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Every piece of our blark goods has bad
a radical mat k down. Not one escaped
We have no hesitation in saving this ie
the best opportunity to buy a black dresp
pattern, a skirt or waist pattern at a price
never before offered in Maypville. O.tly
a chapter or two follows, to get tho whole
story come to this store.
Granites, serges, mohairs, melanges,
whipcords and etamines, fabrics that
have been selling at 75c, 62Jc, 50c and
50c. Imported goods.
Mohair, plain etamine, s'cilian, tamise,
whipcord and a few lace-striped etamines.
Goods that have sold easily for $1 and
Mercerettas made in France and made
as only French looms can make them.
Rich block, neatly figurpd Four quali-tiea-$175,
$2, $2 25, S2.75-choice $1
Investment here will yield 100 per cent
and more. Isn't that easy monev mnkinc ?
Evening Bulletin.
For the 24 hours eliding at 6:30 a. m.l
State of weather Partly cloudy
Highest temperature "
Lowest temperature CO
Menu temperature 73 5
Wind dlreetlou Southwesterly
Precipitation (inches) ratn 65
Previously reported lor June. 2 75
Total for Juue to date .2.S0
June 17th, 0.2C a. m.Fair to-night. Thurtday
fair, unrmar.
MoiiE drastic measures will have to be
used with that Jackson gang than the
Lexington Bible class can bring into ser
vice, it is conjectured.
That darkey that murdered the School
Superintendent in Illinois ought to have
hurried away to the city of refuge, In
dianapolis, to have saved his carcass.
After twenty-seven years editorial
work on the Louisville Courier-Journal
and Times, Col. Emmet G. Logan has re
tired to his fine farm in Warren County.
That long service certainly entitles him
to a few years of ease and comfort under
his own vine and fig tree.
Col. Charles H. Collins, of Hillsboro,
0., a native of Maysville, whom his old
friends .remember with pleasure, not
long ago made an extended tour of the
South, and in a recent account of hia
travels he pays the women of the South
this beautiful tribute:
The women of the South, or at least
those whom I was so fortunate as to
meet are not imbued with the idea that
their mission is to reform everybody
except themselves. They are women of
culture and intelligence, graceful in man
ner, soft in speech, devoted wives, good
hou o keepers, and although having their
clubs, societies, mission work, church
work and all the adjuncts to feminine
life and activity that existB in the North,
yet the home and family come first of
all. Ic is never neglect d, no matter
how pressing the call from other sources.
Home life is at its best in the South, and
is made so by the Southern women.
Says gettin' started is half the bat
tle. If he cata get you started to
buying your footwear at
The New Shoe Store
he thinks the rest will be easy.
You're bound to like his stock, for
they're GOOD shoes every inch
of 'em. That's what you're look
ing for, isn't it?
Make all the comparisons you want. Everything in the Big Removal Sale invites your critical examination. The bet
ter you understand values, styles and qualities, the more thoroughly will you know the real cheapness of our offerings.
Housekeeping Linens
Here are five items. Four of absolutely pure linen the other, bath towels, all cotton, presenting such values aa are
unheard of outside The Big Removal Sale.
12 l-2c. CRASH AT 9 l-4c. A YARD. '
Bleached alMinen crash with red lino border. A fine serviceable Barnsley toweling eighteen, inches wide.
Sturdv, unbleached all-cotton Turkish towels, double warp, fringed, absorbent. Cheap at 50c.
35c. RED TABLE LINEN 21 l-2c.
Fast colors, fifty-eight inches wide, neat floral patterns. Regularly 3oc. a yard, though sold once bofore for 29c. Now
21 ic. a. yard.
Silver bleached Irish linen, sixty-eight inches wide. A special leader at 75c. among our linens. Now 59c.
$2.00 NAPKINS AT $1.25 A DOZEN.
Grasp bleached Irish linen, twenty-two inches pquaro, fast solvedged edge. Never sold before lees than 52.
Countless other bargains wo
Miss Berry's Class Close the Year's York
With a Very Pleasant Entertain-
went The Program.
Last evening Miss Lida Berry's class
closed the year's work with a recital at
her home on West Second street. The
pupils acquitted themselves most credi
tably, each one giving evidence of dili
gent work and faithful instruction during
the past term. Little Miss Frances
Geieel gave two humorous recitations
and Master Louis Schatzmann rendered
a very beautiful selection on violin which
added much to the pleasure of the even
ing. Where all did so well, it would be
difficult to commend in particular, but
Miss Berry has reason to congratulate
herself on the progress of all her pupils :
The following program was rendered:
Polka Brilliant Kunkel
Miss Mary Wilson Power.
Parade March Ducellc
Master Harvey Rice.
The Merry Romp Hlller
Miss Irene Kehoe.
Hand In nand I Ductile
Blind Man's Buff uuceue
Miss Julia Rice.
Fantasia Martha.- Dora
Master Neal Hubbard.
Recitation In the Usual Way
Miss Frances Geisel.
The Birthday Ball Biehl
Peasants' Dance Rohde
Miss Irene Kehoe.
Le Grace Bohm
Miss Adelia Ualuliue.
Violin Solo Dance Characteristics Kbnln&ky
Master Louis Schatzmann.
Tulip v I.Ichucr
Miss Hilda Threlkeld.
Rondos Op. 1W Diabelli
Miss Ollio Matthews.
Valse Op. C3. No. 3.. Eggard
Miss Katherlne Kenuau Marsh,
Valse Op. 15, No. 3 Dennco
Miss Mary Robert Lloyd.
Rondo, Op. 55, No. 2 Kuhlau
Mlguon Waltz Bohr
Miss Mary Wilson Power.
Rondo, Op. 55, No. 3- Kuhlau
Le Secret GantL'r
Miss Julia Dodsou.
American Girls Kunkel
Miss Mary Robert Lloyd.
Domestic machine $10 at Gerbrich's.
LOST In Hunt's store, a gold pin last Satur
day. Finder please return to ofllce and re
ceive reward. 17-dlt
haven't mentioned yot. Sco Monday's paper lor new details.
Maysville Business Houses and
Professional Men Make Hand
- some Contributions.
Complete List of Those Who Have Given to
Aid the Next Exhibition.
Following is a complete list up to date
of those who have subscribed towards to
the fund in aid of the next Elks Fair :
Central Hotel. ... $50 00
Edward Glenn 25 00
G. W. Rogers 10 00
uurgoyne & autcneii jo uu
Simon Crowell 10 00
W. C. ChlsholmA- Co 10 00
Poyntz Bros 10 00
Frank Eitel 10 00
B. W. Goodman 5 00
G. M. DIener. 10 00
Sam W. Stairs- 2 60
W. A. Schatzmann 10 00
John Wells 15 00
J. P. Wallace - 5 00
John Brisbols. , 15 00
Charles B. Owens- 10 00
John Ryan 15 00
MerzBrns. 10 00
D. Hechlnger & Co 20 00
Bank of Maysville- 10 00
J. H. Pecor 10 00
Tho F. H. Traxel Co 10 00
Tho State National Bank 10 00
John I. Winter & Co 10 00
Anna B. King 2 60
OHIO B. Stilt- 2 50
Thomas J. Chennwetb C 00
First National Bank 10 00
Nesbltt A Co 5 00
E. A Robinson & Co 10 00
W.H. Means 5 00
LlssftntCox 20 00
J. T. Kacltlry & Co 5 00
Charles A. Walther- 5 00
O'Hare Hardware Co .T 2 00
Havs fc Co.. 2 00
S. Nelson 2 50
J. Jis. Wood fc Son 6 00
La Mode Millinery Co.., 5 00
George W. Chllds 6 00
Fred W. Bauer. 2 00
Winter & Everett 5 00
C. B. Wedding, the tailor- 3 00
Short & Kaln 2 00
Paid cash 2 60
Clooney & Perrine iu premium 10 CO
Caproui 1 00
O'Keefe .-. 5 00
C, F. Breeze 2 00
R. B. Lovel 5 00
Lee Kwong 1 00
Jake Cablish 2 00
Joseph Schatzmann. 2 00
C. P. Dleterlch A Bro 3 00
R. L. Hoeillch 2 10
Geo. Schwartz 2 00
G. A. McCarthey 2 50
John T. Parker 15 00
DIckfcon A Myall 15 CO
Mose Daulton & Bro 10 00
Pearl Blythe 1 00
J. 8. Redmond 1 00
Geo. Strawder 1 00
G. W. Geisel 2 00
Caparoni & Castelvecchi 2 00
J. M.Hunt 5 00
Porter Jt Cummlugs 5 00
E. Wise , 5 00
James L.finerty, 5 00
M. C Russell Co 10 00
W. R. Smith & Co 2 60
Galanty fc Alper. 2 00
O. H. P. Thomas & Co- 10 00
R. H. Pollitt & Co 10 00
Larry Langfels 1 00
Mrs. M. Archdeacon 3 00
W. T. Cummins 2 00
Kate Cook and sister - 1 00
A B. Fitzgerald , 2 00
Fred Dresel- i 1 1
M. P. Redmond 2 00
Kllpp & Brown 20 00
George Cox it Son 5 00
Maysville Brick Co 8 00
James B. Key 2 50
Thos. Breen 1 00
Bobt. Wells 5 00
Ohio River Lumber Co 5 00
Ohio Valley Pulley Works 10 00
Pearce fc Foster. 10 00
Chas. Blggers 2 60
M. J. Donovan 6 P0
J. W. Elgin 8 CO
Cash 5i
W. Holton Key 5 00
Chas. D. Newell 6 00
Maysville ManTft Co.- 6 00
J. II. Rogers A Co , 10 00
W. E. Pogue 5 00
II. R. Chllds 1 00
Jas. N. Kehoe.- . 10 00
Thompson & McAtee .-. 6 CO
Jos. II. Lawrence 3 00
Bruce Crawford 1 00
E. C. Myall 5 00
Dr. J. lb Samuels- 2 00
Dr. Leslie Brand 3 00
Dr. W.S.Yazell 2 00
P. P. Gerbrich 1 00
Dr. K. E. Markham 2 60
Clarence Mathews 6 00
Sam T. Hickman 2 CO
Brown it Davis 2 00
P. P. Parker. 5 00
Dr. A. G. Browning 2 60
Pearco t Dye 6 Cv
Iwao Woodward...... t 6oo
C. Burgess Taylor- 6 CO
Dr. D. C. Frauklln 2 00
Thos. L. Beat 1 00
Dr. Thos. A. N. Smith- 5 00
C. L. Bailee 2 CO
Slattery it Collins...- .: 2 60
Jas. R. Roberson 8 00
Thos. R. Phister- 5 00
E. Leslie Worthlngton 8 00
Jaa. Mackey ..,..,,...... 2 00
Model Laundry Co 5 00
Lyons Laxative Syrup
Is made of Cascara Sagrada and other drugs that are equally as beneficial
in the treatment of indigestion, biliousness and all stomach and
bowel troubles (arising from constipation.)
25 and 50c Bottles. Ask your Druggist.
For Sale by J. James Wood & Son, Maysville, Ky.
' . j
Finest Beyond Question Coats, Vests and Pants,
made to order, $20 and $25. That's
totally different.
Blue Lick
All Blue Lick waters are good
but Borne are a Rood deal better
than others. Our people have
heretofore been contented with
the Lower Spring waters, but
after a trial of Upper Spring
waters the most skeptical will
be convinced of its superiority.
We received a shipment this
week of Upper Spring waters in
one-half gallons, quarts, pints
and Bplits, and will be pleased
, to-receive your orders for any
quantity. ThiB is the first Upper
Blue Lick Waters received here.
Give it a trial and notice the dif
ference. Thos. J. Chenowefh,
Cor. Second and Sutton Sis., Maysville, Ky.
The Kilkenny cats couldn't beat that
crowd at Jackson.
There was a good attendance at the
Children's Day exercises at Hebron
Church Sunday, and $8 87 collection was
Messrs. J. H. Waits and J. J. Baker, of
Oynthiana, delivered to Qarnett & Rol.
line 10,000 pounds of tobacco at 12 cents
all around. Tho crop was raised on six
acres, thus averaging $200 per acre.
. .
Rt. Rev. William G. McCloBkov. Bishon
of tho Diocese of Louisville, has issued
an edict to thn OntlinHr- unintlnn or.,1 .
ganizations ol his diocese ordering them
to prouibit dancing and the drinking of
intoxicating liquors at all fairs, nicnicn.
outings or other entertainments given by
These ribbons should interest women
everywhere. None less than 4 inches
wide or worth less than 40c. a yard. Wo
can only hint, tell as best we can and
depend on your coming to see.
40c. double-facfd black satin ribbon, 15c.
50c. colored satin ribbon, 5 inches wide,
50c. fancy taffatas, sash width, 15c.
Henckel scissors, 25c. one size, five
The famous Henckel scissors that
always sell for 50c.
Solid Bteel through and through, from
tip to handle. Neat sheath encases
every pair.
TUB unsr ncMCCinii.ne
Ladies, see our mid-summer dressy
Hats and don't think because our goods
are handsome you cannot buy, but
come in and convince yourself that you
can buy the newest styles and the best
material for the least money at
La Mode
Millinery Company,
Second street, two doors W. of Market.
12 Cents Per Pound.
navlDK Just secured an unexpected supply of
Binder Twine at a bargain, we hasteu to give tho
farmer the advantage of our good luck.
While the present stock lasts. This Twine is Sew
all & Day'a Crown Brand, and there is from 00
to 525 leet in every pound ot it. This Twine is
smootbe and even, and is sold under a guaranta
to please you.
We predict that there will be a fearful short
age iu twine this year-we believe that itwill be
impossible to buy twine at any price iu harvest
lou can congratulate yourself if you get your
order in this tot at 12 cents. Your friends,
John I. Winter ft Co.
Teachers' Examinations.
County Superintendent Wells an
nounces that an examination will be
held next Friday for white and next Fri
day week for colored teachers who desire
county certificates.
An examination will also be held next
Friday for State certificates, and this will
be open to both white and colored appli
cants. ii
Vincent Eatep has been cranlPfl a At.
vorco from Mary E. W. Richie Eetep.
i .
O. H. P. Thomas & Co., Nos. 120 and
122 Market street. MavBvilln. KV tmii m.t
Time Bourbon and Maysville Club Rye,
uuwuv irom mo uistillery, by the quart,
gallon or barrel : the finest in tha, Star
guaranteed pure andaa represented1 ua to
nrvn n.n n fl T " v
tnem in tne tuture.
V,w. u-& a.. 4. X-OQU1C UI8TIIAKRY Co,
I )
1 ri t
' J' -

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