one-cent stamps for the paper bound volume, or
31 stamps for cloth covered. Address Dr. It. V.
Pierce, C03 Main Street, Buffalo, H. Y.
A Regular Sky-Scraper.
Georgetown Times.
Gen. Taylor, Republican candidate for
Governor, who is something of a sky
scraper, promises to work wonders in
the event of his election. In a recent
speech at Paducah, he said :
"If I am elected I will make Kentucky
the brightest constellation in tbe blue
It would bo some compensation for the
election of a man like Gen. Taylor to
give Kentucky a fixed place "in the blue
GREEN COFFEE j lb 12016
MOLASSES new crop, ty gallon 60 w
Golden Syrup 35 40
Sorghum, fancy new. , 25 030
SUGAR-Yellow, $ n. y2
Extra C, U lb- 4V
A, H ft ty3
Granulated, W tb 6
Powdered, lb 1
Mow Orleans, 1 lb 5
TEA8-D lb 501 00
COAL OIL Headlight, ) gallon 12
BACON-Breakfast, lb lb. ......10 (812
Clearsldes, 3 tb S 0
Hams, $tb 12 13
Shoulders, 1ft lb 8 9
BEANS $ gallon 25
BUTTER-flb 12J4320
CHICKENS Each ....15 25
EGGS-f) dozen- 15 20
FLOUR Limestone, $) barrel- Si 25
Old Gold, U1 barrel . 4 25
Maysvilio Fancy, barrel 8 75
Mason County, V barrel 8 75
Morning Glory. IB barrel 8 75
Roller King, barren 4 25
Magnolia, ) barrel 4 25
Sea Foam t barrel ... ...... 3 75
Graham, t sack- 12 915
ONIONS $ peck 25
POTATOES 10 peck. 20
HONEY1&-rb . U12
' , rp
Were those used by our navy in destroying the Spanish fleet. "We handle nearly every kind of fe
firearm manufactured, but this is one of the sorts that have no place upon our shelves. However, fe?
we are headquarters for Spoilsmen's Supplies in Northeastern Kentucky, and carry a full line of U
SingleDouble-Barrel Shot-Guns 1
and Rifles; Hunting Coats, Vests, Leggins, Belts and Gun Cases;
smokeless Shells; DuPont's Powder,
old timers on exhibition, and also take a peep at the more modern weapons we display. 1
I,i:ililll',ll. .ilmJIIUUInhl , II illllllHlt tSilft-lllTllTllil
JegefabtePrcparationlor As
similating thgToodandnegula-
hc Stomachs omLUaweis oi
ness araBfestCpntolns neither
OmunCMotptiiiiB uc-rMiicral'.
Not N-Rc otic.
Arjcrfecr Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea,
ness ondLoss OF SLEEP.
facsimile Signature of
Public Sale!
Notice is hereby given that on
at 10 o'clock a.m., at the residence of Robert
Whlpps, In Minerva, Ky., we will sell at public
auction, lx head of Horses, one-half interestiu a
Tobacco screw, two shares of stock in tho Minerva
Stock Scale?; and then on the farm of said Whlpps
near Minerva. In Mason County, one-half of
about tblrty-elgbt acres of Corn in tbe shock and
about Ave tons nf Hay In stacks on said farm, and
some hundred or more Locust Posts ; then on bis
Bracken County Farm, near Minerva, Ky., one
half of about thirty-live acres of Corn in tbe
shock, same to be sold on a credit of nine months,
with security; then at 2 o'clock p. m at the
barn nearest the Minerva and Dover turnpike,
on the farm, we will sell at public auction, to the
highest b ddcr,
109 ACRES,
one rood and twenty-three poles of Land, with
two Tobacco Barns thereon, belmr near Minerva,
in Mason County, Ky on tbe West side of the
Mlnervn and Dover Turnpike road, conveyed to
Robert Whlpps by Jos. M. Byar and wife. Next,
aud on the premises,
Two Tracts of LancJ
northwest of Minerva, In Bracken County, Ky.,
with Residence, Barn and Tenement House there
on, Ono tract containing 43 acres and 3 roods,
conveyed to Robert Whlpps by Bottle M. Rey
nolds, Hiid tho other containing 120 acres und 3
roods, conveyed to Robert Whlpps by Robert C.
Whlpps' heirs. Next, and on the piemlses, a
bouse and 1 acre, 3 roods and C poles, located In
"Minerva, Mason County, Ky., couvevrd to said
Robert Whlpps by Miss Pammle M. Victor, nnd
Is where said Robert Whlpps now resides; aud
for description of said real cstato by metes aud
bounds, see order of court ordering this sale,
Tbe land iu Bracken County will be offered as
a whole and in parcels to suit purchasers, and
sold whatever way it brings tbe most money.
Sale will bo on a credit of one, two and three
years, the purchasers to execute bonds with good
personal security, bearipg 0 per cent, interest
from day of sale till paid, lien being retained on
land as oddltloual security. The purchasers have
the right to pay cash, if they so desire. Purchas
ers take tho land with tenants when same has
been rented.
Assignees pt Robert Whlpps.
C. F Tavlor, Auctioneer, 4-2w
Duty is what goes most against the
grain, becnuao in doing that wo do only
what we are strictly obliged to and are
seldom much praised for It La Bra
yero. black and smokeless. Look in
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have.
Always Bought
Bears the. . t
Signature yror
( iP In
w A I II
fJ Use
Thirty Years
Largest assortment.
Lowest price.
New Goods
Aro arriving ovoryday. Our
stock is large and complete.
Choicest selections can bo
made in our lino of China,
Glass and Queensware, Din
ner and ToilefWare, Lamps,
etc. Prices low.
China Palace, 40 TYest Sec
ond street, Maysvilio, Ky.
mwm at u
special attention given to Collection of Cl&lxru.
211 Court Street, Mayavllle, Ky,
ir ir .
loaded and empty Shells:
our windows and see some
UT For
Km HE fe IKi fes? lE tC HE 1K2 fc
--v-l ir
JC 1-lkl.ju,,

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